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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Chris is still sick, though he's getting better. Yesterday we stayed home in the morning, we were just quite while he slept. By the time he woke up, it was close to lunch so we went to Pat & Oscar's because it's in the mall. Then Chris went to work, leaving Tabi and I there and we went to see "Peter Pan." I thought it was really well done. Tabitha enjoyed it, but had to sit really close to me during a couple parts with the crocodile. She didn't close her eyes though. The movie is pretty true to the original play, as everyone said, but I've never read the play, only seen it, so I think I may read it in the coming year. After I read "Return of the King" of course. One thing that was definitely different than any stage version I've ever seen was the whole "coming-of-age" romance angle with Wendy. Very interesting. I loved the boy that got to play Peter, he was just perfect for the role.

I woke up this morning to a very cold bed as Chris spent the night sleeping in the living room. Half the night in the comfy chair and half on the couch. He was comfortable in bed and was coughing and such so bad. So, once again, the kid and I went out this morning. More shopping. We went to another mall an spent gift certificates. We made out like bandits. She got 1 pair of jeans, 2 tops, a Hello Kitty notebook, a pencil and a frozen yogurt. I got 3 pairs of pants, a bra and earrings. Macy's is running a good thing right now. If you take a pair of your jeans to the gift wrap counter, you get a $10 off coupon for a new pair of jeans. They're doing this through Sunday. So I took a pair of jeans that I wear sometimes, but never like the way they look because they're a size too big. I got a new pair of Calvin Kleins with my coupon.

After the mall, we had lunch at home with Chris, then took him to work so Tabitha and I could go to a playdate. We stayed a little shy of 2 hours before heading home. I was dreading the drive because it's 40 miles from here, but it turns out that the day before New Year's Eve is very low traffic. I was quite pleased with that. We picked up dinner for Chris and took it to him, then he drove us home and went back to work, taking the car. This way I don't have to pick him up late. Though we're hoping he's home at a fairly decent time tonight. Time will tell.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

I just spent the last hour re-reading all my old "Life as I Know It" columns. It was fun to refresh my memory of some of my child's anctics from her younger days. One column was written just days after Tabitha turned 2 so it's almost 3 years old. In it, I mentioned going on a walk with Tabitha and how I would threaten "If you don't hold mama's hand then mama has to carry you" and this would get the desired affect of said child holding my hand. Boy are those days long gone! My kid would do absolutely anything if I would carry her 24/7. I don't really recall when the threat changed. Now it's more like her saying to me "If you don't put me in a seat, you'll have to carry me." This is the kid who hikes mountains better than I do; one who walked 3 miles and then played at the park for 2.5 hours while I was ready for nap. Yet, one step inside a store and BAM! her legs are tired and it's pure agony for her to consider taking even one more step. She walks to the store and through the store begging me to carry her or put her in a seat, the minute I say donut shop she is half-running/half-skipping to the counter without a care in the world. The child lives to be carried, I can't believe it was ever used as a threat (and worked, I might add).

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What a long day. I was awaken at 7:30 by the shouts of "mama!" said over and over in a stacatto. When I told her yesterday that I wished to sleep in and not to come into my room, so must not have heard the part about her playing until I woke up. We vegged around this morning and then went to wake Chris. He had wanted to go shopping, but just was too sick. He's coughing real bad and it's keeping him up so he had only slept 4 hours when I woke him. Needless to say, he no longer wished to shop and went back to sleep. I decided to clear out so I wouldn't have to keep shushing Tabitha and off we went to Target (again). We pretty much just walked through the store at a leisurely pace checking out clearance items and what not. By the time we were paying, Chris was awake and called me on my cell. Once we got home, it was time for lunch, then we had to take Chris to work so I could have the car. Once we were home again, I cleaned up everything that was left in the living room and dining room. My decorations are still up, but all the gifts are put away and let me tell you, that's quite an accomplishment. Once I was finished cleaning, I had to get Tabitha ready to go. My mil picked her up as they had a girls' date to go see Disney Princesses on Ice. Once they were gone, I did some ironing and then got myself ready as my sister and I were going to have our own girls' night out. She and I went to Hard Rock Cafe at Fashion Island. We should have gone earlier though, because once we were done eating, all the shops were closed. I made a left instead of a right on our way home and that took us quite a bit out of our way before I realized my mistake. I was too busy gabbing to notice where we were. So the ride home was a half hour longer than necessary. My mil dropped Tabitha off about 10 minutes after I walked in the door and boy was that child wired. Considering she had cotton candy, popcorn and a snowcone, I shouldn't be surprised. She loved the show and was beside herself with excitement telling me all about it. Then she "skated" in her socks in the entry way, lol. She finally settled down enough to sit and read which I let her knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep. By the time I thought she should be sufficiently calmed, she had reached the over-tired point and resisted bed. She's still not asleep, though she is quiet instead of singing and telling stories like she usually does in bed. I really hope she sleeps in tomorrow a bit. I am feeling so wiped out right now that I'm debating going to be myself. Of course, I'll wait for the little one to nod off, first.

I'm thinking we might go see "Peter Pan" tomorrow. Chris isn't particularly interested in seeing it, so he won't mind if we go while he's at work. The theatre is attached to the mall, so we could walk around and have dinner there too, if we want. We'll see how tired we both are tomorrow before deciding.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

First off, you can see pics of Christmas if you'd like. Some of the pictures look grainy to me, but I think it might be because I'm still not used to the new monitor.

I should expand a bit on Christmas, I suppose. I gave Chris a coffee maker- he had mentioned wanting a small one since he has recently taken up drinking coffee. He likes flavored ones the best. So I got him a 4-cup maker and filters and Tabitha's gift was an asst. of flavored coffees and creamer sticks from Disneyland. I also gave him a Pearl Jam single that you could only get on their site. From Chris and Tabitha I received a new Cabbage Patch Kid, 2 older White Stripes CDs, Blink 182 cd, Pirates of the Carribean DVD, and a new baking stone. The funny thing is, on Christmas Eve., I had been telling Chris how I really needed to purchase a new stone since things really do bake better on them (mine had broken last year) and it turns out there was one waiting for me under the tree. Also, Chris was telling me about the new Pearl Jam single and how he'd like it and it was waiting for him under the tree. Do we know each other or what? Gotta love being in tune :)

From Chris's parents, I received an "I Love Lucy" purse that is way too cool and some other items as well. Chris was pleased to find one gift was a tiny frame with an ad for an MP3 player in it. He gets to pick out which one he wants and his parents will pay for it. Needless to say, he couldn't wait and we got it today at Circuit City. My mom gave us shopping, meaning lots of gift certificates which I love! We also got a the Sims for the Playstation 2 and Sims Bustin' Out for the Game Cube (although one of those is technically from my grandfather). Thanks to Chris's parents, my father and my grandparents, we also received over $300 towards our Disney World fund. We are very grateful for that. There were other items that are too numerous to list, but we are very blessed to have such a generous family.

Tabitha received more than any child should and I'm not going to embarass myself by listing all her gifts. The biggest hits were the Ari Disney Pop Princess (from a friend of the family), Hello Kitty and Care Bear computer games (from my mom and sister), Go-Go Walking Puppy (from the in-laws), Leapfrog Globe (from us), and the Disney Fashion Pollys (also from us). The worst gift would have to be these interactive princess toys that we got her and they are just downright scary. Won't be getting anymore of those, that's for sure, lol.

As I mentioned earlier, we got a new bookcase for Tabitha's room. I put it together and just love it. I'm thinking we need another one now and move the one already in there to the playroom. I need to decide quick since it's currently marked down at Ikea. I moved a lot of toys out of the living room, but then opened more toys for Tabitha and they are spread out in the living room so it looks like I did nothing. Ah, such is life. I still need to take care of my kitchen and dining room tonight. Tomorrow I'd like to finish up the toys in the living room. Sunday we'll need to bring in the boxes for me to put all the decorations in. I like to have everything gone by the new year. I refuse to start a new year with last year's holiday hanging over me. The playroom needs to be put back in order too. That's where I have all my wrapping paraphenalia and my craft area is also just a mess. We should be back to normal by Wednesday at the latest.

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I'm far too tired and swamped with things to do to write a long detailed entry, I'll keep this brief (brief for me, anyway). I'll get to it sometime soon and share pics too. Suffice it to say, our holiday was lovely. Christmas Eve day was spent cooking. We went to my in-laws' that night to be with everyone. Tabs had a grand ol' time with her 3yo friend that she played with on Thanksgiving. The two of them were wired beyond belief. Okay, I guess anyone with kids knows exactly what I'm talking about :) Just as we were getting ready to go, SD pulls out a guitar and everyone starts singing Christmas carols. Pure joy, exactly how I imagine Christmas Eve. We got home and put the little one to bed. Needless to say, Christamas Eve. duties kept Chris and I up for another 3 hours.

Yesterday was nice. Tabitha was so excited when she woke up and loved everything in her stocking and her Santa gift. She played with some toys and opened some gifts then we headed to my in-laws' to do gifts with them. Afterwards it was home and my mom and sister came over. More gifts were opened and Tabitha finished opening what was left from us. Tons of stuff, of course, but she loved everything. She got a bit out of hand while they were there. No surprise really, she always seems to be that way around my mom. I haven't a clue why. I feel for my mom who never gets to see her grandchild acting peaceful. The food did not go as I planned, through only the fault of myself, but what we did have was pretty good. After we ate, my mom and I sat and talked for awhile, Chris slept on the couch- he's still sick and was pretty wiped out by then- and my sister opened some of the toys for Tabitha. Not sure if she was just being nice or doing it out of boredom, but I appreciated not having to do it, those toys are murder with all the twist ties and tape and such!

After they left, I sat at the computer trying to just relax, Tabitha played with whatever was opened, and I'm not remembering what Chris did, lol. I think he did some cleanup. Anyway, the hectic days are over, though I'm not looking forward to taking all the decorations down. We went to Ikea this morning and got a new bookcase for Tabitha's room so I need to go build that and then take care of finding homes for all these toys. Hopefully I'll get some pics up tonight, but don't hold me to that.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I wanted to take a moment to wish someone special a very happy birthday. Our friend Richard has been there for us from the beginning. And though he was Chris's friend first, I consider him my friend too. Happy Birthday, Richard! We're thinking of you.

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There is no high in the world quite like the natural one of a 4 year old who knows tomorrow is Christmas. The child came dancing into our room singing/shouting "It's Christmas Eve! It's Christmas Eve! It's Christmas Eve!" What a wake up call, lol.

We're going to start our day pretty soon. We need to walk to the store to pick up one forgotten item and we'll stop at the donut shop for Christmas donuts afterwards. Then home where we'll start preparing the appetizers to take tonight. We're making deviled eggs, asparagus roll-ups, mini quiches, and stuffed mushrooms. We also have to run to my mom's to pick up a Tupperware item to transport stuff tonight.

We'll stop off at Chris's work on the way to my in-laws' and then it's just visiting and partying and the like until whenever.

I hope everyone has a nice day today.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I put up pics of all our house decorated for the holidays. You can see them here. Tabitha and I are making our last batch of candy and cookies today. The cookies are just slice and bake because I like the shapes :) Tomorrow, we'll take our remaining candy to Chris's work for him to hand out. He doesn't have to work, but they're all having a potluck so we thought that would be the perfect time to take the candy. Besides doing that, we'll be making appetizers to take to the party at my in-laws' tomorrow night. And we'll probably have Christmas movies and videos going all day.

We really need to find some good Christmas music cd's. We just rely on the radio and the music station on the satellite, but I'm so sick of pop singers interpreting traditional songs. I just want to hear nice music. I'm think a choir cd would be good. I couldn't take the bad versions anymore, so Tabitha and I are listening to White Stripes and Metallica, not the most festive but it's puts us in a good mood, lol.

We got an early Christmas gift last night. One of our best friends gave us a basket that he filled with goodies from the Italian market. I got really good olive oil, white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Plus real, fresh mozzarella. Also was some pudding and a jar of sweet roasted red peppers. It's a great gift for me, because I get to cook with all of it and it's great for the family because they get to eat it :)

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Monday, December 22, 2003

We got a new monitor today. We had to seriously control ourselves not to buy the computer we've been salivating over since it was onsale. But we do now have a 15" LCD monitor. It's sooooo much thinner and leaves lots of room on top of our desk. It's taking me some time to get used to and seems awfully bright, but I'm not in the mood to play with it to tone down the brightness. I'll let Chris do that tomorrow. It's nice to have my comptuer back :)

Last night, Tabitha and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to see everyone's lights. We saw some really decked out houses. It was chilly so when we got home I dumped Tabitha into a hot bath. I finished up all my wrapping last night two. Actually, I have two more big items to wrap but won't do that until Christmas Eve. as they make noise so I don't want to put them under the tree yet. Our little tree is just engulfed in all the gifts :)

Tabs and I hit the mall this afternoon so I could try on a skirt I had my eye on. It was so crowded that I'm glad I didn't like how the skirt looked so I didn't have to stand in line, lol. We also went to Target, but since we avoided the toys and Christmas aisles, it wasn't too bad.

Tabitha is currently sitting on the couch vegging to Christmas videos and DVDs. I'm trying to get a bit of motivation to do stuff that needs to be done, but I also have over 300 emails from the last few days that need my attention. Well, *need* may be a strong word, but I'd like to peruse them. Another distraction is I'm less than 100 pages from the end of "The Two Towers" and really want to get it done. I've been reading it long enough for goodness sake! I'm used to reading books in 2 or 3 days, not 2 or 3 months! They've just been very hard for me to get into. They aren't my style of reading, but I can appreciate them. Once I finish the third one, I'll read some of my regular books for a while and then I want to re-read all three quickly just to absorb a bit more that I may have missed the first time through them.

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

My monitor is broken :( I'm typing this on a Palm Pilot. In the meantime, I can't ceck my email so if you've mailed me recently, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. We'll probably go shopping on Monday for a new monitor. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I could not possibly be any more done with the shopping than I am now. But there's still 8 days until Christmas, how much you want to bet I somehow find my way to a Target and purchase something? In any case, we did go to Downtown Disney this morning while Chris studied for his finals. We got Tabitha's bear a stocking at Build-a-Bear. Thanks to a rather helpful sales lady I picked up the stuffers as well. I chose a tiara and scepter and a stick horse for her bear. I think she'll be pleased for Christyana. We also went to the Lego store and I finally found a necklace with Tabitha's name on it! We *never* find personalized items for Tabitha. The closet we've come is stuffed cats and cat figurines and a couple of Cabbage Patch Kids. But never a necklace or keychain or anything else like that. She was really happy that she finally got a necklace with her name. After we came home, all of us went out to our weekly lunch with my mil. Then home and relaxing before Chris took his finals. He's home now, playing a playstation game with his brother while I dink around on the internet.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Up until the head injury (detailed in the post below) Tabitha and I have had a pretty good start of the week together. Last night she and I hopped the bus to go do some shopping. We went to Barnes & Noble where I let her pick a book out (a Barbie book that is waaaay beneath her ability) while I searched for a good Christmas book. We have two Christmas Eve. traditions in our family. First, Tabitha is allowed to open one gift from us on Christmas Eve. and it is always new pajamas. Second, her bedtime story that night is always "Twas the Night Before Christmas." This year I decided to add another tradition. In addition to "Twas the Night...." Tabitha will receive one new Christmas story with her pajamas to be read on Christmas Eve at bedtime. So that's what I picked up last night. I had to hide it from her by wrapping it in her sweatshirt I was carrying until after I paid and I just kept hoping an employee wouldn't think I was trying to steal the book.

After B&N, we went to Michaels so I could get more supplies for my Holiday cards. Which, btw, as of tonight, I am completely done! I sent out almost all of our cards yesterday but ran out of supplies, hence the stop last night. So today I made the last 14 cards and they will go out in tomorrow's mail.

After Michaels we went to Target and Mervyn's in search of flannel sheets for Tabitha's bed that I saw advertised, but to no advail so off to dinner we went. Chili's was our choice since it was the easiest to walk to before we headed home.

Today, Tabitha and I cleared out of the house so Chris could do some studying for his finals tomorrow. There wasn't anywhere we needed to go, so Tabitha chose for us to just go to the mall. I had to return a skirt to Macy's and while we were there we took at look at jeans for Tabi. She found a pair she absolutely adored so we got those. We also found another Care Bear Cousin at Hot Topic for Tabitha. That's all we bought, we mostly just wandered around and just enjoyed being at the mall. We're going to go out tomorrow morning as well so Chris can study some more. I think we're going to go to Downtown Disney to go to Build-a-Bear. Tabitha wants to get her bear a stocking. I'll have to find a way to distract her though so I can purchase the items to go into the stocking on Christmas morning. I drew the line at putting out stockings for all her Polly Pocket dolls, though :)

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She just had to have a cup of water. Tabitha got out of bed, got a drink, gave me a hug and then went tearing down a dark hallway and SMACK into the corner where the walls meet. Ugh. She screamed like a banshee and when I finally got a look at her she had a nice purple goose-egg on her forehead. I got ice on it immediately and it went down quite a bit, thank goodness. I put some Tylenol in her and now she's sitting on the couch watching TV Land. It's going to be a loooong night of constant waking up to check her to make sure she's okay and doesn't have a concussion. Normally, I only check her for the first few hours and then declare her fine, but she's never swelled like that before so I feel she needs to be checked all night. It's just now been one hour, so I think I'll keep her up for another hour and then get her to sleep. That was the last of the Tylenol, so Chris is going to have to stop on his way home so I can give her more at midnight and 4am. Thankfully we don't have much planned for tomorrow so our lack of sleep isn't going to matter.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Where we live, it does not snow. Ever. So in order to see it, we must *go to* it. Today we headed out to a park that had some helicoptered in for a Snow Fest. It was such a delightful morning :) It was cold as Hades when we got there (not that that makes any sense since it's supposed to be hot in Hades, but I digress) and we were all wishing we had ear muffs and better winter gear. We actually did buy Tabitha another knit cap at one of the craft booths. There were two snow play areas set; one for 0-6 years and one for 7 and up. I'm glad they did that because the obnoxious level was very high in the older kid area. Tabitha didn't like the coldness of the snow and really just wanted to make a snow angel more than anything else. Mainly, we really need to drive up to the mountains for her to really "get" snow. This stuff was just packed ice, but Tabi still had fun. They also had a couple of sled runs. Tabitha screamed her head off the whole way down. She said it was fun but didn't want to do it again. They also had cheesy games set up but Tabitha loved playing all of them. They was a ring toss and a snowball toss and just things like that. The craft table rounded out the activities quite nicely. We shopped around in the craft area again before we left and picked up couple little things. I got a holiday bracelet that I had been wishing I bought when I went to the Harvest Festival, Tabitha got 2 ornaments, and Chris got a decoration to give to his mom.
We almost didn't go because Tabitha had been out so late last night and Chris worked really late, but I'm so glad we went. It's definitely going to become an annual tradition around here :)

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Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm currently sitting here by my lonesome. Chris is at work and Tabitha has gone with my in-laws to a dinner show. It's their annual Christmas show and is really cute for the kids. I could have gone too, but decided to stay home and let it be a special thing for Tabitha with her grandparents.

Wednesday we had our Christmas party at Mommy and Me. It was also our last class until Jan. I took a tortellini salad for the adults and chunks of cheese for the kids. We gave out candy to some of the moms and Tabitha had a couple of small items for her friends. We gave those out after class since we only brought stuff for Tabitha's immediate circle of friends.

Yesterday we spent the whole day touring LA County for an extra-credit project for Chris's sociology class. It was very interesting but we were all very worn out by the time we got home. One great stop was a fabulous vegan restaurant in Westwood. We had tried to go there before, but the line was insane. Yesterday we went at an off-peak time and were the only ones there. We are definitely going to go back.

Today we made the decision not to put up the outside lights. Rather than spend the extra $50- $100 on the electric bill, we'll just put that money into our Disney World fund. Now that we're getting to the point of going in just a little over a year, we need to get a bit more serious in saving money. We haven't really quit going out to eat and that's one of the things we need to cut waaaay back on. If we had put all the money we spent going out to eat in the last 30 days into our account it would have $275 more in it. That's double what is actually in it right now. I have to admit, I didn't expect that number to be so high, I just added it up right now from the transactions in my checkbook. That's a lot. And I wonder why we're always broke. Maybe now that I've seen it in print I'll think twice before suggesting we go out to lunch from now on.

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Monday, December 8, 2003

I had a bit of fun with my photo software. I took pictures of Tabitha in front of her Christmas tree and then played around with the colors and such. You can see the end result here.

I got more wrapping done tonight, only half a ton more to go, lol. I also made some cashew brittle tonight. It's not quite the taste I was going for, I'll look for a different recipe next time. Tabitha and I picked up the last of the needed gifts at Toys R Us today. I also managed to sneak 3 Holiday Polly Pockets past her. They weren't supposed to be a Christmas gift, so it wouldn't have mattered if she had seen them. I also did get her one more thing for a gift that I had been looking for and darned if she didn't see the back of the box. She didn't see what it was, just that it was Disney. Tomorrow we're heading out to get my sister's gift and also a book for the book exchange at Mommy and Me class.

It drizzled on and off here today so my lawn finally got some water in it. My sprinklers haven't worked for a couple months and my lawn was quite thirsty. As much as it needs more rain, I hope it's not raining tomorrow, I don't care to drive the freeways in the rain.

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Sunday, December 7, 2003

I updated Tabitha's Place for all who are interested :)

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Saturday, December 6, 2003

Aaah, my house smells all spicy :) I started the holiday baking tonight. We started off with candied walnuts. I'm making all sorts of wonderful little goodies to give away to those people that you want to give a little something to. Like the moms of Tabitha's friends, our donut man, our UPS guy and some others. I can't find my cellophane bags to wrap everything up in though, so I'll have to go out looking for some. I'm hoping I can find them at the party store because I have no desire to go to Michaels during December.

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Friday, December 5, 2003

Holiday plans abound :) Yesterday we went to Disneyland for most of the day. My goal was to do all the holiday stuff there, but I pooped out around 4:15pm. Someone was whiny and tired (and it wasn't the short one or the tall one of the family). We did do cookie decorating; family picture in front of the castle; lots of pictures in front of Holiday decorations; rode Small World Holiday; visited Santa Goofy; and bought loads of Christmas stuff, so it's not like we sat around all day. We'll go back next week or the week after for the parade and fireworks with snow on Main Street. Plus, I'd like to get back over to Santa's Beach Blast at California Adventure if we get a chance.

Today we finished putting up the rest of the decorations and decorated our Christmas trees. Tabitha did the tree on the fireplace in the living room while Chris and I did the one in the dining room. I'm waiting for Tabitha to fall asleep because I'm going to start bringing in some gifts to wrap. If I don't start now I will never be done this year. I still need to buy 4 gift cards, my sister's gift, 1 gift for a 7yo boy, 1 gift for a 3yo boy, a book for a book exchange, 2 ornaments for an ornament exchange, 1 ornament for a friend, more for Chris and that's all I can think of at the moment. I put a moratorium on errands today because I needed to and if I'm tired of running all over the place, I know my child and husband have more than met their limit. I think I'll go out by myself either tomorrow or Sunday morning and then Tabs and I will go out just us on Monday and Tuesday while Chris does school work. I also need to shop for all my baking ingredients so Tabitha and I can make candy to give away to friends. It sounds like a lot is going on, but it's less than last year :)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Today was a nice day. Tabitha and I had Mommy and Me this morning and it went very well. I had good conversations with my friends, I could actually relate to the subject during discussion time (a rarity, I assure you), Tabitha and her friends got along really well and we did a great craft :) After class, we picked up Chris for our weekly lunch with my mil. Except today we got to go to more than a fast food restaurant because she took a half day at work so we all had a leisurely lunch at Frisco's. After lunch we stopped at Target and then went to the mall. Chris got some cords from Old Navy, I got some much needed items at the Clinique counter and Tabitha found a Care Bear Cousin she didn't have at Hot Topic. I also stopped at Payless and found 2 pairs of great shoes. I've been needing something in between my tennies and my shoe boots to wear with jeans and my array of black shirts. They were having there "buy 1 get 1 half-price" sale, so 2 pairs of shoes for me :) By the time we left, I was completely wiped out. We did some nice relaxing at home where Chris gave my back and neck a luxurious massage and that totally energized me so I headed out to a different mall sans child and husband. I picked up a purse for my mil that she asked me to buy her and headed home. I made a quick stop at Stater Bros and also bought some donuts for breakfast tomorrow. Chris is playing a video game right now and then will put Tabitha to bed while I make us some pasta salad and sourdough bread with garlic cheese spread for a late dinner. Then we are going to watch some tv and spend some desperately sought after alone time. I was supposed to finish the decorating tonight, but I'd rather spend the time with Chris. 'night

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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

I know I said an update was coming to Tabitha's Site, but I just haven't had the time nor the energy. We usually do errands in the morning, then lunch, then Chris leaves and I have to take care of the house and do the day's lesson plan, then do lessons then relax for a bit before cooking dinner, then cleaning up after dinner and reading stories or playing games or whatever with Tabitha before I put her to bed and then by then, I don't really want to work on her site anymore. So, it's coming, just not sure when. Right now I'm in the middle of Christmas decorating. We pulled out all our stuff from the garage yesterday and I did some last night, will probably do a bit more tonight and hope to finish tomorrow evening. We'll decorate the trees Thursday morning.

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