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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Well, we're leaving tomorrow morning for our trip back east. I won't be updating during our vacation so I'll send out a notify when we're home and I'm posting again. We'll be home July 29 and I'll start posting sometime after that.

Tabitha is just beyond excited. She keeps talking about our "big day" tomorrow and how she can't wait to go in the lake. Good thing she has my mother in-law because goodness knows I'm not taking her into a lake. Talk to you all soon!

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Monday, July 14, 2003

9:00AM- Laundry is well underway, child is dressed and looking cute, two suitcases are packed and we're eating Otter Pops.

In 2 days we're heading out to the North East. We'll be going to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Maine. Most of our time will be spent in Maine at a cabin that is apparently amazing (my in-laws are already there) and situated right at a lake. We cannot wait! Today I'm getting every bit of laundry done and will pack Tabitha's clothes. We packed her carryon and her toys last night. I need to go through all my make-up and toiletries and figure out what I want to take and I also need to clean lots and lots of pennies for pressing. I also need to clean up the kitchen and vacuum the house and plan something for dinner. I'm trying not to buy food that we can't eat before we leave so our dinners tonight and tomorrow might get a bit creative. My sister is coming over today sometime so we can go over what she needs to know to take care of the animals while we're gone. And that's the agenda for the next two days!

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:08 AM PST

Monday, July 7, 2003

Today we started our "Me, Myself and I" class at the Science Center. It was pretty fun and the time just sped by. We have a good instructor who not only seems to know her stuff, but knows how to talk to kids! Much different than a class we've taken in the past.
I finished a scrapbook layout for the first time in a couple months. The link is to the right for those of you interested in that kind of thing.
Right now we're all watching the Dodgers lose (again!). Oh, I take that back, Chris is now searching for other stuff to watch, lol. Nothing interesting to report this evening, I'm afraid.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 07:56 PM PST

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Man have we been busy! Monday, Tabitha and I went on a field trip with our Mommy and Me class to the Sience Center to see artifacts from the Titanic. It was pretty interesting. Tabitha loved looking at everything, but halfway through the exhibit she started crying because she was sad for all the people that died on the Titanic. She's a child that is full of empathy and sometimes she can't control her emotions. We also had to talk about it at bedtime as she was very, very sad.
Tabitha also had day camp classes at the zoo this week. We signed her up for two days, Tuesday and today. On Tuesday her class was all about bugs and today's class was called "Storytime Safari." They were read a few different stories about animals, visited the real animals in the stories and made an elephant puppet. She had a great time both days, and, of course, wasted no time in making new friends. Maybe next year she can go for a whole week as opposed to only a couple days.
We're not really doing anything for the 4th. Chris is working in the morning. We're considering going to a family party in the evening, but we're so not party people. We've been invited every single year though and I think we're actually going tomorrow. I'm thinking of making cupcakes, but it's so hot that I really don't want to turn on the oven. As it is we've been eating salads and sandwiches for dinner.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 04:24 PM PST

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