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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nothing much going on around here. We went to Toys R Us in an attempt to purchase a kick-gym for the wee lass but they only had one and it's not my first choice. Instead we found baby chimes to attach to her current gym. We'll try those out tomorrow. We also picked up a Strawberry Shortcake GBA game for Tabitha who has declared it the "best game ever!" LOL She and Chris just left for hula right now while I watch the baby sleep and avoid looking at the table which needs cleaning. Daisy went to bed an hour and a half early tonight, so we'll see what this means for the rest of the night. I'm thinking I'll be up quite a bit.

I'm going to end this here, I guess. I felt like updating but just don't really have anything to say. It will come to me as I'm falling asleep like it usually does.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We had a wonderful Easter. Tabitha was super excited to find the carrot on top of her bed slide and it contained five Disney Dollars and 4 bouncy balls. Off she ran to the living room to go through her basket. She was positively thrilled with everything inside. Next was the egg hunt, 45 eggs in all. Every one of them had something inside. Her favorite items being cash, Disney Dollars, bouncy balls and Disney SweeTarts. The Bunny miscalculated and brought way too much candy, unfortunately.

After the festivities we got ready to go and headed to the Spring Fling at the LA Zoo. We got everything done first off and then enjoyed looking at some of the animals before heading home and then out again. This time we went to my in-laws' and had Easter dinner. There was also an egg hunt for Tabitha and another child who is 4. The two of them have a blast together and really got into the egg hunt. Daisy spent most of the time snoozing and being passed from person to person. She received tons of clothes as Easter gifts.

Yesterday we braved the Spring Break crowds and went character hunting at Disneyland. We were successful and found two new characters as well as a previously visited character in a different outfit. I update the Disney Character page last night. We also got another ride in on Buzz Lightyear, it is is just as cool the second time around :) Once home and after dinner, Tabitha dressed as Esmeralda and put on a nice gypsy dance complete with song and Chris keeping the beat on a drum per her instructions. It was actually rather impressive.

Today was a good mail day as we received our latest book club shipment. Books 7 and 8 in the Unfortunate Events series for Tabitha and four black and white books for Daisy to look at during floor time.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Chris and Tabitha went to an instore concert last night for They Might Be Giants. I'm not into them in anyway, shape or form, so I was glad to stay home with Daisy. Plus we had friends in from out of town yesterday morning and for whatever reason the visit exhausted me. I think it was because I was going on less than 5 hours of sleep. But Tabitha had a fabulous time with her little friend and I loved talking to my friend in person instead of through email so the tiredness was more than worth it. Since we were all up later than normal last night, when the alarm went off at six this morning, Chris and I decided right then that we were not making a trip to the Ipu farm with the Halau. We were supposed to go and get the proper gourds for a drum Tabitha needs, but there was no way any of us were getting up. So the Halau will buy the gourd for us, but they also keep it as there property now instead of it belonging to Tabitha. I'm a little bummed about that. Since we didn't go we realized we could go to the city egg hunt at 10 so that's what we did. Tabitha had a good time and was pleased with her haul. We've been home since just before lunch and have spent the day pretty much doing whatever. Tabitha decorated her dyed eggs, Chris played Diablo and I took a nap. I also ran down to the mall and picked up the pics I had taken of the girls at the beginning of the month. They look soooo good. I wish I could scan them to share :( In a few minutes I'll get Tabi off to bed and once we're sure she's asleep the Easter Bunny can do his thing :)

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Friday, March 25, 2005

smile (28k image)

Daisy is now smiling in response to us. Now starts the rewarding part of parenting :) I got about 6 pics this morning. They are all kind of grainy because I didn't want the flash on in order to increase my chances of getting that baby grin caught on film....er..memory stick. She's also cooing more and more. And lastly, the child actually has one sleep that is 3.5 to 4.5 hours. It starts in the early evening, usually around 7:30, I go to bed at 10, Chris will stay up and take care of her around midnight then usually he can sleep until morning while I get up around 2 or 3 and the next time she gets up I just stay up for the day. I wake up feeling a heck of a lot better every morning.

Yesterday my sister came and played with Tabitha while Chris and I (and Daisy) went to Target to finish up the Easter basket shopping. I think Tabitha will be pleased with her basket. There's a sticker book, two Scooby-Doo Madlibs, a Powerpuff Girls look-and-find book (like Where's Waldo?), My Little Pony playdoh, sidewalk chalk, eggs with playdoh inside and I think a couple other small items. We'll be putting various candies in the eggs, plus 12 eggs will have bouncy balls, 5 eggs will have $1 in Disney dollars and one egg will have a $5 Disney dollar. I may put a couple regular one dollar bills in some eggs as well. Daisy's basket will have a small bunny and a Who Loves Baby album that Tabitha haves and wants Daisy to have one as well. I need to get some pics printed out to put in it, but I don't know if I can get that done before Sunday.

Chris won tickets to a They Might Be Giants show last night at the House of Blues Sunset Strip. It was 18+ so Chris took his brother instead of Tabi. She was okay with it though because the two of them are going to an instore signing tonight. Anyway, Tabs and I colored eggs last night and we're both pleased with how they came out. The dye set we got includes stickers to turn the eggs into people so Tabitha will do that part this morning most likely.

And now I'm off to wake the other parental unit so I may jump into the shower.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

You have no idea how incredibly adorable the little girls were in last night's show. They were so freaking cute! The audience just ate them up. Some of them, including Tabitha, aren't even that small, but the stage was huge and it made them look so tiny. Tears were definitely brought to my eyes while I was watching my baby. The rest of the Halau did wonderfully as well and I really enjoyed watching all the dances as I had never seen them before. All in all I think they were a big hit.
I did have to make a hard decision last night. We left Daisy with my in-laws. I hadn't planned on having her babysat quite so young, despite numerous offers from both my mother and my mil. But there were a lot of factors that led to me having to decide between staying home and missing the show, or leaving the baby. I went with leaving Daisy and I'm glad I did. It would not have worked to having her there last night but I also didn't want to miss the show. Chris staying home was out of the question as he's the one that has been working so hard with Tabitha everyday so she would know her dance. There was no way I could ask him to stay home and miss seeing the result of his work. Anyway, the baby was fine, my in-laws had no problems with her, I was not a basket case and we only checked in once.
Today Tabitha is going to Disney on Ice with my mil and Chris and I are going to work around the house, get out the Easter baskets and eggs and probably run to Target. Then tonight we'll meet Tabitha, my mil and fil and all go out to dinner for my mil's birthday which was this past week. Should be a nice Sunday. I just need to get in gear and get dressed now so it can begin, lol.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

As I mentioned before (I think) Chris is going to be working later in the day on Fridays and Saturdays. This is to make it easier for me in the mornings and also so we don't have to worry about transportation since so many events for Tabitha happen on Saturday. Well, since Tabitha has her show tonight and Chris is already taking a ton of days off this month, he went in this morning. He'll only be there a few hours and then will meet us at hula class. He needs to be there because he's the one that does all the practicing with Tabitha. I can teach her anything in the world, but I cannot practice dance with her. We both end up frustrated as all get out so that is Chris's dept. Anyway, my point is that he's not here this morning and I have to get us all ready and out the door by a certain time by myself. That's not an easy task with a baby that doesn't sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time until around 10:00 (about the time we're leaving). And she's not a "put her on a blanket and she'll be fine" type of baby. Actually, she has been enjoying her baby gym more and more this week and does bat at the toys every now and then. But mainly, she'd rather doze in my arms. Which would be fine, but it makes it hard to do things like brush my teeth or put Tabitha's hair in a bun. So this morning has been interesting and really makes me appreciate the days that Chris is here and I can do everything that needs to be done in a matter of half an hour.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

We all went out to Hilo Hattie's today to get Tabitha's hair piece, necklace and bracelots for tomorrow's show. It's located at an outdoor shopping area so we walked around a bit, but it's such a dreary day that it wasn't much fun. We did have a pretty nice lunch at Johnny Rocket's before dropping Chris off at work.
Unfortunately, Tabitha's Scout leader was one number off on my cell phone and had apparently been calling me all day to tell me the meeting was moved up one hour. So Tabitha missed the meeting but was able to play with the other girls for half an hour at least. She also said her Girl Scout Promise in front of everyone which is one of the requirements to earn petals in Daisies.
Since we've been home I've been up and down. The baby has been staying awake for 15 minutes, then wanting to sleep. So she sleeps for 15 minutes and then wakes up. Repeat. Over and over. Makes for getting anything else done quite the challenge. As long as she doesn't do that tonight, I can deal with it now. Though I would like to eat at some point :)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My grandmother passed away on Saturday. It was rather unexpected and I'm still in a bit of shock over it. We had the services today and they were very lovely. So much of my family was there and though I abhor the reason we were all together, it always makes me happy when so many of us can gather in one place. We're a large family and spread out quite a bit, so family gatherings are few and far between. My mom and her siblings each got up and said something about their mother and one cousin of mine did as well. I chose not to as I really didn't think I would be able to say more than one sentence before breaking down in tears. The reason I am having such a hard time coming to terms with all this is because she didn't get to meet her youngest great-grandchild, my Daisy. Family was so important to her and I know how much it would have meant to her to see the newest addition to our family. Daisy makes the seventh great-grandchild. I am so sadden that all she had were pictures. We were planning on visiting just two weeks ago, but by then, she was in the hospital.
But if I had spoken at the service, I would have said that I have two sets of memories of my grandmother. The first ones were when I was very young. She basically taught me to read before I ever set foot in a school. I remember taking turns with her reading Little House in the Big Woods while sitting on her red sofa. I remember sitting at the piano with her teaching me scales, not that I ever progressed beyond that. I remember the summer that she had me take swimming lessons at the pool in their mobile home community. The thing about these memories, is they are similar to memories shared by her children. Swimming lessons, piano lessons and Little House on the Prairie were all mentioned by at least one person. I feel I shared a piece of my mother's childhood.
My grandparents moved away when I was around 7, and though we visited, it wasn't the same as when they lived nearby. But about 12 years ago, they moved back to the state, and that is where my second set of memories begins. I love that the most my grandmother could accomplish in the kitchen was making toast, yet the woman embraced the internet and used it like a professional. Every week she sent out an email detailing all the family news. It was a way to keep us all in touch despite the miles between us. This past Sunday it hit me that it is to be no more. In the past few years I've seen my grandmother take on the role of Great-Grandmother as I've watched her read to my child as she used to read to me. She also thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tabitha progress in her reading and encouraged her by sending her wonderful books as gifts. I too received books as gifts when I was a child, but my grandmother enjoyed technology and in the more recent past she started sending me DVDs. But books were always her passion. I never had the need to go to the library because she was involved in so many book clubs and when she would finish a book, it would be sent to my mother who then sent it to me to enjoy. She introduced me to many writers and I always looked to her recommendation for mystery writers.
I also associate pictures with my grandmother. She loved pictures of her family and had them up all over her house. I'm absolutely horrible about sending out pictures to people, but the internet saved me as she was just as happy to receive them in email form so I tried my best to keep her well supplied.
Anyway, I could go on for days but it all amounts to the same thing. I cherish my memories and am grateful she had such a wonderful relationship with Tabitha whom she always referred to as "such a loving thing." She will be greatly missed.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

All the carpet is gone from the playroom. A few tiles had to be sacrificed because they broke when the piece of wood with the carpet tacks was pulled up. So we decided to go ahead with an idea we once had to put a different color of tile all around the room like a border. So off to Home Depot we went. We found the kind of tile we already have and just bought it in a blueish-gray shade. Chris will go ahead and put those down today. After Home Depot, Tabitha and I ran next door to Toys R Us and were pleased to see that Darth Tater, Mr. Potato Head dressed as Darth Vader, was in fact released yesterday. There were only 2 left so we quickly snatched one. After that stop, we all went to my in-laws' for a little visit.
I signed Tabitha up for soccer last night. It's the one sport I'd rather she didn't play because I have zero interest in watching, but she really wants to play. It's just an instructional class for now and will start the first week of April. If she enjoys it, we'll go ahead and sign her up with AYSO in the fall.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Chris stayed with Tabitha at hula yesterday while I took Daisy with me and went to Target. I got a few more Easter items, but I didn't want to buy too much because I'm unsure of what I actually have. I tend to buy stuff all the time and just put it away and either give it as a surprise, put it in the Mom Store or even give it at Christmas or birthday if it's that time of year. So I know I have some things to go in Tabitha's Easter basket, I just have to make a list to figure out how much more I should buy. Daisy will only be getting a stuffed bunny and a Who Loves Baby album since she obviously could not care less about Easter.
After I picked up Chris and Tabitha we went to Toys R Us for their Easter event. It was a scavenger hunt through the store and which consisted of solving clues and collecting stickers. Once all the stickers were collected, she received a goodie bag with some decent stuff in it including a Scooby-Doo comic book and a mini Polly Pocket activity book.
Today we (or more appropriately, Chris) are finally doing what we've said we were going to do for the last 3 years; taking up the carpet in the playroom. Chris has been working on it for a little over an hour now and it's going really well. The floor has tile (cheap tile, but tile nonetheless) on it so we don't have to do anything but clean the floor. Then we are going to lay down some foam mats so Tabitha doesn't have to sit on a hard, cold floor to play. She also wants a few small rugs from Ikea to throw around but we haven't bought those yet. After the rug is all taken care of, we'll move our empty shelf from the living room into the playroom and then put Daisy's folding screen that will display her pictures in that spot. We'll also move Tabitha's folding screen to the same spot which will open up a bit more space on the TV wall. The only problem is we forgot to make sure the photographer took a vertical 8x10 of Daisy at her 1 month photo shoot. So we won't have one to put in the screen. I do have an 8x10 of the same photo I used on her announcements so I'll put that one in. We must remember to get the right kind at her 2 month appt.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I went to the mall yseterday afternoon because I wanted to get some Disney dollars to put in Tabitha's Easter eggs. Alas, they only had two fives and no singles. They won't get anymore in because a new design is going to be unveiled. I'll just have to get some at Disneyland next time we go. I did get one of the fives though so I'll just get five more dollars in singles. I also stopped at Children's Place to look for a floppy sun hat for Daisy (found one) and ended up with a pink romber that looks like it has a nametag that says "Hello, I am Kissable" lol I could not pass that up.
We did family movie night last night and have recently decided to watch all the Disney movies in alphabetical order. So we started with Aladdin last night. Tabitha doesn't remember ever watching it though she is very familiar with the story. As for Chris and me, we hadn't watched it in so long and have only watched the stage show at California Adventure, which is condensed, so we had both forgotten many little parts of it. Made it like new again. Today, Tabitha and I will play with all the extra features on the DVD as many times, that's the best part of the movies.
Speaking more on the subject of Disney, we put our deposit down for FL! That makes it really real now :) This trip has been in the planning stages since October 2003 and has been postponed twice. Now we have a reservation and everything. Though I don't think I'll feel like it's non-cancellable until I've bought plane tix. I need to get those soon though since air fare is on the rise and I'm pretty sure of the flight I want. The price is right and it's non-stop, so I don't want to risk the fare rising or the plane filling up, though it's months away so I'd like to think that won't happen. I do like planning things, but the amount of time I've been planning this vacation is bordering on ridiculous.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

I remembered there was more stuff I meant to put in my earlier post.

Today marked the grand re-opening of the Mom Store. I restocked it with higher end products and raised prices. We also changed shopping day to Friday because many times we don't do lessons on Tuesdays, which was our previous shopping day. There was only one thing she could afford today, but she's holding out for the Magic Treehouse book.

In more lesson talk, Tabitha is creating her own planet. She mentioned something the other day about living on her own planet so I asked her what it would look like and then had her draw a picture. The next day I had her type out some facts about her planet and today she drew another picture that cooresponded with one of her facts (the houses are round and made out of gray rocks). We'll keep doing that until we both run out of ideas and then I'm going to put it all together in book form for her. So far she has named her planet Tabiunny, it has 12 continents, 35 moons, and 3 gaseous clouds. The sea is the color of wisteria. The people speak Tarese and they live in round houses made out of gray rock. She came up with all of the facts on her own. She's pretty excited about the project and looks forward to each new part of it.

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My wonderful husband decided I needed a full night's sleep so took all of the night duty last night. I slept from 10:30 to 5:15! It felt heavenly. And it really started my day off right, not to mention that Daisy has taken a couple of well timed naps so I was able to get dressed, do make-up, eat breakfast, lessons with Tabitha, unload and load the dishwasher- twice!- and I've eaten my lunch just because I had the chance. Granted that's all in the last 6 hours and usually all that would take maybe 2-3 hours, but I'll take what I can get.

Tabitha has her first hula show next Saturday! I'm so excited for her and cannot wait. She'll only be doing one number and practices with Chris everyday to be sure she'll have it down pat. We need to make a trip to Hilo Hatties to get her hair piece and a necklace and one of the women is going to make her outfit because goodness knows my sewing skills are not up to par. Not to mention I don't know how I'd find the time to get it done.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

And I thought Tabitha talked a lot. At least she waited until the age of babbling. Not this new one here. She does this positively amazing thing where you put her down awake and the kid actually puts herself to sleep! She doesn't stay asleep for huge amounts of time very often, but that is beside the point. Tabitha did not accomplish this little feat until she was almost 2 and I can't believe it's even possible with a one month old. But apparently it is. Anyway, we put her down when we know she's tired and then she dozes for half a minute and then slightly wakes and talks for a minute. Rinse and repeat. She just talk, talk, talks. And then she goes to sleep. This can last for 20-30 minutes which is real fun in the middle of the night when I'm next to her trying to just go to sleep. I'm learning how to tune out those sounds and just wake-up when she starts her waking up talking which is slightly different. During real awake times she's not very talkative though, not a lot of cooing or anything, so it's odd that she makes so much noise before going to sleep.

Yesterday all of us went on a field trip to the Queen Mary. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and your tour came bundled with a visit to the Spruce Goose. The Spruce Goose hangar was being used to film movies, the last one shot there was Pirates of the Carribean, but now I guess one of the cruise lines uses it as a staging area for pre-boarding. Anyway, we had a guided tour and then lunch and then we could have wandered on our own for a self guided tour if we wanted, but it had been a long day at this point so we just headed home. I'm glad we went, it was very interesting and we all had a good time.

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Monday, March 7, 2005

We had a decent time today, though the fates were working against us, it seemed. First we stopped at the post office as planned. There was a lane closure and we couldn't turn left so we went straight and turned left at the next street. But then there was construction and we couldn't go the right way and we had to head back towards home and then we were stopped by a train. We decided to run through the Jack-in-the-Box drive thru for a little breakfast and there was as sign saying they were out of eggs and sausage. We left and while we were waiting to turn, someone came out and took down the sign. We finally get to Disneyland and as we're grabbing everything out of the car I realize........I left the diaper bag at home *sigh* Tabs and I went ahead and went into the park while Chris drove home and back again. But once we were in the park, we had a good time, despite the crowd level. We saw Alice and Tabitha introduced Daisy to her. There was a sneak peek on Buzz Lightyear's new ride and it was soooo much fun we can't wait to go on again. We headed to California Adventure to look for Miss Piggy as someone emailed me and said they met her there last month. But alas, 'tis not to be. I spoke with a cast member from the characters dept. and said Miss Piggy is no longer in the park. Not just not today, but not at all. So I guess we missed out. We'll still check periodically, of course, but I was really hoping for a new character.

Now we're home and Tabitha is scooting out front while Chris watches her (and is playing Tabitha's Game Boy). Daisy is napping and I'm spending a bit of time on the computer typing, since I don't get to type with both hands too often, lol.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 05:09 PM PST

We went to my in-laws' yesterday morning to get my bil's signature on our travel papers and to bring out the boxes of Easter decorations. We were invited to breakfast which we accepted and had a lovely nice late breakfast with the family. After a while, we left the kid there to help decorate and spend time with her memere and we took the kidlet home with us and got some much needed housework done. We also hit the mall to pick up a couple Easter basket goodies and grocery shopped for the week. Oh yeah, and I bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies- yum! I'm not technically eating cookies at the moment, but I'll admit I'm making an exception for these. It's just about portion control is all :)

Our ebay auctions are going well and I must say we are quite pleased with the results. By next week when we're done selling, we'll have enough for two plane tickets. Then it's just a matter of paying for the last ticket which will be no big deal at all. I've also bought a couple things off ebay for Tabitha's Mr. Potato Head party next year. And if she changes her mind on the theme, no big deal, they are cute items anyway, lol.

I don't think I mentioned that we took the girls to have their pics taken on Friday. For Tabitha is was for her 6 year portrait and for Daisy it was for her 1 month pics. I absolutely adore the one we picked of Tabitha. She looks so freakin' cute! Daisy was asleep and we opted not to wake her so those pics are just precious, but we did end up waking her for one pose so we got one with her eyes open too. I hate that they won't be back until the end of the month, but after our family picture fiasco, I'm not going back to the one hour place.

It's going to be sunny and 77 in Anaheim today so we're off to walk in the sunshine amongst some Disney magic. I'm hoping to be able to update the characters page as I received an email last week from someone who mentioned they saw a new character. In any case, a sunny day at Disney with my family will be just what I need after these weeks of cloud and rain.

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Friday, March 4, 2005

I'm unveiling Daisy's Patch, please go see :)

I ran into a glitch with Tabitha's site, so her update has been delayed.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

This is has been one of those days. The kind where I had to choose between eating or getting dressed because I knew I had approx. 10 minutes before that child of mine demanded to be held. She was not letting me put her down at all. I wouldn't mind except today is a day where I had to get things done. Otherwise, some people in this house were going to have to start being naked and someone else was going to have to wear a towel for a diaper. She's finally taking a nap in the bouncer and I've managed to get dressed and eat, woo-hoo! Tabs and I even started lessons. She got to shop in the Mom Store today and finally bought herself a book she's been wanting for a while now. It's called 5 Minute Princess Stories and she's already finished it, of course. Thankfully, a shipment from our book club showed up yesterday so she has books 4, 5 and 6 in the Unfortunate Events series. I also ordered a couple books with science experiments. One that focuses on more traditional experiments and the other has activities based on nature. I look forward to getting into them, but realistically, I know we won't for a couple weeks while we're waiting for things to settle down.
It's March which means it's time for me to get blood from a stone and find a way to gather a few hundred dollars to pay for all of Tabitha's summer classes. Why they all have to hit at once, I don't know. She'll definitely take one at the Natural History Museum, as always, but she'd actually like to take two. Plus there's one at the Science Center I think she'd enjoy and I'm open to Zoo Camp again, depending on what they offer. We passed on them last year because they doubled the cost and extended the hours and there was no way I was sending my 5 year old to a 6 hour class. I won't do that this year either, so we'll only do Zoo Camp if they've reverted back to their old program. I haven't even gone into the fact that we are making that kid take swimming lessons no matter what. She's not happy about it, but we live in Southern California and there is a pool in our backyard for goodness sake! Okay, so the pool isn't actually swimmable, but that's not really the point. She needs to learn and that's all there is to it. We're going to pony up for semi-private lessons. They are pretty far away, but they will be worth it I think. I had a bribery all set up when I told her about swim lessons, but we never reached that point in the discussion before she sort of agreed to them.
So last night we guaranteed our spot in the indulgent parents' hall of fame. Our child now has her own cell phone. Since she takes so many drop-off classes and I can't exactly wait in the parking lot anymore due to the baby, I decided I would feel more comfortable if she had a phone. So we stopped at the T-Mobile booth last night and by extending our contract for one year, we got one of those free phone deals. We already have a family plan and share minutes so it adds just a negligible amount to our monthly fee. The child keeps saying "I'm so excited I got my own phone!" and wants to go shopping for cases immediately. She and Chris will play around with the ring tone downloads sometime today or tomorrow, most likely. It gives me great peace of mind to know she can get ahold of either of us at any time.

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