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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Tabitha had her riding lesson this afternoon. She doesn't feel she's progressing at a fast enough speed. She's very anxious to not be led around by her instructor and just be set loose. She also wants to jump and ride a horse instead of a pony, both of which will take a couple years before she's ready. Next week though, her instructor is going to take her off the lead for a little while, though she won't be allowed to trot by herself.

Chris went into work for a meeting and then came home since he worked yesterday. It's nice to have him home for dinner unexpectedly :) After we get Tabitha down for the night, I think he and I are going to watch "Lost in Translation" as I tivo'd it last night from pay-per-view.

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Monday, March 29, 2004

I love the Boomerang network. Tabitha is, right now, sitting and watching funky old cartoons that are older than me. She's watching "Josie and the Pussycats" Too funny! I used to watch the reruns when I was a kid. She also just finished watching Hanna Barbara cartoons.

Chris had to go into work since someone got hurt last night. It stinks that are family time was cut short by a day but, whatcha gonna do? After he left, Tabitha and I put out the Easter decorations. We don't have much, but Tabitha had fun anyway. Since then we've just been trying to stay cool without resorting to the air conditioner. Welcome to California Spring :) I had wanted to plant my alyssum but it was too hot for me to go out there and do it. I have to be careful because I'm planting in the same area as my tulips and I don't want to accidentally pull up a bulb like I did last year when I pulled weeds.

Tabitha seems back into Peter Pan lately. She picked out two Peter Pan shirts at the Disney Store on Saturday and she's playing with the toys all the time again. She even had me rescue one from the garage that she had cast aside to the giveaway pile. Lucky for her, the Peter Pan toys have a lot of sentimental value and I do not plan to give them away. Interesting to see her interests go in cycles. Along those same lines, when we decorated earlier, I pulled down all of her bunny and/or Easter stuffed animals to put them in a basket on the fireplace. Tabitha pounced on one of her old bunnies declaring "Ooooh! I used to sleep with him!" and promptly took him to her room and put him on her bed. She's been having flashes of memories lately of things that happened two and three years ago. Pretty amazing considering she's only 5.

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

This morning Tabitha informed us she was ready to try the Matterhorn at Disneyland. She has actually been on it twice but doesn't remember. So, off we went. I know it sounds crazy, but we've been battling her fear of the unknown for a long time and if she's starting to come around and want to try things then we want to do everything we can to encourage her. Chris had an online draft for his fantasy baseball team at 9:00am so we went after that and Disney was already pretty busy by the time we got there. Not to mention it was definitely going to be a hot day. We went straight to the Matterhorn and the wait was only about 20 minutes which is not bad at all. We rode it and the first thing the child said afterwards was "I am not riding that again." She really didn't like it. But I told her she doesn't have to like the rides, I'm just proud of her for trying them.

After we got home and had lunch, my mom and sister came over and watched Lion King 1 1/2 with Tabitha and Chris and I ducked out for a little while. We just ran to Home Depot to get new faucet handles in the guest bathroom and I also got some new flower seeds to plant. Chris and I wandered Home Depot for awhile as we like to dream of future home improvement projects. We picked up some groceries and then came home. Since then we've just all been doing our own thing and hanging out. Chris will put Tabi to bed in a few minutes and then maybe we'll watch a movie or something.

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Friday, March 26, 2004

My friend that we saw yesterday gave us lemons from her lemon tree and also two kinds of sunflower seeds after I mentioned wanting to plant sunflowers. So today, we gardened, the kidlet and I :) We planted the tall sunflowers in Tabitha's patch of the planter. I have been wanting some there for the longest time and now that they are planted, I cannot wait for them to grow. I planted the other sunflower variety (and I haven't a clue what they are called but they are a reddish-orange color) in a nice spot in my planter that was just begging for some color.

We also made lemonade. Since I don't like this particular drink, it's not something I've ever made and I haven't a clue if it came out okay. Tabitha said it was good and drank it all, but I'm also going to get Chris's opinion if its too sweet or too sour or too watery or whatever.

Before we did all the planting and juicing, Tabitha and I walked to the park. I sat there trying to read my book in the sun because it's a very windy park and therefore chilly. A boy and his grandmother came there as well and the grandmother took my presence as an invitation to chat. The fact that I was reading apparantly meant nothing. But if she needed company badly enough to interrupt my much desired reading, then so be it, we talked. She asked *the* most common question "Is she in school?" Once she learned we were homeschooling she proceeded to give me false information. Because she used to be a teacher and she knows these things. In general, in our state, the people who are least knowledgeable on homeschooling are those who work within the public school system. I did set her straight on the way it actually works in what I hope was a polite manner. After she spent the next 20 minutes bashing all the schools around us, and quite a few in different cities, I at least understood why she never asked me *why* we are homeschooling. She also gave me her opinion on letting my child run barefoot at the park. I should have given her my opinion of her smoking around her 4 year old grandson, but I am far too nice for that to have ocurred.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

We took Tabitha for Spring portraits today. Probably the worst photographer we've ever had. Considering we've had her picture taken roughly 50 times in her life, that's really saying something. And she wasn't the worst by just a little. She was far and wide the most apathetic photographer. Thankfully Chris took to amusing Tabitha for the facial expressions (we don't like ordinary smiles) and Tabitha had tons of ideas of how she wanted to pose. We only bought 3 pics and one of those was free.

After lunch, Tabitha and I took Chris to work and then headed to a playdate. I am in love with my friend's house and garden! Her house is really tiny but her decorative flair is just fantastic. The house was built in 1926 and is just charming, there is no other word for it. J is rather artistic and loves painting and stuff so I may have her do a tree in Tabi's room since that is just beyond my abilities. She's also helping me with flowers and stuff and said I should just take her shopping and she'll tell me what to buy. Sounds good to me!

Tomorrow starts some resting. We have no plans until Tuesday which is a minor miracle. I'm very burnt out!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I forgot to mention that when we were at Disneyland yesterday I saw a girl wearing the cutest shirt. It was white with pink cap sleeves and it said "Homeschool Rocks" with a flourish. I liked it so much I stopped the family to ask where they got it. Sadly, the answer was at the convention that I didn't go to on Saturday. So I gave the mom my email address and she's going to email me when she finds the business card of the seller. But as we were leaving, we saw a mini-van with a pro-homeschooling magnet and a web address and I thought it was probably their van. I know, what are the odds? But I went to the web address from the magnet and they sold shirts very similar to the one the girls were wearing. It may or may not have been their van, but at least I now have the seller's info. The exact shirt wasn't on the site, but the same logo was on different styled shirts so I'm about fairly positive it's the same people.

Today I took Tabitha to a class on sea turtles at the aquarium. Tabitha loves thier classes, I just wish the aquarium wasn't 40 miles away. It's no problem getting there, seeing as how it only took 35 minutes. But when you don't come home until 4:30pm, let me tell you, there is some traffic. It took us over an hour and a half to get home. Ugh! Thankfully it's just once a month, though this is the first one she's attended in probably 6 months. At least I was entertained on the looooong drive home with facts of sea turtles. And also Tabitha's rendition of "Three Blind Dice" (sung to the tune of "Three Blind Mice") sung over and over and over again. Did I mention the song has 5 verses?

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Monday, March 22, 2004

I have a child who dislikes fast rides. Actually, she just has an irrational fear of rides that are "scary" which she defines as fast. But there are quite a few rides that are fast that she doesn't find scary. Splash Mountain would be one of the rides that she flat out refuses to ride. So today, we were on our way to the credit union and Tabitha tells Chris that she dreamt she rode Splash Mountain and that it was fun in her dream. We told her we would take her right then and there to Disneyland to ride it if she wanted. Nevermind that we were just there last night. She said okay so off we went. They take your picture on the way down the big drop. Care to see what pure terror looks like? Check out Tabi's face. But, no matter what she looks like in that pic, she did love the ride and will probably decide to go on again but I bet it takes her a couple more months. We won't push it, we'll let her decide when she's ready to reconquer the mountain :)

As I said, we did go to Disneyland last night and Tabitha asked to watch Fantasmic which is an incredible show. The last time she saw it, she was 3 and parts of it scared her. She no longer really remembers it, but knew Maleficent was in it and she's been on a big Sleeping Beauty kick lately. So we sat for two freaking hours to watch this show. And it was well worth it. She absolutely loved it and I loved watching her face. She had completely forgotten Peter Pan was in the show and screamed "Peter!" when she saw him. I watched her expressions as each new thing occured and was filled with such joy as I saw the magic reflected in her face. The only thing was she kept turning my head to make me watch the show as opposed to watching her. She was concerned I was missing it, when in actuality I have that show memorized and have seen it hundreds of times from when I worked there. Nothing makes me happier than watching my baby be so awestruck.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Glory be, I've finally updated Tabitha's Place! Nevermind that it should have been updated twice by now since the last update. *sigh* The hazards of being a procrastinator. I don't think it's my best work, and anyone who reads this journal won't learn anything new, but there are birthday pictures and professional pictures and stuff like that. So... Go!.... Read Now! lol

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

It's amazing the difference in temp that 25 miles can make. Yesterday for Tabitha's riding lesson we were just melting. I felt so bad for her in her helmet as I was pretty uncomfortable myself and I was sitting in the shade! After her lesson we stopped for popsicles and then went to Disneyland and it was so much cooler that we had to put on our sweaters just 3 hours after we got there! We had a fairly decent time, but it probably wasn't the best idea to go. It was so crowded (as it will continue to be until the fall, pretty much) and we planned on staying late which made Tabitha too tired and worn out for class today. I got a bit too much sun and wasn't feeling so well this morning anyway. I felt well enough for errands though, so I left Tabs with Chris and went out this morning for a couple things. One stop was the fabric store because I wanted to make Tabitha a "pin purse." Bascially, Disneyland, Disney World and The Disney Store sell cloissonné pins and people wear them on lanyards at the theme parks and then trade them. Why you would trade for a pin instead of just buying one you like for yourself, I haven't quite figured out yet. I guess the answer is simply "because it's fun" because my kid does enjoy trading pins. The problem is the lanyards that people put them on and then wear around their necks. They are so tacky looking. Mind you, they aren't nearly as horrendous as the vests and hats that the real pin geeks have, but just the same, I didn't want my kid wearing one. So I made her a really cute pink fur purse with beaded trim for her to display her pins. I thought I had velcro for the closure so I didn't buy any and it turns out I need some. So I'll get the velcro in the next day or so and sew it on and then take a pic to share. It was all squares and rectangles which are my sewing speciality and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I didn't swear once! LOL Best of all, Tabitha loves it! I just wonder how many pink teddy bears had to die for the fur? :)

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Monday, March 15, 2004

For someone who considers themselves fairly anti-social, we sure do get around, lol. Saturday we went to my best friend's house. We went for two reasons, for Tabitha to have a playdate and, more importantly, for me to get my Girl Scout cookies!! We are enjoying them and I don't imagine they'll last much longer around here :) On the way home I got a hankering for veggie sushi and I can always get some at Trader Joe's. I didn't want to go to the one we usually go to because I would have to pass our house by about 7 miles and then back track home and that just didn't appeal to me. So I called Chris and had him look up their website on the internet and find one in a city we would go through on our way home. We were in luck, as he found one for us. But or luck did not hold out, they were completely out of veggie sushi! I was so bummed as that's the only reason we went there. But there was a Lakeshore Learning store near by so we decided to check it out. I didn't find anything of use for us but we enjoyed looking around. Then we decided to stop at the Borders that was so close. I did get another Gifted and Talented workbook for Tabitha since she had finished her first one. Why she likes workbook pages so much, I'll never know. She does them for fun, they aren't even a part of lessons most times. I guess they are like puzzles to her and no different than me doing logic problems for fun.

After we'd been home for a couple hours, I was still thinking of the veggie sushi that I had wanted for dinner. So I convinced the child (read: bribed) to accompany me to the TJ's we usually shop. I found what I was looking for and then we went to Target so I could get Tabitha a promised My Little Pony and we also found her a cute shirt and a drawing pad. When we got home she drew 4 pictures and gave up story time in order to continue drawing.

Sunday morning, we all went to the LA Zoo for a sticker scavenger hunt they were doing. It stunk. The activity had so much potential and it just wasn't fun. We had an okay time at the zoo just being there, but it wasn't what we expected. Once home, we had lunch and such and then all three of us worked in the front yard. Tabitha loves pulling weeds and there were plenty for her to pull. Then she asked to sweep, so of course I didn't say no!

Today, Chris had class in the morning, of course, and then he did some studying in our room while Tabitha had a friend come over. M is from Mommy and Me class (though she attends with her grandmother) so they've known each other for a while but have never had a playdate. Tabitha had been asking me to have her come over for a few weeks now so I finally got that arranged. They seemed to have quite the fun time and I enjoyed talking to M's grandmother for a few hours.

After they left, we had lunch and then went out to the bookstore. My mil mentioned wanting John Grisham's new book and tomorrow is her birthday so we got it for her. Then we went to the mall to get her a card and do general shopping... and eat our traditional cookie from Mrs. Fields. We also stopped into Ross and I found a couple shirts for Tabi, one is Powerpuff Girls and the other is Disney Princess. Now we're each kicking back in our own way before we go out to dinner for my mil's birthday.

Whew! I'm tired all over again just from typing it all out, lol.

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Friday, March 12, 2004

We went to a small zoo on a field trip this morning. We've been there before but I thought Tabtiha would enjoy going with her friends. After 10 minutes, I guess she decided they took too long or something because she went off on her own (with us following, obviously) and ditched her friends without ever looking back, lol. We were back in the car by 11:00am and heading home.

During lessons today, Tabitha complained that the writing was making her too tired so we skipped most of it. I was afraid the writing was a bit much. She writes numbers for math, draws pictures for math and map skills, colors in her Reading workbook, writes and/or colors in The Earth workbook and then writes for grammar. So, I'm cutting out the grammar as it's the most writing intensive. I'm just going to focus on reading to her and Tabitha reading to me and we'll go back to grammar when we get the literature program. I really want to go to the vendor hall of a homeschooling conference next weekend, but I have to buy tickets to The Wiggles at 10:00am and be at a friend's house for a playdate at 1:30. So, if we go, we'll have to time everything just right. I'd really like to look at the literature program in person and not just rely on website descriptions. Plus I need to decide on 1st or 2nd grade (I've already decided the 3rd grade is not for us yet). But, back to the writing, Tabitha enjoys writing on her own and I certainly don't want to kill that desire. She can learn about capitalization and all that later.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

We painted the Earth today. Well, a reasonable facsimile thereof, anyway. I had bought a styrofoam ball last week so we could cut it open and paint and label it like the inside of Earth, but I figured the outside should probably look like Earth too. So today Tabitha painted all the water and land. At first she wanted to get her globe and draw each continent on the ball, but I knew it would take her an hour to get it drawn and painted just right and then she would have been very upset to have me cut it up in two days. So I told her to just paint the continents however she wanted. Tomorrow we'll go over all the layers and then Saturday will probably be the day we do the cutting and labeling.

When we first started lessons today, Tabitha was just dragging. I asked if she was tired and she said she wasn't. Nor was she bored or disinterested. She just looked kinda blah. So we finished up math and then went for a walk to Sav-On to pick up some small item and decided to stop at Baskin Robbins on the way home. I figured a walk, some sun and ice cream is enough to perk anyone up. When we got home, we did the rest of lessons (including the aforementioned painting of the Earth) and then she watched Springtime for Roo on DVD. I did a bit of dresser clean-up in her room while she watched the DVD.

Tabitha and I just finished preparing dinner, which will all be ready in another half hour. We made leek and bok choy au gratin, sautéd mushrooms in a shallot butter sauce and brown rice. Pretty filling for a hot day, but oh well. We have the doors open and the fan is inside so the breeze will keep us cool.

After dinner I think I'll read to Tabitha before putting her in the bath. We have a field trip tomorrow with Mommy and Me class that should be fun.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

We just got back from riding lessons. Boy is it HOT here! Thankfully I have a nice place in the shade to sit with my book while Tabitha learns the joys of ponies :) Today she worked on trotting and various positions while doing so. She worked on staying 2 point while trotting, posting while trotting, and just regular sitting while trotting. None of that would have meant anything to me if my kid wasn't taking lessons, so I'm learning something too. Right now is our playtime before we go to drawing class. It's the last one of the session and I, for one, am glad to be done with it. Tabitha is supposed to take a toy or something so I'm guessing they'll draw what they bring. I belive the child is bringing a Care Bear.

I received the children's entry form for the LA Fair in the mail today. I'd like Tabitha to enter one of her collections because she has so many, but her idea of what to enter isn't going to get her a ribbon, which she wants, of course. But I don't want it to be completely my idea, because then it's not her entry, you know? Even though the fair isn't until September, we have to get the entry in ASAP because they accept a very limited amount of entries for the collections. There's also a pizza division that Tabitha may or may not be able to do and they're going to have a fashion show that any kid can enter, but they have to be in a cultural costume so we'll see about that one. I also know that Tabitha definitely wants to enter a drawing, but they don't have a "crayon" division so she and I will have to go over all her choices so she can decide what medium she'd like to use.

I've come to some decisions regarding her summer day camps. Tabitha is already enrolled in the one at the Natural History Museum and I definitely want to get her into the zoo's day camp as well. But I just found out that Michael's (as in the craft store) will be having an arts and crafts day camp and that is so close to home that I think we'll definitely sign her up for that. Assuming it's for her age group, of course. I also just found out that tickets for The Wiggles are going on sale very soon and I know she's dying to go see them. This will most likely be the last year we go to any of the kid shows so I really want to take her. Anyway, in light of the nearby Michael's day camp, the cost of the tickets for The Wiggles, and the fact that Tabitha will also be in horse day camp and I want her to take swimming lessons, I think we'll just skip the two Science Center day camps. So, here it is not quite Spring and we've got Summer all planned out :)

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Monday, March 8, 2004

This was the first week with Chris's new days off so we're starting our new routines. They're always changing for one reason or another so I don't know why I bother to call them routines. Yesterday, Tabitha spent the day with my in-laws so Chris and I could have the whole day together. It was just gorgeous out so we went places where we could walk outside. We also watched Bruce Almighty last night that I had TIVO'd a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed it.

Today, Chris had class in the morning and then had to run into work for a conference call but was home relatively early. We then went out to my grandparents' house for a visit. Nothing too interesting has been going on since we got home other than our daily walk to the store for stuff for dinner. We went around 5:30 and the evening air felt positively wonderful. I so love living here :)

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Saturday, March 6, 2004

Tabitha sounded much better this morning. Well actually, her cough sounded just as bad, but it was way less frequent. Since she actually responded to the cough/cold medicine, we decided to let her go to her gardening class. She said she had a good time, but she wasn't her usual exuberant self after the class. Normally it takes a good 20-minutes to calm her down after she's been to a drop off class. I think it's just because she's still not 100% okay. She did end up with a cold afterall. I think she had a mild virus last week but that weakened her immune system just enough to invite in the first cold germs she encountered. So although she's been sick for over a week, it's been two different illnesses. Anyway, she's past the contagious stage, otherwise I wouldn't have let her go to the class. Even if she wasn't bouncing off the walls excited, she did ask me to sign her up for the next classes so I'll be sure to do that this week.

While Tabitha was at the arboretum, Chris and I walked the nearby mall and both called the Dodger ticket line over and over again. Opening Day seats went on sale this morning and we were determined to get some. We never did get through, even using both our phones. Once home, Chris signed onto the website and after half an hour he did get through and we were able to get our tix. Very cool! We've only been to one Opening Day so we're pretty stoked.

After lunch, Tabitha and I took Chris to work and then went to Toys R Us for their kid's activity. Then we hit Michael's for a styrofoam ball. We're going to make a model of the 3 layers of Earth. Nothing fancy, I'll let her color or paint the outside to resemble the continents and oceans (it's a small ball, so they'll probably just look like blue and green blobs) and then I'll cut a big wedge out of it and she'll color and label the inside with the different layers. After Michael's we went to the mall just to return a bathing suit to the Disney Store. It's an XS 4/5 and it was too big. My little skinny minnie. The suit she wore last year was a 3T so I shouldn't be too surprised this one didn't fit, even though she was at the top of the height and weight chart for this size. Oh well, she didn't *need* a new suit, I just thought they were cute and I had a coupon.

After we got out of the packed mall as quickly as possible, we bought a tostada at Taco Bell and took it to my husband who called and asked us to bring him a snack. Once, home, Tabitha just vegged for awhile in front of the tv since her coughing was flaring up again. After a while we did some lessons, which she enjoyed. In math we worked on the correlation between 1 dime and 10 pennies. Then we did a spelling exercise, talked about the 4 oceans and where they are in relation to the continents, and did a quick logic exercise. When I told her we were done, Tabitha's response was "Aw, can't we do some more?" So we talked about different seashore environments and called it good.

Tabitha just got out of the bath and is sitting down to a late dinner before I get her off to bed. Tomorrow she'll be spending the day with Chris's parents and he and I are going to do absolutely nothing. Together.

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Thursday, March 4, 2004

So my daughter has finally seen "real snow" as she puts it. We've taken her twice to snow events that helicopter snow in from the mountains (and it is real snow, not man made), but that was never good enough. It's been raining for the last week here and the mountains are just covered in gorgeous powder so off we went yesterday for a 45-minute drive north to the mountains. We had quite a bit of fun, even if was way colder than we're used to here in the valley. We made a small snowman, Tabitha attempted snow angels, and we had the obligatory snow ball fight. After about an hour, Tabitha was just tired of it all and I think she finally realizes why I tell her we'll most likely never live in the snow.

It was a full day as we had a field trip yesterday morning to SCATS gymnastics. It's the same program as the one we went to a birthday party at 2 weeks ago, but this one is only a mile or two from our home. We picked up the info for their classes and we'll go in a week or so to sign Tabitha up for the 5 and 6 year old class. They have one on Mondays at 12:15 so that kind of makes me think there might be homeschoolers in that class. But, it could just be kids who waited a year before going to school or kids who come after morning kindergarten. Plus, starting Sunday, Chris will be off Sunday and Monday from now on and we don't like to have commitments on his days off. So, we'll probably go with another day.

Speaking of classes, it's March which means it's time to register for all the summer day camps out there. Tabitha will take 4 classes, one at the Natural History Museum, one at the Science Center, one at the LA Zoo, and the other at the Discovery Center. Of course, at over $100 per class, this is not going to be easy. Tabitha loves these classes so much though, so we'll manage, of course.

Remember I said Tabitha never developed a full cold? While that holds true, she does have one heck of a cough. It's dry and just bothersome more than anything. I feel so bad for her. Cough medicine just doesn't help. I have her on the strongest one out there for kids and she's still hacking her lungs out. I've even tried upping the dosage as she's close to the next dosage weight wise, but that doesn't work either. She's not having too much trouble sleeping, thank goodness. We give her night-time medicine, rub Vapo-rub on her chest and run the humidifier and she's sleeping through the night. But all day long it's just sad to listen to her. Lingering coughs are just awful. She's not even contagious, but I might have to cancel a playdate tomorrow because she sounds so bad. We did cancel her riding lesson this week. I had her nap today (against her will) and she managed to sleep for about 2 hours. I just hope this doesn't mean I can't get her down tonight. When she woke up she asked to do lessons, but she was coughing so bad, she couldn't speak real well so we called it quits for the day. It has to be her decision not to have lessons though, if I mention it she begs me for lessons.

I'm taking a look at a language arts program that looks interesting. It's called Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I've heard of it before, but never looked into it before now. What draws me to it is it's an all inclusive program; Reading, spelling, phonics, grammar and writing, all based on good stories. That really appeals to me as opposed to coming up with grammar exercises, writing exercises, spelling lists, etc. I have one problem though. Tabitha's reading level is higher than her grammar, writing and spelling level. Reading wise, she's at a 3rd grade level. But for everything else, she's still a first grader. I'll probably just split the difference at order the 2nd grade level. There are sample pages on the website that I'm going to print out for my review. Also, there's a homeschool conference this month and I'm thinking of going just for the vendor hall and hopefully someone there will carry this program so I can look at it more closely before making a final decision.

Right now, Tabitha is playing computer games and eating ice cream in an attempt to soothe her throat. Still two hours until bed time and it's loads of fun trying to keep an active 5 year old calm and relaxed so as not to irritate her coughing further.

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