Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Today marks the end of Tabitha's birthday 2003, lol. We went to our Mommy and Me class this morning and she was given a crown and everyone sang to her and I brought frosted doughnuts for snack. Tabitha just loves when people sing Happy Birthday to her. I took pictures (obviously) and the little stinker kept making funny faces. After we got home and had lunch with Chris, she and I decided to go to Disney for a few hours. We had a lot of fun for our "girls' day out." Last time it was just the two of us, we had issues, but today was absolutely wonderful. I feel so happy knowing that I'm (hopefully) creating nice memories for her to look back on when she's older. When we were 20 minutes from home on the way back, she fell asleep. It was 7:30. So she slept for 20 minutes and then was very happy to be put to bed but she got crazy and riled up while I was putting her pajamas on. After 40 minutes, she was still tossing and turning, so she's in a nice warm bath right now which I'm hoping will calm her down. The upside is that Chris is home now so at least she gets to see him before bed.


Friday, February 07, 2003

Nothing exciting in the life of Zandra, Chris and Tabitha to report. Yesterday we headed out to a fairly new outdoor shopping center. A store that we've been to twice, once in San Diego and once in Sacramento, opened there and we were happy to go. Well, they've changed their inventory and everything focused around gift baskets which is not what we wanted at all. We also had lunch at Islands and went to Target before heading home. I can't even tell you what else we did as nothing left an impression. Today we did more errands including meeting my mil at Sam's Club. We go through pickles and olives very quickly so we decided to buy them in bulk. Reading back over this, I have no idea why I'm sharing, none of this is terribly interesting, lol. Tomorrow is Tabitha's dance class and she's going to get fitted for her recital costume. That is something I am very excited about. We bought a new camcorder battery today just to be sure we've have enough battery power to film her dancing :)


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

We went to Disneyland yesterday with friends from our Mommy and Me class. It was a perfectly miserable day and I have no desire to go into detail. It was easily one of the worst days of my life and I plan to never have a repeat.
That said, there was one (and I stress ONE) bright spot. Back in Oct. 2001, we were at Disney and all the Wonderland characters were out together. Alice held out her hand to Tabitha to join in the dancing and somehow they bonded. Everytime after that when we saw Alice, she completely remembered Tabitha and just doted on her. It so totally warms my heart to see Alice's face light up when she saw Tabitha coming over to say hi. We would see her fairly often, because we tend to go to Disneyland once a week. However, we hadn't seen her since last September. Anyway, yesterday we saw her. At first she didn't seem to recognize Tabitha, but then she saw Tabitha's name and she remembered her and was exclaiming how it was her friend that she hasn't seen in so long and she even knew that Tabitha had had a birthday and was now 4 (we're thinking that a friend of our's who knows her personally might have mentioned it, otherwise, I can't believe she remembered Tabitha's birthday!). Anyway, they had a long lovely chat and we later saw Alice at storytime. After the story was over and she talked with all the kids (this girl just loves kids and is perfectly suited for her job), she chatted with Tabitha some more and then proceeded to take her hand and walk her over to the tea cups personally before going off on her break. She is the nicest person and just goes above and beyond the duties of a character. It will be a sad day for us when she moves on to another job.
We were supposed to walk to the park today but it's pouring outside. I think we'll do an indoor picnic and then Tabitha wants to play in the rain. I'll let her after lunch and then dump her in a hot bath. It's supposed to be 71, so she won't freeze or anything. Tonight we have Kid's Club at the mall which we haven't done since November so we're excited for that. And somehow I need to convince Tabitha to sign the rest of her Valentine's cards for class tomorrow. I have a feeling that most of them will be in my writing :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The Kid's Club last night was really nice. The kids were given a really large sugar cookie in the shape of a heart. Then they got to decorate it with pink frosting and candy sprinkles. I only let her eat a few bites of it and I swear she took two bites worth for every bite she took. Today was our Valentine's party at Mommy and Me. We always have a potluck for our parties and everyone seems to bring parent dishes and the kids only have 2 or 3 things to eat. I try to always bring for the kids to ensure my kid will have something to eat. So I brought baby carrots, cheddar cheese and heart cookies. Everyone had the same idea. The kids had what I brought, plus pb&j sandwiches, two mini cupcakes, macaroni and cheese, and corn dog things (not that Tabs ate that, of course). Boy were they all stuffed! LOL I didn't even feed Tabitha lunch when we got home. I just gave her an afternoon snack. When we ran to the car after class it was so windy that we got just soaked through. I even had rain blowing in my ears which was less than pleasant, let me tell you. Tabitha, on the other hand, thought it was the funniest thing in the world and was laughing and screaching about how happy she was that she was soaked. The joy of being a kid :) Tomorrow we'll be heading out in the torrential downpour to pick up Tabitha's flower girl dress. The earliest appt. they would give me is 3pm, so we're going to go to an indoor playground that is 2 blocks away for a couple hours first. It's been so long since we've been there that Tabitha has actually forgotten about it. She'll have a blast and this time I'm going to take my camera.


Friday, February 14, 2003

Today was a great day :) Tabitha was so sweet when she woke up and was just generally in a really good mood and that put Chris and I in a good mood as well. She loved her Valentine's gifts. Chris got me Haunted Mansion Clue which I've been wanting for about 6 months now. I wasn't able to get him anything but I made him a cutesy card with a nice sentiment written on it. We were FINALLY able to get our car fixed. We needed brakes, struts and our front axle repaired. It rides so smooth now. Speed bumps are no longer hazardous, lol. We took Tabs to McDonald's play place for about an hour then lunch with my mil. We tried a new veggie pizza from Round Table and it was fantastic! Artichoke hearts, spinach, red onion, tomatoes, 3 cheeses and a garlic cream sauce. Yummy! Tabitha's Grandfather sent her a check for her birthday so after lunch we went to Ikea and got her a new table for her computer and a printer stand as well. She likes to play in the play area at Ikea and while she was there today they made a Valentine craft and she got her face painted. On our way to Chris's hockey game tonight we were like a bad tv show of a way too happy family, lol. Tabitha has this thing for Green Day so we put on their cd and all of us were singing to Minority and Tabitha was keeping us laughing up a storm with the way she was dancing about in her seat. It was just a great car ride and I can't even begin to explain here the happiness that was contained in that car. It's a memory I will look back on often.


Monday, February 17, 2003

Today was tiring, but fun. Tabitha and I took our city's shuttle so we could get to Target. We had fun shopping there and Tabitha finally spent her allowance. She's been getting it for 3 weeks now and today is the first time she bought anything. Disney/Mattel came out with these really cute "My First Princesses". She got Snow White and also Cinderella with her horse. She's playing with them right now and it's so fun listening to her. The had plenty of Care Bears and since I had planned to buy her one for Valentine's Day but couldn't find any, I bought her one of the little ones. She picked out "Love-a-Lot" which is exactly the one I would have bought her anyway. She just loves it and has held onto it all day. After Target we went to the drug store for Doan's back-aid for Chris. He's been up since 4:00am because of his back hurting and he couldn't stay home from work. We had Motrin, but it didn't really do him any good. So, now he has Doan's and is taking a nap. We also went to Office Depot to buy ink for Tabitha's printer and they didn't have what she needs. I don't think I was looking for the right thing, because how could they not have ink for a Canon printer that's only a few years old? Anyway, then we decided to go to Friday's for a nice lunch. I seemed to make a lot of requests on our waiter so I decided to be generous with the tip. Well, our lunch only cost $6.50 anyway, so I was exceedingly generous percentage wise! He did earn it though. After Friday's we went to the scrapbook store and then onto Burger King to play at the playplace. It was messy, crowded, hot and slow service so we left and went to the park instead. There was a birthday party going on and the playground was over-run with 8 year olds so we only stayed half an hour before heading home. By the time we got off the shuttle and were walking home (which is about 10 minutes) my child was so tired of walking. I was pretty tired myself. Chris got home as we stepped off the shuttle and if he wasn't in so much pain while driving, I would have had him come get us. So now, we're all relaxing and I'll start dinner in about 30 minutes. It was just a nice girl's day. I hope we can have many more of these kind of days :)


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Chris had today as an extra day off today. It's nice when we get unexpected time together :) We decided to go to Disneyland after class because the 3 of us hadn't been there alone in about a month. A lot of people seemed to have the same idea. It was really crowded for a Wednesday in February. We were glad to see King Arthur's Carousel was open again. It's been closed for about a year because they completely stripped and restored every horse and rebuilt the actual carousel. So we enjoyed going on that, then we smashed some pennies to add to Tabitha's collection and then decided to go to California Adventure because it's never crowded there. But by the time we finally walked over there, it was cold and none of us were having fun. So we left and went to Denny's. Tabitha got a coupon in the mail for their birthday club and we hadn't used it yet. So, Tabitha enjoyed her sundae and we enjoyed the fact that her meal was free. As we were driving home in traffic, we were fighting to keep Tabs awake. It was only 6:30 and that's too late for a nap and too early for bed. We decided to stop at a mall on the way home so she could fall asleep after the mall. We went to Penney's and were checking out their clearance rack for Tabitha. For once it seemed that everything was in her size. We got 1 pair of pants, 1 jacket, 3 skirts and 6 shirts for $40.00! A couple of the outfits demanded new clunky shoes so we headed to Sears and got her the coolest Skechers boots for 10 bucks! We very pleased with everything we got and Tabitha just loves getting new clothes. After all the fun of shopping though, she's now lying wide awake in her bed with no hope of falling asleep anytime soon.


Friday, February 21, 2003

We went to the aquarium yesterday. We decided to get a membership so we'll be going back a few more times in the next year. Tabitha and I have only been once and that was last January and Chris has never been so we all were looking forward to it. They have a shark touch pool and Tabitha stuck her hand in to touch one, but she turned away for a minute and one came right up to her hand when she wasn't looking and totally freaked her out, so she refused to try to touch them again, lol. She did enjoy the touch tide pool and kind of wanted to touch the bat rays, but the water was too deep for her to do that without getting soaked. We didn't do any of the shows or movies, we'll do those another time. I'm going to sign us up for some of their education programs as well.
Chris had a double-header in hockey tonight, so Tabitha and I went to the first game and then came home because she has dance early tomorrow morning. But she feel asleep on the way to the game and I couldn't wake her up, so it's 10:18 right now and she's not asleep. I really hope she's not cranky tomorrow from lack of sleep as we have plans after dance.


Saturday, February 22, 2003

Oh we had a great day today! We went to a small zoo with friends. The girls had a blast playing together. They were pretending to be explorers and were playing in an area with lots of bamboo all around. This went on for about half an hour. Then it was off to see the animals! Some of the monkeys were very vocal today and were putting on quite a performance. Both girls were answering back by imitating the monkey sounds. They played in another grassy area for a while after we had seen all the animals and this time they played Snow White taking turns being Snow and the Prince. This is the first time we've ever gone out together, usually we just have playdates at each other's houses. Since it went so well we'll probably take the girls out together again.
Oh, I didn't mention that the playroom is open again. Tabitha was so excited to be reunited with her toys. She kept walking around the room saying "My backpack! My harmonica! My barrels!" It was too funny.


Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Chris had an extra day off yesterday. We didn't really do much as Tabitha has a small cold and it was pouring rain. We ran a couple errands and then relaxed at home. Chris and I finished our Kingdom Hearts game so we started Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring on the Playstation2. So far we're enjoying it. It follows the story of the book much more closely than it does the movie. I like that since I'm still reading the book. I like the book, but when I read it, I like to think about what I'm reading, as opposed to the mindless reading I usually do. So I don't feel like I can just read for a few minutes a day, I need to be able to sit down for an hour at a time. That's why I'm going so slowly. It's pretty rare that I can sit and read for an hour straight.


Wednesday, February 26, 2003 con't

Because of Tabitha's speaking ability and also her intelligence, Tabitha gets treated like an older child. But every now and then, she comes tearing around a corner at full speed, her eyes bright with laughter and her whole face is a smile. I look at her and she just looks little. And I'm almost moved to happy tears just looking at my little baby. The joy and delight she brings to my life is indescribable. Between being married to Chris and being Tabitha's Mommy, I am truly blessed.


Friday, February 28, 2003

Yesterday was pretty fun. We had tickets to see Jungle Book 2 at The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. I really seeing the Disney movies there because they have something extra for each movie. This time is was a sing-along with Baloo and some behind the scenes footage of the first movie. We left an hour and 15 minutes before we needed to be there because of early morning traffic. It also happened to be raining. Do you know we sat down 3 minutes before it started? Traffic was absolutely horrible. But the movie was fun and we all had a good time. Afterwards we headed off to Westwood village to go to a vegan restaurant I had read about. But it wasn't what I expected. It was a tiny little hole-in-the-wall with a line out the door. Not a sit down restaurant at all. So, we decided to skip it this time. We headed of to the Valley to go to a couple malls because we had the wedding rehearsal that evening and didn't want to drive all the way home just to go all the way back out in traffic. The first mall we went to was rather small, but we had a nice lunch at Ruby's Diner and then did a little shopping. They had some of our favorite stores; Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware, and a fabulous new scrapbook store. They also had a pretty neat play area that Tabitha enjoyed. Afterwards, went off to bigger mall where we shopped some more before having dinner in the food court. We went to the rehearsal, where we froze our buns off as the wedding happens to be outside (not that we knew that) and then headed home. Today was uneventful. A little work around the house, lunch with my mil, shopping for a slip for Tabitha, and then dinner at home. Chris is at hockey right now and I'm about to get Tabitha off to bed.


Monday, March 03, 2003

Tabitha was a fabulous flower girl :) It was positivly freezing, but she didn't complain once. She listened to her directions well and walked when she was supposed to and where she was supposed to walk and had fun putting the rose petals on the walkway. When she got to the end of the aisle, she turned her basket over and dumped the rest of the petals on the ground. During the ceremony she stood there very nicely which pleased me to no end. At one point though, a long branch of some kind caught her eye and she bent over to pick it up and was kind of examining it and then put her basket down in order to play with it better. We caught the eye of our friend who was a bridesmaid standing behind Tabitha and mimed to her to get it out of Tabitha's hands. I really didn't see much of the ceremony as I watched Tabs the whole time. There were 2 songs and both times Tabitha was swaying and bouncing a bit in time to the music. She was way too cute! At the reception she wanted to dance and boy did she! She danced for 2.5 solid hours without stopping! We had to drag her away at 10:30pm and the child was in tears because she was having so much fun. She literally danced with just about every man, woman and child there. She got more video time than anyone else and I'm considering contacted the photographer to see about purchasing some pictures because she took a ton of Tabitha. At one point she was dancing with a little 4 year old boy and a 2 year old boy tried to cut in by pushing away the 4 year old. Well, the 4 year old didn't like that and pushed back and I swear I saw Tabitha say "No, don't fight." I was laughing hysterically by this point. I have never enjoyed a wedding reception more and all because I spent the entire time watching Tabitha dance. I got in a couple dances with my hubby with was heavenly. There just isn't enough occasions in our lives where we get to dance together.


Thursday, March 06, 2003

Nothing much going on here. We went to Disneyland today for a few hours before lunch. When we got home we did a bit of gardening. Well, really it was just pulling thousands of weeds, but I can pretend it's real gardening, right? We just got back from an ice cream run and now Chris is putting Tabitha to bed. He and I will probably play Lord of the Rings for a few hours. Tomorrow is errands, lunch with my mil and hockey at night. A very predictable Friday.


March 24, 2002

Howdy. Anyone remember me? I didn't really decide to take a journaling break, but everyday, I kept thinking "I don't feel like typing about my day right now." And now it's been 3 weeks since I last posted. I've been toying with the idea of shutting down my site and just have Tabitha's site, but I think everyone says that a couple times and never actually does it. Anyway, I'm here now :)
We've had some gorgeous weather and Tabitha and I have been enjoying lots of outside time. I've been pulling weeds and Tabs and I planted some flowers a couple days ago. I've been planning what I want to plant in certain areas. We filled the bird feeder and even ate lunch outside yesterday. Today we woke up to rain. It figures. Guess we'll be playing inside today.


March 24, 2002 con't

Call me crazy, but I think Tabitha and I are going to go to Disneyland today. It's not really raining, just occasional sprinkling and the paper doesn't even mention rain so I'm hoping it will stop. Chris is at a funeral currently, and then will come home to get us, we'll drop him off at work and then go to Disney. Mondays aren't usually crowded anyway, and with this yucky weather, it should be very empty. If we get poured on, we'll just go home. Though I'd rather not go home and then have to drive all the way back to OC to pick up Chris. Such a waste of gas, which I'm very conscious of these days. First time in my life I've been thankful to be a 1 car family. Anyway, I'm hoping for a fun day!


March 25, 2002

Disneyland was fun, yesterday. Tabitha is finally tall enough for the bumper cars at California Adventure. I have no idea why kids have to be so tall to go on, it's one of the tamest rides I've ever ridden. Bumping is like a gentle hug, not a jolt or anything. But Tabitha loved riding them and can't wait to go on again. This also means she's tall enough for 3 other rides there. One of them, I highly doubt she'll ride, another she's not sure, and the 3rd she's dying to go on, but it's a water ride so we'll have to have a change of clothes.
Today, Tabitha took a class at the aquarium on coral. It's the first thing she's ever done without me or Chris right there. I didn't think she'd be doing drop off classes until she was 5, so I was in for a bit of a shock when I signed her up. It was 2 hours long and she loved it. She says she wishes I could have been there, but I think she said it because that's what she thought I wanted to hear. Which was nice to hear, I'll admit. She's not a shy or timid child, so really it was no big deal to her that I wasn't there. Though she did make sure that I wasn't going to go home while she was there, which I was not. I spent the time walking around the harbor in the sun with the nice breeze. I checked out a lighthouse, watched some ships and then sat under a tree and read my book for an hour. Very relaxing, though every time I heard a kid talk or cry my heart skipped a beat as I immediately thought of Tabitha.
Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester of our Mommy and Me class which is always chaotic.


March 26, 2002

I absolutely love sitting in the dining room in the Spring. With the front door and front windows open in front of me and the sliding door open behind me, there is such a lovely breeze coming through here. Nothing makes me appreciate this house more than a breeze with the sun shining. My first tulip opened today, too which also puts a smile on my face. I needed a smile after this morning. Tabitha woke up in a bad mood and we actually left Mommy and Me as soon as I signed us up for this semester. One of Tabitha's friends who didn't come last semester is back, which is nice. I like the mom too. Right now I'm just catching up on emails while Tabitha plays computer. We're going to go out and do some more gardening, then we have a rainbow craft to make, puppets to sew, and I promised her a game of Guess Who? She needs to get some reading and math in as well. She started talking about fractions today. Just halves and quarters, but still. Gotta love Blue's Clues influence sometimes!


March 31, 2002

Last Thursday, we decided to go to Disney, even though Tabitha and I had just been there. I'm so glad we went! It was a great day. Tabitha went on all the rides that have a 42" height requirement. We went on this little roller coaster that Chris and I had never been on. BIG mistake! Her screams were of pure terror. We felt bad because it didn't look that fast and we know she doesn't like fast rides. She never really said that it was too fast, she just said she's never going on it again. After that we went on the water ride. It had 2 fast drops that we didn't remember and Tabitha didn't particularly like them, but she was so thrilled to be soaked that she forgot to be scared. California Adventure has these water areas set up where the whole purpose is to get wet. It's not something we ever let Tabs do because I never bring a change of clothes. But she was so wet from the water raft ride anyway that we took her around to all the water spots. Boy did that kid have a blast! The joy on her face as she ran straight into water was just amazing to behold. Later at Disneyland, there was a sneak preview of the new Adventures with Winnie the Pooh ride. So we were very happy that we got to ride it. We actually ended up riding it 4 times just so we could see everything. It's very cute and the imagineers did a great job.
Last night was such a nice temperature. After dinner we went for a walk while pulling Tabitha in her wagon. Saw lots of wonderful flowers in neighborhood gardens. After we got home, Tabitha practiced her skating with Chris. She really wants to play hockey, but her skating is not very good and she doesn't have decent skates. We got her roller blades for her 3rd birthday, but we got the Fisher Price training kind which just aren't good enough to learn good skating. So, we need to do some shopping to find her good (yet inexpensive) inline skates before she can think about playing hockey. After Tabitha went to bed last night, Chris ran to Blockbuster and we rented a new game for our PS2. It's called "Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat." It's a typical adventure game and we're enjoying it so far. We're also going to rent a Piglet game for Tabitha next week.
Today, I decided I needed a bit more of a walk than I usually take. So we went to a grocery store that is 2 miles uphill. I can walk 2 miles, I can even walk 2 miles uphill without too much of a struggle, but while pushing a 37 pound kid in a stroller? Not easy. I was so tired, but a good tired. Also, I wasn't too bright because I didn't eat breakfast before we left, so my energy levels were rather low. Coming home was a cake walk. Not only is it (obviously) downhill the whole way, but Tabitha walked almost the entire time. It's a very pleasant area with lots of trees, wide grassy areas that Tabitha ran through and also a hiking/horse trail where she found lots of pinecones. Very pleasant :)