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Thursday, July 29, 2004

We had a good time at the Fair on Tuesday. We stayed about 6 hours total. Tabitha went on 6 rides and played two games (and won!). We ate good stuff and shopped for awhile plus looked at all the exhibits. I think Tabitha's favorite exhibits was the collections and also all the farm stuff as she loves looking at anything growing. They also had a pretty nice kids area set-up where she did some crafts. I just liked being there and soaking it all in. I loved fairs as a kid when my parents or just my dad would take me and I still love going now. This wasn't our county's fair, so we still have the big one next month and I am so looking forward to it :)

Yesterday, Tabitha and I made chocolate chip cookies because our baking has really dropped off significantly. The heat has something to do with it, I'm sure. We also made labels for Tabitha's spice containers; read- empty film cannisters in her play kitchen. She told me what she wanted them to say and I printed them on the computer and then used my Xyron sticker maker to add the adhesive. She actually had me print a label that says "Everything Nice" as in Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, lol. After Chris got home (and went out and came back from buying tonight's concert tix) we went to a Comic Book and Sports Memorabilia show. It goes on twice a week and they sell a lot more than comics and sports stuff and it's fun to go every now and then. We ended up with some children's books, including an old Cabbage Patch Kid book that I really think I had as a kid, and also we found a Disney Die Cast car that we had been looking for. It's fun to seek out the good finds.

Today, Tabitha's friend came over to play. They girls had fun while my friend and I got some talking in. After they left, I fed Tabitha and am now trying to convince her she needs to nap because of the concert tonight, but she's not thrilled with that idea. Chris is in there now trying to talk to her because I'm more authoritarian and just tell her to "do it." He's much more easygoing than me and this situation calls for it. I really hope she naps, because otherwise, she's just going to fall asleep at the concert and we're all going to end up carrying her and I really can't carry her because it makes the baby incubator hurt.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I found out about a dress rehearsal for Green Day for tomorrow. I got an email around 3:20pm and tickets went on sale at 4:00pm! Chris hopped in the car and headed to Robinsons-May to the Ticketmaster counter and was the only one there so we scored some tix. Even though it's being held at the Olympic Auditorium, it seems they only sold tickets for the floor so it won't be packed or anything. We're taking Tabitha with us and she is so excited. As a bonus, the tickets were only ten bucks, doesn't get much better than that :)

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Two years ago, I bought Tabitha a Peter Pan pin at Disneyland. I didn't know it was limited edition or that there was anything special about it. I bought it to put on her Peter costume simply because she was a Peter Pan nut. Last month, we went to Disneyland and Tabitha had her pin purse with her. Somehow, this one pin fell off. It was the most important pin in her collection to both her and myself. I searched in vain on ebay and every place all over the web because I promised her I would replace it. That is how I found out it was limited edition and next to impossible to find. Today, after weeks of searching, I found it on ebay with a Buy It Now option. Tabitha is so happy that it is finally going to take it's place back on her pin purse where it belongs. We cannot wait until it gets here. And the good news is it cost half of what I was willing to pay for it.

And just to be sure something like this never happens again, we are replacing all the pin backs on her pins with locking pin backs that apparently are next to impossible to get off.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Thanks to a little person inside pushing on my bladder, I've been up for an hour and it's just now 5:15. *sigh* Usually I would have been able to go back to sleep (I think), but I woke up thinking it had to be close to 6 which is when my alarm was set to go off so I laid awake awhile thinking I was getting up. By the time I looked at the time and saw how early it really was, it was too late, I was awake. So, here I sit.

Today is our 8th anniversary. 8 years :) We're keeping it really low key this year, we're not even going out by ourselves. Instead, all three of us are going to spend the day at the OC Fair. Well, actually, Chris and I will be going out to breakfast by ourselves. Tabitha has a ceramics class this morning. So we're going to drop her off and have breakfast together before it's time to pick her up. Then all of us will head to the fair. Even though that sounds unusual, it actually works for a couple reasons. See, since we had our wedding outside, we had it early in the day, being July and all. So the ceremony was at 10:00 and then onto the reception. Since I do not like parties, even my own, by about 4 I was just tapped out and had to get out of there. As a side note, apparently, after we left, that's when the real party started and we still hear about how good our reception was from people who were there. Anyway, after we made our exit, we went to our room (remember, we were married at the Disneyland Hotel, and that's where we stayed that night and the next) and then it all just kind of hit me and I suddenly came off my high and was let down because it was over. I had thought of little else for a year and now everything I had planned was done. Finite. I was very sad. So we decided to change and go out for a bit to get some things at a grocery store to keep in the fridge in our room. While we were out, we heard an ad on the radio for the OC Fair as it was it's last weekend. We thought that sounded fun since I adore fairs and off we went. So we spent our wedding afternoon at the fair. So it does make sense for us to go there on our anniversary. And we're including Tabitha, because what better way to celebrate our marriage, than as a family, because without our marriage, Tabitha wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be expecting another one. It's an odd way to spend an anniversary, but it really suits us and it's going to be a really good day.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

I never wrote about all we did last week and now it seems kind of silly! I'll do a quick recap though. Tuesday: Tabitha had her ceramics painting class. The theme was dinos and she chose a triceratops. I didn't get to see it because the ceramics have to stay there for another week so they can be fired and glazed. Tomorrow morning, Tabitha will go back and they will make a paper machie egg for the dinosaur to hatch from. She really enjoyed the class and if she likes tomorrow as well, I'll take a look at what's offered in August.
Wednesday: We went on a field trip with Mommy and Me class. It was our last event and Tabitha kept saying how it was the last time she'd see this person or that person. It was pretty sad actually. The field trip was to a Science Center and it was pretty cool. But when you go with a group, they put you on a schedule. We had so much time for the downstairs area, then had to line up by a certain time to go upstairs and then line up at a certain time to go into the theatre for a short demonstration. First of all, they gave us too much time down stairs and not enough time upstairs and the demo was pretty stupid. But Tabitha liked the exhibits and would like to go back and since they gave us a free kid's ticket, we'll probably do just that.
Thursday: We had a playdate at my friend's house. I've known this friend for almost 18 years and she has two girls that are very close to Tabitha's age so we all get a playdate :)
Friday: Tabitha and I headed out very early and were at Disneyland by 9:00am. We stayed until lunchtime and then met Chris for lunch and then the two of them went through old town to put up posters advertising They Might Be Giants who play at the House of Blues next month. While they were doing that, I went to a scrapbooking store for awhile.
Nothing really went on during the weekend. We went shopping and ran various errands. I got Chris NCAA 2005 for the Game Cube as he's been lusting over it for awhile. So he spent a lot of time enjoying it. He also worked on the pool today which is never a fun job. We did go out to dinner tonight. I wanted the three of us to go somewhere because I was bored of being in the house, but Tabitha really wasn't in the mood. So I called my sister who has been proclaiming boredom and has offered to baby-sit and she was free to come over. So Chris and I had dinner at Red Robin and then walked around the mini-mall for a little while before heading back home.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Please stop talking!" How many times have I uttered this phrase? The first coos were adorable and a delight to listen to. Since then, the child has not stopped talking and there are many days the sound is a far cry from "delightful." On the other hand, not only does she need to talk, but I want her to feel she can talk to me. I don't want her to have a problem someday and she feels this deep need to talk it over with someone and yet, can't think of anyone who will listen. I hold no illusions of her telling me absolutely everything in her life when she's older. It won't happen, and quite frankly, probably shouldn't. But for now, I want her know she can come to me and I'll listen. I'm really good at listening to friends ramble on, yet I don't always listen to my own child. So tonight, we went for a walk. Just the two of us. Because if it's Chris, myself and Tabitha, then Chris and I try to have a conversation and that leaves out Tabitha. So we walked, and she talked. The entire time. Which I think is just what she needed. When we got home, she wanted more. I was tired by then and told her to ask Chris to walk with her. They did. I just hoped he listened.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

I want to talk about my child for a minute. As most everyone knows, the soon-to-be new little one was not exactly planned. We had, for the most part, decided that Tabitha was to be an only child. As such, I've spent a good part of the last 3 or 4 years brain washing her into thinking that a baby was not something that would not be good for our family and that she was much better off without a sibling. Thank goodness she's too smart to be susceptible to my earlier words or we'd have one heck of a problem! But she, in fact, thinks this baby is the absolute best thing to ever happen to us. She talks to the baby, via my stomach, on a daily basis. She's constantly telling us that she now has one more person to love. She's draws family pictures that include the baby in my stomach. She talks about everything she'll do to help once the baby is born. Yesterday, after she got her swing, she jumped off of it and pushed the empty swing because she was practicing for the day she would push her little brother or sister. She is the sweetest child in the world and her words and actions bring tears to my eyes many times a day. If this next child is half as caring as Tabitha, I will be one very lucky mom.

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

We finally got the swing up and Oh My! was our child ecstatic! I had never told her what I bought and she happened to be playing in her room whilst Chris and I installed it so she had no idea what we were doing. When she finally came out of her room to see what was going on, she saw the swing and started yelling "A swiiiiing!! A swiiiiiing!" and dancing around. She was so excited! I cannot wait to get my pics printed and scrapbook them. I'm going to title the layout "A Swiiiiiing!" I took lots of pictures and even used the video camera setting on my camera to film here swinging. She stayed out there for 3 hours just swinging away. It was über hot, so we put turned the misters on that run along the edge of our patio roof, which is where we attached the swing. After a couples hours inside, she went back out and has been going in and out all afternoon. I don't know how I'll get the child to bed tonight, but I'll bet she sleeps well as she should probably be very tired out. I wonder if her legs are going to be hurting her tomorrow?

More swinging pics:
pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Well, I got the swing yesterday. We get home and I was showing Chris and we realized that it doesn't come with screws because they want you to buy some that are right for whatever you are attaching it to. It made a lot of sense, so we didn't complain. Today, Chris went to True Value and bought really long, thick screws. Unfortunately he bought flatheads instead of phillips. Also unfortunately, the wood we are screwing the anchors into is really dense. Which is good because they aren't going to loosen and come out, but it's very difficult to screw flatheads up over your head. We tried using our drill with a screwdriver bit, but that didn't work as it was too fast. So we borrowed an electric screwdriver and all we succeeded in doing was strip the head of the screw. Of course, this occured at approx. 5:01 and True Value closes at 5:00. So we had to put the project on hold until tomorrow at which time we will go back to the hardware store and get phillips' head screws. And that better work, darnit! Thankfully I never told Tabitha I bought a swing, so she hasn't been nagging us to get it done, lol.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Something is up with my email. I'm not getting any of my group mail which I usually just attribute to Yahoo being it's usually annoying self. But I'm not get any spam either. Not that I mind not reading about prescription meds and mortgage approval, but I'm not sure what's going on. And it's just my Zandra email. I can't even email myself from my Tara acct. but I can email my Tara acct. from my Zandra email. Very bizarre. I hope whatever it is fixes itself and then all my backed up group mail comes through okay.

We had a family dinner last night. My in-laws are going out of town so we always have one last dinner out to celebrate my fil's birthday, my bil's birthday and our anniversary. It was a fairly nice dinner, I was just feeling really tired and not exactly in the mood to go out. After we came home, Chris and I watched the Dodger game in our room while Tabs watched some of her shows in the living room.

She and I are headed off to Ikea in a few minutes for a playdate. My friend and I let the girls play at the Småland play area and she and I walk around or sit in the cafe for a while. She's bringing me some maternity clothes, which will be greatly appreciated, and I have some clothes for her daughter as well, so we'll do a swap. I'm also hoping to pick up Tabitha's swing while there. I finally decided I wanted the Ikea one as opposed to one I saw in a catalog and last time I was there, they were sold out. Hopefully they've restocked.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

On our way to our last Mommy and Me this morning, Tabitha exercised her logic skills, which always pleases me. We had picked up donuts to take for mom snack and I got Tabitha and I a bag of donut holes to split. I took 6 for myself and gave her the other six, but she gave me one of hers. She asked me how many donuts I had not including the one I gave her. I told her 6 and then said we started with 12 and I had 6 so what's 12 minus 6. She said 6 and I said, so, how many donuts did you have? She thought for a moment and said "Five, because I gave you one." I love that she was able to figure that out as opposed to just focusing on the 12-6 part. Thinking skills will only serve her well in life and I like to see her using them.

Anyway, we did have our last Mommy and Me class this morning, though we have one last field trip next week. We had our water party where a few pools and two sprinklers are set up for the kids to play in. Tabitha had an absolute blast, even though she complined of grass being where it shouldn't in her bathing suit, lol. I took loads of pics today. We gave our instructor her gift today and I think she liked it. I had gone to Glass Act and picked out a pretty candle in a glass candle holder and they engraved the words "Thank You" on one side and "Love, Tabitha & Family" on the other. I think it came out really nice. I figured she didn't need anymore things that say teacher or have an apple on it. She can at least use the candle.

I ordered a phonics book for lessons today. I've been researching spelling programs for a long time and never did find anything that appealed to me. So I decided to go back to just basic phonics to improve her spelling skills. Phonics is how I taught her to read, and that was a great success, let's hope it works for spelling as well. It's a series of four books, but I only ordered one so I can make sure it works for us before getting the others. I also want to look into a unit study on the American flag. We saw the taking down of the flag at Disneyland yesterday (they do a ceremony everyday) and the concept of respect and why they folded the flag a certain way were just above Tabitha. She didn't get it. She knows the flag salute and that we stand and remove hats for it and the National Anthem (thanks to sporting events, of all things), but it's the why that is so hard to explain. So, the American flag is next on my subjects to research.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

I finally had my first doctor's appt. Nothing exciting, which is good. Though we weren't able to hear the baby's heartbeat, the monitor did pick up the baby's pulse, so I'm happy. I found out that Tabitha will not be allowed in the delivery room, which I'm a bit upset about. Plus I think she's going to be very upset about it as well. We'll just have to make sure to call both Grandmother's to entertain her in the waiting room or even take her home, though I doubt the child will agree to leave. Last time we didn't call anyone until after Tabitha was born, mainly because there just wasn't any time. This time we'll call them while we're on the way, I guess. My next appt. is in four weeks, though I need to go back next week for my blood work up. We went to the lab today, but it was absolutely packed so we left. We'll go next Monday and just be there when they open and hopefully get it out of the way. It's not like I'm anxious to have it done.

Before my appointment, Tabitha and I went on a field trip. It was to one of those paint your own ceramics places. They offer kids' classes so I signed Tabitha up for a couple this month. At the first one she'll choose and paint a ceramic dinosaur. At the second class, they make a dinosaur egg. Tabitha was very pleased when I signed her up.

We all just finished watching the Home Run Derby, and Chris is watching the celebrity softball game while I check email and Tabitha practices on her tee outside.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Tabitha is completely healthy now and I'm almost there. I still have a bit of a cough that will flare up at a moment's notice, but other than that, I'm good.

We did a bit of shopping today. I looked at maternity shorts and pants, but I still am just not there. I have a friend giving me a bag of clothes this week so I'm going to hold off buying anything until I see what she has. We got Tabitha a baseball tee today so she could practice hitting. We got the kind where the ball is attached to a string so she can't lose it. She's had fun with it so far and even made up tickets to give us to go watch the game :) Just some shopping and stuff at home, kind of a nice day. Tomorrow we go back to a hectic schedule with at least one thing planned every day. *sigh*

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Friday, July 9, 2004

I know I've said it before, but I just love listening to Tabitha play. She's still doing narrative play, as opposed to speaking for the toys, and it's quite entertaining. She just finished putting together Cinderella's bedroom (it's a foam craft project we bought at the Disney Store) and then she got out Ariel's bedroom that she made last month and Ariel and Cinderella went about inspecting each other's rooms. In the end, they declared that both rooms were "the best" lol.

Yesterday we went up Tarzan's Treehouse at Disneyland because we heard Jane Porter was in it. We had only met Jane once in January and I got one picture; with Tabitha's eyes closed. So we definitely wanted to see her again so I could get a better picture and Tabitha wanted her to sign her autograph book. Anyway, we climbed all the way and then all the way down (roughly 182 steps) and boy are my calves feeling it today! My last summer working at Disney was 1999, and I worked Tarzan's Treehouse. I climbed that thing 4 or 5 times a day. Now I can't even handle one time! Boy I'm outta shape ;)

Yesterday I decided that I am tired of the grocery store. I don't want to walk and I don't want to drive. I just want the food to magically appear in my pantry and fridge. So today I decided I was going to look into having my groceries delivered. I used to use Home Grocer before they went out of business and loved it. Since then, both Albertson's and Vons have gotten into the home delivery business, but they both charge a fee whereas Home Grocer was free if you spent $75. Albertson's even does where you give them your list, and they pick everything out and you can just pick it up. It still has a fee, but you can do it same day if you get your order in by 10:00am. So I went to thier site and I checked out Vons which has a lower delivery fee and can do same day delivery. Neither store has our a selection of our vegetarian foods online and what little they do have cost more than at the store. So not only would I have to pay more for the items I want, but I'd have to pay a delivery fee on top of that. It's hardly worth the hassle of trying to understand their online systems. So I made my list and will be off to Target and the grocery store once Chris gets home and Whole Foods tomorrow.

Speaking of my list, I don't just make a grocery list, I make a menu and then make my list off of that. I've been in the mood for certain things that don't really have recipes but I know what I'm going for. That could be potentially good or potentially bad. Although, I must say, I've never had a recipe that I made up go horribly awry. Maybe not as good as I would have liked, but not inedible at least. Still, I'll keep a couples boxes of mac n' cheese on hand just in case, lol.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

A couple people have mentioned that perhaps Tabitha has allergies. She doesn't. First, she's given me her lovely cold and I'm sitting here rather miserable and let me assure you, I don't have allergies. Second, we actually took her in last year because she had so many colds close together and she was checked and she doesn't have allergies. What happens is we go to our Mommy and Me class on Wednesday and there's always a snotty kid running around touching things and passing the germs on. Tabitha picks them up. Hard to avoid. But we only have one more class (two, really, but one is a field trip) and then that should be the end of it.

She is recovering nicely, at least. We haven't done much of anything. We went out a big on the Fourth, but that was only for half an hour. Yesterday we drove to my doctor's appt. only to find out the building was closed and for whatever reason they missed me when they called patients. So, it wasn't too tiring for Tabs to just sit in the car for the drive and then come home. We've done nothing else and aren't planning to. Chris stayed hom today to take care of us, so he'll run any errands that need running and Tabi and I will continue to be sloths, lol.

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Saturday, July 3, 2004

We had tickets to the Angels/Dodgers game last night at Angel Stadium. So after lunch we went to Disneyland for a few hours before heading to the game. We finally saw Peter Pan again. It's been 2 years and Tabitha doesn't really remember meeting him, she just knows she has because of her Disney Scrapbook. I'm not sure what her expectations were and at first she seemed a bit disappointed, but then I realized she was actually just a bit overwhelmed. After we said good-bye to Peter and Wendy, Tabitha told me "I'm very happy." She said it in this monotone that actually means she was, indeed, very happy. She has two ways of expressing her joy, and one of them happens to be very reserved. Anyway, he'll be there all summer, so we'll see if she wants to see him again or not. She's at that age, where she's questioning the magic all the time. I don't want to flat out lie to her, so I just dodge her questions with "What do you think?" and I also tell her that anything is real if you believe in it and I, for one, think life is more fun when you believe. Tabitha also did a lot of pin trading yesterday which is a huge thing at the Disney Parks. She loved trading with others and we need to get her into the kids only pin trading session that they offer everyday.

When we were on our way to the Dodger game, it became apparent that Tabitha has yet another cold. I simply don't understand why she gets colds so easily. But I seem to recall I was like that as a kid as well, and outgrew them as I got older. But I'm fighting this one as hard as possible. We are not going anywhere or doing anything. That means missing two birthday parties this week, but I don't care. I'm going to make her nap and stuff her full of fruit and veggies and get her over this thing. I don't know what we'll do if it turns into another cough. I don't think she could take it, she was so miserably pathetic last time. I do have my first doctor's appt. Monday, and Tabitha is going, and of course, we were debating about going to fireworks tomorrow night, but we'll see if we still think that's a good idea or not come tomorrow.

So about that Dodger game. Yeah, we saw the Angels score 7 runs by the 3rd. Then we left. Tabitha was blowing her nose every other minute and really tired and it just wasn't a good time to be at a game. We're ready to swear off Dodger games as we seem to be the jinx and they always lose (badly) when we're there.

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Friday, July 2, 2004

We woke up yesterday to find out our power was out. As was the entire neighborhood and the one across the street as well. Calls to Edison led to a recording that said they had no estimate of when it would be back on. I'll say. It came on 24 hours later at 5 this morning. Let me tell you, I couldn't do anything fun or dreary in the house yesterday. I couldn't watch TV, play on the computer or even scrapbook because my craft table is in a corner and I need to use my overhead light. Well, I couldn't do housework either, no laundry, vacuuming or doing dishes. So yesterday, Tabitha and I took Chris to work so we could have the car and did a couple of errands to get us out of a house with no power. After a while he called us and told us he and his boss were knocking off early so we went out and got him and by then I was starving so we had a quick lunch at a Mexican food place we hadn't been to in a couple of years. Then we went to scrapbook stores on a hunt for Chinese dragon stickers for a page I did of Tabitha with Mulan and Mushu. I really didn't think they'd be as hard to find as they were. As a matter of fact, I never did find stickers, but I found a die-cut pack that included a die of a dragon and also Chinese lanterns. Not exactly what I wanted, but it was the fourth store and I was losing hope. Once we got home, still no power, by the way, Tabitha played outside with her water toys, Chris took a nap and I finished up the Mulan page because the afternoon light was sufficient. After an hour, the electricity came back on! I set clocks, opened and closed the fridge often, went to close the garage door and the power went out again while the garage door was half closed. We called Edison back for another update and were informed the "assessment team is assessing the problem." Gee- thanks. We did find out that one of the electricians fell into an electrical manhole and got electrocuted. We're hoping he wasn't killed, but don't know. That probably delayed Edison for a while though. We decided to head to my in-laws. They were going to be out for the evening, so it was just us, enjoying lights and TV, lol. Actually, Tabitha and Chris went in the little pool when we first got there. I did too, but Tabitha splashed me twice and I was already cold and hate being wet, so I got out and read a magazine instead. We stayed there until the end of the Dodger game (around 9:00) and headed home to one very dark neighborhood. Man it was pitch black out there! We lit a gazillion candles, convinced Tabitha to go to bed (with a flashlight) and then went to bed ourselves. Not the most restful sleep I've ever had. At some point, the Edison crews came in front of our house and worked on stuff there. Apparently that's where the problem was though, after they were here for an hour or so, the power did come back on and hasn't gone off since. Chris chose not to get up at his regular time since we had a hard time sleeping, so he's still home and showering and then he'll take off for work. Tabitha and I are both sitting at our computers and I can only imagine how many emails I need to download. I'm guessing somewhere in the 750 to 900 range. Oy!

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