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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Tuesday night we were all laying on my bed to watch the Dodger game and Tabitha was kind of rambunctious. So I told her to get my brush and she could brush my hair. She thought that was a fantastic idea and got the brush and loads of clips and scrunchies and spent the next 20 minutes trying to concoct silly hairstyles on me. I never saw any of them since I didn't feel like going to a mirror, but when you have three star clips, a lilac scrunchie and a bobby pin in just your bangs, you kind of know how you look :)

Yesterday we had a playdate and I'm not sure who had more fun, Tabitha with her friend or me with mine :) The girls played fairy world and also Scooby-Doo and coyote (huh?) while my friend and I oohed over a catalog I got in the mail chock full of Christmas decorations and we also talked scrapbooking. She kind of wants to get into it and I think she'd be so good at it since she's one of those crafty, artistic types. It would be nice to have someone to crop with again.

After dinner, Chris had some work to do on the computer, so I finished a scrapbook layout I was working on while Tabitha played next to me in the playroom. It is still downright entertaining to listen to her imagination at work.

Tabitha had hula class last night. Her regular Kumu (teacher) wasn't there so his wife taught the class. The girls worked on a dance at the end that Tabitha enjoyed. Friday we'll be purchasing book from the instructor that will have all the songs in it so Tabitha can get started on learning her Hawai'ian words.

In baby's world, the feeling of the week is pain. My sciatic nerve is acting up which I can deal with, but it's in full force today as I try to take care of laundry. A few nights ago, I was awakened with a horrible leg cramp in my calf and had to wake up Chris to massage it for me. It still felt rather tight for the next two days. This morning I woke up with a leg cramp in my other leg and Chris wasn't home this time so I tried to take care of it myself. Since it was morning and I was getting up anyway, I walked around for a while and I think I'll avoid the painful after effects this time. It's not the best feelings in the world, but it all goes with the territory of growing life, lol.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

I opened my blinds to fog this morning. Highly appropriate for the end of September. I usually like to use this month as a nice prep for fall, but instead, we treated it more like summer. So October starting on Friday is catching me quite unawares. I'm still in the mindset of looking forward to fall and here I need to find the decorations and put up them up at the end of the week. I don't have much to do, in general, it's just kind of that unprepared feeling. Tabitha's costume is ready other than having to buy a black wig at least. I need to update our zoo membership before their Halloween event. I also need to buy some candy for Tabitha to pass out. I've only bought three things for Christmas so I'm feeling woefully behind on that one. I did find the dollhouse that Santa will be delivering for half-off so hopefully I'll be able to get that ordered very soon. I'm taking the easy route for Thanksgiving, I plan to go to my in-laws' and not do much more than eat, lol. Actually, I will be cooking and taking dishes with us so I won't be a total sponge.

Yesterday we went to the last day of the LA County Fair. We had such a good time. We went first thing which is good, because by the time we left at 4:30 it was positively packed and way more people were coming in than going out. We didn't do the whole fair for various reasons, but we still had a lot of fun and none of us felt like we missed anything. Tabitha did her 6 book reports again to get tickets for nine rides. She surprised us by going on two rides that she has always been afraid to ride. One she absolutely loved and the other she didn't quite care for. But the fact is, she chose to face her fears and do them anyway and Chris and I had nothing to do with that. We were so proud of her and told her so many times over.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

I have finished Tabitha's Place for anyone who's interested in taking a look.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours on a skirt for Tabitha to practice her hula in. All the girls must wear them during class. It should have been a much simpler project, but I did not inherit my mother's sewing skills, hence the 5 hours. I am pleased with how it turned out, though. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good and I think I learned a bit to make the next one go a little smoother. I finished it about 5 minutes before we had to leave, so I opted to stay home so I could rest and eat dinner. Chris took her and said she did fairly well at class.

Today I had to pick up some scrapbooking supplies from my Close to my Heart consultant, so we took Chris to work this morning and then headed out to Corona. We didn't want to waste the gas coming back home so we went to a mall in Riverside that we don't visit very often since it's rather far away. We had a good time though our good mood started to peter out by the time we were driving to get Chris. We were a bit too early to pick him up so we went to Target for a minute and I ran into an old work friend. It was good to see her again as it's been a good year or so and before that it had been maybe 2 or 3 years. After we were done catching up, Tabs and I hit the Disney outlet store and found a couple things we liked then headed to Chris.

He's at school now and Tabitha is in bed. I'm sitting here trying to stay comfortable. Baby is lodged under my ribs on the right side and any movements that stretch my side produce a bit of pain. At some point she's going to have to move mor towards the middle (I hope).

Also wanted to mention that I'm working on Tabitha's horribly outdated website. I hope to have it up by Saturday evening.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tabitha and I dropped Chris off at work and then headed to Disneyland. Actually, we were mainly in California Adventure. It was rather hot, low '90s, but there was a breeze and sometimes it was just flat out windy, so we didn't feel overheated. When we were on our way from California Adventure into Disneyland, we decided to stop at the toy store and there was tons of new Mr. Potato Head parts. We were both very excited. What you do there is get a box and you pay a flat price for as many parts as you can stuff into the box. Of course, they assume you'll get a potato, but you don't have to and considering how many we have at home, we definitely did not buy a potato head. So we were able to fit all but 4 things we wanted into our box. I must have packed and repacked it half a dozen times to get as much as possible in there. When we went to pay, the cashier asked if we were able to get everything we wanted and Tabitha said no so he took her back to the parts and had her show him what wouldn't fit and he let us get them anyway! Very, very nice and certainly unexpected.
After we were done there, we went into Disneyland, but only rode a couple things before running to get Chris. We opted to go home rather than back to Disneyland because Tabitha was very anxious to make "The Magical World of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head at Disneyland." We all worked together and have it all set up on our coffee table. I'll try and remember to get some pics tomorrow.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Today we hit the beach since tomorrow is the last day of summer. It was absolutely gorgeous there. The temperature was lovely, the sky was beautiful, just right. Tabitha loved going in the water with Chris, up until the point where she was not only knocked down by a wave, but she rolled over backwards on the sand. That did not go over well with her. She was choking and there was sand everywhere, even in her ears. I took her to the showers and did what I could to de-sand her, but she still had quite a bit on her. Sand and waterproof sunscreen does not come off easily.
Anyway, she said she wasn't going back in the water, but she wanted to stay and play in the sand, so that's what we did. She did have a very good time, despite the wipe out.

beach2 (58k image)

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Tabitha had hula yesterday morning. This time it was a combined class of the little ones and the older ones. Still nice to have older ones to help out, but a little difficult when they work on an actual dance and the little ones just follow along as best as they can. But Tabitha doesn't care, she loves being there. She hasn't quite made friends yet, which is quite surprising, but some of these girls are as much as 5 years older, so it makes sense. There's one girl that came up to Tabs at her first class and introduced herself. She seems very nice and isn't much older than Tabitha (probably 7, maybe 8).
We went to a different fabric store yesterday and I found a suitable material for Tabitha's practice skirt, hooray! I also found online directions for exactly what kind of skirt she needs and they don't seem too difficult. I do not read pattern or understand them in the least, but I can follow directions no problem. Unfortunately I have to run back to the fabric store as I got the width of elastic for an adult skirt so I need to pick up the right size. At least now I feel like I can actually do this as opposed to just *hoping* I could.
Today we're accompanying my mom and sister to my sister's college. We're there to help in whatever way we can, but I'm not sure exactly how much of a help we'll be. At the very least, neither of them will be lonely on the long drive as they are taking seperate cars since my sister won't be coming home.
Ack! My typing woke up Tabitha and she just called me! At least she wasn't calling to get up, she just wanted me to tuck her back in. Considering it's too early for me to be up, it's far too early for her. I sincerely hope she goes back to sleep, she seemed pretty alert.
In baby news, I can definitely feel movement more often now and I'm sure that's what I'm feeling as it's all in the right place. It's not strong enough yet to feel from the outside though so I haven't been able to share with Chris or Tabitha. One thing I keep meaning to mention about my ultrasound, the technician got a clear look at baby's face and then studied Tabitha's face and said baby's face is shaped like Tabitha's. Then she compared baby's profile with Tabitha and said they are very similar. Kind of odd to think that I kind of know what my child will look before she is even born. Of course, this one could get my dark hair and that would make her look completely different than Tabitha. But we won't know right away because Tabitha was born with rather dark brown hair then it all fell out after a month and when it grew back, she was my little blondie! We're assuming blue eyes; Chris and Tabitha have blue eyes and though mine are green, they were blue when I was born and turned green when I was around age 5. Tabitha's are staying blue though, I'm sure. They just have such a clear color to them.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Today just flew by! First I didn't wake up until 8:40am, which is about 3 hours later than normal. I checked email and then jumped in the shower and all that jazz and by the time Tabitha and I were both ready, it was almost time for my mom and sister to pick us up so we could go to lunch. We did have a rather nice lunch at Olive Garden and then did some shopping. After they dropped us off at home, it was a matter of waiting until Chris got home and then as soon as he walked in, we hopped in the car to hit the fabric store. Unfortunately, we did not find an appropriate fabric for me to attempt to sew Tabitha's skirt. After that failed stop, we quickly stopped at the grocery store and then wen to my in-laws' so we could borrow a car. While there, they suggested we go out to dinner and we just got home an hour ago. So here it is almost 9 o' clock and I feel like I just got up!

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I've sporadically felt the baby move for the last week or so but I've never been convinced that's what it was and usually attributed it to something else. However, last night at Tabitha's hula class, the baby was dancing up a storm in response to the drums. Either she liked it very much, or was trying to cover her ears, lol. Today, she's back to being quiet and still. I look forward to her growth and being able to watch the movement on the outside and play "guess that body part" as I get a sharp jab to the ribs.

Tabitha talks to the baby all the time and gives my belly many hugs and kisses throughout the day. I initially thought she was diappointed to be getting a sister, but yesterday she was singing about how wonderful it will be to have a baby sister. She has concerns too though and we talk about them as much as she needs. Overall though, she is totally enamored with the idea and I cannot wait until the day I cry at seeing my two girls together.

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It's been a busy day, it seems. Trying to get everything done, including cooking and eating dinner, before Chris leaves for school at 4:30pm puts me in a rush. Of course, now that he's gone and the whole evening is stretching in front of me, I don't have much to do at all.

Lessons took much longer than usual today. We started them at a time when I knew we'd have to stop to eat lunch in the middle. Plus we did practice Tabitha's hula steps. She definitely improved on some of the things they were telling me to work on with her, like not looking at her feet when she dances. I tried to show her how to gently sway her hips but that just led to lots of laughs because she has little grace right now and looked pretty darn funny. Then, once she gets laughing, it's next to impossible to calm her down and get her attention again.

Many nights before Tabitha goes to sleep, she likes to sit in my lap on the floor of her room in the dark and just talk. Last night I was asking her about lessons and what she thinks about what we're currently working on and then asked her if there's anything she wants to study and she said Egypt. Guess I'm right that she'll love the history program I have picked out for her. I can't wait until it comes and we can dive into it.

Once Chris gets home from work tomorrow, Tabitha and I will head out to the fabric store so she can choose the print she wants for her skirt and then after dinner I will attempt to make my first ever piece of clothing. Should be mighty interesting.

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The hula class went very well, I thought. She's in the absolute beginner class that is for ages 2-6, but the girls in the class one higher are welcome to be there to practice the basics so there are more advanced girls to kind of help out the littler ones. I was watching very intently so Tabitha can practice at home and Saturday I'll be taking the video camera so she'll have the musical beats down as well. But Tabitha absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go back Saturday. It's a very nice family atmosphere with older kids and moms helping the kids get the correct form. The Saturday morning class is going to be a struggle as we don't want to borrow a car every week nor do I want to drive Chris to work at 5:30 in the morning every week. We'll work something out though, I'm sure.

I'm going to try and incorporate more art into our lessons. Tabitha does plenty of crafting on her own, but after lessons she could use a little down time by giving her left brain a break. The other day I just had her draw a picture while I read Fairy Realm to her. Today she's going to do some sponge painting. We finished her book and haven't bought the next one in the series yet, so I'm just going to turn on classical music while she paints. We also had the idea to do bubble painting from watching The Wiggles yesterday, so I'm going to find an online recipe and we'll do that soon as well. I know we'll also do chalk drawing on black construction paper. One day we'll make some homemade playdough. Not sure what else at the moment, I want to stay away from craft projects with a specific desired result and just work on free-form art. We'll do crafts too though, especially as the holidays approach.

Speaking of the holidays, I've already RSVP'd for breakfast with Santa in November. I can't believe it's time to think of that! I'm so behind on my Christmas shopping. I've bought the child one thing, pathetic. I want to hit the Mattel outlet stores soon before they get wiped out. They are always a great resource for obscure Disney toys, Barbie sets and Hot Wheels. I need to make a long end-of-the-year to-do list to make sure everything gets taken care of before the last minute.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

We went to Kid's Club tonight after we dropped Chris off at class. The craft was decorating a canvas pencil bag. Tabitha took easy route this time, something she rarely does with free drawing, and called it "Pink Land" and drew everything in Pink. Works for me as this time it only took her 5 minutes compared to the usual half hour. Hot Dog on a Stick was giving out samples so we had some pink lemonade and also some limeade. The lime was really good! They also gave coupons and tattoos and hats. Add in the free stuffed animal Tabitha got for going 5 times this year and it was quite the haul this evening, lol.
I found a maternity shirt that I love, but they only had XL and I need a large or even a medium so I'm going to go to a different Motherhood Maternity tomorrow. I only need a couple more short sleeve shirts and then need to start stocking up on long sleeves and a few more pairs of pants. Plus I'll need to pick out something to wear for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve. and possibly New Year's Eve.
On our way home from the mall Chris called to say he had left his homework at home. So we swung by and picked it up and ran back to the college to give it to him before coming back home. He also thinks he might be out early tonight if they get to leave right after a test, so I might be going right back there in a little while.
We started up lessons again today after a two week break. I'm really working with Tabitha on her spelling and writing lower case letters. She can write them, but she has no sense of proportion. I've never given her lined paper because I didn't want to inhibit her creativity when she wrote stories on her own. But I'm finding it difficult to teach grammar when capitalization is such a big part of it and she writes in all capitals. I'm using a workbook for spelling, but supplementing with my own ideas and we're doing actual spelling tests as well. I have her type the words out on the computer to reinforce her knowledge of where all the keys are located. I want to get her a typing program, but I'm not finding in the store the one I'm looking for. I'm going to check Amazon if I don't find it pretty soon.
Tomorrow evening we go to check out a Hawaiian dance class. I really hope it works out for us!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

girl (15k image)

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We were successful in finding out baby's gender!!! However, I'm not sharing here quite yet as there are family members I need to inform first. I don't want them to read it here before hearing it from me. I will say that the ultrasound went well and baby looks good all around. We have changed the due date to February 1, 2005 so I'm basically a week less pregnant than when I woke up this morning, lol. It's no big deal to me because I always knew I would be due later than the little due date wheel thingies tell you.
I feel like this pregnancy is in full swing now. Now that I know gender, I can finally rest easy on determining what I want to buy. Now is the time to get another dresser into our room and get the bassinet assebled and baby clothes and diapers put away and waiting. Seeing the baby on screen just makes it so real. I'm only sporadically feeling movement, so it was nice to have that little visual confirmation that all is well.
Life is good.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I had a dream last night that I had the baby while we were up in the mountains camping. The fact that I was only half-way through my pregnancy didn't matter, the baby was completely fine and healthy. But I had to go buy diapers because we were obviously unprepared. Then the baby was walking and talking at only one day old and was bigger than a newborn too. Very odd.
But the one piece of the dream that makes me wonder was the fact that it was never mentioned if it was a girl or boy. I just said at one point, "Oh, I guess we should call her by her name" and then said the name we have chosen for a girl. That is soooo similar to a dream I had while pregnant with Tabitha. In that dream we had an ultrasound but again, it wasn't mentioned if it was a boy or girl. Then while we were driving, I said "I guess we should call the baby Tabtiha now." So, very similar in that respect and Tabitha was, in fact, a girl as we found out at our u/s. Well, at tomorrow's doctor's appt. I will be having my u/s and I'm crossing everything I have that the baby uncrosses their legs and we can see if it's a boy or girl. It would really be interesting if this dream were right as well.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

We braved the hideous heat yesterday and walked to McDonald's so Tabitha could play in the playplace and get a Polly Pocket Happy Meal toy. The ball pit was closed off though, so while she enjoyed the slides, they do lose their appeal after the 20th run so we only stayed half an hour. She's happy with the toy, but wishes you could dress it. Unfortunately, they only had one, so we'll need to check out a few other McD's to get the rest of the toys.

Nothing on the agenda today, really. Chris is going to be sleeping this morning as he had an issue at work and has been there since about 1:00am with only an hour's worth of sleep before that. Maybe Tabs and I will hit the mall for awhile.

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

I forgot to mention that Tabitha got to go to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time on Monday. It was a birthday party and Tabitha had an absolute blast. She kept saying "I love Chuck E. Cheese!" Very cute, I must say. When it came time to cash in her tickets she had 266. She chose to do lots of little things as opposed to one big thing. Of course, now we've had to promise to take her again. Oh well, we avoided the place for 5 years, I guess it was time, lol.

When I got up at 5:30 this morning I had to open the doors and windows, it was so hot. It seemed silly to turn on the a/c so early. It was hot and muggy all morning and then it rained and we had a cooling off period for a while. Tabitha had a good time playing in the rain. She liked what the wet pavement did to her chalk drawings, she said it looked liked pastels. She also went to play outside this evening and she had her Bitty Baby out with her the whole time. She was given this doll last Christmas and to be honest, though she loves having matching clothes, she doesn't play with the doll very often. This week though, it is the toy of choice. Right now she's sitting in her chair in her book nook with the doll on her lap and she's reading to it. Very sweet :)

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

I was searching for some Disney trivia quizzes the other night and found Fun Trivia. Chris and I had lots of fun doing trivia questions on Disneyland, Lord of the Rings, Friends and loads of other subjects. Tonight I went to their children's section so Tabitha could do some trivia. The child absolutely loves trivia in any form. She always wants to play our Disney Trivia board game; she was beyond excited when she found trivia Pringles which are plain Pringles chips with Trivial Pursuit Junior questions printed on them; she is constantly asking us to play "trivia" which basically means we all just ask each other questions on various subjects. So, as expected, she was very happy to take some of the trivia quizzes. She did a couple on Scooby-Doo, and one each of Blue's Clues, Care Bears, Peter Pan and Powerpuff Girls. And it's not just tv and movies, there is also music, literature, history, geography, religion, science sports, and more. I don't exactly need anything else to help me waste time online, but boy am I glad I found that site!

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:02 PM PST

Today we celebrated Not! Back-to-School Day as our district had their first day of school today. One of the first things Tabitha told me this morning after she woke up was that now Disneyland won't be crowded since everyone went back to school. That's my girl! LOL After we were up and dressed, we packed or picnic basket with a very nice lunch and then set out for the park. We were there by ourselves for about an hour and then a few other homeschoolers showed up to play as well. They all seemed to have a good time together while I sat and chatted with the other moms and got to know them a bit. After the playing was done and our new friends left, Tabitha and I enjoyed our picnic lunch before heading to the book store. Tabitha chose another Scooby-Doo chapter book and I also got her a new Mad Libs Junior and a book for lessons on reading comprehension. The day was good but would have been more pleasant if the heat was quite so stifling.

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

We have just finished rooting around the impossibly hot garage and found the box of newborn clothing. I also found my sling, for which I am grateful, but didn't find the Baby Bjorn. Now we face the task of sorting through the box and making the piles- What Were We Thinking?, Too Stained To Salvage, and Stained But That's What OxyClean Is For. I must say seeing those booties was just too damn cute.

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 06:41 PM PST

Whew! We shopped and shopped today for Tabitha's fall clothes, courtesy of my mil. We hit Robinson's-May and Children's Place. I love the styles at Children's Place, but it's near impossible to fit Tabitha there so we usually don't even shop there. But I had a really good coupon so we gave it a try today and did pretty well. To give you an idea of how lopsided the fit of clothes is, we got one pair of jeans in size 5, one pair in size 6 and rejected a different pair that we tried on in both the 5 and 6 and neither fit right. So it's hit or miss but we were fortunate today and got some really cute things.

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

Tabitha received some stickers from my mom the other day that used to belong to my sister. I guess one of them said "school report" because Tabitha asked me if she could do a homeschool report. Of course, then she asked what a report was and I explained that to her. So she decided to write a report and even asked me for an A if it was good or an F if it was bad! How the heck she knows about grades, I'll never know. I simply told her I do not do grades as they are unnecessary but she was pretty insistent. I compromised by telling her I'd write a comment on her paper of what I thought. Anyway, the following is her report. All spelling errors are hers and not typos on my end.

"My Home Shcool Report About Dogs.

Dogs can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be tall and short. One of there favret foods are dog bones. Some even work as gide dog's! You can even tech them triks like fech, rollover, and come. There playfull, nice and easy to live with.

Age 5
Room 626"

She completed the report by putting two dog stickers on it and labeling one of them short and the other tall. Way, way too funny. I'll keep it always :)

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 09:31 PM PST

Last night I got to meet an internet friend! We've "known" each other for almost 3 years and she came here on a vacation with her family. She has a dd who is just turning 5 so Tabitha and she hit it off great and had the kind of fun that little girls are known for having. Lots of giggling and silly games that made sense only to them. It was loads of fun and I'm only sorry that we couldn't have spent an entire day together.

August and September are usually the hottest months of the year here. The beginning of August this year, though, was rather mild, but we are more than making up for it now with triple digits daily. Tabitha went out to play as soon as she finished breakfast but she didn't last long before coming in to escape the unbearable heat. So, she's getting to play in the moonlight instead :) Right now she's out there swinging and singing in an absolutely lovely temperature. We have mega lights out there, so it's akin to daylight anyway.

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