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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I let my child pull a fast one on me. I told her a half hour ago that it was time to do her reading before bed. She asked if she could just play instead and I decided that would be fine. So now it's bedtime and I told her to head into bed and she grabbed a couple books to read. So she got her playtime *and* her reading time :) What was I supposed to say? "No, you cannot read, go to bed!" I wonder if she thinks she's getting away with something or not, I guess we'll know if she tries again :)

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There is only so much tv that the brain can take, let me tell you. We've all be sick and the easiest way for me to lie down and rest is to have the tv on. I've been bouncing between Game Show Network, TV Land and lots of cartoon channels. My child and I are going stir crazy! I can get some brain stimulation by doing logic puzzles while lying down, and Tabitha reads a lot but we need a bit more. She's actually pretty much recovered while I'm still just run down and tired. Let's hear it for the first cold of the year! ::thpppt:: Actually, it's just *my* first cold of the year as Tabitha had several during the beginning months. I need to go lie down again, sitting here too long makes my head hurt. Talk to you in a couple days.

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

We just got back from our fall clothes shopping and it went pretty well. We got Tabitha 1 dress and one jumper with turtleneck at Robinson's-May then went to Toy's R Us and got a pair of pants and also one pair of jeans that are a bit too baggy but the slims are just too tight. I don't know why it's so hard to find a decent fit in pants for the child, but it is. Anyway, I'm totally in love with the fall colors that are out right now- rose, camel and light blue- and hope to find a few more dresses. I also need to pick up some co-ordinating tights. I'm thinking of taking Tabitha to JC Penney's next week for some fall pics, so I need to find just the right outfit.
Chris just went off to work and I'm going to veg on the couch for awhile, this cold is starting to hit me and I'm feeling pretty run down right now.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 12:47 PM PST

We went to the fair on Wednesday and had a fabulous time! Tabitha got to go on 9 rides because of the tickets she earned for her book reports. We thought she'd just get 9 tickets and with each ride taking 3 to 4 tickets that she'd go on 3 rides and we'd have to buy her more tix. Nope! They did give her 9 tickets, but they were special ones and each one was good for one ride. She was positively thrilled. She went on the giant slide 3 times and got complimented on her screaming on the way down, lol. We ate our traditional fair grub and went round all the shopping halls. We bought some stuffed green olives, jewelry cleaner, and dip mixes. Tabitha also got a huge inflated Blossom from Powerpuff Girls. All the exhibits were great, there was one exhibit on living rooms and they had a recreated staircase area from The Brady Bunch. Tabitha's favorite part, besides rides, was the garden area. They have it set up with lots of paths and she just goes wild trying to find "secret" passages and smelling every flower that's there. It was a very good day and we were all just exhausted at the end of it.
Thursday, Tabitha woke up with a runny nose. Thus starts the wonderful cold season. She's a real trooper when she's sick, but when she found out we were going out that night she just fell apart. Chris and I had tickets to a special show, nothing we'll get to do again and we just couldn't not go. So it wasn't easy leaving my in-laws' house with her carrying on about us not leaving. Just completely broke our hearts. But when we picked her up (it was late, but she woke up) she was telling us what a great time she had there, my mil worked her Grandmother magic on the child :) Friday, Tabitha was still kind of run down and Saturday, she was a bit better, but Chris woke up sick. I knew Tabs would be weepy again about me leaving (I had a baby shower to attend) and I decided she didn't need to expose my mom and sis to germs so I just cancelled.
This morning, we're going to try and run to Robinson's-May to pick up a couple of fall clothing items for Tabitha. She's near impossible to fit anymore. Her waist size stays the same, but she's getting taller. She stills wears all her 3T size shorts but for pants, she needs a 5 which just don't fit her waist. Yet a slim size doesn't work for her either. Anyway, I'd like to get more dresses, because then I don't need to worry about waist fit.
After Chris goes to work, I haven't a clue what the child and I will do.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:46 AM PST

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Aaah, fall. Now it's the time of year where things get fun. Don't get me wrong, I adore summer, it's my favorite season from a weather aspect. I love when it's so blistering hot and how wonderful it feels to have all day to do anything because it doesn't get dark until late. But Fall is the start of things to do! A time where the house is decorated differently every month, special foods that are only made this time of year are baked, time to go lots of different festivals, just fun stuff. Tabitha loves the changing of seasons, today she was very excited to learn it was now fall, but then she immediately wanted to go into the backyard to jump in leaves, lol. Sadly (for her anyway) we live in land of warm weather. All we have are evergreen trees and trees that stay green a long time, then dry and turn brown, then we have bare branches. We don't get colors save for one tree you might see every now and then planted by the city in an effort to class up the median on busy streets. Anyway, so today we had a nice fallish dinner of brown rice and tomato soup. Of course, it was 90 today so we also had Otter Pops, lol. In 8 days we'll start decorating for Halloween. We already have Tabitha's costume, she'll be Blossom from the Power Puff Girls. So, we're ready for the good time!

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Tabitha is, right now, standing on a chair looking out the window watching a spider wrap a bee into a web cocoon to, persumably, eat for dinner later on. She thinks it's utterly fascinating to see this bit of animal planet in our own backyard. She thinks it's too bad that's it a bee that's going to get eaten since bees are good for the garden and she also wondered if the spider would get stung by the bee.
Tomorrow morning we're off to the fair! We're only going to have 5.5 hours there before Chris has to go to class, so we have to pack a lot into just a bit of time. I hope it's a few degrees cooler since it's no fun to walk around on concrete when it's in the '90s. We heard that they have fried macaroni and cheese on a stick this year so I think we'll have to try it, even though it sounds gross, lol. Tabitha will enjoy her 9 ride tickets thanks to her book reports and some shopping is definitely in order. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Tomorrow can't get here soon enough!

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

I woke up nice and late this morning and just didn't feel right. I was really sleepy and had aches in my muscles and there is just no reason for that. I was kind of in a down mood because of how I felt so we headed off to lunch which was just thing to perk me up. After we got home and Chris went off to work, I started my fall cleaning. I've been working since 1:00pm and am finally stopping. I'm pleased so far with what I've done. You know they say you can't organize clutter, but that's pretty much what I did with my bookcases in the living room. They definitely look better than before. I moved furniture to make sure I got every nook and cranny with the vacuum cleaner. I scrubbed down both my own kitchen and Tabitha's play kitchen, though I still need to do my floor. I'm in the market for a new mop and am currently doing without, so I have to clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a sponge so that task tends to get put off. I'm hoping to find a mop that I like at the fair on Wednesday. If I don't find one, then I'll just go to Target to get one. All I need to do now is the sliding glass door, my bedroom window, my bathroom and I really need to empty out the entry-way closet and get rid of lots of stuff that's piled up in there. Tabitha was a big help in that she didn't try and help too much, lol. She just read, played computer games and watched the "21" marathon on Game Show Network. Tomorrow, she and I have a playdate in the morning and then we'll come home and finish up the house. In another week, we'll get out our Halloween decorations for the fun part of the year :)

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

After checking the bus routes and schedules on-line the last couple of days, I determined that it would be in our best interest to start getting used to them. Our car is not doing well (what else is new?) and we're just not sinking anymore money into it. It's just not worth it. So we are facing the very real possibility of not having a car in the very near future. At that point, we will really get used to public transportation which is just such a foreign concept here in SoCal. Anyway, two busses pick us up very near our house and take us to a shopping area that our city shuttle doesn't go to. So, Chris dropped Tabitha and I off at the mall on his way to work and she and I walked around the mall a bit and went to the Transit store and got a bus pass. It's like a pre-paid card so I just put $10 on it and we'll see how long that lasts. We were pleased with how clean and air-conditioned the bus was on the way home. Those are two issues I've always had with taking public transportation- cleanliness and air comfort level. So, we have more options of where to go now without a car, I'd still like a car though :)

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My child is watching a run of cartoons on Boomerang that are from 1979. I was 5 when these were on and only watched one of them. So far she's watched Superfriends, Godzilla, and is currently watching Shazaam! The funny thing to me is that it's all the same voices on each show. Maybe not really, but it sounds like it. And I'm sure I heard Casey Kasem on more than one show. Way too funny this stuff that I used to call entertainment.

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Friday, September 19, 2003

Tabitha and I were playing Barbies tonight, and because I was playing funny, I made her laugh so hard that she literally pee'd her pants, lol. While we were playing, the subject turned to birthday parties, specifically hers. She mentioned wanting a bounce house, which I knew about, and also a pinata. I don't particularly want a bounce house or a pinata, but it's not my party so I guess that's what we'll have. We'll also be having a ball pit (assuming it's available) which Tabitha does not know about. That will be a surprise. I just need to see which would be the best day for Chris for us to have the party. Since our child was born around the SuperBowl, we always have to take that into consideration because it's a very busy time of year for Chris at work. Everyone wants those big screen tvs for the big game. Tabitha's first birthday was on Superbowl Sunday, so Chris had to finagle the day off of work. Anyway, as soon as we can pinpoint a date, I'll call around and put my deposits down on the big stuff.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:16 PM PST

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Woo-Hoo! We just got back from a Dodger's game! They won! Things got a little tense around the 9th inning, but Eric Gagne (with some help from Sean Green and Alex Cora) pulled it off! And, because the Diamondback's were shut-out, we got to take our ticket stubs to Krispy Kreme and get a free half dozen of glazed donuts per ticket. We were the first Dodger fans there and a line formed behind us, thank goodness we had good parking and got out of the lot quickly to get to Krispy Kreme. It was chillier than we expected so Tabitha now owns a warm, pink Dodger's sweatshirt, lol.
Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, or the next few days actually. We've been taking it easy at home for the most part. We need to do a little work around the house that we've been putting off, maybe we'll actually get to it soon.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

We took a trip to the library today to check out some books for Tabitha. I didn't have high hopes because the one closest to us leaves a lot to be desired in their selection, or lack thereof. But I did find 6 or so books to check out for her. Of course, she read two of them while we waited for the bus to come. Somehow I think we'll be returning them before our 3 weeks is up.
Tomorrow we're off to meet some friends at the park after we take Chris to work. She has 2 little girls that are Tabitha's age so I'm sure they'll all have a good time playing. And, of course, I'll get a nice visit with my friend. We don't see each other nearly often enough. After our playdate is done, I think Tabitha and I are going to head to Disneyland. She's hoping it's hot because she wants to play in the water areas at California Adventure. I'm sure it will be warm enough for her to get soaked.
I finally found a local art class for Tabs that sounds pretty good. It's for ages 4-7 and is both drawing and painting. I think she'll love it! I just hope they aren't full up as registration started last week.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 11:11 PM PST

Saturday, September 13, 2003

You know, there is just something so theraputic about squeezing Play-Doh. Especially since they came out with their "Softest Ever!" stuff. It really is very soft and easy to use. The only bad thing about Play-Doh is the clean up, which usually falls to me, but that's okay, because then I get to squeeze it some more.
Sea World on Thursday was okay, not the best day we've ever had but not the worst either. We did get passes so next time we'll know what to expect a bit more.
Tabitha finished all six of her book reports for the fair. Did I mention that? If you read 2 books and turn in book reports to the education center at the fair, they'll give you 3 ride tickets. You can do a maximum of 6 book reports for 9 tickets total. Tabs finished her last one yesterday. I'm very proud of her form considering all I said was to just write what the book was about. I finally broke down and got her lined paper to use. I had been resisting because I didn't want her imaginative writings to be hampered by trying to stay within the lines. She's only 4 and there's plenty of time for her to learn neatness with writing. Well, without lines, her writing goes all over the place and you can't tell sentences from one another. I was just going to have her type out her reports, but I didn't think the education people would believe that she typed them herself. So, I bought lined kid paper and her reports are much more readable now. Along these lines, I found a grammar program that looks interesting. I wouldn't even bother with it, but Tabitha loves punctuation and wants to use it properly.
Tabitha artwork has gotten rather good too. I think it's fabulous because I can't draw worth anything. My sister is a pretty good artist so Tabitha must have got some talent from where ever my sister got hers. Today she drew 4 of the Disney princesses so we're going to give the drawings to them next time we go to Disneyland.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 02:13 PM PST

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Today was the first day of Mommy and Me class. I was very happy to see that quite of a few of the troublemakers did not return this semester. Plus, there are a ton of girls Tabitha's age this time! I didn't expect that because she's as old as the class accepts and most kids here age are in pre-school. Some of them, I knew were coming as they are friends, but a couple girls returned to the class after being gone for awhile, one girl is a sibling of a younger boy and she didn't used to come so I was glad to see her, and another is a new child. And the 7 of them hung out quite a bit during play time. I'm very pleased :)
::whew:: I just finished 40 minutes of putting my child to bed. She stayed up very late last night and got up kind of early this morning. She was find all morning and I thought we were going to get away with no reprucussions, but around 12:00pm she went into weepy mode. Everything was making her cry. At 7:00pm, I decided to get her off to bed because we are going to Sea World tomorrow and I need her well rested. That, of course, just set off more crying. She's not throwing fits or anything, just crying. She is finally calm and half asleep, because she is, in fact, rather tired. I hope she drops off right away and then she can get a full 11 hours of sleep tonight.
I am looking forward to tomorrow. Tabitha has been asking to go to Sea World and Chris and I haven't been in 4 years. But it's one of those places that we always put off. Well, our good friend Richard, is the one who decided we're all going tomorrow. So, off we go! I think we're going to pick up passes so we'll go there more often.

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

I forgot to mention that I heard Tabitha milling about in her room this morning and I could not figure out why she wasn't coming out. All of a sudden I hear "It's (child's) birthday party today!" and she came running out fully dressed and ready to go! LOL This never happens, let me tell you. It's quite the big deal if my kid gets herself dressed. She was asking me if I thought her outfit was great for a party :) She certainly started my day off with a smile.

On an unrelated note, I was searching the web for scrapbook layouts of Disney characters and came across someone's Disney World page which had pictures of various characters. They sure have a different idea of what the characters look like in Florida than they do here in CA! None of the face characters looked right to me, they all looked kind of off. I thought the same thing when we watched our WDW vacation planning video a couple weeks ago, but thought maybe it had to do with the TV makeup and the lighting. Turns out that the characters just look different on the East Coast. Who knew? I did see some pics of characters that we have *never* seen here, I just hope we get to see them when we (eventually) go to World.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:15 PM PST

We had a great time at the Build A Bear party! Everything was done so well and Tabitha is in love with her new bear. She only wanted a very simply outfit, so all the bear has is a sundress, sandals and a hairbow. Tabs didn't want a hat, underwear, sunglasses or anything. We'll definitely go back again.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 04:35 PM PST

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Today was a very looooong day. Chris left the house at 10:00am and won't be home for another 2 hours. I knew the kid and I just had to get out but it was too hot to walk anywhere. So I called my mom and suggested lunch and walking the mall. Lunch was fine, but walking the mall wasn't really. Tabs was just being totally rambunctious which I really don't like. Basically she was being 4, lol. After the mall we visited at my mom's house for awhile. My sister very nicely gave us her old Lite Brite (which I guess is really my old Lite Brite) so Tabitha and I had fun making a Cabbage Patch Kid picture before her bedtime. She absolutely loved doing it and was thrilled that we got it. She's using it as her night light, though I'm going to turn it off after she's asleep. I can hear her singing right now, so we'll see how long it takes until she actually goes to sleep. Last night it took 2 hours. Ugh!
Tomorrow we're headed to a birthday party being held at Build-a-Bear which should be totally cool! The only bad thing is the drive, it's over an hour, but the party itself should be really fun. We've never been to Build-a-Bear and just cannot wait.
Well, I'm off to wrap presents and then play a bit of Playstation whilst I wait for the hubster to return.

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Monday, September 1, 2003

I finally updated my vacation journal. Vacation Tales

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 10:05 PM PST

I really wanted to get my scrapbook layouts onto my computer, so I finally just took pics of them since I can't scan right now. You can see all the recent layouts at http://tarazandra.com/scrapbook/book2.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 08:57 PM PST

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