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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Whew! Finally time to sit and type for a minute, or possibly an hour considering how much updating I have to do here :)

We started Friday off with a late pancake and scrambled egg breakfast and then headed out to Disneyland. The goal was to character hunt and we were quite successful! We found 4 new characters, plus one fairly rare one whose autograph Tabitha did not have, all from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame. We had a lovely day all in all. Chris and Tabs rode Pirated of the Carribbean, she and I rode Buzz Lightyear where I managed to get my all time high score without the ride stopping and ranked 73rd for the day (as of that time of day, of course). We then hopped over to California Adventure and toured the two factories and picked up an item for someone on my Disney email list. We then headed home and had a very late lunch. I spent part of the evening updating my Disneyland Characters Site which is both fun and tedious. Once the chickadees were asleep, Chris and I settled in to watch National Treasure. It was exactly what I expected which means I enjoyed it immensely, I don't care what other people say :)

Saturday morning we were all dressed and ready to head out to hula when we received a phone call saying there wasn't class that morning afterall. So Daisy was put down to a nap, Tabitha was put to playing, Chris took over and I ran an errand. Once home I was semi-restless so we loaded into the car and headed out. First stop was Babies R Us which might as well have been called "Stupid People R Us" that day. Slow and stupid, I might add and I'm not just talking about people who worked there. But we did find what we went there for so it wasn't a total loss. We briefly went to Payless but I didn't find anything I liked. Next stop was Cold Stone Creamery in honor of Tabitha's half birthday. Tabitha chose Tangerine Sorbet with M&Ms mixed in, I chose Oatmeal Cookie Dough with chocolate chips and Chris chose Strawberry something or other with white chocolate chips mixed in. After dessert, we walked next door for lunch, lol. We chose Pick Up Stix which is not someplace we'd eaten before but one is opening near us very soon. Man were we salivating over the menu! They will substitue tofu in any single dish which means we can eat our favorites such as Kung Pao. We were fairly full from our ice cream though so we just split eggrolls and steamed rice. Next stop was Target to search the clearance toys but we failed to take into account that the Target we went to wasn't any good. We did end up with a toy for each kid and pj's for Daisy before deciding to go to a different Target. Daisy got another toy and outfit and a new skirt for Tabitha. Homeward bound where we relaxed for all of thirty minutes before I had to get dinner into Tabs and get her dressed as she had a performance last night. I stayed home with Daisy though so it was just Chris and Tabs. After the baby went down I went into Tabitha's room with the intention of picking up the last of her Kelly dolls that were out and instead did a very thorough cleaning and now the room looks really nice again. When Tabitha returned home and walked into her room she was quite pleased :)

Today was full as well, but I'll wait to type that up later.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

We had a fabulous anniversary dinner last night :) We went out for a late dinner at The Stinking Rose which is a restaurant centered around garlic. Their motto is "We season our garlic with food." It was wonderful! The restaurant is divinely decorated and the food was pure bliss. For our seating, it was like sitting in a little tent. We were under a canopy of red velvet that also went behind both sides of the table. We were not fortunate enough to get a table that was enclosed on three sides but at least we didn't get one of the open tables. We started off with a fondue appetizer (not really a fondue, but they called it that), also garlic rolls dipped in garlic olive oil and fresh, crushed garlic. Then I had a pizzette with shitake mushrooms, asparagus, smoked mozzorella and, of course, garlic. Chris had gnocchi in a garlic pomedero sauce. We then finished the meal with garlic ice cream. You wouldn't think it would be good, but it was, once you get past the odd factor. All in all, it was quite the successful anniversary dinner :)

The day was actually spent rearranging our bedroom. I am much happier with the current setup, it doesn't look nearly as crowded anymore. That pretty much took up our entire day before I fed Tabitha dinner and Chris took her to hula. My mom came over to baby-sit and then we were off to the aforementioned dinner.

Today we went to the Butterfuly Pavillion at the Natural History Museum. Tabitha and I have been twice before but this was Chris's first time. We've been in June when we have gone in the past but July is apparently a better time to go. There were so many butterflies all over and they would fly right around you so very close. Tabitha was hoping one would land on her, but it never happened. Daisy seemed to enjoy herself as well. After the butterflies we walked over to the Science Center for a visit. We only managed half of it in the hour we were there and promised Tabitha we would return again fairly soon.

Once home we did this and that and Chris left for rehearsal after dinner. I was suddenly extremely tired, I guess my late night last night caught up with me. I honestly could have gone to sleep right then. However, I have a couple of kids that I'm responsible for so I had to figure out something. I had a huge quilt spread out in the living room and sat on it with my back against the couch while my two babes played on either side of me and I just sort of vegged with the TV on. Now I've got both kiddies in bed, one is most definitely awake and the other keeps making noises and moving as if she's going to wake up so I feel it might be pointless to go to bed.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tabitha watched Chris bag up all the books we were taking to the donation spot yesterday. She saw the Furby training guide and begged us to keep it. She has read it 3 times since yesterday and is now obsessed with Furbies. She wants to bring one of my old one back to life. I suppose I'll be letter her, today just isn't a good day since we're making the house a priority today. I went online last night to see if there were any websites with helpful hints since I've forgotten just about everything and I found out that Hasbro is producing the next generation of Furby. Now I have one more thing to put on Tabitha's Christmas list :)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's "Daddy is on vacation let's make the most of it" activity was mini-golf. Now we didn't feel like driving anywhere so we went to the local one which really kind of sucks, but we knew Tabitha wouldn't care. She had a freaking blast. I'm so glad we decided to do this. I took some pics, of course, but haven't checked them out yet. I'm sure they'll be fine and they will make a cute scrapbook layout.

On the way to mini-golf we dropped off tons of books at the Goodwill truck. To counteract this, we headed to a thrift store so I could look for books. I know, I know. But we got rid of something like 100 books and I only bought 21 so we're still ahead of the game. All books were 50% off their price tag too, so I purchased all of them for a paltry five bucks. Mostly Disney books and Disney Golden Books, but a few Magic School Bus and Disney Holiday books too.

Chris took Tabitha to bowling where she enjoyed the same level of fun as always. Her score isn't in any way improving, in fact, it's worse than when she started, but she absolutely loves it. We decided to drop the basics class for hula due to the timing. So Chris and Tabs came home after bowling and we sat down to dinner. I made baked potatoes, but ladled chili over them instead of the usual sour cream. I really liked them that way and will definitely have to do it again. Tabitha had baby spinach as her side since Chris and I green beans with an Italian dressing. After dinner I took the girls to Target for a couple forgotten items and Chris left for rehearsal.

The rest of the evening has been non-eventful. Tabitha dove into her books, the baby went down a couple hours ago and I've been catching up on email while treating myself to a facial mask. Must look pretty for our anniversary tomorrow :)

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Monday, July 25, 2005

First and foremost.....

I finished the bumper!!!! Humor me and click the link to see the fruits of my labor (literally since Daisy is also featured). I am so pleased with how it turned out. It is just like I pictured it and I could not be happier :) Excuse me whilst I do the Dance of Joy.

Now then, a nice little recap of our day as is per my norm.

Actually, I'll start with last night. The dog went into alarm mode so I was looking into the backyard and through the door seemed to catch a whiff of skunk. So Chris immediately went out and got the dog to put her in the garage. He thought his hands might have a slight odor but wasn't sure. When we let Gwen out of the garage this morning we noticed she had apparently been sick in the night. I'm guessing she did get sprayed a tiny bit and it caused the reaction. I've kept an eye on her all day though and she's fine, thankfully.

I took a morning walk when I awoke today since I haven't been able to do any walking lately due to Chris's play rehearsals. It was a nice way to start the day and look forward to more of the same the rest of the week while Chris is on vacation.

After I was out of my shower, Chris and Tabitha went out to breakfast. Once they returned we all went to Henry's for produce. The plan was to put away groceries and then work on rearranging our room, but when Chris called his brother to wish him a happy birthday, we found out he took today off of work so we decided to take him out to lunch to celebrate. He chose Friday's so we met there for a nice lunch.

We then made a quick stop at a furniture store that proclaimed they had lost thier lease and everything had to go. It's the place that has the dresser we want for our room so I was seeing what kind of sale price we could get on it. The answer is none. They kind of lost their lease, but all they are doing is moving down the street to a new location. So while they say there is a big sale, everything seemed to be the same price as always. So no hurry on the dresser, which is good, because it will not fit in our room until a certain little miss moves out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home. That's when I finished up the bumper. I lost track of time though and realized how late I was starting dinner. Due to our large lunch, which even included dessert which we never order, I just went with rice, broccoli and pineapple. My family has been living on a lot of rice but I just don't care to cook in the summer. Especially since I usually serve dinner much later in the summer than the winter, but with all of Tabitha's classes and Chris's rehearsals, I have to serve at the same earlier time and I'm just not in the mood. So boring meals of rice and stir-fry abound these days. My family doesn't seem to mind though so it's all good.

Tabitha and I played a game of Trouble before she went to bed. When she landed on my pawn and sent it back to start she sang "wah, wah, wah, waaaaah" which I thought was pretty darn funny. The other day she was asking me about when Chris and I were dating so I told her a bit and when I got to the part of him buying me a ring to ask me to marry him, she piped up that the man usually buys a ring to impress the woman so she'll want to marry him. Makes me wonder where she gets these ideas. At least she keeps us entertained.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I had planned to go to a mall and Whole Foods with the girls yesterday morning, but Daisy took a surprising 1.5 hour nap. By the time she awoke, Tabitha and I decided we wanted to laze around so we took to our computers instead. When Chris came home from work though, I was antsy so we did end up going to Whole Foods. That took a good hour, not to mention the drive there and back so that was really our whole afternoon. I knew dinner would be needed as soon as we got home so I grabbed some veggie dogs and buns while we were shopping. Of course, this being Whole Foods, I couldn't get regular buns, no no. I had to grab spelt buns which, while they tasted just fine, left tons of crumbs all over my dining room. After both kids were in bed, Chris and I spent some time at Yesterland researching questions for a new VMK quest and also just having fun reading about all the retired Disneyland attractions.

This morning, the plan had been to be at Disneyland by 8am, but after a rather sleepless night due to some parents being out of town and leaving their children to throw a party across the street, Chris and I were very tired this morning. So we ended up not getting there until 10:30 which means we didn't get home until 3:30 or so. We were pretty wiped after walking all day in the heat so that was it for our day. Baby napped and played, Tabitha played, I worked on updating the Disney site (3 new characters!) and Chris played video games.

I'm also working on the bumper and making excellent progress, though I have no more needles because they keep breaking. This one part keeps moving and then my needle hits it and breaks. Why it's moving all the time, I don't know. Hopefully I can prevent it from moving, otherwise I'll have to go to the fabric store tomorrow for more needles.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

The girls and I hit Target this morning and I picked up a couple toys for Daisy. She's sitting so well (with a Boppy or pillow behind her just in case) and I wanted to get a couple toys that were more than teething toys. I picked out the standard ring tower and also a Peek-a-Rounds toy. They were both a big hit! She was so pleased with herself for taking off three of the rings and she figured out how to activate the turtle pretty quickly. Makes me want to immediately go and get more of the Peek-a-Rounds, lol. I do love toys :)

After a light dinner of chips and salsa for us (Tabitha's meal was a bit more varied), we all headed to the mall for some shopping. I'm in desperate need of clothes but am just doing a little at a time. I found a cute top at Robinson's-May but really fell in love with all the gorgeous skirts. I didn't bother trying any on since I'm not at my permanent size. Really wanted to, though. We stopped into Hot Topic so I could get Daisy a GN'R beanie and bib to match her onesie. We then finished our trip at Borders for Tabitha to get a Henry Huggins book. All in all, quite a nice outing.

Now we've got the big one in bed and the little one is wide awake which is just bizarre considering it's past nine and she's been awake three hours. We'll see what transpires.

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I forgot to mention that Tabitha had made a birthday card for Disneyland and we dropped it off when we were there as a family sometime last week. Two days later she received an autographed picture of Sleeping Beauty and one of Pooh. She was quite excited that Disneyland sent her something :)

We've been running the air starting around 9:00am, that's absurd. Oh well, I love summer and this goes with the territory. The house and the car a/c's are both getting a nice workout.

Tabitha had a playdate yesterday morning with a friend we haven't seen since January. So my friend had never met Daisy. It was a nice visit all around. Tabitha and F had a great time playing games while I chatted with K and entertained baby. Hopefully we'll see them again soon before school starts for F.

After lunch we went to Ikea as I haven't been there in a long time and being at K's house and seeing all she's done with it inspired me. They have some new stuff that will be perfect in Tabitha's room. We didn't get any because I want to move her room around first and then figure out how many I need. Our room needs to be moved around too in order to accomodate the baby better so we're hoping to get both of those things accomplished when Chris is on vacation. He decided to take a week off and we chose next week since our anniversary is Wednesday.

I finished the ties for the bumpers last night. I also broke another needle, what the heck is going on? So I'll try and finish up the one short bumper and sew the other short one as well sometime today/tonight.

I have not been feeling in a grocery store mood so we have no milk, no soda, no sunny d and no bread. I think I better get dressed and head out so we can have breakfast.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tabitha: My darling girl has been replaced by a sassy 13 year old. Loads of fun in that respect. Actually, sassy isn't the right word as she's not a rude back-talker by any means. She is very into eyerolls and sighs. One day I asked her what her particular sigh was about since it seemed misplaced and she actually said she was just being dramatic. At least she's honest. Tonight I had yet another person tell me how fun she is to watch on stage. My child may not be the best dancer but she sure does garner a lot of attention. Mainly because she just looks like she's having fun, which she is. She gets very into it all which is a good thing. If she can fine tune her dancing she should do well in competition in a few years. She is getting more beautiful everyday and it is a delight to do photo sessions with her.

Daisy: The baby now rolls onto her stomach in her sleep. Fine, except she absolutely abhors waking up in the position which is why she doesn't sleep on Chris or me. She will sleep for an hour or so and then wake up pretty pissed. One of us just rolls her onto her back and many times that's enough for her to go back to sleep. Gone are the days of her sleeping all night though and man do I miss them. She just can't make it through the night without eating though, we'll see if that changes back once she's eating solids next month. We've always called her our chameleon and the name still fits. She had a darker tone than all the rest of us but at four months she suddenly became pale and her face changed. Tonight as I looked at her, her old face was back. She's like a quick change artist. I can't wait to figure out her hair color. It's impossible to tell now despite the fact that she is not bald. She just never looks the same as she did the day before. She has learned to love the camera as her sister has, though much earlier. She actually cries when I put the camera away. When I pull it out, she doesn't just smile, she poses. I will never be caught up in scrapbooking with two such willing subjects.

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You know, there are times when I say I don't get something done because I'm lazy. The last few days do not qualify as those times, lol.

Monday morning, Tabitha and I got out of here promptly at 7:00am to go to Disneyland. Yes, really. We went with the sole purpose of hitting rides before the crowds. We did pretty well too, 8 attractions in 2.5 hours. We were home by 11 which is when Chris headed out. He normally has Mondays off, but you see, my wonderful, hard working husband has received a promotion that started Monday. He is now the loss prevention manager for several stores and the delivery center. So he travels now going to a different location everyday. It's going to take adjustment, but there always seems to be something in our life that takes adjustment so why should this be any different?

While he was at work, I took care of lunch for Tabs and I, played "Bouncy, Bouncy, Daisy" a gazillion times and fixed some divine shish-kabobs for dinner. While Chris was home right before dinner, Tabitha lost her fifth tooth. It just came out while she was swishing spit. She lost another bottom tooth, so that's four on the bottom in a row and one top tooth.

After dinner, Chris headed to rehearsal and I played with kids. We watched House of Mouse before I put Daisy to bed and then Tabitha and I played a game in her turtle Zoo Book before she went to bed. I then had the intention of sewing, but instead worked on my Disney Site for an hour and took care of some emails before Chris got home.

Yesterday I headed out with both girls to a playdate for Tabitha. I spent a lovely two hours talking with my friend before it was time to come home. I then took care of my neglected kitchen, folded diapers and washed bottles before repacking the diaper bag so Tabitha could go to bowling. Daisy fell asleep on the way, as I assumed and when she woke up she was in one heck of a good mood. She just loved being at the bowling alley for some reason. She was screeching and flailing her arms, all signs that she's having a great time.

Once bowling was done, the three of us met Chris at Chili's for a quick dinner before he went to rehearsal. I made a quick exchange at Target and then we headed to basics class for hula. It's a new class that started last week, but tonight was Tabitha's first class. Finally we were able to go home and stay home, lol. Daisy went to bed around 8:30 and I let Tabitha stay up until 9:00 because she had helped me a bit by entertaining Daisy when we first got home. After the kids were in bed I separated laundry, caught up on my email, unloaded the dishwasher and then cut out the material to make the ties on the bumpers. Then I collapsed in bed for the night :)

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Saturday morning I woke up much too late so Chris took Tabitha to hula. Once Daisy woke from her morning nap, I got both of us ready and then headed out on some errands. I finally bought the sunshades for the car windows. Now Miss Daisy's time in the back seat can be more enjoyable. That was the nice thing about the infant seat, the movable canopy for shade. Too bad they can't figure out a way to put them on bigger car seats.

We got home after Tabitha and Chris and we all kind of did whatever. The Dodger game was on in the living room, Tabitha played on her computer for a bit, I got some work done. After dinner I was working on the crib bumper again and broke a needle, which happens. Then I broke another and the tip flew off and hit me in the chin. Since my bobbin thread broke twice as well, I figured being hit in the face with a flying needle was a sign that I was not supposed to be working on that project right then. I put it aside and headed outside to do mow the lawns. Just as I was finishing the back, I ran over the dog's tether and broke it. It just wasn't my day, I guess.

Sunday we all went to a Hawai'ian fair that I cannot pronounce or spell so that description will have to do. We were there because Tabitha's halau was performing. Chris and Daisy set up near us but out of the way and I stayed with the little kids. Thankfully another mom always stays with them and she's been doing this longer plus her husband dances. If I was on my own, I think they'd be in trouble, lol. There were only six girls for the first number though and 8 for their second so it really wasn't that big of a deal. I only dressed two girls, including my own, between songs. At the end the entire halau did a dance that they learned, but the little ones only worked on it one day, as far as I know, so a few of them were a little lost and had to follow other dancers. They'll learn it better soon enough though.

After we were done, we packed everything up and headed to the car to put away everything. We then hiked back to the festival area and decided we did not need to wait in those lines for food. We checked out the booths, but they had them set up kind of odd and too close together so it was difficult. Plus, I had forgotten to put sunscreen on our feet and I was worried about that. We were all hungry and tired, which makes me cranky, lol, so we decided to leave. We stopped for cold drinks and restroom on the way home and finally made it home around 4:30. My legs were killing me from all the standing around I had done so dinner was quick and easy. Tabitha had mac and cheese with assorted veggies and Ritz with hummus. Chris and I had fruit and cheese and hummus on French bread; not the right type of bread, at all, but I made due with what I had.

Once I was rested and things that needed to be done got done, I went back to work on the crib bumper. I promptly broke the needle. Something had to be wrong so I did a bit of digging around the innards and unbent something that looked bent and thought it might be causing the needles to hit it. I guess that was it because I had no more issues and was able to finish one short bumper. Tonight I make all the ties then move on to the next short bumper before doing the two long sides.

Though today is half over, the summary shall wait for another post as I'm tired of typing :)

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Friday, July 15, 2005

This morning I packed up the girls and we headed to the LA Zoo. I had made a scavenger hunt for Tabitha and she thought it was the greatest idea ever! She had to find three nocturnal animals, three desert animals, three herbivores, three carnivores and three omnivores. Once she completed it all we went to one of the gift shops and I let her pick out a Zoo Book for her prize. She ended up choosing one on tortoises and turtles.
As a side note, every time I go to the zoo in the summer, I'm reminded why I don't allow my child to go to those day camps that go places. Shivers go up my spine when I see one adult walking in front of 15 children and never once looking to see if they are all following him. No thank you.
Speaking of summer classes, we ran into Tabitha's instructor from the Natural History Museum. Actually, she was my instructor too as she was from when Tabitha was 3 and 4 and it was a parent/child class. She's now working in the education department at the zoo. I always loved her and was sad she didn't do a 5 year old class last year. Hopefully Tabitha will get a chance to have her at a zoo class in the future.
We headed home a little after noon and Chris was about a half hour behind us. I played on the computer for awhile since I was tired from walking up hills all morning carrying a 15 pound baby and pushing a stroller. I swear the whole zoo is uphill, I only walked downhill once.
While playing on the computer I decided to look again for a cell phone ring to use when Chris is calling me. I played snippets of tons of them and Tabitha entertained us all by making up a dance for each song. Daisy thought she was hilarious and was squealing her heart out. I finally settled on Love Song by 311, btw.
We hate a quickie dinner of rice and broccoli and then headed to Monrovia for their street fair. My bil's place of business is located on that street and we were taking him once box of candy for him to sell in the store for the halau. The street fair was smaller than I remembered though, so we walked real slow to give Daisy time out of the car and also to hopefully go home after the traffic. We let Tabitha choose one of the inflatables and she chose and obstacle course that culminated in a giant slide. She got to go through three times and enjoyed it immensely. After we left, we decided to stop at Taco Bell to change and feed Daisy while enjoying some soda. Of course there wasn't a changing table in their restroom so we changed her in the trunk of the car which is always fun. We made it about 3/4 of the way home before Daisy had had enough and screamed for all she was worth. Tabitha was our little hero by playing countless games of peek-a-boo while I held Daisy's hand and stroked her head. As luck would have it, we hit two trains trying to get home. Once home though, she was fine immediately and was as adorable as always up until she realized how very late it was and demanded bed at once. The big one had already collapsed in bed and I think was asleep before I shut her door.
And now I'm updating here and Chris is desperately trying to find something on TV to take his mind of the Dodger game.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today I took the girls to Toys R Us just for the heck of it. Tabitha wanted to go somewhere and I chose there because I have one thing from Babies R Us to return and need to get a sunshade for the car for Daisy. I knew Tabitha would have fun browsing and if she saw something small I had planned to get it for her. Boy the outing could not have gone more wrong.
First I decided to sit Daisy in the seat of the cart. I had brought blankets and all that jazz but it was difficult at best to get the blankets situated while holding the baby. Once she was in and strapped in, it looked like it was going to work so we headed to Customer Service where I was ignored for five minutes. Finally the lady attempts to do my return but says she can't because they don't sell the item so I'll have to return it to Babies R Us. Never mind that I know they sell it because I saw it there. Her computer said they didn't sell it so I was out of luck.
As we started our browsing, Daisy started leaning forward to chew on the bar. I had anticipated this and it was completely covered, but she kept leaning too far and whacking her forehead instead. So I pulled her out of the cart and grabbed the diaper bag. Now, carrying a fifteen pound baby on one side while carrying a 10 pound diaper bag on the other side is not easy. Not one tiny bit. My back was killing me, let me tell you.
When we were three quarters of the way through the store, Daisy started getting antsy from her position but there wasn't much I could do. So I hurried Tabitha to the video games as that's the last department and then we headed out. As I was strapping the kids in, I remembered that I never even looked for a sun shade. To top it off, there was nothing of interest for Tabitha so the whole trip was a complete waste of time.

The rest of the afternoon was fine. Chris came home, we all hit the grocery store for various beverages and then relaxed for awhile. Dinner was good, I did chop the honey sesame tofu with spinach and add it to my spaghetti sauce. Very tasty.
After dinner we threw Tabitha in the shower and then bathed Daisy. She was less than thrilled with her bath but loved her post-bath massage. She skipped a nap so went to bed a little earlier than I would have liked and has already awoken twice. We'll see how the rest of the night goes.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tabitha really wanted to go to the mall today, though she never said why. My guess is because she gussied herself up with a skirt and sparkly headband and make-up and wanted to go show off. Once Chris got home we went ahead and went to the mall. I was looking for a Bewitched shirt at Macy's but didn't have any luck. Years ago my mom bought me one for my birthday but though I still have it, it's not exactly in wearable condition anymore. The movie release has brought merchandise out again and I was really hoping to find it but guess I'll have to search online instead. We browsed Hot Topic but left before we lost all our senses (and currency) on their baby clothes. We must get the GN'R Appetite for Destruction bib for Daisy. Not to mention the "Whose Your Daddy?" Darth Vader onesie, lol.
We found a great shirt for Tabitha that says "Little Girl, Big Attitude." She actually liked it! We didn't get it though as we really were just at the mall to browse. But I have a feeling she'll own it soon enough. We did hit a sale at JC Penney's and bought two headbands for Daisy and two shirts for Tabitha. I steered clear of the baby clothes because that baby wants for nothing in the clothing department. I knew with the incredible sale I would go crazy. We went into KB Toys and found a couple things that I'm going to come back for. They're having a buy one get one half price sale and I'll be buying a toy for Daisy and then getting the Shrinky Dink oven and a few Shrinky Dink sets for Tabitha but I'll be putting those away for her until Christmas which is why I didn't get them today.
After that we pretty much just wandered with one stop to change Daisy and then headed home where I cooked an easy dinner. I'm so not in the mood for cooking lately so our meals are boring. Well, I think they're boring, but Chris and Tabitha are more than happy with what I cook so that's good. We tried a new baked tofu tonight that was flavored. Chris enjoyed it, but Tabitha only ate one and I did eat all of mine, but didn't particularly enjoy it, and then spent the next couple of hours feeling kind of rotten. I have another cube of it since it was a two pack. I'm thinking I'll crumble it up into spaghetti or something and then we won't even notice it.
After dinner we headed out to hula. We dropped of Tabs and then I dropped Chris off at his parents so he could borrow a car and go to rehearsal. Then I went back to the studio and watched a bit of class.
Then home with the kiddies where we all went to the playroom so Tabitha and I could finish our giant Beauty and the Beast puzzle while Daisy played next to us. I put the little one in bed, then the big one and now I'm going to veg for a bit before perhaps sewing for awhile.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Still feeling pretty blah. I went back to bed this morning around 7:30 and slept until 10:00. Definitely necessary. Chris stayed home to help out so I wasn't being a neglectful mother, lol. After some lazing around we headed to the mall to do a return and pick up a Magic Treehouse Research guide on mummies. King Tut is featured in Tabitha's National Geographic Kids magazine this month and she really wanted to learn more so I'm pleased we found the research guide. After the mall we made a quick stop at home and then went to bowling. As usual, the child had a blast. We were a little early so I pulled out my camera to take some pics and Tabitha was spinning around like a little model, posing with a hand on her hip and looking over her shoulder at me. Made me grin pretty big. I like how they came out but have to hold off on sharing as Chris has the camera currently. After bowling we met my in-laws at Acapulco's for dinner. They're headed out of town in a couple days so we did dinner tonight to celebrate my fil's birthday, my bil's birthday, and our anniversary since they all take place in July. Once dinner was done, Chris went to rehearsal with his brother and I came home with the kids. Daisy was fine until 3 minutes away from home and then there was no consoling her, though Tabitha tried her darnedest. I got her changed and calmed down before putting her to bed for the night. Tabitha played computer games for a little while and then she and I worked on a big floor puzzle in the playroom. We got quite a bit done and should be able to finish it tomorrow night.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

I now have the cold that's been making the rounds in our family. I don't really feel so bad other than a general feeling of malaise. We've still been going out and about though, so when I'm home, I just kind of sit and do nothing. Hoping today was my bad day and now starts the getting better period.

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

I started on the crib bumper last night. Unfortunately, I didn't get all done that I wanted done. When I pulled out the soft cream fabric, it had a large dust streak on it. I'm assuming that came from the store since it's been in the bag since I brought it home the other day. So into the wash it went. I did get all of the green fabric cut out, at least. Tonight I'll do the cream and hopefully get it pieced onto the green fabric.

Yesterday was a good day, and then we went out shopping and the day went down hill very fast. But we ended on a good note by going out to eat. Just Friday's, nothing special, but it was especially nice because it is the best Daisy has ever been in a restaurant. Not that she's a cryer or anything, it's just she gets antsy very quickly which can lead to her screeching. But last night she enjoyed herself. It helps that they had tons of things strewn across the ceiling so there was plenty to look at. We had just bought her a new toy that she enjoys.

Today is kind of lazy, as are many of our days this time of year. At least, my attitude towards them are lazy even if we're out doing stuff. Once Chris is home, I desperately need to run to the grocery store and I'll have to hit Target again if we want to do our science experiment today. Actually, one non-lazy thing that must be done is Tabitha's room. Care Bears and Kellys have taken over and they need to go back into their homes (meaning, their bins).

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Friday, July 8, 2005

Chris didn't have rehearsal last night as it was for the female parts only. We needed trash bags so I decided to quickly go to Target. I should not be allowed to go there by myself. In my defense, I only spent $40, it's just I went for $2 trash bags and came home with 8 things. Curse their clearance aisles! So the baby now has a swim diaper and a new sleeper, Tabitha has two tank tops, gardening gloves and a foam mattress topper, Chris and I have trash bags and cat litter, yee-haw. I didn't buy a single toy though, can you believe it? Not that I didn't scour the toy section, there just wasn't anything worth getting for either kid.

And on a completely different subject, my children are odd. Oh, that's not exactly a revelation, I just have one more piece of proof and I'd like to share. Tabitha is the size of an average 6 year old and sleeps in a twin size bed. She crams herself as close to the edge of the bed as possible, which is safe, at least, since it's a loft bed and there's a guard. Why she does this, I don't know. When Chris and I go in to kiss her good-night before we go to bed, I often have him move her to the center of the bed but she just rolls and scoots herself back to the edge. Daisy, on the other hand, is this little baby in a crib. I swear she manages to sleep on every inch of that bed during the course of the night. I thought it was bad sleeping with Tabitha, I can't imagine ever sleeping with Daisy with as much ground as she covers while dreaming.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Today was all about being in the car. Oh, and McDonald's for a birthday party. I find it amazing how different children and adults can view the exact same event. The playplace was loud and freezing and I was dealing with a baby who now had Tabitha's little cold. But when we left the party Tabitha turns to me and gushes, "Wasn't that a great party, Mom?" I'm sure many a parent has left one of our birthday parties happy to escape, lol. She did have a blast though and, as always, that is the important thing.

Once the whole family was home, I headed to the fabric store to finally get my much dreamed about green toile for Daisy's bumpers. No prob on the toile or one of the accent fabrics, but the other accent fabric was only in purple and blue and I needed cream. The lady called a different Joann's for me (after a bit of pressing, I might add) and they had just over 2 yards and I needed only a yard and a half. So it was put on hold for me and I had to go waaaay down to the other side of town to pick it up. So I am in possession of all my material and matching thread and am ready to get started. I'm hoping to get the accent pieces cut out tonight.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

This has not been an easy day for Miss Daisy. She didn't take her first nap until after she had been awake for 3.5 hours. That's a lot for her. She usually sleeps for 30 minutes every 2 hours and averages 4 naps a day. I think she was having tummy issues and of course the drops were gone. So after her first nap, the girls and I walked to Sav-On so we could purchase more for her. She had no problems in the stroller at all, which is good because my front carrier was in the car. She hasn't fallen asleep very easily at all today so I'm really hoping she's able to sleep tonight since she needs it desperately.

The whole family went to Tabitha's bowling yesterday afternoon. It is fun to watch her because she is so full of enthusiasm. She definitely loves it and was disappointed when it was over. We're going to go there on Monday and play as a family. Neither Chris nor I have been there in years. We're going to look into a kid's league that hopefully won't meet more than once a week. She wants to play soccer too, but it just won't work with hula. My kid has too many interests! LOL

After bowling we went out to dinner to celebrate Chris getting a raise. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants where I realized I should have changed Daisy as the bowling alley. *sigh* At least she was only wet, but it wasn't easy getting her changed without a changing table.

Once we were home, Chris went to his play rehearsal. He'll be going four nights a week for 3 hours, plus travel time so it's going to be quite the adjustment around here. I have to alter my walk schedule but now I should have time for scrapbooking. I went through tons of photos last night and will probably do more of the same tonight after I get the big kid to bed.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

It was pretty fun to watch the fireworks last night, but man were they loud! Daisy startled, though not awake, the first couple of times and then she didn't stir again. They were still going strong when Tabs and I went to bed too and they didn't disturb us either. Chris stayed up as he does every Fourth until the fireworks subsided. It makes him feel better to stay up and keep an eye on the house.

Tabitha's cold has not worsened so we'll treat today as a normal day. She spent most of yesterday in front of her computer and I think she was hoping for a repeat, but I extinguished that hope early on, lol. She's currently watching a Josie and the Pussycats video that I picked up at the 99 store. They also had a Game Boy game of getting N'Sync to their concert or something stupid like that. I didn't get it, but Chris says I should have since it was only a buck. I guess we'll go back and get it this week.

I had gone to the 99 store to get a beach ball for Daisy's 5 month pics. I had a certain vision. My child did not share my vision. So we came up with something else and I'm really pleased with how they came out. I'll share one, though I don't usually if I know it will end up on her site. But like I said, I'm really pleased with how it came out. I'll have it made into an 8x10 to add to her photo screen in the living room.

More talk on my cutie that has nothing to do with anything. I love when I'm feeding her and when she's done I wipe her mouth and she sticks out her bottom lip. Makes me melt :)

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Monday, July 4, 2005

Not much going on for us today. Tabitha has a summer cold so she's less than pleased. Our city, and the surrounding cities, pretty much stink when it comes to a celebration for today so we're just hanging out. We'll go out front this evening and watch all the [illegal] fireworks that the neighbors will be shooting off. We got some snappers for Tabitha to throw down this evening so she can at least make some noise. We'll see how Daisy does.

Today also marks Daisy's five month birthday so we're going to set her up for pictures when she's up from her nap.

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Tabitha and I met friends at the Science Center today. The girls haven't seen each other in a couple months and were quite excited. They had a wonderful time playing all the experiments. The only downside was my child's reaction when it came time to go. It's a battle we've be fighting for the last 4 years and I guess the end is nowhere in sight.

Because of our outing, the day kind of flew by. We came home and had a late lunch, then we all sat for awhile, then went to take the recycling, picked up a couple items at the store, cooked dinner right after we got home and here it is already quarter of 6. Daisy is currently taking her last nap of the day, Chris is taking a shower, Tabitha is reading and I'm, well, typing here. I'll head out for my walk in 45 minutes.

I went to the Kikkoman site looking for a recipe. I wanted a marinade for our tofu steak, but ended up with a sauce that was pretty darn good. The only thing I would do differently is soak the tofu in teriyaki or soy sauce for a bit before frying it. Plain fried tofu is just bland, even with the sauce on top. You can see the recipe here.

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

We had a meeting with the halau today. I thought they were in competition this weekend, but apparently I was wrong and it's next weekend. Good thing I didn't make plans today. Anyway, the meeting was long but went well. A lot of new info thrown at us. There's going to be a beginners class that is only basics and Kumu was saying not to be offended if you were asked to be in it. It is solely to help the dancer become a better dancer. I decided to be proactive and just asked if he thought Tabitha should join that class. He said it would be a good idea so that will add another day of hula to our schedule. Of course, it's the same day as bowling so life will be interesting. We're also going to start doing fundraisers. We'll be selling candy to start, which I'm not fond of doing, but Chris says he can just take it to work with him and my bil is going to help at his work as well. Although I don't like fundraising, it's to keep tuition low which I appreciate, of course. Chris really says it won't be a problem so I'm not going to stress about it. They are also going to have a fundraising class that consists of dancers to do a couple performances a month for paying venues. They are going to do more than hula and include Tahitian, Polynesian, etc. I think Tabitha would love it as she's a little performance monkey, but now we're talking four days a week and tons of stuff crammed into her head. This is why we homeschool, regular school just gets in the way of life, lol. Speaking of which, today's Saturday which means and experiment, I better check the book and make sure we have the necessary stuff!

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Friday, July 1, 2005

As Tabitha has aged her bedtime ritual has changed. It used to be multiple stories then lots of songs before hugs and kisses. That changed into one story and a few songs. Then being read to from a chapter book and one song. Now we're down to one song from each of us. Chris goes in first and sings Edelweiss, then I go in and hug a teddy bear that used to be mine then sing You Are My Sunshine. I wonder how long before it changes to nothing? Not for awhile, I hope.

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After the kids were in bed, we popped some popcorn and settled in for a movie. We've had four on the Tivo since January, I believe. We chose "Anger Management." What a horrible movie. At least, the first 25 minutes because I could not take any more of it and told Chris I was not enjoying it one bit. Thankfully he felt the same so we quickly deleted it and chose another. Our second choice was "Taxi" though we didn't finish it due to needed sleep. But the half we watched was fun and I look forward to finishing it tonight.

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