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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm so tired of Polly Pocket. Tabitha gets them strewn all over her room and then it's a huge argument to get them cleaned up. Sometimes I put them away just so I can avoid the argument. So today I made her an offer, I'd buy all the Pollys from her for $20 which she could then use any way she wanted (except to buy more Pollys) and then the Pollys would be mine and that would be the end of it. No dice. She usually takes my deals but I don't think she would have sold me the Pollys even if I offered fifty bucks. *sigh* I did tell her I will never ever clean them up again, so maybe she'll eventually take my deal. I did talk her into giving away two items that never get played with and are big and then I went through the playroom while she was having sister time and filled a large paper bag with stuff. One of the things I bagged up she may notice so I'll hold off on actually giving away yet. We've also been in talks about her kitchen. She occasionally plays with it and I'm not looking to get rid of it, but I don't care for the plastic food items we have. I want to ditch them and get new stuff that would be under Daisy's name. Tabitha was fine with that as long as I didn't get rid of all her spice jars (film canisters with labels) which I assured her I would not. I also moved some stuff around in the playroom. The labeled bins are going to go up on the high shelves because Tabitha can see at a glance what is up there. Right now it's toys on the higher shelves and sometimes she can't see what they are so the non-bin items will be in the lower levels. How this will work when Daisy is a bit older, I just don't know. We'll deal with that later. A really big problem in the playroom is the craft table. It's a pig sty, no way around it. I haven't a clue how to contain it all, either. I never should have bought that child crayons, lol.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

We went to Disneyland yesterday so Tabitha could run wild in the water areas of California Adventure. We usually do it once every summer and she always has a blast. She got completely soaked all the way through and was practically shivering in the 90º+ weather. After she was all dried and changed we headed into Disneyland. Did I mention the heat? It was so oppressive that we only stayed another hour. Oh, and it was Bat's Day which is a day that all the little Gothers come to Disney. No big deal to me as I personally love their style and wish I had the nerve to wear that (well, maybe not the outfit one chica was wearing which consisted of a skirt with her arse hanging out attached to thigh highs with garters and platform shoes taller than most newborns, but I digress) but man they must have been sweltering. Especially the guys who were in black pants, long sleeves and coats. Tabitha loved looking at everyone and asked me if anyone was feeding their "goth baby" at the baby center (there was). Anyway, a lot of them kept in shade by using parasols and there were so many cool ones. At least they were being smart about it. But really, they need to reschedule for January next time, not August.

My in-laws were supposed to go see the last night of Chris's play, but instead offered to keep the kids and I could go in their place. Yay! I had really wanted to go again because I thought I would enjoy the play more the second time around (I did) and just because it's my husband and all and I wanted to support him. I had a great time as they put in tons of in-jokes for the last night and almost the whole audience had seen it already. Chris sang his monologue instead of saying it and ended with pulling his shirt open and throwing his head back a la Michael Jackson in whatever video that is where he smashes cars. It was just so much fun and I'm so glad I went. After the show he and I stopped at Denny's before going to pick up our babies.

Today I'm feeling like I need to relax so we've dubbed today "do whatever you want day." Which means Tabitha is playing computer games, I'm plopped in front of my own computer and we're not doing anything responsible, other than taking care of Miss Daisy, of course.

Assuming Chris gets home before dark we'll be taking him to get rid of his gad-awful hair and get him styling again. I've researched some hair cuts on the 'net and printed out my faves. He already shaved the '70s porn mustache last night so that's taken care of. I'm not sure what he'll do facial hair wise, but in my opinion he's more attractive with something as opposed to clean shaven.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I never mentioned it here because I was slightly embarassed, but we cancelled our Disney World trip that was to occur next month. It's kind of been indefinitely postponed. Basically we know we want to go next year, but we're not making a reservation or setting a date until we've amassed all the necessary funds. Today Tabitha informs us she'd rather go to Hawai'i first then Disney World. But then she kind of waffled on that. So I don't know what the heck we're going to do. I guess our vacation fund will just have to continue to grow and after we get our tax refund make a decision. I've heard a rumor within the halau that they are considering going to the big competition in Hawai'i next year in which case, I think the decision would be a no-brainer. But if they don't go, I'm not entirely sure what Tabitha will choose. We told her we'll have a family discussion next year when we're ready to make a decision. I would say that her vote counts the strongest which is kind of odd. But I'm not spending thousands of dollars on a vacation somewhere while she's wishing she were somewhere else. I could go either way at this point. I'm so tired of planning Disney World and having to postpone it that now it feels like we'll never get there so we might as well try for somewhere else. The main problem is I'm not willing to make quite as many sacrifices as I should in order to help our fund grow quickly. At this rate we'll be lucky to make it to the next county for a vacation let alone another state.

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So baby wakes at 3:40am and I'm just not in the mood so I asked Chris to get up. Next thing I know, I hear her talking again and Chris tells me he's sorry, he's been up with her an hour and she doesn't want to sleep. Our standard rule is if she won't sleep we only stay up one hour before getting the other person to take over. So I get up at quarter of 5 and she's just being the sweetest, most delightful little thing. Around 5:30 she decides to eat and instantly drops off to sleep. I plop her in bed and figure I'll stay up. After half an hour though, I'm ready to drop so I decide an hour of sleep is better than none. Nope, not gonna happen. I'm tired as heck, but just could not keep my eyes closed and fall asleep. So I've been up for awhile now. We have hula this morning and then I'm supposed to take Tabs to a birthday party but I'm pretty sure I'm going to bail. It's just for the younger sibling of one of her friends, so it's not as big a deal. Not that she'll see it that way and I'm thinking I'm going to have to bribe the kid to not be upset with me.
At some point I assume I'll be too tired to function and will need a nap. I just hope it comes before Chris has to leave for tonight's play.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

We decided to walk to the mall yesterday. Well, I walked, Miss Tabitha scooted. Man she loves that thing. She thanked me again yesterday for us giving it her for her birthday back in January. The scoother will be the thing she thinks of when asked her favorite childhood present on one of those silly email forwards when she's thirty. Anyway, it was a gazillion degrees but we had fun. We stopped at Jack-in-the-Box on the way to recharge with water first then soda. Then it was on to Toys R Us for an hour of browsing. Lots and lots of items jumped out at me to get the kids for Christmas. Finally we were en route to the mall where Chris met us after work. In fact, he beat us there. We rested for awhile and snacked on cookies and egg rolls. Then we hit Payless and were finally! able to get some shoes. I found a pair of tennies and a pair of casual Mary Jane-esque Ked-like shoes and Tabitha got a new pair of tennies as well. I would also like a pair of shoes that is strictly for my walking, but they'll wait until another time. There were some overly friendly kids at Payless. They didn't seem to be trying shoes on but they were determined to follow us in our quest to get Tabitha some shoes that fit. I had asked the cashier for the measuring thing and instead she measured Tabitha's foot herself. She said it was a size 3. That seemed beyond bizarre to me because Tabitha's current shoes are all 13 1/2. Anyway, we tried a 3, then a 2 1/2, then a 2, then a 1 1/2. She technically fit the 1, but we went with the 1 1/2 to give her a bit of growing room since she usually hits her growth spurt in the fall. I don't know what the lady was smoking when she told us 3. But back to the kids. They just followed us around even though they were totally crowding us and I kept moving Tabs to a different bench to try on shoes. One even asked Chris what religion we were. Nosy little suckers. Eventually we found our way out of Payless with lots of shoes in tow. Once home we had a quick dinner of baked potatoes and broccoli and then we all lounged in the back yard until it was time to start the bedtime going ons.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You know what I think is cool about my kid? The big one, I mean. She reads Magic Treehouse books which are beneath her in reading ability, evidenced by the fact that she reads them in less than an hour, but they are right on target to appeal to her adventurous self. Some of the books are based on events in history, such as one is about the Civil War. When she re-read that one the other day, she created a battlefield in her room with all the "soldiers," who bore a striking resemblance to Barbie's former boyfriend Ken, laid out on the floor while she dressed in a long skirt and apron to be a nurse. On top of that, she likes the research guides that are not stories at all, but instead a way for the reader to learn more about certain things. What does she do when she reads them? Why, she takes notes in a notebook/journal so that she can remember things. I love that she is constantly learning, not because someone dictates she must, but simply because she gets a great joy out of learning something new. This is as it should be and a huge chunk of the reason why we homeschool. I will consider our homeschooling journey a complete success if I succeed in never killing her enthusiasm for learning.

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This is the face daisy makes after almost every bite. Yet, opens her mouth and gladly takes more so I don't know what to make of the face.

I think this picture gives me a glimpse of Daisy as a toddler. All I did was pull her hair back but it changes her look so much.

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If Daisy naps 1 hour, I'm sad it was so short

If she naps 1.5 hours, I consider it normal

If she naps 2 hours, I'm feeling pretty good

If she naps 3 hours, I'm in there checking her breathing

If she goes much longer I won't know what the heck to do with myself. Tabitha and I have been waiting for her to wake so we can go. We just want to go to Sav-On but Tabitha is going to scoot while I push Daisy in the stroller. And I'm out of Diet Coke, so I desperately need to go, lol.

A couple weeks ago I bought a new baby carrier called the Mei-Hip. Daisy and I have used it a half dozen times now and both of us really like it. I love my Baby Bjorn, as I've said, but this carry is easier on the back. The down side is my right arm is way more constricted as is Daisy's body. But it's because she is more constricted that it doesn't hurt my back as much. We'll be able to use this well into toddlerhood whereas my Bjorn is really only good for me until around the 20lb mark (which Daisy is only 4lbs away from). Another plus is it folds up very compactly and therefore fits nicely into the diaper bag. It's a little tricky to get on, but I'm getting better at it with practice.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Haven't had the time to really sit down and type in a few days. Let's see, what have we been doing? Saturday we had hula as usual then we headed to the fairgrounds so Tabitha could set up her entry. She was accepted into the collections competition for this year's fair. Her category is most unusual as she entered her bouncy ball collection. I hope she at least places, but she's just so giddy to be entered that she honestly doesn't care if she wins or not. That evening, my sister and I went to see Chris in his play. To be honest, it's not my style of play, but I loved seeing my husband in his role as a stoned, dense, mailman from Canada. Plus it was fun going with my sister whom I haven't spent any time with since she's been home on summer break.

Sunday, hmmm, what the heck did we do Sunday? Oh I know! Tabitha and I had a playdate. First we stopped at Disneyland to get some quick shopping done, but we werent' quick enough and ended up 45 minutes late to our date. I felt bad, especially since Tabi's friend had somewhere to be at a certain time, but Tabitha said she had plenty of fun, so I'm glad she didn't feel gypped out of play time. Once we were home, I worked on Tabitha's dress up area and went through all her dress up shoes as I knew many of them just didn't fit any more. After that I cleaned up the play room as well. After that was done, all of us headed to the back yard for some relaxing. I love sitting in my little sitting area with Daisy at my feet, Chris by my side and Tabitha playing in front of me. I had fun with bubbles for a little while too.

Chris and I have been in a movie mood lately. Recently we've watched "Hitch," "Catch Me if You Can," and "Meet the Fockers." All were very enjoyable. We borrowed two more movies from my bil, but didn't get home in time tonight to watch one.

Daisy pulled up for the first time today on her exersaucer. She was standing just fine up until I called her name so I could get a pic of her looking at the camera, at which point she toppled over. She duplicated the task later on a couch. She enjoyed her yams all weekend and then was given applesauce last night. She enjoyed it just fine though I think she was suprised at first that it had a different taste from the yams. I talked Tabitha into trying a spoonful, she still hates it, lol.

Today was spent shopping for the most. We went to the mall for a little while, then over to a shoe store that was highly recommended, but I was sorely disappointed. We also squeezed in a quick stop at Best Buy and Barnes and Noble where Tabitha picked out another Magic Treehouse Research Guide. This one is on Greece and the Olympics. Next it was time to take Tabitha to bowling where she had a grand time and scored two points higher than her average. We then went to my in-laws' as they hadn't seen the kids in a while and were invited to stay for pizza. After dinner we went to Target, CompUSA and Old Navy before finally coming home to dump two very worn out kids into their beds.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I updated Daisy's site last night and here she goes and starts something new today. Figures. Today she has decided to add actual babbling to her verbal repetoire. She usually groans and hums her sounds but today she was saying baba, mama, wawa and the like. I've heard her say lala many times before but that was the only repetitive sound she made before. Kind of cute to hear her because she babbles so softly. I made her sweet potatoes for dinner and she seemed to enjoy them. She made a few very funny faces that were as if she ate something sour and even shivered a bit at one point, but she always wanted more and never spit anything out so we're assuming she didn't dislike it. So that's her dinner for the next 3 days and then we'll move on to apple sauce. I'll probably make a big batch of that so Chris and I can have some too. Tabitha will pass as she has abhorred apple sauce since the day she first tried it at 6 months. She won't drink apple juice either, but will eat a whole apple. She's just more into the whole foods approach, as I've mentioned before.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've updated the wee lass' website. Feel free to take a look.

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Yesterday was supposed to be a water play date. We had the pool, mister and sprinkler all ready to be put to use. But alas, our August is acting more like June. It is overcast and chilly every morning and not even a little warm until the afternoon. It's like we skipped summer. But I feel very ready for fall, other than the lack of fall clothing for my little one. I need to do some serious shopping for her. I'm thinking one pieces, but I don't want them to look like pj's. But separates look funky on her due to the cloth diaper butt and dresses will just be a hinderance to her budding crawling skills. I think a trip to Old Navy or Target is in order.

Anyway, we still had a nice play date, we just didn't put the kids in swimsuits. They all had a great time, we had 6 kids here total if you want to count Little Miss D. I don't have enough chairs at my table for that many people, so we put the kids outside to eat lunch. My friend and I had to eat inside though because I don't have an outside adult table. With that many kids I always put the swing up as I don't feel it's safe, but I left out the roller coaster and they had a great time taking turns on that. They also played Polly's and with a pirate ship and castle and got out instruments to be a band. All in all, a great success, I'd say.

Chris came home not too long after our play date ended and we decided to go to the mall. We munched on cookies from Mrs. Fields and wandered around for awhile without a purpose. We stopped at Borders for Tabitha to get a book but that was really it. Oh, we also went into Linen N' Things because I want to redo the hall bathroom and am looking for a wrought iron round mirror. Ideally it would be reminiscent of the sun, but I'm open to just scroll work if necessary. I found one I liked, but it was more of a decorative mirror and nowhere near big enough to be functional. I use the hall bathroom for my hair and makeup so the mirror needs to be useful.

Once home, we fed Tabitha and then Chris took her to hula while I cleaned up the house and played with Daisy. After Tabitha went to bed, Chris and I had dinner (baked potatoes) and watched "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List." Both were very enjoyable. Love Kathy Griffin and would like to see her stand-up sometime.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The wee lass has 6 teeth coming in so she is not so much the happy camper. Two side bottom teeth are completely through, two top teeth are breaking through and two top teeth are swollen but no ridges yet. There is not enough Hyland's in the world to comfort this child. Even being outside today did not appease her. So lot's of changing positions and trying new forms of entertainment are necessary. She was extremely restless last night, I hope she is able to get some relief tonight and get some much needed sleep.

We have been enjoying the back yard lately. We recently acquired a black area rug, roughly 5'x7', and as I have no where in the house to put it, I thought the back yard would be good. So I set up a nice sitting area and all I need now is a little table. Though our serving shelf works just fine. It's a great place for me to sit and Daisy can sit on the rug, previously she had to be in her exersaucer outside as I wasn't about to just sit her on the concrete. Once she's mobile though, we'll see what that means. So I love the new rug, I do wonder though what the neighbors think when they hear me vacuuming outside :)

I cleaned Tabitha's dresser this morning and finally got rid of a lot of stuff that didn't need to be there. I relocated her penny books, but I also just flat out threw a lot out. I snuck it by her, of course. There are now only a few things and it looks so much better. Next I need to go through all her hats because she has far too many hanging on the wall and I know they don't all fit. I also need to weed through her dress-up stuff again. I did so very recently, but I think it deserves another comb through. She still has yet to notice anything I got rid of two months ago.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Today was supposed to be our work day. We started with hula, but once we were home we loaded up the trunk of both cars with stuff to donate to Goodwill. Daisy was asleep so we had lunch to give her time to wake and then headed out. We dropped everything off and came back home only to reload the trunks with all of our recycling. When we got there, someone was already using the machine and she a lot of stuff. So did the couple who were next in line. We decided to walk over to the donut shop for donuts and diet coke. On our way back to the machine, we saw a car pulling up so we turboed over there and got in line before she could pull out her bags. Good thing too since she had just about as much as we did. After everything was recycled and we collected the cash in the store we came home to stay. This was where the majority of the work was supposed to come in, but someone the afternoon just flew by and we didn't get nearly as much done around the house and yard as I had intended. So we shall be working more tomorrow even though it was supposed to be a relaxing day.

Once Chris left for his play, I was feeling rather Disney-ish, so Tabs and I watched House of Mouse then sat down at my computer to play Disney Trivia Challenge. It took an hour and a half, but I won, barely. By then it was well past Tabitha's bed time so off she went. Daisy has been tossing and turning something fierce so we'll see how the night goes. All I know is I've been up since ten 'til five, I think Chris will be on night duty tonight.

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Chris got everything done on his project that could be done and the next step cannot take place until Tuesday so he's off work for 3 days, yay! He has the play tonight and tomorrow but still, he doesn't leave here until 6:30pm, no big deal at all. I know it may sound like a wimp because I can't handle my kids for two weeks. But here's the deal, Chris is the most hands-on dad you will ever meet. He literally takes over almost complete care from the time he gets home (usually around 3:00pm) until the kids go to bed. That's five hours a day. Unexpectedly adding five hours a day to the schedule of someone who hates change (that would be me) can be extremely nerve wracking for them. It was different when Chris went to Dallas a few months ago because since he wasn't here at all I just did what needed to be done and I didn't have time to think of anything else. But this time with him just working more, it felt odd because he was coming home every night of course, and I just kind of focused on what time he would come home and how it wasn't early enough.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm doing bullet points because nothing I have to say is related to eachother.

  • Tabitha won a drawing contest run by Disney's Blast :) She was one of 12 winners, 3 in each age group, and they all received the same prize which is The Incredibles on DVD. She was so incredibly thrilled to find out she won. The winning artwork is displayed at Blast, but it's a pay site so I saved a screen shot and you can see her drawing here.

  • We are now a two car family thanks to my amazing in-laws. My fil decided to buy a new Saturn and it wasn't really worth it to trade in his old one so it now belongs to us. Chris has a car and I have a car. Amazing! The only problem is with this freedom of "I can take the girls here, or we could go there" I am stopped by guilt. If I take the girls here and there then Chris is missing out. We do fun things as a family and I don't want to leave him out. I assume I'll stop thinking of it that way in due time and if nothing else, I no longer have to worry about getting Tabitha to classes on time. Not to mention Daisy and I are going to start a class soon and I was trying to figure out how we were going to get there.

  • Just to really heap the accolades on my mil, the woman is currently taking care of my two children thereby assuring my sanity will stay intact, well, sane is a relative term so let's say my personal sanity which may not be considered sane by conventional thoughts. Anyway, Chris is still on his project and then goes straight to the play tonight. So this is giving me a much needed break today and I'll be ready to handle the late afternoon and evening once I pick them up. He's hoping to have the next three days off, though he'd have the play the next two evenings, and then a couple more long days with no play activity and then our life should get back to normal. I hope.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The little miss has been, shall we say, less than pleasant for two days now. Today I got an answer. There are two little razor edges coming in to go along with the first pair of pearly whites. That explains the constant fussing, refusal to be put down and runny nose. She's also been tired as heck and not staying awake more than two hours, but I'm unsure if it's related or not. Once I figured it out I dosed her with some Hylands and she settled down immediately and actually played on the floor for half an hour giving my back some much needed rest. See, you can't hold her while sitting down, no-no. You must be standing and holding her facing out. After a while, that 16 pounds starts to feel more like 30.

This evening we pulled out a crafting project Tabitha received for her birthday. It's spin art and she had a lot of fun making cool designs. My only complaint is it's a pain to clean up. Other than that, I can see it getting a lot of use.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Daisy hit a cranky spell this afternoon so I had to use up every mom trick I had. At one point I laid on the floor near her and she was up on her knees as she always does now. She had her eye on me and she actually made it over to me, though not a crawl, more of a scoot and rock. Once she got to me she attacked my cheek with her big, slobbery baby kisses. My laughter only encouraged her more :)

I had her diaper bag packed by the time Chris got home and suggested we go out to eat so he called his mom to make sure she didn't mind keeping Tabs and she offered to take Daisy too! Woo-hoo! So we dropped that one off and went to a Mexican food place near my in-laws. It was a fundraiser night for the local Pop Warner team so the place was packed! Thankfully, though all the tables were filled when we arrived, we were the first on the wait list. I don't even know how many groups came in after us. There was still quite a wait by the time we left.

It was past the bedtime of both kids when we picked them up so we popped them into the car and headed home. Baby fell asleep in the car, so that was easy. The older one was tired, so she went off without a fuss as well. Though she called me in to tell me she's having bad thoughts of an evil sock puppet. So I asked her to design her own sock puppet and we'll make it tomorrow. Now, she's preoccupied with something else and not having bad thoughts and we have a craft project to look forward to.

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My child forgets the insanity that is her parents, sometimes. Last night after dinner, Tabitha makes an offhand comment about wanting to try Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland sometime. She's what you'd call a "ride wimp" and so she's never ridden it since it's a roller coaster of sorts. It's tame by roller coaster standards, but it's a huge deal that she would want to ride it. So, we called the in-laws, dropped off the baby and off we went for Tabitha's one and only ride. Oh, we knew she would hate it and she did. But we are so proud of her for deciding to give it a try. Comments she made about last night:

"I won't ride it again for a year; maybe two years."
"I kind of meant I'd ride it next week, not tonight."
"I think I'll stick to trying new foods."

Gawd I love that kid.

She was picked up this morning by my mil so they could spend the day together so it's just me and the babe. I vowed to do absolutely nothing today, so when Daisy has napped, I've just mindlessly wandered the internet.

At one point, I sat Daisy on the table to video her because she loves that place and is quite animated. While videoing her, I crouched a bit so the camera would be level with her face and therefore I could capture the cuteness properly. I braced myself against the counter behind me to get in just the right place. Next thing I know my back is scraping along the countertop, my jean clad arse is sliding down the side, obscenities are flying out of my mouth and my wrist and elbow are connecting with the unpadded floor. Now, here's where the paradox of me comes into play. During the nano-second it took to go from semi-upright to sprawled on the floor, my vanity kicked in and I was able to push the stop button on the video camera to so my plight would not be recorded for all of posterity. But, I'm not vain enough to not share the story for everyone to have a good laugh over.

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Daisy had a heck of a horrible morning yesterday. She didn't appear to be in any pain or discomfor, so I just chalked it up to having a bad day. I felt sure she'd do okay after a nap so we headed out to Disneyland as planned and she slept in the car. We did not find dwarfs, but did find a chicken and three pigs. The chicken would be Clara Cluck and Tabitha didn't even really know who she was so we borrowed the right DVD of animated shorts from my bil later that evening. Now she knows :)

It was a pleasant enough time, even if I was pouring sweat. We were unsuccessful in adding to Tabitha's penny collection because every machine we encountered with pennies that she needed was out of order. Guess I cleaned pennies that morning for nothing. I wanted to leave after we visited the characters because I really was that hot and I had left the Baby Bjorn in the car. Carrying a 16 pound baby in one arm while pushing a stroller with the other and keeping an eye on Tabitha in the heat was not my idea of fun. So I bribed the kid with a churro for us to leave without a fuss. She asked what would happen if she didn't take the deal and I said we'd still leave and she'd get in trouble if she fussed about it. She took my deal, lol. We sat down in one of my favorite spots so I could feed Daisy while Tabi ate her churro and we also had a diet coke to share. I hooked Daisy's fan onto the handle bar of the stroller and angled it towards us so we could have a nice breeze. Tabitha had her own personal fan to help keep her cool. We were the only ones in this area which was really nice. It gives us a chance to recharge ourselves. We then did a bit of shopping on Main Street, Tabitha chose a new charm for her charm necklace, we finally succeeded in getting one pressed penny, and I picked up a couple antenna toppers for someone. Slightly amusing, slightly embarassing when I paid for the toppers my card was returned to me and I was told it was declined. Keep in mind, I don't use real credit cards, this was my Visa check card tied to my bank account. I always know how much is in there so I was completely flumoxed as to why it was declined. I took it back and was staring and staring at the card trying to figure out what happened when I realized I had given my credit union check card by accident. Yeah, that account isn't used ever, the balance is probably a few cents at best. At least I figured it out and was able to give the cashier the correct card. But now she thinks I'm a deadbeat, oh well.

Late in the afternoon I asked my mom to come over. I had been "on duty" with the kids by myself for five straight days and I needed a break. I needed someone else to hold Daisy for a bit. I needed a shower. So Mom and my sister came over and my mom watched Daisy while my sister played with Tabs. I took a quick trip to the grocery store and then hopped in the shower once I was home. I was most grateful to them both. Thankfully Chris doesn't have any play stuff until Friday so he'll be home a bit earlier for four days. Not quite early enough to help much with Daisy, but I'll take what I can get. Besides, he's another set of ears to take the burden off my ears with Tabitha's chatter, lol.

Anyway, we forewent our movie last night after my mom and sister left because I just wasn't in the mood. Chris came home earlier than we expected so that was nice. We watched the previously mentioned Clara Cluck animated short and sent Tabitha off to bed. Then Chris and I had a late dinner and watched a new tv show we had Tivoed before heading to bed. We won't talk about how the night went, let's just say a certain short person better nap well today :)

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

We started off our morning with hula class. It was another hard class on my kid and we had some serious talks on the way home. We'll see how Wednesday goes. We stopped at Target for necessities and while I was debating a certain toy for Daisy I've had my eye on, Tabitha told me to buy it. Turns out she wanted to play with it, lol. When we were home they did play together for a very long time. Tabitha's imagination just kind of takes over and it doesn't bother her that her playmate screeches and drools on her.

After lunch the kids donned their suits and I dumped them in the kiddie pool. It was Daisy's first experience and at first she made sounds of the none-to-pleased variety but as soon had acclimated herself to the water temp she really enjoyed herself. She was splashing and bouncing in her sitting position which actually propels her forward. Tabitha pretended they were mermaids and I took some video of them playing while I sat with my feet in the pool. Once Daisy was done and ready for her nap, we filled the pool much higher for Tabitha to play in and she continued having a great time.

After dinner we settled into the living room for another movie. Tonight's feature was Tarzan. I had never seen it before and must say I enjoyed it immensely. I think I have a new favorite character with Jane. I loved how Minnie Driver portrayed her and thought it quite the sexy little movie. We watched it in prep for tomorrow night when we're supposed to watch Tarzan 2.

Tomorrow's plan is an early lunch and then the girls and I are headed to Disneyland. In the paraphrased words of Elmer Fudd "Be vewy, vewy qwuiet. We're character hunting." Dwarfs to be specific, but we'll take anyone.

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Chris is on a special project at work and is working 10 hour days right now. Couple that with the drive and his commitment to the play and we basically aren't seeing him at all right now. I get roughly an hour with him from the time he comes home to the time we go to bed but that's it. No days off either. It's only a short-term project with a definite ending date so we're all coping as best as we can knowing that it's very temporary. But let me tell you, three o' clock rolls around and I really miss him. That's when he's usually getting home and also usually taking over the baby until after dinner. She, however, is cooperating for her mom beautifully and taking extra long naps to give me a break during the day. Anyway, tonight is opening night for Chris's play and I'm sending lots of "break a leg" vibes to him :)

Tabitha lost another tooth yesterday so she started off the day by seeing what the tooth fairy brought her. The tooth fairy usually brings a dollar and a toothbrush, but since she was just here with a toothbrush two weeks ago, she decided to just leave a five dollar bill instead. I actually think Tabitha was disappointed in just getting money though, so I don't think the tooth fairy will make that decision again. Receiving the fiver brings Tabitha over the amount she needs to buy a toy she's been saving for but the little miser still won't buy it because then she'd only have three dollars left and that's too little in her opinion. She did not learn this fabulous characteristic from me, lol.

Tabitha offically finished all her lower case cursive today and will start the capitals tomorrow. She is quite excited about that prospect. Those lessons go very quickly because it's not one letter per day, more like four or five and then a bit of review. I think I'm going to get a review program in a couple months so she can brush up on her technique. Until then, I'll just have her do some daily writing in addition to all the writing she does in the course of a day for both lessons and just stuff she comes up with on her own.

Miss Daisy has learned how to get up on all fours and tonight I observed her moving her knees properly for crawling. Alas, her hands stayed firmly planted on the floor so she did not gain any ground. It's so exciting to watch her learn and explore!

After dinner tonight we laid out our quilt in the living room and watched Pooh's Heffalump Movie that I Tivo'd from PPV. Tabitha and I both enjoyed it very much. There was a mommy love theme going throughout the end of the movie and it has affected my sensitive chickadee. She had me sing her special song an extra time and has requested to fall asleep with her door slightly ajar. I don't mind the love, I just hope she can sleep peacefully.

Speaking of sleeping peacefully, there is major construction going on near here and we've been hearing it all day long. I sincerly hope they are not on a 24 hour schedule and plan to knock it off sometime soon. My baby is rolling around, I assume due to the noise, and the dogs in the neighborhood are letting it be known that they are unhappy. Thankfully, my own dog is not contributing to the noise pollution.

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

So my baby is 6 months old today. Time to pull out the camera and take some a-dorable pictures. But wait! Why settle for a makeshift studio on the house when we could go to a park? Real scenery, yay! Off we went and off to dreamland went the baby. Nevermind that it was more than an hour before she was supposed to nap. Nevermind that I wanted to capture her extraordinary cuteness on this milestone day. But, we pressed forward as I was sure she would wake up and I had the older one all dressed as well for beautiful pictures. We get to the park and realize we are not alone. We are surrounded by old people. Old people line dancing, old people doing Tae Kwaon Do, old people watching dogs the size of rats do business. I was lugging a dead weight baby and a diaper bag and Tabitha had the bag o' froofy dresses. We trudged through the wet grass for awhile before I decided to just give up. There was not a place to be found to give us our natural scenery.

While homeward bound I decide to make use of my photo studio membership and put in a call to make the neccesary arrangements. They could see us in well over an hour, plenty of time for Daisy to wake up. Except she didn't. I had to break one of my cardinal rules and wake her up. We arrive at the studio and the 6 year old goes first. She's spunky as heck and every pic just shows her love affair with the camera. Time to plop the diapered one next to her. Cue smiling baby. The baby misread her script though. Out came the quivering lower lip as her face swiveled to mine imploring me to explain this unspeakable act. She endured her torture without so much as one tear actually shedding, but she looked like she was on the verge of tears in just about every picture. For her solo shots the older sister stepped up to the task and jumped like a maniac and played peek-a-boo like her life depended on it. All she acheived for her effort was a semi upturn of the lips but no baby grins to show off the pearly whites. We fled as soon as possible before the baby turned on the full waterworks. A mere three yards from the studio and she was a happy, smiling, cooing, kicking baby once more.

So, the youngest needs some serious schooling in the art of being charming at the studio. This will require many more trips in the very near future.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I had planned to clean the playroom this evening, including the closet, but we had a rough evening at hula. A visiting Kumu took over the class and she's exactly the type of instructor that Tabitha does not care to have as an instructor. As soon as one of the other moms filled me in on what she's like, I knew it would not go well for my Tabi and I was right. She came out in tears, as I assumed. Not to mention class started late and ended even later and it was a physically demanding class. All of that coupled together and I decided to let Tabitha stay up a bit later than usual in order to decompress. Popcorn did wonders for her outlook.

So both kids are in bed, but I haven't had dinner yet. The popcorn just didn't cut it for me :) I'm just going to stir-fry some left over rice and maybe add some garlic, mushrooms and egg. Should take all of five minutes. But, no playroom tonight. I really need and want to get to it.

Miss Daisy has settled into a bit of a routine, with a little help from us. Not what you're thinking though. She was sleeping thirty minutes at a time roughly six times a day. Then her night sleeping went to hell. Then I remembered when Tabitha was exactly the same way with naps. The advice I received at the time was to change her bottle nipples into the medium flow instead of slow flow because she would exert so much effort in trying to eat that she'd fall asleep. But she wouldn't be full and would then wake up. But she'd be tired. See the cycle? I was pretty sure this was the case with Daisy but her bottles don't have a medium flow, only fast so I waited until I thought she could handle it. That was a week ago. Now she takes two naps a day at 1 1/2 hours each and a third nap of some length (that's usually in the car) and her sleeping at night has improved dramatically. Still not the 9 or 10 hours we used to get, but better than it was two weeks ago. Anyway, like I said, she has settled into more of a routine so lessons are going to be much easier from now on. We jumped back into them today after a two week break. Tabitha has completed all the lower case letters in cursive. She has two days of review and then she gets to the long-awaited upper case letters. Math was math, nothing exciting (for her anyway, personally, I've always loved math, but she's Chris's kid. She can do it just fine, she's just not fond of it like I am). In Science, we finished up the chapter on the Solar System in general and will start the next chapter tomorrow which is the planets. Lessons are always rounded out with some grammar, spelling and logic. I cannot wait to start our world history, but it's fairly indepth and I wanted to make sure we would have the time. With Daisy so nicely cooperating, I think we'll be able to start that sometime soon.

Now, on to my fried rice, then talking with Chris on the phone while he drives home, then we'll settle in with the new Kathy Griffin shows :)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

After Daisy's morning nap I took the girls to the mall for awhile. But on our way there, Chris called to say he was on his way home so we asked him to meet us there. We all had a quick lunch of veggie dogs on a stick plus flavored lemonade. I won't drink regular lemonade at all, but put some cherry or lime flavoring into it and hm-mm. Tabitha mainly wanted to go to the mall to check for dolls at Children's Place. We've been avoiding that store because we happen to know there are new dolls and we were planning on getting them and putting them away for Christmas. But alas, our plan has failed. They only had one though so perhaps we'll still be able to get the other two and keep her from checking the store. We also went to the land of expensive headbands known as Nordstrom's so I could get Daisy a red headband. I've searched everywhere else and this is the only store that seems to deviate from pink. I have four pink headbands already, I'm good.

Chris cut our grass nice and short once we were home and then it was time to take Tabitha to bowling. She did really well this week, between practice and the game she picked up three or four spares. She also bowled 9 points higher than her average which is great! We decided Chinese leftovers were just the thing for dinner. I told you I wasn't into cooking that much right now.

Chris left for rehearsal soon after dinner and I went into the backyard with the girls to blow bubbles. I set Daisy down on a blanket and she had a ball watching Tabitha chase the bubbles from the bubble wand. We had some wind so there was quite a few bubbles but many of them kept reversing on me and popping in my face. It didn't matter where I stood in the yard or which way I faced. They had their eye on me and I ended up with a sticky face, lol.

After bubble time was over we camped out in the living room on a huge quilt again. Daisy played with her toys on my right and Tabitha and I played with her Instant Blocks for awhile. I think we'll be getting Tabitha another set for Christmas and Daisy will most likely get the baby set. I need to make a list of exactly what I'd like to get Tabitha because I have all these ideas floating in my head and then I forget. It's already August, I need to get on the ball! LOL

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Monday, August 1, 2005

Yesterday was the last day of Chris's vacation. We started off the day with a trip to a flea market. It's new, but it's not. Meaning, there's been a flea market once a month for years at the Rose Bowl. The same people who run that decided to have one at the fairgrounds every few months as well. We had a ball! I had so much fun showing Tabitha all these toys that I had when I was a kid. One booth had some fabulous stuff, but he must have thought it was a collectors show. $110 for a Snow White Barbie, I think not! Chris found an old rotary phone for which he had been looking for the play. One booth was full of Nazi memorabilia (complete with a guy in uniform that made me want to hide my German heritage under a rock) and they had a rotary phone. $120. Did Hitler himself use it or something? A few booths down we found the exact same phone for five bucks. Much better. We also found an über-cool hanging lamp shade. It's a similar style as the one we have in the living room that we bought at a thrift store years and years ago. We were so stoked to find it and it too was only five bones so naturally we bought it. Now to buy a lamp kit and figure out where to put it. We were thinking our room since we just got rid of a very old light in there and only have our "mostly for decoration only takes a 20 watt bulb" lamp. But this new shade is burgandy and gold which doesn't really go. So I'm thinking the living room since we have a gorgeous blue lamp and our couch is a striking purple so we could go with a sort of mishmash of jewel tones. Plus, we need another lamp in the living room too so it would be useful. The only other items we bought were more Golden Books for Tabs. We also saw an old Disneyland autograph book, sans autographs even, and decided to think on it and never went back to get it. I do wish we had. Maybe we'll hit the Rose Bowl flea market next month. Their tagline is "Where the stars shop" lol.

Speaking of stars, Chris ran into Morgan Spurlock at the airport last night when he went to pick up his parents. We have a strict no bothering celebs when they are with family rule, but he was just by himself sitting and waiting for someone so Chris bent the rule and told him how much he loves 30 Days. He was thanked, they shook hands and Chris went on his way. He was very happy about it and called me immediately to tell me :)

Today was supposed to be the day Chris drove down to San Diego for work but there were tons of conferance calls for him this morning and they didn't want him to use a cell so he worked from home then headed out to a closer store for awhile to do a bit more work. Since my inlaws were back in town we went over there in the late afternoon so they could see their babies and had an early dinner with them. We talked them into Pick Up Stix and it was as good as it sounded on the menu. Kung Pao Tofu was positively yummy! The Mongolian Tofu was okay, but not as good. Cream Cheese filled crispy wontons were more yum. I was quite sated and cannot wait to try other menu items.

Chris is at rehearsal and I popped one kid in bed, played a game with the other, then popped her in bed as well. Now to start the exciting adventure of washing diapers and sorting laundry. Woo Hoo! LOL

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