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Friday, April 29, 2005

It's been too long, but Tabitha's Place is finally updated. I found it difficult at first to write, as I do write here about all that goes on almost every day. But after a bit it all came and I think it's a nice update. I print them off for the scrapbooks, so it's important to me to continue the updates, even if it's just a rehash of what was written here.

Speaking of writing, I've been trying to write an article for a disney group I belong to. I was really pleased with my start, then had to start to take care of my obligations (known as Princess Tabitha and Princess Daisy) and now I'm finding it hard to get back into it. I'd also like to do a series of pieces entitled "Why I...." for this site. I know many people who read here may wonder why we homeschool, or why we're vegetarian, or why we cloth diaper, to name a few. But finding the time to write the way I'd like is difficult. I actually want to proofread to avoid my gazillion typos that occur and I'd like them to be more well thought out explanations as opposed to my free flow writing that I do now. I can dream, I guess, we'll see if any of it comes to fruition. First I gotta finish that Disney article.

So, I went to an "informative" meeting on becoming a Girl Scout leader. Notice the quotes, it wasn't exactly what I envisioned. I won't go into the gory details, but in the first 5 or 10 minutes I was accused of giving attitude and intentionally keeping secrets. This from a woman whom I had just met. It was interesting, but not in a good way. I was so dumbfounded the entire time I was there as I have no clue what happened. But it was that good ol' proverbial straw and now, I'm not only questioning whether I want to be a leader, but whether my child will continue in Scouts. Let's just say the organization is not what it was when I was a member. *sigh* nothing is ever easy when it comes to getting my child into extra-curricular activities. Okay, I guess that isn't the right term, what with my child not having a curriculum, but you get what I'm saying. I'm giving myself a week to come to a decision.

I have more to write, but the hubby is on the way home so it's time for our daily cell phone chat :)

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

As my daughter drifts off to sleep in my arms, I am struck with the most overwhelming love for this perfect little being that I helped create. Holding a sleeping baby has to be one of life's greatest joys. This daughter of mine; whose cries say mmm-mah mah-mah and though she does not know that's my name, she knows those cries will bring me to her side, and she will calm at my touch and voice and smile at the sight of me. This daughter of mine; who was not envisioned in our future but for whom I am eternally grateful that she found her way into our family- our new family. Her eyes show hidden wisdom, her face shows boundless joy.
She is loved.

My first born has brought my love for her to a new height. She has stepped into the role of older sister as if she was born for that purpose. To see her respond with concern to the baby's merest whimper, to see her get excited at each new discovery, to watch the love fill her when the baby is mentioned brings tears to my eyes. She made me a mom, I gave her a sister. There are truly no greater gifts in the world for either of us.
She is loved.

My husband is a man among men. I could not do this alone, nor would I ever want to be on the journey of life without him at my side. He is there every step of the way, sometimes even ahead of me. He is the only person on this earth who will love our babies as much as I do. He is the only other person who will know them and understand them as I do. They are my girls and his. Each a part of us. We are a part of them. I can never repay him for my babies.
He is loved.

And I am truly blessed.

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The rain held off until last night, so Tabitha's soccer was not in any danger. The problem is the facility is on top of a hill and the wind blows so hard. I was totally freezing my bum off. Not to mention how difficult it was to read my magazine. Tabitha loved it, of course. They worked on passing and I just love watching her get into it even though they aren't playing actual games. After dinner Chris took her to hula and I spent the time getting up and down with a baby who kept falling asleep for five minutes at a time. She ended up going down for the night when I thought she'd only sleep a little less than an hour. She didn't wake for over 10 hours though, so really, who am I to complain?

Chris woke up feeling worse, so I'm hoping he can get his work done and come home early to rest. Tabitha woke up early after not going to sleep until later than usual, so that could make for an interesting day. We'll get lessons done in a few hours and then she needs to spend some time working on her scene, her part in the play and also one monologue as she has acting class late this afternoon.

One show that Tabitha watches is Higglytown Heroes on Playhouse Disney. I'd like to know how they came up with the idea of all the people being nesting dolls? Not to mention their teacher is a squirrel. I think the creators missed the "Just say no!" campaign of the '80s.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You know, when that little baby sleeps from 9 to 5:40, it still amazes me. It's not every night, more like once or twice a week, but just the fact that she can do it is wonderful.

Nothing much went on around here yesterday. Chris woke up not feeling well, so he took an extra day to rest up. He still isn't 100% but he really needed to go in today. Tabitha spent most of yesterday reading, mainly a book on presidents that she is enjoying immensely. She would periodically throw little factoids out at us about various presidents. She also practiced a scene from Alice in Wonderland for her acting class.

Today is starting off gloomy, we'll see if it rains and whether or not soccer will be cancelled.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Well, she did it. There were some tears after the first ear was done, but she was fine and never said she didn't want to keep going. I know if you go later in the day and they have two people there they can get done at the same time, but she opted to go first thing in the morning. Since I couldn't guarantee there would be two people later, it seemed best to just go and get it over with. She chose her birthstone, of course, and I wore garnets in my ears today as well. When it was all over with, she said she was more glad than sad she got it done, but not much, lol. As time went on she kept us updated on the glad vs. sad ratio and she was 100% glad within an hour. I think the brownie madness from Dairy Queen helped :)

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My child has started watching Madeline. Anyone know if it's a boarding school or an orphanage? I'm just curious.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Our day was nice, if not exactly what we planned. It was kind of drizzly all day so that always puts me in a not-so-good mood. After we dropped of Daisy we went to lunch at Fridays. Bad service, good food, same as usual. Then we decided to do some shopping for me as I desperately need a pair of jeans. I tried on 8 at one place and 6 at another and nada. So we switched gears to look at shoes for me. Nope. Apparently it's gotten cheaper to kill cows because even the cheap stores carry almost all leather shoes now. Not quite sure where to try next. We hit Cold Stone after the fruitless shopping and I had red licorice ice cream. Darned if it didn't taste just like a box of red vines. I chose graham cracker crust as my mix-in. Mmmmm. We then went to Hawaiian Boutique at the mall in hopes of finding a Hawai'ian print garment bag for Tabi. No luck. But we went into Limited Too and scored the most adorable shirt for her. Definitely need to do more of our shopping for her there. We also bought a soccer ball and water bottle set, but the ball is rubbish and doesn't hold air so we'll be returning it tomorrow. At this point we were done so we went to get the little one and didn't quite make it home in time to meet the big one so she and my mom had to wait, not too long though. The rest of the evening has been dinner and bedtime for both kids then Chris and I played on the computer. At one point Tabitha came out of her room and told us she decided to get her ears pierced. So off we'll be going to Claire's tomorrow before she changes her mind. She's going to hate it, but oh well, the pain will go away eventually. I didn't sugarcoat it for her so she knows what she's in for, hence why she's never wanted them done before. To be honest, I think Daisy would look adorable in little earrings, but we don't do that in our family. It has to be each person's decision as it's their body.

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I think we need to just live with the assumption that hula will end later than scheduled and Girl Scout events will start later than scheduled. Yesterday we were to have one hour to get from hula to Cosmic Bowling with Scouts. They weren't super far apart, about 17 miles, but in between Tabitha needed to change her clothes and we needed to get cash and grab lunch. We should have known it wasn't going to be that easy. There was a quickie meeting at the end of hula so we didn't get out of there for 20 minutes. We stopped at the ATM but Tabitha's opted to just hope there was food at the bowling alley. We got there with 3 minutes to spare, and proceeded to wait inline for 20 minutes doing nothing. Tabitha's leader wasn't even there yet. So we rushed for nothing. I ended up leaving as it was not a good environment for Daisy. I got food for Chris and Tabitha and then went home for an hour. When I went to pick them up, Tabitha was just bubbling over with how much fun she had and she showed me her raffle winnings. I'm glad she had so much fun.

In more Girl Scout talk, I have been unhappy with her troop and the neighborhood we're in for quite a while now. The meetings seem very much a waste of time and I don't see how they are getting any work done on the petals they are supposed to be earning. Daisies is supposed to be a time to learn what Girl Scouts is all about. So far Tabitha has learned that it's about cheese pizza and a foam craft. That's pretty much how all the meetings go with a little duck, duck, goose mixed in every now and then. Anyway, I was speaking with a friend of mine about my issues and it turns out she's not super-thrilled with the way it's going in her daughter's troop either. So we talked a bit more and I thought and thought all night and it looks like she and I are going to be co-leaders of a Brownie troop in the fall. Her neighborhood sounds better than mine so we'll be basing it there. I emailed the person I needed to email to see about getting the ball rolling so we can get all our training in. I talked to Tabs about it and she is extremely thrilled with the whole idea. I wasn't sure she'd be okay with me being her Scout leader since we're together all the time, but she thought it was a fabulous idea. I think the lure of being with some of her old friends is what she's most excited about, but she seemed very happy with the idea of me being one of the leaders. I'm just afraid that now that I've sent the email, nothing is going to happen. I dealt with this particular person all last summer when I was trying to find a troop for Tabitha. I'm sure she's just as thrilled to deal with me again, lol. So we shall see, but I'm very excited :)

Miss Daisy has started to regress. She's back to dozing quite a lot during the day and last night she actually got up an hour after we put her to bed which is highly unusual. This is the kid who goes to sleep around 7 and we can count on at least six and a half hours usually closer to 7 or 8 hours before hearing a peep out of her. She often wakes, but puts herself back to sleep. Not last night, she got up for an hour. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but after going back to bed, she only slept 4.5 hours and then was up for an hour at 5, slept for half an hour and was up for another hour. Very odd; for her, I mean. At least when she's awake she is one happy baby. The coos and gurgles and just the cutest thing. You know who can get her to talk the most? Tabitha. I have to get it on video because they have some great conversations. Well, Tabi says a lot of the same things over and over, but for whatever reason Daisy really responds to her. She won't let Tabitha hold her, but she'll talk to her all day. Tabitha loves sitting on the floor and talking with her so I started calling it sister time and take advantage of that time to brush teeth and get dressed. The best part are the full body coos and smiles that Daisy likes to do. She did good yesterday at hula, smiling at all the aunties who came up and commented on her blue eyes. She gets that a lot in the halau as most people there do have dark hair and dark eyes. Our little blondie, Tabitha, really stands out. Daisy has darker hair and actually has darker coloring than Chris, myself or Tabitha, but she's still pretty fair and does have those blue eyes. Plus, she's a baby and that just gets attention no matter what :)

So today my mother is taking the big one out for the whole day. So we arranged for the little one to go to my in-laws' for a few hours. Chris and I have not been alone since she was born. Oh sure we spend every evening together when the kids are asleep, but we're still responsible for them and have to be aware of them. Today, it's just us. It's raining a bit so not sure what we're going to do, but I don't care. We need this time alone. Especially with him having been gone this week.

And I'll end on a note that is related to absolutely nothing. One of our cats has taken to sleeping on the toilet lid. Bizarre.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

While Tabitha was at Daisies yesterday, I took my Daisy and went to Target. In there hot summer aisle I found a foam hopscotch just like Tabitha has really been wanting. I had been planning on giving her five dollars (she's really into cash right now) as a way of saying thank you for how much she helped me the last few days. She entertained the baby much more than I usually ask, not to mention she is really good about taking initiative when the baby needs something. I don't want her to grow to resent her sister so I try not to ask to much of her, but I really needed her this week. Anyway, as soon as I saw the hopscotch I knew it would be the perfect thank you gift so I picked it up for her. She set it up as soon as we got home (even if the picture on the packaging shows the wrong way to set it up) and had fun playing. I promised I'd play as soon as I got Daisy down even if it meant playing in the dark, which it turns out, it was almost dark by the time we finished dinner and Daisy went to bed. We were using the foam circles that came with the set as markers but they were terrible in that they kept rolling away. So I grabbed Tabitha's unopened package of Chinese jacks she got for Easter and made markers out of them like I had when I was a kid. Much better play after that. After I went back inside she continued playing for another half hour.

When I went to pick Tabitha up for Girl Scouts yesterday, I was greeted by her leader "Tomorrow 1-3 do you know how to get there?" I told her I had no idea what she was talking about so she reminded me that it's Cosmic Bowling today. Ugh, I had completely forgotten all about it as I signed her up sometime last month and in fact, scheduled a play date for her today. Man was Tabi upset when I told her she'd have to choose. I assured her we see her friend next weekend (hoping I wasn't lying) and so she tearfully chose to bowl. Chris is going to play with her and I know she'll have a grand time. The only problem is going from hula at 12 to bowling at 1 and she has to change and eat at some point. She's probably going to have to change in the bathroom at hula and we'll stop at BK for a veggie burger on the way.

Before scouts yesterday we went to the mall so I could pick up some pictures I had ordered. I love uploading them on the computer and then they are nice and ready when I get to Ritz. I don't even have to pay, just show them my printout and we're on our way. Since I took Daisy's two month pics myself I had ordered a 5x7 of one pose and an 8x10 of another. They came out really nice and it just reaffirms how much I love my camera :) I put the 8x10 in the photo screen in the living room. When we had her 1 month pics taken, we had forgotten to make sure they took a vertical so it could go in the screen. So Daisy's side has her newborn pic (not hospital, but one I took and put on the announcements) and then her two month pic underneath. But that's okay because on Tabitha's screen, she has her hospital pic and one month, but not a two month. I think I'm actually going to reorganize Tabitha's screen. It holds 15 pictures and it currently is birth to 18 months. I think I want to change that to my favorites of the first five years.

We picked Chris up from the airport with no complications and we're all glad he's home again :)

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Friday, April 22, 2005

One thing I've learned these last few days is I never want to be a single mom to two little ones. I hadn't mentioned it because of my own paranoias, but Chris has been out of town since early Wednesday morning. It wouldn't have been a big deal if it was Sunday through Tuesday, but it wasn't. Wednesday through Saturday are so busy and it's been difficult on me trying to get Tabi where she needs to go on time with a baby who does not want to be in the car unless it's in motion. Stop lights are bad enough, but we live where there are trains. Lots of trains. Lots of sloooooow trains. Not to mention that I'm on duty 24 hours a day without any reprieve. I know there are tons of moms who do this already and yay for them, but I'm not used to it. It would be hard on me with just a six year old but when you throw an unpredictable baby into the mix I simply cannot deal. To my credit, we're all clean, dressed and fed, the house is clean, the lawn is mowed, I've kept up on laundry and trash made it to the curb in time. Tabitha's lessons where done, she and I played games, I read to the baby and sang "Pretty Daisy" a jillion times. I've even answered a few emails. I guess I can do it, I just don't ever want to again. Did I mention I've only had caffeine-free diet coke in the house? I've had to buy the leaded version while we were out each of the last few days to get rid of the headache. Not to mention I feel ready to drop by 10:00am. Of course, by 10:00, I've been up for 5 hours and today that includes up with both my kids. The little one naps at least, but not Tabi. Uh-uh. She's very emotional today and I can only imagine how Girl Scouts will go considering we had to knock off early on lessons due to her emotions. Thanks goodness Chris comes home today, though not until 9:30 this evening. I think I'll be letting him get up with baby tonight.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm exhausted. I can't even begin to type out how my days have been going the last two days or it will make me even more tired. I look forward to Monday, the day we have absolutely nothing going on. Right now, I force myself to stay up later than I'd like just so I can sit for a few moments with nothing to do except stare at the compuer and eat some Crunch 'n Munch.

Switching gears, I wanted to answer a question in the comments. I was asked if I'll being making a report card for Tabitha. The answer is no. The point of report cards is so the teacher can inform the parents how their child is doing in school. Obviously I already know how she's doing with her lessons. Plus, I don't give grades and we don't think of her work in terms of grades. It's all about learning, not passing a test. Now, I will say that if Tabitha (and Daisy too, for that matter) homeschools through high school and has the desire to go straight to a four year college, then I will need to make a transcript for her to include with her applications. The info contained in it will depend on if she were to attend a UC, Cal State or Private college. If she starts in a Community College, then she won't need a transcript. Or she may decide college is not for her and then she really won't need a transcript at all. But for now, no report cards as they are completely unnecessary.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sunday was a nice day. We went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. The "hot now" sign was lit so that means free glazed! Yay! Do all Krispy Kremes do that, I wonder? We had wanted to go the CompUSA to look at the Disney computer monitor for future referance, but they didn't open until 11 so we headed home. Or tried to at least. I had planned to drop off Chris and the little one and take the big one with me to the grocery store. But there is tons of construction right now near our house (they're making the street go under the cross street and the railroad tracks and building another new side street) and we couldn't turn where we usually turn. Or the next street. Or the next for that matter. We had to go so far out of our way and were going to pass by the grocery store to get home by that point so we just all went shopping. We got some work done around the house once we were home and had a nice lunch and then headed out to a nearby city birthday celebration. It was supposed to be a little carnival type thing and it looked really cool as we drove by and circled it. The problem was everyone apparently had the same idea as there was no parking for at least a mile. We decided not to hoof it and went to my in-laws' instead. We dropped off Tabitha, who spent a lovely afternoon with them in their spa, and we kept Daisy with us and went to Target and Babies R Us. Man, time warps happened. We must have spent at least an hour in each place. Found a sleep mask for Miss Tabi, btw (Thanks for the tip, Jill!). When we went back to get Tabs, my in-laws invited us out to dinner so we all went to a local Mexican place. The food was pretty good, even if they did bring Tabitha's food on too hot of a plate. I'm sorry, but if you have to use a potholder to carry it, don't put it in front of my 6 year old. We sent it back and had her put the food on a different plate.

I declared Monday movie day. We had 3 kinds of popcorn and various candies and I put our sodas in big, refillable cups. We stayed in our pj's and plopped down in the living room. After our third movie though, I was getting antsy. Apparently it wasn't such a great idea I had, for me anyway. So, off we went to Disneyland (of course!). Tabs and Chris rode Mansion while I took Daisy and went shopping and bought Tabitha some golden mouse ears. They are special for the 50th birthday this year. I plan for all of us to get a pair, especially Daisy since she was born this year. When she turns 50, she can wear them to Disneyland's 100th birthday :) After a snack we grabbed fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear and then Tabitha and I rode the carrousel. She and I then rode Buzz while Chris stayed off with Daisy. No repeats of last week, thankyouveddymuch. At one point during the ride they take your picture and when you get off the ride you can go to a monitor and email your picture to yourself. So Tabitha and I waited for*ever* to get up to the monitor so we could sent our pic to my email. It still hasn't shown up in my inbox :(

Today was a long, tiring day and it's not over yet. I'll talk about today, sometime tomorrow :)

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All day I've been like 2 hours behind. Every time I look at the clock I expect it to be earlier than it is. Sometimes bedtime can't come soon enough, today it will be here before I'm ready. I'm off to do a few more chores. At some point I'm hoping to give a real update here. I have a great pic of Tabi in her golden mouse ears :)

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

During hula this morning the girls were going over their flashcards such as recognizing the kings of Hawai'i and their colors and body parts in Hawai'ian. I chose to sit in the lobby to do some paperwork but when I heard the music start back up I went to stand at the back door with another mother. She told me that Tabitha was the only one who knew all the words. I'm not totally surprised as she's always had a phenomenal memory. It's just nice to hear praise on my kid :)

It's fairly hot here today so Tabitha is testing out her new bathing suit by playing in the mist. Actually, she's swinging in the mist and keeps saying "I got a swing and a mist. Swing and a mist, get it?" Yeah, I got it. Cute, but not funny the tenth time you say it dear, lol. Lessons were interesting today as Daisy didn't fall asleep until after them. As long as we can get through cursive and math, I don't need my hands for anything else.

Tabitha is out there right now singing a song she made up about the seasons. I caught "I love spring and summer too. *something, something* off the roof and the mist is coming through." Loads of happy energy flowing in the back yard.

Can you believe I've already had to pack up some clothes that Daisy has outgrown? Part of it, of course, is the cloth diapers make her bigger around tush. Tabitha calls her muffin butt, lol. But she's gotten longer too and that's why some things no longer fit. She's still my little baby though.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

We went to the mall yesterday for a bit before Tabitha's class. Sears was having a sale on Carters so I picked up three lightweight pajamas for Daisy to sleep in this summer. I also found a onesie from the Carters Duckie line to add to the collection. We own just about every piece from it due to gifts. It's amazing we never received a duplicate. Tabitha has decided she wants a sleep mask, don't ask me why. We searched Claire's and a store similar but no luck. We'll keep looking though, I guess. I searched the mall for new sunglasses and finally found some at Old Navy. Tabitha said they look like goggles, lol. I can't help it if the current style is BIG!

Tabitha loved her class, of course. When we showed up, the younger class was still going on so I was going to have her wait in the hall with me but a boy in her class who is roughly 10 came out and got her and told her to sit with him and told her she'd need to be quiet. Older boys seem to really like her, not sure why. Chris is going to have to learn how to clean a shot gun so he can be properly intimidating when she starts to date, lol. While Tabs is in class, the rest of us go to my in-laws' for a quick visit because they live just 5 minutes away from her class.

This morning I made a run to Target for a few items. Then we all had lunch with my mil. Chris is off to work now so it's just us girls :) Tabitha and I watched a couple episodes of "House of Mouse" while Daisy slept. Actually, all she's done today is sleep. We'll see what that means for tonight. Though she's also been eating a larger than normal amount today so I'm guessing growth spurt and she'll sleep just fine tonight. Right now Tabs is outside in the gorgeous weather and I'm ignoring housework :)

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I have an announcement. If you happened to have sent my child a birthday gift, or sent me a baby gift, I want to say thank you. It was received and enjoyed and much appreciated. If it was a gift certificate, it was well spent on the appropriate person. I want to say thank you very much. I'd like to send you a handwritten note, but since today is April 15, I must admit that enough time has passed that it is very unlikely any notes from me are forthcoming. I failed, what can I say. I was horrible at writing thank you as a child, it took me a year to write wedding thank yous. I've tried very hard since having Tabitha to teach her the right thing to do and more often than not, she does write her notes. However, I'm still not very good at it myself. I recognize this flaw and am actively working to change it. But the reality of it is, I'm not sitting down to thank all my friends and family this year.

So from me to you, thank you.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well, the wee lass did not sleep 8 hours last night. She slept 8.5. Then ate and went back to sleep for another two and a half hours. I don't get it. I'm not complaining, mind you, but she seems a tad young to sleep that long. But then, my darling Tabitha couldn't go 8 straight hours until she was 4 so that's my comparison.

Daisy is being even more adorable nowadays. To get a smile out of her all any of us have to do is look at her. She is also putting her whole body into her smiles to show her joy with life. She's been cooing more and more and surprises us every now and then with a particularly interesting sound. Tabitha has not lost her fascination with her at all and still demands to see her upon waking. The only complaint I have is Tabitha seems to love her *too* much :)

Tabitha's head wasn't really into lessons yesterday so we just did cursive and math. She counted how many lessons left until she gets to the capital letters. She only needs to learn n, m, q, x and z for lower case and then the capitals. But there are several days of review interspersed so capitals are still probably 3 weeks away. She had soccer yesterday and loved it. She looked so cute in her little scooter and shin guards! Next week the baby and I will go too so I can take lots of pictures. After soccer she came home and ate, then had to get dressed for hula. They started learning a new dance last night and she showed me the first two verses and I'm a bit impressed with how far she's come since starting back in September. She has definitely improved. I don't know that she'll make competition team next year but I'd say she has a decent shot at being ready the year after.

Today she has her acting fundamentals class. She's been working on her monologue everyday. I haven't heard it yet though I've tried several times to eavesdrop at her door, lol.

I've been in a Disney mood today, I guess. I have my countdown to Disney World going on the desktop, I did a minor update to the Disney Character site, I'm in the midst of organizing my Disney pics, and I've been looking at loads of Disney fan sites. If Tabitha didn't have that class today, I do believe I'd want to get in a quick trip :)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Most nights Daisy goes to sleep at 7 and then wakes up at 1:30 and then sleeps again until 5:30. After that it's anybody's guess. Every few days she'll do her long sleep starting between 5:30 and 7, but it's usually 7pm. Yesterday afternoon we went to the mall for Kid's Club. After Tabitha's craft (making me a potholder for Mother's Day) we did a little shopping and Daisy fell asleep around 6:30 so we laid her in the stroller and assumed that was it. Nope, she woke up at 7, ate and then was content to sit up in her stroller while we shopped more. We got home and she played on the floor while we ate a belated dinner. At 9:00 I changed her and fed her and laid her down in bed and she was asleep by 9:20. I wondered if I would see her at 1:30am as it's the normal time, or at 3:30 which would be the usual 6 hours.


The child slept straight through until 5:30 this morning! Even if it's a one time thing, at least she can do it. We'll see if we can re-create that 9:30 bedtime again tonight and whether or not it was a fluke.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tabitha said something the other day that had us rolling on the floor. It has way too much of a back story to just put under "Quotable Tabitha." In her acting fundamentals class, they played a game with three people. Two people would pretend to have a conversation but all they could say was "blah, blah, blah" with inflections. The third person was the translator and therefore had to say what the blah-blahs meant. Tabitha wanted to play this game with Chris and I at home that evening and we agreed. Chris says his blah-blahs to me and Tabitha bursts out with "NO! I want to tickle your ass!" We were in hysterics.

The next day she wants to recap the conversation as she is wont to do. But this time she says, "Remember last night when I said 'No, I want to tickle your beeeeeeeep!?" LOL She censored herself which amuses me considering we never told her not to say ass in the first place. We're a bit loose with language around here, in case you hadn't noticed.

Good times. Good times.

Sunday afternoon we went to see The Wiggles. Tabitha and I went last year and it was such a great show that this year I wanted Chris to come with us. He enjoyed it as much as I did. Oh yeah, the kid had a fabulous time too, lol. She was bouncing and singing along. She was definitely one of the older kids there, but who cares? The baby slept through the whole thing. She fell asleep 15 minutes before we left, slept the whole way there, then was transferred into the Baby Bjorn for the walk and the show, put back into her car seat for the drive home and didn't wake up until we took her out and laid her on the floor trying to wake her up. Crazy kid. At least it didn't affect her sleep that night.

Yesterday we went to Disney and who did we see? Murray Cook, aka Murray Wiggle! He was even wearing a faded red shirt and had a red back pack, lol. He was with his family though and we have a strict rule not to bother celebrities if they are out with their family. So we just pointed him out to Tabitha and went on our way. We had a decent time at Disney yesterday, the crowd level isn't going down anytime soon so we don't do a whole heck of a lot. We got Prince Phillip's autograph and I took Tabitha's picture with him since the only other time she met him I took a picture of the two of them with Sleeping Beauty. So I changed out the picture on the Disney Character page. After that we rode Buzz Lightyear. Daisy has ridden it twice but she was asleep both times. Yesterday she was awake and it did not go well. I could not calm the child down and of course the ride stopped moving for a good 3 minutes. Figures. Now we know, if she's awake, one of us sits out with her.

She rode in the stroller without the baby seat for the first time yesterday. She was asleep when we arrived (as usual) so we put her in the stroller laying down and used the stroller boot to created a nice cozy bassinet for her. She slept just fine and woke when we expected at which point we fed her and then I put her in the Baby Bjorn. She has enough head control to face out so I try to use it as much as possible. She did okay, but she hats the sun hat we have for her. I can't say I blame her but it is the only sun hat I could find that even remotely fits. As it is I have a hard time dressing her because she's too young for sunscreen so she needs to be in long sleeves and pants when we go to Disney. But obviously they need to be light weight since it's so warm. She only has 3 long outfits that are light weight and still fit and I really hate the color of one of them so getting her dressed for Disney is quite the challenge.

Anyway, after a while she wanted to eat and go to sleep again so we laid her back in the stroller so she wouldn't sleep for more than an hour (as she would have if I carried her). When we were ready to leave, she didn't seem to want to be carried, but she didn't want to be awake and staring at the top of her stroller canopy either so we put her in one of the upright positions (it has 3, we chose the most laid back while still being upright) and strapped her in. I really think she enjoyed that. She wasn't laughing or anything, but she looked amused and she wasn't fussing. All in all, I'd call it successful. We'll start doing that more and more and just use the baby seat when we're in a store, I think.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:50 AM PST

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Daisy's Patch has been updated :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 10:20 PM PST

Friday, April 8, 2005

Wednesday was Tabitha's first soccer class. It was hot, but she had a good time and looks forward to going back next week. I really like the two coaches, they knew how to talk to the kids on their level, yet I never felt they were patronizing, that's a rarity I've found as most adults talk down to children. This weekend we'll be shopping for shin guards as they are not allowed to play without them.

Thursday we took Tabitha to her theatre adventures class. It's for 4-6 years old in the program description, but the class was waaaay beneath Tabitha. The class right after is for 7-12 year olds so Chris spoke with the instructor to see if Tabitha could stay for the next class so we and the instructor could tell if it was more appropriate for her. When Chris went in to pick her up after the second class, Tabs said most emphatically that the older class was the one for her. The instructor said that was fine so she was switched from one to the other. She's so excited, she was given a monologue to learn and she's taking it very seriously.

Today we made a quick trip to California Adventure to try and see Hercules (we succeeded). There was an environmentality (Disney word that combines environment and mentality) event going on and we saw Jiminy Cricket. This was pretty exciting to us as he does not visit the parks for meet and greets. We saw him at a similar event last year but was not able to get close to him. This year Tabitha got his autograph and we did snap a pic, though it's not posed. We also saw Green Army Men from Toy Story but was not able to get close to them so we do not count them as visited characters.

After Disney, we had lunch and then dropped Chris off at work and I took Tabitha to Daisies. When I went to pick her up, they were flying kites! She's been wanting to do that a very long time so I'm sure she was just thrilled when she was told that's what they would be doing. She got to keep her kite too, so now we have two and can possibly go to the park and try to fly them some day.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:54 PM PST

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

My children tagged teamed me this morning. The 6 year old came to visit me at 5:15 lamenting that she still wasn't asleep. It took a lot of work convincing her that she had been asleep for hours and it was only 1 hour from morning. I finally got her back in bed and laid my head down to go back to sleep and the little one decided to get up for the day. At least she was an absolute delight for the next hour and a half before she went back to bed. I had barely closed the bedroom door and Tabitha called me so she could get up. Good thing they are both so cute, lol.

It's opening day for the Dodger's today, though they are in San Fran right now. This means Chris came home a bit early so he could catch first pitch. He's got both munchkins on the couch with him so after I finish updating here I think I'll be off to my scrapbook corner. I did a layout last night for Daisy's birth announcement. Today I'll work on some old Tabitha pictures though as I have nothing current printed. I should get on that considering I've taken over 400 pics in the last two months, lol.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 01:58 PM PST

Sunday, April 3, 2005

As I mentioned, yesterday was quite busy. First we went to Tabitha's hula class. While she was in class, Chris and I walked all around the park while pushing Daisy in her stroller. It was a really nice temp in the morning, perfect for walking. Once class was out, we headed to the Girl Scout Olympics. It didn't seem very well organized at first and I admit to being rather disappointed with how it was going. Chris thought it might be best if I took Daisy home for a little while. After a couple hours I went back to the school and was just in time for the awards ceremony and watched Tabitha get increasingly more excited each time her name was called to come up for a ribbon. She ended up with the silver medal overall for Daisies. It sounds a bit more impressive than it is as there were only 3 Daisies competing anyway, lol. So she was guaranteed a medal. But she didn't know that and was so genuinely thrilled with her ribbons and medal.

Once we were done there, we made a quick stop at home so I could wash Tabitha and put her hair up with her fern around her bun. Then it was off to a travel show where the halau performed. Tabitha's class was to dance the same one as the last show. Only one other girl from Tabitha's class came to perform so it was just to be the two of them. Neither minded, but a slightly older girl had the right costume with her and ended up doing the dance with Tabitha and M. In any case, once again, they were adorable and the crowd loved them, especially thier umis (hip shakers).

After the show, we went to my in-laws and played "pass the baby" for a bit before heading out to dinner. Daisy decided she wanted to be in bed during dinner and was cheesed as all get out that we were not putting her in her bed. If it's a nap, she has no problem sleeping in someone's arms or her car seat, but if it's nighttime, we better put her in her bed NOW! lol Chris and I spent quite a bit of time passing her back and forth and took turns taking her outside. Hopefully with the time change she'll be able to hold off her bedtime a little bit and make going out to dinner a little easier. The food was good at least :)

We got home and got both kids in bed and Chris sat down to do an online draft for fantasy baseball and I watched Iron Chef. Well, I started to watch it, but fell asleep.

Today we stayed home all day. Tabitha and did a bit of planting in the back yard, Chris and I played a lot of Roller Coaster Tycoon, Tabitha read and played various things and Daisy did what she tends to do. After dinner we popped some popcorn and watched Aladdin with pop-up facts turned on. We only watched half and will probably finish it tomorrow evening.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:49 PM PST

Friday, April 1, 2005

I just looked at the baby monitor and saw Daisy smiling in her sleep, lol.

My mom came over yesterday for a visit. After a while we all decided to go to dinner together. We probably shouldn't have as Daisy was having a tough day, but it went okay. She didn't get really fussy until we were just waiting for the check anyway.

The next session of community classes starts this week. Tabitha is already signed up for instructional soccer but I decided to let her do something else. I gave her the option of singing or acting. She wanted both, of course, but they overlap by 15 minutes so she could only choose one. She ended up choose the theater adventures class. Chris and I thought that would be the one. So now she'll have soccer and hula on Wednesdays, acting class on Thursdays, Daisies every other Friday, hula on Saturday plus gardening class and kids club once a month each. She'd still love to also take gymnastics and ice skating and learn to play an instrument. It's a good thing she doesn't go to school, she doesn't have time for it! LOL

Tomorrow is a busy, busy day.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:28 PM PST

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