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Friday, September 30, 2005

Word must have gotten out among the spiders in our neighborhood. We don't kill any harmless ones that reside outside of the house. We figure they will help take care of wasps, yellow jackets and annoying flies. However, the number of spiders living here has doubled recently. They are building intricate an amazingly large webs that we must be very careful to avoid. Last night we saw one spider whose size surpassed our tolerance and was definitely in the creepy category. His body was roughly the size of a nickel, way out of our comfort zone. Sadly, he is no more. Neither is his cousin that was only half the size, but still too large. Today I found their other cousin who was somewhere in between the first two. He must have watched last night though because when he saw me coming he immediately ran into the tree.

Aside from killing spiders, we spent most of last evening cleaning up rocks in Tabitha's playhouse area. We have a new ground cover that will go over the whole area and make the rocks unnecessary. Better due to the little one anyway. We're also replacing the fencing and flowers due to an unfortunate incident. There's a lot of rocks though so it's taking a bit of time, especially since our work is relegated to the after dinner hours due to the high daytime temps.

Today Tabitha had her first drop-off play date. All the mother's of her friends are my friends so we always visit together. But she had asked me a while ago if she could be dropped off sometime so I arranged it with a nearby friend and today was the day. It went well, but I didn't get to visit with my friend whom I haven't really talked to in ages. Next time I'm staying, hmph.

After Chris and I picked up Tabitha, we thought dinner out sounded like a good idea so we went to Chili's. Boy was Daisy a handful! We haven't gone out, I guess, since she started pulling up and that made things very difficult. She tolerated the high chair for a while, but she was way more interested in watching us try to get everything out of her reach. Fun fun! She wasn't really disruptive though and we had a good time, even if the salsa did taste like someone added soap to them. We actually sent it back, it was that bad.

I finally got a picture of a sample of Tabitha's handwriting. This is the first page of the story that she's writing. She adds a little more to it each day. I think it's rather good for a 6 year old. The only problem is people treat her writing like they used to treat her reading. They say very loudly and incredulously "She writes in cursive?!" Annoying, to be sure. But she's older now and I don't think they will make her self conscious, especially since she has a rather, shall we say, healthy ego?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today went much better. I wasn't exhausted, baby went down for a long nap and we took care of lessons. We've reached the end of our trial run of the spelling, so now it's just a matter of waiting for our program to arrive. It's a small company, so who knows how long it could take? I've decided I need to do a bit more preparation the night before in order to do our grammar lessons. They are something that I'm just going to have to make stuff up for using our Daily Grams book as my guide. Since we're done with cursive and taking a break from spelling, our lessons don't entail much right now. Math, logic, Solar System and writing which is Tabitha writing two or three sentences a day for an ongoing story that she's created. That's it for our formal time. Of course, the child is reading constantly, and not just fiction. Two of her favorite books are "Don't Know Much About the 50 States" and "Don't Know Much About the Presidents." She loves them and reads them over and over and gains so much knowledge from them. Someday she's going to give her dad a run for his money at Trivial Pursuit. She enjoys reading them so much, I'm going to order the Solar System one to supplement our work together. Right now we're reading about Mercury. Today she made her own crater pocked mud surface to replicate what the surface of Mercury is like. We're also going to read the Roman myth associated with Mercury and we're keeping a chart of how old she'd be and how much she'd weigh on each planet.

After lunch I got it in my head to walk to the mall. Big mistake. It was beyond hot, I was actually worried about the baby, I didn't have the good stroller, the route we took was ridiculous in that the sidewalk kept ending and we had to race across the [busy] street more than once and it was just a stupid, stupid idea. We never even made it to the mall. We camped out at Toys R Us for over an hour until Chris got to us. Actually, being in TRU was loads of fun, we took our time and really examined every single thing of interest. We weren't even done when Chris got there and it's not a big store.

Once home, we all just took turns entertaining the little miss and Tabitha also played computer games. After dinner, she and I ran to the grocery store which was a pleasant experience for the most part. Chris is reading "The Hobbit" to Tabs right now and then he and I will probably watch Desperate Housewives, although we have Martha from tonight as well so we'll see.

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I'm going to try and get all caught up here. Monday was a regular day with Chris at work and us at home. Lessons were done, counters were washed, kids were played with. That night we dropped the kids off at my in-laws' and Chris and I went to a concert in Hollywood for the Kaiser Chiefs. They put on a pretty good show, though they seemed rather displeased with the small crowd. One of their songs ("Oh My God") got stuck in my head so I came home and downloaded it and it's been running through my head ever since.

Yesterday was just one of those days. I was exhausted from my late night and Daisy had a bit of the crank going on coupled with not napping. I was feeling pretty zombie-ish by the time Chris got home. I couldn't fathom getting up the energy to make dinner so it was pizza hut to the rescue. I had energy in spurts and took advantage of those spurts to do things like laundry. But it was a big TV night as it was the start of Amazing Race, plus a new episode of My Name is Earl. So after the kids were down, Chris went to get our old friends Ben and Jerry, and a bit of caffeine for me.

I'm feeling better today though as I had Chris get up with Daisy, I said I'd get up at 5 or after so I could get a solid 5 hours. That worked but something woke her up at 6 as well and I had to change her diaper and her clothes as she sprung a leak so that woke her up too much to go back to sleep. But I think I'll get through the day okay. I'll have to figure lessons out since Daisy will be napping earlier than usual due to her early wake up. As long as we get math done while the baby's asleep, everything else can be done with her awake.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Saturday was supposed to be a day of nothing except I had to run to Target and the grocery store first thing in the morning, then Chris took Tabitha to hula, then we all went to CompUSA, Old Navy and Target again for a forgotten item. Then we had to go to the good guys since CompUSA didn't have what we needed and by the time we got home on our day of rest, it was after 4. Not sure how that happened. I spent the evening working on the new Disney site. I'm don't know how I thought it would be finished this weekend, there is far too much to do. It's not just a matter of moving the site, I'm also combining the pictures and location guide so that is many, many html pages I have to write. I'm just plugging away working on it when I can. I do have the new domain name though so as soon as all my pages are ready, I can start the uploading process and also installation of Word Press.

Sunday we headed out to Disneyland and ended up spending another long day there. It's odd how we're doing that more and more lately. I had packed a lunch and we ate it in the car right after we parked. We made a quick stop at Sephora in Downtown Disney for some Clinique and then went in to Disney to find it rather crowded for a Sunday in September. Tabitha participated in a little Junior Chef's program. Basically the kids work together to make cookie dough and drop the dough on a cookie sheet. They don't bake them as there really isn't time so they're just given cookies that are already made. Tabitha saw that if there was a birthday kid, they were given a large, Mickey shaped cookie so now she's planning on doing it again on her birthday.

After the cookies, we smashed a few pennies for Tabitha's book and then stopped at one of the shops so Tabitha and I could each get a charm. Tabitha has a charm necklace and I have a bracelet. We chose the same charm which is a retro version of the old Disneyland sign. I think I'm going to get a bracelet and start it for Daisy since I don't know if these will still be around when she's older. Next we went into California Adventure where we did the factory tours, purchased a loaf of Mickey shaped sourdough bread and rode a few rides. By the time we left it was 4:30. Once home I whipped up some spaghetti and we had the sourdough bread which was so good. Crisp on the outside and very hot and fluffy on the inside.

For whatever reason I was just exhausted that night and was in bed before 10. Tabitha wasn't even asleep yet, lol.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Friday morning we headed out into the fog and joined a semi-local homeschool group at the Fair. If you go as a group it is heavily discounted which is a bonus. But, you're stuck with seemingly endless amounts of kids which is not so good. But it was worth it overall.

We spent the first part of the morning going through the barns while Chris went to his company's display to check things over from a loss prevention aspect. He hates going through the barns so it worked out well. Ralphs always has a "little shoppers" activity so we went over there so Tabitha could shop. The goal in past years has been to get something from each food group. This year they were just to shop and there was a sign touting how they would learn about good nutrition. How, I don't know since the shelves were stocked with garbage. Once they are done shopping, the kids are given a sheet to color and then you take it with you to Ralphs for a free item. Want to know what that item is? A candy bar. What, exactly, are they teaching about nutrition? What not to eat?

Anyway, we met up with Chris and went to the kids' building so Miss Tabitha could find out her bouncy ball collection won second place! She, of course, was positively thrilled and mentioned it off and on throughout the day.

The rest of the day went something like this: look at some kind of exhibit, eat fried food, shop, eat fried food, look at exhibit, eat fried food, rinse and repeat. Seriously. We ate a deep fried Snickers, deep fried Oreos, deep fried avocado, deep fried tomatoes and a deep fried eggroll. The only non-fried items we had were a ten pound bun, nachos and ice cream enclosed in a waffle (they should have fried it). It is amazing to me how much we did and yet, how much we didn't do this year. We never made it to the garden area, spa area or the home arts exhibits. Tabitha did ride her three rides for doing book reports and we let her play three games as well, not to mention she panned for gold and made a doll. We bought two trunk caddies for the cars, a steering wheel cover for Chris's car, a parasol for Tabitha, and we stopped at the Discovery Toys booth. We picked up a new Marbleworks for Tabitha for Christmas and also a giraffe that you set on the floor, push down on his back which makes his legs move and then he moves forward. The idea is baby then follows it. Daisy hates it. I mean, she really hates it. She laughed the first time, laughed the second time and cried hysterically the third. We tried again the next day, she cried. I set it next to her on the floor this morning without making it go, she cried. So Tabitha likes it and has a new toy.

Despite the giraffe and the gazillion childrenes, it was a fabulous day. I heart the fair and cannot wait until next year.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thursday night we went to a Katrina benefit concert courtesy of my bil. It was at the Wiltern and was organized by Tenacious D with the proceeds going to the Red Cross. Fiona Apple started off the show and I must say she really blew me away. I've always kind of enjoyed her music, but I've never been a huge fan and don't own any by her. But she really does have an amazing voice and it was an acoustic set with only a guitar and a stand up bass and her voice was quite powerful. She did two new songs and then one of her first hits. I think an i-tunes search might be in order, though maybe I only likely her acoustic.
Jack Black and Kyle Glass came out in between each artist to keep the show going while the stage hands did their thing. Sort of amusing, but I'm not a Jack Black fan so I sat there thinking how I'm not a Jack Black fan. The next performance was a comic, Sarah Silverman. I've never seen her stand-up and she is just offensive and fairly raunchy. But funny as hell and I laughed more knowing how very wrong it was. "Edgy" is the word the media likes to use to describe her, but I think gutsy is a better description.
After Sarah was done we were treated to Josh Homme from Queens of the Stoneage, whom I really enjoy, joined by Jesse Hughes who is the lead singer of Josh's side project "Eagles of Death Metal." Bizarre name, great music. They opened with a Johnny Cash ballad, but then went into pure rock and it was just high energy and fabulous. The went the White Stripes route and were just drums and lead guitar and it totally worked. During their last song they had Jack Black come out and dance and I must say I was quite impressed. He sure is limber.
Next we had David Cross whom I know from Arrested Development. Apparently he's also a stand-up. Not the most entertaining stand up though. I didn't particularly enjoy his act and could have done without it.
The next person, however, was faboo. Mr. David Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters' fame. It was just him and his guitar and that's all that was necessary. He started with a new song entitled "Skin and Bones" which was great, then he did the hardest acoustic version of "Best of You" to bring down the house. Truly incredible. He ended with a song that he wrote back in his Nirvana days so it was a little bittersweet to listen as it was clearly about Kurt Cobain. I've now seen him play with Nirvana back in '93, solo on Thursday and I'll see him with the Foo Fighters next month.
Once Dave Grohl was done it was time for Tenacious D. I've heard them several times, seen them on TV and avoided Jack Black's movies. I was definitely not prepared to enjoy them as much as I did. I do believe I have finally been won over. The songs are humourous, well done and the two of them are just flat out entertaining. I guess I just had to experience them live to appreciate them.
They did songs from their upcoming movie and then did some obvious crowd favorites. Dave Grohl came out and played drums on thier last song. Actually, he attempted to play drums on Josh Hommes kit, but there weren't any drumsticks so he used his hands. Eventually someone found him a pair and he played proper before they all left the stage. Tenacious D came back out after a bit claiming no encore. They had everyone who performed, minus Fiona who must have left already, come out so some pictures could be taken and then Jack proclaimed it a jam session. He even got the comics involved with some percussion. So it was quite the grand finale with everyone and I remembered my camera does movies with sound so I whipped it out to record a minute or two. It won't be the best quality, but I figured it would be neat to have.
So it was quite the fabulous evening :)

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yesterday turned out to be beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. Broke a certain 6 year old's heart though, lol. She was hoping for another romp in the rain. Hula started up last night after a month long break. Tabitha was so very happy to be going back to class and could not wait to see her friends again. 3 of best hula friends were there which thrilled her to no end. Tabitha has requested no lessons today since she wants to finish some book reports to earn ride tickets for the fair tomorrow. I countered her offer by adding in that I'd like her to practice her math facts via flash cards. Since that takes all of 5 minutes, she took the deal.

"Where's Daisy?" seems to be a common question these days. That child can scamper off before you blink. She's a bit of a hitch in her get along though. She crawls on her left knee and her right foot so it's a bizarre half crawl- half bear crawl thing. Not that it slows her down, as I mentioned. She's also finally figured out how to pull up on the dining room chairs without bonking her head. Many sighs of relief have been heard over that one. She still doesn't appear to have confidence in her own abilities because she will not attempt to walk if you're only holding one of her hands. She will hold her ground and search around with the empy hand until she finds your fingers. But once she has hold, her speed once again comes into play. I don't think she'll walk, she's going straight to running.

I'm itching to go somewhere but I don't have access to money. I have once again been the victim of fraud. I don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong but this is the fourth or fifth time we've had to cancel my check card because of a fraudulent charge. This is by far the most annoying thing though. I now have an AOL account. Somehow, and AOL sure as hell isn't doing anything to help, I was signed up through some third party web purchase. It's my name, my address and my check card number. I don't think this is normal fraud though in the sense that I don't think someone stole my cc number. First of all, why would they sign up for AOL? That's just stupid. Second of all, I recently contributed to the Red Cross via a donation website who happens to be funded by AOL. I'm guessing there was a tiny little box somewhere that I missed in the terms that gave them permission to sign me up for AOL. So anyway, I had to cut up my card and my new one won't be here until Tuesday. Since I never have any cash, I'm kinda stuck. Can't even walk to Sav-On for a soda, lol.

Chris managed to score free Foo-Fighters/Weezer/Hot Hot Heat tickets yesterday. He was quite thrilled until her realized the date, the same day we have tickets for trick-or-treating at California Adventure. So we discussed it, bought more tix for Disney for a different day and hope we can sell our original tix to either my bil or some friends or at the very least, on my Disney email list. Worst case scenario, what we paid for the extra three tickets is less than the cost of one ticket for the concert we're going to so we're still coming out ahead.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We did give Daisy peas for dinner last night. She grasped the idea of grabbing them and putting them into her mouth, unlike the bananas, but then she would suck out the insides and proceed to gag on the skins. So peas are a no go. I won't puree them because I did that with Tabitha and they are very hard to get to a smooth consistency. Not worth the effort in my opinion. Especially since they would be made from frozen peas which I don't consider fresh which defeats the purpose of me making her good food. We bought peaches for me to whip up for her next.

Around 3 am last night there was such strong thunder that the entire house shook and woke all of us up. Tabitha hopped into our bed, I fed Daisy to get her back to sleep and then attempted to get comfy in bed. That wasn't happening. The thunder subsided so we sent Tabs back to her own bed and we were finally able to get some sleep. Daisy and I woke at 7 and the lightening was back making the lights flicker. There would be lightening, then more lightening before we heard the thunder from the first lightening. It was really something. How Chris and Tabitha slept through that, I don't know.

It poured off and on for most of the day today. I let Tabs run in the backyard for awhile. She took her umbrella, but would periodically pull it down in order to get drenched. She had great fun and I took a few pictures of Daisy standing at the sliding door and then you can see Tabitha running around in the background. As a result of the rain it's very humid though so we're all sweaty and sticky. It's supposed to rain more tomorrow so I guess we're in for more of the same. I just hope we can make it through the night without a repeat of last night.

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Never mind on the iPod thing. They gave away their initial allotment of free ones in two days so now I would have to make $100 in purchases to get it. So forget it. Thanks to those of you that signed up though, I appreciate it. I'm still getting one from the hubby, I just have to wait until Christmas now :)

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Monday, September 19, 2005

I like the spelling program we've been using as a trial run this week. It's self correcting in that say the first word is "thinner" after she writes the word, I spell it for her and if she's right, yay, and if not, she writes it properly. Then the next word would build on that and be "sinner" so if she only wrote one N in thinner, she can apply what she learned and come to the [correct] conclusion that there would be two Ns in sinner as well. Though it's loads of fun to come up with a sentence for sin, sinning, sinner and so forth. Today she even had Mr. Skinner, lol. But it's going well so I am definitely ordering it.
As of today, Tabitha has finished her cursive book! I still don't have a scanner, so I'll see if I can get a pic of a sample of her work tomorrow to share. I'm going to wait about 6 months and then order a review work book so she can work on fine tuning her letters. The only thing she has issues with is the o-r connection, lower case k, capitals I and J. Other than that it's all just lovely and I'm so proud of her. She chose to learn cursive and worked hard at it. The beauty of homeschooling :)

There was far off rain this afternoon so we were fortunate to see a beautiful rainbow. Tabitha had just been talking about some wishes of hers to be a fairy and so forth so I told her that rainbow was just for her. A little bit of real life magic. The lighting was perfect so I took some pictures of Daisy sitting on the slide. I put her hair in a tiny little top knot on top of her head and wanted to capture the look. She's shaping up to be just as good as Tabi and sits on the counter and lets me play with her hair and never once fusses about it. Anyway, she enjoyed feeling the grass beneath her feet and was not even a little bit concerned that her mom was in a very awkward position waiting to get the perfect pose. I had to enlist Tabitha's help who was more than happy to oblige my request that she jump up and down and generally act like a fool so as to get her sister to actually look at the camera. I just snapped away and am pleased with the end results. I need to get that kid back in a studio though.

Just as bedtime rolled around, the rain started here to accompany the thunder storm. I grabbed Tabitha's hand and took her out to the driveway so she could dance in the rain which is one of her fondest desires. As far as I'm concerned, summer storms offer the perfect opportunity. We were greeted by a full on zig-zag lightening bolt and deafening thunder. I think it was a nice ending to the day.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The following is brought to you by the letter 'R' for Random. I just wanted to share something I did. I recently cleaned off the top shelf in the playroom because it was full of dust collectors. I plan to purchase some large Disney pieces that are Peter Pan and put them on top to help pull the room together. But that's something I'll be doing after I get through the holidays and birthdays. In the meantime, I didn't want the shelf to be bare, so I pulled out Tabitha's Never Land play mat and set up a little scene for her with Captain Hook, his pirate ship and the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell figures we have that fly around the room. A pic of my fun.

In more "I'm a Disney Geek" news, I've been learning Word Press as I'm redoing the Disney Character website. It's going to have a blog to be updated after every trip as well as a new and improved Character Location Guide. It's taking up a large portion of my thoughts and I hope to get it all worked out next weekend. Right now I'm still in the learning and redesigning stages. I'm not going to focus too much on the actual design at this point. I want to learn CSS and hopefully come up with a really good design some time in the future. Sadly, I'm lacking in the creative department so all graphics that I create are a bit on the cheesy side. I'm just going to say that is part of my sites' charm :)

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I had planned for us to accomplish quite a bit today, but that never seemed to come to fruition. We did take the recycling today and did our grocery shopping for the week. Chris and I also got in some trimming of some of the vegetatation. While we all sat down to watch the INXS Rock Star show, I sat on the floor with Daisy as she loves that so much. I stood her up and would let go and it is just amazing how long she can actually stand on her own. I counted a full 10 seconds one time. She doesn't think she can do it though so if she thinks I'm going to let go, she makes sure to grab me so I can't :)

We had cut up bananas for Daisy to eat for dinner, but she's not quite ready for finger foods. She should be considering she grabs every single miniscule piece of lint on the floor and it immediately goes to her mouth. But put actual food in front of her while she's sitting in her booster and she thinks we're insane to think she would even consider eating it. So we chucked that idea and she ate her beloved acorn squash instead. I'm still going to try peas as a finger food tomorrow night, but if that doesn't work either, I'll just stick to pureeing her food for awhile longer.

Tabitha tried chili tonight and really enjoyed it. I've never given it to her before as I thought there was no way she'd eat it. I had bought some for Chris and I to put on our baked potatoes and offered her some in a bowl. She scarfed it down and asked for more. It's always nice to add something to her food repetoire, not that she really needs to, she is a fabulous eater as I've mentioned before.

I took Daisy into the shower with me tonight and she really enjoyed that. I think she was honestly disappointed when I handed her off to Chris. Well, up until she realized that meant she got to go to bed, then she was good again.

Once we had her settled, Tabitha, Chris and I played Disney Scene-It. It started off with Chris taking a massive lead, but Tabitha and I caught up and it was quite the race to the finish. Miss Tabitha ended up winning the game. At that point it was a bit past her bedtime, so she headed off, read the last chapter of the fairy book to Chris, and is now (hopefully) going to sleep.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let's see, when last I left us, we were coming home from Disneyland on Wednesday. We ate a quick dinner then headed out to a Dodger game. We had a really good time, despite the Dodger's blowing a 5 run lead. Daisy did just fine at her first game and had loads of fun making funny faces at all the people around us who seemed to watch her more than the game. Tabitha chose cotton candy as her one snack and had blue dye all over her. That batch must have gotten way too much as I've never seen cotton candy color her so instantly. Between the two of us we managed to scrub her clean in the restroom.

Thursday and Friday are not worth noting and at this point, I can't say I remember much of them anyway :) Today we worked on the entry way closet. We took every single item out, got rid of tons of crap and put everything back into the closet in a nice fashion. It looks so much better. Now I won't cringe when I go get a jacket or the diaper bag. In the late afternoon we went to my mom's for some cake as my sister is moving back to school this weekend. So we had a very nice visit before coming home to dinner.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

So I'm afraid of my youngest now. She has too many teeth and doesn't know how to use them properly. Here's a look at what she did to my shoulder this morning. Keep in mind that was done through my shirt and is now scabbed over and the size of an eraser. Eight teeth this kid has and now I'm jumpy as hell when her mouth gets near me. I screamed when she bit me and ended up scaring her. But it really hurt and I didn't expect it. I'm going to start calling her Bunnicula.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to bowling and Kid's Club. But there were some attitude problems and the person who wanted to go to these events certainly wasn't acting like she wanted to go, so I cancelled both of them. I don't feel too bad about either as she the new session of bowling started Monday so she had just bowled and she didn't really want the craft at Kid's Club, she just kind of felt like going.

Wednesday Chris took what he called a "family day" and we spent the day at Disneyland again. No crowds since everyone went back to work and school :) Daisy did wonderfully on the rides we took her on. At one point in the middle of Small World, she suddenly looked up just freaked out. She didn't scream or anything, she just backed up against me, turned around and threw her arms around my neck for comfort. Considering this child does not seek comfort from me, or anyone for that matter, it was just all together extremely odd. She's not a cuddly kid for the most part so I knew something must have really spooked her. I know the singing dolls can be a bit much, but we'd been on the ride a good seven or eight minutes already and she had been fine the whole time. So, I have no clue, but considering she calmed right down I won't hesitate to take her on again. If she exhibits unease a second time, then I guess the ride is a no go for her. She did fine on everything else though. We took her picture atop Donald's boat because it's named "Miss Daisy."

I had more to type, but the little one is up so the rest of the entry will have to wait.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

We went to Disneyland yesterday after Daisy's morning nap. We stayed until 5 which is a long time for us recently. The whole day went really well and was a lot of fun. We took Daisy on two rides and she did okay. One of them was Haunted Mansion which I normally wouldn't have taken her on, but today they are closing Mansion to transform it into the Nightmare Before Christmas version so we wanted to get a last ride in. Chris held Daisy and she never freaked, just made a few low noises, but Chris kept her distracted enough. We then went on Winnie the Pooh, this time I held her and there wasn't even a hint of not liking it. She wasn't bouncing or anything, but I don't think I scarred her. I decided two was enough though and she and I skipped Pirates and went wandering while Tabitha and Chris rode. After that Tabitha and I waited forever to ride Buzz, usually the line goes quickly but not yesterday. By the time we got out of there, it was only half an hour before the parade. It's a new one for the 50th anniversary and we hadn't seen it yet. So we waited and it was really a neat parade. It's not as fabulous as Block Party Bash over at California Adventure, but very good in it's own right. Daisy was fascinated and Tabitha was so excited and couldn't stop exclaiming over it.
Once that was done we went to California Adventure and Tabitha and I did their "Turtle Talk with Crush" show while Chris killed time taking Daisy around to various characters that were out and about. Apparently she really liked them which is good. If we keep her around them, by the time she can walk up to them for me to take pics she hopefully will be comfortable with them.
After the show we decided to head home as it had been a full day and we all needed food. We ate an unexciting dinner at home while taking turns playing with Daisy. She likes us to hold her hands so she can walk, not easy for Chris and I as it requires much stooping and can really kill our backs.
Daisy is officially cruising now. She pulls up on the couch and then walks the length of it and transfers to Tabitha's recliner. She won't come back so at that point she whines a bit. She can actually stand unassisted for a full 10 seconds, but she doesn't like when we let go of her so she doesn't do it often. She has amazing strength and balance though considering she turned 7 months last week. I'm going to go ahead and make the guess that she will be considered an early walker. That would probably be a good thing as I think a lot of her inner frustrations will go away once she can walk on her own. Not that our house is very baby proofed, we have to keep a very close eye on her.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chris and I got caught up in wasting time last night. We stayed up until close to 1, he was playing a baseball game and I was having fun on ebay searching Mr. Potato Head items for Tabitha's birthday party (in January). One isn't exactly super late, but it is when we knew at least one of us would have to get up last night. In the end we both took a turn getting up. Then we all got up at 7 this morning to get going for the day. We headed out early to walk around the mall near the Chuck E. Cheese the birthday was being held. Chris scored some shirts and a coat at Hot Topic for 50% off the clearance price. Only a couple Hot Topics have the extra percentage off so we were even more pleased with our purchase.

Chris ended up dropping the three of us off at the party so he could head into a local store of his company and make a purchase and also read work email to see if anything needed his immediate attention. He wasn't gone long at all and joined as at the party. He spent most of the time running after the birthday girl's younger brother while I held Daisy and followed Tabitha around. Man does she love that place. It was only her second visit, the first being a birthday last year. She was pleased with her amount of tickets and traded them in for cheap crap that makes her happy.

As we were walking to the car after the party, I realized I forgot to go to the Clinique counter. I really didn't want to go back to the same mall, so instead we stopped at a different one on the way home. Tabitha found a doll at Children's Place she didn't have and I found a cheetah print beret to go with Daisy's onesie she got on the fall shopping trip Monday.

We ended up not going to the beach party because it's too darn cold for the beach and it just would have been too much going on. I'm a bit sad as I kind of wanted to go just to see everyone. But on the other hand, I don't know that I would have enjoyed being that cold and I don't actually like the beach. Tabitha didn't know about it so she wasn't disappointed though I fear one of her friends saying something to her. I'll deal with that if and when it happens.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Chris needing to be at a location in the afternoon and into the evening today so he was home this morning. I ran out to Target and the grocery store while he held down the homestead. After he left Tabitha and Daisy played together most of the day. At one point, Tabitha built a tower of blocks and Daisy leaned in like she was going to knock it over. But just before her hand touched the top block, she broke into hysterical laughter which made Tabitha laugh loudly and then, well, I think you can see where this is going. Seeing them laugh and play together despite being so many years apart is just the sweetest thing. They both have such adoration for the other, I dearly hope it can continue.

Tabitha and I started lessons during Daisy's afternoon nap. I say started because she did not sleep the length of time as is normal and then woke up cranky so Tabitha and I did not get as much done as usual. We are trying a new spelling program right now. The website has the first week's lesson online so you can try before you buy. I definitely think it has a chance of working, but only time will tell.

After dinner the girls and I went outside for a bit but it was cold! Daisy played on the rug while Tabitha and I played catch with a beach ball. After twenty minutes or so I admitted to wimpiness and said it was too darn cold so we all went in. Tabitha and Daisy played for another long time before Daisy's bedtime. I let Tabitha read in her bed until Chris got home so she could see him, I knew she would sleep better that way.

Tomorrow is a birthday party and we're supposed to go to a beach party with the halau, but something in the news caught my attention and now I don't think I want to go to this particular beach. We'll see.

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

In an effort to keep Miss Daisy awake as long as possible, we took another walk last night. Just to McDonald's for some Happy Meal toys, which they only had the ones we already have. I carried Daisy in the hip pack while Tabitha scooted. Chris was free from accessories on the way there but had to carry my Diet Coke on the way home. We managed to keep Daisy awake until 8:00pm which is five hours from the time she woke up from her nap. It's quite the accomplishment really because it is next to impossible to keep her awake if she has decided to sleep. But we did it and she had a wonderful bedtime experience, if I do say so myself, and knocked out for six solid hours. Glory be! I can deal with once a night, not a problem. Sure I'd love to go back to 11 hours a night, but I will gladly settle for once a night, especially compared to 4 times a night. I'll do what I can to replicate the process tonight and see what happens.
I'd like to note that my child seems to have nearly the same dislike for applesauce as my oldest. Not quite, in that she'll kind of want more, but she sure doesn't seem to enjoy it and then stops after a couple bites. So far her favorite is green beans, go figure. Tonight we start pears, but I'm guessing she won't like those any better than apples. Yams were okay and I will be making another batch since I have another yam. I'm not sure what's next as I need to consult my baby food list, I think it's butternut or acorn squash.
Tabitha wants to take a bus somewhere today so perhaps we'll hit the mall after lunch. We have to shop for a birthday gift anyway and I need to pick up some Clinique so we need to go at some point. I'm just not enamored with the idea of lugging the stroller onto a bus.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

As I click through my favorite blogs each morning and see that no one is updating, I get frustrated with nothing new to read.



So we had a nice weekend. Chris took all three days which is rather unusual around here. Monday we went shopping for fall clothes with my mil. We hit Target, Babies R Us, Old Navy, Robinson's-May, Children's Place and the Disney Store. The kids definitely got a good haul.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids in our district. I painted a "Happy Not Back to School Day" poster for Tabitha and left it on her bulletin board in the hallway. I also let her stay in PJs all day which she enjoyed very much. Needless to say we skipped lessons. She did have to get dressed eventually for it was bowling day. Tabitha and her teammate enjoyed themselves, as usual. It hardly warrants mentioning here since it's always the same. Next week we have the last day of this session and the first day of the next session so she'll bowl Monday and Tuesday. Mondays will be her new regular day. Hula is on a bit of a hiatus due to the halau having just been to competition. So three weeks off until we resume.

In other Tabi social life news, she's requesting all sorts of classess; ballet and tap, gymnastics and ice skating. The problem with ice skating is the closest rink is not even a tiny bit close so I don't see how we'll pull that off. I'm currently looking into the other two.

Today we had a regular day, lessons in the morning, then I entertained the baby while Tabs played computer games. Once Chris was home we walked to Stater Bros for a couple items. Now I'm putting off starting dinner while he plays video games in the living room with a little person holding onto his arm hair for balance.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

It's finally hot and now it's practically fall. I finally feel ready to do the beach and other summer activities, figures.

Today was just supposed to be a stay home and take care of things here kind of day. For the most part, it was. I ran to Target this morning for an errand. One item was diapers *sigh* The little miss just isn't sleeping. Not for more than a half hour at a time anyway. So we're trying disposables in case the wetness of her diaper is bothering her. See, sometimes in the middle of the night we know she needs a diaper change, but then we risk her really waking up and staying awake for 2 hours. So it's a quandry. I did buy chlorine free, non-toxic diapers. And it's just one a night, not 8 a day. So I'm doing the best I can. Part of me hopes this helps, because we could all use a little more sleep, but part of me hopes the wetness has nothing to do with it because I really don't want to use a disposable, even if it's only one a night.

After lunch Chris cleaned up a toy that my mom had bought to keep at her house when Tabitha was a baby. It's been in our garage all these years. It's like a play yard in that it's a series of panels that you can hook together to create a hexagon shape. Two of the panels have "busy" activities on them to supposedly interest baby. We thought it would be good to put in the sitting area outside to help contain Daisy since she is fairly mobile. Of course, Tabitha hopped in there with her to play and I flashbacked to my sister doing the same thing when Tabitha was Daisy's age.

Since today is the fourth, it's Daisy's 7th month birthday and therefore time for another picture sitting. I decided to stick to doing it myself so we headed off to a park in search of Mother Nature's wonders. We did find a nice area that afforded us a good background. The only problem is Daisy decided not to look at the camera. I had to enlist the big one's help to get her to look in my general direction. But, as usual, I'm pleased with how they came out.

There were some swings near where we were taking Daisy's picture, so Tabitha go some good swinging time in while Chris and I sat with the baby. One of the swings was a baby swing so we went ahead and put Daisy in for a few minutes. She seemed to really enjoy it, but no belly laughs as I had hoped.

After dinner we hit the back yard again. This time Tabitha played in her sprinkler while Chris, Daisy and I were in the sitting area. Daisy was not what you would call a happy camper, so she pretty much sat on my lap and whined for half an hour. But Tabitha had a blast and it was a lovely temperature with an even lovlier breeze coming through. Of course that breeze made Tabitha rather cold so once her lips turned blue we called it a day.

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Today was the first Saturday that I can remember since meeting Chris where positvely nothing was planned. No one had to work, no one had to go to hula, no one had a play, or scrapbooking or birthday party or anything! So I decided to make it a nice family day and packed lunches so we could go to the zoo. We were promptly reminded why we don't like Saturdays and never go anywhere. It was packed, and it takes a heck of a lot of people to make the zoo feel crowded, and there were bees everywhere for some reason. We stayed approx. one hour and then headed to a nearby mall. Oh I was in heaven! All the types of stores I love and we don't have here, mainly chi-chi children's boutiques. The mall is large and we really wore ourselves out walking around. We're currently lazing at home waiting for the rice to cook for dinner. I left some tofu steaks marinating in teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, onions and garlic and will fry that up in a bit.

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Last night was one of those not-so-good nights. One hour after I fell asleep I was awakened by the uncontrollable need to cough. I tried coughing into the pillow so as to not wake the babe, but I had to get it out so I hopped out of bed and made it into the dining room before desperately trying to expel whatever dust particle was determined to torture me. I of course also needed a little diet coke to soothe my ragged throat before going back to sleep.
One hour later, I'm up with the baby. She simply needed to be fed for a minute and then dropped back into bed. For some reason, she awoke a mere half hour later talking and laughing. She's has taken up laughing in her sleep, but this talking was more of the "I'm awake and want to play" variety. I was dead tired and basically ignored her and didn't here another peep so I guess she didn't really want to play.
Half an hour later, seriously, I hear the oldest calling. I go to her and she's slightly agitated and was glad I wasn't asleep. Of course, I was asleep, but she didn't need to know that. She had a bad thought but didn't feel like talking it out. So, being the good mom that I am, I promised I would stay awake until she went back to sleep. I played spider for twenty minutes just to be very sure she was asleep.
I got another hour in and Daisy woke up and I pleaded mercy and told Chris the baby was his even though I had planned to take care of her all night because he was up with her for an hour and a half the night before. I have no idea how long he was up with her but I do know that for the next 3 hours she occasionally cried and/or talked out in her sleep meaning I never slept for more than an hour straight all night.
Boy did I need that Diet Coke more than usual this morning.

Now, on the good stuff. The day itself has been fabulous. It's been one of those days where I pat myself on the back for being such a great mom. The morning went seamless, Chris and I both got up at 7 with Daisy (that's the daily goal, it's just not always met), I had breakfast, read email, did face, hair, teeth, make-up and clothes, made the bed and finished loading the dishwasher and ran it. Chris left at 8:20 (he somehow manages to get completely ready while holding Daisy, I don't know how the heck he does it), I put breakfast on the table for Tabitha, dressed and fed Daisy, took care of something in Tabitha's room, played with the baby for awhile, then Tabitha did her morning business with nary a whimper and I did her hair and got the French braid right the first try. The girls played together while I vacuumed the house then Tabitha pulled out her lesson materials while I put Daisy down for a nap. The baby stayed asleep long enough for us to get completely through lessons and eat our lunch even though the trash truck went by three times. Tabitha asked to play computer games, I told her to clean the playroom first and she did, again, with nary a whimper.
It's now noon and the rest of the day doesn't matter. It can't get bad as far as I'm concerned because the morning was perfect, just how I want it to be every morning. My mornings really shape the rest of the day for me and a bad one will just hang on and color my view of everything else.
Not to mention, even if I have one hell of a bad afternoon, Chris will be home at a reasonable time which does wonders for my mood.

Today is the kind of day where I say "life is good."

Posted by Tara Zandra @ 12:02 PM PST

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