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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Class was very good today :) Tabitha had quite a bit of fun with her friends. A little *too* much fun at one point and the teacher had to threaten to seperate the girls. We always instruct the 5 of them to keep their hands to themselves and not talk, but they just love to hug each other and they do talk more than they should. Sometimes it's hard to be popular, lol.

Everyone loved the cakes on a stick. I let Tabi have 2 since I made them and there was enough for her to have an extra. We even brought 4 home, to which Tabitha said Chris and I could each have one and she'll take the other 2 :)

Right now I'm just completely restless. I want to pack and wrap presents but I can't do either until Tabitha is asleep. I'm going to try and get her down just a tad early, but they rarely works to my advantage. The backyard is as ready as it's going to be for Saturday and the house is too. The only things left to do for the party have to wait until Saturday morning- like order the pizza and pick up the cake and balloons. It looks like everyone is coming. Well, there's one friend we didn't hear from, but I think she'll be here. So, we'll have 9 or 10 little girls bouncing their hearts out on Saturday.

I'm a little uncertain what Tabitha will wear to her party. Originally I had planned on ordering the most adorable birthday princess dress, but then Tabi told me she wanted to wear her Blossom costume since it's a Powerpuff Girls party. But now she's decided she doesnt' want to wear that because she doesn't want it to get ruined in the bounce house. So, I have an outfit picked out for tomorrow and Friday, but need something for Saturday and I certainly don't have time to go shopping now! She has one dress that I really like, but it's a jumper with a turtle neck and she has this "thing" about turtlenecks. I may just see what I can find at Disney tomorrow, but that isn't exactly an inexpensive option. We're not leaving until 11:00am so I also am considering running to Target first thing in the morning and seeing what I can find. Or perhaps I can make it to Robinson's-May as long as I'm there as soon as they open. Or I can always work really hard on getting her to wear the turtleneck. It's hard having a style conscious kid, lol.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tomorrow starts the celebration of Tabitha's birthday! Woo-Hoo!! Today I made 53 cakes-on-a-stick (seen at right) and my friend J from class came over to help me ice them all. She brought her daughter S and she and Tabitha had a grand time playing together. It was their first playdate, though they see each other every week at class, of course. So tomorrow, we'll take the little cakes for snack and Tabitha will wear her crown and we'll all sing to her and I'll get teary whilst taking pictures of my baby :) After class, Chris has to go to work since he's taking Friday off, so Tabitha and I will do the finishes touches on the house to be ready for the party. Also, I have to wrap after the child is in bed tomorrow evening. Thursday, we'll all be going with my mil and I think my bil to California Adventure. We'll be staying overnight at the hotel and then going to Disneyland on Friday, her actual birthday!! Then out to dinner Friday night. Saturday is the party. Sunday I believe my mom and sister will be coming over for a bit. I want to get Tabitha one of those giant cookies to share with then on Sunday. And that's it!

I grew up always feeling like my mom made a big deal out of my birthdays and I want Tabitha to have that same feeling. I hope she enjoys the next few days :)

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Monday, January 26, 2004

my daughter....

only has 4 days left of being 4
can shop with the best of 'em
is a voracious reader
does not walk around holes, she leaps over them

my daughter....
can rock out to You are my Sunshine
-as well as any song by blink-182
can pretend to be a superhero
-and a princess in a span of 5-minutes

my daughter....
can turn a rainy day into sunshine
is a friend to everyone she meets
has a great capacity to love
always looks to the next adventure

my daughter....my world

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Today I took Tabitha to a birthday party. The theme was princess and there was a cool crown for the kids to decorate with "jewels" and feathers. Of course, the minute we got home, Bella took the crown straight into her mouth because she loves feathers, lol. Anyway, I had told Tabitha ahead of time that this was a party, not a playdate and there was to be no running and screaming. Usually when Tabitha and G get together for a playdate, they dress up and there is a lot of screaming and running around everywhere, so I really wanted to be sure that Tabi understood that was not to happen this time. Even without being allowed to go wild Tabitha had a good time. I was proud of her when we left though. Usually when I tell her it's time to go (and this would be leaving anywhere) she whines just a bit about wanting to stay. This time she just said good-bye and happy birthday to the birthday girl and off we went. It was a nice change :)

After the party, we went straight to my mom's house because my sister needed me to do her hair and make-up for her winter formal tonight. I couldn't get the hair quite right because her hair is hard to curl, but I am pleased with the overall look. Her make-up, on the other hand, I thought looked gorgeous! She has darker skin than I and her eyes are shaped differently so the dark eyeshadow just looked great on her, rather exotic. I didnt' put too much on her, because she is not someone who ever wears make-up and I wanted her to still look like herself. Just eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. And of course, glitter! Can't go out without glitter, lol. I did not get to see her in her dress though so I'll have to wait until she gets her pics back.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

We're on a break right now from our lessons because they kept getting interrupted for various activities that needed my attention. This means that on days like today where we don't have to do anything at all, I start feeling the guilt for taking a break. But I don't want to do lessons today and then not be able to do them for another week because of birthday happenings. Once the big 5 hits, we'll all be back to normal around here and we can start doing lessons 4 or 5 days a week again. The irony is I was chompin' at the bit, so to speak, back in November to do our map and animals unit studies but had to hold off until she received her globe for Christmas. She loves her globe, plays with it often, and now I'm putting off the unit studies! Oh well, it is just temporary and not even a little deal in the grand scheme of things. Of course, now that Tabitha is turning 5, everyone is the world asks her about going to school soon. She's well rehearsed though and just tells people that she is homeschooled. We've received varying responses, but all of them positive. I hate to think of what Tabitha will think the first time someone gives a negative reaction. She's can be sensitive to what people think. She went 6 months or so without reading in front of anyone (except us, of course) because it generated so many comments from other people. Thankfully she seems to be over that now. The new thing is she wonders why her friends don't read the proper words on things and doesn't believe me when I tell her it's because they can't read. She thinks that's silly, lol. She's been reading for so long she doesn't remember not knowing how, I guess.

As long as I'm talking of school stuff, I found out that one of the teacher supply stores near me closed. I guess the owners retired. There's a homeschool resource center not too terribly far from here, maybe a 20-minute jaunt on the freeway, but I never think about going and checking it out. I always say "oh, maybe next week" lol

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Busy couple of days! Yesterday we had our regular Mommy and Me class, of course. It was pretty non-eventful, the highlight for me was talking to a mom of 6 who just found out she's pregnant with number 7. She's the sweetest thing in the world, but all I can think of is "better you than me" lol. After class we had lunch with my mil and then headed to Disneyland for a couple hours. It was kind of cool, but we didn't even need the sweatshirts I insisted we wear. I had to eat my words about it being cold and tell Tabitha should could take it off. It was just wonderful there, it was empty of people and Tabitha was really into talking with the characters. We stayed about 4 hours before heading home. We got Tabitha a quick bite at Taco Bell and Chris and I dressed to go out. We dropped the little one off with my mil and then we finally got to see Return of the King. I just loved it! I'm so sad though that the movies are all done. No more anticipation of the next chapter. But I loved them and can't wait to sit through all three of them on the same day when we get the last DVD.

Today was such a beautiful day outside and we had such a lovely time yesterday, that we actually went back to Disneyland after breakfast. Chris and Tabitha spent some time on Tom Sawyer's Island while I did a little scoping out for plans for Tabitha's birthday next week. Then I ran into a friend I used to work with and we chatted for a good long time. We went to California Adventure too and hung out there for an hour or so before heading home.

Once at home, we all relaxed for awhile and then made some yummy tacos for dinner. Chris and Tabitha watched the Kings game for a little while before Tabs had to go to bed.

It was really nice to have Chris for 2 whole days. We used to only have Thursdays since he had class Wednesday nights, but this semester he doesn't have any night classes. And we didn't plan anything, we just did what we wanted, which is always a bonus.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tabitha started taking a drawing class today. You can see her drawing of Spongebob Squarepants. I'm not pleased with the subject matter, but I think she did a really good job on the drawing. You'll notice that she put a 5 after her name for her age. Someone's jumping the gun a bit, lol. It's an eight week class and they'll use different types of media so she'll get a nice little variety.

After we got home, Tabitha watched her new Wiggles DVD and we had fun singing and dancing along since it's not episodes of the show but just the songs. Then these freaky Wiggles puppets started singing and man are they going to give me nightmares! I'm so glad they don't ever do those during the show. I don't think we'd be watchers if that was a regular segment.

Now we're off to play on their website before bed time for Tabi!

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Yesterday we all went for a little walk just for the heck of it. Tabitha was running, as is pretty typical, and suddenly sprawled across the sidewalk. Unfortunately she scraped her forehead and it's a large, red, area. Since the child does not have bangs, it's an obvious injury. Now she is refusing to go outside the house without wearing a hat. She keeps telling me she's too embarassed for anyone to see her. Now, I do blame myself in this, because I always make sure she looks presentable before we go anywhere. I'm not one of those moms who lets their kid wear whatever they want. Tabitha can pick out her clothes, but they have to match. And if her hair gets untidy, I always fix it. But I didn't mean for the idea of looking nice make her embarassed because of a scrape. So, I'm trying to reassure her that there's no reason to be embarassed, but at the same time letting her know that I respect her feelings. The problem we're running into is our Wednesday class. She can wear a hat without a problem, but all hats have to be removed during the Pledge of Allegience. She absolutely does not want to take off her hat so I offered her the alternative of staying outside during the flag salute. This suggestion, however, starts a whole 'nother problem because she's afraid her friends will miss her if she stays outside @@. I've also told her we can just skip class if she'd like but she really didn't think that was a good idea. Good thing class pics were last week.

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Snagged from Ami and seen elsewhere too:

Questions asked of Tabitha- an almost 5 year old:

1. What is your favorite food? "Macaroni and Cheese"

2. How much does a hat cost? "Hmm, ten cents"

3. What is the moon made out of? "Dirt"

4. What is your favorite tv show? "Little Bear"

5. Why is the sky blue? "Because it is"

6. How old is mommy? "I don't know, how old is Mama?"

7. What is your last name? (got it right)

8. Why do zebras have stripes? "So other animals won't see them that are hunting for them"

9. What does a plumber do? "What's a plumber?"

10. Where do you live? (said correct city and state)

11. Why do mommas have babies? "Because they want to get one"

12. Why do people get sick? "Because they do"

13. Why does daddy go to work? "Because he has to"

14. Why doesn't Mommy go to work? "Because she wants to stay with her child"

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

The weather has lasted and we had mid-70s all week. Aaah, it's like spring around here. Tuesday, a friend of mine called and wanted to go to Disneyland when her daughter got out of pre-school so off we went around 1:00pm. The place was completely empty and just wonderful. The girls hadn't seen eachother since December so they were positively out of control but my friend and I made quite a few allowances for them since they weren't annoying anyone but us, lol. Yesterday we had Mommy and Me class and it happened to be picture day. I hope Tabitha's came out okay, but I think she looked away just as the picture was taken so we'll see. I think the company does retakes if necessary. After class it was our weekly lunch with my mil at which we found out both she and my fil are sick. That's bad news for us because they were going to baby-sit last night so we could *finally* go see Return of the King, but oh well. We'll see it someday, I hope.

We hit the mall after lunch in search of the perfect long, black dress for me to where to a party on Saturday. I found one I really liked but wasn't 100% sure I didn't just want to go with something in my closet so I just put it on hold so I could sleep on the decision. Today, I decided it was what I wanted and we all went back to the mall to pick it up. I also got some accesories and a small gift for my friend.

My sister emailed me last night needing to go shopping for a dress for herself so she and I also went shopping today. We had zero luck so it looks like we'll be going tomorrow as well but we'll try a different mall. After we shopped we stopped at Hot Dog on a Stick. This particular one used to have a small sign posted stating that they carried veggie dogs. I was happy to see today that it is now just on their regular menu. I hope this means that the Hot Dog on a Stick at other malls will soon carry them as well; not so much because I like corn dogs that much, but because I like to encourage places to have vegetarian options.

Chris is at a meeting right now for his online class and then he'll be home in time to put the little one to bed. Oh, Mandi mentioned in the comments that she'd like to see a picture of my ring that Chris found for me. I tried taking some today, but they all come out blurry whether I use the flash or not so I can't post one, sorry.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

The birthday plans are well underway; We have our Disneyland Hotel reservation, Rainforest Cafe dinner reservation and reservation for breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen; We have party invitations, decorations, cups, plates and all that stuff, goody bags and favors; We have reserved a Powerpuff Girl bounce house and a ball pit. All we have left to do is make her appt. for pictures, finish filling in the invitations, order a cake, buy balloons, a piñata and filler. Forks! I just realized we need to buy forks. I also need to buy a couple more gifts and then wrap them all, with Powerpuff Girl wrapping paper, of course :) Oh, I need to get a birthday card from me and Chris as well. That's about all I can do ahead of time, everything else will have to wait until the days of the events to do.

Today, Chris and I started the cleaning of the backyard. It gets really ignored in the winter since it goes unused. But the party will be in the backyard this year (please don't let it rain!) so we have to de-winterize it early. We're going to do a little bit every day, though not tomorrow as that's Chris's first day of the new semester. He'll be home by 10:00am though, so we may still do a little bit before lunch. I also need to trim my rose bushes as it's time for that and I want to plant pansies. Lots to do for the big celebration!

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

My husband performed a miracle today :) When I graduated high school eons ago, I was given a silver ring with amethyst, torquoine and peridot stones set into it. I adored this one of a kind ring. Two years ago, I lost it. I searched for a long time before finally giving up hope. A couple months ago Chris bought me a new silver ring that is very me. Today, however, he was able to give me back the ring I lost so long ago. While searching for something else, he found it. I can't believe he found it! It's been in our living room all this time. It's as gorgeous as I remember and am happy to have it back on my right hand where it belongs.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 03:40 PM PST

Friday, January 9, 2004

Ah, what a night :) We went to the Staples Center to see the Kings play the Canucks. Sadly, the Kings lost but we still had a good time. The tickets were a Christmas gift from my BIL and we loved our seats. He took Tabitha during the second intermission and bought her a jersey and a bear. She looks so cute! He said that next we go he'll get her name on the back with a number 5 since she'll be five by then. The child chowed on popcorn while Chris and I shared some garlic fries, yummy! After the game we headed over to Pink's for some veggie dogs. It was after midnight by the time we got home and the child was complete dead weight as I carried her to bed. We'll see if she sleeps in tomorrow or not.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 12:58 AM PST

Thursday, January 8, 2004

I just got back from the single best party store I have ever been in! It was incredible. They even had a really large scrapbooking section, believe it or not. I found everything we need for Tabitha's party which will be Powerpuff Girls. The store we normally go to, carries all the paper goods, but that's it. At this new store, we found the paper goods, decorations and everything we need to go into the goodie bags. And it's not just the variety of items they carry, but everything is in stock too. The only thing was their pinata and balloon selection weren't what I was looking for, so we'll get those items at our regular party store the morning of her party. I'm very, very pleased with our trip out there.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 02:58 PM PST

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Today was chaos as usual at Mommy and Me. The first day of a new session always brings tons of people, most of whom we never see again. But Tabitha got to meet up with her friends again and I got to talk with mine, as well. Chris did purchase a new car stereo while we were at class, but didn't have time to have it installed. So after our weekly lunch with my MIL we went back to Circuit City and had it installed while we wandered the mall. We picked up a quick meal for Tabs on the way home and then headed out to a friends' house to see their new baby. Well, he's 8 weeks old now, so not that new, but small enough to be adorably cute and helpless still.

Tomorrow's agenda is still kind of up in the air other than we're going to a Kings' game in the evening. Tabitha has only been to one hockey game and that was the Mighty Ducks, so she's pretty excited :)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Tomorrow is the first day of Mommy and Me. Always a circus on the first day. While Tabitha and I are there, Chris is going to take the car and see about us getting a new radio/cd player put in. He won some money in a football pool and we're putting half towards the radio and the rest will go in our Disney fund. Speaking of which, for those keeping tabs, we actually have more than our little counter shows because we had wonderful family members who contributed to our fund as part of our Christmas gifts. I don't add them into the count on the right until we physically deposit the money into the bank and we haven't had a chance to do that. But I'm very pleased to announce that we do have enough saved to purchase our plane tickets!

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Sunday, January 4, 2004

Yay, yay, yay! I found the missing piece to my tripod! I've been looking for it for over a year and it was actually found today. I've missed being able to use it for pics of Tabi and I when Chris isn't home or for pictures of all three of us. I celebrated my find by taking some pictures of me and the child. Click to see them pop up. Tabitha looks best in the first one and I look best in the second and third.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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Saturday, January 3, 2004

Tabitha remembered last NYE and was adamant that it would be the same this year. So, once again, while my child was in the bath tub, time miraculously fast-forwarded 3 hours and we celebrated midnight with those in the East. Thankfully, MTV broadcasts live, so we watch their countdown and they have a clock in the corner of the screen. Plus we change all the clocks in the house to reflect the new time. At "midnight" we set off poppers and blew our horns and Tabi had a noise clapper that spewed confetti everywhere. We eventually got her calmed down and shuttled her off to bed.

Chris and I then had a quiet celebration of New Year's at the actual midnight.

New Year's Day, we set Tabitha up with the Rose Parade in the morning; she just loves watching parades. After we were all up and ready to go, we headed down to San Diego to spend the day at Sea World. It was chilly, but not crowded and we had a pretty good time. Tabitha hadn't slept well in a 3 or 4 days, so it was a challenging day, but I'm glad we went.

After Sea World, we had dinner at Red Robin and shopped a bit at Target before finishing the drive home. It was all really nice and I'm very grateful that Chris got to spend both days with us.

He's pretty much over his sickness now, but Tabitha and I were both feeling kind of run down yesterday, so we're taking zinc and loading up on foods with protein and Vitamin C. We're both still fine today, so hopefully, no more sickness in our house.

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