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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yard work would be the predominant activity here at the abode. Yesterday we trimmed the front yard tree and the bushes on the side and I mowed the back yard. Today I mowed the front yard and raked like I've never raked before. Chris moved the extreme leaf pile into the green can and then edged the back yard. So much yard work to do and yet it has to be done a little at a time since our cans only hold so much. The trash was picked up today but we've already re-filled the yard waste can so we can't do any work until next Thursday at the earliest. While I was out raking this morning, I had both kids with me. I put Daisy in her exersaucer in the shade and Tabitha entertained us by playing with her jump rope and hula hoop.

Tabitha learned lower case z in cursive today and that puts her just one letter away from knowing the entire lower case alphabet. She pulled out my teacher's manual today and was reading it for the heck of it. She does love her cursive. Math was beyond easy today as it dealt with counting nickels and Tabitha knows all her money. She had a word find in her spelling and one of the words was left out. Tabitha, Chris and myself all looked for it and it simply wasn't there which is odd.

Tabitha went out this afternoon with my mil. They went to see the new Herbie movie. Chris and I kicked back with our chips, salsa and guacamole and played on the computer together. Now he's playing a baseball game in the living room while watching Daisy and I'm taking care of my hair while we wait for Tabitha to come home.

Forgive the drab posts, I'm feeling uninspired and I every time I sit down to type, I get interrupted and then just close the whole thing.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The crib is up. We even moved our bed and fit the crib next to my side. However, the room now looks horrible so I got out my tape measure and did some figuring because we most definitely need to change the whole room around. Hopefully next Monday. I also haven't done the bumper yet so I temporarily put Tabitha's old one in the crib to both shield baby eyes from the nightlight and prevent her from grabbing the bars in her sleep and banging her head as I saw her do during a nap today.

Tabitha has now learned x in cursive and practiced it today and very much looks forward to the rest of the week so she can finish the lower case letters. Math went quickly and then it was on to an experiment in our Solar System book. It was a demonstration of matter and it's many forms. She took ice (solid), melted it to water (liquid) and then heated it to water vapor (gas). Then she put the baggie of vapor back into the freezer to reverse the process. She found it entertaining, especially when I erroneously suggested she heat it a little longer and the bag made quite the popping sound in the microwave. Thankfully it was an easy experiment to start over :)

Today was Tabitha's first bowling class and boy did she love it. She scored 91 and her teammate scored 93 so they just mopped up the other five and six year olds. I stayed home to cook dinner but when Chris called to tell me they were on their way home I could hear Tabitha loud and clear just bouncing off the walls, of the car that is. It's for 12 weeks so it's a good long class. We're not sure if she'll always have the same teammate or if they'll rotate them. I'll probably go next week to watch.

Chris is currently out at an audition for a play. It was written by a friend of my bil's (I believe) and he and my bil are the producers. Just a little community show but something Chris will really enjoy if he gets the part. I hope he does because I know how much fun he'll have. He did some plays in junior high and perhaps one in high school? I forget.

So my kids are in bed and my husband is out. I'm alone. That is rare. I going to finish my blogging and then kick back with a Diet Coke and play with my poor, neglected Sims.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

As I said, we went to Disneyland on Friday. Yesterday, Chris and I dropped the kids with the in-laws and went to Disneyland by ourselves. The original plan was to go as early as possible, but that didn't work out so we didn't get to do what we wanted which was the thrill rides. We still decided to go and take care of our VMK quests. We did manage 3 rides so that was good too. Today we went again, with the kids and my mil. In the beginning, Tabitha and my mil separated from us and did a couple things together while Chris and I kept Daisy and went in search of our pics in the Happiest Faces on Earth collages. We used the video camera because it has a 25x compared to 3x on our camera. This way we were really able to find our pics and we'll just grab stills from the video to print up. While walking around we saw Snow White with her prince and we've never met him before. So we found out where they were going to be later so Tabitha could meet him. She's now up to 99 characters! While we were waiting for him to show up, Pinocchio came by and after posing for a pic with Tabitha, said hello to Daisy, whom Chris was holding. She loved him. Not a single picture I took shows how happy she was but she was most definitely not afraid. Then, to top it off, Honest John comes by and says hello to her and she was over the moon! She could not have been more happy to see someone. I was kind of surprised because she doesn't like everybody and tends to be a bit reserved around new people (not always, but usually) and he is a ginormous fox with a sorta-scary face. But she did not care, she really liked him. Makes me want to take her to see more characters, lol.

So we've been at Disneyland for most of the weekend and things around here have been pretty neglected and of course tomorrow is a busy day as well. Oh, the crib parts came today so we'll tackle it tomorrow for what I hope is the last time. Everyone, please cross your fingers that we actually get it set up this time.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Friday was interesting. Our plan was to take Chris to work and then go to Disneyland once we picked him up again. But what actually happened was a bit different. Chris and I both got up sometime in the five o' clock hour. One of us attends to Daisy while the other gets ready and then we switch. While I was feeding the baby, she just suddenly started screaming. I got her calm, switched with Chris and then she started screaming for him as well. We looked at her and her eyes were red and watery and she had a slight runny nose. So we figured she had a cold though we absolutely could not figure out how she had gotten one. I decided to go ahead and take Chris to work and then stop at Henry's to get some Hyland cold tablets. That part of the plan worked, but just as I finished paying, Daisy starts screaming again. I high-tailed it out of there with the girls and went to a more secluded area as quickly as possible. I fed her and she calmed, then screamed, then calmed, repeat. I held her up in front of me and really scrutinized her face and realized that only her left eye was actually red and watering. Her right eye was completely clear and fully open whereas she was only opening her left eye halfway. For whatever reason I was concerned it was pink eye so I called Chris and told him we needed to take her to doctor. I packed up the kids and we went back to get Chris. We were only 10 minutes away which was good because he got us an appt. within an hour. She slept in the car and I ruled out pinkeye because her face was clear while she slept, the tablets seemed to have helped and there wasn't any gunk in her eye. But I was still worried and as Chris and I discussed all her symptoms thought that perhaps something was actually *in* her eye.
Fast forward to the appt, the nurse sees the runny eye and the doctor comes in shortly. He was not Daisy's regular doctor and he made a horrible first impression on me. First thing he did was look at her chart and ask if she's getting her vax elsewhere. When I replied in the negative he then gave me a mini-lecture on how pediatricians highly support vaccinations and blah, blah, blah. Yes, I'm aware what pediatricians think. I'm researching and in the meantime, I don't expose her to anyone with smallpox, okay? I wonder what he'd think if he saw Tabitha's chart? Regardless, since I was there with a concern for my child, I wasn't pleased that he was going on about something that had nothing to do with the problem. In the end, it was determined that there was nothing there that he could see, but that there was probably a small allergen that was merely irritating her eye. He suggested Benedryl and for us to keep a watch on it. This was after he told me it was abnormal for a four and a half month old to ever shed actual tears. Here's a tip, don't call a child abnormal to the mother's face. He's wrong anyway, as it's not abnormal at all, so couple that with the lecture, being wrong about something else and not allaying my worries in any way and I will never take either of my children to this doctor again. The problem was he doesn't know me. I do not take my children to the doctor unless I'm very worried about them. So I felt it was a waste of my time.
However, we did keep a watch on the eye, did not give Benedryl but decided to stick with Hyland's, and it never really reddened again anyway. We gave her one or two more half doses of the tablets during the day, but only because the area was starting to look a touch pink, it never got as bad as the morning in color nor did it water at all. So who the heck knows? I'd say the doctor was right, which is good, at least, he just had a lousy bedside manner which is why I was still worried at the end of the appt. In any case, her eye has been fine ever since.
So, being the nuts that we are, we went to Disneyland that afternoon as previously planned. We met a new character, bringing our total up to 98. We stayed until after dinner and caught the new parade at California Adventure. Let me just say that I have never seen such a high-energy parade. Tabitha loved every single second of it and cannot wait to see it again. I had Daisy in the Baby Bjorn for the parade and was bouncing with her and she had a smile plastered to her face the whole time as well. Or so I'm told by Chris since I can't actually see her face in the front pack, lol.
So that was Friday.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thursday we shopped. That sentence pretty much sums up the entire day. Sure we got necessities at Target, but the rest of the day was just plain fun. We went to Babies R Us so I could grab my diaper bag and also a quilted sheet for the pack and play since Daisy will be in it for at least a week. Not to mention that's what she'll nap in when she's at my mil's. We then went to the mall to pick up a couple pictures I ordered. One of them was the one of Daisy on the clothes line and everyone in the store was just fawning over that shot saying how cool it was and stuff. One of the guys also loved the one of the girls in their Guns N Roses and Metallica shirts. While there we went to Children's Place so I could make use of a great coupon I had. I loaded up on stuff for Daisy since it was only good in the baby dept. Tabitha picked out a pair of sunglasses and some scrunchies for herself. Then it was off to Nordstrom to double check the price on the diaper bag I originally thought I wanted and sure enough, it's $155. But you know, it wasn't as good in practice anyway, and I'm still pretty sure it's made of silk, so no loss to me. While there we found the absolute perfect sun hat for Daisy. She has two, but neither is perfect and this one is definitely just right. After we finally made it out of the mall we went to Henry's to pick up some baby wipes, but they don't seem to carry the big refill packs and it just wasn't worth it. So, my kid will have to survive with Huggies until I get to Whole Foods. Then we hit Target (again), Old Navy (nada), and CompUSA to get some DVD-Rs. Then back to Old Navy (I was indecisive, still didn't get anything) and finally, back to Target again, lol. They are all in a row in a strip mall so it's not like we drove everywhere. I did finally get two shirts at Target, I was just being wishy-washy about what I wanted which is why I went back and forth between there and Old Navy. The shirts I decided on are a gray ringer shirt with Grumpy Bear, a dark cloud and the saying "Just Grin and Bear It." The other shirt is green, and boy do I mean green, but I couldn't pass up the saying "Bossy beyond belief." LOL Chris pointed it out to me, but he refrained from telling me I should get it. However, I've always said I'm aware of my faults and trust me, this shirt is accurate :)
We finally made it home after all that and Tabitha had a quick dinner of mac and cheese and baby spinach leaves and I fixed some egg rolls for Chris and I and we topped it off with cereal! LOL Gotta keep eating cereal in order to buy more to get Disney Wobblers. After dinner Tabitha and I worked on a puzzle she has going in the playroom and then off to bed for her. Chris and I then watched 30 Days before bed.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today was about teeth. Daisy's must have been bugging her again because she was still clingy. Very sweet to hold her with her head on my shoulder. I love that and hope she's decided she likes that position and it will continue. Tabitha's front left tooth was hanging on by a thread. A few hours of talking with Chris and she finally let him pull it out and she then didn't even realize when he did it. So the tooth fairy shall be paying us a visit tonight.

We took a trip to the mall so Chris could use the last of his Father's Day money on a DVD burner. Now the fun starts with the editing of our videos. Other than that, not much went on here today.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today is almost over and I don't even want to think about it anymore. Let's just say the crib situation got worse, as did both of my children's dispositions.

So back to yesterday. We went out after Daisy's morning nap and our first stop was the party store. We decided a supply of balloons was neccessary around here. Tabitha picked out a handful and then we walked over to Target while Chris drove the car over. This avoids the hassle of the car seats and makes it so we don't have to walk a long way back to the car. I had brought the Baby Bjorn so I strapped Daisy on, took Tabitha's hand and we were off. Target was only a quick stop and then we went to Babies R Us. There I found my diaper bag. I'm glad we researched online though so I knew it was faux suede because I wouldn't have known otherwise. I didn't buy it because I was trying to decide between two and still considering going to a baby boutique. However, I've since decided exactly which one I'll be getting. You can see it here. I'll probably head there tomorrow or Thursday to pick it up.

Once we were home from errands and had lunch (we won't talk about the salsa I spilled all over the dining room carpet), Chris and I worked in the front yard. First I mowed, then he edged, then we worked together to get it all cleaned up. Then it was massively quick showers for both of us as we had early dinner plans with my mil. We went to Macaroni Grill which opened here less than a year ago. I love that restaurant and am very glad there is one so close now. Dinner was superb, both children were fabulous, it was just a nice evening out.

I walked when I got home, but only half my normal walk. After my shower I played a game with Tabitha and then became a video game widow. Chris used his received Father's Day money to buy a new game for the Game Cube. It's a sports game so I don't play. Guess our days of VMK are over. I actually replied to some emails last night, which is pretty much what I'm doing tonight as well, I guess. Soon I'll be eating Ben and Jerry's though as that's what Chris just went out to find, yum!

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The crib has turned into my nemesis. As a recap, we took down the crib with the intention of setting it up two Sunday's ago. Turn's out we were missing a wheel and 8 long screws. Chris calls on Monday and gets a busy signal for hours on end. He calls on Tuesday and they tell him they need to know the country the crib was manufactured in. Problem is it's not stamped on the crib anywhere. He calls again and is successful in his quest. Now we wait.
Yesterday, package arrives. Written on the outside is our order. Enclosed on the inside would be the screws, no wheel.
Don't care, going to set it up anyway, we'll order the wheel again.
At 3:00am this morning, I watched my baby, in her sleep, mind you, roll onto her side, grab the edge of the bassinet and hook a leg over the edge as well. Scary. Crib will absolutely be set up today and that's all there is to it.
Except, today I have a baby who is either having teeth pain or is coming down with something. She is whiny and clingy, two things this baby is not. She actually just wants me to hold her. I know, that's normal, right? Nope. She only likes to be held facing out so she can see what's going on in a normal day. This leaves me with one hand free. Today she wants to face me and even lays her head on my shoulder. This is not my baby. She's acting all cuddly, which is sweet and I really love, but coupled with the whining and my attempt to build a crib so she can safely sleep, and it's just not the best timing. She also is only staying awake for an hour at a time instead of two hours. Since the crib can only be built in our bedroom, I can't just build it while she sleeps. I also can't get the bassinet out of our room without taking it apart, so I can't put her in another room to sleep.
However, I have managed to get some done when baby let me put her down on my bed with me right there and Tabitha sitting on the bed with her. This is where I find out we're missing the guide rails for the side of the crib that goes up and down.
Excuse me while I scream.
I quickly called Chris who just happened to be on hold with the company so he could order those parts as well. So I guess it's another week before we have them. In the mean time, for her naps I have to keep an eagle eye on the monitor to make sure she's not trying to climb out and at some point, I have to take apart all that I managed to put together and take it out of our room. Daisy will be sleeping in the pack and play until next week, I guess. Oh, but that's at my in-laws' so now we'll have to go and get it.
I have good things to say about yesterday, but that will have to wait :-/

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Chris took Tabitha out to breakfast this morning starting a new tradition with her. We're going to take turns taking her to breakfast alone and I'll also add in big family breakfasts at home that I'll cook. The kid needs a bit more non-sister time. It's something we've talked about before, but it's become more apparent lately just how neccessary it really is. She gets one-on-one with me, but it's always shopping and there's no set time for that. With Chris, it's the car rides to and from hula. But since I take her to hula too, again, there's not a set pattern. So now, every week either Sunday or Monday, one of us takes her to breakfast and just listens to her jabber, I mean, have a conversation with her :)

Now we've got the little one asleep, the big one is in the playroom and Chris and I are contemplating what we're going to do. I'm thinking a little clean-up and then we'll head out when Daisy wakes up. Of course, this will probably turn into her 2 hour nap and then it will be lunch time and we won't get out of here until 1pm.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today was nice. Chris was pleasantly surprised by his gifts. One thing I had done was buy Daisy a onesie tha said "Daddy's Girl" and when she woke up I pulled it out of it's hiding place and got her dressed without him knowing and then presented her to him. He thought that was cute. Chris also enjoyed his breakfast that I made for him. I had a small burrito myself and it was rather tasty, if I do say so :)

We had dinner at a friend's house with their family and my mil was there as well. My fil is in Vegas with my bil so we didn't see him even though it's Father's Day. There were two kids for Tabi to play with so she had a grand old time. Daisy had trouble sleeping with the noise generated by so many people, but she wasn't cranky about it or anything. She smiled at the right people and was a general doll.

Our diaper bag got something yucky on it and we're not sure what. All we know is everytime we pick it up, we get black stuff all over us. I haven't been pleased with it's functionality (or lack thereof as the case may be) so this kind of gave me the perfect excuse to purchase a new one. I looked up a designer line on the internet tonight that I fell in love with when I saw one hanging off someone's stroller at Disneyland one day. I'd been meaning to look it up and kept forgetting. They sell it at boutiques and places like Nordstrom's so Chris and I were figuring around $85. Nope, $155! Um, no thanks. We finally found the materials listed and it's made out of silk anyway, which we don't purchase, so it's a definite no go. We did more research online and we might hit the baby boutique and/or Babies R Us tomorrow to see what we see. We saw a few other ones that we like, well, I like, as I'm definitely looking at a bag for me, not a gender neutral one that either of us could use. Let's hope I can find them in the store to look over as I will not buy a diaper bag without really being able to go through it.

We were going to go to Disney tomorrow, but Tabitha needs more sleep. We cancelled all our plans from last Friday through today, though we did go to the dinner party. The kid just needs a break after all her hard work in hula. She will not resume hula until our halau is back from their competition the first weekend of July. She's not missing much as the focus right now is on the competition teams, though she's a bit miffed because she's missing a few weeks. But I know this is best for her right now.

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Chris did come home at a great time yesterday so Tabitha and I hopped into the car and went to the mall. We found Chris a belt and a few shirts and then headed to Target and lastly the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for his breakfast today. I'll be making him breakfast burritos with potatoes, beans, eggs, cheese and soyrizo. Only thing is he'll have to take care of Daisy while I'm cooking, unless she heads back to bed. I forgot salsa though so hopefully I'll get Daisy down before anyone else gets up (she should nap around 7) and then I can quickly get dressed and run to the store. My plans that revolve around people sleeping don't usually work though, so we'll see.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tabitha brought home her "All About Me" book from Daisies last week. One page struck me as pretty cute. It was a fill in the blank and the part Tabitha wrote is in bold:

School is Cool

I go to school at Home
I am in the 2 grade
My teacher's name is Tara Zandra
I am room # Dining room
I sit at table # 1
My favorite subject is Writting [sic]
At recess I like to play Hula hoop
My friends are My sis
I like school because Everything

Made me laugh to read that she's in room # dining room, lol. She had to improvise a bit to make it fit her, obviously. The book was started last October and she printed everything she wrote. But the stuff that is more recent is completely cursive. Her cursive is so much better than her printing, it's kind of comical. Her printing will be all over the place and her cursive is neat little rows. Maybe I'll pop in on someone and use their scanner so I can show you an example of her work. It's so freaking impressive, to me anyway :)

Chris didn't get home until 6:15 last night for various reasons. Ugh. Since I like to leave for my walk at 6:30, I opted to stay home so I could spend time with us as a whole family. I'll get out tonight though, especially since I probably won't tomorrow night. But we got the kidlets off to bed and Daisy had a regular night of 9 hours. That hasn't happened in a week, darn teething. Let's hope she's back to normal because I cannot handle these two or three times a night like it's been. Sure I did it with Tabitha for years, but I was younger then ;) After the kids were off, we watched 30 Days which is a new series by Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did Supersize Me. It was extremely interesting and we look forward to each week's episode.

Not much going on today. I'm hoping Chris will get home a smidgen early so Tabitha and I can run to Target and the grocery store, but I'll settle for on time as opposed to later than normal.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I've been meaning to mention that my fil won a gift basket in the raffle at the ho'ike. Guess what was inside? Hula implements! So Tabitha now has a gorgeous set of uli-ulis with feathers (she already has a plain set for practice), pu'ilis and kala'aus. Not to mention there was an autographed cd and photo from Bulla and an autographed photo from Augie T. There was also a pair of thongs in my size! I still need to wrap them in fleece though like Tabi's. Everything came in a nice beach tote.

Daisy has a second little ridge to go with her first one. Very different from Tabitha who didn't have teeth and then one day had two teeth. None of this slow growth stuff for her. But Daisy's are taking their sweet time, so she isn't the happiest of babies right now. We hit Henry's last night to grab some Hylands teething tablets in the hopes of the child getting some relief. We also stocked up on their exceptional produce and Chris and Tabitha made the rounds to the sample stations. My little healthy eater doesn't like the caramel and just ate the apple piece, lol. She's so funny like that. Tabitha is just amazing when it comes to food. She'll try anything, but she's not real big on combinations. She likes food in it's natural state. She loves to chomp on baby spinach, whole carrots, red pepper, cucumber skins and parsley. All of that uncooked. The only veggie she eats cooked is broccoli and even then, she often wants it raw. She eats all kinds of berries, except blue, plus grapes, apples, pineapple and watermelon. I cook whatever veggie I want for Chris and I and then I can just give a handful of one of her preferred veggies as a side for Tabitha's dinner. No extra work, no stress that she's not eating right. I'm only sorry I wasted two years worrying about what she didn't eat instead of taking a step back and seeing what she does eat. Why should I force zucchini on her when it's easier for everyone to put baby spinach or grapes on her plate? She re-tries stuff every few months just to see if her tastes have changed. We learned last week that she most definitely still does not like pear. The face she made was great. But she's recently started eating pineapple after not liking it for years. So she's open to trying things more than once, which is probably the best attitude she could have towards food.

Didn't really mean to go off on that little tangent, lol. We bought two more boxes of Kellogg's cereal today and finally got our first Disney wobbler duplicate. A few people have been finding my site recently by searching Disney Wobbler, so I want to put out there that if you collect them and want to set up possible trades, even if you don't have any duplicates now, feel free to email me (the email address is in the right column).

Last night we did not play VMK or Sims. Instead I filled out my application to become a Brownie co-leader. I'm waiting on one person's reply to my email asking for info and then I'll send it off. I don't necessarily have the best feeling about it. I want to do it, especially because my friend who would be the actual leader, will make a fabulous leader and it would be very fun to work with her. Not to mention that Tabitha really wants me to do it. I want to do it too, for that matter, but my last encounter with someone within was less than pleasant so we'll see.

I'm supposed to be off for my walk in a couple minutes so I'll sign off here.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I had a request to share pics of both my kids at the same age. Let me start by saying that I didn't get a digital camera until Tabitha was 11 months old. All my pics on disc of her before then are scanned pics and I over-edited them so their quality stinks, quite frankly. Her eyes come out odd in most of them. I'm without a scanner now, so I can't rescan any.
Secondly, my children look nothing alike. I know there are family members who want to believe Daisy looks just like Tabitha did, but she doesn't. Trust me, these pics will prove it. A couple months ago I was looking through old pics of Tabitha and swore they could be Daisy. So we took pictures of Daisy in the same pose, same outfit. She vaguely looked liked Tabitha, but not really.
So, the first pic is both girls at 3 months and the second pic is both of them smiling, at around 4 months.

3 month T
3 month D
4 month T4 month D

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Chris was able to get us all set up with the crib company so our missing parts should be here next week. I hope Daisy can deal with the bassinet that long, she really is too big for it. I wonder where those pieces from the crib went? It's odd that they aren't with the rest of the hardware for the bed. I was realizing this morning that I'll have to exchange the crib sheets I bought the other day in light of the new color scheme. I don't think the pink flowered one will go very well with light green.

Daisy woke up yesterday with one heck of a diaper rash. It didn't seem to actually bother her, at least, but it looked horrible. We alternated keeping it covered in cream with naked time yesterday and it looks so much better this morning. Now the area is just a faint pink as opposed to bright red like yesterday. Her tooth has affected her thumb sucking it seems as she won't suck her thumb to sleep anymore. In general that seems like a yay as thumb sucking isn't necessarily the best thing in the world. However, if she doesn't suck her thumb, she can't soothe herself to sleep and that really cheeses her off. She's been waking several times when we put her down and then she's just not happy and the crying commences. Hopefully today will go better because the baby needs her sleep.

Tabitha and I started back up to lessons yesterday. We always start off with cursive and she did her page and then wanted to do more so she did half of the next page as well. Since it happens to be review pages right now, it really worked out. It took us longer than normal, but I attribute that to having to get lessons back into our daily routine.

After Chris was home, Tabitha declare it Daddy-Tabi time so they went to the playroom and made puppets for a while. We had the Dodger game going and enjoyed dinner with it in the background, something that is never done here. But we can't see the TV from the table so it was akin to having the radio on in the background. We decided to skip Kid's Club last night which initially distressed the child, but we offered her the alternative of family game playing and she was all for that. We chose Uno Attack which Tabitha received for Christmas and we hadn't actually played yet. It was pretty fun. We played three hands and we each won one hand, though we rigged the last game because it took so long and it was past Tabitha's bedtime. I could see her card, so we made sure the appropriate wild was played and color picked.

Once she left us, Chris and I played VMK for awhile. We had fun but I'm going to have to pass tonight as I'm exhausted today. It's only 7:20 and I need a nap. Of course, I've been up 2 hours so it's not that surprising.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Chris and Tabitha did the recycling yesterday and it did take two trips and actually needs a third. But they weren't accepting glass yesterday because the bin was full, so we figured we'll make that third trip in a couple days when we can take the glass too.

I did take Tabitha's bedding up to Children's Orchard. Waste of my time, it turns out. There are 6 pinpoint size brownish spots on the underside of the comforter. They don't show under my lights at home because I inspected every piece, but that's why they examine the stuff under flourescents. So I was told to try and get the spots out and if I can to feel free to bring them back, no appt. needed.

After lunch we packed up and went out browsing. We stopped at a kids furniture place that has a really cool display that we can see off the freeway and I've been wanting to check it out forever. We found Tabitha's next bed. Completely ridiculous, unnecessary and ostentatious. We're going to try and find a way to get it for her next year. We're crazy folk, what can I say?

Next stop was the fabric store so I could see what fabrics I could find to match the vision in my head. Instead I found the absolute two perfect fabrics and completely changed the design on the spot. The main fabric is a gorgeous green toile. Man how I love toile. My stroller sports a black and white toile. Toile. Toile. Toile. It makes me smile just to say the word :) Anyway, the depicted scene on the toi....anyway, the scene is of children playing in a park with a few bunnies running about. The scene could not get anymore perfect to go into the garden room. The accent fabric is a soft white chenille with a texture of raised dots. Totally scrumptious. I'm so freaking excited to make this. I didn't have any measurements as I had gone with the intention of finalizing my ideas so I didn't actually buy any. When I went to look at batting I saw that they sell packaged batting designed to make crib bumpers. Not the most cost effective way to go, but I went with it anyway for ease. At the very least, I have exact measurements now. I'll have to tweak the pattern a bit as it came with 6 bumpers and you're supposed to put two separate on each long side. Not what I want. I'll figure it out though, I'm sure.

In more crib news, Chris called no less than a zillion times yesterday and the crib company was constantly busy. He tried both their 800 and their toll number. Busy. So he called early this morning on the way to work and got through. They said no problem and he just needed to tell them in what country the crib was manufactured. He didn't have that info. So he had to hang up and call me so I could go look. It doesn't say. The place they said to look says a whole lot of things, but a country is not one of them. Not sure what to do now. He was going to call them back with some other info to see if that would help, but I haven't heard from him so I don't know if he couldn't get through or if the info just wasn't enough.

Once we were home from browsing we played Sims for awhile before I got dinner going. Tabitha played in the kiddie pool during that time. After dinner I dealt with one child's behavior while Chris tried to put a non-cooperative one down for a late nap. After that I headed out for my walk. I'm trying to go earlier so that I'm done with my shower and post-shower activities at a decent hour. Once we got the kids in bed, I sat to write for awhile, then Chris and I played VMK until 10 and then Sims again before heading to bed. All our time is revolving around the virtual world, lol. Oh well, at least we play together and aren't focusing on different activities in different parts of the house. Besides, we're having fun, that's the important thing :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:15 AM PST

Monday, June 13, 2005

Yesterday morning started off with an earthquake. A nice size 5.6 about 120 miles south east of us. Baby was asleep and Chris was too. He got up and went to her, but she never woke and it wasn't big enough to warrant getting her up out of bed. I took Tabitha with me, but the shaking stopped before we ever got out of the living room, so no big deal. I told her that was an earthquake and she got kind of weepy saying she didn't know we had earthquakes in Ca. Considering she knows all about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, I thought that was odd and told her she knew that San Fran was in CA and her response was "Yeah, but that's San Francisco!" We talked a bit more and she was calm fairly quickly and she now realizes it's no big deal. It's not her first earthquake, but it's the first in her memory.

After Chris was up he had to run an errand and once he was home again I handed him both children and went back to bed as I was just exhausted. So I woke up close to noon. Bizarre. I got dressed and once again ditched him with the kids and went out on some errands. We need to set up the crib for Daisy and I needed things like a mattress cover and sheets and I wanted to look at bedding. I can't find anything I like that isn't $200 so I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to sew the bumper to my liking. I know what I want and since rectangles are my specialty, I know I can do it. I'll get a solid colored dust ruffle to match and then we'll see what I do about a comforter. They are so useless anyway and kind of a pain in the arse. But my kid also does not need another blanket. So many wonderful people made her blankets that she has quite the collection.

One of the places I went looking for bedding was Children's Orchard, which is a consignment shop. They didn't have anything I liked, but I decided to make an appointment to bring in Tabitha's old bedding. I have the comforter, dust ruffle, two valances, bumper, sheet and lamp shade. Hopefully I can get a nice little something and I'll use that to buy material. I don't want to keep it and use the same bedding for Daisy. Daisy already has a hand me down crib and exersaucer and some clothing. I want the bedding to be something I pick out just for her, like we did for Tabitha. I'll keep it in the garden theme since she will be in the garden room next year. I'm thinking lady bugs and flowers, probably daisies, because really, who could resist?

When I got home we started taking down the crib and turns out we're missing one wheel and a set of the screws. It's only been in storage for 2 years since it was also a toddler bed so we've had them recently. Chris is going to call the customer service today to see about the replacement parts and hopefully they can get them out to us soon, other wise we might go hunting at Home Depot for the right things. So, the crib set up has been delayed.

Dinner occured and then we cranked up i-tunes and went outside. Tabitha swung (swang? swinged?) while Chris and I sat and talked with Daisy on my lap watching Tabitha and the dog. Daisy was positively entralled with Tabitha all day and laughed at her constantly for no reason whatsoever. She always has given her a positive response, as long as Tabi didn't try and hold her. But now she even tolerates that. Daisy started the bedtimes fussies at 7:40 and Chris had decided to take her so he left and I used the bubble wand for awhile before Tabitha begged for it, lol. Then it was shower and bed for her, ao both kids in bed by 8:15, woo-hoo! Chris and I then played a new game on the internet called Virtual Magic Kingdom. It's an online interactive game by Disney set inside what could me Disneyland or Magic Kingdom in Florida. It's not quite either one of them, though the castle is Sleeping Beauty which is here. We had made our character a while ago but this is the first time we could sit down and play. It's still in beta mode so there's a lot of walking around with nothing to do. But what we could do was fun and I cannot wait until it is 100% done in July because they are going to tie it into real life quests at Disneyland! Way cool.

The game kicked us out at 10:00pm, so we played Sims for another hour before heading off to bed. No Disneyland for us today (surprise!) though by virtue of me saying that we probably will end up there. It's not in the plans at all, though. I have the appt. at the consignment shop, we desperately need to take the recycling, we're probably looking at two trips at this point, I need to grocery shop a bit and we should do a little yard work as well. Most important would be seeing if we can fix the mower, ugh.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:47 AM PST

Saturday, June 11, 2005

My baby was so wonderful tonight! The whole halau did a fabulous job and they had to overcome some very unfortunate events prior to the show, but they pulled it all together and it was fabulous! I teared up so many times it's not even funny. Chris and Tabs are on their way home and I just got off the cell with Tabitha and she is just abouncin'. I cannot wait to give her a huge hug and tell her again how proud of her I am. I didn't see her after the show because Daisy needed to get home. Anyway, I so enjoyed seeing all the numbers and though I've see almost all of the dances rehearsed before, seeing them in their full costumes with the lighting and the music, ah, it was just perfect. I forsee this being a part of our lives for years to come.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:28 PM PST

I found out at 9:30 last night that Tabitha needs black pants for today. Nothing like an early morning Target run to get the cash flowing. I got there at opening this morning and was fortunate to find a pair of black pants. They aren't something I'd ever buy her normally, but you do what you gotta do. While there I went to their frozen section to do a little stocking up because they recently started carrying Morning Star Farms and Boca, yay! About a dollar and a half cheaper than the grocery stores, can't beat that. I was also going to get a box of Rice Krispies, but they didn't have the one with the Disney wobbler inside. Have you seen that promotion? 50 different wobblers in select Kellog's cereals. We have two, Peter Pan and Copper, so only 48 to go, lol. Of course, we could just mail in 3 UPCs and thirty bucks to get the whole set, but where's the fun and adventure in that? Thing is, I don't like Frosted Flakes or Rice Krispies so we're hoping to find them in other Kellog cereals as well.

The ho'ike is finally upon us. I'm so looking forward to it as is Tabitha, of course. I'm hoping I'll be able to sit and watch, but I'm thinking Miss Daisy and I will be standing at the back of the auditorium. That's fine too, I just want to see the whole thing.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:31 AM PST

Friday, June 10, 2005

I have tons to talk about, but rather than do a lot of posts, I'm just going to break this down and give topic headers.

*Daisy's (as in Girl Scouts, not my child)*

I'm going to start with the negative here so that I can end the post on a positive. Today was Tabitha's last Daisy meeting. The girls received all their patches that they supposedly earned throughout the year. How eating pizza and making a foam craft constitutes earning patches, I'll never know. Here's the thing, the meeting was no different. Parents weren't supposed to stay, there was no ceremony for having earned their petals. Nothing. This whole experience has basically sucked from the very beginning when I started my quest to find a troop for my daughter. They did not do the bridging ceremony to Brownies, they didn't do anything! I'm so disappointed in the whole affair. My kid doesn't know any different and I know she enjoyed just about everything, but it saddens me knowing how much she missed out on all that should have happened.

*Daisy (this time I mean the baby)*

Guess who has a little razor tooth in her mouth? It wasn't there yesterday as I check almost every day for something but tonight my mil found the sharp ridge. It may explain her mood yesterday but I hope not because that means there's more of that to come, lol. I cannot wait until it's popped through more and can catch it on film...I mean memory stick.

*The Day*

We took Chris to work this morning because of the aforementioned Daisy meeting and we knew Chris wouldn't be home in time due to his working different hours at a different location again. I did more than review with Tabitha today. I put out her logic books, Solar System book and added a book on time and money. So she did those plus writing whatever she wanted and she worked on flash cards again. That concludes review since the ho'ike is tomorrow and we'll go back to regular lessons on Tuesday.

I took Tabitha to Daisy's, then came home for roughly half an hour then headed back to pick up Tabitha and out to get Chris from work. It made zero sense to come home at that point due to the time so we had dinner at Chili's with a waitress that didn't get the concept of service then headed to my in-laws' where I got Tabitha ready and then Chris took her to hula in a borrowed car while I came home with Daisy who decided she had had enough of the car today. Boy-howdy! did that child wail. I felt so bad, especially because she basically cried herself to sleep. I hate when she does that, it makes me so sad. She's still sleeping and I'm debating whether or not I should wake her. She's actually kind of waking right now, but she stuck her thumb into her mouth and is trying to go back to sleep. We'll see what transpires.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 07:28 PM PST

Chris is at a different location yesterday and today and worked until just after 4 yesterday. I know that doesn't seem late to a lot of people, but we're used to him heading home around 2! At least he's much closer so it only took half the time to get home.

Tabitha was hanging all over me yesterday and the baby alternated fussy with unhappy so Chris took Tabitha to hula so I could put Daisy to bed and then be able to just do what I wanted for more than 10 minutes. Best laid plans and all that jazz.... Daisy was up and down 5 times in an hour. The kid that I can count on to go to bed between 7 and 8 and not see again until at least 5am. Not last night. Up and down, up and down. To top it off, she woke up at 12:30 and 3:30. She hasn't done that since she was two months old. Lovely. Not to mention Tabitha comes home from hula, or any event really, super-hyped up. She needs snack and then considers heading off to bed. I'm used to it and had snack all nice and ready for her but last night was a longer class so she came home later than usual and it was at the location that is the farthest from the house. By the time she was settled, Chris and I played one game and then went to bed. Not my idea of a fun evening.

So yesterday was one of those days that just didn't need to happen, lol.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 10:15 AM PST

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Daisy's Patch has been updated

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 01:46 PM PST

Tabitha: "I'm trying to get an ant to crawl on my finger so I can take it to help a poor suffering ant. See the poor suffering ant?"

me: "Um, sweetie? I think the ant is dying."

Tabitha: "I know that. But another ant could take it to a better place than that to die."

me: exit quickly to avoid child seeing laughter

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:54 AM PST

Tabitha and I watched a documentary on toys yesterday. It was all about toys that were invented before I was born, yet everyone of them is still around and Tabitha knew of them all except one. It's interesting what has lasted. The featured toys were Barbie, GI Joe, Green Army Men, Slinky, Twister, Etch-a-Sketch, Lego and Nerf, which is the one Tabi never heard of but now wants. In the afternoon, I let Tabs play one of the Sims families. She thought that was pretty fun. I had her play in a different neighborhood than all my characters though so that she wouldn't mess anything up. She loves playing Sim Town on her own computer and I've been thinking of giving her Sim Safari to see if she can do it.

I took some pics of Daisy yesterday. She's recently started grabbing her feet while on her back and I really wanted to get a pic of that with nothing but her cloth diaper on. Little bugger wouldn't grab her feet with the camera pointed at her so I had to place her feet in her hands. At least it worked and I'm pleased with the shots I got. Then I put her Sweet Child O' Mine/ Guns N' Roses onesie on her and Tabs put on her Metallica shirt and I got several fabulous shots of the two of them. I also took a few solos of Tabitha that just came out stunning. I got the lighting just right to show her eyes at their bluest and also her rosy lips. I definitely have some ordering of enlargements to do :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:26 AM PST

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

We hit Disneyland on Monday as usual. We ended up coming home around 2:00 just to not have to drive in traffic, but we were having such a good time we easily could have stayed longer. We alternated who rode with Tabs on rides since Daisy doesn't do well in dark or closed-in spaces. I had hoped to take her on the carrousel but she was never awake enough to make that happen. At one point Tabitha went to say hi to her friend Alice and was invited to join her, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Dum on a ride in the golden tea cup. Of course Tabitha agreed so off she went with them. Chris videoed the whole thing and I took pics, but they were all squashed in there so that you can only see her in one picture and it's just the back of her head.

Once home on Monday we did more work around the yard and house including a trip up to our satellite for Chris as one of the lines wasn't working. Turns out we have a bad wire so for now we only have one line coming into the living room instead of two. It doesn't much matter since there's very little we watch in the summer.

Due to the work Chris did around the house on Monday, he felt he needed an extra day on Tuesday so we were happy to have him home with us. We took it easy in the morning by ditzing around on the Buzz Lightyear site. It's a game you can play online in conjunction with the guests on the actual ride at Disneyland. My hand gets tired while playing so halfway through I hand the mouse over to Chris, but I'm getting the hang of it. We hit Target and the grocery store after lunch to stock up on staples. Other than that, we didn't do too much else. At least, nothing is coming to mind so it couldn't have been too exciting, lol.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:25 PM PST

Monday, June 6, 2005

Ah Sims, how I've missed thee. Yesterday morning we all sat around in our PJs and the family watched me play Sims; until 10:30! I played while Tabitha sat on my left and Chris and Daisy sat on my right. And that was it. For hours. Gotta love obsessions, lol.

Once we tore ourselves away from our virtual selves and actually got dressed, we did a little of everything. I did a bit of housework, Tabitha cleaned her room, then messed it up again, Chris did some yard work with a tiny bit of help from me and Daisy alternated sleep, play and just being held. At one point she was getting antsy for no reason so we walked to the grocery store to give her a change of scenery. She loved it from the moment we put her in the stroller. Tabitha rode her scooter there and back and mainly it was just a pleasant way to spend an hour. After lunch, we had the Dodger game going, I napped a tad and Tabitha played computer games. Then we headed off to my in-laws' at their request so they could show off their grandchildren to their dinner guests. We only stayed maybe 20 minutes and then went to Baja Fresh for dinner. We then went to the dollar store and I was pleased to see they had the same bubble wands as the other one so we bought two more. We also bought tons of other stuff because, hey, it's just a dollar :) Based on our total, we bought 20 items, lol.

After that we came home and we all ended up outside again with the bubble wand. This time we videoed the play. When Tabitha does the bubbles, she chases them so the bubbles come in spurts. I asked for a turn and since I don't chase them, the yard is just filled with bubbles. This made the baby laugh *sigh* Guess she's just the type who's amused by the simply things in life. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just want her to laugh at me, lol.

After we got the kids to bed Chris made a music video using Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses and a photo montage that I took of Tabitha outside a few weeks ago. It came out really nice and I know Tabs will love to see it today.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:41 AM PST

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Even though Tabitha is on a break from lessons, it's still prudent that she have a bit of review. So yesterday I had her write anything she wanted in cursive. She wrote a few nonsensical sentences that she enjoyed saying over and over again. Then she did a few math flashcards to keep up on her addition facts. After that we talked a bit about different ways to learn and how learning helps us in life. It was very interesting for both of us.

After dinner last night we went out to our first Dodger game of the season. It was nesting doll night for kids 14 and under so we had to take Tabitha, lol. Actually, she's loads of fun at the games and she enjoys the game more and more every season. We did not take Daisy since she has that thing about her bed so my in-laws were kind enough to watch her. She's been sleeping in the pack and play at their house and is okay with that, so I guess she's not particular about which bed as long as it is a bed. We left the game around 9:30 because of Tabitha's long day today and I knew the kid would not sleep on the way home. I was right and she was still a pain in the posterior today, but I shan't dwell on the negative.

So today was focused around hula. Tabitha had class from nine to noon for which I did drop her off. It was at one of the regular locations and I knew she would be fine so I felt no qualms about leaving her. She's an extremely responsible kid so I left her with a nice list of instructions which I knew she would follow to a tee, just because that is her nature. After Daisy and I picked her up we drove to my in-laws' so we could meet Chris who left work a bit early and so I would have a comfortable place to get Tabitha dressed in one of her costumes because then we were all off to the dress rehearsal.

Overall I'd say the dress rehearsal went rather well. The auditorium is pretty nice though the dressing area was small and packed. I ended up helping the Liko class get dressed since they didn't all show up already dressed. The costume they wear for their kahiko number is kind of complicated and not something any of them can put on by themselves. Since most of the moms also dance and have to get themselves dressed, I was more than happy to help where I could. Unfortunately I can't help the day of the show since Chris is working the show and I'll be the one responsible for Daisy. After they were dressed I left them in the hands of one of the moms who actually is supposed to be back stage and went out to the auditorium with Chris and Daisy to watch. Very good dances and I cannot wait to see it for real next Saturday. They also took pics today in both of their costumes and also in their halau shirts.

By the time we got home I was feeling pretty wiped and admitted defeat in the making dinner department so Chris picked up the Bell for us. After dinner I went outside with Daisy and played with the big bubble wand :) After awhile, Chris joined us and he too, played with the bubble wand. Eventually Tabitha made her way outside as well. While we were outside, my youngest proved her contrary nature to us, not that I ever really doubted it. Daisy has recently started laughing; she's a rather stoic child so it has to be good for her to laugh. We've all been knocking ourselves out all week doing things so she'll laugh. The frustrating part is that something only works three times and then never works again so we constantly have to come up with new ways to get her to laugh, which is not easy. Tonight, Chris was sitting in a chair outside with Daisy standing on his lap, the dog walks over, stands up placing her front paws on Chris's lap and Daisy starts laughing like crazy. Just like that! Every single time that dumb dog looked at her that baby laughed. Finally, the dog's stupid grin is paying off, lol.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:24 PM PST

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Daisy is sleeping oddly today. She slept half an hour around 9:30am and then went down again at 10:50 for three and a half hours. That's a big much even for her. She then stayed up until 6:30pm and we assumed that was it for the night. Nope. She woke after an hour, Chris got her back to sleep and then she awoke after 20 minutes. Now she's up and we'll see what happens. She's going through a milestone period so that's probably just messing with her.

We had gone to the dollar store the other day so I could buy more bins and they were selling hula hoops. Tabitha has been wanting one forever, we tried to get her one for Christmas and could not find them. As soon as we saw them at the dollar store we picked it up for her. She can actually do it now. A few months ago she was hopeless (she'd had tried them in the store) but I guess knowing how to actually hula has now made her able to hula hoop. We also bought a giant bubble wand and she and I played with it outside yesterday. When the baby woke, I brought her out and sat her on my lap and we watched Tabitha continue to play with it. We had so much fun that I think we need to go pick up a few more in case this one breaks or for when she has friends over so more than one person can play at a time. The bubbles it makes are HUGE! Two great purchases for a buck :)

Tonight I decided to forgo my walk so Tabitha could have a bit of one-on-one time with me. I told her I was tired of cooking for her and it was time she cooked for me. The silly goose thought she was going to learn to cook in the kitchen and was thrilled, lol. What I meant was for her to make me some cookies with her Easy Bake Oven. Something went wrong though. How, I don't know. All we had to do was add 1 tsp. water to the cookie mix. But it was all gooey and more like pudding than cookie dough. It was too late at that point to make any of her other items as they are all more labor intensive, so I said we could just play a game instead. I chose Twister and Chris joined us. Pulled muscles and laughter are always a good evening.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:46 PM PST

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I had a pretty good birthday. When I awoke the birthday banner was waiting for me. I had a few e-cards and birthday wishes in my email and Tabitha made me a card. We headed out of the house around 10, our first stop was the Disney outlet store. Didn't really find anything there of interest. Next we went to lunch, my choice. I chose ColdStone Creamery :) I had Cake Mix with Twix mixed-in served in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl. I think that's a good birthday lunch, lol. Next we went on to Disneyland. The lines were longer than I liked so we didn't actually go on any rides. We wandered, shopped, snacked and people watched. I had some birthday money so I bought myself a purse that I've been eyeing for awhile. It's a brown bowler bag with pink stripes and three patches; Mickey Mouse Club logo, Tinkerbell, and the old Disneyland sign. It's part of their new retro line which I love. I also purchased a license plate frame and a new charm for my bracelet.

After we left Disney, we took the kids to my in-laws' and stopped at home to change, then went to Outback Steakhouse. You may be asking yourself what vegetarians eat at Outback? We split their cheese fries, Chris had the jacket potato, I had a fabulous chopped bleu cheese salad with the fantabulous spiced pecans and Chris also had their sauteed 'shrooms, but I stole quite a bit. Then we went over the mall and bought me a new mouse for my computer. Next stop was Tilt where we played pinball, something I haven't done in years and decided needed to be done yesterday. Sadly we got a horrible machine where the balls kept getting stuck and then it would say it was multiball and spit out 3 balls but after you lost one the machine would shut down saying there were too many balls. Just not good. More frustrating than fun, but I would like to get back to playing. It's something my dad and I used to do together all the time and I always loved the game.

After we left the mall, we went to Mervyn's for a bit of window shopping (mainly because it's open until 10:00pm and I didn't feel like going to Target or going home yet). We ended up getting two things for Tabitha and making fun of lots of the women's and men's clothing. After that we went home where I got super comfy and watched TV while Chris went to pick up the kids.

And now I'm 31 :)

Completely unrelated to that, we're taking a break from lessons right now as the amount of practice Tabitha has for hula is insane. She has her standard hour tonight, 3 hours Saturday morning, 2 hours Saturday afternoon, 3 hours next Thursday, 5 hours next Friday and finally Saturday will be the ho'ike. Once that is done, the Kumu's focus will probably be on his competition dancers so it should ease up a bit for everyone else and just be the regular 2 hours a week plus little performances here and there. At that point we can put lessons back into Tabitha's routine. I'd rather not overload her right now, gotta love the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling!

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:38 AM PST

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