December 21, 2001

Well, spent the whole day waiting for a package that was overnighted from my dad, but he sent it to my sister's house and didn't tell me so that was a few hours wasted. It was still raining this morning so I didn't think I'd ever get my couch but it finally let up and the new couch is here!

It is so cool and I absolutely love it! Chris took Aleckzander to the vet this morning to get him declawed :( I'm so sad and can't believe I ever agreed to it. But if I ever wanted nice furniture it was really the only way. We've spent 6 years training him not to scratch the couch and all that got us was a destroyed couch. Mary is not scheduled to be declawed at this time as she is very, very good at only using one of the scratching posts. Of course, whenever Gwen is in the house, she will have to be watched very closely. White dog plus dark velvet couch equals disaster. She doesn't lay on it too often and I'm fairly confident we can train her to stay off. Especially if we get one of those soft pillow beds for her to lay on. Tabitha's cold is still going full force. Her coughing seemed a little better but she's still on the cough medicine, something I don't like at all. But her spirits are still very high so that's a plus. Chris is at his hockey playoffs right now, wish I could be there, but with a sick TabiLin it wasn't possible. Oh well, doing the skincare treatment instead. Exfoliating, masking, even Biore strips. I always feel so relaxed afterwards.

~9:56 pm

Dec. 22

Picked up my kitty today. He's doing well, though tired. He's been lying around on my quilts since I brought him home.

Chris's team lost the playoffs last night so it's just as well that I didn't drag a sick baby there. I was hoping to cut out one dose of her medicine today but she still was just pretty miserable. Not so miserable that she couldn't throw a proper tantrum before bedtime though. She missed the end of her movie but she understands what she did wrong and is nice and calm now. Not quite asleep though she's been in bed an hour.
Started the movie "Never Been Kissed" but am not enjoying it so far. Using my free trial at Netflix. I know we won't keep the membership beyond the trial period but it was kind of neat for these dvd's to just show up in my mailbox.
I'm taking this time to color my hair since Chris works late on Saturdays. Same as usual though Tabitha told me the other day she thinks I should paint my hair bright pink. Hmm, think I'm a little old for that look.

~8:29 pm

December 24, 2001

My daughter is celebrating Christmas Eve the traditional way, pretending she's Peter Pan. This is, of course, how every day is celebrated.

Added Tabitha singing jingle bells to her website. Tabitha's Place. It's really cute, though she mixes up some of the words.
I've been baking cupcakes for Richard's birthday today. Tabitha and I will go meet Chris at work and give Richard his cupcakes and birthday gift. And probably his Christmas gift as well. Never did get a card done for him.
The dip for tonight is ready other than spending a half hour in the oven. For tomorrow, I've boiled the eggs for deviled eggs, made the ranch dip, and steamed the green beans for the tangy green beans. And my mom made the cinnamon rolls and gave them to me yesterday so my menu tomorrow should be very easy to finish up. We're having Spinach Enchilada Casserole, mashed potatoes, tangy green beans and macaroni and cheese. And I'm making Banana Cream Supreme for dessert.
I cannot wait for Tabitha to open her gifts, she is just going to love them all, I know it. Especially since she didn't really want anything more than a Christmas tree and bells on the door. It's great when your kid never sees commercials, she doesn't know what her options are.
Tonight will be the same as it always is. Way too loud and crowded but I guess that's what the holidays are all about. I wouldn't miss them for the world.

~12:47 pm

Ugh! I'm tired of minor tragedies happening every Christmas Eve! In the past 8 years we've had pouring rain with zero visibility, a car accident, Chris having to work OT until 9:00pm, my Spanish rice burned last year (I blame the electric stove) and now today! I was making the frosting for the cupcakes and not only don't I have vanilla (not something I've ever run out of) but the recipe didn't come out and I'm really not sure why. It's not like I haven't made frosting a hundred times before. So I called Chris to tell him we wouldn't be coming because I'm not going 30 miles to bring unfrosted cupcakes and he tells me he's not sure when he'll be off! He was supposed to be off at 2:00pm and right now we're not sure when he'll be coming home. And to top it off, Tabitha decided a 30 minute nap would suffice. So I'm not sure how her behaviour will be this evening. I love Christmas Eve parties but I'm getting tired of it all.

~2:40 pm

December 26, 2001

Christmas went well yesterday. Tabitha's favourite gift was her magnifying glass. I spent $300 on toys and the best one cost $1.99 at Sav-On. Today she had fun playing with her toys and we played a couple of her new games. I spent a lot of the day trying to find places for all the new stuff and failed miserably. Tomorrow I'll probably focus on putting away the decorations and then the house won't look cluttered and I can see more clearly where to put stuff.
We had a dinner party to attend this evening. Some friends of the family. The problem is the kids were playing outside on wagons and stuff but I wasn't about to let my 2 year old play in the street at night. So she was stuck in the house with the grownups and the little kids. I think I'm just socialized out because I didn't really enjoy it although I love everyone that was there. Tomorrow I can go back to being a hermit.
Tabitha's cough is still going strong though it's not waking her up in the middle of the night. I cut out her day time doses of medicine yesterday and tonight I cut out the night time one so we'll see if she sleeps, and if I sleep. At least Chris works late tomorrow so we can take turns getting up with her if necessary.
Started planning Tabitha's birthday party. Well, actually I made a wishlist of everything I want to get for her party. Turns out Chris and I are going on that diet we keep talking about just so we can cut back a little on groceries. After Christmas and the new furniture my bank account is tapped out. Why did we have a kid in January? We should have waited until March.


December 28, 2001

Last night was wonderful! We sent Tabitha to my inlaws' house for the night and Chris and I had time alone. We ate dinner on the floor in the living room and watched movies. We saw "Meet the Parents" (wonderfully funny) and "The Wedding Singer" (saw it before and wanted to watch again). Then we went to bed and slept until 9:15 this morning! Pure bliss :) Helped out Chris's mom this afternoon by getting all her Christmas boxes down. Then we all went to lunch at Soup Plantation and then shopping. Chris and I had a gift certificate to Robinson's-May and they had coupons in the paper for extra 15% off sale items. So we got Tabitha Backpack from Dora the Explorer and we got a new duvet cover for our bed since the cats ripped the last one. Still have some left on the gift card which will probably be spent on Clinique products. No nap for Tabitha, and it became very apparent around 3:30. So early bed time for her tonight. We did manage to take all the Christmas stuff down last night, but it's all still piled in the living room. We're going to stay up late tonight and try and get the whole house in order because it just in a shambles right now. Tomorrow is back to the normal routine.


December 29, 2001

Had a little backache so decided to watch a movie in bed. A half hour into it I went to get a drink and look in on Tabitha in the living room. What fun she had!

I finally get some order to the house and the little stinker goes and destroys the living room. Oh well, it was wonderful incentive to put everything away, including all the stuff I hadn't decided where to put yet. A lot of it ended up in the playroom but I tried to do it as neatly as possible. Nothing but rain all day today. Lots of fun bringing laundry back and forth, but again, it had to be done. MTV is showing live performances of bands in alphabetical order. I've waited 3 hours for L so I could see Limp Bizkit and they showed them playing "Nookie" my least favorite song. At least the thought of Fred Durst will keep me warm until Chris gets home. It's kind of fun to watch, got to see GN'R with Elton John doing November Rain and now I'm watching Michael Jackson, with Slash, no less and Metallica. Tonight I need to get some lesson plans together. Tabitha and I haven't done any lessons for the past 3 weeks other than the Pledge of Allegience, counting to 10 in French and Spanish and counting to 30 in English. I think I'll start on counting to 40 and we need to get back to practicing her writing. And I need to get myself back on track with my housecleaning. I've seriously dropped the ball with my Flylady routines. Had good news today: I may already be a winner with Publisher's Clearing House. What I wouldn't do with $10mil.


December 30, 2001

Please don't turn 3.
One month from today is your birthday. No longer will you be even close to a baby. It will be your final step to being a little girl. All you want for your birthday is a bicycle. All I want is my baby who stood by herself for the very first time 2 years ago with a severe look of determination on her face.

Please don't turn 3.
I pride myself on being here, on watching and savoring every moment together. But it's not enough. I want the days to continue as they are. I want to hold you back even as you push so hard to be free and be your own person. You correct me everytime I call you my baby. "No Mama, I'm not a baby, I'm Tabitha, your little girl."
Please don't turn 3.
But you are my little girl too. I love watching you flourish in your independance, and yet still come flying back for hugs and kisses, always reassuring both of us that no matter your age, you are and always will be my baby.
I know the year must end. And each day will bring new delights. There are adventures waiting for us.
Me and my little girl.
So forgive me for thinking,
Please don't turn 3.


January 02, 2002

Happy New Year!
I didn't do any New Year's Resolutions this year as I couldn't really think of anything. Oh, I know I need improvement, but I don't like making the cliched resolutions "Save more, eat less". That's just setting yourself up for failure. Tabitha and I have been working on her lessons again. She got a math Leap Pad book, but it's pre-math which is way too easy. Of course, I didn't notice until after the package was opened and the packaging thrown away. I've been thinking of putting some baby clothes up on Ebay, so maybe I'll put the book up to.
Chris and I seem to be getting closer. Which is odd since we've always been close. I just feel like something's a little different between us and in a good way. It's probably just that whole maturity thing. I do hope this year is better than last. I went through a lot of internal changes. It's like I grew up last year and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. Things that used to give me pleasure, like collecting my Cabbage Patch Kids, no longer interest me. All in all, kind of a depressing year. Wow! This all sounds wonderfully cheerful, doesn't it? Maybe a a couple silly pictures edited in Paint Shop Pro will help.

Chris just called and gave me wonderful news. His best friend, and honorary uncle to Tabitha, is going to buy her Annual Pass to Disneyland for her birthday. It's so nice to not have that expense! I'm very grateful to him. Half hour to bed time for Tabitha and a nice relaxing hot bath for me.


January 03, 2002

Only 8:20 and Tabitha has been asleep an hour.

The band-aid is courtesy of Mary when Tabitha pushed her with her head. She didn't get a nap today and at 7:15 I told her about going to Legoland tomorrow and she couldn't wait to go to sleep. I think she was asleep before I shut the door. A little early to put her down but since we have to do Legoland with no money I needed to pack the lunches, make cookie bars and get tomorrow's dinner in the crockpot. The cookie bars are almost done, peanut butter with chocolate chunks, sounds yummy! You can get the recipe on the back of Tollhouse Chocolate Chunks or go to Nestle's Tollhouse. Tomorrow is homeschool day at Legoland so when we show up we go and get a little packet that will give us activities to do while we're there. I told Tabitha we'll be doing her lessons at Legoland but I really think she stopped listening after I said they had rides. Forgot to get batteries for the camera so I hope they last.
We had lunch at my mother-in-law's house today and my brother-in-law said he wanted to go to California Adventure. It was just too cold for me, and I think my mother-in-law really wanted to bum around today so I didn't want to leave Tabitha with her (not to mention I need her to babysit Sunday) so I sent Steve and Chris by themselves for a brothers day out and came home with Tabs. They went to the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?- The Game" and Chris finally got the number one ranking! Sadly it was at the end of the hour so he didn't get to play. He was going to try again at the 6:30 show but I haven't heard from him so I'm assuming he didn't make it to the top this time. Oooh, cookies are done :)


January 09, 2002

This morning Tabitha and I started a Mommy and Me class! It was really fun. It's 3.5 hours every Wed and we have a wonderful teacher named Miss Sandy. First we say our Pledge of Allegiance (Tabitha knows it, but we've never say the "Under God" part so I'll have to re-teach her) then sing "This Land is Your Land" then we do sharing. Then a craft project, circle time and snack time. Then the kids play outside and half the parents have a discussion with the teacher on various parenting issues while the other half watch over the kids, then we switch. Then we have table time (today was numbers bingo) and then the teacher does a little puppet show, then a manners lesson. Then the kids line up and get a sticker and we go home. I'm very excited to have joined this group and I think we'll have a fun 2 years (It's only through age 5).
After we came home I put her down for a nap but she came out after 45 minutes saying she couldn't sleep. So we went on our errands. We got some wonderful stuff for her party. I ordered the goodie bags last night, but wanted a few extra things to go in them so we got that stuff at the party store. Then quickly into the mall to buy this beautiful birthstone tiara. We'll probably return it though because she wore it for 3 minutes at home and then asked for her dress-up tiara instead. Then off to Wal-Mart for a couple items and staples then home. It was a fun eveing. I made her some play-doh at the advice of a couple friends and she enjoyed that. It's made with Kool-Aid so it smells wonderfully.

The recipe is really simple:
Hey Kool-Aid Playdough
Need: 1 cup flour, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid, 1/4 cup salt, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, 1 cup water
Mix flour, salt, cream of tartar and Kool-Aid in a medium saucepan. Add water and oil. Stir over medium heat 3 to 5 minutes. When mixture forms a ball in pan, remove. Knead until smooth. Store in airtight container. Lasts longer if refrigerated. Try some glitter in it for sparkle or warming a touch in the microwave before using - neat feeling.


January 12, 2002

I've been looking for the last hour and a half for the announcement I sent out when we got pregnant. I'm trying to do a layout in my scrapbook and I'd really like this announcement. I've found so many things (none of them lost, I have a special place for mementos) and it was really neat to go through all our congratulations cards and such. I also found a paper with Tabitha's footprint from the hospital that I didn't even know I had! But, no announcement. It's certainly not essential to my scrapbook layout, just I hate that I can't find it. Now I have an aching back from sitting on the floor too long. I think I'll go lie down now and stop complaining. Maybe I can get a backrub when Chris comes home.


January 18, 2002

We're all coming off of horrible colds. Tabitha was finally over her cough and now this. Chris came home early Monday and Tuesday because of body aches and chills and I got hit with it Wednesday so he stayed home to take care of me and Tabitha. Tabitha's nose isn't as runny but she still wakes up coughing something awful. I just have both a runny and a stuffy nose still. Chris is better which is good because tonight is hockey, new season! Hope he does well.
Listed some old pregnancy books on and started listing some of Tabitha's clothes on Ebay. Saw a picture of a little blonde girl and her little baby brother and suddenly I wanted another baby. Oy! I really don't want one but man, seeing that picture made me want to reach in and pick up that baby. I'm just really in a baby mode right now. I completed two scrapbooking layouts that have to do with my pregnancy and now the selling of old stuff. Hormones flaring! And my kid is looking oh so cute since she's asleep. Oh well, when she wakes me at 6:00AM tomorrow, all thoughts of another baby will fly right out the window!
We called the place we ordered our table from and now they are telling us it won't be ready until mid-February! We cancelled the order asked for a refund. So off we went yesterday to shop, shop, SHOP! And we found a wonderful table :) We just have to wait for our refund to be accredited to our checking account before we can buy it. But, it looks like we'll have our new table sometime this week and enough left over to buy our new dining room window treatments!!!!(going wild with the exclamations tonight!!!!!!!!!)
There's more to type but I want to start working on some scrapbook stuff. I'm entering a contest and have to list every single item used for each layout, that's going to take some time so I'm off!


January 25, 2002

We spent yesterday and today getting ready for Tabitha's party on Sunday. Hit the party store yesterday, the grocery store today and a few other places for little things. I put together the princess hats this evening. Tabitha and I put together the goodie boxes and coloring books.

We're almost ready and I'm so excited! Just a little worried about the cake, but I'm hoping for the best.


January 25, 2002

Oh the party was wonderful! The face painter was a huge hit, most of the kids would have stripped down and been painted on their whole bodies if we had let them! The cake came out beautiful, I'm so proud of Chris and I. Tabitha got some nice presents and enjoyed all her friends being here. I loved seeing my friends as well. At the end of the evening we went out with my brother in law and a friend. We went to Friday's for dinner so they would sing to Tabitha. We left her face painted and they tied balloons in her hair. It was a great time! She didn't get to bed until after 10 (and after a 10 minute begging session not to wash her face. She was appeased when I promised her hand stamps in the morning) so I expect she'll sleep pretty late this morning. Today we're off to a scrapbook store and probably we'll drop off film as my sister did really good with the photography and took a whole roll. The picture is Chris and I with Tabitha at Friday's.


February 5, 2002

Haven't updated in a week! Tabitha's birthday was absolutely wonderful! The trip to Disneyland could not have been any better. The special attention she got from all the characters was outstanding. Her actual birthday was pretty low key, but she loved getting her roller blades and bike. She's been practicing just about every day.
I've been doing nothing but scrapbooking. Here's the layout I finished today.

I'm hardly getting anything else done in the house. Tabitha and I fly through her reading lesson and I even ordered pizza for lunch today! The weather has warmed up and it's beautiful here again (as it should be). Nice to give my heater a break during the day, though it's still cold enough at night to freeze the dog's drinking water.


February 6, 2002

Today we went with our Mommy and Me class to see Charlotte Diamond. To me it seemed like she watched Romper Room a little too closely as a child, but all the kids loved her! They were singing, dancing, clapping and signing along. We'll probably buy some of her videos so Tabitha can watch at home as well.
Tabitha finally decided to watch Sleeping Beauty, not sure if she liked it or not. She said she did, but she also had to have me sit next to her on the couch the whole time because she said she it was scary. Funny thing about her, she never says she's scared, only that something is scary.
Our tax returns should be in on Friday! Woo-Hoo! Of course, we totally overextended ourselves on Tabitha's birthday so it's just going to the bills I skipped last month. Oh well, it's better than owing the gov't money!
Our cat is still in heat! We can't get her fixed until she's not in heat anymore and she is driving us crazy! Her constant yowling, ugh!
I keep going back and forth on my thoughts for the scrapbooking contest. Half the time I feel like I have a real shot at being one of the winners and the rest of the time I feel like I'm wasting my time. I'm going to enter no matter what, I just want to win so badly! Off to do more scrapping!


February 16, 2002

It's been a pretty good week. We hit the Disney Store on Tuesday to pick up Peter Pan on DVD and ended up paying $15.00 on washclothes! The are all those magic washclothes that grow bigger in the water and they all have a scene from Peter Pan's Return to Neverland. I've been on ebay all week looking for the Peter Pan bean bag toys. Finally won the last two a few minutes ago so now that little collection will be complete. We also found a wallpaper discount place that sells Peter Pan wallpaper border, believe it or not! So we ordered 3 rolls and now I'm determined to finish the playroom! I've ben watching so much trading spaces that I'm ready to tear up the carpet in there. Chris is all for it, but I figured he would be. We'll probably lay down new vinyl stick-on and cover with a fun area rug. Yesterday we took Tabs to the McDonald's Playplace and they had started selling Return to Neverland toys. Thus started the great quest. We've been to 10 MickeyD's in the last 36 hours. But we got 3 of the toys so we're half-way done! The kid's lucky her parents are so obsessive :)
Trying to finish up Tabitha's website. It's taking me forever this time, but the birthday updates usually do. It'll be done tonight, I'm sure. I should be doing it now as a matter of fact.
Chris's schedule is changing in a couple weeks. In some ways it's bad, but in other ways it might actually work out.


March 13, 2002

It's been forever since I updated, just haven't felt the drive. We finally finished the Peter Pan playroom! I don't have pics up yet, I'll have to take them soon. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Tabitha, of course, loves it.
I finally finished my mil's birthday present. I won't say what it is, just in case she reads this, I'll share after Saturday. But I'm very pleased with it and hope she likes it :)
Chris's schedule has been very out of whack, no thanks in part to the person who does the schedule. He was off Monday and Tuesday this week which was really weird. Next week he's either going to be off Tuesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday, we don't know which. And then he should be back to normal which isn't normal at all since it's new. *sigh*
9:09 and I can see Tab's eyes in the monitor. For 3 years I've been battling with this kid to just go to sleep already! And the night wakings are just an added bonus. Last week she woke up at 4:30 yelling "I'm ready to clean-up!". I let Chris go into her room for that one, I just didn't have the strength.
100 toys at McDonald's, oh yay! That's $150! We have 7 already. Well, actually, we have 8 as we have 2 Mickey's from 1928, anyone care to trade? Obviously, we are especially interested in Peter Pan and Robin Hood.
I'm rambling with no point other than to update so I'll stop now. Tomorrow should be exciting, I'll post tomorrow night.


March 28, 2002

I so have not been in the typing mood. Mainly playing tetris at shockwave. It's as addictive now as it was in high school.
We went to disney tonight, it was so crowded that we left. Had to buy the kid a balloon to make up for it.
We've been happily engrossed in new shows this season. The Osbournes, Under One Roof, and Amazing Race. I've never watched Real World or Survivor, but I love these new "reality" shows. I really love watching the family dynamic. Especially the Osbournes. It's fun to watch Ozzy, as one friend put it, "mumble, mumble, BLEEP, BLEEP, mumble, mumble, BLEEP!"
Tomorrow night is Chris's hockey playoffs. They've never made it past the first round before, so we're hoping tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for.
Yesterday was the Easter Party at Mommy and Me. Actually, yesterday was Daddy and Me since Chris took her. Here's a pic of Tabs showing the eggs she found in the hunt.

Almost everyone put candy in the eggs, UGH! I have this little candy monger and I hate that! I put stickers in the eggs we took. Tomorrow we dye eggs!


March 30, 2002

Today we went to our city's Easter celebration. When we first got there, we bought ride tickets for Tabitha. She loved everything! And they were pretty generous with the amount of time you got at each attraction so I really feel we got our's money's worth. Next was the egg hunt for 2-3 year olds. Total mayhem! Parents were shoving and blocking other kids and basically my kid got one egg. Of course she started crying and I don't blame her. It's the exact same thing that happened to me when I was little, I was hoping they organized them better in the last 20 years but I guess not. Some moms were nice enough to give her a couple more eggs so she did end up with 6 eggs. Only two had candy (yay!) and the other 4 had a ring, a compass, a top and something else I can't remember. But Tabitha was still upset that she didn't get one of the carrots. Well, I went to Rite-Aid and managed to get a plasic carrot that comes with a Pick Up Sticks game. I'm going to dump the sticks and fill the inside with malted eggs. I know, I know, I said no candy from us, but oh-well. I have stickers for inside the plastic eggs and I got two Blue's Clues rubber stamps for a couple of big plastic eggs I have. After the egg hunt we got her pic with the Easter Bunny. She refused to visit the one at the mall but she really wanted to see him today. Only a polaroid which didn't scan well, unfortunately. Then we waited for her to get her face painted and a balloon hat.

All in all she had fun despite the egg hunt issue. She got a bottle of bubbles from the Easter Bunny so she enjoyed going outside at home to blow them and the dog chased them a little. We dyed eggs tonight. It was her first year doing that and she had fun, probably more fun putting the stickers on than actually dyeing the eggs. I've been working on getting a lot of prep work for tomorrow's dinner done tonight. I don't want to be cooking all day. Almost bed time for Tabi!