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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tabitha and I went to the mall yesterday for a little while. I specifically wanted to go to Borders to get her some new books. I bought her two Nancy Drew (as an 8 year old kid) and two Magic Tree House books. She finished the first Nancy Drew in an hour and a half. I just don't know what to do. She needs longer books, but all I can find on her interest level is the tiny quasi-chapter books. Chris is going to see if she'll be interested in the Chronicles of Narnia series because at least that's 7 decent length books. I'm glad she likes reading but I cannot afford to keep her in books, lol. And before anyone leaves a comment suggesting the library, our's is horrible and the children's section is even worse. I might try a different one, but if it's not convenient, then I'll rack up a fortune in late fees simply because they won't be returned.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Here's a picture of Tabitha's Little People Christmas set-up. I think it came out really nice though one of the cats likes to act as Godzilla and come crashing through the town.

For the last two months Tabitha has been really pushing to learn cursive. I told her I really wanted her control of the pencil to improve before we tried that. Well, she immediately started writing more and more with lower case and much neater. She obviously has plenty of control so I went ahead and ordered a writing program for her. When I told her yesterday that I ordered it she said, and I quote, "Yay! When will it get here?" LOL I guess she's anxious to get started.

So. The TV. It's big, really, really BIG. My living room now looks much smaller. So I'm letting this be my motivator to get rid of so much "stuff" we have around here. I'm going to go by the flylady rule of keep it only if you use it or love it. If it doesn't fit one of those categories, then it's out. And some of the items in the "love it" category are going into boxes in the garage. There's just too much stuff, and not just the living room. I'm going to start small by going through my kitchen gadgets and dumping whatever I don't use. Then I'll tackle a small, but constanly growing, pile on my desk and then I'm packing up some things from my room. None of that is related directly to the living room, but that room will take some major figuring out and will need to involve both of us. Ideally we need one of those entertainment centers that are made for big screen TVs so we can consolidate some components, but that is not in the near future of our financial plans. I do want to go out and price them though so I know what exactly I need to put aside to get one. Too bad Chris's company no longer sells them, no discount :(

It's going to be a cold, dreary day here, so I don't exactly want to go anywhere, so hopefully I'll get quite a bit done. I will probably go out once Chris gets home, not sure if that's with or without the fam, though.

Oh, I wanted to mention something we picked up for Tabitha's stocking. For a couple weeks now, she's been sleeping with a Koosh slingshot ball. The reason is because she likes how it feels on her cheek. When we were at Target yesterday, she found actual Koosh balls that are larger and don't have the slingshot attachment. So I distracted her and Chris went off and bought it. I'm waiting until Christmas because I don't have many stocking stuffers and this will be perfect, she's going to love it. Now all I have left on my list for her is a hula hoop, Tinkerbell notebook from Disneyland she's been coveting for awhile, poseable bear from Ikea (she added that to her list just last week), a doll family for the dollhouse Santa is bringing her, and pencils from the Hello Kitty store for her stocking. That's it! I'm so happy to be practically done for her. At some point I need to assess my wrapping paper stock and see if I'm good or if I should pick up a few rolls. Probably the latter.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Tabitha received the newest Little People Christmas set yesterday, so I went ahead and pulled out all of her Christmas sets and she's been having a great time arranging her village in the living room. We don't actually decorate until the first, but she was so anxious to combine her new set with her old sets. They all play Christmas music, well, the Hanukkah set plays Hanukkah music, so listening to the music, plus Tabitha's been singing carols for the better part of the evening and now I'm getting in the mood. I went through a couple of my cookbooks to start planning what candies I want to make this year. I had such fun making candy last year that I am so looking forward to doing it again. I also found a recipe for a dessert for Chris's birthday next week that I'm anxious to try and I'm sure he'll love.

Speaking of Chris's birthday, he is currently setting up an early present to himself. A gigantic wide-screen TV. I know our old one just arrived a couple months ago, but he's never been completely pleased with it and was hoping something better would come along and it finally did. So the old new one went back and the new new one is being hooked up as we speak. It will be nice to have a wide-screen but my goodness! the thing is huge! It is going to take some getting used to, that's for sure.

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No shopping for me today, I checked the ads and nothing looked worth the hassle. I do want one thing on a really good sale, but since it's on sale for two days and not just two hours, I'll just wait until Chris gets home to pick it up.

I think yesterday was a really nice day, despite Miss Tabitha awaking at 6:30, that is. She watched the Macy's parade while I prepared a few things to take to my in-laws'. Then we set up a pre-dinner snack spread here at the house around noon which is when I asked my mother and sister to come over. We sat around talking for a while before heading over to my in-laws'. Dinner was very nice and exactly what I wanted; both sides of the family together, but without me hosting :) After dinner we continued our tradition that we started last year and headed to the movies. This year it was the three of us, my mom and sister and Chris's brother and we saw The Incredibles. I had heard nothing but good things about that movie but the first half hour just dragged and I was thinking this had been a big mistake. Thankfully the movie did pick up and had it's funny parts, but since I started out bored, that feeling kind of tainted the rest of the movie for me.

So that was it. Nice and simple and all in all, a really good day.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I had my 30 week check-up yesterday. Baby is still measuring two weeks ahead, I hope that just means she's big and won't actually come early. If she does come early, I'm shooting for between Tabitha's birthday party and her actual birthday. Not that that would be a good time as I don't exactly see myself going to Disneyland with a newborn, but I'd really hate to miss her celebration there. I'll just have to deal with that scenario when/ if it happens. Anyway, back to my appt. Baby's heartbeat came through loud and clear right away and my doctor thinks he could feel her head down which takes care of my previous worry. Aside from that, nothing to report until my next appt. in two weeks.

Once home, we played our computer game again for awhile and then went to lunch with my mil. We used to go every week, but then it stopped and we haven't had lunch together in months, certainly not since I found out I was pregnant. It was a good lunch at our regular place and then we headed back home and, you guessed it, played more of our game, lol. The addiction will end soon, I'm sure, but in the mean time, we're having fun together.

Tabitha and I took Chris to work this morning (before the crack of dawn, sheesh!) and will head out for a full day of errands as soon as she's ready to go. She wasn't thrilled with the prospect of going a gazillion places, but I told her I'd make it worth her while. I already got her a toy from Jack in the Box this morning and she's pretty pleased with it and played with it for a while before eating breakfast.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Yesterday morning Tabitha and I went to the mall for the annual breakfast with Santa. I thought it went really well and we had a good time. Breakfast consisted of individual cereal containers instead of donuts as in years past. They also had hot chocolate, yum! Santa was escorted in by two CHP officers on motorcycles with their lights flashing, but their sirens quiet, thank goodness. Santa then read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" while the children ate and then we took pics, though it wasn't the traditional sit on Santa's lap kind of pics. After that we headed home to get ready for a playdate. It went well, as usual. Dress-up fun was had by all as well as a round of detective work :)

Now the rest of the day after Chris came home and lunch, is kind of a blur. You see, since Tabitha has been playing her Sim Town for the last couple of days, I got in the mood to play one of my Sim games, but not The Sims. So Chris and I went through all the games we had and chose Roller Coaster Tycoon and basically spent the rest of the day playing it with Tabitha right beside us very interested. I'm sure we'll spend more time on it today as well. We have such a good time playing games together :)

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Tabitha got her new computer game, Sim Town. She was so excited and played it furiously yesterday and today. I thought it was pretty funny that it never occured to her to put schools in and she didn't do it until the game told her to. She had 4 toy stores and 5 parks, but no schools, lol. They need to make alternative Sims, she didn't understand why people were unhappy if they didn't have a job. At least she has fabulous clean air due to her recycling efforts. Anyway, she's very pleased with the game and is glad she saved up her money for it.

Hula class is tonight instead of tomorrow, which is good because we have something planned for tomorrow morning. It's a combined class of the older and younger girls which usually means a bit more of a workout. This is the last class of the month though due to Thanksgiving next week so I'm sure that will also make it a tougher class.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

We were getting ready to run up to my mil's house last night to pick something up when I suddenly remembered it was Wednesday and Tabitha had hula! I can't believe I almost forgot. Good thing I remembered too or that kid would have let me have it when someone finally remembered.
After her class, she opted to stay for the next class which is the older girls. We watched her through the window and could just see the regret written all over her face. We took her out at break. She was soooo exhausted. Not only had she just gone through her own tiring class and then an extra 15-minutes of more basics, but it was 8:30 by then and she's usually asleep. But I'm glad she wanted to stay, at the beginning anyway, because it shows a real commitment to it. She was doing pretty well too, picking up steps she's never seen before. After she had been asleep for about an hour, I hear her crying. She hasn't woken up crying in what, three years? unless she's sick. So Chris and I went in there and she stopped immediately and didn't even know why she had been crying. I'm assuming a dream of some kind and was hoping her exhaustion wasn't going to lead to a bad night's sleep. But it didn't. She awoke around 7:30 this morning which is in her normal time frame to wake up and she's not cranky so I'm going with my original assumption of a bad dream.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Nice little mishaps cooking dinner tonight. I'm just making spaghetti, nothing exotic, mind you. I had the spinach in there to wilt down and suddenly I realized it was burning. Did you know burnt baby spinach is very crispy? Trashed that and started over (minus the spinach this time) and dropped my garlic mincer into the pan while I was trying to mince the garlic. I told Chris if there was one more mishap we were having sandwiches for dinner. All seems well on the stove front at this point though.

We put together the stroller today. And I thought the car seat was tough. But it's all done and I love it. Now I just have to wait for the wee one to make it even more beautiful :)

Today was shopping day in the Mom Store for Tabitha. She is only 12 away from the item she's been saving for and tomorrow she has the potential to earn 25 which shouldn't be a problem as she usually gets all the problems correct. The only thing is she technically is only supposed to shop in the Mom Store once a week and she looked today, but since she hasn't bought anything the last 3 times and has been so good about saving for what she really wants, I think I'll go ahead and let her shop tomorrow as well. The item she wants is Sim Town computer game and I just know she'll enjoy it. Heck, I have a good time playing it, lol.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I just went 5 rounds with my baby carseat. Thankfully, I won so I don't have to return it. I couldn't figure out how to loosen the straps and my attempts to install the canopy rods were comical to watch, if a little hard on the ears. But it's all set now and I understand how the whole contraption works and I love the extra features I didn't even know about. It has two head supports that are very easy to remove and not only does it have a boot for chilly weather, but sewn into the boot is a fleece blanket to pull up over baby. Very cool. So as long as it doesn't get recalled before the baby is born, then I'm ready :)

We visited with my cousin yesterday for a bit. Actually, she's my cousin-in-law, but that sounds odd so cousin is good enough. She has a 6 year old and a 3 month old so our kids are/will be very close in age. The kids got along well and I enjoyed seeing the baby. Tabitha was loving on her from the moment we got there practically. Thankfully she's an easy going baby who didn't seem to mind constantly being touched on the cheek and kissed and having someone's face right in her face. I hope our baby is that lax about feelings of personal space because I don't think Tabitha will ever be able to not touch her.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

fall2 (58k image) fall1 (58k image)

The above pics were taken by me the other day in front of the one type of tree around here that actually follows the seasons. It blooms in the spring and the leaves turn orange and red in the fall. Almost every house on the street has one, mixed in with the palm trees and assorted evergreens, of course.

This morning has been very pleasant so far. Tabitha woke up in a purely delightful mood. It reminded me of when she was a baby and Chris and I used to say we should have given her the middle name of Joy because she was so joyful all the time. We took care of our beverage container recycling and then stopped at a donut shop for a mid-morning snack. We then did our grocery shopping and are currently bumming around a bit at home. We'll have lunch in a bit and then we'll head to the mall to browse and look at all the Christmas decorations in the department stores before coming home for more bumming around together :)

Tabitha's hula class yesterday was work. They did nothing but basics for a solid 15 minutes. Their little arms were getting sore and Tabitha is definitely feeling it today. They had a longer than usual break after that before working on one of their dances. Tabitha was a wee bit disappointed they didn't work on the dance that uses uli ulis because she just got her very own two days ago. We had asked my mil to see about getting her some when she was in Hawai'i, but she didn't have any luck, so she asked me to order then instead. Of course the place I ordered them from are located in Hawai'i so they are still nice and authentic. Due to Tabitha's growthe spurt in the last two months I need to make her another practice skirt, or pau, and I'm not exactly looking forward to that. At least I know what I'm doing this time. If only I could figure out how to do a real hem that could be let out as she grows, but I'm afraid my mother's sewing skills were not passed to me.

We now have the baby's car seat which makes me feel oh-so-much more prepared. Now we can actually bring the baby home, lol. The pattern is just gorgeous, a very nice black and white non-cutesy look. No bears to be seen here :) The matching stroller is a given, though I'm not getting a new bassinet or pack and play just for the sake of the pattern. I make no promises when it comes time to buy a high chair though.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Tabitha's wiggly tooth finally came out Tuesday morning! She was sipping her drink and the tooth came out into the glass. The child was so happy that she was crying, which always gets me going. She immediately called Chris to share her news and spent much of the rest of the day alternately basking in the joy and searching for another loose tooth.
So the Tooth Fairy paid our home a visit Tuesday night. Wednesday morning found Tabitha up pretty early, but she knew she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. So I grabbed my camera and told her to go ahead and get up at which time she grabbed her pillow to see what the Tooth Fairy left her.
tooth2 (32k image)
There was a delicate gold heart necklace, a Barbie tooth brush, five dollars, and a note from the Tooth Fairy letting her know that she could keep her first tooth, and also apologizing for all the fairy dust that she spilled in Tabitha's room. When Tabitha got to this point of the note she made a little exclamation and started looking for the fairy dust which is all over her slide and around the base of her bed. Tabitha could not believe there was fairy dust in her room and I really think that was the best part for her. Later that day, she asked me to buy her a pegasus My Little Pony with her Tooth Fairy money.
It is so heartwarming to witness the belief in all things magical in a little kid. I think the Tooth Fairy's visit exceeded all of Tabitha's expectations.


Wednesday night we went to Hula class and Tabitha was talking with another little girl and one asked the other something about school and it turns out they are both homeschooled. Let me tell you, the odds of us just running into someone else who homeschools around here are pretty high. The two of them really seemed to hit it off, so I hope to goodness this friendship can actually go somewhere. Tabitha doesn't exactly lack for friends, but it would be nice for her to have a friend that has this one thing in common. So we shall see where this goes.

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Monday, November 8, 2004

I had an ob appt. today. I got my rhogam shot for being Rh- and then a regular visit. I'm measuring two weeks ahead, but then again, my ultrasound determined my placenta is right at the top of my uterus, so that could be why I'm measuring larger. On the other hand, that would put me closer to my original due date so who knows. I'm pretty much just going to be prepared for this baby to come anytime from mid-January on. Another point worth noting is my dr. can only find baby's pulse, not her heartbeat. He said the only reason he cares is because the heart would be closer to the head and he wanted to try and see how she was lying. I have to admit that based on the way I'm carrying and how I feel the movements, I'm leaning towards her being transverse, or sideways. We'll see what that will mean in the coming weeks. Today also marked the last of my every four weeks appts. and I will now be seen every two weeks. It seems so soon for that, but I will be 30 weeks at my next appt. which is only 10 weeks from my due date so I guess it's not so soon after all :)

My first baby has been feeling very off for the last few days. She seemed to have a tummy bug, then a cold and then a tummy bug again. Basically she just doesn't feel right and I'm not sure what to do about that. I think I might put her on a fairly strict diet of just fruits, veggies and plain grains for the next couple of days and see how that works for her. We'll be staying home completely for the next two days as well, until Wednesday evening that is when she has hula. I had wanted to stay home today but we desperately needed a brake job on the car so we killed a few hours at the mall. We actually had a pretty good time looking at everything at a leisurely pace. We found a couple new Care Bear Cousins and looked at the Christmas displays in various stores. A few places are carrying a gingerbread village for Christmas so I picked up one item to start my new village collection. Chris wasn't in the mood for lunch, so Tabitha and I split some noodles at a Korean place. Other than that, we just browsed around. Since getting home we all watched TV on my bed and now we're just kind of doing whatever.

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Friday, November 5, 2004

First order of business, I updated Tabitha's site with Halloween pics, including one of me from 1978 in the same costume. Also, all of her fall pics have been scanned in and are ready to show off.

Wednesday we went to an indoor rock climbing place. They have a homeschool period on Wednesday that we took advantage of. I wasn't as impressed with the place as I was led to believe I would be, but boy did Tabitha enjoy scaling those walls. She loves climbing rock walls, but tends to get stuck, this time she was able to go pretty high a few times, though she did still get stuck on some other walls. I think it was good for her confidence though that she was able to go so high on some of them. Now she knows it's possible and it's not her, some walls are just harder than others.

We were supposed to go on a field trip today, but Tabitha was complaining about her stomach off and on since Wed. night and there was a possibility of rain, so we decided to skip it. Turns out she wasn't that excited about it to begin with, lol. So we did nothing yesterday and today looks to be more of the same. She has unlimited tv and computer time when she's feeling poorly since those are sedate activities. Chris has hockey tonight, but I seriously doubt we'll be joining him. We have a full day tomorrow, assuming Tabitha feels better, so I'd rather she got to bed on time.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

We've been doing so much and I want to take the time to write it out and share with everyone, but by the time I read email and blogs in the morning, I no longer want to write a long detailed account here. Then we're usually off to do something besides.

Yesterday I hit 27 weeks which is the start of my thrid trimester. It's the home stretch now :) My belly is taking on a very nice hard rounded look and I'm loving it. I still haven't managed to get Tabitha's hand on my stomach at the right time. She desperately wants to feel the baby kick and spends a fair amount of time ordering her sister to "mooooove!" LOL

So life is moving along and all is good.

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