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Monday, January 30, 2006

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Absolutely fabulous. There is just no other way to describe today’s party. Our theme, as you know, was Mr. Potato Head. The decor represented this theme as did the activities. First up was a word search and coloring pages while we waited for all the guests to arrive. Who knew this would entertain and occupy them for as long as it did? Here I thought it was a time filler activity. Next we were outside and on to the potato sack races. We had a couple kids decide to sit out, but those who participated really enjoyed this. We had a winner, then she sat out round two and Tabi won round two. Everyone then came inside for drinks and they actually sat back down with their coloring pages. Eventually we moved them all the living room and gave them each a naked Potato Head and all of our accessories for them to create their own unique Mr. Potato Heads. Next came cake and ice cream which was thoroughly enjoyed. Back to the living room and we sat them all in a circle for a rousing game of, what else, hot potato. I had a won a Mr. Potato Head hot potato game off of ebay and when you squeeze Mr. Potato Head, he plays music and makes silly sounds and stops randomly to determine who is out. We had our winner and the girls were begging for another round. This time, we opened itunes and use “Hot Potato” by The Wiggles. This actually made it more fun, if possible. The kids played a couple more rounds and the ones that got out were dancing in a circle around the ones still in the game. Loads of giggles punctuated the music. It was then time for presents and Tabitha was quite thrilled with all she received.
At this point, the party was essentially over, but it was a bit early so we gave the kids a choice of activities and some played more hot potato while others went back to playing with the Mr. Potato Heads. Eventually a few went outside for more sack races and even ended up playing limbo. Alas, the party did come to an end and it was time for the kids to have their goody bags filled. We had each kid grab a potato sack and inside was put their own Mr. Potato Head, a magnet from Cafepress, a coloring book, a sheet of stickers and a candy we made.
You know it’s a good party when kids leave saying they wish they could stay :)

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Details forthcoming, but I must say that was probably our best party ever :D

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It's Tabitha's birthday party!!!!

Allow me to commence my annual stressing.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Goodness help me, Pottery Barn is now selling baby clothes.

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Only in a child's world could dancing around in underwear equal "I'm getting dressed."

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I don't have time to be sick right now but this stupid cold is making me sluggish. I actually feel not too bad, but then I get a "speck" of something in my throat and cough so hard I practically lose my lunch and then I sneeze four or five times which results in excessive nose blowing and much tearing of my eyes. Then it takes me 10 minutes to recover. Repeat three times every hour. I have stuff that needs to be done and I've misplaced my get up and go. Regardless, as soon as the baby gets up we are going to go to the party store. I think. I mean, we are. We're going to the one by Trader Joe's so I can get some veggie sushi which is a pretty good motivator for me.

In light of neither of us feeling 100%, Tabitha and I are doing lessons lite this week. Just creative writing, math and grammar. I think I'm going to start posting her creative writing just for the heck of it. I give her a subject and she is to write three sentences using that subject however she wants. Today's subject was "balloons."

Balloons can come in many difrent[sic] colors. They can come in blue and green. Did I say pink?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Daisy has been down for two-and-a-half hours now with some much needed sleep. I'm glad her symptoms have abated and she's feeling some relief. We have decided Tabitha will not be attending hula this evening so that she may get to bed on time to help her body but gymnastics is still up in the air. I'm leaning towards no, but she is rather adamant about going. Including today there are only 4 more classes so skipping one isn't the best idea. I've decided the class isn't really worth it and shall not be signing her up for another session. I want to get her into a my-gym class, but Daisy's class will take priority since she has nothing so far, so Tabitha will have to wait a bit.

I've been working on things for the party this morning while Tabitha worked on math. I've found the balloons, made the banner and put together the activity pages. I like to have something for the kids to do while we wait for everyone to arrive so there are two coloring pages, a word search and a "what is different?" page stapled together for everyone. Of course, after I printed out 44 pages I realized my printer nozzles desperately needed to be cleaned. I took care of that, but I wasn't about to print all those pages out again so they aren't the neatest looking unfortunately. I'm not sure the kids will mind, however.

We received more books today and are now just waiting on two DVD orders, one more party favor and my Gap order and then that should be it! I've done more internet shopping in the last two months than in the last two years.

We did hit a complete wall for Tabitha's big gift. It's hard to explain, which is why I've been vague. Perhaps you've seen it at a mall near you or a fair. In any case, it's a type of ride-on that has four wheels but no pedals and you put your feet up on little foot holds, for lack of a better description, and use your arms and body to power the thing and move around. Tabitha first tried it at the fair last year and then it was being sold at two different malls in November and December and she always wanted to try it again. So, we decided that was what we would get her. We went the first Saturday of January and the kiosk was gone. We called the other mall and it was gone from there too. Extensive internet searching has done us no good. So now, she's getting some small items we know she wants (a Barbie set, Polly Pocket set, Trollz set and a GBA Hello Kitty game) and Heelys for her main gift. She really wants Heelys so she will not be disappointed, that's for sure. I found a sweet story about sisters which will be Daisy's gift to Tabi.

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Daisy has been sporting a runny nose for a few days so we've been taking her outside a lot. It's been windy as heck, but being outside stops her nose from running. So Friday Tabitha and I took her for a good walk around the neighborhood with the sun shining on her to soak up a little Vitamin D, Saturday all of us went to an outdoor shopping center we've never been to and, goodness help me, I bought both girls more clothes. Sunday we all went to Disneyland. The good thing about going to Disneyland is not only did she benefit from being outside, but she slept two hours which she hadn't done in a while and desperately needed. Yesterday we got new windows put in all three bedrooms which is wonderful. They look especially lovely in Tabitha's room for some reason, perhaps due to her decor. The downside was being trapped in the living room all day. Daisy was most unhappy about that. Tabs wasn't that thrilled either. She likes watching movies all day, but only when it's her idea, not when she's forced to do so. Now, of course, Tabitha and I have contracted this virus, yee-haw. We did not go to bowling yesterday, I'll see how she is today before I decide if she's going to gymnastics this afternoon or not.
We received our first, and hopefully last, regret to Tabitha's party this weekend. Considering I've been planning this for a year, you'd think I wouldn't have much to do this week, but you'd be wrong :)

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tabitha just stumbled out here asking where we're going that I had to yell 'come on' to her. Um, go back to bed sweetie, you're still dreaming. Off she went, probably won't see her for another hour.

The baby ate dinner last night finally. It's been three days since she ate more than a couple pieces of cereal at one time. However, definitely a virus, so sleeping didn't go so well. She agreed to go to bed at least, unlike the nap earlier in the day. Thankfully, that was a one time thing and not a true nap problem. She awoke 4 times after being put to bed last night, well, I guess five since I pulled her into bed with me this morning, but she only slept 20 minutes that time. Just enough time for me to fall asleep and feel entirely too groggy when she kicked me awake. I really hope this isn't a big deal cold though and I hope to goodness I don't catch it.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The baby is on a sleep and food strike. Oh goody. She's barely drinking water either. Not sure if she's running a mild virus, teething or something else entirely. I think we've been running around too much and her routine has been completely disrupted. I think I'm going to risk the wrath of the big one and not go to park day tomorrow. Then I'll leave Daisy home for hula on Saturday, which means not much yard work will get done as Chris will have to watch her. Hopefully those two days will get her back on track. Of course, we'll probably just screw her up again and go to Disneyland on Sunday.

We drove to the mall where Daisy had her 11 month pics taken to pick them up. Since I really didn't want to drive out there, that made the decision for me to not make her 1 year appt there but rather at a closer mall. I really liked the guy, and goodness knows he was willing to do anything to work with my kid, but I'll just take my chances and not make that drive two more times.

Since it is a bit of a drive, we decided to stay and walk the mall a bit. It's a pretty good one, boasting The Disney Store, Children's Place, KB Toys, Limited Too and Gap Kids/Baby Gap. I wasn't there to shop though, just look. Other than Baby Gap. I have 2 gift cards for Daisy from Christmas, a check for Daisy's birthday and a Baby Gap coupon so I really wanted to get some pieces from their sailor suit line. However, two things I really wanted they didn't have in her size and I got pretty frustrated, which was not helped by Daisy doing her typical screeching and Tabitha playing on the hop scotch so we left without buying anything. I came home, ordred all I wanted, plus two more pieces, used my discount, cards and got free shipping. Yay! I have two more stores to hit with some Christmas cash I got specifically to buy clothes for Daisy and then she is set with boutique clothes. I'll round out her summer wear with onesies and shorts from less expensive places and she'll be good til the fall.

Tabitha, on the other hand, is not set for summer. She's definitely going to need shorts and probably some tops, though she has a decent selection of tanks. I'm not fond of the current trend of big appliques on the front of t-shirts, even if she is. I did get her one of that style at Children's Place today, but it was the least obnoxious of the bunch. She saw another shirt there she'd like and we saw two at Limited Too that she liked and I don't object to. I'll get past the birthdays and then see about buying those shirts for her. Shorts I'm going to wait on until May just to be sure she doesn't hit another growth spurt.

Speaking of the birthdays, the invitations have gone out for Tabitha's party. Here's what the front looked like. invitation That graphic is pretty much the theme of the party being used in many different ways. We're waiting on three things I won on ebay to be delivered and we still need to order balloons. Our big gift to Tabitha looks like it's not going to work out so I've been trying to supplement with lots of smaller things. Usually she gets a big item and maybe a couple small things, not so much this year I guess. She'll be happy either way so I'm not too worried, but I'm cheesed I can't get her exactly what I want.

Well, the babe finally decided to submit to sleep and the big one wants to use my computer to go online so I'll sign off.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I didn't really feel like lessons yesterday so we took an extra day off. Actually, I didn't want to not do them, but I was really distracted as there was a ton of stuff I needed to do and I know when I do lessons distracted I have less patience than I should and it's not an enjoyable experience for either one of us.

Being Tuesday, Tabitha had her gymnastics class then home for a quick dinner then out to hula. Chris comes home before hula but not in enough time for us all to sit down to dinner. So we've taken to both of us (and Daisy) dropping Tabitha off and then going out to dinner together. It's a nice habit and I'm enjoying it. We usually go to Target as well and last night was no exception. We picked up a couple things for Tabitha's birthday and a few neccessities. Once home it's bed for both kids and then Chris and I did a little straightening and cleaning before watching a couple shows.

Today I think we'll be staying home as we've been on the go for days on end. Tabitha does have a class tonight, but no errands for us during the day.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Every time I sit down and start a post, something happens (usually involving little people) that requires me to get up and abandon my post.

We delivered my mother's Christmas gift last Thursday and she seemed to really like it. We got her one of those personal wall calendars filled with pics of the kids. It may have taken forever to get here, but I think it turned out really nice and was totally worth the wait. She always has a calendar up which is why I thought it would be the perfect gift for her.

Tabitha had a hula performance Sunday. She and I went to that leaving Chris and the babe home. He actually took her to his parents for a little while and borrowed their SUV because we purchased a dresser for Daisy the night before at Home Goods. It goes perfectly with the garden theme of what will soon be the girls' bedroom. I think we got a very good deal on the dresser, it does have some imperfections, but I consider them of little consequence. Since we put it in Tabitha's closet I didn't want to put Daisy's clothes in it yet, so I've just put outfits she still has to grow into.

We had gone to Gymboree last week and picked out two outfits and a sweater in a new line of theirs; adorable green turtles :) Tabitha wanted something from there, but there just wasn't anything that was right for an almost 7 year old so we hit Limited Too instead. We bought her two pairs of jeans and ended up with 7 slims. She's never worn slims before but they seemed right this time. I also bought her a robe as she's been wanting a new one for quite a while. I don't really blame her considering her old robe was bought when she was 2! She doesn't really need anything else right now, so we forewent any tops. I still need to take her to Naartjie though as I've promised her an outfit from there.

And as long as I'm talking about clothes for the kids, the girls and I went to the Anne Geddes flagship store yesterday at Downtown Disney. We had gone a few months ago when it first opened and I fell in love with an outfit. I thought it would look perfect once Daisy was a bit older so I waited and decided to get it yesterday. Turns out, Ms. Geddes disagrees with my assessment as she only designed it to go up to a 6-12 month size. Bummer. But they did get a new line in that I really liked so I was happy to get a cute dress for Daisy instead.

The kids and I went to California Adventure yesterday just because. It was a bit crowded being a holiday and all, but we still managed to have a pretty good time I think. After that we went straight to bowling where Tabitha found herself with a partner. He's immature and unfocused, but at least she has a partner now which is all she cares about.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tabitha had two new classes this week, beginning gymnastics and dance it up with cheer. The gym class seems pretty lame, but she's needs help with her gross motor skills so it will probably be beneficial for her. The cheer class is what you would expect from a cheer class, and she absolutely loved it. So it's bowling on Monday, gymnastics and hula on Tuesday, cheer on Wednesday, park day on Friday and hula on Saturday. Plus this Sunday is a hula performance. Loads o' miles are being put on the car and we're having many dinners out. No activity tonight, but we're headed to the mall so I can pick up some Gymboree clothes I have on hold for Daisy and then stop by my mom's as her long awaited Christmas gift finally arrived this week.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I forgot to mention that yesterday I went out the kitchen door to the laundry room in the garage. I could hear Daisy screeching at me from the screen door as she hates when anyone goes outside without her. After a minute or two, her sounds changed and she seemed closer. Sure enough, she was able to push open the screen door. Apparently it doesn't latch properly anymore and therefore I can't lock it. Thankfully the door itself has a window that opens to a screen so I can still make use of the cross breeze until we can get the screen door replaced.

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Today was the new session of bowling. On the bright side, Tabitha had 3 strikes (two in practice, one in game) and 4 spares (two in practice, two in game). For the game she bowled a 103 which is really good for her. The down side would be that she doesn't have a partner. Not sure what happened, but only 6 kids total signed up for this session. So there are two teams of two and two teams of one. I guess this way they still have teams playing each other because if they paired the two singles into a team, then one team would play nobody each week. Personally, I think this would be preferable, but I wasn't asked. Let me say it wasn't fun trying to convince Tabs it was okay. She has decided she enjoys bowling enough to play anyway and she knows she can make friends with the other kids, even if they aren't her partner.

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The cake pan I ordered for Tabitha's party came today. The directions say to use a tool called a cake leveler. I never knew such a thing existed, but what a great tool! We went to Michael's immediately and picked one up. I'm so excited to make this cake, I think it might even be better than the castle cake of '02. We also stopped at Best Buy to get transfer paper for some fabric to lay on the living room floor. We received the invitations the other day and I just need to fill them out now. We're waiting on two party favors and I need to order something for a game. Chris and I are going to right out our party plan so we know exactly what we need to buy and how the party will run. Very exciting!
Daisy's party is just family, so I have another year before I get this involved in plans for her. Though I do need to focus on her party a bit as I know I want a special onesie and perhaps hat for her. Plus, I need to think about a cake. Perhaps I can think about all that tomorrow night while Tabitha is in hula.

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You know how you always hear of that kid that cries and wails and the mom eventually uses the TV to baby-sit? Yeah, I got that kid. All I have to say is thank goodness for The Wiggles. This is new territory for me as Tabitha didn't watch her own tv until close to two years old. She wasn't super interested in the shows I watched and went about playing while the TV was on. Daisy, on the other hand, has been fascinated with TV since she was born. We actually told my in-laws when they were baby-sitting once not to have her in the same room as the TV because she'd just stare at it. This was for a two month old baby. So now, she watches TV. She's been cranky as heck for the last hour and it's still a half hour until nap time. Tivo and those 4 singing, dancing men to the rescue! Of course, now Tabitha is out there too having been drawn out by those catchy songs. Daisy doesn't just stare at the TV anymore though. She only watches if she's interested, usually if it involves music in some way, and then only about 10 minutes before moving on. But I really need those 10 minutes right now.

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Friday, January 6, 2006

I spent the morning trying on tops, but for once I wasn't shopping. Instead I dove into my closet determined to trim the fat, so to speak. I managed to dump quite a few long sleeve shirts and I'm testing myself for the ones that are left. Next week, I won't wash any of my tops, that will force me to wear what's in my closet. Anything I just can't bring myself to wear goes bye-bye, with the exception of holiday clothing. I figure that's a good way to only keep what I'll wear and not what I wish I could wear. The short sleeves were a bit harder and I didn't put very much in the donate pile. I'll admit that a couple items are being held to see how they look on me when I slim down more in the spring. I lost 14lbs last summer when I got my act together with walking, so I'm sure I can do at least the same by starting earlier this time. So I'll reevaluate the short sleeves at a later date.
What started all this was our trip to Ikea last night. We went to get shelves for the living room, playroom and playroom closet. Target had what I wanted back in Nov. but I haven't seen them since so I looked elsewhere. What Ikea has doesn't entirely work in my living room so we didn't buy anything yet and are talking about it and figuring out what we're going to do. We did buy one bookcase for the playroom closet and Chris and I put it together after the kids were in bed and then put it in the closet to be used for Tabitha's arts and crafts supplies. Chris keeps his short sleeves shirts in there and this bookcase is really too tall for them to stay in there. So we went through them and made a decent sized donation pile in hopes to get them back into our bedroom closet. Hence me going through my stuff to also help in the making of the room.
So the closet is on track, which I'm most pleased about and hopefully we can come to a decision for the living room shelves this weekend. Daisy's toys are threatening to take over so we really need to do something quick.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

I confess to being rather weepy this morning owing to being awake since 4:22am. Plus my house is still enmeshed in Christmas and I am tired of looking at it all.
But the tears have been banished for it is a beautiful day! The sun is not only shining, it is shining warmly- warm enough that we are not clad in pants and long sleeves. As I walked out the front door and felt the warmth on my arms, I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the scent of redwood from the bark we have recently laid in the planters. Quite a welcome change from the weekend's wet days.
We spent a leisurely morning in the living room. We had the tv going and I sat and finished an Agatha Christie novel. Very satisfying ending, unlike some of the others I've read. She must have suffered terribly from insomnia for sleeping draughts once again played a part in this story. Someone is always trying to off themselves with sleeping draughts. Once I enjoyed the solving of the crime, I had the kids ready for the day and I sent them to play while I set to work. Balancing the checkbook was the first chore, not one I mind. Next I thought I was going to bring in boxes but instead started on some odds and ends in the living room. I've now put the youngest down for a nap (by the sound of babbling, she's not exactly complying yet) and the oldest is in the playroom with paper dolls. I will finish this entry and then it is back to work for me :)
Some things I've ordered recently have been shipped, which pleases me. I've been charged for my mother's Christmas gift, I do hope that means I'll receive a shipping notice today or tomorrow. The items that have shipped are Tabitha's party invitations, a custom onesie for Daisy, some stickers to give as party favors and Daisy's birthday gift. I wanted to get her a ride-on but I didn't want bells and whistles. Well, a literal bell would be fine, but no electronics. I went with the classic Radio Flyer Tiny Trike. I know she will love it as she always enjoy sitting on ride-on toys. I would like to get her a bouncing horse and a mini-slide still. Mainly the slide. Still waiting for a shipping notice on checks, a cake pan and more party favors that I've ordered and also a phone call letting us know the new windows have arrived. Now *that's* what I'm most anxious to receive.
Well, I've sat here long enough. Of course, now it's lunchtime for me, so I guess I'll grab a bite. But then I'm going to work, I swear!

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I took Daisy to Sears for her 11 month birthday. We've never used Sears portraits but I've been most unhappy with Penny's lately and practically boycotting Picture People so we decided to give it a shot. The session started off with a scream, Daisy's to be exact. Her face turned the shade of a bright tomato, puffed out her bottom lip and let the waterworks flow. After I calmed her we got this beautiful shot. I love it because frankly, that's how my kid looks. She's not a sunny kid who smiles a lot. But, I was quite pleased that once things really got going she did enjoy herself quite a bit and we got some really good poses, including a smile.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

It was nice having Chris home for a three day weekend, we took full advantage of the family time. On New Year's Eve, Tabitha and I had a little mom and daughter time and went out to breakfast and then shopping together. We did the proverbial "shop until you drop." It was fun though and we got some needed and some not-so-needed items. That night, the three of us karaoked with our game while Daisy clapped and danced around. She went to bed as usual and we did our regular setting the clocks forward and celebrating "midnight" with the east coast. Thankfully, Tabitha still doesn't pay much attention to the time so she doesn't notice how quickly it flies :) Usually Chris and I either go out or stay up and celebrate at the real midnight, but I must say, I was exhausted and didn't make it past 10:30. So my year ended with a snooze.
New Year's Day my mom came over fairly early to stay with the kids and Chris and I headed to Disneyland. We wanted to go by ourselves because I wanted to ride all the "big" rides that I hadn't ridden since becoming pregnant back in May 2004. We only rode 5 (one of them twice) and had lunch plus did a little hat shopping, but we had a great time. It was crowded and cold but it's easy when you go in with the right attitude. Once we were home and my mom had left, I went to the grocery store and it really started coming down while I was gone. Fun fun to load the trunk in the rain. That night we once again karaoked after dinner until Tabitha had to go to bed.
Yesterday we watched the poor soaked Rose Parade for a while and then headed out in horrible rain and wind to go to Target. The kids think the cold rain is great and both thoroughly enjoyed walking through the parking lot. We took a leisurely browse through Target, I swear, we're the only people who can spend more on toys after Christmas than before. Once we were walking to our car, man the wind was worse than before. Tabitha's umbrella did the classic turn insideout and it just didn't matter how you held an umbrella, the rain came from all directions. While driving home we passed a Burger King and half of their sign was across the street. Trees are down all over the place, it's kind of crazy.
We stayed home for a few hours, Tabitha played a new computer game, Daisy napped and Chris and I played a new Zelda game on the Game Cube. Daisy awoke very grumpy and I was hit by the sleepies so I traded places with her and took a nap. We then headed to my in-laws' to go out to dinner with them. The wait wasn't too bad and dinner was really nice. We ate near a Henry's so we ran in there for a couple items after dinner, including a lavendar aromatherapy spray for Daisy's bed. Then we went to the Target near there because I forgot something earlier and then we went to Old Navy where we pretty much all got clothes, though I might have to return the two tops I bought myself.
Home and bed for the kiddies and Zelda for Chris and I rounded out the day.

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