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Sunday, October 30, 2005

My baby took two steps! To me, no less :) For the record she is 8 months and 3 weeks old. She did it twice and was bouncing and I think she totally knew what she was doing and was trying to do it again and again, but the bouncing kind of prevented her. This probably means she won't sleep for a week.

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I'm opening up the new Disney site, even though the blog is not completed. The new site is at http://dlandfriends.com and is called D-Land Friends. For those of you who visit, enjoy.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005


oct29a (59k image)

All together now....awwwww

oct29b (44k image)

Our pumpkin patch

oct29c (51k image)

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Last night was our second visit to Mickey Halloween Treat and it was so much fun! We were smarter about it this time since we could draw upon our experience of Saturday. We didn't wait in a single line and Tabitha actually did more last night than the other night.
When we walked in, we headed straight for the photo station with Mickey and Minnie. Chris walked up ahead of us quickly to secure our spot in line. When we joined him, after two stops at treat stations with non-existent lines, we were fourth. We took a pic of just Tabs and then one of all of us. After that we headed to the face paint area. Next Tabitha hula hopped and danced her butt off at an area they had set up just for that purpose. Even Chris got into the act during the parents only dancing and did the electric slide with Daisy in his arms. Good stuff.
Next was off to the games area as we found out that all the games were free and everyone won candy just for playing. Since Tabitha always begs to do the games at the boardwalk and we say no, this was perfect for her. She got to play every one of them, I didn't have to shell out tons of cash, and no new stuffed animals are coming to live in our house.
After this was more treat lines and then back to the dance area. I left them all at the moment so I could do a character scout. I found Chip and Dale and relayed the info to Chris (love cell phones!) and he and the girls met me there. It wasn't too hard to get Tabitha to come, I guess, because it was at another dance area. She posed with the chipmunks and danced and I went to change Daisy, making a quick detour in the toy store. They got new stuff in and I salivated over tons of it. Many more items have just been added to the girl's Christmas lists, I can tell you that! When I came back to the dance area, I heard one of the entertainers who keep the dancing going ask Tabitha where her parents were and then turned to us to tell us we have a future performer on our hands, lol. Yeah, I knew that. She partied-hearty, that's for sure. After that we hit the remaining treat lines, one more dance area and then back up front for the finale with all the characters.
Wonderful, wonderful time. They took my email to send me a survey about my opinion of the event and I'm so glad because I want to encourage them to do this every year.
One last pic just because.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chris and Tabitha are at a Kings game with my bil right now. Daisy and I spent the evening in the living room because she doesn't mind me sitting, as long as it's not in a chair. So, sitting on the floor playing Legos with her passes the time quite nicely. I put the Duplo blocks on the Lego table, she pulls them off and gnaws on them. I pick the Duplos up and put them in the bucket, she dumps the bucket. Take a few breaks for her to pull my hair and you have a good two hours of fun.

I was starting to think I would have to rescind my prediction that she would take a step by 9 months. She hasn't been wanting us to walk her around the house and has decided crawling is convenient, not to mention fast. But the last couple of days she has let go and stood on her own. Tonight I witnessed her stand, start to sit and then change her mind and stand back up. The strength in that kid is amazing. She also let go and turn to me with her arms in the air and I really thought she'd take one step but she just kind of leapt at me instead. She may not make it by 9 months, but not much more than that.

I'm thinking I may change the kids' sites. I'm supposed to update the blog portion of them every few months, but I find I have nothing to say because I say it all here now. I may reorganize them and just make them each an About Me page, Pictures through the years/months, Birth Story and a New Pictures page that I would link to from here. Just cut the blog portion. I'm pretty sure that everyone who checks their sites when I update reads this blog and already knows all we've been doing. We'll see. Still plugging away on the Disney site. Of course, as soon as I get it done, I'm planning on redoing this family journal so I always have something that needs working.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Today is the first day in three days that I've sat. Friday we walked four miles then did the mall shopping for necessary clothing for all but myself. Chris needs interview shirts and ties (don't ask, I'm not prepared to go there yet), Tabitha needs jeans and winter PJs, Daisy needed seperates of pants and long sleeves because apparently when I decided I wanted all one piece outfits I wasn't thinking clearly at all. I guess all that should be changed to "needed" because they are all taken care of, though Chris could stand another shirt and tie. I think the girls are okay. I need clothing, but not as critical as they did so it was all about them.

Saturday, Chris and I were supposed to go see Foozer, as in the Foo Fighters and Weezer with Hot, Hot, Heat. Well, the Wee Miss doesn't like me out of her sight. She was clingy, cranky, whiny, you name it, she was it. There was no way I could leave her that night. I'm pretty sure she would have cried a huge amount of the time. So, we decided not to go. It was a hard decision but we feel it was the best one. After I called my mom to tell her, she was our sitter, we talked about it a bit and got the idea in our head to use our Halloween Treat tickets. We had planned to give them to my bil but he couldn't go afterall so we still had our original tix. We decided to do it and dressed up Tabi, bundled up Daisy and headed out after dinner. We had a really good time. Not 100% what we expected, but it was really nice to have the luxury of time knowing we're still going this Thursday as well. Tabitha managed to hit all 13 treat stations, hula hooped, danced and visited with characters.

Sunday we went to the Movieland Wax Museum as it is closing it's doors forever next week. I have so many fond memories that we had to make one last trip. Many, many people had the same idea. It was so packed and the line moved at a snail's crawl. The whole visit was one big line. I had hoped to buy something like a magnet or something with the name Movieland Was Museum, but the gift shop was insane. That's what 50% off will do to people. So all I got were my memories and pictures of the figures that meant something to me, like the Gone With the Wind scene. I had fun pointing out the Tabitha "See that house? That's where my name came from. See that man? That's who your aunt is named after. " Still grateful I'm not named Scarlett.

After the wax museum we ate lunch in the car and then went to Disneyland. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess considering that I had been carrying Daisy non-stop for three days at that point. She wouldn't let Chris carry her and she wouldn't let me use any carriers. I had to be holding her in my arms at all times. I'm still paying for that with a pretty severe back ache.

But I digress.

Disneyland was amazing in a bizarre way. We went specifically to see if the Villains were out since it's getting close to Halloween. We were told they weren't coming this year, which is disappointing to say the least. But, it was still a character-palooza. Tabitha sees her old friend Alice sitting at some tables with Suzy and Mad Hatter. They were drawing pictures and Tabitha joined in. Within minutes, Wendy joined the group. Then Bert and Mary and a Penguin decided to join in as well. Cinderella walked by with her prince and Fairy Godmother was nearby as well. Bert organized the kids into a sort of project. He had them finish their drawings, then taught them all how to fold their pictures into birds, origami basically. Then, everyone marched in a line over to the Walt Disney and Mickey "Partners" statue and placed their birds at the foot of the statue and said a thank you to Walt. Very sweet and very touching.

Tabitha and Bert had been chatting back when they were making the birds and after the thank you, Bert asked Tabitha if she'd like to ride the carousel. Of course the child said yes. So off she went with Bert and Mary Poppins skipping between them while each of them held her hand. At one point they went through the castle with Bert and Mary singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. They had their ride on the carousel and just before they got off, I headed to the baby area to change Daisy. I expected Chris and Tabitha to be waiting for me when I exited. Nope, they had both been pulled into the Sword in the Stone ceremony with Chris being the joke guy who can't pull out the sword and then Tabitha being picked to pull out the sword and named Temporary Ruler of Disneyland. I showed up just as the show ended. Thankfully, the camera had been handed to a nice family, so I still have pictures even though I wasn't there.

At this point we were walking out to head to California Adventure. On the way we said hi to Fairy Godmother again and then Tabitha wanted to show Alice her medal for pulling the sword. Alice was in the middle of a game, but had Tabitha come closer to watch. Once all that was done, she invited Tabs to go dancing at the Club Buzz stage in Tomorrowland. She said she'd meet her there so we went over there and Tabitha saw Wendy again and chatted with her and mentioned she was waiting for Alice. Wendy suggested she dance with her while she waited so they went to the dance floor where Buzz was already grooving. Funny to see my kid dance to songs that came out when I was 4, like Mickey by the Go-Gos and YMCA. Eventually Alice and the Wonderland gang came over and more dancing was accomplished. Tabitha worked up quite the sweat. Let me tell you, the Queen of Hearts was quite the dancer, too.

By the time all this was done and we headed home, it was about 2 and a half hours later than we had planned. Whew! But a good day :)

Today, Daisy was replaced by a child who enjoyed playing by herself and didn't whine once. After being held for three days, I guess she was tired of me. Tabitha's Halloween activity was watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." My activity was eating all the Halloween cookies, lol.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm sitting here with the portable DVD player next to me playing my all-time favorite movie, Clue while answering emails on the computer. I love technology.

Yesterday afternoon we practically finished cleaning out the playhouse area. The house is on the grass and all the fake grass and ground cover is gone and in the trash. There is just a bit of rocks left which will take maybe half an hour of work. The downside is there are 4 million very cheesed off ants right now. We're going to put some ant stakes in before we re-cover the ground. Our pansies are still alive, but the slugs and/or caterpillars must be getting fatter as there are lots of bite marks. I don't care though, if I plant something they want to eat, I can't exactly get mad that they come and chow down. Just part of nature. I think one sunflower has sprouted, but can't tell yet if that's what it is, or will it just be a weed.

Today was rather ordinary. Tabitha got over her hump in the math lesson and did it today as if she never had a problem. I guess it was just an off day last Friday. Taking a few days off harmed her spelling though, she missed one she'd been getting correct previously; beginners. We're done with this particular word family and move on to a new one tomorrow.

Daisy has been sitting on her knees lately and looks positively adorable while do so. She's also gaining confidence in herself and has intentionally let go while standing on more than one occasion. Last night she almost took an unassisted step, but thought better of it.

Today's Halloween activity was making little ghosts to hang from the tree. Chris hung them out there after he was home. Tabitha named them all and was calling them Ooky, Kooky, Oozy, Moozy and anything that rhymed. So one of them is named Boozy which cracks up Chris and I to no end. He then said one of them was her sister Floozy. Tabs doesn't get the joke, of course, but still funny to us.

After the ghosts were hung we headed to Target so our cats wouldn't starve. We bought some of the candy we'll pass out on Halloween though still need loads more as we only bought 3 bags. Tabitha again begged for a Halloween color cookie and I had to say no. I guess I'll pull my hidden one out tomorrow so she doesn't feel disappointment every time we go to Target.

After our shopping we went to Chipotle for dinner. They're new here in CA and we hadn't been before. It was tasty, let me tell you. Hard to believe it's owned by McDs. They don't have a children's menu but they will make a tiny burrito or a quesadilla so Tabitha chose the quesadilla. Chris has a burrito and I had the burrito bowl. Very, very good. We'll definitely be returning.

Now the family is in the living room watching the King's game while I sit here. I going to browse i-tunes for a bit and then probably work on the Disney site before we get the kids off to bed.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today was one of those days I wanted to quit my day job. It's not that my children were being rotten or anything. The little one was a tad whiny but not that big of a deal. I just wasn't in the mood. I wanted to sit at my computer and work on my site and not be interrupted. Anyone with children knows how hard it is to do something without being interrupted. So I was getting frustrated and that made me short with the kids and neither one of them deserved it.

A friend and I hashed out our continuing frustrations in our quest to become Girl Scout leaders and that just made my mood more foul. I did not want to go to hula tonight, but neither did I want to stay home with a whiny baby. I went. Good thing I did. I spent the whole class outside in the freezing wind, but I spent it talking to a friend and when I left my mood had improved ten fold. Apparently a good, non-interrupted talk was just what I needed.

The ride home with the big one was very nice and she went to bed liking me again :)

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It should not still be dark at twenty minutes of seven, sheesh. I've been up over an hour and my curtains are still closed, what the heck?

For more random stuff, we finally found Spud Trooper Mr. Potato Head at Target. All hail Target! But the parts are outgrowing their bins, so I'll need to reorganize.

Because of my little message at the top there, we have participated in three trades for Wobblers we didn't have. Only twenty more to go, lol.

Yesterday we went to Disneyland despite the rain. We went sans stroller and I just put baby in the hip carrier all morning. After her nap, Chris and I traded off carrying her. It was remarkably easy, I adore the hip carrier. It doesn't make any part of my body ache. Only bad side, very hard to sit down while wearing Daisy. Tabitha was in a character mood and met up with her old friend Alice. We visited her in the morning and then Alice happened to ride Tea Cups while Tabs and I were in line for it. Alice stayed on again and had Tabitha ride with her. So I just stepped out as I didn't feel like riding by myself. I was able to get pictures of some of the characters in their 50th anniversary wear that I didn't have. I'm not updating the current Disney site though because I'm really working hard on the new one. I'm closer and closer to having it done. Oh, and Tabitha spent a bit of time with Peter Pan which pleased her to no end. It through her back into her Neverland way of thinking and she spent a good portion of the drive home talking about him.

And now it is seven, everyone is up and the blinds are open. The day has begun.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

We had so much fun at the pumpkin farm yesterday. Being in the city, we don't have those really cool ones with hay rides and mazes and all that. But we do live near a large agricultural college that maintains a pumpkin patch. Every year they open the patch for one weekend to sell pumpkins. People bring wagons and wheelbarrows and buy dozens. We ended up choosing seven for us. Tabitha was intent on BIG! and the first one she chose is just that, but then we convinced her we didn't want them all the same and we got a nice variety. For the last pumpkin I went in search throughout the patch and Tabitha kept showing me round and perfect. I tried telling her I didn't want ordinary, but she didn't get it. I finally told her I was looking for ugly, that she understood.

After we lugged all the pumpkins back to the car, we went to their tiny, I don't know what to call it, booth area. Tabitha slid down the inflatable slide, bounced in the bounce house, had her face painted, played two games and ended up with another pumpkin and a bouncy ball. Chris indulged in a funnel cake, but I didn't share because he had strawberries and whipped cream put on top. I'm more of a funnel cake purist so just had a small bite of the edge.

The college also has a farm store and set up a mini farmer's market with their wares. Tabitha chose a bag of pumpkin seeds, Chris had some niche market soda, and we bought fresh avocados for Daisy. At this point we had been there two hours and headed home. It was a wonderful Halloween activity. Ten minutes after we got home, the rain started, so our timing was just right.

I put Daisy down for a nap and Chris changed and headed out because he had a work matter that needed taking care of. Tabitha played computer games while I worked on the new Disney site (I'm about 2/3 done, I'd say) and we had lunch. After lunch and after Daisy woke up, my mom came over for a nice visit. Tabitha had been wanting to show her our decorations and I wanted my mom and Daisy to get some time together.

After a while, Chris came home, we said our good-byes to my mom and then just kind of did whatever. In between bouts of rain, Tabitha played in the front yard. Chris went out too and pitched to her until dinner (Basil pasta with feta, mmm). After dinner I took a hot bath which was wonderful on this rainy day. We got the kids off to bed (eventually) and I baked some apples to try with Daisy again. It's later in the season and I added cinnamon, so hopefully she won't think them as sweet or tart. Guess we'll see today :)

Last night was the booms. Thunder was shaking the windows. Daisy woke up once, Tabitha said she did too, but she didn't come to me. She says she just stuck her fingers in her ears, lol. After the thunder came the rain. Not just rain, but the kind of pouring rain that you have to shout to be heard over, not that we were having conversations at one in the morning, but you get my meaning. It repeated a few hours later and now there's no rain and a break in the clouds. We're supposed to have more thunder storms today, which I'm sure thrills my cats to no end. Nothing going on the Anc house though, so the rain won't change our plans.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yesterday morning started with hula, but it was late morning and didn't end until 11:30 so my day was just kind of off. We come home, I get lunch for everyone, then we went to Big Lots to see their Halloween stuff. We ended up with a cover for our porch light, but we won't put it on until Halloween as it's very cheap and will crack if the screen door hits it too many times. We also got a new welcome mat. We have a Halloween mat but absolutely cannot find it. I know it's in the garage, mainly because everything is in the garage, but I just don't know where to look anymore. But, this new one seems to be better quality anyway, believe it or not, so it might be a good thing.

Once home again, Chris and I did some work in the front yard and then put the baby down for a nap. I prepped dinner (potatoes au gratin, green beans vinaigrette and veggie Italian sausage) and then we popped and plopped. Popped some popcorn and plopped in front of the TV to watch Pooh's Halloween Heffalump movie. It was very cute and had Tabi laughing out loud on more than one ocassion.

Dinner went well with the wee miss playing nicely in her high chair when she was done eating. We're starting the restaurant behavior training now. We don't allow the kids to get down from the table because we would never do that in a restaurant. When Tabitha was a baby it was imperative she learn this as we ate out a lot. I mean, a lot! Now, we don't eat out anywhere near as often as we used to, but it would still be better for Daisy to be able to sit in a restaurant for the times we do go. She's a loud one though, so sitting is the least of our worries in public, lol.

Speaking of her Daisy and dinner, we haven't introduced anything new to her in a while. The last item was peaches and man did she hate those. I had to give her a week of yams just so she'd trust us and eat again. Then she was sick and not eating any solids and now she's having acorn squash again. I bought more apples because I want to try them again with cinnamon mixed in, she was fine with the cinnamon mixed into her pumpkin. I was going to do plums, but could tell by the way they felt they would be too tart. The only thing she hates more than sweet is tartness so I knew she would not go for those. I want to start her on yogurt, but only want one specific brand which I can only get at Whole Foods. Not worth the drive just for yogurt so it will wait until we happen to go there next. Daisy is also old enough for protein now, so we'll probably give her some silken tofu soon. I guess I'll try it as a finger food, but so far, she's only enjoyed eating stuff off the floor, not her tray. That reminds me of something that happened two days ago. There was apparently a rice krispie stuck to my carpet. We've been eating lots of rice krispie treats lately and there have been a few strays that my vacuum missed. Daisy, couldn't pick it up off the carpet so she leans over and tried to suck it off with her mouth! Crazy kid.

Today I'm up early as Daisy woke me at 5:30am and though she went back to sleep, I decided to get up. We're trying to get out of the house very early for the pumpkin patch and I would rather get up early and have a leisurely morning than be rushed later. One last thing, it's amazing how bright the stars are at 5:45 in the morning.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

I had briefly considered taking the girls to Disneyland today, but then I checked the weather. 88/89, uh, no thanks. If it's anything like yesterday, it's just a stifling heat and not something I want to be out in. The weather is also responsible for me not being able to touch the baby without shocking her. She does not consider that fun and cries every time. I need to figure out what to touch first so I don't shock her.

Today seemed to be an off day for Tabitha and we ended up cutting lessons very short. I think on Monday I'm going to back up a lesson in math and re-teach it and then do what was supposed to be today's lesson on Tuesday.

Not much going on in the Anc house lately. We've just been doing this and that, but nothing really noteworthy.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Monday the girls and I went to Armstrong Garden Center and picked out some pansies. Tabitha and I planted them that night. For now they look really nice, but since I know next to nothing about this gardening business, I haven't a clue how they will fare. We also bought sunflower seeds which we planted this afternoon. It's our third attempt at sunflowers, so again, we'll see. The only thing we've had luck with are tulips which we bought as bulbs and they bloomed three years in a row which I understand is unusual. We definitely need to plant more stuff from bulbs.

Amazon is having a buy one get one free sale on their games including free shipping, so I ordered a couple to put away for Christmas. I bought a two pack of Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella and Monopoly Jr. Disney Princess and got Guess Who? Disney as the free one. We actually already have a version of each of these games, but we're suckers for Disney games around here. We have about 5 more on our Christmas list. I think the sale applies to actual Toys R Us too, but with free shipping this was just easier.

Last night was Kids Club at the mall. We went a little early so we could browse the mall but we weren't there to buy, other than Coke at McD's for the game pieces, of course. The craft was decorating a pumpkin and Tabitha's came out cute with a little straw hat. She named it Annie and it is now on display in our living room with all the other decorations.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We have five thousand dollars worth of toys in this house. Today my oldest entertained herself by dancing on a sheet of bubble wrap and my youngest played with a bowl of water in the entry way.

You can't buy that kind of fun.

In regards to absolutely nothing, I put up new pictures of the playroom since the last time it was updated was 3 years ago.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

We got off to a slow start yesterday morning due to the lateness of the night before. Both girls were up much too early, but we kind of just took it easy. Once Daisy was down for her morning nap, I instructed Tabitha to play computer games and leave Chris alone. It was his one day off and I told him to do something that wasn't worthwhile so he played some video games. I headed out to Henry's for some groceries and stopped at McD's on the way home for two reasons; I wanted to get a Diet Coke for a Monopoly game piece and see which Madame Alexander dolls they had for Tabitha. I hit the motherlode. When I asked the cashier which ones they had, he countered with asking me which ones I needed. I told him all of them as we hadn't purchased any yet and I would take one of each different one they had. He left, went into some back room and came back with one of every doll! I thanked him profusely, I can tell you that. I felt funny spending twenty bucks at McDonald's and walking out with a big ol' bag though. Can't say I've ever done that before, even before I was vegetarian. But I'm so glad I stopped there and Tabitha was thrilled when I got home. Chris, being almost as crazy as I am, immediately went out the McD's around the corner and bought two more drinks for games pieces, lol.

After lunch we went to a pumpkin patch at the mall so I could get some pics of the girls. Daisy was less than pleased with the feel of straw beneath her feet. We laid down a cloth for her, but she still didn't like that. Chris managed to distract her enough so it all worked out.

Tabitha alone

Daisy alone

Both girls

We then went ahead and shopped a bit. I stopped at the Clinique counter, Tabitha got some bouncy balls, we scoured the clearance stuff at Old Navy, but since none of us really need anything, we were looking for real rock bottom deals and never found any so we left empty handed. I bought Tabitha some earrings as I hadn't done that since she got her ears pierced back in April. One pair is some small dangle earrings and she thought those were pretty darn cool. She confided to me that she couldn't believe she was grown up enough for long earrings :) The best purchase would be Daisy's Christmas dress! We found the absolute perfect one and it will go perfectly with Tabitha's blue dress from last year, which she will wear again this year for pictures.

The evening was lackadasical with a late dinner for Chris and I while watching the Housewives. We did spend a little bit of time outside with Daisy on our carpet area watching Tabitha swing and Chris and I doing a bit more work on the playhouse area.

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

We started yesterday off with hula. While Tabs was dancing, Daisy and I ran to Target for the usual forgotten items. When we returned and were sitting in the waiting area surround by adult dancers/ moms, Daisy garned attention that she did not want. She didn't cry at anyone, but she was pressing her little body against me as tight as she could and one hand always had a hold of my shirt. So not a people person. Which I find myself saying over and over again as people constantly try to get her to smile at them and she just stares them down. We call it her stoic look. I don't want to label her as a non-people person because we often grow into our labels. But I feel I have to say something when all these people are trying to engage her and constantly say "She's not smiling at me." Yeah, I know. She does like people from a distance though. If someone is a few feet away, as opposed to a few inches, she is much more likely to interact and then she doesn't mind too much if they get closer. But if someone starts out too close, forget it.

After hula we hurried home as Tabitha had a playdate scheduled. The girls immediately fell into their usual routine of dress-up play. After an hour they dressed proper as I had a little surprise waiting for them. I had made rice krispie treats the night before (using marshmallow creme means no gelatin, yay!) and spread them in a cookie sheet as opposed to a casserole dish so they were thinner. Then I used my ghost cookie cutter and cut out two ghosts and gave them to the girls along with Halloween frosting, sprinkles and decorating gel. They seemed to enjoy the activity which pleased me.

They ran around for another couple hours before our friends headed home. By then Chris had come home and our family had a very early dinner and then went to Disneyland. Our reason for going in the evening was to see how Daisy would do out at bedtime. We haven't had her out at bedtime since she was 2 or 3 months old because she was always adament about being in bed and would not sleep anywhere else for bedtime. But in a couple weeks we're going trick-or-treating California Adventure and I'd like Daisy to go with us so we can go as a family. So, last night was our trial run.

When we first arrived we went into Disneyland and were struck by how crowded it was. I was hoping being early in October would mean not quite so high crowds even though it was a Saturday. No such luck. It was packed and we discussed how to make the most of our time there without being miserable. We grabbed fast passes for Autopia and then wandered around for half an hour. Eventually Chris and Daisy left for California Adventure while Tabitha and I went to Autopia. Tabitha finally got the golden car and wouldn't you know? Chris had the camera :sigh: Tabs said she'd draw me a picture :) After the ride she and I went towards the candy shop as she had been promised a certain candy on our last visit. But the parade was going by and we couldn't get to where we were trying to go and it was just a mess. So we left and went across to California Adventure to catch up with Chris and baby. At that point Tabitha and Chris went to stand in line for Soarin' over California so Daisy and I slowly wandered to kill some time. After we joined up again, Tabitha and I went on Orange Stinger for her first time. Basically it's the swings like they have at fairs. She's just now tall enough but she's always been afraid of it anyway. She finally decided to go and of course, she hated it. She said it was okay once she got used to it, but that would be the only time she went rode. I have to admit, it was really fast and did a little number on my stomach, but at least she tried it. She and Chris rode two other rides and then she declared herself ready for bed and the baby was all but asleep in my arms so we put Tabitha in the stroller and headed out. We ended up leaving around 9:30 which is well past Daisy's bedtime and she did wonderfully. So we'll all be going to the Halloween event just as I hoped :)

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Friday, October 7, 2005

Tabitha and I went out to Target to do our big shopping this morning. I know I go there all the time, but I do big shopping twice a month to pick up our staples. We perused their dollar section and found fall stamps, halloween stamps, a glow in the dark ball and halloween barrettes. Then we found a space Mr. Potato Head on clearance so we picked that up as well. We also got Pooh's Heffalump Halloween DVD as Tabitha has really fallen in love with the character Lumpy from the Heffalump movie. I passed on the arch even though I really want it. We have a lot of things going on right now and it just didn't seem like a good use of the money. I'm sure they'll have it again next year and we'll get it then.

Once home, I dropped off Tabitha and the bags and headed to the grocery store before picking up an early lunch for Chris and I since he had leave for work around 11. Tabitha took her foam stamps and made a Halloween Boo-k, hence the title of this post :) She chose to make it a picture book with no words, I think it came out really cute.

Yesterday I worked on two projects. I took down all the pictures over our couch and hung up one of our nice Walt Disney posters. I plan to put another one up as well, but my other Walt Disney poster needs a frame. My other project was the play room (again). I re-cleaned out that closet. It wasn't messy again, I just needed to change the way it was used. So my sewing machine, serger and sewing box have been relegated to the garage. But they are still very accessible sitting on a table. It's not that big of a deal to go get my machine from the garage and bring it to the dining room when I want to use it, same as when I had to take it out of the closet. This left a lot of empty space in the closet and that's where Tabitha's craft items went. We're planning on getting a little two shelf bookcase to make it much more organized, but for now this will do. Her craft table was always overflowing with her creativity and never got cleaned up. Plus now, the Wee Miss can play in the playroom and we don't have to worry about her eating a marker. We also packed away the easel. Tabitha simply does not use it and it was taking up too much space. We're not giving it away because we feel Daisy will use it in a couple years. After the easel was gone we were able to reconfigure the foam mats which makes up our flooring. Looks fabulous in there now. Oh, I had taken advantage of some clearance sales at disneyshopping.com and my purchase was delivered yesterday, a Tinkerbell trashcan and also some decorative Tinkerbell items which we stuck to the windows. Nice accents to the Peter Pan room, I feel. Now we need to work on a small rug for the space that was opened up by moving the mats. I'll check the Disney site later. I think they have a Tinkerbell bath mat which would be perfect because it would have a non-skid backing. I still want to get a few collector items from Disneyland, but as I mentioned before, that kind of thing will wait until after Christmas and the birthdays.

The kids both seem healthy now which means Daisy is sleeping better, thank goodness!, and Tabitha doesn't have to miss hula or cancel her playdate for tomorrow. She and I will resume lessons on Monday which will include the spelling program that came in the mail this week. I'm excited to use it and Tabitha doesn't mind it which is all good.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Dear Mom,

Remember when I was a kid and we'd sit down to watch Dukes of Hazard, or Benson, or some other such show? Remember how you'd lay down on the couch and fall asleep? Remember how I'd always make fun of you for that? Well, I'm sorry. At least you would see the beginnings of these shows that started at 8:00pm. Me? I'm lucky to see 7:30 before falling dead asleep on the couch.
Oh, and you know how I don't like when you call me by my sister's name or refer to her with my name? Yeah, I forgive you. I call my husband by the name of my eldest, I call the baby, the name of the dog and I call my oldest by the name of my sister.
So there you have it. Guess we're more alike than I thought :)


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Monday, October 3, 2005

So, I'm exhausted. I was up every 45 minutes last night with the wee lass. Chris did get up once, but he really needed to sleep as he had to be out of the house by 5:30 this morning. Around 3 or so I realized Daisy had a fever. It wasn't a burning feeling, she was just warm so I didn't worry about it and knew her body was doing what it was supposed to do. She ate real well every time she woke, so that was another reason I didn't really worry. I did leave a note for Chris to take the stroller out of the trunk though so we could go get Tylenol if neccesary.

During our 6:30 wake up, I was in the process of putting her back to sleep when Tabitha did her morning call. Apparently she forgot to look at the clock because she is not supposed to call until 7 at the earliest. As soon as Daisy heard Tabi's voice, her eyes flew open and she perked right up looking all around for her. I knew it was hopeless to think she would forego her sister in order to sleep so we went in and got Tabs. I plunked the two of them down in the dining room and went to my room to cry. Okay, not really, but man did I want to. My mind was just plain numb and to start my day at 6:30 without any sleep and without Chris was really more than I could mentally handle. Needless to say, when I finally did get Daisy down for that first nap, Tabitha and I did not do lessons. Instead she made her fall garland while I tried to pull myself together. Daisy, of course, did not sleep long enough and it became apparent that she definitely has a mild cold. She woke up stuffed up and pissed off. I tried in vain to get her back down but all she wanted to do was lay on my bed with me. She didn't want me to hold her and when I tried to pick her up, her screams let me know exactly what she thought of that idea. So we hung out on my bed for awhile where I had to fight off sleep. Man how I just wanted to close my eyes and that would have been that. Of course, I would only have slept 10 seconds before my kid would have fallen to the floor so staying awake was of utmost importance. I did it and had some Diet Coke and M&Ms and got us all ready to leave and off to Sav-On we went. Daisy has never been sick before so I don't have anything for babies other than teething tablets. I bought Tylenol cold since that would also give her acetemetephin for her fever. It was only around 99.2 but I felt she had had it long enough and it was time for her to get some relief. Her mood, thankfully, has been pretty good other than when she wakes up. But she was fabulous on the walk and played with me on the floor when we got home. She's asleep again now and it's going on an hour so hopefully the Tylenol kicked in and she'll be able to get as much sleep as she needs.

I had promised Tabitha a book from Sav-On as a reward for helping me out so much this morning and she chose a Strawberry Shortcake sticker book. She dove into it the minute we got home. She's playing now and will go off to bowling later. My mil is taking off a few minutes early to take Tabitha since Chris is working down in San Diego today and just won't be home in time. He's back down there tomorrow which means another morning by myself and it will be day 2 of Daisy's cold which means it will be at it's worst most likely. Oh joy.

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Yesterday Tabitha was able to return to her beloved gardening class. She wasn't able to attend in May and June due to the Ho'ike and it was out for July, August and September. She was so thrilled to go and was counting down all the days prior. While she was in class, Chris and I stopped at Lakeshore Learning to do a little Christmas shopping. They didn't have one item I was looking for to get Tabitha, but I was able to pick up nice paint brushes for her and also a set of Wee-Widgets for Daisy. Then if was off to Target where we took our time by stopping at the snack bar before perusing ever so slowly. Chris found a new Game Cube game that he desperately wanted for ten bucks off so we bought that and he said it could be my birthday gift to him, lol.

After Target we made a quick stop at Whole Foods to get veggie jerky for the kid and veggie sushi for me. It was cheese tasting day so we also scored some fabulous double gloucester with onions and chives cheese. Yummy. After we paid I saw some nice reusable Whole Foods bags and the price was right so I got back in line and picked up two of them. They will nicely round out my collection of grocery bags.

After we picked up Tabs, we decided to run into a nearby Toys R Us even though we just went the other day. We're on a mission to find a Spud Trooper but alas it was to no avail. We did get a Toy Story Mr. Potato Head on sale though. It only comes with two parts we don't have, but the sale was good and we need a few more heads for Tabitha's birthday party. Speaking of which, I won an ebay auction for a rubber stamp that will be perfect for me to make invitations.

The rest of the day was spent at home. First we had a quick lunch then Tabitha entertained Daisy while Chris and I did clean-up of the living room. Tabitha's book nook had gotten way out of control so we really worked in that area. Once done, we took a break, put the baby to nap and Chris played his new game. Then it was time to bring in the Halloween decorations! Everything looks good, though I wish we had more stuff. But I think we did a nice job with what we have. One thing is missing though, we can't seem to find our Holloween welcome mat. I know it's in the depths of the garage, but it's not easy to find things in there. We also looked for the costume Daisy is supposed to wear and didn't have any luck. But Chris had a new thought today of where to look and will try again this week.

Today we had a fairly leisurely morning, for us anyway. We were up early, but weren't in a hurry to get ready, Tabitha even watched a movie while lounging on the couch. However, we did eventually get dressed for the day and headed out to Target. I bought another Halloween shirt so I don't always have to wear the same one. We also found some Kleenex boxes with Disney villains and we chose the one with Maleficent and also one with Cruella de Vil to donate to my Disney email list. We found two little crafts for Tabitha to do, one is making a dozen ghosts to hang from the tree in the front yard and the other is a fall garland. She doesn't know it, but at the Target yesterday we also bought a Care Bears Halloween cookie that she can color with edible markers. She loves those things :) We wanted to expand our decorations a bit so we bought another string of lights. We have a string of jack o' lantern lights that we've had for 10 years and decided to add to it and let Tabitha pick out the new set. They look like little lanterns covered in spider webs with a spider on each one. Target has an archway that I fell in love with. I totally adore it. We're in the considering stages but will need to decide by Saturday as that's when the sale ends.

After Target we stopped briefly in Old Navy to look for a $5 Halloween shirt for Chris, but they only have women and kids right now so we'll try again later. We then made our way to my in-laws' for a visit and so Chris could get down their Halloween decorations. We had a good long visit and Tabitha had fun helping to decorate. We borrowed some headbands for the girls to wear in pictures this week and also scored some light up decorations for our windows. When we got home we hung up the new lights, put out the Halloween M&Ms and turned on the lights in the Halloween village. It looks so festive in here! I'm just really in a Halloween mood this year and am looking forward to all of our activities.

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