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Monday, February 28, 2005

I finally got my Disneyland fix today. The cold kind of put a damper on my enjoyment though. It was just chilly enough (66º) where when the slight wind picked up it would be too cold and I'd want my sweater, but then the sun would come out again and I'd want it off. Anyway, we did see the Buzz Lightyear show for the last time and videoed it. Actually, Chris and Tabitha saw the show, Daisy and I went off to California Adventure to pick up Easter Bunny accessories for a Mr. Potato Head. Unfortunately it only came with the Halloween set and we already have that. Tabs told me to sell it on ebay, but I don't think it will go for much, so I'll probably offer it up as a freebie on my Disney list. Daisy basically slept the entire time at Disney. So I took pics of her sleeping in front of the castle and with Mickey Mouse and things like that and I'm going to do a scrapbook layout all about her first trip entitled "The Sleepiest Place on Earth" because I think it will be funny (Title courtesy of Chris). I saw some hats that I cannot wait to get Daisy, but I'll wait until she's bigger because she can only really wear beanies right now. They will come in very handy in Florida to keep her head out of the sun.
The only problem with having been out all day yesterday and today is I don't feel like Chris had a weekend and now he's back to work tomorrow. I enjoy his company so much and hate Tuesdays when he goes back to work. He really is my best friend. But at least he works great hours and since I'm fortunate enough to not have to work outside the home, we are together quite a bit.
And now I shall attempt a couple hours sleep, hopefully not total for the night, but a couple hours at a time through the whole night. We shall see, though I don't hold out hope considering how much she did sleep today.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

We headed out to a mall today for some shopping. The mall is in a more progressive area than where we live, so I was hoping to see someone using a sling, but instead I saw a dozen people using Baby Björns. Figures. Tabitha bought a pair of jeans and used her Children's Place gift card. She also scored at Borders, as she usually does. Lunch was good, because so many of the food places have veggie stuff so Tabs got a vegetarian corn dog at Hot Dog on a Stick and Chris and I got food from a Chili place that had vegetarian chili. Baby, of course, slept the whole time, what with it being day time and all. We made a stop at Whole Foods before heading home so I could get some all natural baby bath and baby lotion. Veggie jerky was bought for Tabitha as well, since she loves that stuff, and I was able to grab some gelatin-free yogurt. All in all, a very nice outing today. Now we're home and Chris is going to run up to his brother's to use his scanner and then once he's home we're going to work on putting a couple items up on ebay to help pay for our Disney World trip of which I am putting a deposit down on tonight! Yay! He's also going to try to figure out the video editing program on our computer because my in-laws very generously provided the funding for a digital video camera :) They offered to pay for diaper service for as long as Daisy is in diapers, but I prefer my own stuff and don't care for the chemicals the services use, so they bought us a video camera instead. I guess Daisy's first words are going to have to be Memére and Pepére, lol. We'll be taking the camera with us to Disneyland tomorrow to record the Buzz Lightyear show since Tabitha has always loved it and it's going to close very shortly.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

When Tabitha was just over a month old, my dad came to visit as it was his first grandchild. We took many pictures, of course, but our camera at the time had a serious problem and would switch to panoramic mode without warning. This led to pics of Tabitha in front of my dad's body, but his head was gone. He was able to come out this past week for a quick visit to meet his newest grandchild and this time the camera worked. I got a really nice shot of my dad with my girls.

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We are in cloth diapers, finally :) Now all those onesies that were far too long fit just right over her big ol' cloth bum. I still need to order more diapers so I can go a few more days in between washings, but we're fine with what we have right now.
So, when Tabitha was 10 months old, she got too big for me to carry in the front carrier comfortably. I bought a sling so I could do the hip carry and all was well. Now that I have a newborn, I'd like to use it with her, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I've been to every website out there that gives instructions and I still don't "get it." Tomorrow we're tentatively planning on going to Disneyland and I'm going to take my sling and I'm going to keep my eyes open for someone using one and then I can accost them and implore them to help me out. Goodness knows I'll never see anyone in my neck of the woods using one. Most advice I get on it is to go to a La Leche League meeting. I'm sure that'd go over real well when I pulled out a bottle to feed my kid, I'd probably be stoned, lol. So, here's hoping I find someone using one tomorrow.
Turns out my kid really likes Hawai'ian music. Not the one who's taking hula classes mind you, the little one. I had to set her down today for a few moments so I could quickly get something done and I played a Hawai'ian song on the computer for her. She didn't make a peep, until after the song ended. I guess it reminds her of being in utero when I would sit in on Tabitha's hula class. Now we just need to get more songs so we don't have to listen to the same one over and over.
Tabitha and I are working out how lessons are going to go from now on. I get them set up relatively early, and we just do a little at a time as we get a chance. There just isn't a block of time for us to do them all at once unless Chris is home and Tabitha doesn't seem to focus very well if Chris is here. Probably because she wants to be with him once he's home from work, which makes perfect sense. We may not always fit everything in, but at least we're doing something.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

I hope the tooth fairy has a good rain coat, Tabitha just lost tooth number three :) It's on the bottom, same as the other two she has lost. At some point I imagine she'll lose her upper teeth.


I'm so tired of the rain, it's so dark and gloomy and just plain yuck. Even when it's in between downpours, as it is right now, it's so damp and cold and it makes me miserable. I really hope it's back to our sunshine next Monday because I am planning on going to Disneyland. It's been far too long, lol.

I sent out all the birth announcements today. I'm pleased with how they came out. I used an online service that a friend gave me the link to. Originally I was going to go with a postcard, but I ended up doing a traditional photo card and then added a card explaining the origin of Daisy's name to the back. I took the photo myself because the photo lady never showed up in the hospital. That was okay with me though because they charge a fortune for a picture that will always be the worst photo of your child's life. Don't get me wrong, Tabitha was a beautiful baby, but that first picture taken in the hospital is gad-awful, and it's what I used on her announcements. So this time around, I was more than willing to just take the picture myself. Of course, since there's no mail today, they won't go out until tomorrow, but everyone should receive them within the week. Now I just need to have Tabitha do her birthday thank you cards and I have to write thank you cards for baby gifts as well. I think that may have to suffice for lessons this week or they will never get done.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm finding time to be on the computer, but not time to type. I despise typing one handed, so if I have a baby on me (which would be 90% of my computer time) I can read stuff, but that's it. Right now she's sleeping in her bouncing seat two feet behind me and I'm hoping I'm not disturbing her with the sound of the typing. It seems every time I start a post, she stirs, even if she's in another room. Super hearing, perhaps? LOL

We did go to the new pediatrician the other day and all went well. The office staff was good, the dr. was good, basically we were pleased with everything. We'll be going back when Daisy is 2 months and Tabs will have her 5 year check up at the same time (yes, I know she's 6). Daisy was just shy of a pound more than her birth weight and also gained an inch. So she's almost 9 pounds and my cloth diapers start at 10 pounds. But since she's kind of short, the weight seems like more and they actually fit rather well. I can't start using them though as I'm waiting for my covers. My mom ordered them for me but they haven't arrived yet. As soon as they are here I can kiss those disposables goodbye! I dont' know how people keep up with the expense of them. It's driving me nuts that I have to go buy another pack today. And since when is 40 diapers considered a "jumbo" pack? What a freakin' rip off. I can't wait to just be able to never worry about running out of diapers and just do a load of laundry.

I still haven't completed adjusted to a new routine yet. I need to figure out how to fit everything in. Chris has been home more than at work, and I'm still not accomplishing all I'd like. My list isn't exactly long, but it's stuff I either need or want to do on a fairly daily basis. There's lessons, scrapbooking, cleaning, cooking, playing a game with Tabitha, and also making sure Chris gets down time too so that he isn't working all day and then coming home and taking care of two kids until bed time. Some days that's okay, but not every day. It's just a matter of finding a balance, but I'm sure we, as a family, can do it. My Tabitha has been positively fabulous about sometimes having to take a back seat to the baby's needs. I made sure to tell her how much I appreciate her understanding and to let her know how wonderful she's been.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tabitha is a whole lot better, thankfully. With a fever that high, I was starting to get worried. But it's gone, as is her lethargy and her appetite is back. We'll probably resume lessons later today. Last night Tabitha made me a congratulations certificate for the baby. Very sweet :)

Sleeping next to Daisy is not easy. The child is just plain noisy. When you first put her down, she "talks" for about 20 minutes, then when she's waking, she "talks" for another 20 minutes before she's actually awake. So out of every 2 hours of sleep, I only get a little over an hour because I keep thinking she's about to cry. Not that she ever does. One thing I'll say for this child, she does not cry upon waking up. It's pretty nice not to be jolted awake at 3:00am. And I must take a moment to gush. I adore watching her face. It goes from pursed lips, to tongue sticking out, to a smile to an Elvis curled lip in a matter of seconds. It is purely fascinating. If I could just get her to stop opening her eyes while asleep and freaking me out though.

It is so beautiful weather-wise here. Supposedly it's going to rain, but it's a gorgeous blue sky with white clouds and it smells like Spring. I long to take a walk in it, but the stroller is in the car. I can use the Baby Björn, but it's difficult to wear the diaper bag and the baby at the same time. Murphy knows that if we leave home without the diaper bag, we're guaranteed a diaper blow-out of magnificent proportions.

I'm also feeling a huge itch to return to Disneyland. Soon it will be overrun with Spring Breakers and then it will be time for the 50th anniversary celebration to start and it will be crowded for awhile. So I really want to take advantage of the emptiness now. The baby will be two weeks old tomorrow, so I predict we'll be there in another week. Of course, taking a baby named Daisy to Disneyland is just opening us up for loads of Daisy Duck references. For the record, I did not name my child after the duck, but after my great-grandmother. I did, however, name my first child after the tv show Bewitched, so I can see where people are coming from when they ask about Daisy's name :)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Chris and I gave Tabitha Best Friend Bear packaged in a nice Valentine's box, yesterday. Chris brought me some flowers, including daisies :) The card read "To my eternal Valentine" We were supposed to have a nice dinner of fondue but our fondue pot has a piece that needs to be replaced. So we just cubed the cheese and ate it with the bread, apples and veggie Italian sausage. After that we had Ben and Jerry's ice cream, yum! We kind of had to take turns eating as Daisy woke the minute we sat down to eat (of course) not to mention our eldest kept coming out of her room for one thing or another. So, not the most romantic of Valentine's Days, but it was still very nice and just right for us. My mil gave me an amethyst necklace and earring set similar to the garnet set she gave me after Tabitha was born. That pleased me very much and I'm happy to have both of my girls' birthstones now.

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Since we brought the baby home, Tabitha has just looked huge to me. Even at night when I go in to kiss her, she looks so big and usually that's when she looks small. I measured her today and she has now hit 47" so while she has grown, I know it's just in my mind that she's so much bigger. On the flip side, I put Daisy into the Baby Björn yesterday (our's does have the small baby adjusters afterall) and she was so light! I was able to carry Tabs until she was 10 months old, so here's hoping I'll get at least the same amount of use out of it this time. Daisy didn't mind it last night or this morning and went right to sleep both times. I haven't lost my touch either, in that I was able to then take her out of it and lay her down without waking her.
Miss Tabitha has come down with one heck of a fever. She also has a sore throat. So she'll be in PJs all day today and watching tv and/or playing computer games. The fever was high enough that I gave her Tylenol to bring it down. It looks like a fairly mild virus, as was the last one a few weeks ago. I no longer fret about how many times she comes down with something because I read children her age can get as many as 12-16 colds a year with the majority of them being October to March. This is one area I wish she was below average though, lol.
Chris went into work, but is only staying briefly and since Tabi is sick, we won't be doing lessons, so today is not the start of the "new normal" of our lives as it was supposed to be.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

There are so many kid shows going on right now. First, there was Hi-5 last weekend, right now Pooh's Heffalump Movie is playing at the El Capitan, complete with preshow; there's a Magic School Bus show next month I want to get tickets to, and then, I find out, The Wiggles are coming back to town! Tickets go on sale next weekend so those are taking priority in the buying tickets line-up. Tabitha still talks about seeing them last year and it will totally make her day to see them again. I'm going to get tickets for all of us this time instead of just she and I. It's a pretty amazing show and I'd love for Chris to see it too. Daisy, of course, won't need a ticket. I'm crossing everything I have that we get front row again.

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We went to Babies R Us last night to get some hang toys in contrasting colors for the baby gym. We took the stroller for it's maiden run and but Daisy in it. It didn't go so well. When Tabs was a baby, we had a big ol' deluxe stroller and I wanted the same for Daisy. Well, now that everyone in the world uses a baby bucket, all the strollers are designed for the infant seat to go onto the stroller. I don't want my kid in the bucket all the time, I want her to be able to move. So we have a huge deluxe stroller that I'm in love with, but it's missing one important feature because of the baby bucket; then handle doesn't reverse in order for the baby to see you while you push her. The only way for baby to face you, is to put them in the bucket. So Daisy wasn't that thrilled to be in the stroller at all. It's a good thing it's going to last a long time so we'll get some use out of it as she gets older. For now, if I don't want her in the bucket, we'll stick with the Baby Björn, but we have to wait until her doctor's appt. to have her weighed because it's for babies 8lbs and up. Since she's short too, I don't want to take chances of her being too small for it and slipping out. We bought it right before they came out with the adjustable leg openings for smaller babies. Also, I wanted to wait for Daisy's cord to fall off since she has to face in. As of this morning, that has been accomplished! I'm going to give her belly button a couple days to completely dry out and then she will take her first bath :)

The last few days have been visiting days. My bil came over the other night for awhile, yesterday we went to see some family friends, and then my sister came over yesterday afternoon. We'll probably head to my in-laws' tonight as well.

We're 99% sure that we're going to go to Disney World in September. Although the pros and cons list is very even, we thing the cons for going in May outweigh the cons for going in September. One of the biggest factors is the halau has their huge show at the end of May and if we go then, Tabitha will miss 3 classes and that's a bit much right before a show. So, we're going to talk to my bil to see if the Sept. dates work for him and then I guess we'll put a deposit down on the rooms.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

We took Daisy to her one week appt. yesterday. Or at least, we took her to the office. I have wanted to switch pediatricians for a couple years now. Not because of the doctor, she is just fine. But her office staff bites the big one. Yesterday was the last straw. They wouldn't accept the fact that Daisy is automatically covered for 30 days on Chris's insurance. They even talked to the insurance company (as did we) who said she was covered even though they don't have the paperwork in yet. The doctor's office wouldn't accept that and said we'd have to be a cash patient and get reimbursed by the insurance company. Um....no. Add that to the fact that I was asked by both of the office staff members if I was sure we had an appt (yes) and they couldn't seem to get their heads out of their, ah, behinds, and we left, came home and went with a medical group that comes highly recommended by just about everyone I know in the area. Not to mention, it's the same group I saw my ped. and my sister saw hers. Although, we'll be going to a different office with different doctors, it's run by the same people. Chris had a very pleasant phone experience with them yesterday so as long as the appt. next week goes well, then we have a new ped. Not that we use them much. Tabitha hasn't been in two years, but I do have to get a doctor's signature on a health form I need to keep on file come this October (for homeschooling purposes).

In my opinion, there is nothing sweeter in the world than gazing at a sleeping child, of any age. Last night I got to see them both what with the little one sleeping on me and the other sleeping (kinda) in between Chris and I due to a bad dream. Tabitha was saying how it's the family's bed. That would be lovely if Tabitha didn't kick, Chris didn't sleep on top of whomever is next to him and I didn't want to sleep on my tummy (which I do, but can't with baby on me, obviously). Not to mention, when Tabitha is in our bed, she doesn't exactly sleep. She woke me up just as I nodded of to try to tell me something about nothing important. Ten minutes later I put both children back in their own beds so I could get a solid hour and a half of sleep.

Chris took Tabitha to hula this morning since it's at the rather early time of 8:00am. I was wrong about the length of her class, it's an hour on Wed. but an hour and a half on Saturdays now. I imagine that won't change until after the big show the halau puts on in May. I'm supposed to be getting dressed since the baby is asleep, but here I sit, a slave to the online world, lol. Of course, the minute I stand up to wash my face, you know she'll be gurgling for me. It's a good thing she's so cute :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well that seemed to work. I don't know if it was the light or not, but she had no problem sleeping last night. She woke up, got fed, put back down and went back to sleep. That, I can deal with, no matter how many times she gets up to eat. Chris took the first feeding anyway, so I slept a while anyway. He realized we were doing things backwards before with me taking the first half of the night and him taking the second. He's the one who has no problem staying up and I'm the one who can get up extremely early and function just fine during the day. So we switched and it went fine. Daisy also had her two long awake times during the day, so that could also be why she didn't need to stay awake in the middle of the night. I gave her tummy time yesterday. She lasted all of 5 minutes before being one angry baby. She was quickly soothed though and I left her on her back for awhile after that. Tabitha is in charge of floor time entertainment. Her preferred method is to simply read to Daisy and she must have read 5 or 6 books before Daisy got tired of the floor.

read (43k image)

Speaking of Tabitha reading, the child reads many different books at once. She is currently reading a Magic Treehouse book, a Ramona book and Charlotte's Web. The latter is the only one she hasn't read before. I find it interesting that she will read so many books at the same time. Sometimes, when it's a book she's read before, she'll just re-read certain chapters that she had found amusing. I'm a one book person, myself. I'm reading Once and Future King again. Actually, I shouldn't really say again. I've started it twice before, but somewhere around the middle I tend to lose interest. This time I'd like to finish it, but if I stop again, I think I'll admit defeat and that will be that. I enjoy the early chapters so much that I don't know why I can't seem to finish it. It'll probably take me awhile as I'm reading it in 15 minute spurts while in the tub.

Chris took Tabitha to hula last night. Now that it's getting close to show and competition seaon, class is an hour twice a week as opposed to the usual 45 minutes. We found out that Tabitha's level will not be doing just one dance as I thought, but two. So they started learning the new one last night. Also, the one they've been practicing is changing a bit and the girls are going to have a drum (I don't know the Hawai'ian word) to use during the dance. Our tax refund is supposed to go towards Disney, but perhaps we should consider using part of it for a video camera. We don't know anybody with one so it's not like we can borrow one and I'd hate to not have Tabitha's dances saved. We've gone through two 8 mm (is that the right term? The kind with the small casettes) since Tabitha was born and they both stopped working with the exact same problem. So we are definitely only considering digital now. We can get a decent one what with Chris's discount and all. Though I don't want to spend a fortune so it won't be top of the line or anything.

Back to the topic of Disney, we've now given birth to a healthy baby so it's time to make our decision. Take a 3 month old and go in May or take a 7 month old and go in September. There are so many pros and cons to both. The plane ride would be easier at 3 months, the nights would be easier at 7 months. She's would be lighter in the Baby Björn in May, but more able to enjoy everything in Sept. Easier to feed in May, but would require more breaks to eat. Possibly lighter crowds in Sept, but also the start of hurricane season, not that I expect a repeat of last year. Plus other factors. So we really just need to write everything down and pick one date or the other and make the reservation.

Today we have nothing planned though I think Tabs and Chris are headed to the park so she can ride her scooter. She picked out her helmet last week (actually, that's the last thing we did before I went into labor). It's a black skater helmet and she plans to decorate it with tons of stickers. Should be interesting.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

You can tell I have a newborn because I'm going to blog about lack of sleep again, lol. The situation is just odd and I can't figure it out. During the day, little miss gets sleepy and falls asleep in somebody's arms. She is then put down into the bassinet that we keep in the dining room (the hub of the house) and she sleeps solid for 2-4 hours. At night, she gets drowsy and appears to be asleep in my arms so I put her in the bassinet that is put into our room at night. She then fusses and cannot sleep at all. So I'm up with her for hours until I wake Chris to take her for the second half of the night. The only difference I can figure out is our room is dark. I've been meaning to get a bulb for the night light but I've been to Target 3 times since Saturday and I've forgotten it each time. Our bed is not big enough to co-sleep in the traditional sense, I can't put her between us. And we can't move our bed to have one side against a wall. What I did with Tabitha was after her last night feeding, I'd prop myself up in bed on pillows and she'd sleep on my chest. But I can only do that for two hours or so, not a whole night. So I can't just have Daisy sleep on me the whole night or I'll be in some serious pain. So anyway, we have got to get the night light and see if she just doesn't like the dark. If that still doesn't help I think I'll look into one of those sidecar sleepers. I don't even know how long they can be in those, but I imagine it's the same as a bassinet. In any case, she is only a few days old and things will change so many times over the coming years that any solution is always just a temp thing.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left such nice comments and/or have emailed me personally. I've saved all of the congratulations :)

Yesterday we stopped at a scrapbook store (at some point, I swear I'll stop going places and rest) and I noticed a kids' re-sale shop so I went inside and found a nice plain bouncy seat. I had looked at Target and Toys R Us earlier, but they all have toys and lights and music and tons of crap. I'm not looking for something to entertain, amuse or distract my child. I just wanted a seat for her for the times I need to put her down and fix lunch or dinner or something and no one else is available. She spends so much of the day sleeping in her bassinet, she doesn't need to be in there when she's awake too. I figured a bouncy seat would be a good solution because she can be upright and (kinda) see what's going on around her. So I was happy to find one without the bells and whistles. I've already checked reviews and recalls on it and everything checks out fine.

Tabitha had Kids' Club last night, but I opted to stay home so it was Tabi-Daddy time. I know the craft was Valentine's Day related but she hid it once she got home so I'm guessing it's going to be a surprise for me. Speaking of surprises, last night Tabitha made Valentines for Chris, Daisy and I and taped them to our beds so we'd find them before we went to sleep. They were very sweet and mine was a poem. I found a very cute Care Bear's Valentine at Target that I think I'll get for her, assuming they still have it. She was less than pleased yesterday to realize it was Tuesday and we weren't going to do lessons. I told her we'd start them up again next week but that did not appease her. I tried telling her it was a big sister vacation but she just rolled her eyes at me, lol. I think she's getting a pretty good education this week anyway, what with learning all about babies :)

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Pictures to melt my heart

cd (25k image)

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Tabitha's website is just about ready to be announced as updated and then I really need to get cracking on Daisy's site. My birth story will be on her site for those of you interested in those kind of things. I will say that I felt the first contraction at 5:30pm, showed up at the hospital at 7:45pm and had Daisy at 8:10pm. I don't mess around, lol.

Tabitha and I went to Babies R Us yesterday and another Target and I think we're now set with clothes for the baby until she hits a growth spurt and can actually fit into 0-3 month size. I also picked up Huggies *sigh*. I had bought environmentally friendly diapers to use until I'm ready to put her in cloth in a couple weeks. The problem is the size (recurring theme). Despite being for babies who weigh as little as 6 pounds (mine is at least a pound and a half more than that), they go too far up her abdomen and were irritating her cord. So commercial, gel-filled diapers it is. At least we're only contributing to the landfills for a couple weeks.

Daisy stayed awake more during the day yesterday which is good, but that didn't contribute to being easier at night. Not sure what the difference is other than perhaps she needs the light and noise of the day? Or, well, she's just not tired at night :) I'm not a person who even thinks about sleep schedules, so it's just a matter of me adjusting to her routine and needs. She woke up a little before 6 this morning and I really like that because I was able to take care of all she needed and then she conked out again and now I still get my morning time alone. Well, semi alone, I mean, she is right next to me, but I can futz around on the computer for awhile before Tabitha wakes up. Which hopefully won't be for another half hour because that kid has not slept properly since last Wednesday and boy is it showing in her behavior. Yesterday was quite the trying day for both of us. That's why I took her shopping with me, so we could get some alone time which did seem to help.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Daisy was at a higher risk for developing jaundice, so yesterday we went bright and early to the outpatient lab for a heel prick. We only left the house 10 minutes later than planned and the only thing forgotten was my cell phone; not bad for our first outing with a newborn. The ped. called later that day and told us her levels had improved and there was no need for further testing so all that is over and done with.
She sleeps a lot during the day and not so much at night, which pretty much coorelates with her movements in utero. Chris and I are coping and biding our time until her schedule changes a bit. He's home until next Tuesday.
Tabitha spends her day staring at the baby, talking to the baby, holding the baby, etc... In fact, I seem to be the one who holds Daisy the least amount of time. I do sure change a lot of diapers though, lol.

At noon yesterday, Chris took Tabitha to the Hi-5 concert. Apparently Tabitha absolutely loved it. They had a little area in front of the stage where the kids could go and Tabitha spent the second half of the show up there with the other kids. She got to high five one of the performers which made her happy. Chris survived through it and then came home and watched the SuperBowl :) I spent the time watching my child sleep and talking with my mom who came to keep me company.

One problem we're having is no clothes fit this child. We're going to see if we can get a couple blanket sleepers in preemie size even though she's bigger than that. Her weight is average but she's a little short and the combo makes her impossible to fit. How Chris and I have such short babies, I'll never know. He's 6' 2" and I'm 5' 8". However, Tabitha didn't stay short, she's a little above average now in height and has been for years. It remains to be seen of course how Daisy will grow. Anyway, it looks like Babies R Us is on the agenda for today.

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

daisy (30k image)

Introducing Miss Daisy Georgette.
February 4, 2005
7lbs, 14oz
19 1/2"

More pictures and details to follow at a later time.

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Friday, February 4, 2005

I'm back online, but not feeling chatty at the moment. I have tons of email I'm ignoring and am feeling rundown due to lack of sleep. Baby is still cooking, Tabitha is fighting a mild virus. Life is going on.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

We are having a major DSL problem right now. There is a chance I will be offline until next Tuesday. We are hoping to be back online well before that, crossing fingers for tomorrow, but there is no guarantee. In the meantime, if I were to have the baby before then, I will try to find a way to post it using a family member's computer (as I am now). Send quick re-connect vibes please :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 07:09 PM PST

Would you like to see the face of a winner? Click Here.

Did I mention is was for a funny face contest? LOL That pic of Tabitha made her one of the finalists in the Children's Place Funny Face Contest and she won a $100 gift card to the store. She is so happy and I'm very pleased for her. Out of the 50 finalists, they will choose one grand prize winner who gets a savings bond worth $1000, but I didn't tell her that and we're just happy she's one of the finalists. She can't wait to go shopping.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 10:44 AM PST

So today would be my due date. Chances are slim to none that the wee lass will make an appearance today. I had my 40 week appt. yesterday and baby has dropped from last week and things are softening and getting ready. Other than that, nothing interesting.

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, a few errands, more scooting by the child, more Game Boy play by her as well. Chris and I played on the computer together. At one point we were all in my bed watching TV. Just a bunch of nothing, but that's okay.

So today is my usual Tuesday of getting the house recovered from the weekend. Plus lessons. We'll see if a baby is the plans as well :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:18 AM PST

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