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Monday, January 31, 2005

Yesterday went rather well and overall I think Tabitha enjoyed her day. When she called Chris and I in the morning to get her out of bed we walked in there singing Happy Birthday to her which pleased her very much. She then walked into the dining room and loved the streamers we had set up. She opened all her gifts and was probably most excited about the tickets to Hi-5 but also liked the Gameboy. She also had two things waiting from my grandmother, one was a sketch book with colored pencils which she made use of yesterday and completed 4 drawings over the course of the day. We then had to rush a bit to get out of the house as we had an early reservation for breakfast.

Once at Disneyland, we rented my wheelchair, met my in-laws and checked in for breakfast with the Princesses. I won't go into details as I don't wish to be negative, let's just say it was not quite what we had hoped for, but Tabitha loved it and that's the important thing. The rest of the day was pretty much just her dictating what rides we rode. Not all of us rode everything so someone was always able to get pictures. Though unlike the paparazzi, we did not try to take a picture of Cate Blanchett despite the fact that we stood behind her for 10 minutes at Casey Jr. Chris and my bil even tried to block other people from taking her picture by standing in their way, lol.

After a few hours at Disneyland we went over to California Adventure because Tabitha wanted to be sure to get her free tortillas at the Mission Tortilla Factory. Once we were done there, we headed to my in-laws' so they could give their gifts to Tabitha. She was very happy with everything, she received the other two Little People castle sets which completes that collection, two art things, one of which she opened immediately and started coloring, and a Gameboy game from my in-laws and another one from just my bil. She also received tickets to a Disney on Ice show, not to mention things they bought for her at Disneyland including the Princess breakfast we attended. When we got home she had Chris show her how to use her Gameboy and absolutely loved it. Now she's very excited to own one, lol. We even pulled out my old games from the original Gameboy (Tetris, anyone?) and played those as well. It took us forever to get her to sleep last night, but that was to be expected.

I did okay in the wheelchair, but by the end of the day, I still felt as if I had walked all day with the low pains. It was very, very hard for me to get to the car, I had to lean on Chris something fierce. But there is no way I would have lasted from 9:00am to 4:30pm without the wheelchair, so it was still very helpful. And yes, my husband had quite the fun pushing me around and letting go when it was a downhill. @@

I'll get pictures up on the birthday page later today and also try to get an update to Tabitha's site in. We only have my doctor's appt. this morning and then nothing more the rest of the day other than Tabtiha playing with all her stuff.

I also need to update the Disney site as we met a new character. But that will also probably be later, unless I manage it this morning. It will say on the sidebar whenever I get it done.

edited to add: Disney Character Site is updated now

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

She loves the scooter! She spent an hour riding in our driveway and then we went to my in-laws' and she spent another hour riding in their driveway. She's such an appreciative child that it's a joy to give her things. We'll need to go this week or next to get her fitted for a new helmet as she's outgrown her last one. She's going for a black skater one so she can decorate it with stickers. In the meantime, she's only allowed to ride in the driveway or backyard and cannot go very fast.

As mentioned, my mom did come over and brought Tabitha's gifts and all of them were a big hit. One very cool item is a kit to make your own super-bounce balls. Since Tabitha collects super-bounce balls, she can't wait to get started on it. I'm the party pooper though and said not today.

After Tabs is in bed tonight, Chris and I will be decorating the dining room with streamers and a birthday banner. We'll also get her Build-a-Bears dressed in their birthday gear to be waiting for her in the morning with two of her wrapped gifts. We're not giving her the Gameboy until after Disneyland in the evening.

Now, send all the no-labor vibes you can so that my children do not share a birthday!

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My mil picked up Tabtiha after work yesterday so Chris and I could go to Toys R Us for the child. We got her a nice green Razor scooter. We would have liked to have found a pink or purple one, but our choices were clear and black or green so we went with green. I think we'll be giving it to her today actually since we'll be at Disney all day tomorrow. She'll still have things to unwrap on Sunday, tickets to Hi-5, a Jasmine Polly Pocket and a Game Boy Advance. Plus she'll receive gifts from my in-laws on Sunday. My mom is going to come over today to celebrate Tabitha's birthday. Ah, my baby's turning 6. What a wonderful 6 years it's been too :) I'm not one of those moms who says "they grow up so fast" or "I can't believe they are turning _" For me, I've loved all of the last 6 years and I look forward to all the future years as well. It's exciting to see what's ahead and I can still look back with a smile and no remorse. Just yesterday I scrapbook Tabitha's first birthday party, interesting to see how different it was than the party we had last weekend :)

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Miss Tabitha had a playdate yesterday so we spent the morning getting stuff done. When her room is really messy, she likes to be directed exactly on what to pick up. So I told her to first put her Polly dolls in their bin. She asked if she could work with her door closed (an odd request) and when she opened it and called me in, she had picked up every single thing in her room! Gotta love how she surprises me with cleaning up, lol. She really knows me :) We also did lessons in the morning instead of after lunch. We're just doing cursive, math and Hawaiian this week since we have other things going on. She's in her second review section of cursive, so far she can write c, a, d, p, g, e, l, f, h, i, t, u, y and j. It is amazing how well she has taken to cursive. She just loves it. Math goes very quickly right now since the beginning is basically a review of the basics of Math 1. So we're done in no time flat. But at least we're getting something done since we don't know what the next few weeks will bring us. On a slightly related note, I need to update our homeschool page of what we do because some things have been finished, other's begun and we've just changed things in general.

So the playdate went really well yesterday, it had been a long time since we had seen these friends. I got to talk to my friend for two hours while the girls played. Of course today, Tabs and I just have to reclean her room and the playroom! LOL

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Excuse whilst I brag on my child for a moment. She just researched, on her own, monarch butterflies and wrote a little report. She used two different sources and none of it was copied as she asked me how to spell things. Not to mention we looked at her sources and can tell she didn't copy. The report was complete with diagrams, by the way. This was done all on her own accord, not because of anything we mentioned, that's for sure. When she was doen she asked to do another, but it will have to wait until tomorrow as it is bedtime. She is currently on her bed wrapped in her quilt pretending to be a monarch butterfly in its chrysalis.
Color me impressed.

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Today was quite the bumming day. Miss Tabitha didn't get dressed until after dinner and the only reason she did was for hula class, which got canceled anyway. But we were out and in the car already so we stopped by Henry's for some spices I needed. I like buying them in bulk as opposed to already in the jars. It's more economically and ecologically friendly to buy them in bulk.

We finally got the infant seat settled in our car. Boy was that a pain in the arse! We even discussed exchanging the seat for a different one but I think we're going to leave it as is. We still have an appt. next Tuesday with a CHP to check out our installation so if baby will just sit tight for another week, that would be very helpful :)

Speaking of which, on all my email lists where I mentioned baby most likely won't be coming anytime this week, I was given condolences. Let me make this clear, I'm in no hurry. I want her to come when she is ready and I'm willing to wait. A woman shouldn't technically be considered overdue until she's 42 weeks along anyway, and I'm only 39 weeks. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, I have plans Sunday, I can't have a baby this week! LOL

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Pictures from Tabitha's party are up for viewing. There isn't a lot of variety simply because I do not post pictures of other people on the internet unless they are far into the background. So the pics mainly revolve around the fun Tabitha had in the bounce house prior to her guests showing up.

Tabitha finished yet another book yesterday so I told her to just go into my room and get the box to see what was inside. I had already removed the books I plan to offer in the Mom store, so there were two Magic School Bus books, one Magic Treehouse book and four Henry Huggins books, though she already has one of them. She was quite thrilled with all she found and dragged the box down the hall to her book nook with a dopey grin on her face. She selected a Henry Huggins book and promptly sat down to read.

It's currently raining a bit again and probably will for a couple days. As long as the birthday mojo works and it doesn't rain on Sunday. I have little desire to be at Disneyland in the rain. I didn't like it when they paid me to be there, I sure as heck wouldn't like it now. Especially since I'll be in a wheelchair. I can just see my husband aiming for the puddles. Oh, he wouldn't try and get me wet, I know he'd veer at the last second, but he'd still think it was funny with his playful torment of me :)

So we'll be in today pulling some areas of the house together after taking a few days off from cleaning. Lessons will happen later today and then hula tonight.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not much really happened yesterday. I went to my doctor's appt. and had to wait a little while because he delivered two babies in the previous couple of hours. But the hospital is across the street, so my wait wasn't that bad. Baby is still very high up and nothing interesting happening at all. He, and I, feel confident that I'll be at next week's appt.

I came home to my family working hard on party removal. That was a lovely surprise and one I appreciate most definitely. After lunch we ran a couple errands and then came home and did nothing. Chris and I played Roller Coaster Tycoon and Tabitha played some of her computer games before heading into the backyard. She wanted to play in her sandbox and it's still so damp in there from all the rain that it was like being at the beach. So she actually got to make sandcastles in there. Of course, this also meant she was covered in sand, just like from the beach so we had to shower her off to get her clean.

After dinner (yummy veggie sausage, boiled potatoes and roasted asparagus), I scrapbooked for an hour while Chris and Tabitha played Monopoly Jr. Afterwards, I gave Tabitha a Magic School Bus book since my book club order came yesterday and she promptly sat down and read the whole thing. Thankfully I have 3 more of those, one Magic Treehouse, and 3 Henry Huggins books waiting for her as well.

I did start on Tabitha's birthday page, might get it finished tonight, we'll see.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

sdcake (52k image)

That would be Tabitha's specialized two layer chocolate, strawberry cake, with blue frosting. It's exactly what she wanted. I'm rather pleased with how it came out.

The party went really well. Everyone had a good time, the biggest problem was the candles wouldn't stay lit for anything so she only got to blow out 2 or 3. But overall, it was great. I'll be getting a webpage up all about it sometime this week. I make no promises as to when :)

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

It's party day! My goal for today is to not go into labor before 3:30pm :) Of course, I'm paranoid and am over-examining every little twinge. That little counter thing at the top of this page telling me 9 more days is a bit daunting. I keep thinking how far I am from my due date (Feb. 1) and it's trying to freak me out with such a low number (working, too).

On the agenda this morning would be a grocery store run and baking a cake (my jobs), moving Tabitha's computer to free up another kid's table, moving roller coaster to garage and picking up the balloons (Chris's jobs), and last minute swipe in the restroom (both of us). Tabitha is to simply stay out of our way, lol. The bounce house will be here anywhere between 9:00 and 12:00. My camera is charged, memory stick empty. Weather predicted at 79º and mostly sunny.

We had a great time at the Build-a-Bear party yesterday. Tabitha named her bear Poppy, but it's a boy :) After Build-a-Bear we went to Red Robin for dessert and to watch the birthday girl open her gifts. I had a yummy apple crisp but it was huge and I barely scraped the top of it before having to stop. After the party we picked up Chris from work and then came home and did the rest of what needed to be done in the backyard. Mainly clean up because it gets pretty dirty in the winter from lack of use. Chris also mowed super quick, not that the whole lawn needed it, but some parts were scraggly.

Well, Miss Tabitha is up, so I'm off to get myself ready and start our day :)

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yesterday we got everything we need for the party, except soda because I'm a dork and forgot to buy any. Tabitha stuffed the piñata and filled the goodie bags last night. The backyard will be finished up today. Balloons and bounce house are ordered. Cake stuff is bought and I will bake it tomorrow morning. Tub o' ice cream is residing in freezer. We're doing good.

So on the way home from the party store last night, Tabitha decides on her party theme for next year. We haven't even gotten through her 6th birthday and the child has planned her 7th. She wants it to be Mr. Potato Head themed. She got Chris and I in on the act and between the three of us, we came up with some really good ideas and I'm actually looking forward to planning it, lol. She's so like me. I don't plan tomorrow, but if it's months away, I love planning.

We are headed to Build-a-Bear today for someone else's birthday party. Tabitha is so excited because this means she gets another bear. That's just what we need around here, lol.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

The countdown is on. Two days until Tabitha's party! She and I will be headed to the grocery store in a couple hours and we'll also be going to the party store today to get what we need. That will probably wait until after Daisies and Chris is home.

I'm sitting here listening to one of the worst children's shows that I allow my child to watch (Teletubbies and Barney were always banned in this house). It's called Hi-5 and is on Discovery Kids. Yesterday I received an email from Ticketmaster offering 20% tickets to their show as they are going on tour. I talked it over with Chris and we decided to get the tix for her birthday. *sigh* The show is in Feb. though so I'm only buying two tickets and we're not sure which one of us will take her. That all depends on baby. I'm not forking over tons for great seats though, we'll be in second row balcony, that's good enough for a show of this caliber (or lack thereof).

We're only hitting the mid-70s today, so no shorts. But it will still be nice to walk in :)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yesterday was one of those days where we left the house in the morning and then didn't return until dinner. Chris ran into work for a couple hours in the morning to finish up an inventory project, but he was home by 10:30. The three of us then headed out to meet my mil, who had the day off due to MLK Day, and she and I went to Target to birthday shop for Tabitha. Tabitha and Chris killed time in the electronics store and the pet store. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Red Robin and then went with my mil to Sam's Club. We got some playmats to put on the floor of the playroom after the carpet gets taken up (you know, that project we've been planning for two years now). Once errands were done, my mil offered to keep Tabitha while Chris and I went to my doctor's appt. Tabitha was all for that idea because the novelty of going to my appts. has definitely worn off and nothing beats a day with a grandparent, lol. The appt. itself was standard; weigh me, measure me, hear the heartbeat, ask if I have questions and send me on my way for another week. We were back in the car half an hour after we stepped out of it. After my appt. we sat in loads of traffic to go pick up Tabitha before finally going home again.
I scrapbooked some after dinner last night while Tabitha sat at her craft table and made a book. I'm liking my new plan of scrapping at night, because I never seem to make time for it during the day and if I scrap at night, either Tabitha and Chris spend one-on-one time together or she's with me and he gets some relaxing alone time to play games. Of course, once baby's here, he'll be occupied otherwise :)
I can't share any of my new layouts though. Turns out my scanner is so old, it's not compatible with new computers. I've been wanting a new one for quite a while, but could never really justify it since it worked just fine. Guess I have justification now. Not that I plan on buying one anytime soon, it's just something I'll look at next time we're at the computer store. I don't need an expensive one because I just have basic scanner needs.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

We finally went to Disney yesterday. It's been more than three weeks which is a long time for us, lol. My bil went with us to do the pin quest which made Tabitha very happy. We got our trivia cards and sat down to write the answers in, some of them were a bit hard so my bil called a friend who used the internet to find the answers for us. Turns out most of the cast members at the answer locations would practically give you the answer if you didn't know it. But in the end, we got our cards stamped and each received a free collectors pin. Chris and I will give ours to Tabitha for her to use in Florida for pin trading. We also enjoyed seeing all the Mickey Statues. They were really neat. Some of them were quite inspired whereas others were rather predictable. Gee, Ben Affleck did Mickey in a Red Sox uniform, who would have thought? LOL I'm glad we got to see them all and Tabitha really thought it was a lot of fun too, I wasn't sure if she'd be interested. It was crowded, as I'd feared, but all we did was the pin quest and look at the statues. What I learned is I shall not go back without being in a wheelchair. We were planning on getting one for me for Tabitha's birthday, but that's because we'll be there all day. Turns out I'm only good for about 3 hours of solid walking right now. After that my entire body just aches, the baby sits very low in my pelvis and I get rather cranky which makes the time fun for no one. I don't think we're going before her birthday, but on the off-chance we do, I'll definitely be doing it in a seated position. One bonus to yesterday was we saw Frozone from The Incredibles. Brings our character count up to 90. My Disney Character pages are updated already.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chris worked late yesterday, which for him means 4:00pm but it still made for a long day around here. He wasn't home until just after 5:30 due to increased traffic. So dinner was late, then we had to go pick up a car so I can take Tabitha to hula this morning. Chris is going to leave work early and join me after her class because there is a meeting that discusses new policies and shows for the year. The reason Chris is coming to the meeting is because I have some things to discuss with the owners and I'm pretty bad about doing things like that in a calm manner. He's the level-headed one :) Anyway, we're thinking we'll leave her in this halau until after the performances in March. After that it's just competitions and there's no way she'll be picked for the competition team anyway. Once April hits, there's an instructional soccer class that we think we're going to sign her up for. She has been talking about soccer a lot lately saying that she really wants to play. Of all the sports, that's the one I did not want her to do. But that's just my own selfishness talking, I just don't want to go to the games. But it's something she brought up out of the blue and seems really interested. So we'll get her in the instructional class so she can at least learn how to play (she knows basics from a computer soccer game she plays) and then see about her joining AYSO in the summer. Assuming we go to Florida as planned in May, once we're back, we'll see about her joining the other halau and restarting hula classes. I still want to check it out now, we just haven't been in contact with them yet.

So the hula meeting is scheduled to end at 11:00, then we'll return the car and then Chris is home and off for the next two days :) We were planning on going to Disney on Monday, but then it was brought to our attention that it's a holiday, so I'm trying to decide if we'd be better off going tomorrow instead. As long as we go knowing there will be crowds, we'll be okay. Especially since we're not going to do rides but their pin event and see all the 75 Mickeys.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

We're doing lessons a bit differently at the moment. They were simply taking too long. Two hours of sitting at the table is not time well spent, especially when the child is not even 6 yet. The important hands-on stuff like science experiments and art were falling by the wayside. What we do now is cursive and math every day. Then we alternate our pile of books each day. So pile A has a reading comprehension and reading workbook, our Solar System study, grammar and art. Pile B has a different reading comprehension book, logic, Dinosaurs, spelling and science experiment. I think this will work much better. Two of the workbooks will be finished very soon and I don't plan to replace them with other books because I want to add history to our lessons. I'm very excited for the program we've chosen but have held off purchasing because we probably won't start it until after we settle in with baby. Probably not until March.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We are currently in the midst of a reprieve from the rain. I'm not sure how long it will last so I think Tabitha and I will head out on a walk to the store as soon as possible this morning. I only need half a dozen items, it will be more for the sheer joy of being outside under some sun, than for any real need for groceries. I can see gray clouds, but the blue spots are just as big as the clouds so I'm hoping the rain holds off resuming until tonight.

Yesterday was a long horrible day, unfortunately. Okay, it wasn't exactly horrible, but it sure wasn't any good. We got up and got ready for our long awaited family picture. I'm slightly sad because my hair was not cut the way I wanted it and I feel I wasted my time and money and will probably end up cutting it again. It doesn't look bad at least, it just doesn't look like I wanted. We head out in the pouring rain and don't get too far before I realized I forgot something so we had to go home and then got further than that and had to turn around again because I forgot something else! Turns out neither item was needed after all so that didn't help my mood. The photographer had zero personality and the manager, who handled our payment, was clueless as to basic math and really didn't understand the concept that $44 + $20 is $64 which is not $1.95 more than $18 which she kept insisting it was. The whole thing was frustrating, not to mention bizarre and not a good experience. We ended up with just one 10x13 for us and I have to decide if I want to go back to these horrible people to get reprints for family. I'm thinking I'm not as I have no desire to give them any more of my business. We even called their customer service line to complain. I'm having a baby soon and anyone who has ever seen my house can testify as to how much money we spend at photographers, so it really wasn't in their best interest to have screwed things up so badly yesterday.

Anyway, that whole thing put a huge damper on the rest of the day for me. I did have a good doctor's appt. but really, they are all kind of boring at this point. I mean it takes me longer to drive there than it does to get through the actual appt. Once home in the late afternoon I was feeling poorly in that all my muscles just ached and baby was pushing very hard on my whole pelvis area making it impossible for me to stand for more than 10 seconds at a time. Thankfully I had dinner in the crock-pot so I didn't have to do much of anything and Chris handled what needed to be done. I got my good spirits back around 8:00pm so my evening did end on a good note.

Oh, and I do like the family portrait we chose and it looks lovely over the fire place :)

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

Today was a complete bumming around day. We did go to the good party store and I wasn't that pleased with their Scooby-Doo selection. So we stopped at the bad party store as well since it was nearby and they actually had the best selection of the three stores! I was pleasantly surprised. We only got invitations today and I have them filled out and ready to mail. The rest of the day was spent keeping dry inside the house and goofing off. Tomorrow morning we go for our long awaited family picture appt. and then my doctor's appt. No Disneyland :(

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

30 miles from home to Chris's work, 30 miles back home, 20 miles to Gardening class, 20 miles back home to change clothes after having to wade through water that was over a foot deep, 20 miles back to Gardening class, 40 miles to pick Chris up from work, 30 miles to home. All before lunch time. What a morning.
Welcome to the wettest winter in LA since 1966 which means I passed no less than 15 cars involved in accidents today, 7 of which were all in the same one along with a big rig. Sig alerts were the norm today.
Once home, Tabitha and I did some lessons so she can get to the end of her math. I promised her a big math treasure hunt after the last lesson so she's anxious to finish. Then she and Chris played some Mario Cart which Tabitha discovered she really likes as she played it while getting her hair cut the other day (we went to a kids' salon). I discovered more things about the computer before making an early dinner for us all. The rest of the evening was spent playing, Chris and I played Roller Coaster Tycoon, Tabitha played with Care Bears and pretended to go to England, then she played a bit of Disney Mahjongg and then two more Disney computer games while Chris and I Donkey Konga'd :)
Chris has read the first Unfortunate Events book and is almost done with the second so he and the child commenced their discussion times. She really retains what she reads so it was interesting listening to the two of them talk. It's like their own little book club. Today I signed Tabitha up for Book of the Month club. She was enrolled when she was younger and I took advantage of the good deal and then cancelled as soon as I fulfilled my commitment. I plan to do the same this time around. I got something like 15 books for a total of $20 after shipping, which is always the way they get their money and now have to buy 5 more in 2 years. I couldn't pass it up because three of the books are Unfortunate Events (9,10 and 11) in hardcover and they retail for $12 each, so it's a fabulous deal right there.
Tomorrow promises to be just as wet so I'd rather not go out in it, but if there's a slight break, I really do need to hit the party store and at least pick up invitations as well as see what they have to offer.

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Have I mentioned how I have the best in-laws? They bought us a new computer yesterday and the only reason I can come up with is because they are just such wonderful, not to mention generous, people. Don't get me wrong, we needed a new computer pretty desperately. Not only was ours over 5 years old and completely maxed out at 256 RAM (can you say, slooooow?), but things were starting to just stop working, like my Outlook Express, and the fan for the power board went out so we were using it with the cover sitting off to help it not overheat and shut down for hours on end, which it did anyway.
So here I sit at our new powerful beast :) It's a pain trying to get everything tweaked right and import stuff from the old computer (I have yet to be successful in that dept.) but it runs, and it runs beautifully. It's nice to have a built-in CD-RW (our last one was external), plus we have DVD-ROM now, and I have one of those little slots in the front for my camera's memory card. Woo-Hoo! Is all I have to say. We also now have much more video memory to play new games :)


We had two days of dryness and now it's back to sogginess. It hasn't stopped raining all day and it's going to stay that way for awhile. Tabitha has gardening class tomorrow so it will have to be moved inside. I'm not looking forward to driving all over in the rain, but you do what you gotta do. We are hoping to go to Disneyland on Monday for a pin event, but we'll have to wait and see. We are going for the long awaited family picture on Monday though, no matter what. Tabitha and I got haircuts yesterday as you can see in the sidebar. I took about 8-inches off of mine and am learning how to deal with it right now. It feels odd. Tabitha's just had her ends layered and also face-framing layers put in the front. So now we're ready for that family pic before baby comes.

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

We went to the mall yesterday for three items, a specific pair of white, sparkly cords, tennis shoes, and a warm coat for Tabitha. We came away with plain jeans, no shoes, a doll from Children's Place, no coat and a scarf. Oh well, at least I spent less than I had planned, right? Coat shopping for a child in January is apparently not possible. Jr. and Misses stores have coats, but not children's stores. Oh they have some, on clearance and in sizes that don't come remotely close to fitting. Chris and I did fall in love with one blue fuzzy, but the child nixed it immediately saying it looked liked she would be surrounded by water. We found another one that we all liked, but it just fit and we weren't sure it would even fit next month let alone next year. So we bought a scarf to match her ear warmer headband and we'll just bundle her in a jacket and accessories. I'm only really thinking of the times we go to Disneyland because a jacket is actually just fine for almost everything that we do.

Chris got the bassinet down yesterday and it's all washed and clean and put together now. He also found my Baby Bjorn! Yay! I had given up hope since I had looked in every single box and bag in the garage save one. Guess which one it was in? So it was cleaned as well as my sling. Now we just need to install the car seat. I had wanted to get the car washed and vacuumed really well first, but that's pretty pointless with all the rain. So I guess we'll just vacuum it out ourselves and get that seat in. Tabitha and I picked out the clothes to take to the hospital. She loves being involved in every aspect and it just warms my heart.

Today is laundry, vacuuming, dishes, lessons and playing. Games, I'm sure. We've been playing so many. Last night we all played Monopoly Jr. and then Tabitha and Chris played Magic Kingdom, that's the fourth and third time respectively since we got them at Christmas. We still need to play Scene It with all three of us and we haven't even opened Uno Attack which is amazing considering how much Tabitha wanted it. Perhaps tonight, although Chris is going shopping for a new toy after work, so he might be a bit on the distracted side.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I keep reading all these things about the length of labor. They all seem to agree that for a first baby the whole process can take 14 hours or more. Hah. Hah! I say. I had a 5.5 hour labor with Tabitha. Since most things also say that the second baby often comes quicker, I'm going to guess that I used all my good labor mojo last time and will be going a long time with this one. Of course, we have to be prepared for the exact opposite and make sure I get to the hospital in time. I don't mind delivering at home, if it comes to that, but I draw the line at giving birth in our Kia, lol. In any case, it doesn't matter. I'm more concerned about what day I go into labor than how long it lasts.

We were originally going to have Tabitha's birthday party on the 16th, which would be two weeks early, but it turns out that's bad scheduling for Chris. He has work stuff going on around that time and wouldn't be able to help out much in the days leading up to the party. So we moved it to the 23rd, which is closer to her actual birthday, of course, but also getting me closer to my due date. I was researching everything that's available for a Scooby-Doo themed party on the internet and I was rather pleased with all that I found. I also came up with what I think is a cute idea for the cake so I won't order one after all. We need to make a trip to the good party store (as opposed to the bad one or the mediocre one) this week so we can see what they have and then I'll know if I have to order anything. I'm hoping to just pick it up all at once like I did for Tabitha's party last year.

Chris is home with us today so that's a nice treat. I'm not 100% sure what's on the agenda other than picking up the computer that's being given to us. I managed to get into my mail this morning but am still not receiving mail from any of my groups so only got to read spam for Rolex and the like. I'd like to go back to the mall we were at the other night and pick up a fabulous pair of pants we saw for Tabs at the Gap. Also, I'm trying to find a coat for her as her closet is full of about 12 jackets and not a single thick coat. Turns out it's kind of cold here right now! Well, I guess that's relative. I keep reading on people's website how it's a "balmy 60º" and I'm thinking "60? That's when I put on more layers!"

Tabitha is going through some emotional angst every time she gets scolded for something. She's been saying that the baby will be better behaved than her and will be the good one. Lots of reassuring is necessary around here. She and I had a long talk last night about it all. I didn't say anything new really, except to remind her that once the baby is here, we will be rather busy and if she feels she needs more attention to please tell us so we can remedy the situation. I know it's going to be hard for her, but we're doing the best we can to be sure she doesn't feel overly slighted. Interesting journey this is going to be.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

I have to admit to feeling very discouraged. I'm having pretty big computer woes. I can't get into my email, as in, Outlook Express won't even open. It's been like that for a few days and Chris and I have exhausted every thought we've had to fix it. So we decided to just switch to Outlook and I was able to import all my stuff and it seemed like that was a workable solution. Up until we realized none of Chris's stuff was available. We worked hard, thought we finally found the answer and then Wham! Now, Outlook doesn't open anymore either. The whole thing is bizarre, I've been without email for awhile now and starting to feel cut-off from the rest of the world. There are other issues too, like I can't update my virus scan, my recycle bin is showing it being constantly full even though there's nothing in it. Just weird stuff and I'm tired of it all. We are being given a computer (new to us) anyway, but now I'm just worried about all the problems we'll run into with it since we won't be it's first users. Plus, I hate change. I have this computer set up just how I like it and am not looking forward to reconfiguring everything.

But, enough of the woes. In the post I wrote this morning that greymatter didn't deem worthy of posting, I detailed yesterday. But now I'm not in the mood to rehash it. I had a doctor's appt. yesterday and will now be going every Monday until I bring the baby home. We got the car completely straightened out and we went to the mall for a little bit of browsing. Right now Tabitha and Chris are reading together in the living room while I putz around on the computer just for the heck of it. Tomorrow has got to be a better day.

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I just spent half an hour writing a long entry and my computer ate it :( I'll update again later when I'm more in the mood.

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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Can't sit. Must nest.

We've worked hard today. And by we, I mean Chris as he won't let me do any of the actual work. We have three floor to ceiling bookcases in our living room, all of them packed to the gills. Since we got the TV, the room has seemed more and more claustrophobic. We had planned on putting one of the bookcases in our room, but after some measurements today, realized that wasn't going to happen. So instead we decided to just get rid of enough stuff to completly empty one of the cases. We did it. We have tons of stuff going to Goodwill, some things I'm giving away on my Disney list and more stuff that went into the trash. We now have one empty bookcase in the living room. I get a smile on my face just looking at it. The plan is to move it into the playroom since we wanted to put another one in there anyway. Now we just don't have to purchase one. We couldn't do that tonight though because Tabitha's "tiny town" has taken over all of the playroom. It's impressive, but at the same time, I cringe at the mess every time I walk in there. Right now I'm just avoiding going in there, lol. I'm giving her another week and then it has to go. Right now I plan on cleaning out my pantry, quietly so Chris doesn't realize I'm working :) I need to make room for baby's stuff, plus the pantry just really needs to be cleaned out.

We finally took care of the last of our returns today. While perusing the toys at Target, we saw a couple more Little People castle sets. We got the castle a few months ago and I've been on the lookout for the accessories for quite a while and never found them. We finally see them today and they're on clearance. Score! They only had 2 of the 3 and I only bought one of them, but I'm sure I'll get the other one soon and I'll check other Targets for the elusive third set. Tabitha also fell in love with a winter Fairytopia Barbie that was on clearance so I let her get that as well.

Good news on the car front. I guess I'll tell the whole story now that I'm calmed down and it's all going to work out. Friday while we were driving to my in-laws' we started hearing a grinding/ rubbing noise coming from the front passenger tire. We went straight to the mechanic because it seemed to be brakes related and we just had those taken care of 6 weeks ago so they were still under warranty. They called us later and said it was the rotors which didn't make sense to me because nothing was mentioned during the inspection when we had the brakes done. It was going to cost more than I liked but we gave the go ahead figuring there was nothing else to do. We went to pick up the car two hours later and it was making the exact same noise. After lots of talking and looking they told us it was the bearings but she couldn't give us a quote until the next day since they were now technically closed. Well, there was no way I was paying for the rotors considering that it didn't solve the problem and we never would have consented to them being done otherwise. She argued with us saying they needed to be replaced anyway and finally just asked if we wanted them to put the old rotors back in. Chris said to go ahead and do that because we weren't paying for them. At this point we took the car home and the plan was to get the quote from her and today we'd take it to a different mechanic (same company) and get the bearings done where we usual go. Instead, Chris really didn't like the sound or the way the car was driving and was afraid to take it down to the other mechanic as it is a bit of a drive. I didn't want to go back to the same place but I ended up deferring to him as long as he handled everything and I didn't have to do anything. They weren't planning on just replacing the bearings, but doing a full inspection with a different technician so that sounded good. When they are finally done with the inspection and we get the phone call she was rather apologetic. Apparently, though our rotors could stand replacing, they are not dire like she originally made it out to be to us because she was looking at a 2003 model and we have a 2001. She apologized profusely for her error which was good of her to do. She then went on to tell us that it's not the bearings at all, but our rim is cracked. Something that is rather simple. She told us not to buy it from her because she has to mark it up, but if we went to a dealer and purchased the rim, she would install it for us for free. She also gave us a free oil change. So tomorrow we go get the rim and they'll put it on the car. We told her we were also going to get two tires replaced since that's something we were planning on doing anyway, and she said she'd cut us a deal on those as well. So she is more than making up for everything and earned back our trust and also our business. I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.

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We had a lovely, relaxing day yesterday. I was the first up and that wasn't until almost 8:30. Considering that's 3 hours past normal, that's a lot of sleeping in for me. Tabitha followed suit about a half hour later and Chris joined us after that. We took our time in the morning not doing much of anything but eating breakfast and getting dressed. It was so clear out that I wanted to go for a walk so we went to the donut shop for elevenses and then the grocery store before heading home. I'm glad we went in the morning because the day got cloudy again and was pretty dreary the rest of the day. We all played Donkey Konga for awhile and also Monopoly Jr. Then Tabitha listened to some CDs before deciding to play the games that come on Disney DVDs. Chris and I took that time to talk about Disney World together, something we've never done. I'm the decision maker of the family and Chris is very easygoing about plans, so it seemed natural that I plan the whole trip. But I have to say, I really enjoyed the two of us talking about it all and making plans together. It was fun and got me re-excited for the trip. Though I'm still not buying plane tickets until I've delivered a healthy baby.
Anyway, at some point we had dinner and Tabitha started watching the Rose Parade while Chris and I just relaxed on our bed. After putting her to bed, we just waited until she was asleep and then hit the hay ourselves. Today we have to finish taking care of that car issue I mentioned the other day.

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

We had a fabulous New Year's Eve :) Our Eastern Standard Time celebration went off without a hitch. We put Tabitha in the bath at 7:00pm and then moved all the clocks forward 3 hours. We turned on MTV because it shows the festivities in Time Square live. This means we had to sit through Kelly Clarkson, but we also got to watch Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. My mom came over and we all chose our party horns and donned our hats and ate cheese cake. Once it was "midnight" we popped poppers and blew our horns and celebrated nicely. Then we whisked Miss Tabitha off to bed (though she couldn't fall asleep and came out several times, as reported by my mom) and Chris and I headed off to our Pacific time zone plans. We went to a restaurant where the Friendly Indians were playing. We had lovely chats with our friends, there were pregnant lady jokes during the first set and the band was especially entertaining. At midnight we did the countdown and watched the ball drop, the band played a pretty cool version of Auld Lang Syne as we blew our party horns and kissed our loved ones. It really was just wonderful and I don't see how it could have been better.

nye2004 (27k image)

My little celebrator

So today starts 2005 and I wish you all a wonderful year.

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