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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We started this morning off with a playdate. I learned that I am not equipped to deal with a two year old and better re-learn everything before the next wee one is that age and takes over. Tabitha had a blast playing with her friends, as usual.

Then later this afternoon my mom and sister came over for a bit. After a while we decided to go to dinner at Millies which was only so-so. But I'm glad I got to spend time with them for the second time this week so it was worth it.

After dinner, Tabitha and I ran to Toys 'R Us as we have a birthday party coming up next week. We hadn't been there in quite some time so we some fun browsing through all the toys. I really want one of the new Cabbage Patch Kids. Actually, I'd like more than one, lol. I also saw a new Tamagotchi! Man, I loved those when they first came out! I remember having to take mine to work to ensure they wouldn't die and sneaking peeks at them in between helping guests out. I still have my original ones and a Toy Story one as well. I'd like to get a new one just to see what it's like. Toys are cool :)

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Monday, August 30, 2004

We now have a new tv. It's not too different from our old one. This one is 50-inches, the old one was 45-inches. This one is 5 years newer, which is nice. It also has a built in super shield which will protect it from those little baby hands that will be here someday. With Tabitha was always had to put the coffee table in front of the tv so she couldn't get to the screen. I can tell the picture is better quality too. All in all, it's nice and Chris is pleased with it and seeing as how TVs are his business, I'm glad he's happy with it.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

We just finished a mini-feast for dinner this evening. I was in a cooking mood when I made my shopping list. All-in-all I ended up making deviled eggs, cabbage salad, mashed potatoes, tangy green beans, sautéd garlic spinach and Tabitha also had veggie nuggets. Whew! But it was good :)

We're headed out in a few minutes to take load two of our recyling. We took all we could last night and will fill the trunk again tonight and will probably have to go tomorrow as well. Can you tell it's been awhile since we took our recycling in? We've let it go so long that there are periodic avalanches in the garage.

Chris ended up working today even though he's normally off. He's going to stay home tomorrow and try to just work a half-day on Tuesday. I'm glad he's home tomorrow, Tabitha and I need a break from eachother. Once 4 o' clock rolls around we just get on one another's nerves. The minute Chris comes home we're both clamoring for his attention. You can't say he isn't loved!

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Tabitha had a very good playdate this morning. The girls had a lot of fun together and I got to have a nice chat with my friend too :) After the playdate, Tabitha and I didn't do much at all. She played various things and I read and played on the internet for a bit. Chris is working much longer hours than usual right now due to inventory at his business. Seeing as how that's his dept. he's very over worked right now. But it'll settle down and we'll get used to his new school schedule and life can go back to normal again. We haven't done lessons in a week and both Tabitha and I would like to get back to them. We're so close to the end of her math 1 that I'd like to get it done so we can celebrate and move on.

There's really no baby news, this is a very uneventful pregnancy which is good but does not lend itself to interesting journal entries. I'm now 18.5 weeks along and doing fine. I've reached the stage where I'm not supposed to lie on my back which means I wake up several times a night to roll back over to my side. I may or may not have felt the baby move. It's so hard to tell at this stage if that's what I'm really feeling. I like to think it is :) As for weight gain, not much. In fact, less than recommended by this time, but I'm not going to worry because I started out overweight and can afford to gain less. That said, I'm going to pay a bit more attention to my nutrition. I'm not going to up my calorie intake, but I'm going to pay more attention to where my calories come from and add more iron and protein as I've been lacking in both those nutrients. I'm not showing signs of anemia at least and I want to be sure I stay that way. Tabitha still talks about the baby's arrival with nothing but love and anticipation.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Last night the child and I dropped Chris off at class and then headed to Disneyland. Surprisingly, we rode quite a bit. We don't usually ride a lot of rides, but we were there too late for characters, we were both shopped out, and I didn't feel like seeing shows. So rides it was! We had a really good time and I'm glad we went.

Today is pretty much me avoiding work. I'm checking email a lot as an excuse to sit down and not do anything else. I need to do stuff, but I'm just not in the mood. I can't really put anything off either because we might be having a playdate tomorrow morning. I'm trying to get motivated and get a move on, but so far, not happening.

The car wouldn't start this morning for Chris. Turns out it's just a dead battery and one corroded terminal. He got the car jumped and got to work and right now he's out buying the new battery and terminal. He had to have someone drive him because the car wouldn't restart again after he turned it off. Oh well, for the first thing to go wrong with the car, it's nice that it's something small and inexpensive.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yesterday was a much more successful shopping trip. We still had to go into practically every kid's clothing store, but Tabitha did end up with two pairs of shorts, which is all I wanted in the first place. Also, at one store, Tabitha fell in love with a pink crochet poncho so I went ahead and picked that up for her as well. She looks so adorable in it. I need to take her in for pics soon and I'm thinking she'll wear the poncho. After the mall, we went up to Target and then Ikea. I wanted to get a hanging basket type thing for some of Tabitha's stuffed animals. Here's a pic. While at Ikea, we found some round rugs that are like outdoor carpet that is supposed to look like grass. Tabitha decided they would look perfect in her garden room so now she has them arranged as stepping stones going from the door to the ladder of her bed. They are kind of cool to feel under bare feet, I have to admit.

Today will be spent getting my house back in order including all our laundry from the camping trip. I have a nice big to-do list and I've promised the child we're not going anywhere today.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

At 6 o' clock Tabitha made herself a to-do list. On it she has:
Care Bears
Sit 'N' Spin
Feed Fish
Lego Advenchers [sic]

This is how it came to be 8:00 and she's just starting dinner. And she has to have a bath too since she didn't get it last night and still has the weekend camping dirt on her. At least my little insomniac should go to sleep with no problem.

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Last year we saw a Hawaiian group at the Aquarium. When they said they were located in a city about 10 miles from here, we took their business card. It took me a year, but I finally contacted them about signing Tabitha up for classes. I received a reply very quickly that told me I would receive an August calendar as soon as July was over. Well, August is almost over and I never heard from them again. I tried emailing again, but didn't get a response after a week so I called instead. She told me I'll have access to the members' area of the website and that would give me the location and the calendar. Okay, I got that, but how do I actually enroll the child in the class? She didn't seem to understand my question so I clarified by asking her is we just show up and that is apparently the way it works. It's a little different than most of Tabitha's other classes where you enroll and pay fees ahead of time. Anyway, we'll see how it goes next week when we take Tabs to the first class. I hope she really likes it as I'd like it to be an ongoing thing for her.

In other "trying-to-sign-up" news, I contacted the neighborhood manager for where we live to find Tabitha a Daisy Girl Scout troop. I received a reply the next day telling me she would get back to me ASAP. This was back in the middle of July. So I emailed again a week ago and heard nothing. So I emailed the membership director today and hope to hear from her. I tried calling the council office, but that didn't seem to be the right route. I don't understand why these two simple things that I want to sign Tabitha up for are so difficult to actually get into? It's just frustrating.

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Well, I survived camping, though just barely. The combination of being pregnant at a high altitude and constant walking up hill just about did me in. I could barely breathe, my lungs just weren't working, and my hands were numb from the lack of circulation. Chris and I had to check into the village hotel on our second night so I could recuperate. Tabitha could have come with us, but she elected to spend the night with my in-laws in their RV. Sunday had me waking feeling 100% better and back to normal. I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and I stayed just fine through our departure. I must say though, the Sequoias were gorgeous and on Sunday when most campers were gone, it was heavenly to sit there with the silence and just drink it all in. That being said, I'm glad to be home.

Tabitha and I hit the mall today as I was desperately in need of a stop at the Clinique counter. Then I decided to search the clearance racks for shorts for Tabitha because she could really use two or three more pairs. I went in every single store that carries kids' clothes and came up empty. We're going to the other mall and Target tomorrow, I think. I'm aware that the stores are stocked with school clothes right now, but it's hard for me to want to buy long sleeves when I'm still running the a/c everyday. Lots of the fall stuff was adorable though. I need to clean out last year's cold weather clothes first and see what exactly Tabitha needs before I start shopping. Hopefully we'll find shorts tomorrow.

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Well, I survived camping, though just barely. The combination of being pregnant at a high altitude and constant walking up hill just about did me in. I could barely breathe, my lungs just weren't working, and my hands were numb from the lack of circulation. Chris and I had to check into the village hotel on our second night so I could recuperate. Tabitha could have come with us, but she elected to spend the night with my in-laws in their RV. Sunday had me waking feeling 100% better and back to normal. I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and I stayed just fine through our departure. I must say though, the Sequoias were gorgeous and on Sunday when most campers were gone, it was heavenly to sit there with the silence and just drink it all in. That being said, I'm glad to be home.

Tabitha and I hit the mall today as I was desperately in need of a stop at the Clinique counter. Then I decided to search the clearance racks for shorts for Tabitha because she could really use two or three more pairs. I went in every single store that carries kids' clothes and came up empty. We're going to the other mall and Target tomorrow, I think. I'm aware that the stores are stocked with school clothes right now, but it's hard for me to want to buy long sleeves when I'm still running the a/c everyday. Lots of the fall stuff was adorable though. I need to clean out last year's cold weather clothes first and see what exactly Tabitha needs before I start shopping. Hopefully we'll find shorts tomorrow.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Tomorrow morning we leave to go camping! Yay! This trip could not be at a worse time though. Chris started school this week and has 5 hours of classes tonight plus it's inventory time at his work and considering he's in loss prevention, it's mucho work for him so he's working later than usual. So today, it's all on me. I have to take care of all the food and packing and making sure we don't forget anything. But, despite it being horrible timing, I cannot wait to get there tomorrow.
So right now I'm doing laundry and then I'll pack. I also need to gather some toys for Tabitha since it's a long drive. I need to make sure we don't forget something important, like the lighter for the grill :) I need to do some prep work for our food, but I don't think I'll pack it all until right before we leave. I want the freezer boxes to stay frozen as long as possible so they keep the temp in the cooler down as long as possible. I also need to make a list for the house sitter. Nothing major, just what to do with the pets and a "no eating on my couch" reminder.
My in-laws are picking us up at 3:00am. I'll go to bed around nine perhaps and then get up at 2:00 to take care of last minute things like food and toiletries. Chris most likely won't sleep because that's just the way he is. I know I'm going to forget something, but hopefully nothing too important!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Watching my child eat watermelon on a summer day with juice running down her arms and seeds falling off her chin brings me back to my own childhood. The stains on the shirt don't matter, the mess on the table can be cleaned. The memory will not be forgotten.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Today in lessons we worked on alphabetical order. I just wrote words down and Tabitha re-wrote them in alphabetical order. She really didn't have a problem with that so I moved onto alpha. order when the first letters are the same. That one stumped her a bit so we worked for awhile. When I was done she asked for more so I threw a few more variations at her. I think she caught on pretty quick and we'll work on it a few more times over the next couple of days.

We're cruising along in math and I'll be ordering Saxon 2 next week. I'm also going to order Story of the World for history. I like everything I've read about it so far and it seems right up Tabitha's alley. I've been working on Tabitha's spelling with a workbook I ordered, it's too soon though to see if there is any improvement. She likes the activities though so that's good if nothing else.

No we just need to work on those fine mother skills so she can learn to tie her shoes.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

We went to Disneyland today "for a few hours" we said this morning. Hah! We get there and after 15 minutes, Tabitha wanted to go to the Home on the Range petting zoo. Then she wanted to do a quick coloring project in the little cabin they have set up there. At this point, time slowed to a crawl. Tabitha spent 45 minutes coloring her picture and talking up the two hosts over-seeing everything. In the course of the chatter, one of the hosts mentioned that Launch Pad McQuack from Duck Tales had been spotted that morning. That got our attention. Apparently this was a once in a lifetime thing and he probably wasn't going to be back anytime soon. Chris went off to find out where he would be and when, while Tabitha continued coloring, only to find out that he was on his own with no schedule at all. We were advised to simply wander around and look. Once Tabitha *finally* finished her picture, we joined Chris and happened to run into Alice. She took Tabitha for a walk and they chatted then I asked if she had seen Launch Pad. She had that morning but didn't know where he was at the moment. Then she found a host who kind of oversees certain characters if he had any idea where Launch Pad was. He tried to find out and couldn't and told us to meet him a half hour later and he'd try to do a search. We met him at the right time and he hadn't had any luck. We decided to take another look around the park and then leave because we were all pretty hungry. We took 2 steps into Tomorrowland and there he was! But he was on his way out! We managed to catch him and he very nicely signed Tabitha's autograph book and posed for the picture. Victory was ours! The pic can be seen over at the updated Disney Character site.

Now that we had accomplished our mission we thought we'd head out. But then we thought we should perhaps see Alice again and thank her for her help and let her know that we had found Launch Pad. So we went to wait. But it wasn't an ordinary meet and greet, no siree. Alice, Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit decided to play charades and of course Tabitha wanted to play. After that game was over, Mad Hatter was teaching the girls ballet, then Alice and Mad Hatter read a story, then they said good-bye but invited Tabitha to play musical chairs with them in half an hour. At this point, we're all starving, so we took a candy and soda break while waiting to play musical chairs. After musical chairs they all played I Spy and finally Duck, Duck, Goose. After this, Tabitha still wanted to stick around but we told her we very much needed to go. So the next time we saw Alice, it was simply to say thank you and good-bye. By the time we got home and I had the food ready, we had an early dinner and lunch was essentially candy. *sigh* But the child has a hundred new wonderful memories to add to her collection :)

Now, we're all settled in to watch the Olympics.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

We started watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. The problem is NBC decided that people will stay up really late and they didn't start the broadcast until 8:00pm. Considering it's a 4 hour ceremony, that posed a problem. So we watched half last night and finished the other half this afternoon. Why they don't start them even one hour earlier, I don't know. Plus, I'm already tired of Bob Costas. He spoke over so much of the coverage instead of just letting the viewers soak it in and enjoy. I mean, he had commentary going when Bjork was singing, he told us what she was singing about instead of letting us hear her sing. It was aggravating to say the least. During the day today I just kind of left the Olympics going and we watch it sporadically. Tabitha is enjoying it all so far. I figure we'll really study the history of the Olympics in 4 years when Tabitha will be a bit older and able to appreciate it more. I do have a book on hold at the library of Greek Myths, but we'll see if they manage to get it in for me before the Closing Ceremonies.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Yesterday after Tabitha's class, she went to my mil's house as Tabitha wanted to spend a whole day with her before she went back to work. While she was there, Chris and I went to a late lunch at Olive Garden courtesy of my mom who had given us a gift certificate there for our anniversary last month. After lunch, we headed to Chicks and eventually Target looking for an air pump for our air mattresses that we plan to use while camping. They are both next to a Babies R' Us so we went in to look at strollers.
Now, apparenly even though it's only been 6 years, things have changed. You can't get a nice big deluxe stroller that doesn't come with a baby bucket (car seats). I don't like the buckets. People never seem to take their babies *out* of the bucket and that's not the position I want my kid's spine to grow. But we're resigned ourselves to the fact that if we want a nice stroller, it will come with a bucket. We'll just use it as our secondary car seat for when I go places with family or friends. But we don't plan to use it in the stoller itself. So we busied ourselves trying to figure out how strollers work nowadays. First order of business is getting the bucket off the stroller. Not an easy task. Those things have a trick to them which is good so people don't dump the babies out, but bad for us folks in the store without the benefit of the instructions. Eventually, we figured out how they all have an extra locking mechanism and things went much smoother after that.
The second feature that most of the have now is one handed fold up. I suppose it's easier, but again, not if you don't know what you're doing. We needed to be sure the strollers would fit in our trunk after they were folded considering we're one of the few people in the world with children who do not drive a mini-van or SUV. You can't fold the strollers unless the bucket is taken out and time and time again, we forgot this. On one particular model, I went to fold it before we took the bucket off and it collapsed and the bucket pitched forward- still attached at one place- and essentially I would have done irreparable damage to baby had one actually been in the seat. We quickly put that one away, because why take chances when we're going to be in sleep deprived stupors? We did eventually find one that we really liked although I'm still bummed that none of them compare to what we had with Tabitha.
Next we wandered by the bassinets. Now Tabitha's bassinet is one of the few things I actually kept because I really liked it. We were supposedly just walking by. And then I saw it. The most beautiful natural wood and cream colored bedding cradle I've ever seen. Oooh, the baby furniture lust hit me hard. Up until that point I'd only looked at what I consider necessities, so this was the first time I've allowed myself to really look at the non-essentials and I liked what I saw. Now I want to shop and it's time to buy some baby gear.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tabitha wriggled into her Peter Pan costume last night and became her alter-ego for the first time in a couple years. She got very into her role and went so far as to tell me that I was going to tell bedtime stories to Peter, but would be putting Tabitha to bed. When it was bedtime, she had to go outside and look for the second star to the right. The only problem was when I was Captain Hook and she attacked me with her dagger, she got a couple good licks in before I made her stop. Gotta love kids' imaginations :)

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's been a pretty good day so far. It starts off bad since we're immediately thrust into traffic, but we got to the museum on time so that's good. Tabitha went off to her class where they got to dig like an archaeologist and make a cave drawing. I sat in the shade for two hours and chatted with my friend while her two girls played at the park. Then we picked up Miss Tabitha and we all had a nice picnic lunch together, then the three girls played games such as Hide and Seek, Mother May I and Simon Says, while the two of us continued to talk. After a rather quick drive home, Tabitha quickly exchanged her clothing for a bathing suit and it currently frolicking in the backyard with the mist on.

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Tabitha started her week of museum classes today. She's taken them the last two years, but this is the first year that it is non-parent participation. They are learning about ancient civilizations and the class will include a mock excavation which I know the child will love. They will also talk about the differences between a paleontologist and an archaeologist. It's a two hour class but a bit too far to make it worth the time or the gas to get home so I'll stay. Since Chris was off today he went with us, of course, so we walked a couple miles to a fast food place to have a greasy breakfast. It was a bit warm to walk back so we hopped the LA shuttle which took 5 minutes and dropped us off across the street from the museum. We then browsed the Science Center's air-conditioned gift shop until it was time to pick up Tabitha. As we expected she was bubbling over and thoroughly enjoyed the class. The rest of the week, I'll be hanging out with my best friend whose kids also take classes there. I borrowed books from my mom too, so I'll make the most of my two hours a day.

Speaking of books, I went to my mom's yesterday with the purpose of borrowing a book to read Tabitha since we finished The Wizard of Oz a month ago. My mom has a good collection of children's classics but the problem is, I haven't read any of them, or at least, not more than a couple chapters. They always bored me as a kid and I still prefer light reading over anything that makes me think. So I borrowed Aesop's Fables because I always loved those and also The Secret Garden, which is actually my book that was given to me one birthday. Well, I've read the first three chapters two or three times and never made it any further. So I haven't a clue how the story goes and whether or not it's appropriate to read to Tabitha. So I guess I'll be reading that for the next week before I read it to Tabs.

Here's a little something to give you an insight to my child's psyche. We finished lessons a bit later than usual this evening since she had class this morning and I had a doctor's appt. this afternoon. I was sending Tabitha off to play before bed and she asked if she could write a story. I told her she could either play or write a story and she decided to write two stories. As she was writing the first one, she was screwing around and I really didn't want to put her to bed any later than neccesary. So I told her she needed to calm down or she wouldn't be able to write her second story before bed and she sat right away. This is what constitues punishment in our house, not being allowed to write and do work, lol.

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Saturday, August 7, 2004

Yesterday we had an impromptu playdate. My friend called and wanted to go to Disneyland but we had just gone the night before so I declined and invited them to come here instead. It was a fairly short visit though as my mil is back from her yearly trip and wanted to pick Tabitha up and take her home with her since she hadn't seen her in a while. After Tabitha left, Chris and I went to see "The Village." Not what I expected but I really enjoyed the movie. I know some people have been disappointed in it, but it was really good and just the type of movie I like. After the movie, we went to my in-laws' for dinner. We just did pizza and salad but it was all good. We ate outside as the weather was really nice. Once home, Chris watched the Dodgers while I slept next to him.

Today we ran to Target and got some supplies for our upcoming camping trip. Have I mentioned that? I can't remember. We're going with my in-laws and some of their friends in a couple weeks. Although we'll be going up in an RV, the three of us will be sleeping outside in a tent. Man, I cannot wait.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Is there any better way to spend a summer afternoon than swinging and blowing bubbles?

bubbles2 (40k image)

Both the book and the pin came in yesterday's mail so I'm pleased. Tabitha was very happy to have her lost pin replaced and we put it on her pin purse very tightly with a locking back so this will never happen again. We'll put the phonics book into lessons starting today. It looks good and has lots of variety, I just hope it has a positive effect on her spelling.

While I was looking through the catalog yesterday to see what I need to order for the next math level, I saw that they sell Zoo Books. We have quite a collection of them as they were handed down to us from my sister, but it's not a complete collection. It's nice to have a resource to purchase the missing books.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Tabitha is out swinging on her swing right now and she's telling a story at the same time. She's not talking to me, in fact, I'm not sure if she's talking to an imaginary friend, or just talking to hear herself talk. But it's pretty cute to see her swinging away and telling a story all at the same time.

I counted how many lessons were left in Tabitha's math book and the answer is 42. So I need to start looking into what I'll need when I order Saxon Math 2. We started Math 1 last November so I think we went at a pretty good pace considering we don't do have a set schedule for lessons. Where we are now in Math 1, they just introduced adding two 2-digit numbers with regrouping and I'm not fond of the way they teach that. It goes against all my math training, but Tabitha gets it so it obviously works for her so I'm not going to mess with it. Speaking of ordering lessons, I ordered a phonics book for spelling awhile ago and I'm hoping it shows up soon. I order from a family based business so I know things are slower than a large corporation, but it's going on three weeks now for one book little $5.00 book. Perhaps it will be in today's mail. Plus, we should be receiving the pin I bought off ebay any day now. I love packages :)

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Sunday, August 1, 2004

We spent the last two days hanging around the house. Chris did some pool work, I played around on the computer and/ or played with Tabitha. This evening though, we went on a hike up in Griffith Park. There's a homeschooling family who likes to hike, so every few months or so, she sets up a hike and anyone who wants to join, can do so. This is the first time we've been able to go and it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But, it wasn't what she had in mind either, so I think we'll join them again, if we're able. Tabitha, of course, loves hiking and is always disappointed when we're done. Although we had lovely views of downtown LA, that's pretty much all we saw due to quite a bit of haze, which is too bad. Supposedly you can see Catalina from there on a clear day. It was good to get some leg work in considering we'll be camping later this month and I plan for us to do lots of exploring.

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