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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chris and I watched Must Love Dogs last night. Eh. I expected more and was quite disappointed actually. I'm glad we didn't waste our time in the theatre to see it last year. It was just one of those movies that never went anywhere and was way more than predictable. I mean, I know how a romantic comedy is going to end, but they should at least make the journey a little more interesting.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Okay, so you know how you’ve got the whole fam driving along in the car and you’re listening to the Wiggles and you start making up your own lyrics to one of their songs? What? That’s just us? Oh. I mean, we don’t do that either. But if we did, not that we do, it would be a lot of fun and laughter would be had by all.

In none Australian news, things are good. I got some more organizing out of the way yesterday. For whatever reason, ordering things is very soothing to me. I was the kid who always alphabetized her books and CDs. Once I had all my Disney videos in order by release date. Of course that just made it hard to find what I was looking for so I stopped that practice. But back to yesterday, I was so involved in my task of purging my filing cabinet that I completely forgot to sign on to the Pearl Jam website and buy our concert tix like I was promised Chris. When my cell chimed at 10:35 to let me know I had a text message, my heart just stopped and I knew I had missed my sign-in time. I didn’t even need to look at my cell; I just rushed to the computer and signed on to [hopefully] but some tickets. My heart finally stopped thudding and my stomach stopped churning after I completed the transaction. Thank goodness the presale wasn't sold out yet; I don’t know how I would have made it up to Chris otherwise.

His mistake came today when he left his lunch at home. Couple that with the fact that I used his ATM card Monday and forgot to give it back, and he was going to be one hungry person. So the kids and I hopped into the car after Daisy’s nap and picked up Del Taco for the four of us to eat at his work. We were a little rushed since I couldn’t find the Del Taco, but it all worked out and it was a pleasant time together. We’ll have to do it again soon, I think :)

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Yesterday was just one of those perfect family days. We started off with a simple trip to Henry’s for some groceries. Then we called my in-laws to see if they wanted a visit from us since we were nearby. I felt like I hadn’t seen them in a while since Daisy and I took off from my mil’s birthday dinner last weekend. I thought a visit would be nice. It was then decided we would join them for lunch at one of my fil’s favorite Chinese food restaurants. My bil also joined us and we all had a great time. The kids ate well, especially Daisy, and were positively lovely the whole time. ‘Twas funny (to us) when Tabitha disliked her tofu that she put soy sauce on, turns out it was little wedges of cheesecake, lol. I almost put sweet and sour sauce on it, so glad I didn’t. That was some good cheesecake though.

Once home we put Daisy down for a nap and Chris and I went out front so he could try out his new saw. It worked very well for the job and he made another big dent in the HUGE bush we’re trying to clear. We thought our goal was to simply cut it way down and let it re-grow to a manageable height for us. We’ve done this with some other bushes out front and we’re pleased with how nicely they are growing back in. However, part of me would just love this huge bush to be gone completely and we could let the grass take over there. But there are downsides to that thought. For one, we would then be able to see directly into the neighbor’s yard and them into ours. Not a big deal really, but still one to consider. Secondly, our sprinklers would need to be reconfigured to include that area; again, not a deal, just something to think about. We also may keep some of the bushes that are away from our side gate and just make a little area of stepping stones. This way the bush wouldn’t block the gate as easily which always annoys me because we use this gate frequently. But for now, we’re just cutting down evenly and will make a final plan once all that is done. Our green can for yard waste gets full mighty quick so I’m estimating three more weeks before the bush is cut completely back.

While Chris was working on that, I went back into the garage and filled our extra trash can and packed away some puzzles in a neater fashion than they were. I had them in a couple bags and that just wasn’t going to work since I plan to save these for Daisy so Chris brought home a couple boxes for me that worked well and got the puzzles neatly packed and labeled. Tabitha helped here and there and was especially happy when we let her rake :)

After dinner we all sat down in the living room to watch the second episode of "I Love Toys" from VH1. Oh, actually, before we watched that, while Chris and I were cleaning up after dinner, I put on “Bear in the Big Blue House” for Daisy. We have a book entitled “Bear Loves Food” starring Bear and Daisy just loves for that book to be read over and over again. So I thought she might enjoy the show and tivoed an episode yesterday morning. We put it on last night and stood back and watched her reaction. “Das cool!” she proclaimed pointing at the screen when Bear appeared :) She went in and out of the room but whenever she was in there, she just jabbered away in her own language constantly pointing at Bear with a huge smile on her face. I think he was a hit.

It was a nice way to end our family day.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The toe isn't that bad. It's hurts, but not enough for me to take anything for it. It's real pretty looking being several shades of pink and purple. I had it taped up all of yesterday and then by late afternoon couldn't take that feeling anymore. We had park day which really wasn't for the best since I had to chase Daisy up and down hills. But we hadn't been in over a month due to the weather so I felt it was important to go. At one point I just sat down on top of a hill and watched Daisy run down it and then she stopped and I could see her face searching for me. When her eyes found me, her whole face lit up and she ran back up the hill as fast as she could and threw herself at me. It was a very sweet moment and I enjoyed the next 15 minutes of just being loved on by the little person. Quite the contrast from the big one who jumps out of the car before I put it in park and proceeds to ignore me in favor of her friend for the next two hours. Once we were home, I plopped on the couch and rested my foot and pretty much stayed that way other than quickly making dinner for the family a couple hours later.

Hula was this morning and Daisy and I did a Target run while Tabs was in class. It's just easier for me to go to the store with Daisy than expect her to sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes. I usually come back with 10-15 minutes left in class so we can watch for awhile. Daisy dances a little bit moving her arms the same way as the girls. Very cute to watch. She'll be ready to dance in no time :)

Various songs stuck in my head: Beauty School Dropout from Grease, I Think I'll Need a Band-aid by Trout Fishing in America and Georgia's Song by The Wiggles.

Yesterday's creative writing subject was "smell."

'Once I smelled a flower that smelled like a garbig can. Don't snif that flower. I'm warning you.'

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

So I'm walking from my living room, through the entry way and into, I don't know, maybe the dining room. In any case, I didn't make it because the part of my brain that controls my left foot compelled it to slam into our divider wall. Then my common sense took a vacation and we still went to the mall. Now I've got a nice fat, purple toe. In otherwords, broken. That's just great. Needless to say I'm in a heck of a lot of pain right now and the next few days should be real fun.

I'm soothing my pain on itunes. So far I've purchased Hung Up by Madonna, Dare and Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz. Though Feel Good is technically for Chris. I really wanted The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves, but apparently it's not available yet. I can watch the video on their website, but I want it on my Nano. Guess I'll have to wait. Chris really dislikes the song because he feels like it's a U2 ripoff, but since I don't like U2 and never listen to them I just don't hear that at all. Sure enough, Ralph, Bean and Lisa May on KROQ this morning were saying how it's just like several U2 songs. Guess I'm wrong, but I still love it. Hope Chris gets over his dislike because I'm hoping to buy Angels and Airwaves concert tix soon.

While at the mall we went to Hawai'ian Boutique and finally found the hair clips Tabitha needs. I went ahead and bought two so we would have an extra just in case. Tabitha chose a Judy Moody book, started it in the car on the way home, read it for 25 minutes at home and now it's finished. Finished! Good grief kid. Other than that, we picked up my compact and bought another stuffed flower for Tabitha's bedroom and came home. My toes were really hurting, now I know why. *sigh*

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Yesterday I had this massive headache that led me to lie down on the floor in the living room and try to sleep. Of course, children make that a little hard so I really didn't do more than doze. Eventually I was considered fair game and the little one jumped on my stomach to announce her presence. I knew the headache was a combination of not enough sleep over a couple days and no caffeine. I don't normally drink caffeine at home, but the last time I bought Diet Coke they were out of caffeine free so I was coming off a few days in a row of loads of caffeine and whenever I do that, I get a headache that Tylenol just can't help. So, I decided a walk was in order to clear my head. The warmness of the day was wearing off, but it wasn't quite chilly as we headed to McDonald's. Cooke for Daisy, Trollz doll and shake for Tabi and Diet Coke (with caffeine) for me. It totally helped and I was fine for most of the rest of the evening. I was hoping for an earlier bedtime for me, but didn't get into bed until quarter of eleven, barely fell asleep and Miss Daisy decided it was time to scream. And scream and scream and scream. It wasn't a pleasant time of the night and I didn't get her back to sleep and back in bed until 12:15am at which point I collapsed in bed, my back now doing the screaming from holding her for over an hour. I slept soundly, until she awoke again at 5:30am. Though Chris took her, I had issues getting back to sleep and when I finally managed to fall asleep after 6:00am, I slept fitfully with complicated dreams and woke up at 7:30am nauseus and my headache was back. Thankfully Tylenol took care of my head and breakfast and sunshine took care of everything else.
So that's my moan and groan and now it's all out of my system and I can focus on the more pleasant things in life. For instance, the baby is napping, the sun is shining, Tabitha is working on lessons and Chris got an unexpected tiny bump in his salary. Also, I received a call today from Miss A_ who is going to start Kindermusik again for Daisy's age group in a couple weeks. I think we're going to stop at the mall later today but for once, I'm actually not in the mood to shop. I'm just desperately low on a couple Clinique items.

Yesterday's Creative Writing subject was "wow."

'Once I saw Gwen jump over my wading pool. Wow! It was amazeing!'

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yesterday I did the kids' laundry. I know so many people hate this particular chore, but I actually like it. It's so easy to do and doesn't take much of my time. I think it's an organizational thing. It starts with things being sorted into their particular piles and end with everything being put away in just the right spot. Ahh, I love seeing the drawers and closet full of neatly put away clothes.
The grocery store would be the other chore for yesterday. Sometimes I don't mind this one and other times I'm not too fond of it. Yesterday I just didn't want to go out into the cold, but the actual shopping was okay. Idiots as the check stand though. The actual cashier was barely paying attention so things had to be scanned several times because he simply wasn't looking. He was listening to a co-worker, who wasn't working, just standing around, talk about how a different co-worker apparently told on him for standing around and talking to yet another co-worker. Um, yeah, I can see how that might have happened. I know I felt like "telling on him" at this point, especially because the girl who was bagging also was listening in and not paying attention and let three cartons of milk and two Diet Cokes pile up on my bread. I had to point it out to her that she was squashing my bread so dumbass checker could turn off the belt and dumbass bag girl could get my bread out of there and get me a replacement. Fun-fun, but at least we ate well last night. I tried a new recipe, Huevos Rancheros in the crockpot. Yum does not begin to describe it. It came out so good and all four of us enjoyed it immensely.
In between grocery shopping and dinner, we had a play date here. We have not seen these friends in forever and it was so good to finally get together with them. I put up a couple gates to corral Daisy and the 2 year old in the dining room and living room with K and I. This way Tabitha and her friend could play in peace without younger siblings trying to butt in. It was fun watching Daisy watch C, the 2 year old. She just watched him play with her toys with this look on her face of "what the heck?" But she didn't seem to mind though she occasionally wanted what he had, she didn't try to take anything from him. Even if she had, there's not much I could have done considering her age. I'm glad she didn't just freak out when he played with her house and slide and stuff.
Due to the play date though, she didn't get her second nap and that was one exhausted baby in the evening. I gave her a nice bath and she was in bed before 8. At that time, Tabitha, Chris and I settled in with some popcorn and watched American Idol. This is the first time we've had trouble voting at the end of the show, we eventually had to just send Tabitha to bed and promise we'd vote for her. Once she was off to dreamland, Chris and I got cozy and watched Amazing Race. A lot of TV, but we love Amazing Race and don't put it off if we can help it.

Yesterday's creative writing, I love what she did with it. Her subject was "soft"

"Don't ask me if a goat's coat is soft. I'll say that I have no idea. I think a goats coat is fuzzy."

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We had a great weekend. I stayed fairly lazy on Saturday and we did not go to the fabric store or the grocery store. My baby is still without strawberries. We discovered she enjoys red grapes though so that's a good substitute. Sunday morning we all went to a Disneyana show. That would be a like a comic book show or baseball card show type thing where people sell their Disney items and collectibles. It was small but enjoyable. Tabitha met Margaret Kerry who was the original model for Tinker Bell. That chatted at length which was nice. The vendors seemed to be overwhelmingly selling Disney pins but we were able to pick up a couple items. Tabitha bought Tinker Bell stickers and a Tinker Bell tap light. It was supposed to go in her craft closet in the playroom, but it gives off very little light and therefore, kind of useless in the whole lighting area. Instead we have placed it on the outside of the door, kind of looks like a big doorbell to the playroom. I purchased a real doorbell in the form of the Haunted Mansion sign. I'm quite pleased with it, though we are having a heck of a time attaching it to the house. We're working on that though.
We left the show for a bit and grabbed lunch before stopping at an outdoor mall. We wanted to look at Hilo Hatties for a plumeria hair clip for Tabitha but didn't seem to have luck. We did find a lovely, large Hawai'ian print tote for her to use for class to hold her notebook and all her implements. I've been looking for one forever and am pleased to have found just the right thing.
We stopped back into the Disneyana show to hear the door prizes (Tabi won a Tinker Bell tin) and then headed to an early dinner. We met my in-laws at Claim Jumper to celebrate my mil's birthday. For the most part, Daisy had little desire to be in that restaurant and after a while I had had enough of her having enough so she and I left. We went to Target and had a very pleasant time together before going home at the same time as Chris and Tabitha. I had had a fabulous appetizer of avocado egg rolls at the restaurant so I wasn't missing out on food. But Chris still brought my veggie burger home for me and I had it later that evening and it was delicious. You'd think all veggie burgers were the same, but you'd be wrong. After we got the kids in bed, Chris and I finished our Zelda game. We have another game pre-ordered but it won't be released for another couple of weeks so we'll be watching movies for a little while.
Yesterday was cloudy and freezing and just sucked my will to do anything right out of me. But we actually did manage to get quite a bit done. We determined our lawn mower is completely dead, we determined we've not a clue of how to mount our new doorbell and we determined we had to stop cutting down our bush until we got a new saw. See? I told you we did quite a bit :)
Actually, we did manage to fill our extra trashcan, cut down a decent amount of our over grown bush and fill our trunk with donations for Goodwill. We also went to an Asian market looking for the ever-elusive plumeria clip. I just wasn't finding what I wanted but bought two white flowers just in case and then came home and looked up the picture again. Yeah, I've had the wrong picture in my head. We definitely saw the right clips at the Asian market and at Hilo Hattie the day before. So I'll go exchange what we bought for the right thing now that I know what the right thing is, *sigh*. Tabitha also had bowling yesterday and we went for the first time in weeks. She did very well and broke her average but 2. She was assigned to a new partner and now Chris is there too so all my worries over bowling are gone. We actually all had a great time.
After bowling we stopped at Ralphs and then I made dinner once we were home. The evening was spent here just playing with kids, cleaning up, a hot bath for me, the Kings game and good conversation. Great ending to our weekend.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chris is working today as will be the norm. I love having him work Saturdays and being off Sun/Mon, the week seemed to go much faster because we view Friday and Saturday as playing days even if he isn't here for the whole day. Then he has his two days off so really, it's like only working 3 days a week :) No hula this morning as it's a field trip we opted not to go on. Daisy only woke twice last night so we're definitely on the road to recovery. After her nap this morning, I think the girls and I will go to the fabric store as I need to sew Tabitha a pa'u top for a hula performance next month. We'll also stop at the grocery store for strawberries and milk for Daisy. Once Chris is home, I don't think we'll really do anything, there is some housework I'd like to get done and it's just easier when he's here. But I don't always have the desire come 5 o' clock so we'll see.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

If you heard a high-pitched scream today in a Nordstrom's restroom, that was my kid. I changed her diaper and then stood her up so I could pull her pants up. My hand slips, runs up her chest, knocks her in the chin and then her nose. This pushes her off balance, she sits down with a plop then falls to the side, banging her head into the wall. For good measure, I took her into the stall with me after she was calmed, she leaned down and saw her sister, who then squealed with delight at the sight of the small face peeking at her. Small face feels encouraged and decides to crawl to her sister, slamming her forehead into the stall door. Comforting a baby while on the can is not my idea of fun.

In other mis-adventures, we're listening to Radio Disney on the drive home. Sadly, that's not the bad part of this story. They played a song that mixed together "Axel-F"- you know, Herbie Hancock- and the "Hamster Dance." Bizarre. Not quite as bizarre as the fact that two songs later was the song "At the Carwash". It wasn't even the "Shark Tale" version. I can't even imagine being their station manager.

As you might have guessed, we did not stay home afterall. Miss Daisy took a really good nap this morning and was in a really good mood so we decided to try the mall. It went really well and she was completely fine to be there. She snoozed on the way there, then fell asleep on the way home and transfered to her bed still asleep. That gives you an idea of how sleep deprived the kid is. Hopefully we've turned a corner and she's on an upswing and all will be right in our world once again.

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I'm not going to talk about how tired I am. Or how I got up 3 times last night with Daisy in addition to the two times Chris got up. Not going to talk about it. Nope.

So today is St. Patrick's Day which means nothing to me. The only thing it ever meant was wearing green so I didn't get pinched. I have green eyes, they shall suffice. You'd think I'd be more into the day, what with being part Irish and my first name is Tara, you know, after that famous plantation for that [fictional] famous O' Hara family. But really, the only thing today means to me is the day after my mil's birthday and the day of my grandfather's birthday. Happy Birthday to them both.

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon because it was warm and I wanted to get Daisy out in the fresh air. It actually made her look worse, but she was happier outside than she had been all morning so it did accomplish something. She and I dropped Tabitha off at hula after the girls had an early dinner and then we went into Target. I could just see her getting progressively worse. As I mentioned it was a pretty bad night, but she seems in high spirits this morning so that's good. I've been trying not to take her places, hula last night was unavoidable, so we will be skipping park day today which is going toroyally cheese off Tabitha. But I bought her the new Barbie movie "Mermaidia" last night so she'll have some consolation. I just hope Daisy is able to sleep more for naps today because that will help my frame of mind tremendously.

Since it's Friday, Chris is off earlier which is nice. We'll be having my yummy tomato soup for dinner which will go nicely with this cold weather. I'll give Daisy a fruit plate and some cheese bread so she'll be all set. Have I mentioned the kid eats with a fork? Properly, I might add. She sometimes has trouble getting the food onto the tines, but she's an expert at getting the fork into her mouth. That kid continues to amaze me every day.

Yesterday's creative writing subject was fun and this was written after Daisy wanted to stop playing with Tabi and right before we went on our walk. I love the kid's use of commas, btw :)

"Daisy was very happy and haveing fun. And at that time, so was I. Daisy will probly have fun when we walk, thoh."

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

So Tabitha watched an episode of Higglytown Heroes this morning. For those of you not surrounded by little people, this is a show about a town of nesting dolls. No lie. Every episode the kids have a problem that they are completely incapable of figuring out and all the nearby adults are apparently useless. Take this morning's episode. It was the baby's first birthday and she was crying. All the kids can't understand why they baby is crying on her birthday and Mom is so totally inept as a parent that she only checked the baby's diaper and tried to feed her and then they all went on a field trip to the pediatrician. The baby cried for all of 2 minutes and that warrants a trip to the pedi? Can you guess what might have been wrong? Teething, obviously. I figured that out and I didn't even watch the whole thing. I won't even go into how the ped. apparently cures colds, measles and mumps, viruses that you can't cure two of which rarely happen anymore! For some reason this particularly episode just got to me. Even Tabitha expressed disbelief that they went to a pediatrician just because a baby was crying.

Now that I'm done lashing out at a kiddie show, I can mention my hot date last night :) My friend M and I have known each other forever but rarely see each other, despite the fact that we live in the same city and she works maybe 3 miles from my house. So after Chris got home last night I headed out for a long overdue visit. We sat at the restaurant table for an hour and a half and then sat in my car for another hour just talking. Hopefully we can make this a more regular event, but we said that last time we got together over 2 years ago.

Once I was home and put Tabitha to bed, Chris and I had a nice evening just talking on the couch before heading off to bed. It was a rough night with Daisy who seems to have some mild congestion in her chest. She's barely coughing, but enough to wake her up. Chris took over at some point because I haven't been sleeping well as it is and am exhausted. Just to top things off, an hour after he gets her back in bed, I woke up with a tickle in my throat. I'm not sick, it's more than likely just due to the weather, but I couldn't believe that I had to get out of bed *again* after just going to sleep.

I'll close with Tabitha's latest creative writing.

Subject: Bugs

"Ladybugs aren't always ladys. Yes, these aphid eating bugs can be males, to. Ladybugs are very cool bugs."

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Apparently it's Spring Break time because Disneyland was packed today! We stayed less than an hour before deciding our time was worth more to us than that. We got out and went to lunch at Ruby's and stopped at the Disney outlet (not the temp one at the mall) and Toys R Us before coming home.

Yesterday we sent the kiddos to my mil and Chris and I completely rearranged Tabitha's bedroom. I love the way it looks right now. I've pretty much hated the arrangement for the last year and am glad we finally change it around. Tabitha was positively thrilled with how we put everything and said it's like a whole new room. It really does look good now. After we had the kids back and Tabi oohed and aahed over her room, we headed to IKEA. That's always a fun trek and a good time was had. We picked up a flower shaped light for Tabitha's room and it hangs on the wall above the head of her bed. We put a really low watt bulb in it and now she can use it as her night light. It even has a green cord and we cut a green foam placemat into the shap of a couple leaves and put them up around the "stem" to give it a really nice look. We took out her green woven rug with ants on it and want to replace it with a flower rug. IKEA only had a ladybug shaped rug and that wasn't quite what we're looking for so we did not get it. Of course, a flower rug is really low on our "want to buy" list so who knows when/if we'll ever get it. I still need to hang up her wall decorations and move all of Daisy's clothes from her temporary dresser in our room into her actual dresser in Tabitha's room. Then Tabitha can have the temp dresser for doll clothes, which she desperately needs.

Right now Chris is playing with Daisy, Tabs is playing with her princess dollhouse and I'm playing, well, here at the computer :)

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yesterday it hailed. And hailed and hailed and then hailed some more. Tabitha was absolutely beside herself. She likes to think of it as snow and loves to play in it. I swear, I have seen more hail the 6 years I’ve lived in this house than all the rest of my 25 previous years. We had some pretty impressive thunder bursts as well, but only about four so not too house shaking.

Aside from the hail, yesterday was pretty whatever. Tabitha had hula in the morning which went really well. Her class size has shrunk to less than a dozen kids because most of the class moved up to the higher level for older kids. Tabs is bummed that so many of her friends left class but she’s getting over that now and even made a new friend in class yesterday. I like the more individual attention she gets now since it’s easier for the Kumu with less kids. The details of her dancing are being worked on which is just what she needs. So despite our earlier disappointment with friends moving on, it does seem for the best.

I had planned for us to really work on the house yesterday, but due to the raining and general lack of malaise not as much got done as I would have liked. We filled one car trunk with donations for Goodwill, filled our extra trash can with more garage stuff and I did dishes, but other than that, we played our Zelda game :) Oh, we also went to the mall real quick just to stop into the Disney outlet and I stood in a 30 minute line to make my purchases. I had never seen one of those temporary outlets as packed and absolutely crazy as this one yesterday. Good grief. We had planned to go to an Asian specialty shop for a hair clip Tabitha needs for hula, but the rain started pelting on us as walked to the car and we were just kind of worn out from the immense crowd of the Disney outlet so we just headed home instead.

I wasn’t feeling up to the task of dinner, but we had had Taco Bell for lunch and I didn’t want to spend the money on going out to dinner so we kind of just threw something together. Chris and I ate nachos after the kids went to bed and he baked a Diet Coke Cake for us to enjoy while we finally watched the last four episodes of Arrested Development. Man did that show go out with a bang. One of the best series finales I’ve seen in a long time. After that is was pretty late so we went off to bed. Glad I didn’t stay up any later since Miss Daisy here woke me at just before 6:00am *yawn*

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Doing nothing intentionally does not agree with me. I tried watching TV for awhile, but Daisy was unhappy with that decision- why, I don't know considering we were sitting and playing on the floor during that time- and eventually I just became irritable because I was doing nothing. So the tv went off, I got Tabi off the computer and the two of us did some work that was needed while Daisy played happily amongst the two of us. I had promised Tabitha a movie so once Daisy was down for her second nap, Tabitha settled in to watch Bambi II. Chris came home, dinner was eaten and then we all went to Target for a little while. Once back home, Daisy and I played while watching Deal or No Deal and Chris and Tabitha played their Disney Coaster game on the computer. Both kids are in bed now and Chris and I have finished the nightly toy round up. I think we'll play our Zelda game before bed. Three day weekend this weekend because it's the last Saturday Chris has off so he has tomorrow off and then Sunday starts his new schedule of Sun/Mon off work. We're pretty pleased how his schedule is coming together. Hopefully just a couple more months and all his shifts will be earlier.

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It just started raining a few minutes ago and though it's not a particularly hard rain, the wind is making it pelt at a huge angle and I got soaked in the two minutes I was out there to get my dog inside. Plus now I'm colder than I was before. I've been so cold all day that I'm feeling lazy so we're not doing much of anything at all. We didn't even do lessons. Tabitha was writing her own personal history of Disneyland though based on her pressed pennies. I haven't done anything nearly as redeemable.

Yesterday the girls and I went to the mall for a little while. Very little actually because Daisy wasn't having a good time which is odd. She usually loves being out and about. I guess we weren't going in stores she likes :) Vic. Secrets is having another Pink promotion, buy anything in their Pink line and get a free stuffed dog. Tabitha saw the sign and begged me to buy some new undies so she could have another dog. She's now up to three of the little things, all just slightly different from each other. She told me this way I'll never have to worry about running out of underwear; see, she's just looking out for my interests :) I also bought Daisy a new pair of shoes, basically they are just like her last pair, but red and a size larger. Since my options in soft shoes is extremely limited, I'm thinking I'll take her to Payless, try on a bunch of shoes and see if she'll walk in any of them. Since she's so sure of her walking now, I mean the kid's been doing it for five months and can run, hopefully she'll allow shoes. It's pretty rare that she needs them, just once a week, but she does need them occasionally.

Tabs went to hula last night for the first time in like three weeks. She started learning a new dance which will be performed early next month. New costume too so I tracked down my fabric (my friend has it) and I need to measure Tabitha today so said friend can make the skirt for me. I can handle the top but do need to go out and get the material at some point.

Miss Daisy's head never got too bad looking from her fall the other day. The cut is minor looking since it never really split open or anthing, and now has a small streak of yellow from the bruising. The swelling only lasted for a couple hours the day she fell. Chris and I were going to set up our in home "studio" to take pics of the kids this weekend, we'll see if that plan is still a go based on what she looks like tomorrow morning.

Well, 11:30, back to goofing off.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 11:36 AM PST

I love Tabitha because the other day she used both "hence" and "unbeknownst" and she used them correctly.

I love Daisy because when I change her clothes she fakes rolling over in order to get a laugh out of me. Works too.

I love Chris because he texts me from work with a simple "I love you" and nothing more.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:51 AM PST

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Well, today started off with a bang, literally since Daisy tripped and went head first into a bookcase. *sigh* Fabulous looking knot with a small gash on her forehead now. No blood so I don't have to try and keep it covered at least, but I did ice it as best as I could and gave her Tylenol. I think I'll keep her dosed on Tylenol throughout the day because I'm sure it's going to be very tender and give her one heck of a headache.

Other than that, I feel much more energetic today physically, but mentally, that fall really wiped me out plus it's a bit overcast and that always saps my desire to do anything other than sit here at the computer. I must get back to the store today though since yesterday's trip was practically pointless. That won't be until after lessons/nap time and lunch. Right now the kids are going insane in the playroom. Frankly, I'm afraid to look.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:35 AM PST

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

So I finally dragged myself to the store three hours after I should have gone. I changed my menu a gazillion times and in the end just decided to grab Diet Coke and stuff for tonight's dinner (which I shall not named because it's nothing to be proud of). What happened? Exactly what I said would happen if I went without a concrete list, I spent half my weekly food budget and came home with cookies, three bags of chips and two dips. *sigh* To top it off, they only had ONE Diet Coke. People, that will barely get me to bedtime tonight. I couldn't even grab a cold 20 oz for a quick fix and had to settle for a Diet Pepsi instead. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 04:19 PM PST

I have zero energy. We've all been running a mile virus and though I have few actual cold symptoms I just feel so rundown. I'm sitting on the couch making my shopping list and I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.

So I came to blog.

I'm completely out of Diet Coke so I do have a major motivation to go to the store, but if I don't pull that list together, I'm going to spend way too much and we still won't have anything to actually eat. When I look at my menu it just looks like sooo much work, even though it's really not that big of a deal. I may have to simply purchase enough to get us through the next couple of days and just plan on going back. And enough Diet Coke to get through as well, of course.

Yesterday the girls and I went to the mall after lunch so I could get some Disney Dollars. We had a pretty good time going into all the stores and munching our cookies. Daisy got tired of the stroller- which is a rarity, half the time the child gets mad when I take her out!- so I put her in the hip carrier and she was being so sweet hugging and loving on me. I was sorry we were so close to the end of the mall, I didn't get to carry her much before putting her into the car.

Tabitha skipped bowling yesterday again, her choice. It's just not fun for either one of us right now. Her partner is so immature and his parents, no matter which one is there, are of no help whatsoever. They spend more time with the older kid five lanes away than the four year old who needs adult supervision. Goodness knows I'm not going to be responsible for him. I hate how stressed the situation is for me because I feel I have to keep him from being unsafe plus constantly reminding him when it's his turn and this takes away from me being able to enjoy watching Tabitha bowl and I am taking care of my own baby as well during all this. Next week is when Chris starts his Sun/Mon off work schedule, so that in itself will make things better because we could either all go, or just me go or just Chris go or whatever combination we feel will work that particular day. It better help because we're in this session until June!

I found a baton twirling class for Tabi. It's not something I normally would have suggested to her, but it turns out the class is going to participate in Magic Music Days at Disneyland and march down Main Street. I know how incredibly excited this will make my kid so I asked if she was interested in baton and of course she said yes. So I guess I'll get her signed up soon as it starts next month. She has her absolute last class for cheer tomorrow. It was supposed to be last week, but they missed one week so tomorrow is a make-up class. She enjoyed the class and I think it was cute, just a horrible it time, 6-6:45pm.

And now, I really must stare at my grocery list a bit longer, perhaps revamp the menu portion a bit, we'll see.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 11:19 AM PST

Monday, March 6, 2006

Saturday morning we had a nice big breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and veggie sausage and then we eventually headed out to Disneyland. We knew it would be crowded but we weren't there for the rides so it was okay. One of the things Disney has done is hide 50 gold Mickeys throughout the park and we finally made a checklist and went in search of them. It was a fun day and we even managed to see two parades before heading home around 6:00pm. Very simple dinner that night, stir-fry.

Yesterday we worked. We filled a whole trashcan with stuff from the garage and talked about the remaining stuff and how it's going to go. Everything is going, that's for sure. We have our Saturday clean-up in May and that will take care of tons of stuff. After we filled the can, Chris took a trunk full of donations to the drop off center while I cleaned out the hall bathroom cabinet. I filled two bags with old stuff that needed to be thrown out. When Chris returned, he loaded the car again, but with recycles this time and he and Tabitha took care of those while I cleaned under the other bathroom's cabinet. I filled another two bags. Overall I'm pleased with what we accomplished and we'll get more work done next weekend.

After lunch we went to the dollar store for bins and also Toys R Us to look around. We put a deposit on Kingdom Hearts 2 that is set to come out in one month. Cannot wait :) I also picked up some clearance toys that Tabitha loves, Trollz, to put in the Mom Store. It's stock was really low so I've been trying to get things here and there.

During Daisy's second nap, Tabitha played Mr. Potato Head while Chris and I played our Zelda game. We all had a nice dinner of baked ziti which came out very good, I'm pleased with this recipe, and then Chris played with wee miss while Tabitha played in the playroom next to me scrapbooking. I'm working on a layout to explain Daisy's name. The journalling was just too much for me to write in the space I have so I put it aside and will type it up on the computer and print it out today. That's all the layout needs so I should start on a different layout when I get a chance today.

After Daisy went to bed, Chris, Tabitha and I played Disney Princess Monopoly Jr. before all of us heading to bed. Overall, a very satisfying weekend.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:40 AM PST

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Last night I dropped the kids off with my in-laws and met Chris at his work because we were given Lakers' tickets. First we stopped at a Mexican place for dinner and man was it good. Not too many veggie options, but what was there was fabulous. On to the game where the Laker girls were just a big train wreck. I couldn't not watch them! They danced to such timely hits as "Want to be Startin' Something" and "Workin' Day and Night." Let's not forget the jazz band chimed in with "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac.And here I've been thinking the year was 2006. The Lakers ended up winning, though we left at the top of the 4th quarter, because, well, kind of just because I felt like it.

Today, the girls and I had a play date at an indoor playground. These were new friends and despite a rocky start of me getting really lost (turns out there's a difference between Main St. and Main Rd.) the play date, in my opinion anyway, we fabulously. I loved the mom and thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. I think I talked at her more than with her, but I don't think I made a bad impression other than being a talkative person. We want to turn this into a once a month thing to do excursions around the southland and I'm so happy to finally find a homeschooler who wants to do these things too. We don't live very near each other, but I figure it doesn't matter much since we'll just meet where ever. So, to sum up, yay!

After our play date, we stopped at Whole Foods and we all got Jamba Juice and sampled some cheese (one of Tabitha's favorite activities). We picked up some things we needed, I longed for a baby outfit that I'm holding off purchasing and then I chose my veggie sushi before we headed for the home front.

Other odds and ends. I bought Wiggles tix this morning for the family. Got seats exactly where I wanted so all is good. I haven't told Tabitha yet, not sure when I will, but she's going to be so excited. And I cannot wait to see Miss D's face when she sees the actual Wiggles in front of her. She's going to be so excited. How we're going to keep her in her seat, I have no idea, but we'll deal with that next month :)

Yesterday's creative writing (including misspellings), the subject was "water."
Lions don't live in water.
It would be very silly to see one in water.
Unless, ofcors there drinking the water.

Tonight is Tabitha's last cheerleading class, hoo-ray! It's not a bad class, just a really bad time slot. She's going to be so sad though and for that I'm sorry.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 03:35 PM PST

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