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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby sister! She's been a big part of my life for 17 years today. I hope your day was wonderful AJ!

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:33 PM PST

We went to the Disney Store yesterday and I let Tabitha pick out one dress up dress. She chose Cinderella and looks just lovely :) When we got home and put it on, she acted out the entire Cinderella story from sweeping the floor to locking herself in the playroom, lol. We even had the perfect shoes already to be her glass slippers. You can take a look at pics here.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

I've been off on my days for awhile. Friday I thought it was Saturday, Saturday I thought it was Sunday and today I feel like it's Saturday again! I think it's because of Chris's work schedule. Oh, and I also thought it was last week. I only found out the true date yesterday.
I lied unintentionally last night. I didn't scan a single layout. But I did try. Turns out that I can't scan anymore. Every since we got DSL our system resources have been very low and our pc is picky about how many programs it lets us run. It's just too much of a strain for it to run my scanner software now. We really need a new computer, we're hoping to make that happen sometime in the near future, but we'll see.
Oh, that pic off to the side there is Eric Gagne, star closer for the LA Dodgers. We went to an event today to see him. We got there 90 minutes before he was to show and that just thrilled my child to pieces, let me tell you. We basically stood in the same spot in the sun for well over an hour and then finally we got to move to the queue inside. It was nice and air conditioned there. Gagne walked right by us and I got a pic, but it's blurry *sigh. We finally get up to the table and meet Jim Tracy, manager of the Dodgers. We got to say hi and thank you for signing for us and he actually made eye contact. Then we move in front of Gagne. He could not have wanted to be there any less. He didn't make eye contact and barely looked at what he was signing. I took a pic, but as you can see, it's just of his hat. Kind of a dissappointing experience all around. I don't really blame him for not wanting to be there, who would want to go to a car dealership and sign their name for 2 solid hours and then have to go straight to work? I'm sure he had better ways to spend his Sunday morning. But despite all that, I'm still glad we went and saw him and got his autograph. Now to find a frame for it!

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

So, I mentioned we're going to go to an event to meet Eric Gagne tomorrow. Well, I was telling Tabs about it and she can't understand why she can't go up and hug him like she does the characters at Disneyland! It's hard to explain the difference without flat out saying, "Well, Eric is a real person, that's why." I mean, she kind of knows that the characters at Disneyland aren't really real but she chooses to believe they are real and she doesn't get that a Dodger isn't a character. As far as she's concerned everyone is her friend anyway so this really just makes no sense to her. It's going to make even less sense tomorrow when we're in line for 2 hours. We'd never wait that long to meet Snow White, lol.
So we had our playdate this morning and man is my child out of practice with the whole sharing concept! I guess it's been a little too long since her last playdate. In the first half hour there were quite a few tiffs and I think my child may have been the cause of most of them. She and I are going to do some role playing this week, that's for sure. Tabitha and G are great friends though and are very well aligned with imaginative play. They can play dress-up and make up scenarios to act out for hours and not tire of it. My friend and I need earplugs though because there shrill little 4 year old voices reach some pretty high decibels, lol.
Okay, I'm going to start scanning my layouts, but not sure if they'll get uploaded tonight for everyone to view.

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Friday, August 22, 2003

I've finally be scrapbooking again. It's been awhile because I ran out of pictures that were from my old 35mm camera and only have pics on disc. That means I have lots and lots of processing to get done. I have about 4000 pictures on discs from Dec. 1999 to the present that need to be processed and really, that just intimidates me. So, I decided to stop working in the past and trying to catch up. I had all my pics from August processed last week and have put them all into scrapbook layouts already. Now I'm going to get July's done and work on those next and if I keep doing it like that, working back, instead of forward, I think I might actually acheive the elusive "caught up" that scrapbookers strive for. I have completed these layouts, but haven't scanned them yet so I can't share. Maybe I can do that tomorrow night while Chris is working. Though I really need to work more on my vacation journal, it's sorely neglected.
I've decided to start Tabs on a math program. We did some sample work today from the curriculum and she loved it and asked for more, so I feel confident I found the right one. We'll be starting her at the first grade level. I'll probably purchase it very soon because she's anxious to get started. But first I have to order Chris's textbooks though. He started classes two days ago. It's a state school and I'm sure many of you have heard lots of lovely things about the current state of California, so he didn't have the best of luck getting classes. He got two he needs, but they weren't what he wanted to start with.
Anyway, we have a fun weekend planned. Tomorrow Tabitha has a playdate and Sunday morning we're going to head off to a promo event in the hopes of meeting Eric Gagne, star closer for the Dodgers. He's French-Canadian like my hubby and child so that makes him even more special, lol. Night.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

I just found the best gift ever! Okay, it's very, very freaky looking but Tabitha will absolutely love it! What is it, you ask? I can't even begin to explain it. Here's a link: Personalized Dora Video. You have to watch the preview to fully appreciate it.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

My child discovered Fashion Polly today. She has Polly Pockets and really enjoys them, but wanted to go a step further and be able to dress her Pollies. So, I got her a couple small sets today and now she's hooked. Because one thing our life has been lacking is collections (can you feel the sarcasm?). All I can say is it's a good thing we're not planning anymore children because we could never fit one into the playroom. Tabitha's room is full, the playroom is full and we still have a couple things in the dining room. And you can't have just one of any toy. Oh no, you have to have the whole collection. We have collections of Mr. Potato Heads, Little People, My First Princess, Care Bears, Disney houses, Barbie's little sister Kelly and at least 10 other collections I could list. Today she also expressed an interest in Strawberry Shortcake which is another huge commitment. At least she plays with all of them. We do regularly go through her toys and get rid of things she no longer plays with, but she plays with a heck of a lot of stuff.
In other news, she has started her quest for the right Halloween costume. As it stands right now, she wants to be the Statue of Liberty. We'll see how long until she changes her mind.

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I've disabled comments because they don't seem to be working and I have little desire to try and figure it out. If you want to say something regarding an entry you are always welcome to email me. zandra at tarazandra.com

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We had a pretty good time at Disneyland on Wednesday. When we got there we got a call from a friend of ours who works in characters. He heard we were going to be there that day and came out to say hi. Tabitha ran up to him and would not let go. We know she likes him, but this was just weird. So, he carried her around and then hand delivered her to Alice (from Wonderland). Now, Alice and Tabs go way back. They first met Oct. 2001 and for whatever reason, Alice took a real liking to Tabitha. The next time we saw her she remembered Tabi's name and just is overly attentive to her. So, we try to make a point of seeing Alice and saying hi when we're there. We haven't seen her in a very long time because she's been doing all her visiting at the character breakfast at the hotel. So it was very nice to witness the little reunion between Alice and Tabitha on Wednesday. It just warms my heart to see a character go out of her way to talk to my kid. I mean all the character greetings are really nice, but Alice treats Tabitha like she's her friend and acts genuinely glad to see her.
Anyway, after we visited with the Wonderland characters and said good-bye to our friend we went about our day. We went to Tom Sawyer's Island which is recently re-opened after a bit of revamping. We took Tabitha to California Adventure in her bathing suit so she could play in all the water areas which she had a blast doing, of course. We also went in Innoventions (it's in the old America Sings building for those of you who haven't been to Disneyland in a while), because it's wonderfully air conditioned. They have a lot of computer stations set up where you can play Disney games and they also have a Playstation Dance Dance Revolution area set up and boy did Chris and I have fun! Even Tabitha had fun dancing along. We'll definitely be getting the games for the house soon!
We ended up staying until after the Electrical Parade and got home around 10:45.
Yesterday, Chris came home early because he got too much sun and felt very sick. He pretty much just shut himself into the bedroom with his PS2 to relax. Tabitha and I baked a marble fudge cake because we left a birthday party early on Monday and she didn't get cake. So now we have this cake in the house and none of us are going to eat it before it goes bad, but oh well.
Today we're doing nothing. Tabs is playing computer games, I'm bumming around and we might go to the mall later to get some pics developed so I can scrapbook, but I'm probably feeling far too lazy and it's supposed to be as high as 105 here in the valley. That temperature is not exactly conducive to going outside and walking to the shuttle stop.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I added a story about the raspberry festival on my vacation page.

I'm kind of in a bit of a bind, scrapbooking wise. I like to use Close to my Heart products which are only available through individual consultants. I've had the same consultant for 2 years. She happens to be the closest friend of my old friend whom I no longer have as a friend (does that make *any* sense?) I don't feel comfortable going to crops at the consultant's house or doing business with her knowing that she probably doesn't have much of a favorable opinion of me anymore because of what happened with my friend and I. Besides, my old friend would be at all the crops and I just don't think that would be a good situation. I've never before made a conscious effort to stop being friends with someone and I'm unsure how to handle it. I still feel so sad for the loss of the friendship, but I really think it died a long time ago. She obviously had lots of issues with me (as stated in her email) and chose to never say anything. Her issues ran a little deeper than mine though. I was accused of things that I can't forget. I was only concerned that she never seemed to have time for us to get together. But, it's over and done with and you can understand why I don't really want to go to her best friend's house once a month.
So, I need a consultant in Southern California. I found one via the Close to my Heart website that isn't too far from my house, but I'd really like someone closer. I'm putting this out there on the off chance that someone who reads my site or comes here via a search engine might know someone. You never know, right? My other scrapbooking problem is very simple: money. Like everything in my life, I take pictures to excess. It's rather expensive to get them processed. I got my new camera in July 2002. I'm now at 2500 pictures. That's $1225 just for the last year! And I still need to get pics from previous years processed as well. If my kid would just stop being cute then I could stop taking pictures, lol.

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Another entry up for our vacation: http://tarazandra.com/maine. This one is about the raspberry festival.

I'm thinking I'm going to stop using the notify list. I rarely remember to send out an email and it doesn't have tons of subscribers by any means. I'll keep it running in case my site goes down or I leave town, but I'm not going to be sending out emails for each new entry anymore.

So we're headed to Disneyland today. It's going to be very hot and most likely very crowded, but I like to do it once a summer. Disneyland is most alive in the summer and it's just a feeling I enjoy being a part of. In general I much, much prefer to go during the rest of the year as I hate crowds, but for this one day it should be fun.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:56 AM PST

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I updated my vacation page. http://tarazandra.com/maine The newest entry is called "The Cabin."

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Monday, August 11, 2003

Even though it's only August and we're now entering the super hot time of the year, all our summer plans are done. Last week we had dino class every day at the Natural History Museum. There were lots of crafts which I'm thankful for because I just don't do crafts with Tabs here at home very often. She does plenty of creative stuff on her own, but we rarely sit down and make something together. Anyway, it was no issue getting to the class as it's only a 30 minute drive, but coming home at 3:00pm, was a bit harder; Very thick traffic. One day it took us an hour and a half. It just makes me glad that I don't do that every day anymore like when I was going to school and working. Thursday night we went to the Kodak theatre and saw "Dora the Explorer, Live!" Tabitha was totally enthralled with everything. I had bought our tickets so early that we had fabulous seats. The show was pretty much what you'd expect a preschool show to be, Chris said the voices were giving him a head ache, lol. Today we have a birthday party to attend. I guess there will be a bounce house and sprinklers so the kids should be in heaven. Chris is off work the next two days, we're going to go spend Wednesday at Disneyland. We haven't been there since June which is a record for us.
Speaking of Disney, last night Chris and I were pricing a trip to Disney World since we plan to go in the next couple of years. Much less expensive than I was fearing. We'll probably end up just using the Walt Disney Travel agents because they even book your air fare for you. It might be less expensive to do everything ourselves, but for once, I don't want to do it all. I'd love to sit back and have it all planned. And if we work hard, we'll be able to afford it, so why not. Originally, we wanted to go next January for Tabitha's 5th birthday, but now we're looking at January 2005.
Well, my kid has her toast and is sitting down to The Wiggles and I'm off to shower. I'll probably have to turn on the a/c by the time I get out.

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Saturday, August 9, 2003

I finally started writing all about our vacation. Here's the link: http://tarazandra.com/maine. Enjoy reading about our adventures. I'll get crackin' on writing more.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Tabitha and I have been taking a dinosaur class this week at the Natural History Museum. We have the same teacher as we had last year for the tide pool class. I'm not sure how much Tabs is learning, but the crafts are really fun, so she's having a blast.
After dinner, she and I headed to the mall for a nice evening. We didn't do anything but window shop, but it was just a really nice time together. We split a preztel and I bought cheese sauce to dip my half in, turns out that the cheese sauce they sell at Auntie Anne's Pretzels has worcestershire sauce which has anchovies in it so I didn't get to dip :( I couldn't exchange it because I opened it before I read the label. I don't know why I read the label considering I don't usually for cheese sauce, but I'm glad I did.
When went in the Disney Store (of course) the greeter decided we needed to know every single item on sale and every movie that we can pre-order and she told us all this in a very whiny/nasally voice. I couldn't get away from her fast enough! We were looking at the princess dresses and I really hope they aren't going to be the Halloween costumes this year. None of the dresses look like they belong to the Disney princesses! The Cinderella dress looks like Little Bo Peep for goodness sake. I really wanted to get the rest of the dresses this year for Tabitha's dress-up closet, but not if you can't even recognize who the dresses are supposed to be. I had to keep Tabs out of Carlton Cards and Spencer's Gifts because they are carrying two new Care Bears that she really, really wants and she won't understand why I won't get them. What she doesn't know is that we already ordered them and my UPS guy will be bringing them to us on Thursday. Oh, and back to the princess stuff, when we were at Wal-Mart the other day we saw lots of new princess toys. And the Disney Store is finally carrying the adventurer line of toys so it's going to be a very Disney Christmas and birthday for my little one. Actually, I've been buying things for a couple months now and I have a nice little stash of gifts in my garage. I keep grabbing things on sale and just putting them away. The best deal I've gotten so far is a huge Jungle Book 2 playset from the Disney Store for $1.99!
Alright, enough of my shopping tales, lol. My kid is keeping herself awake by watching Match Game because we have to pick Chris up from work in a bit. She doesn't want to go to sleep until after we pick him up. I'm indulging her because we had such a nice night together :)

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Saturday, August 2, 2003

Why, hello there! Yes, we're back. We came home late Tuesday night. Our vacation was fabulous, I'll share stories and photos sometime soon.
We don't really have anything on the agenda for today, Chris is off work. It's rare that he's off on a Saturday, so I feel like we should take advantage of it, but on the other hand, we hate being with crowds so who knows what we'll do.
I'll get back into the swing of updates soon.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:03 AM PST

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