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Sunday, June 27, 2004

I don't think I ever mentioned my new camera. Last month it started doing this thing where it beeped and gave me an error message everytime I turned it on. I would have to open the battery compartment, take out the battery, blow into the compartment so as to dislodge invisible dust, replace battery, close compartment door, turn on camera and completely miss whatever kodak moment I was trying to capture. After a week of this, we decided a new camera was necessary. Chris looked up our purchase history on the camera and it turns out we had bought the replacement warranty. Yay! Even better, it was set to expire in July so the camera chose a good time to break down. So off to the audio/video specialists store we went. Of course, they don't replace the camera with an identical model, becuase with technology, things always change and they no longer sell our old digital camera. We bought it 3 years ago, but it's actually a 2000 model because we bought it on close-out. Anyway, in 4 years, the technology has gone up and the price has gone down. Our old model was 1.3 mgs and standard stuff. The new camera is 3.2 mega-pixels, 3x optical zoom (plus digital zoom), and it has sound in movie mode. It is soooo much better than our old camera and it was free because we had the foresight to buy the replacement warranty 3 years ago :) The downside to this camera is it has so many settings and I don't know how to use them all so sometimes I get a couple fuzzy pictures whilst I learn to use it properly. Yesterday I got my first prints back that included some from the new camera and some from the old camera and I can really see a difference in the sharpness of the prints. Also, the new camera will make enlargements more clear. I'm very pleased with my new toy.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Today we went on a field trip to see some tidepools. We went a couple years ago, but Tabitha doesn't really remember so it was almost like a new experience for her. The rocks were a bit slippery, but thankfully, we all kept our balance and didn't have any spills. We saw a sea star that was very large, about the size of a salad plate, I would say. I've only seen them that size in aqariums before.

After we visited tidepools we went into the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. It was small but had very interesting exhibits. We browsed the gift shop on our way out and Tabitha picked out a sticky sea jelly yo-yo. Good use of 92¢ as she's been playing with it all day and is currently in the back yard playing with it still. I also found a couple books that we can use during lessons; one is on birds and one is on ocean life. A few pocket size activity books and a pop-up book rounded out our purchase.

Next stop was lunch and then browsing at Ports O' Call Village. Not as busy and full as when I was a kid, but not as dead as the last time we went either. We came home for a couple hours after that and then hit Ikea since Tabitha's living room table broke. We picked that up but I was sorely disappointed that the swing I wanted to get was out of stock. We also checked out dressers that might work for the baby and found a couple that we really liked.

Now, Chris is putting the table together while watching the Dodger game, Tabitha is in her room practicing singing for her future band, and I'm just reading a bit of email.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yesterday we did a little furniture shopping. My dresser has completely fallen apart and one drawer won't even open anymore. We were going to look into a replacement, but it's in the exact spot where I'll need to put the bassinet and eventually the crib. So we've decided to replace Chris's dresser with a much larger one for the both of us and replace his end table with a small dresser. Well, I found the larger dresser and fell in love with it. It's a gorgeous pine and really huge. I don't care for the drawer pulls, but those are so easy to replace that they won't factor into our decision. Anyway, it's a great price and the guy will cut us a deal on delivery since it's only one item. Considering we just went furniture shopping on a whim, I'm delighted that we found something. We didn't order it, because I didn't plan to buy yesterday and need to set some funds aside, but hopefully we can purchase it in the next month. Then it'll take two or three weeks before it comes in so I'll have to live with my current dresser until August. We did not care for the matching end tables, so we'll still need to find a small 3-drawer dresser for Chris's side of the bed, but pine won't be hard to match.

After my mil got off work yesterday, we all went and saw Around The World in 80 Days. It was highly entertaining and we had a good time. Tabitha enjoyed it, though she had to ask me a few questions every now and then. After the movie we went to Claim Jumper. Now, this is a restaurant we go to often, but I found it lacking yesterday. Some of the salads I got from the produce bar were bland and Tabitha's macaroni and cheese tasted like plain pasta and water. It wasn't the best experience we've ever had there, though the pizzas that Chris and my mil had were both very good according to them.

We got home a bit past Tabitha's bedtime, but it didn't seem very nice to just shuttle her off to bed, plus she hadn't really had dinner. So Chris and I watched Last Comic Standing while she ate some veggies and played on the floor in front of us. She ended up not going to bed until 10:00 but was up at 7:00 this morning so I'll probably get her to bed a bit early tonight, especially since we have a field trip tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yesterday was pretty typical for around here. We did the recycling then went to California Adventure for a little while. Chris got in the hot seat on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Play It! but didn't make it to the million point question. If you win, the prize is a Disney Cruise for 4. Needless to say, we'd really like Chris to win :) We did a few more things before Tabitha's cough seemed to kick in in full force. The child is not contagious, but sounds horrible and I just know people think we are dragging a truly sick child around. Oh well. I hope she sounds better by tomorrow since we have Mommy and Me.

After Disney, we stayed at home. Chris did a little yard work, Tabitha played in the back yard, I went on the great search for two missing CDs (never to be seen again, I guess). We ended the eveing with watching the Dodger game. Though I missed the end because I was sleeping on the couch while Chris sat next to me and watched them lose.

Today is one of those "blah" days. It's overcast and yucky and I'm really tired. I'm thinking yoga pants today. I'm not big enough to need maternity clothes, but my jeans are all too tight to be comfortable across my pelvis. So I'm down to one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of casual pants that I don't really wear on a regular basis. I think we're going to hit Old Navy later this week and see about getting me a couple pairs of small maternity jeans to last me a bit longer.

Other than lessons today, I don't think the Tabster and I will be doing much.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

So far the day has gone pretty good. Tabitha came running in at exactly 6:28am to tell Chris Happy Father's Day. I decided to be a good wife and took the child out with me while he slept. After an hour, I started his breakfast. I decided to make him breakfast burritos because he absolutely loves those; pan-fried potatoes, soyrizo (veggie chorizo), scrambled eggs, refried beans and cheese all wrapped in a giant flour tortilla. He woke up just before I was done and was happily surprised. Tabitha gave him his card and hat that she made for him before he got a chance to eat. I also gave him a card and gift. See, he has an old Swatch Watch from the '80s. He hasn't worn it in years, certainly not since I've known him. The band is broken and the battery is dead, but he found out a few months ago that he can get the band replaced at the Swatch store. He's been talking about it ever since. So today I planned to take him to the store to pick out a new band. I wanted him to have something to open though, so I printed the directions to the store and rolled it up like a scroll and then put his old watch on the inside. He loved it and thought it was a great idea :) So after we were all ready we headed out to LA. We found the Swatch store right away and Chris went through their selection until he found a funky one he liked. They also sell batteries there so the salesgirl replaced that for him. She also did a real nice job buffing the face of the watch. After that, we walked around the shopping center for awhile before heading home. Right now, Chris is out shopping with his dad and then we'll go to an early dinner with him and my mil around 4:00pm.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Tabitha's minor cold has predictably turned into one nasty cough. It almost always follows the same pattern- runny nose for two days, stuffy nose for one day, horrific cough for a week. She's only on day three of her cough so she's at the worst of it. She sleeps with a humidifier, waterless vaporizer, loads of cough syrup and vapo-rub on her chest. She has trouble falling asleep, but once she's out, at least she sleeps peacefully until the morning when she resumes sounding like she's trying to expel a lung from her little body.

Last night I went to a Discovery Toys party. I've always liked their products and was hoping I could find something for Tabs and something for the baby. But I did not enjoy the way this party was done. The consultant did "games" instead of just demo'ing the products. With the amount of people that were there, it just made it drag on forever. Plus, I didn't like the way she described the products. She way overhyped the educational aspect of the toys and would say things like, "When you play this game with your kids, they don't even realize they are learning something" as if we should all be proud of ourselves for tricking our children into an education. What's wrong with kids knowing they are learning? Kids love to learn new things. It's drudgery that turns them off of learning, not the knowledge that they are learning something new. Miss Tabitha asks me on an almost daily basis to do lessons, no matter how sick she is or how nauseas I feel. You know why? Because it's fun to discover and learn new things that you never knew before, that's why! Not because I trick her with some game. Learning is fun, and it can be done with anything, not just toys that were designed with some special purpose. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the products and Tabitha has always loved her toys that came from Discovery Toys, I just think it was all presented incorrectly. If you're having fun with your kids, they will learn, regardless of the toy. And if they are learning, they are having fun, even when they know they are learning.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'm still suffering from an acute lack of motivation in just about everything, so updates here may continue to be sparse for awhile.

We haven't been doing much of anything, both due to my aforementioned lack of motivation and also we're trying to get Tabitha over her little cold. Last night though, we did attend my sister's high school graduation. That was pretty cool. I thought I'd cry more as I really had to try hard to control myself when she graduated 8th grade, but I think I was just too uncomfortable and cold. Thank goodness for her smart brain, since she graduated summa cum laude she was the 11th to get her diploma as opposed to us waiting until they got to the Z's to see her go on stage.

Today we have the first day of summer session of Mommy and Me class. Summer session is only 6 weeks, so we're almost done forever. We don't really have any other plans this summer. She won't be going to horse camp, since she stopped lessons, and it looks like Michaels cancelled their craft camp. I dropped the ball and never signed her up for swimming lessons. I'm sure Toys R' Us will have their Camp Geoffrey again, so we'll probably go to those activities. But the only thing Tabitha is signed up for is Natural History Museum class and that's not until August.

In baby news, I'm 8 weeks along today. We finally received our new insurance cards so I made my dr.'s appt. It's not until July 5th though, because he just doesn't feel the need for early appts. One reason why I like my dr. is because he doesn't consider pregnancy a medical condition that is cause for lots of appts. and tests. He just treats it as the natural condition that it is. So I'll be 10.5 weeks when I have my appt. and I'm hoping we'll be able to hear the heartbeat at that point. That would just thrill Tabitha to no end, I'm sure. Other than that, I'm just plugging along. I feel nauseas quite a bit, but I never actually get sick. The exhaustion has pretty much gone away, but I still have no desire to do much more than read or watch tv. I don't have very exciting pregnancies :)

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Chris found a Krispy Kreme coupon in his Sports Illustrated for a free dozen donuts with purchase of one dozen. He and the child got dressed in record time and will soon be home with 24 donuts. Not sure what the day holds for us. Tabitha is running a mild cold and I have a constant run down feeling so no big plans. Perhaps a little shopping and/or a little Disney. We have the whole day ahead of us :)

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Check out the most recent pic over there on the right.

Two lines.

Yep, I'm havin' a baby.


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Monday, June 7, 2004

Tabitha has been really wanting to see the Electrical Parade at California Adventure. It only runs on the weekends right now, so we headed down there last night to see it. When we walked into Adventure, there were already people sitting down even though there was an hour and 15 minutes until the parade start time. So we sat. It was cold, but the pavement had retained all the heat of the day so it was like sitting on an electric blanket, lol (minus the softness, of course). We're used to waiting an hour, but this was a little longer and I knew Tabi was cold, so I went to their book store and bought a princess coloring and activity book. It was chock full of activities which is important, because Tabitha rarely colors. She loves to draw and color on blank paper, but she's not into coloring books. So she passed the time doing crossword puzzles (which she's very into right now) and word searches and such. She was sitting next to another litter girl, and since she was also 5, they were the best of friends within 5 minutes. So the two of them oohed and aahed over the parade together and wore out their arms waving to all the characters.

Not much on the agenda for today other than lunch with my mil. Just hanging around and doing whatever, I guess.

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Sorry for the site being gone for yesterday. It always happens this time of year because I forget to renew my domain registration. Also, if anyone sent me an email yesterday, I didn't get it. But everything is up and running now.

I took Tabitha to her gardening class yesterday. It was the last one until October and they had a harvest party where they got to eat all the veggies and herbs they've been planting throughout the year. They even ate edible flowers! When I went to pick her up, all the kids were given a bag and they were able to go into the garden and pick some stuff to bring home. So we have a green pepper, some string beans, mint and there was also Australian spinach, but Tabitha ate that in the car on the way home. As usual, she made a new friend and made such an impact on this child, that she insisted on introducing Tabitha to her mother. It's a shame they won't see each other until the fall.

After class, we came home and had lunch and Chris came home a bit early. We ran a couple errands and then after dinner we all settled into my bed and watched Shrek. Tabitha had never seen it since it's not exactly a kids' movie. She enjoyed it last night as did Chris and I since it's been so long since we've seen it. Tabitha is still unsure if she wants to see Shrek 2 though. I guess something in the commercial bothers her, but I've never seen the commercial so I don't know what. She never ceases to confuse me, though. Last month had her begging to see Van Helsing, and this month she's a bit afraid of something in the Shrek 2 commercial. Oh well, as always, I'll just follow her lead as to what is best for her.

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Friday, June 4, 2004

Tabitha has decided to end her horse riding lessons for the time being. I had cancelled last week's lesson to give her a break, and she didn't even notice. On Wednesday we had a chat and I mentioned she had a lesson the next day and she said "Oh." very unemotionally. Now compare that to when I told her she has gardening class on Saturday and her response was "I do? Yay!" So we talked about riding lessons for a good while. She wants to ride a horse, but she's not thrilled with the brushing and taking care of the pony. She says her lessons exhaust her. I told her she is always welcome to start them back up in the future if she wishes.
Right now she's very focused on learning an instrument. She keeps bringing it up over and over, so I think it is something she actually does want to do. Now to find her an instructor. I need to overcome my laziness and take care of this. I've also been informed of a homeschooling gymnastics class and have been trying to get more info, but their website has been down for a week. We may just have to drive out there and pick up a schedule.

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Thursday, June 3, 2004

I watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on Tivo today and they were eating chocolate cake. That just put me in the mood for cake. So Tabs and I grabbed our shoes and headed to the store for some chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting. It won't be ready to eat for awhile as I just pulled them out of the oven, but I cannot wait. And the house smells divine. In the meantime, Chris and I are taking turns playing golf on the Game Cube.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

We went on a field trip today with Mommy and Me class. It was a farm tour that we visited two years ago, but it was in a different location this year. The location was treeless, hot and dusty, but Tabitha and her giggly friends enjoyed petting chickens, camels and the like.

Chris finished up at work early so came home not long after us. We went to Target to put a dent in my birthday gift card. We were there longer than I anticipated so by the time we checked out, we were all more than ready to come home. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent doing this and that, including computer games, tv watching, card games, playing with magnetix and Care Bears. Typical family stuff :)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Grab a drink and sit back, because this recounting of my birthday weekend is sure to take a while to read :)

Friday, Tabitha was picked up by my mil and I started packing for the weekend. I knew I wasn’t coming home that night, but it was a surprise of exactly where we were staying. After Chris got home and packed we headed out to our hotel. This part of the weekend was arranged by our friend Richard as a birthday and Mother’s Day gift to me. It turns out that we stayed at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA. If you ever watched the show in the ‘80s entitled It’s a Living then you know what the hotel looks like as it was the setting for the show. In fact, it’s appeared in many movies in one capacity or another. As we walked from the valet parking to the registration desk, the hallway is lined with movie posters in which the hotel has made an appearance. The elevator we used had a little sign informing us that it was in the movie True Lies. Speaking of the elevator, we rode it to the 29th floor where our room was located. The elevator went very fast because it stops only at every other floor. Also, it goes outside and we could see Dodger Stadium from the elevator. Anyway, I can’t begin to do our room justice. One entire wall was glass looking out to downtown. The décor of the room was non-descript, but the bed was incredible. So many layers of bedding made it very inviting looking and I did lay down for a while just being more comfortable than I’ve ever been before. They call it “The Heavenly Bed” and actually sell all the bed linens (as well as the towels, showerhead and robe) and in the catalog they show your how to make the same thing at home with layer after layer. After we oohed and aahed for long enough we headed downstairs.
There are 4 levels of shopping and restaurants so we wanted to walk around a bit. Many restaurants were actually closed as they cater to the business crowd and all the cooperate offices. But some were open, as were a few shops, and we debated whether or not to eat there. We opted to head to the Dodger Game instead. There was other stuff I wanted to do, so after 5 innings, we headed out.
Next we went to Hollywood and Highland where KROQ broadcasts on Friday evenings. Sometimes they have in-studio guests, but this past Friday they were just giving out concert tix. I’ve been holding out on buying blink-182/ No Doubt tickets in the hopes of winning some but they didn’t have any on Friday. We talked with J, one of the guys that has been working all the KROQ events we’ve been going to lately, and he said they might have them at a later time and to just keep showing up. We were surrounded by 16 year olds, so we didn’t stay long after we chatted with J.
I decided I wanted to get a Build a Bear because Tabitha never gets the outfits I like for her own bears, lol. The place was completely deserted but they were open. I chose my bear and did the ritual and ended up choosing a Snow White outfit.
After Build a Bear, we went to Pinks for their incredible veggie dogs. Being Friday night, the line was a good 45 minutes long, but oh so worth it. We stuffed ourselves silly before heading back to our hotel.
I was exhausted so we went right to bed. We left the curtains open so I could see the lights all night long. The sun woke me at 5:00am, but not enough to make it worth my time to get out of bed and close the drapes. We slept until 8:30 which is a luxury for me considering I’m usually up by 6. I decided to take advantage of their “Heavenly” shower and it really was pretty cool with a dual shower head. While I was showering and getting ready, Chris spent the morning watching a movie scene being filmed in the street below our room which I guess justifies all those movie posters in the hallway downstairs.
The rest of Saturday was rather uneventful. We stopped at home, then drove out to Palm Desert to join my in-laws and Tabitha. Once there, they all went back to the pool and Chris and I went in search of lunch. Relaxation and a Target trip rounded out the rest of the afternoon. That evening, we had dinner at the country club for my birthday. After dinner, my in-laws went to an Indian casino, so Chris and I rented a DVD to watch after we put Tabs to bed. We ended up with Anything Else because the cast sounded fantastic. It was a Woody Allen movie and he was in it along with Jason Biggs, Cristina Ricci, Stockard Channing and Danny Devito. It was a typical Woody Allen movie and we both enjoyed it.
Sunday, we left the condo early and headed to The Living Desert. The last time we were there was two years ago and it was 106º so this time we were more prepared. The temp didn’t break 100º but we still only stayed a little less than 2 hours. By the time we left, Tabitha was showing signs of too much heat despite our best efforts to keep her protected and hydrated. We then went in search of a vegan restaurant that we’d eaten at in Westwood. We found the restaurant, but unfortunately, they are closed on Sundays. So we had a decidedly un-vegan meal (though still vegetarian, of course) at Denny’s.
We made a couple quick stops at a mall and Hadley’s Fruits and then came home.
Monday was my actual birthday. Tabitha started off the morning by handing me the card she made and also a present that she picked out and asked Chris to get me. She chose a charm bracelet from Disneyland and a Z charm. Tabitha has a charm necklace and she liked the idea of me having something similar. I had specifically asked Chris not to get me anything. I wanted to just pick out a couple things for myself and that all I needed from him was acknowledgement which I got from him tenfold. He went out of his way to make my weekend very special.
After Tabitha’s gift, we all got ready and headed out. First stop was Disneyland. I wouldn’t normally go to Disney on a Monday holiday, but I do like to go on my birthday so we compromised by going at park opening so we could beat the crowds. We rode the rides I wanted and did a bit of shopping. I picked out a Mickey balloons charm for my bracelet. We also popped into California Adventure for a few minutes. They give you a free bag of fresh tortillas on your birthday so we got those. Also, Tabitha got to meet Mushu since we missed him last time. By then it was time to head out.
On to the Dodger Game! They were giving away an Eric Gagné H2 diecast car to kids 14 and under. I knew Tabi would never give me hers, so I begged the girl handing them out and she gave me one for my birthday :) My birthday lunch consisted of nachos and cotton candy and was just right to celebrate being 30. We stayed 8 innings before we needed to get home because we had more plans. When we left the score was 2-0 Brewers and the Dodgers ended up winning 3-2 in ten innings, so clearly we are the problem and must not go to Dodger games anymore, lol.
We met my mom and sister at The Elephant Bar restaurant for dinner. There were a couple of small problems, but the meal itself was very good. My mom and sister gave me gift certificates to many different stores and also Disney Dollars all in increments of $30. I’ve always said the best gift in the world is the gift of shopping, lol. I’ll have lots of fun using all my gift cards. The Disney Dollars will be saved for Disney World in January.
Other gifts included the Haunted Mansion DVD from my mom and sis, season one of I Love Lucy on DVD from my grandmother, cash from my in-laws and Chris's grandmother for our Disney World fund, and a basket of flowers with a Happy Birthday balloon was delivered today from my best friend.
And that’s it! Everyone went to a lot of trouble to make it a great weekend and it really was fabulous.

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