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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Nothing much is going on here. I think Tabitha is hitting a growth spurt of some kind. She eats two breakfasts, two lunches and more snacks than usual plus more dinner than usual on a daily basis. She's also very tired all the time and is sleeping quite a bit. Throw in her sauciness lately and we're talking growth spurt.

Tabitha and I are headed out to Disneyland with some friends today. The two girls always have a good time, I just hope it isn't crowded. Schools in other states are starting to let out and they always come here. Plus all the Jr. High field trips, Elementary schools from Mexico and Seniors ditching school swarm to Disney during May. My friend picks us up and takes us there, but Chris will probably meet us there after work and we'll just go home with him, of course.

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

We had a real nice evening tonight. The playdate never happened and I ended up not cooking anything. We bought Tabitha a veggie burger from Burger King and dropped her off at my in-laws'. Then Chris and I headed to BJ's for dinner. We ordered 3 or 4 appetizers and salads. We went straight to the theare and were still stuffed so we didn't bother with any candy or popcorn. We ended up seeing Van Helsing. It was decent. I was entertained for two hours and that's all I really want. I know most people say it isn't that good of a movie, but I prefer not to analyze it and just enjoy myself. It was a good way to celebrate 10 years together.

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There is nothing like listening in on Tabitha's imaginative play. They way she interacts with people that aren't even there is adorable. She was making and receiving many phone calls from friends as they made dates to get toghter sometime. Then she switched gears a bit and got a phone call from Jasmine (from Aladdin) and now she's dressed in her new Jasmine costume on her way to Agrabah :) The new costume is actually just new to us. On our way to the store this morning we walked by a yard sale and they had a Jasmine and Snow White costume. The Snow White was identical to the one we already have, but the Jasmine one was completely different, in great shape and only three dollars so I figured what the hey? I think that's my first yard sale purchase ever.

Tabitha is supposed to be having a real playdate later today, but I'm not 100% sure my friend is going to come over or not. He should be giving us a call later. Just in case I'm making the bathroom guest ready, lol.

Chris and I are going to go out tonight. Today is our 10year annivesary of being together. I'm going to make a light dinner and then I think we'll go to Claim Jumper and split one or two of their huge desserts. Then perhaps a movie since there are a few we want to see right now.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I took Tabitha to see Scooby-Doo 2: Monster's Unleashed today. She's on a serious Scooby-Doo kick right now. At the bookstore, the only books she wants are Scooby, thank goodness they come in chapter books. BTW, I have to mention that this is the kid who used to only watch two movies , Peter Pan and Robin Hood, and refused to watch anything else for fear of being scared. She has now decided that mothing is scary and she's watching all kinds of things. It's nice to not have to be so careful about what she watches anymore. I used to have to make sure whatever she wanted to watch was as tame as possible. Even a Winnie-the-Pooh movie freaked her out once and it doesn't get much tamer than the 100 Acre Wood friends. I didn't appreciate two crude humor jokes in today's film that were unnecessary, one dealt with flatulance and the child, of course, thought it was pretty hilarious, so I guess she's their target audience. The movie has been out so long that we were the only ones in the theatre, I love when that happens. The movie itself was okay, I thought it was good for what it was. Not spectacular, of course, but I didn't expect it to be. It was entertaining enough and Tabitha loved it.

She and I also went out to dinner together to Red Robin. Our waiter acted like it was his mission in life to get us out of there as quickly as possible. That put a slight damper on dinner, but at least the food was good, as usual. We walked the mall a bit after we ate and found a Barbie dressed like Daphne from Scooby-Doo, so I was a pushover and bought it for the little one. We also browsed all the clearance racks at the Disney Store and Robinson's-May, but nothing struck our fancy. I did find a very retro looking dress for Tabs at JC Penney's, but I'm going to think on it for a couple days. I wasn't in the mood to take her into the dressing room and JC Penney clothes run big and my kid is such odd shaped that I can't not have her try stuff on. Speaking of her size, Tabitha wore a pair of pants the other day when it was a mite cool and I noticed they were short. *sigh* The problem is Tabitha grows taller and doesn't gain any weight so she outgrows the length of pants before she ever grows into the waist. For example, all her jeans are size 5, they are starting to get short but fall off her if she doesnt' wear a belt. In comparison, she still wears some shorts that are 3T, and I don't mean elastic waist shorts, I mean jean shorts. I'm really hoping when I start buying her size 6 in the fall that she'll fit a 6-slim, because if not, she'll be stuck in dresses and tights all winter.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tabitha felt fine when she woke up this morning so we headed out to Mommy and Me this morning. We had a good talk at discussion time on hard questions that kids ask. Once home, Tabitha ate lunch while watching a bit of Scooby-Doo and she just had this glazed look and had to be reminded to eat. So I had her nap. She wasn't happy about it, but we had plans this evening and I just told her that no nap meant she couldn't go out. Not surprisingly, she fell asleep almost immediately. A friend of her woke up sick this morning, so now I'm wondering if the lack of sleep is catching up with Tabitha or if she's running a low grade virus. In any case, I'm glad she slept. I actually ended up waking her up after a couple hours, not sure how long she would have stayed asleep otherwise.
After dinner, we all went to the House of Blues in Anaheim to see our friends, The Friendly Indians, play. They had new t-shirt for sale and were very nice and comped Tabitha a small shirt. They were going to specially make her a child size one, but ran out of time, so they just gave her a medium size, baby doll, woman's shirt. It's actually not that big and a little hot water will probably make it just right. We had a good time at the show, but glad they went on early and finished early as Tabitha is still really tired and we all have to get up super-early tomorrow.

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Not sure if we'll be going to Mommy and Me today. Tabitha was sitting at the table last night with her head down and I was asking her if she was okay and she vomited. It couldn't be dinner because Chris and I both felt fine. Then, she was being rather annoying last night while I was trying to do something and I told her to go into a different room and she went to bed and fell asleep! She woke up after a couple hours though and could not go back to sleep. After a couple hours, we resorted to the drive around town method. We havent' done that in years. But it worked and she did fall asleep only to wake around 1:30am. She was very distraught last night, every time she woke it's like she was overwhelmed with sadness. I'm positive it's a result of her weekend and she's just over tired. Too much fun, not enough sleep and it caught up with her last night. She's not up yet, but as long as she's okay physically, I see no reason to stay home. She'd never decide to stay home regardless of her emotional state. I wouldn't want to skip anyway considering we're down to our last few classes and then we're done forever. Kind of sad considering we've been going for 2 and a half years now.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Chris and I had a very nice day together. We went to California Adventure right at opening so we could ride Tower of Terror again. Loved it still! We then walked over to the big roller coaster, California Screamin' but I chickened out. I used to love coasters and exalted in the feeling of being scared. But then I got pregnant back in '98 and after we had Tabs, we never went to Magic Mountain or Knott's Berry Farm anymore to ride the big roller coasters. So for the last 6 years, I've mostly ridden very tame coasters like Space Mountain and Thunder Moutain. When California Adventure opened a few years ago, I rode California Screamin' which is pretty big though nothing like the insane drops you see at some theme parks. I've only ridden it twice, but I always feel really yucky afterwards and that kind of detracts from the enjoyment of the ride. Then today, I just didn't want to ride because I don't like the launch at the beginning of the ride. So, I didn't ride. Now I feel like I've developed this fear simply because I haven't ridden those types of rides in so many years. We need to go back when there is close to no line and get me on it before I have a chance to think about it. Then we need to go to Magic Mountain and ride them all.
Anyway, after Adventure, we stopped for lunch and then went to the Dodger game. They ended up losing, unfortunately, but we had a pretty good time. We came home afterwards and had a light dinner, played some golf on the Game Cube and then watched Intolerable Cruelty which was weird but very funny. Right now we're just waiting for Tabtiha to come home. Their plane has landed and they should be here very soon.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Tabitha left about half an hour ago. My in-laws are taking her up to Sacremento for the weekend. They're flying so they'll be there by breakfast. I'm okay with it, for the most part. I'm never thrilled when they take her from me, not because I don't trust them, just because I get seperation anxiety, lol. Anyway, Tabi will have a great time I'm sure and she'll be home late tomorrow night. Chris is only working a half day today so he'll be home by lunch and then it's just me and him, him and me, yee-haw! We don't have anything planned for today. We'll have lunch and I know what I'm making for dinner, but other than that I haven't a clue. Tomorrow we'll be a bit busy. We're going to go to Disney first thing in the morning so we can ride all the rides that Tabitha doesn't like. Then we're going to the Dodger game. Maybe we'll go out to dinner tomorrow, not sure.

Right now I'm reading my morning email and then I'll probably get some much needed house stuff done. I know, sad that I'm a mom with a day off and all I'm going to do is clean. But I'll probably take this time to go through a bin of toys I've been wanting to get rid of. I'm evil :)

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Saturday, May 8, 2004

We didn't get to go to the screening of Van Helsing on Thursday. The ticket came in the mail Friday, but we couldn't have gone Thursday anyway because I only got one ticket. I guess we both need to sign up on the website.

Tabitha had her gardening class today. She got to bring home a daisy to plant here. I was going to do it for her, but she grabbed her gardening tools and knew just what to do. She knew some stuff I had no clue about. She has such a good time at that class, I'm so glad I signed her up. Next month will be the last class until October and they're going to have a harvest party, meaning they get to eat all the veggies they planted. She also painted me a Mother's Day card and I have to say this is the first time I was surprised with a card she made me, usually I know she's making me one. It was very sweet and made me tear up like the sappy mom I am :)

We're about to head out again, and then I have some cooking to do for tomorrow and tonight.

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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Tabitha had riding lessons this morning. When we got there, the other girl wasn't there so we had a moment to talk with the instructor. She said she wanted to talk with me about Tabitha going back to individual lessons. I told her that I wanted to talk to her about the same thing. So after next week, we'll go back to private lessons. The other little girl, R, is just all over the place and doesn't listen and then distracts Tabitha. Plus the mom brings her 18 month old who doesn't really like the idea of being stuck in a little area for so long and gets antsy and frustrated which comes out in the form of whining and screaming. So it's for the best that we stop the joint lessons.

The rest of the day before Chris comes home will probably be taken up with housework and lessons. We're unsure if we have evening plans. We signed up to receive passes to a preview of Van Helsing tonight, but if they don't come in today's mail, then I guess we're not going.

I think I mentioned that Tabitha was going to be a line leader in a horse show this weekend. Well, we had to say no because I had forgotten that Tabitha has gardening class on Saturday. The logistics of the two events don't mesh well so we'll just being doing gardening class. I let S, Tabitha's riding instructor, no that we are very interested in doing it for another show, if possible. So we'll see.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

While we waited for the pool to fill back up on Monday, we decided to go to Disneyland to catch a new show. Well, it's relatively new, it debuted right before all the Spring Breaks, so it's been too crowded for us to see it before now. It's a Snow White musical and I thought it was pretty good. Not the best stage show I've seen there, but still a good time. I'm sure we'll see it again sometime.

After the show let out, we got in line to chat with Alice. I've mentioned her before and how she's attached to our kid for some reason. She saw us in the line and when it was time for them to go, she took Tabitha's hand and asked her to walk with her. We just followed behind while the two of them chatted. When they were done talking and Alice reached her destination we headed over to California Adventure so we could watch the Aladdin show. We've seen the show 4 times before but I'm still just amazed at how incredible it is. I was just as enthralled this time as every other time. The best part, of course, was sitting in the air conditioning for an hour :)

Yesterday was Chris's last day at his old job which makes today his first day at his new job, lol. He went to school in the morning and then headed to work. Tabitha and I had Mommy and Me and it was the Mother's Day Surprise today. That means that none of the moms bring snack and instead it's provided by the instructor and they set the tables with tablecloths and flowers and we wore "flower corsages" made for us by the kids. Also, the instructor takes a pic of each mom with her kid(s) and we'll get the pics to keep. It's all very nicely done.

We just got back from a nice stroll to Baskin-Robbins for a little after-dinner treat. It's good to have Chris home in the evenings again :)

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Monday, May 3, 2004

My mil and I both decided that we don't particularly enjoy going out with the crowds to have brunch on Mother's Day. So she came up with the idea to have a family brunch yesterday morning instead. It worked out really well. There were people there, but it wasn't packed like it will be next weekend. We went to a restaurant inside of a local hotel. Not something I would have thought of, but it was a really good restaurant. Anytime I can get veggie sushi and bananas foster is a great meal :) We took a few pics before brunch. We're all kind of squinty in them though, because we took them outside and the sun was right in our face. Here's one of just Tabitha, Tabitha and me, and one of all three of us.

After brunch, Chris and I spent the rest of the day working on the pool. It's a hard process because we let it go way too long, but at least we're finally doing something about it. We'll be finishing that up today.

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Saturday, May 1, 2004

We had a great time at the Renaissanse Faire last Saturday. We definitely need to make it an annual event for our family. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going to the Faire.

Monday we went to California Adventure for a annual passholder preview of the new ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Tabitha had been saying all along she wanted to ride because she's not afraid of heights. But I knew she would hate it because it's like a freefall ride where they drop you and then you go back up and you get dropped again. This happens a few times. So she went, and she hated it. But it sparked her interest in The Twilight Zone and now she wants us to record the old show for her to watch.

Monday night, Chris and I went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's a late night talk show that is shown live on the east coast. Of course, here on the west coast we don't get anything but the Academy Awards shown live so we were actually home before the show we were at aired here. Turns out that a four letter word slipped through the censors recently and now the show won't be live anymore. Guess we were lucky to see one of the last live ones. Anyway, we had a good time and will probably go to another taping soon.

Tabitha had her riding lesson Thursday morning and I think I've pretty much decided that we need to go back to private lessons. The other girl is a young 4 and isn't really interested and succeeds in easily distracting Tabitha. Also, when Tabitha is around younger sounding and acting children, she tends to start acting and talking like them. You put that together with the fact that the lesson now takes over 2 hours (as opposed to 1 hour private) and it's just not working. Then problem I'm running into is scheduling though since Chris will be working whole different hours and I won't be able to just quickly get the car. So I may be stuck with these joint lessons for a little while longer. In other horse news, there's a horse show next weekend and Tabitha is going to be in it, lol. All she'll do is ride a pony into the stadium and sit there. I think the division was called "line leaders" or something like that. It's always just little kids and her instructor told us that usually they all get a first place ribbon. But it'll be cuter than heck and Tabitha will love being in the show so we're going to do it. Unfortunately, it looks like Chris will not be able to attend. I think my mil is going to go with us though.

We're at a bit of a lull in our plans, finally. So we're getting stuff done at home that needs to be done and just kind of hanging out.

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