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Monday, February 27, 2006

The lure of Disneyland was too great to resist this morning so the girls and I went back. Unfortunately the rain came as well so we were only able to stay for 2 hours. We had a good time for those 2 hours though so no regrets.

Once home, Tabitha watched a DVD on my computer which is her favorite way to watch a movie nowadays because she really likes using the headphones. She's her father's girl as she appreciates good surround sound. While she was doing that, Daisy played in various areas of the house and I did a quickie scrapbook layout on visitors in the hospital after Daisy was born.

Speaking of Daisy playing, we absolutely have to make sure Tabitha's door is closed. She constantly climbs up the slide and walks around the top of her bed. Gives me a heart attack that one. So, the door must be closed at all times. Not sure what we're supposed to do when it's her room too.

This evening has been uneventful, we had stuffed baked potatoes for dinner and then put both kids in the bath, out of neccesity in the case of the little one. They're both in bed and I think it's back to our Zelda game for Chris and I.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Today seemed like a long day, I think due to the fact that I got up before 6. Daisy again woke up pretty early, but I made her hold out for that first nap until her regular nap time. Tabitha and I had a nice lesson time. Remember I said I was going to post her creative writings? Right after I posted that she started skipping creative writing in order to write thank you cards during that time instead. We're coming to the end of Math 2, I believe just 17 more lessons. Almost 3rd grade! Woo-Hoo!

I wanted to go out in between Daisy's naps so we decided to go to Ikea. There were a couple items I would have liked to have picked up, but the lines were way too long. I'll get them another day, like a weekday!

Chris got home from working the halau fundraiser around 5 and I wanted him to be able to relax so we went to Red Robin for dinner. Our waitress was also vegetarian, so that was a nice conversation and a good way to start our meal.

We've been home less than an hour and I finished up a layout that I started last night. I had done everything last night except the journaling, which is what I did tonight. It's a maroon and purple layout of both girls taken last February and each picture is one of Tabitha holding Daisy and I've entitled it "Hug-A-Bug" and the journaling talked about how Tabitha always wanted to hold Daisy when she was first born. I was going to at least start another layout but figured Chris needed more relaxation so ordered him into a hot shower whilst I played with the kiddies. But, I'm able to type here because kiddie 1 took over playtime with kiddie 2 leaving me with nothing to do and way too much noise for me to watch TV. We'll get both kids off to bed in an hour and perhaps watch our Arrested Development that is on the Tivo.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The day has finally come. My oldest is now privvy to the family curse. It was put on my dad sometime in his youth- "I hope you have a kid just like you!" (that would be me)- I was hexed with the hope that my child would be as argumentative as me, check! Today I have put the curse on Tabitha in the form of "Someday, you're going to have a kid and you're going to tell her to get ready in the morning and she's not going to do it. That will be your payback."

When that time comes, I shall laugh.

Yes I will.

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Usually at this time of the day, Chris and I are both just getting up and he takes care of Daisy while I get ready before he has to get ready and go to work. Saturday, of course, he's home for the day and at this time I'm waking up Tabitha to eat and get ready for hula. Not today. The halau is doing a huge fundraiser this weekend so no classes. Also, Chris is working the fundraiser and has been gone since before 6. Daisy must have sensed a problem with her routine and awoke a little after 6. Right now she wandered back into the bedroom insisting on climbing on the bed to wake Daddy. She is quite distraught that he's not here and when she finally came back into the dining room she just laid down on the floor looking sad. At least he'll be home earlier than if he really was at work so she'll get some good time with him this evening.

I'm trying to plan our day out. We didn't do lessons the last two days and I was kind of assuming we'd do them today and tomorrow since it will kind of be like a week day without Chris here. But we have to go buy wrapping paper and I want us to walk to the store and with Daisy waking up so early, I don't know if she'll make it to first nap or need to go down early. Couple that with Tabitha is seriously sleep deprived and may sleep in pretty late, thus throwing us off even more. We have a birthday party to attend later today that we're looking forward to (hence the wrapping paper) but that wouldn't affect lesson time, only second nap time. So I really need to decide how I want to use what may be our only nap time today. I need a plan, because if I just go with the flow, nothing will get done and I'd like to accomplish something other than catching up on reality tv message boards.

I ended up not doing any scrapping last night because we had dinner later than I anticipated and then I jumped in the shower. So the layout in my head will have to stay there, but hopefully only until tonight.

Edited to add: Well, I had to put Daisy back to bed at 7:20, now I have no idea how this day will go :)

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Tabitha is currently running Daisy around the house on her little Radio Flyer and Daisy is actually saying "ha-ha" with this deep growl. Making me laugh hysterically, I tell you whut. Of course, I grabbed the video camera to catch it and Tabi ran Daisy into the slide and I almost got cries instead.

The girls and I went to Disneyland for a few hours today. Bigger crowds than I would have liked, but we had a good time. It's so nice to be able to pop-in, play and still get home in time for the baby's second nap.

Yesterday I organized some pics I had picked up on Wednesday. After dinner I managed to get a layout done, it's entitled "My Girls" and features four black and white photos I took of the girls when Daisy was less than one week old. I enjoyed that one, but more importantly, I think I'm getting my scrappin' groove back. I'd even like to join a group again, something I never really looked forward to back when I was actually a part of a group. I don't know if the group still gets together since the hostess has had a lot going on in the past year. I'm also not entirely sure I'd be welcome anymore for certain reasons. I should really email the hostess and at least ask. In any case, I've already picked out another set of pictures and hopefully can get them into a layout this evening.

In good news, Chris will be working Saturdays starting in two weeks and will have Sun/Mon off work. Also, his Friday shift has been bumped up so now he's off before five on Friday. Coupled with his new [earlier] Saturday shift, this will equal four nights, in a row no less, where he's home early. Yay!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today has been one of those days where a lot of small, irritating things occur and it seems like the universe is conspiring against you. I was determined to take it all in stride though and now all seems to be well, screaming baby notwithstanding. There was also one big irritant this morning whose name starts with a T, but we won’t go into that :)

Once we were home from errands this morning, I instructed Tabitha to go through her dress-up drawers one by one and get rid of anything she didn’t want. She enjoyed doing that so much that she started looking for things to give away. Sadly, I interrupted her to eat lunch assuming she’d go back to the task after she ate, but she lost interest and is instead playing Game Boy. She did fill one and a half Target bags so I can’t complain. As always, she had her running commentary going, “It doesn’t get played with much, it’s a choking hazard, it’s gotta go.”

Tabitha has been using her Heely’s almost non-stop and has improved greatly. We were in Naartjie this morning and she discovered that there wood floor was perfect for going a long distance. Never fear, no one else was in the store so she wasn’t disturbing anyone. She chose another outfit there in apricot [ack!]. At least I actually like this outfit unlike the last one she picked out.

I received a letter today informing me that a 1099 form I used in my taxes was incorrect and a correct form has already been sent (why couldn’t the letter and the form come together?). The numbers I was originally given lowered our refund amount so I’m less than pleased and will now have to go to the trouble of sending in a tax amendment, not something I’ve ever done. At least it’s more money back, right?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I’m sitting down to blog so almost guaranteed the Wee Miss will soon be coming my way.

Right now it’s a very pleasant afternoon, we have Trout Fishing in America going on the i-tunes, Daisy is in the living room “reading” while Tabitha is playing outside as I sit here being a contented mother hen watching over her chicks.

Let me tell you why I love the littlest Anc, when she has something she’s not supposed to have, she gives it to us- after she’s done playing with it. For example, I left my bathroom door open, so she explored the cupboard, because really, how could she not? She had a gay ol’ time pulling stuff out, then either decided she was done or had an attack of conscience because she came to me and gave me one of the bottles from under there to let me know what she had been doing.

The big one is pretty cool, you know why? She calls the Apple store the i-pod store. She’s so of the now :) What with the internet, cell phones, Tivo and i-pods, her childhood is way more interesting than mine. I was impressed with a microwave and On or Select TV. Yet, she’s in the backyard enjoying that simple pleasure of swinging to and fro, it doesn’t get much better than that.

What do you know? I finished the entry in one sitting.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daisy is not the happiest of campers right now because we replaced her bottles with cups. She's been using a straw cup for water for a few months now, so it's not completely foreign to her. She does eventually drink her milk so she's not dehydrating herself or anything, but she is still adjusting. She's a bit more dependent on bottles than her older sister, but Tabitha had pacifiers for her sucking need whereas Daisy has always refused them in any situation other than play. In any case, she's get used to it and be fine in a day or so.

Bowling was yesterday and Tabitha scored 99 which is a bit above her average. We're going to do the next session and then take the summer off. I know I could use the break :)

You know, when I started typing, I had more to say and now, I'm completely blanking.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

My across the street neighbor has the day off of school. This means he and nerdy friends are "practicing" as if they are real musicians, even playing along with CDs every now and then. It does not make for a peaceful day such as I'm accustomed. I hate to think what Spring Break will be like. Thankfully, the racket does not bother Daisy's sleep. Oh, and I'm not showing my age by calling it racket, it really is. I like the bands they are emulating, but these three are not so much on the good side. Someone needs to tell the drummer that he is seriously abusing his cymbals. They are supposed to be an accent to the song, not the only thing you can hear (Meg White notwithstanding).

Having to do with nothing, last night Chris and I watched Wedding Crashers. That was a pretty fun movie. Not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. I did enjoy it though, despite the predictable ending. But I like the simple movies like that so to me it was a nice way to spend an evening.

After lessons I might pack up the kids and head out for a bit to escape the *music* Perhaps Babies R Us as Daisy needs more cups and a toothbrush. There's a Target there too and we can usually find something to do at a Target :)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today we headed out to Ontario Mills Mall for some shopping. When it was first built, I want to say about 8 years ago, maybe 9, it was intended to primarily be an outlet mall. Over the years it has strayed from that original premise and the drive and crowd were not worth the few outlet stores there. Well, it seems they've gone back to what they were built on as there were new outlet stores that were not there just one year ago. Of course, the main store I wanted to hit was the Gap outlet, but we ran out of patience before we got to it. But we did go to a Disney Store outlet and got a great deal on a tea set I've had my eye on forever. It's a toy and will go to the kids, but honestly, I bought it for me :) We also went into a Border's Outlet and got fantabulous deals on some Disney books. Basically, if I had bought those same 5 books at Disneyland or any other book store, it would have cost me $70. Instead, I spent $24. On books I've been wanting for a long time but always put off buying due to the cost. What kills me is they had one book I bought at Disneyland last month for $13 and they were selling it for $4! We got a computer game we've been wanting for dirt as well. A few other items rounded out our shopping and we enjoyed lunch so all in all it was a lovely morning/ early afternoon.

Since being home, Chris and I did a bit of work in the garage completely filling one trashcan. I am determined, and I mean that, to get rid of everything in my garage. Everything. Trash, Goodwill and Freecycle is where it's all going. Right now Chris is out taking our recycling while Daisy naps, Tabitha plays and I'm, well, obviously I'm at the computer :)

I might go back to Ontario Mills this week with the kids, it won't be so crowded and I really did want to go to the Gap Outlet.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

This is a movie that I had been wanting to see since hearing about it while it was being filmed. I thought the plot was very interesting (keep in mind, I'm not into "deep" movies) and it was enough to get me past my dislike of Angelina Jolie. Now, I couldn't care less about "poor Miss Aniston," I just don't think Angelina is all that. Anyway, the movie was enjoyable as we tivoed it a couple weeks ago. The hubster and I settled in with popcorn and eye candy.

A few things I want to discuss. How is Angelina considered a good actress? She was completely wooden in this movie. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch Brad Pitt for his acting ability, but really, all the reviews on IMDB mention their on screen chemistry. Um, what? Obviously all those people failed high school science, there is not one ounce of chemistry between the two of them and I'm guessing people were simply projecting all the media hype over the supposed non-relationship. In any case, this is the one and only movie I've ever seen with Angelina Jolie and color me not impressed. As an actress anyway, she's a fabulous humanitarian and I've grown to like her as the person she appears to be in the articles I've read. Oh, yes I know she has won or was at least nominated for an Oscar so she can't be all that bad, I suppose.

Fun trivia for Chris and I. There used to be an Ikea 3 miles from our house. A few years ago they built a new building in a neighboring city and the old Ikea stood empty. One day, the blue building was sporting some white and a red stripe with a sign that said Kost Mart. That stayed for less than a year and since it was something we had never heard of and it never opened before being torn down, we assumed they were filming a movie there. Imagine our delight while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith to see they went to Kost Mart! LOL Helicopters fly over here all the time so we wouldn't have even really noticed extra ones during the filming. That close to Brad Pitt though and I never knew *sigh* As an extra bit of trivia, that Ikea/Kost Mart is across the freeway from the same mall where Back to the Future filmed back in the '80s.

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I haven't been much in the mood for writing, er, typing these past couple of weeks. My days are very scheduled right now and blogging just isn't in the schedule. Tabitha's gymnastics class is over (thank goodness!) so that's one less thing. I'm working on two classes for Daisy and a different gymnastics/ general fitness class for Tabs, so we'll be right back into our class chaos. She's also supposed to be starting violin lessons just as soon as Chris and I get ourselves down to the studio and enroll her. Maybe tomorrow? I don't know.

Chris was offered the opportunity to work tomorrow and he chose to do it so he had yesterday off instead. Of course, we went to Disneyland. Many might think it odd he'd choose to work on a Sat. but his company has a very limited number of Tues-Sat. shifts and he's doing all within his power to get onto that shift. We really dislike him having Sat/Sun off work. That is so limiting what with kid classes on Saturday and crowds everywhere due to the weekend. If he could switch, that would work really well for us. Not to mention, the Sat. shift is earlier in the day and he'd be getting home about 2 hours earlier. I haven't spoken much about his job, but while there is tons of good stuff, there is a bit of bad, namely, his work hours. I tend to focus on the bad so we're learning to make it all work for us as a family.

'Tis enough for now.

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Last night I say to the Wee Miss, "Would you like more milk or do you want to go nigh-nigh?"

This child hops off my lap, runs down the hall, waits for me to turn on the bedroom light, walks over to her bed and grabs it.

This is my good payback for 7 years- and counting!- of going to bed issues with the oldest.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

vday2006 (64k image)

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Pictures were promised, but I'm not delivering on that yet. I'm being lazy about it so far. But I will say that Daisy's birthday went really well. It was just the right size party (4 other family members) and just the right amount of gifts so that she didn't lose interest. The downside to giving a toddler a gift is they want the toy out of the packaging immediately. As any parent knows, that's not an easy task. Oh, and she loved the cake :)

Daisy celebrated her first birthday by having a tooth break through. Not just any tooth, a two year molar. Good grief. So she has the eight teeth that she's had for eons, a ninth tooth that I swear I can see the top but as of yet I can't actually feel, the molar which I can definitely feel and two more extremely swollen areas. You know how you can tell carnivore and herbivore animals by their teeth? If that holds true for humans I don't know how I'm going to raise her a vegetarian, lol.

In more Daisy talk, she hadn't really eaten food in a week other than snacks (Cheerios, goldfish, et al.). Meal times have consisted of a lot of screeching on her part and much agitation. This has led to increased night waking and we've had to go back to giving her a bottle in the middle of the night. We assumed it was because of the cold she had and then the teeth. But we found another reason. Yesterday morning I decided to give her some oatmeal and fed it to her, of course. She ate just fine. Lunch was just cheese and she wasn't even in her chair so that didn't tell me anything. At dinner, I mentioned to Chris how she let me feed her from a bowl and maybe that was the issue. Usually I put her food on her tray and she feeds herself. Lately she's been refusing to eat anything and pointing at our forks and spoons. We tried feeding her off her tray and that's not what she wanted. We tried just giving her a fork or spoon and that would pacify her for a bit. So last night, I put the food on her tray, we put her in her highchair (which she is perfectly willing to do) and then we brought the tray over. She immediately pushed it away and started screeching at us. I then dumped the food in a bowl and Chris fed her with a fork and she ate most of it. This whole time she's just been wanting to eat from a plate or bowl like we do. Which explains why she ate at IHOP the other day, we had put her food on a plate instead of on the table. This morning she ate just fine feeding herself when I put her strawberries on a plate on the highchair tray. Trying to figure out what a non-verbal kid wants is not easy.

To that end, she is becoming more and more verbal, though not clear. She has a sound for book and one for ball, but they are very similar sounding. She can say cat and dog and I've hear her say foot and toes, Chris has heard her say foot and my mil has heard her say cracker. She says yeah instead of yes which is kind of funny, she also says hi der sometimes instead of just hi. I think she's getting that I'm mama because she's been practicing saying it once and then waiting for me to respond. Oh, she also says quack quack which is what she calls a certain book and says baa for sheep/lamb. I'll be wishing she'd hush-up soon enough, I'm sure :)

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

1d1 (25k image)

Daisy loves slides so her big gift from us for her first birthday was a no brainer. More photos to follow later today.

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Tabitha's birthday went really well. It started off with her opening her eyes to see all her party balloons in her room, including the giant 7. She came out and I caught her eyeing her presents as she hugged us good morning so I suggested she open them. She seemed really pleased with all we got her and was thrilled with the Heelys. Of course, they don't fit so we have to exchange, but she took that really well. I was afraid that would happen. Next she went to play with some new stuff and I cooked all of us breakfast. Tabitha's pancake was in the shape of a 7, which would have been way easier with a turkey baster, but that's just not something I have in my house. I also included veggie sausage as it’s something she loves. We then got ready and high-tailed it out of here to Disney.

After getting Tabitha's birthday sticker, we started in California Adventure and Tabitha finally rode Monster's Inc then we went to the Animation Building which she loves and she took their drawing class and drew Mickey. Next we were off to the tortilla factory but it wasn't working so we headed into Disneyland.

Our first stop was the bakery for cookies and soda then into the jewelry store so Tabitha could get a new charm for her charm necklace. She chose Cinderella's carriage this time. As we headed into Fantasyland, we found her old friend Alice so of course we had to stop. Alice and the Mad Hatter were playing charades with the kids so Tabitha joined in. After a while she said her goodbyes and we surprised her with face painting. We chose Tinkerbell for her and it came out beautifully. Next was on to Dumbo. At Disneyland, a 7 year old may go on rides without an adult. Tabitha has been waiting for this day for a long time and it was finally time. She was thrilled to ride by herself for the first time ever and immediately asked to do it again when the ride was over. Instead we went over to the carousel for her to ride by herself there.

Off to Main Street where she participated in the Nestle Junior Chef program. This is a cookie making activity that Tabitha has done before, but has been looking forward to doing it on her birthday because they give extra cookies to the birthday person. Mary Poppins and Penguin joined in the fun here. Once she had her cookies, we went over to the silhouette cutter place as it's something I've been meaning to have done for years. Finally I have Tabitha's silhouette and I made sure she wore her mouse ears too. I just love how it came out.

At this point it was time for our reservations for the birthday celebration. By then we had been joined by my mil, bil and his friend so we all went together. We always do a special meal of some kind on Tabitha’s birthday but this year we went for the “Happiest Birthday on Earth” party. It was hosted by the baker Mr. Pat E. Cake (get it? lol) and everyone in attendance received a cupcake to decorate. After a rousing happy birthday song and conga line, all the birthday kids lined up to meet Mickey and Minnie.

Cookies and cupcakes are good, but we all needed something more substantial so we stopped for lunch at the Mexican restaurant before going over the ride the Mark Twain river boat. I had heard you could ask to ride with the captain of the boat so Chris asked the cast member on the dock and he said no problem. Tabitha was completely shocked to learn she would actually get to steer the Mark Twain and she even got to ring the bell.

It was starting to get late and cold so Tabitha rode a few more rides with various people and then we all headed to my in-laws’ so Tabitha could open her gifts from them before we went home. All in all, it was another fabulous birthday for my girl.

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I'm working an entry about Tabitha's birthday and don't want to blog anything else until that's done. I absolutely have to get it done tonight though as tomorrow is round two of birthdays and it's the Wee Miss's turn.

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