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Monday, May 30, 2005

I hate to admit it, but I've already started the whole comparing thing with the baby. She's been trying to roll over for a while now. She's so strong and tries so hard that honestly, I'm surprised as heck that she doesn't do it. This is a kid who can actually sit up for half a minute and can almost put herself into a sitting position from a leaning back position. But she doesn't roll. And some of the other babies on my Feb moms' list who are a couple weeks younger do roll over. So I compare. I hate it, but I can't help it. Tabitha rolled relatively late, she was 4.5 months and Daisy isn't even 4 months yet, so I shouldn't exactly be surprised.

In less petty news, we went out with my in-laws this evening to Claim Jumper to celebrate my birthday. I'm pleased that they've expanded their previously extremely narrow vegetarian selections and I had a grilled portabello sandwich. The rest of today was taken up by errands and Sims playing.

Tomorrow I wake up 31 and start another good year :)

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Yesterday we celebrated my pseudo-birthday; that is, my birthday is actually tomorrow but yesterday was the best day for my mom and sister to celebrate. So we all met at BJs Brewery for lunch. I had a really good cilantro pesto pizza and minestrone soup. We were in one huge corner booth so it was a bit difficult for me in one corner to talk to my mom in the other corner, but we managed. Daisy did fairly well and didn't screech too much. All in all I really enjoyed it. After lunch we all came back here and had cake that my mom made. Really good, though really rich and I did not finish my piece. Tabitha, however, ate all of hers and then finished mine! Usually that job is reserved for Chris, lol. Once it was just us again, Chris and I searched the garage for baby clothes in the 3-6 month size. Always nice to revisit memory lane with Tabitha's baby clothes. We made our wash pile and our donate pile and honestly, I think Daisy will be set when you add what was Tabitha's to what is Daisy's. Chris and Tabs then played together while I started playing the Sims. A long time ago when Sims first came out, I had the first one. Then they came out with the second one and I no longer needed the first disc, so I gave it to a friend. Every time I bought the newest version, I sent my friend the old one. That's fine, but since we got the new computer, I could no longer load Sims since I didn't have any of the previous discs. So I borrowed my sister's discs, including a couple I never had. So now I can play Vacation and Unleashed as well. Daisy enjoyed watching the opening, but then she was out so I gave her to Chris and Tabitha came with me and loved watching me play. She always did enjoy the Sims.

Chris and Tabs went out later and picked us up dinner from a burger place. Daisy took a late nap so she stayed up later than usual and so I let Tabitha stay up later too just for the heck of it. We finally had them both down by 9:30pm. Chris then played around with his video camera software and learned how to do various things. I watched a show on toys and then Hey! Spring of Trivia on Spike which is one of those train wreck shows that you can't look away from. But it's educational, I learned that a cherry blossom tree has an average of 593,364 petals and if you shoot a .45 at a Japanese sword, the sword will win and split the bullet in half. This is useful information, lol.

And today is Memorial Day, but we don't do bar-b-ques and all that. We're actually going out to pick up a computer piece and then working at home.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yesterday morning I set off with both girls to head to a house of a sister-in-law of one of the halau members so the halau could practice for the upcoming ho'ike. It was supposed to be 9-12, but by 11:45 they had only rehearsed half the show. Chris left work about that time and came out to me so he could take Daisy. It actually wasn't that hard dealing with her. I was stressed all morning though wondering how this was going to work. I was going into an unknown situation and that always stresses me out anyway. Add taking care of a sometimes temperamental baby to the mix and I was stressed to the max. While we were getting ready in the morning, I told Tabitha that if I had zero issues with her and complete co-operation from her then when we got home she could do absolutely anything she wished. She knew a good deal when she heard it and agreed. Once we were at the house and I saw what the set-up was like, I felt better. It helped that Daisy not only did not scream in the car, but fell asleep 5 minutes after we left our house. So Tabitha joined the halau members for their warm-up exercises and then everyone was getting separated into their classes to work on their dance numbers. Another mom and I took that as our cue to leave the backyard as it was getting crowded at that point (even though the backyard was HUGE!). She and I took Daisy for a walk around the neighborhood then changed her and fed her and after awhile Daisy went back to sleep and then woke and ate again. Basically we just talked together all morning while amusing the baby. It was actually pretty nice, even if we were stuck in a driveway or standing on the sidewalk. Once Chris came and left, my friend and I continued talking until it seemed like everything was drawing to a close so we went back into the backyard. What do I see? My kid running on the grass having a gay old time. Everyone was complaining about how long this was taking and how tired they were. Not my kid, she just considered it one big play date. She was having an absolute blast. I knew she wasn’t hungry because I sent her with plenty of food and drinks were provided to keep her hydrated. When she wasn’t supposed to be dancing, she just played with other kids who weren’t dancing at that moment either. Then it was time for her to do one last dance and I stood there to watch. I can definitely say she's improving every week. This particular number is more difficult than the other two dances she knows as it's a different style (modern, as opposed to traditional hula). One thing the girls do is say a Hawai'ian word before each verse to kind of tell what the verse is about. All the girls are supposed to say it, but Tabitha is the only one who says every kahea and knows exactly what to say. One of the moms/dancers came up to me and asked if I work with her at home, which I do not as I do not know the kaheas. She then asked how Tabitha knew them. I just said because she is supposed to and that happens to be a strength of hers. After they were done, another halau member came to me and told me it was a delight to watch my daughter dance. Not to mention one other member told me all the little ones were complaining about the drums tied to their legs except my kid. I was quite the proud mama, let me tell you.
After we left and met up with Chris and Daisy, all of us changed clothes and then headed to a Hawai'ian Cafe that happens to be a mile from our house. There we enjoyed a buffet, friendship and entertainment put on by the halau's Kumu and other halau musicians. It was a really fun time and we stayed for a few hours which is unheard of with me being so anti-social, lol. While Tabitha was in line for food, an entire table of halau members told her how wonderful she does on her kaheas. Let's hope she doesn't get a swelled head.
Once home again, we didn't really do much of anything, though I did manage to get my walk in and play a game with Tabitha. She also chose her reward activity and decided playing the sprinklers was it. By 9 o'clock I was completely wiped out so Chris convinced me to just go to bed.
Today was another packed day, but I'll write about that later.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

I got the organizing bug :) I love it when that happens as so much junk gets cleaned out. I'd say I get it two or three times a year. Yesterday I completely cleaned my computer desk and cleaned out 3 drawers. One of the drawers was the one we put all of our instruction manuals into; for everything we've ever bought. If it has a manual, we save it. We have (had) manuals for toys Tabitha received for her first birthday. Not anymore my friends, not anymore. Now we have a few manuals for items I felt it might be important to keep the manuals on. But most things are gone, gone I say!

I'm also clearing out some of my cow collection. I'm starting slowly with just a set of mugs that match my dinnerware set. I have no intention of getting rid of my dishes, but mugs are unnecessary and were just collecting dust hanging from hooks on my wall. A couple other items will go up for bid, though not a lot. A few figures are probably going to go as I'd rather have a few pieces that I love and can enjoy looking at than lots of figures that just amount to clutter.

Chris and I did major tree trimming this past weekend. We took so much off that our green can was completely packed and there was still quite a bit left on the grass, and that's with using the tamper. Yesterday being trash day, when Chris got home he chopped up the rest and refilled the green can. I'd still like to do some more trimming on the tree to lighten up some limbs, but with the current heat, I'll probably stick to organizing the inside of the house.

Daisy is losing her hair *sob* We'll see if she goes completely bald like Tabi did. Tabs, of course, hopes this means she will become a blondie like herself. I don't know though since we can actually see her eyebrows as opposed to Tabitha who has light eyebrows.

Tabitha's last soccer class was on Wednesday and her last acting class was yesterday. Her class did their scenes, but get this, it's called "Joe" and the kid who is to play Joe didn't show! So the teacher had to do his part. I missed some of it due to Miss Screechy and I having to stand in the hall, but I saw the last scene which is just Tabitha and "Joe" and Tabitha did great! She really knew her lines. I was quite proud and she was oh-so excited to be doing it. I think she was rather disappointed that it wasn't on a stage with lots of people. Shyness is not a word in my daughter's extensive vocabulary.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We've been doing this, that, and the other thing. Sunday wasn't much for anyone but me. I did lots of errands in the morning while Chris held down the homestead. I did take Tabitha with me to the mall in the afternoon as she had asked to spend time with just me. We had a nice time there. We browsed Old Navy for her but didn't really see anything so we headed over to Robinson's-May since I needed to go to the Clinique counter. We determined that she really needs to grow into a size 7 because there are tons of clothes that we both like in the size 7-14 section, but in her section there's just nothing. They are all geared towards younger kids, in my opinion. We're really trying to move away from the cutesy look for her and into an older, more trendy style. She just happens to be thin and is still in a 6, not even a 6X. But we did hit The Gap and she found a dress that we both loved, we just had a difference of opinion on which color to get. She won and got orange ::shudder:: She says it's more pink than orange, but she's wrong. Orange is something you eat, not wear. But, the only other color choice was olive green which she said was muddy and I had to admit does not match her bright personality. So though I'll roll my eyes when she puts it on, at least she's happy with it.

Monday we set out pretty early and went to the garment district in downtown to go to a fabric store that specializes in Hawai'ian prints. She desperately needs a new pa’u skirt and since it’s supposed to be made with a pattern to reflect their individuality, I told her she could pick anything in the store; though I did veto anything with cars, birds or surfboards. She ended up choosing a gorgeous blue with flowers, “tribal” print and turtles. She was supposed to choose a fleece for me to wrap her thongs in, but they had a minimum of 2 yards and I only needed 1/4 yard so we passed.

Next we made a quick stop at Dodger Stadium to pick up tix for a couple weeks from now and then went on to the zoo. It was fairly hot, but we had a really good time. It’s been too long since we went just for the sake of going as opposed to an event. Daisy alternated between sleeping in the stroller, riding in the Baby Bjorn, and being carried. We discovered the secret to preventing her sunhat from slipping over her eyes; she wears her big headband and the bow holds the hat in the right place. Perfect! I don’t think she noticed or cared about the animals, but the rest of us enjoyed looking at them all.

Yesterday I spent the day working on Tabitha’s pa’u. I am so pleased with how it came out. I tweaked the design from the one I made in October and it was not only easier to sew, but it looks so much better. Hopefully it will last awhile as I made it a bit long. She did good choosing the fabric and I did good drawing upon my past experience and learning from those mistakes. I’m using the leftover fabric to make a blousy tube top for her to go under the Halau tank top which has too big of arm holes. I didn’t decide to do that until later though, so I ran out of elastic. But everything else is done for it and it will only take maybe 20 minutes to finish it off. Considering she doesn’t even have the tank top yet, there’s no hurry. While we were at the fabric store yesterday buying elastic, Tabitha was able to pick out a fleece for her thongs so Chris and I wrapped them last night. We secured the fleece with hot glue and now her thongs shouldn’t rub on her the wrong way and they certainly shouldn’t cut her feet anymore.

Today I’m hoping Chris can come home early because I need to go back to the fabric store because there are a few costume elements I need to work on. I’m stressing because my sewing skills are so limited, but I’m also feeling empowered by yesterday’s accomplishments so we’ll see how it goes.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

It was hot yesterday so a lot of lounging around was the modus operandi. An aunt and cousin of mine visited in the late afternoon with my mom. Of course they wanted to see the baby, but she had been up for two and a half hours by that time and had had it. She was cranky and wanted to sleep and had a bit of trouble falling asleep. I got her down after 10 minutes of screaming and then she stayed out until midnight when I accidentally woke her up. So, though they saw her, they didn't get to see her cuteness.

Later in the evening after we got Tabitha off to bed, Chris and I pulled out Star Wars Monopoly where I proceeded to whip him with my blue property monopoly. He then demanded a trivia game and danced circles around me during Trivial Pursuit.

So, not much went on yesterday, probably even less on the agenda for today.

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Daisy only took three or four half hour naps yesterday, which for a baby who loves to sleep and hates waking up is just not enough. At then end of the day, she had been awake for 4 hours which is completely unheard of for her. She was rather miserable, to say the least. She gets so mad when she can't sleep because all she wants is to sleep. We finally got her down at 7:30 and I told her to sleep until 5:30 because she needed the sleep. Well, here it is at 6:00 and she's still asleep. Hopefully she'll be able to nap today so we don't have a repeat of last night.

My new phone came in on Wednesday. I cannot find any Disney faceplates for it except one Finding Nemo which I don't care about. I downloaded rings that I love, but can't find one for when Chris calls me. On my old phone we composed the song ourself and it was "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty because that's my favorite Disney movie and the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding. It has meaning. Nothing I can find now has any meaning for us. I think I might just set his ring to one of the songs I downloaded that I really like to hear since he's the one who calls me the most. It's the theme to Bewitched when Tabitha calls me (of course) and the theme to Fantasmic when my mom calls. The rest of my rings are Sweet Dreams are Made of This which is the one I'm considering switching to Chris and then my regular ring will revert back to Cruella de Vil like on my old phone. I also downloaded wallpaper that is the attraction poster for the Haunted Mansion. Now if I could just find a face plate.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Wednesday morning I got the idea to walk to the mall, so off we went. I didn't have Daisy's stroller or the Baby Bjorn though, so I used one of Tabitha's old strollers. Of course, the minute we left, Daisy needed to eat, so I carried her while feeding her and Tabitha got to realize one of her fondest dreams of pushing a stroller. I have a rule of children not pushing strollers because they tend to push them in to people, but since we were on an empty sidewalk and the baby was not in the stroller, I said to go for it. Once I could not carry the baby any further I laid her down in the stroller and she was okay with that for about 20 minutes but then she very much wanted to sit up. She was lifting her head and grunting as she leaned forward from the laying down position. So I decided to try it. She can sit up in her stroller because it has 5 positions so we just put her in the least straight one when she wants to sit. But this stroller only has two positions, laying down, or sitting straight up. So I sat her up and used a blanket on either side of her for extra support and that made her very happy. And she barely tipped, so bonus :)

We stopped in Toys R Us on the way to the mall and meandered about for awhile. I ended up buying a card game based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. Basically it's like war and I knew Tabitha would enjoy it. Plus, I like that it's a quick type game since it's just once through the deck (unlike war). After that we went to the mall and had lunch. I was so pleased to see that our Hot Dog on a Stick now carries the veggie corn dogs. Yay! Usually we can only find them in malls in higher income bracket neighborhoods so we were very happy to see them here. Tabs had one and later when Chris joined us, he also had one. I'll buy them often just on principal, kind of like when we're at Dodger Stadium I always buy a veggie dog to encourage them to keep them on the menu.

As I mentioned, Chris did join us at the mall and then there was soccer for Tabitha, then we had dinner with my mil where Daisy proceeded to remind us not to take her to dinner. It was early, but she was screeching something fierce. They where happy screeches, but schreeches nonetheless so Chris and I took turns of keeping her in the foyer. My mil then took Tabitha to hula and I dropped Chris and Daisy off at home and then went on to hula.

Yesterday, Chris stayed home at my request, but then we ended up at Disneyland. Actually, we hit California Adventure first and found two new characters! We saw Chicken Little and Abby Mallard from the upcoming Chicken Little movie (do I need mention that the Character site is updated?). It was one heck of a long day because after Disney we went straight to Tabitha's acting class. Her last one is next week and she's pretty much decided just to do "Scenes from 'Joe' " and not do her monologue. She hasn't been rehearsing her monologue at all and with all her hula dances crammed into her head, something had to give. She knows her lines for the play though. We can't wait to sit in and video tape :)

Tabitha practiced one of her dances for us this evening. We're working on fine tuning a lot of her movements, such as placement of her hands and taming her koholos. Our goal is daily practice between now and the ho'ike. We've gotten past the part where she felt she was good and knew it all and didn't need any help. Both Chris and I have talked to her enough about always being able to get better and it helps that she desperately wants to compete in a couple years so we told her how nitpicky the judges are and that we need to fix everything now. So her practicing with us this evening went really well and she took to heart what we were saying. She still needs quite a bit of work, but as long as she's open to what we have to say, I have no doubt she will continue to improve.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baby completely through us off any semblance of a schedule yesterday. She spent half an hour screaming for no particular reason. I finally decided she just needed to sleep it off and put her in bed and I guess she agreed with me because though she called me twice in 10 minutes, after I left that second time she slept 2 hours then woke for 10 minutes to eat and slept another hour after that. During the day she usually falls asleep in my arms so that's what threw me off. After I finally got her down I needed a bit to recover from the screaming and the next thing I knew it was a few hours later. I got stuff done, but not my usual stuff, if that makes sense.

Daisy seems to pretty much hate the swing, lovely. So I got cheesed off again about the fate of the bouncer since she actually liked it. So when Chris got home he pulled out the old exersaucer and we got it all cleaned up. She stayed in it about 15 minutes before wanting out. That's really the amount of time that I usually need to not have her in my arms, so hopefully it will work out. She's a tad small for it, but she has such excellent head control that she can use it pretty well. I just left off one of the big toys so that there's a blank tray area in front of her and I put her toys on there for her. She spent most of the time making this bizarre chick cackle and say "whoop, whoop, whoop, whoopie!" It's a stuffed animal she got for Easter and she's never really been able to play with it while lying down so sitting with it in front of her worked out.

There's more to write, but apparently I'm lacking in the inspiration department.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yesterday morning was just one of those days where you shouldn't have bothered to get out of bed. But the day so improved in early afternoon. Chris dropped Daisy and I off at the mall and took Tabitha to the dentist. We were slightly concerned because she has lost 3 bottom teeth and two of them are growing in and there doesn't seem to be any place for the third tooth to go. But the dentist said it's completely normal, her teeth will make room it and that children just have small mouths. She said her teeth are coming in straight enough that she doesn't forsee braces. She also looked at Tabitha's gap between her two top teeth and said it will most likely close its own and she won't need surgery for that. The surgery would have been elective anyway and not something we would have done until Tabitha was way old enough to make that decision herself. But it's nice to know that we may not even need to consider it now. The kid was bouncing off the walls to tell me all about her appt. and show me her bag o' goodies. She made out with a huge princess sticker, a toothbrush, a small size toothpaste, kid's floss, and a weird toy thing that I can't begin to describe but that she's wanted forever. So she had a great time at the dentist. Wish I had had a pediatric dentist when I was a kid, then maybe I wouldn't hate it so much that I won't even go with my own kid.

While I was at the mall, Miss Daisy snoozed, of course. That kid hates to wake up and loves to sleep and if you mix in a little car ride during her sleep, she's out for hours. I don't even keep her in the car seat on the stroller either. I take her out of the car seat (asleep) and lay her in the stroller and she stays out. I went in a few stores to look around then I prerused JC Penny's baby section for a long time. I searched the entire Carter's line since it was on sale and there was just nothing of interest. I looked at the Carter's Daisy and the Carter's Sweet Daisy line and I either had something or I just didn't care for the clothing. I spent so much time in the middle of the clothes, then I emerged and turned the corner and stood before 4 racks of clothes that I loved! They were all from Okie-Dokie and I could have easily bought everything they had. Well, not entirely, quite a few of the items were sleeveless and though I loved them, I don't put sleeveless items on Daisy because she would get burned when riding in the Baby Bjorn at Disneyland. Everything was wonderfully dark and bold, meaning navy blue, not pastel, just like I like. I chose my favorite outfit, it has bees and white daisies on it, and went off to Tabitha's section and promptly fell in love with a gorgeous white peasant skirt that they child would not only look beautitful in, but she would love it as well. Sadly, it was only available in a size 10. Very sad and I may try to scope it out at another mall next week. Or perhaps online, we'll see. Daisy was kind of waking so I took her to the family lounge to take care of diaper changing and feeding. Then I popped her into the Baby Bjorn and man was she happy! She has finally gotten the hang of it and no longer things I'm insane for strapping her on my front. She kicks and squeals and has a great time just as I had hoped she would. We walked off to our meeting place and got there just as Chris and Tabs returned. We grabbed a quick bite at the food court and then went to Claire's so I could look at their baby headbands. I ended up with 3 and then I came upon their display of sleep masks.

When Tabitha had first mentioned wanting a sleep mask, Claire's was the place we looked and they didn't have a single one. However, the Claire's we were at yesterday was a different mall and they had a huge variety. Since Tabitha never got to choose one (I picked out her mask at Target and it's made for an adult) I asked her if she'd like to get another one so she could pick one out. She thought that was a grand idea and finally settled on one with a sequined butterfly and it says "Dreaming in Progress." Very cute.

We then went to Robinson's-May where I looked at their peasant skirts for Tabitha, to no avail I might add, and she found a skirt with shorts underneath that she desperately wanted. It's denim, which are really the only kind of shorts I like for the kid, with these hideous beads hanging from the hem. But I didn't hate it, she did love it, the price was right and she's in need of shorts so I bought it. We didn't try it on though so I'll be sure to put it on her today to make sure we don't have to return it.

By the time we got home it was about 5:30 and we just didn't eat dinner since we had lunch at 4:00. I went for my walk while Tabitha was in the bath and Chris put Daisy to bed. While I was in the shower after I returned home, Tabitha apparently fell and hurt her arm enough so that we were talking about whether or not a trip to the ER was neccessary. She vetoed that idea though so we agreed to wait until morning to see how she was doing. So far she hasn't even mentioned her arm so I'm just going to give her an anti-imflammatory and call it good.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My mil was out of town for Mother's Day weekend so we all went out to brunch this morning instead. We went to El Torito Grill which I ate lunch at before and did not care for at all, but this brunch was really good. I enjoyed it immensely and would not hesitate to go back. Daisy was wonderful, even if she did give me a diaper surprise, lol. After brunch, the four of us (still feels weird to type four instead of three) went to the mall so I could replace a compact and we also dropped in on the Disney outlet store that was closing today. We were hoping for last minute insane prices, but they were the same as the last time we went. We did pick up two hats though, one is a huge Christmas tree with characters hanging off of it and it lights up. The other is a beanie that Tabitha fell in love with and though I find the decoration on front slightly tacky, we couldn't say no considering it was four bucks. Once home, we watched the Dodgers for awhile, then I headed out to the grocery store to stock up for a few days. I then cleaned out some more closet space and though it's something I've been meaning to do for awhile, since it's a way up high shelf, now I'm not sure how to utilize that space. While I was making dinner, cheese tortellini with a pesto sauce, I realized I forgot lettuce and I just wasn't in the mood for a spinach salad. So Chris quickly ran off to the store while I juggled the baby and cooking. My mom briefly stopped by a little after that and then Tabitha and I went for a walk. Well, I walked, she scooted. It was going great up until the point where she stopped in front of me at the exact moment I looked away at something else and therefore slammed my foot into the back of her scooter. That there was some pain, I tell you wut. My foot is feeling better, but still not 100%. I'm sure it will be fine by morning though. Now I'm wasting time with a game over at knockoutgames.com and then we'll watch the Survivor finale and probably Desperate Housewives as well.

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Yesterday our halau performed at the Aloha Expo. It's an annual event for the Hawaiian community. It was a long day but it was a lot of fun. Tabitha just loves performing, though she was disappointed that she had to do the same dance she's performed twice before. She knows two others which will be performed at the hoike in June and she's anxious to do those for more than just practice, I guess. One thing I thought was amusing was when on of the Tahitian dancing groups, which are very fun to watch, used a song from the Tiki Room at Disneyland, lol. Completely cracked me up. Let me tell you though, it does not matter the strength of the sun block, this haole got burned, including on my toes. Ugh! Combine that with two heat rash spots from under the straps of my sandals and my tootsies aren't looking their best, right now. Tabitha's own sandals cut her foot pretty bad so she was walking barefoot most of the day. We saw some decorated ones for sale at the Expo and I knew it was something I could do so when we got home I took some fleece and wrapped the straps of her sandals. They look really neat and I think Tabs is going to pick out a different fleece at the store and I'll do them permanently. Chris spent the day under the awning that one of the moms brought, sitting on a blanket, playing and taking care of Daisy. He got to watch all the performances. I got to help keep 11 keiki together. The bathroom run was loads of fun. Tabitha thought it was amusing that I was an "aunty" and kept calling me Aunty Mama. After the performance we tried to walk among the vendors. First stop was food which was very easy in this venue; plain rice for Tabitha, vegetarian egg rolls for Chris and I. But trying to look at the merchandise wasn't easy at all. The park was gorgeous and had concrete walking paths, but they aren't exactly wide enough for two way traffic, especially when you throw in a healthy dose of strollers. There was one pregnant woman who's heel I accidentally nipped. I immediately apologized quite profusely and all she did was glare at me while saying "ow" and when she walked away she was still muttering "Jesus Christ." I swear I barely grazed her. I was telling Chris that she would figure it out in a couple months when she had that baby and she'd be the one hitting people. Wearing Daisy in the Bjorn just wasn't an option because it was so hot she would have had heat stroke being forced against my body. Not to mention then I would have had to put long socks on her to protect her legs from the sun. So the stroller really was the best option. But like I said, it was difficult maneuvering and Tabitha seemed to reach her limit of good behavior for the day. She was just being odd, she only wanted to walk with the parent who was pushing the stroller. As I mentioned, the walkways where way too narrow for that. We told her she could have either one of us and that person would walk with her and the other would push the stroller, but she just denied that there was an issue. I ended up handed both kids over the Chris and I quickly cruised the vendors so I could find what I was looking for (which I didn't). But then she was fine the rest of the day so it was really just all the stress from the whole morning, the coming off of a performance, the fact that her foot hurt, she hadn't had enough to eat in a timely manner and she was hot.
We went to my in-laws' so they could visit with the kids since it had been a couple of weeks and then we left Tabitha and brought the baby home. After a couple hours, Chris went back to get Tabitha and I decided take-out was in order so they stopped for Taco Bell on the way home. Then I just kept going with various things to do before I collapsed into bed, lol.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

We did lessons in the morning today because Tabitha had a playdate after lunch. Chris arrived home soon after her friend left and we all relaxed for a bit before heading out to Aaron Brothers to look for a frame. Once home again, Chris and I put stuff out by the curb because tomorrow is our annual clean-up Saturday in which anything you put on the curb is taken by the trash company. However, none of the stuff we put out is left as people treat these Saturdays as one big yard sale and go house to house grabbing what they want. Fine with me, it's better than all that stuff ending up in the landfill. We put out good stuff too because we're too lazy to have a real yard sale and some stuff is too big to take to Goodwill. After dinner, teriyaki stif-fry, I went for a power walk around the neighborhood while Daisy slept, Tabitha soaked in the tub and Chris played on the computer. Now I'm going to sing Tabitha's good night song and hop in the shower.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

We did more work in the back yard today. One thing we accomplished was emptying Tabitha's sand box. Because of the alternating rain and heat waves, the sand had a greenish tint due to algae growth. So there I sat, with my little sand box shovel putting the sand into a little bucket one scoop at a time. Chris decided to go the more effective route and used the regular shovel and filled a big bucket. Working together, we emptied it pretty quickly and then just tipped it over to get rid of the rest and swept that up. Actually, we did all that yesterday. Today we put the sand box back after it finished drying out from the hosing down we gave it yesterday. Chris also took out a weed, we were calling it a thistle, that went from a small annoyance to taller than Tabitha in about a week's time. Of course it was thorny and I had to remove a few from him despite the fact that he was wearing gloves. Weeds are the bane of my existence this year to the aforemention rain and heat. My lawn has never had weeds and now they are all over it. They are impossible to dig up too. Right now I just mow over them, but that's too temporary so we're going to get some Rid to spot kill. I also did a bit of trimming of my rhododendrons and my rose bush. That I trimmed way back, even though it's a little late to be doing it. But it's constantly in bloom so it doesn't seem to matter when it gets trimmed down. Now, if I was only as good at getting things to grow as I am at trimming stuff back.

After dinner tonight, which was spaghetti and "meat" balls, we decided to walk to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. Daisy likes sitting up in her stroller, but it's like the movie Speed, if you're moving, all is good, but slow down to less than 3 mph and watch out!

Right now we've got both kids in bed, but neither is asleep. The difference is the little one is actually trying to go to sleep and the big one is doing her darnedest to ensure that she doesn't fall asleep. In a minute, Chris and I are going to check out my new phone online. I still have a pretty old Nokia that was the one T-Mobile gave me about 3 years ago or so. It's so old, that I can't even download ringtones for it anymore because they don't make them. What can I say? I don't like change. Lately it's not working real well though in that it won't receive or send calls half the time. So, Chris called T-Mobile today and they are sending me a new one. Now I have to go to the trouble of getting a new Disney case (I currently have Peter Pan), new wallpaper and ringtones. Annoying. I'm sure I'll feel differently in a week when I see how cool the new phone is, but for now, I'm going to get my last games of snake in.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We were originally planning on going to Disneyland yesterday, but when we got up in the morning, it was cold so we decided against it. We went to our favorite Mattel outlet instead. I was able to score 2 Disney miniature sets we hadn't seen before and grabbed an audio monitor that was marked waaaaay down due to bad packaging. We then decided to go to the other outlet, but it was kind of a waste of time. I did get Daisy two teether toys, but that's hardly earth shattering.

Once we were home and eating lunch, Chris and I were reading a Disneyland update site that we enjoy and it put us in the mood so we packed up the kids and headed to Anaheim. But we forgot to tell Tabitha and she thought we were going to IKEA lol. She was more than happy to oblige a trip to the Mouse House though. We took her picture in more of the golden cars and I took loads of shots of the gorgeous castle and a few of the unique light posts. We also were able to find two of our submitted pictures for the "Happiest Faces on Earth" murals. What Disneyland did was request people to send in pictures of them at Disneyland. Each person could send up to 5. Then they took all suitable pics and put them into murals. So here's one of the finished murals, here's the area we're in (which is a mural within the larger mural), and here's a close-up of our little pic of Tabitha and Alice. We also happened to run into Alice herself and Tabitha told her that their picture was in the mural. We're also in this mural twice, but we'll never find them since it's on top of a building, and we're in two murals in California Adventure that we haven't seen yet.

We rode just a few rides and Tabitha took her pic with Mickey and Goofy dressed in birthday gear. Those pics can be seen at my Disney site. After we left, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner where Miss Daisy reminded us why we don't go out to a late dinner. It was 7 o' clock and she wanted in bed so she was less than pleased when we didn't put her in it. Chris and I took turns walking with her until finally I just asked for my food to be packed up and she and I went outside until Chris and Tabitha were done with dinner. Once we were home and Daisy was blissfully in her bed and Tabitha was less blissfully in hers, Chris warmed my food, poured me some Diet Coke and set up a candlelit dinner for me :) Though that was very nice, we decided to stick to going out to lunch for awhile so that we may all eat together as a family. Or, start going out to dinner at 4:00pm with the old people.

Today I had set Daisy up in her bouncy seat so she could watch Tabitha swing and Chris and I did some yard work in the back yard. Lots was done and I'm most pleased, but I went to look at Daisy and noticed that her seat was leaning crazy. I immediately took Daisy out and Chris examined the seat, it was definitely bent. To make a long story short, I asked just the right questions and Tabitha confessed to putting her knees on it to lean in and kiss Daisy so she [Tabitha] wouldn't have to put her knees on the concrete to give the kiss. So I charged the kid $10 of her own money (she still has $11 so it's not that bad) and went back to the Mattel outlet to get a new bouncy seat. Instead I came home with a small swing. Daisy just loved it! Though I'm still upset about the bouncer, at least we got a really good replacement.

Before I end, I must plug some of my writing. I submitted two Disney related articles to the Disney email list I belong to for their newsletter and blog and both were published today. The first is about our day at the 50th celebration kick-off on Thursday and that can be found here. For the second I'm today's guest blogger and my subject is about finding characters at Disneyland. Check 'em both out to get the hits up for my favorite Disney community, The Mouse For Less.

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Tabitha and I have come to an agreement. When she's done with breakfast and tv, whether that means she turned it off on her own or I told her to turn it off, I like her to immediately start getting ready for the day. She often resists and we sat down and had a talk about it. She likes to swing in the mornings when it's cool outside and she's wearing a night gown. When she explained this to me, as opposed to the more common "But I don't want to do my morning business" whine, then we were able to work something out. Now, she can swing for 30 minutes before doing morning business if she watches no more than 2 shows, we don't have to be anywhere and if she cleans up her breakfast without being asked. So far she's only taken advantage of this arrangement one time, but it's good because it puts her more in control of her mornings.

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Happy Day to Me :) I woke up at 6:30, but Tabitha was so insistent on me sleeping in so I laid awake for a long time listening to Daisy sleep. Tabitha finally called Chris at 7:30 to get her up and I waited another 15 minutes before coming out at which point Chris quickly shooed me back to my room. Finally, I was allowed to get up. Tabitha had made me toast with peanut butter for breakfast along with my customary glass of Diet Coke. Since that's what I eat every morning, it was just perfect.
Chris gave me his card that was sweetness personified, plus a nice box of caramel pecans (yum!) and Tabitha gave me her card and a fan, both of which she's been working on all week in the playroom. The two of them ran to the store for me and came back with a flower bouquet as well. I am loved :)
After I ate, I took a luxurious shower, that included lots of exfoliating and moisturizing, before getting ready for the day. I had decided that I wanted to do brunch and had invited my mom to come over. Chris kept saying how bad he felt that I had to cook on Mother's Day but I love cooking and it was exactly what I wanted to do today so I told him it didn't bother me at all. And I meant it, brunch was just what I wanted. I made a new recipe of baked French toast that was well-received, scrambled eggs for Tabitha, cheese omelets for Chris and I (my mother doesn't eat eggs), hash browns, veggie sausage and a tray of strawberries, grapes, edam cheese and havarti with dill. Mmmm. Plus, my mom brought three kinds of bread, my favorite of banana nut bread, a crumb cake and raisin bran muffins. Man did we all stuff ourselves! So much good stuff. After food and before my mom left we took lots of pics in the back yard. It was difficult to get Daisy to look up because it was so bright back there and we were all squinting a bit.
Daisy desperately needed a nap by the time my mom left, but she was having difficulty falling asleep so we strapped into her car seat and headed off to a Japanese import store for the fern adornments Tabitha needs for her dance numbers for the upcoming hoike. They have a sushi counter in the store so naturally I had to check it out and they have 3 kinds of veggie sushi! Yay! I had just had some on Friday from Whole Foods and I had already planned what I wanted for dinner tonight so I didn't get any this time, but will keep it in mind for my next craving, which will probably be soon.
The rest of the day after that kind of flew by, yet nothing got done so not sure what happened there. We've finally got both kids in bed and asleep (I think) so we're going to sit down and watch Desperate Housewives before bed.

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Friday, May 6, 2005

The following was written last night:

We did it, we were at Disneyland this morning :) I can't say we saw the ceremony as it was near impossible to really consider just standing there for all that time with a 6 year old and 3 month old. But we were there and that's all I really care about. I made sure my date stamp was on for all my photos. The golden cars are cool, some attractions have both a golden car out front and one on the ride itself to ride in. We were not trying to find the 50 hidden golden Mickey's (saving that project for another day) but did see roughly 20. It rained a hard sprinkle off and on, nothing serious. We actually rode attractions and walked onto everything we rode. The lines for food, merchandise and pin locations were insane. I made my one purchase at the Autopia shop though and did it while the ceremony was going and there was no line. We bought the special penny holder, autograph book and antenna toppers. My 6 year old already had her golden ears and the rest of us will buy them before the actual birthday.
The park and castle are gorgeous, all the little touches are so magical. We'll be heading back on Monday so we can see everything without all the camera crews in the way. We didn't wait for the parade either since people started sitting down for it 3 hours early.
Like I said, I just wanted to be there. We'll get to all the special things as time goes on. We do go just about every week so we don't feel rushed.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Chris got to leave his training 2.5 hours earlier than we had thought so he was actually home before dinner! We had tacos and Tabitha got artistic with hers. For her first taco she was lining everything up by sixes for her age. The second one was made into a face with tofu eyebrows, olive eyes, black beans for the nose, cheese for the cheeks, and a smile made out of green onions. She took pictures of both her tacos for a scrapbook layout entitled "Taco Museum" lol.

After dinner, Chris and I cleaned up the kitchen and then I hopscotched with Tabs and then Chris handed Daisy off to me so he could play. We had music going most of the afternoon, a nice breeze was coming through and there was plenty of laughter.

Good times

Good times

Tabitha found a really pretty lizard in the back yard today. She named him Tom and we had a good time watching him for awhile. We read about a dinosaur called Saltasaurus during lessons who happened to be 40 feet long. So I cut a piece of string to 40 feet and we took it outside and stretched it outside to see how long that was. After that, we set up 5 bowls and put 5 pennies in each bowl. Then we covered the pennies with different acidic substances- ketchup, barbeque sauce, Sierra Mist, vinegar and chili sauce. Then we let the pennies sit for a few hours. The Sierra Mist did the worst job and all the others were pretty comparable in cleanliness but the ketchup seemed to make them the shiniest. We'll use these on Thursday at Disneyland for pressed pennies.

Daisy's head looked much better this morning, but we still did another treatment tonight as well. Hopefully we won't have to do another one.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:20 PM PST

Chris has another day of training today. Since it's in San Diego he's going to be gone all day and the girls won't get to see him. It's definitely going to be a long day for me. Tabitha woke up 20 minutes ago and has already found one thing to whine about *sigh*

Yesterday we did the recycling and hit the post office then did a quick stop at home for lunch before heading back out to Michaels and the mall. The reason I wanted to go to the mall was because we currently have one of the Disney liquidators shops there and I wanted to look for a Disney shirt for Chris. Tabs and I both have a few but he has nothing. We'll, he didn't, anyway, now he does. He chose a cream colored shirt with Mickey in front of a couple red and blue wavy lines and the words "An American Classic." It will be just perfect to wear to the start of the celebration on Thursday. Daisy doesn't have anything, but it's too late for me to change that. I have to be more concerned about protecting her from the weather and less concerned about style.

We spent the afternoon just hanging out. Tabitha was swinging for a while and we set Daisy out there in her bouncer and she loved watching Tabitha swing! I think she really just likes being outside and we don't take her out there nearly often enough. She'll be out there quite a bit in the coming weeks because the crazy weather of rain rain rain, warm warm warm, repeat, has done a number on my yard. There are weeds galore. On the bright side though, the California wildflowers I planted last year have actually sprouted some prettyflowers. Not nearly as much as I planted but it doesn't matter. Considering my black thumb, I'm rather pleased :)

Daisy has the beginnings of cradle cap so Chris and I washed her head last night with the special stuff in order to nip it in the bud. It's the first time we've used the baby bath, usually one of us just takes her into the bathtub. But she enjoyed everything and was perfectly fine with steps 1 and 2. Step 3, the shampoo and rinse, made her realize she was no longer happy and she was pretty fussy until we got her out of there. We wrapped her in a fresh from the dryer towel and dried her and dressed her as quick as we could but she had zero interest in forgiving us. It was close to bedtime so it makes sense. She basically ate and conked for the night right after. I wasn't sure I was able to get all the shampoo out so I'm kind of anxious to feel her hair whenever she decides to join the waking world this morning.

I've mentioned the hoike (hula show) that is next month. We were looking over the practice calendar for this month and found out that we have to have the money for the ten tickets we're responsible for in by the 14th. Then kept reading and saw that we have to purchase one of her costumes this month in addition to the adornments we already knew about. We had been pretty lax in our attitude toward the show and as we were reading all the info on it, realized we needed to start taking it more seriously immediately.

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

The playdate went well this morning, as usual. The girls went strong for 3 hours and were more than ready for more :) Daisy started off charming, but then turned into a glaring baby who refused to acknowledge anyone. Actually, she was acting rather odd most of the day. Well, as odd as a baby can act anyway. Chris has a cold right now so we're wondering if she's running a mild virus and it's affecting her. She and I napped this afternoon and she woke up crying and it very quickly escalated to screaming, she fell back asleep while eating and woke up crying 10 minutes later. Just odd. She's down for the night now though, so hopefully she'll sleep off whatever is bothering her.

Let me tell you, that little baby is strong. We had her leaning back on pillows and she was trying so hard to pull herself into a sitting position. Later in the day she was leaning back on Chris's lap and she did. She went from laying back to a complete sitting position simply by using her back and stomach muscles. She cried from the exertion of that little accomplishment though. She can also roll onto her side and I think if she really tried she could actually flip over. She practically scoots when on her stomach but since she doesn't have the desire to go anywhere or try to get to a toy or something she only goes a couple of centimeters forwards or backwards.

I mailed off Tabitha's entry form to the fair yesterday. One of the competitions for kids is collections. She's entering "most unusual" and that will be her bouncy ball collection. I think she has a decent shot. The fair isn't until September, but that category fills up way fast so we mailed the entry form the day we received a post card telling us the forms were up online. She also wants to enter some of her art, but we have plenty of time to figure out what category and all that stuff so I'll just do another entry form later.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:51 PM PST

There is a beep in here. It's been driving me nuts for the last hour. I was thinking it was low battery from the smoke detector, but it didn't seem loud enough. None of the phones have low batteries either. My camera doesn't beep, the computer has no reason to emit this annoying sound. I need to keep looking around.

Hula ran long yesterday morning. I had good company and a sleeping baby though, so no big deal to me. Tabitha, however, was more than ready to go. She rarely walks out that door so quickly once class is over. There was also a little mishap involving her being moved to the back during one number. She did not take kindly to that so we talked the whole way home. She didn't argue with the auntie who moved her, at least. See, Tabitha treats adults the same as she treats children, as her peer. So it is a minor miracle that she didn't argue. Anyway, she wasn't happy about it, I don't know why she was moved so I couldn't even focus on that aspect of the whole thing, we just about how it doesn't matter where you stand and why she feels this need to be in the front the whole time and so forth. I don't know if any of it will make an immediate difference, but I know some of it has sunk in and hopefully she'll be able to draw upon some of the seeds I planted to help her come to a peace about where she stands.

Once home I served up lunch and then my mom picked up Tabs so they could go to the Ramona Pageant since it was rained out last weekend. Daisy and I hung out all day until Chris came home in the late afternoon at which point he and Daisy hung out for awhile. Then we three hit Target for a few items before coming home for dinner and the Dodgers. It was a nice evening capped off by D doing that 10 hour sleeping thing again and T coming home hyped beyond belief due to being overtired. She has a playdate today so we'll see what kind of behavior we get. It should be fine as long as she doesn't wake up too early, but that's kind of wishful thinking.

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