April 07, 2002

Our beautiful Aleckzander died tonight. At 7:00pm I had two cats, at 7:45pm I only had one. He had an enlarged heart and had something similar to a heart attack. He had large blood clots and lost the use of his back legs. He was in so much pain and crying so badly. We could have had him go through surgery, but the vet said it was very unlikely that it would help and he'd just go through this again. I couldn't do that to my Aleck. He was only 6 and a half, he should have had at least double this amount of time with us. He was the first companion that Chris and I brought home. We refered to him as "our oldest". He was the only boy of all our animals. I miss him so much already and it's only going to get worse when I go to bed. He usually sleeps on my legs and tonight they won't be heavy from his 18+lbs, but from sadness. Having to explain death to Tabitha wasn't easy. I doubt she really understands. When she's older, she probably won't even remember him, but I have pictures. The one above is courtesy of Tabitha. She was playing with him a couple weeks ago and put her sunglasses on him and insisted I take a picture. The look on his face is Aleck personified. He's basically saying "why won't you people leave me alone?" And yet, I know he loved all of us.


April 22, 2002

Took this picture after my wasted chore of the day: vacuuming. Now I have green feathers all over my dining room. Check out the Kool-Aid smile :) Started lessons back up today, spring break is over at our house! Tabitha learned new sounds -ay and -oa. Did pretty good with them, still working on long vowels when there is a silent e at the end of the word. Also worked on math, phone number, and calendar. Tried to teach her Simon Says to improve her (lack of) listening skills, but it just proved that she doesn't listen, although she had fun playing and that's the most important thing. We also went out front so she could draw with chalk while I blew bubbles. It really was a lovely day. 2 more days until Chris's vacation, woo-hoo! We're not going anywhere but who cares! As long as he's home I'm happy, happy, happy!

Dinner: Pizza Hut, too hot to cook
Reading: "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits?" Erma Bombeck
Game played today: The Wheels on the Bus
Scrapbooking: One page of my mom holding Tabitha at the hospital when Tabs was born
Home or Out?: Home, all day
Items sold on Half.com: 1 video


April 25, 2002

Last night was the best! We got to see Green Day at the Forum! We saw them in '94 at Lollapalooza and '97 at acoustic Christmas. Last night was the first full show we saw them play and they were totally fabulous! The opening band was Jimmy Eat World, which were pretty cool, I think we're going to buy their cd today. After Green Day was Blink 182, but they really should have gone on first. They just paled by comparison and the lead singer kept talking in this idiotic voice and saying things like "We f**k dead people" and such so we actually left. Even with them, it was still one of the top 5 concerts we've seen.
Today we have our Nature Hike, though it really looks ugly out so maybe we won't go. We need to go to Whole Foods though, so we should be out and about a little bit if nothing else.
Also have to stop at McD's so Tabitha can get a Madame Alexandra Doll.

Dinner: none, last night, we fed tabs and left, just had a diet coke
Reading: "Vegetarian Times" magazine
Game played today: none
Scrapbooking: none yesterday, but Tuesday night I did Tabitha's first bath and used a colorblocking technique and love how it turned out! You can see it here
Items sold on Half.com: none
Blue dollars earned by Tabitha: none yesterday, but she'll be given one this morning when she wakes up for listening to her sitter last night.


April 26, 2002

Well, we opted not to go on the nature hike yesterday. It never rained but we were afraid it would be all muddy and didn't want to hike in that. Also, I hate to admit it, but I'm really sore from, um, dancing (if you want to call it that) at the Green Day concert and we weren't sure a hike would be good for me. So we just went to Whole Foods and a McD's and then came home for lunch. In the afternoon we took Tabitha to my in-laws' and Chris and I went to Disneyland to do grown-up stuff. First we hit the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Play It!" at Adventure, and Chris got in the hot seat! He was the third one in the hot seat as the first two got out at 1000 points. If you make it to the million points, you win a free trip to New York to seeing a taping of the real show. Guess how far Chris made it? 125,000 points! No, we're not going to NY but it was still really incredible. Only 8 or 9 people have made it to NY since they opened the game last year, so I'm real proud of how close Chris came. He got pins, a hat and a shirt which are all kind of cool. He can try again in 30 days. Oh, the question he lost on? A STAR WARS QUESTION!!! Let's just say the answer was not "Naboo". The question is "In Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace" which planet is comprised of a single city. The correct answer is "Courescant" (sp?) just so you know. Chris's brother is not currently speaking to him for missing that question :) We came home a few hours later and ate while watching CSI, Friends and Greg the Bunny. Then I fell very quickly asleep. Today we have to take the car in for a tune-up smog check and register it. Dinner: Pasta Salad
Reading: "Vegetarian Times" magazine
Game played today: none
Scrapbooking: none
Items sold on Half.com: none
Blue dollars earned by Tabitha: 3 yesterday, she bought herself the movie "Aladdin, Prince of Theives"


April 28, 2002

Today was pretty good. It was gorgeous, weather wise. We went to Disneyland because they tend to have more characters on the weekend than during the week and we've been trying to get a pic of Tabitha with Fairy Godmother. Well, we didn't see her, but the Prince from Cinderella was there and I've never seen him in life. We also got another quick visit with Peter Pan. We only went on one ride. We just decided to do shows and characters. We were going to go into California Adventure after dinner, but Tabitha became a non-listener so we had to go home. She's being put to bed by Chris now. Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow.

Dinner: Sandwiches and snacks
Reading: Nothing, waiting for my mom to finish a book to lend me
Game played today: none
Scrapbooking: none
Items sold on Half.com: 1
Blue dollars earned by Tabitha: 2


April 29, 2002

Another gorgeous day. We did a little shopping in the morning, I got two pair of pants and a shirt. Look for shorts for Tabitha, but the only pair I liked I bought her last week. After that we came home for lunch (Del Taco, sadly) and then we went for a walk to Stater Bros. to pick up veggies. After that we went to the park where Chris and I played tennis for awhile and Tabitha played soccer in the court next to us. Then we all played at the playground before coming home. Now we're watching the Kings and hoping to celebrate their win! All in all a very good day :)

Dinner: salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and corn
Reading: Nothing, waiting for my mom to finish a book to lend me
Game played today: none
Scrapbooking: none
Items sold on Half.com: 1
Blue dollars earned by Tabitha: 2, she bought Blue's Big Musical Movie DVD.


April 30, 2002

So much for the Kings winning last night. We stopped watching at the end of the second period. Today we stayed home for the most part. Chris did some much needed yard work while I did some inside work and Tabitha played. Then we all sat down and watched the new Blue's Clues episodes with Joe. Tabitha was excited to meet Joe and couldn't have cared less that Steve was leaving until the last episode. All the characters on the show were sad that Steve was leaving, so as soon as the show was over Tabitha starts telling me she was going to miss Steve and that she was sad. She'll get over it I'm sure. We all had a good time watching Joe and I think he's a wonderful addition to the show.
Had to take my mom to pick up her car from the shop and while I'm gone, Chris calls us to tell me Tabitha didn't make it on the potty and needed me to go buy her undies and pants. So I go to Target and they have no pants! Only shorts and a couple pair of capris. I'm not going to buy her shorts because it's cold today and I thought we might go out to dinner. I can go buy pants, Chris cna go buy pants, but apparantly a 3 year old cannot go buy pants in April which is just plain stupid. So I walked all the way down to the other end to go Mervyn's and ended up paying 3 bucks more for the exact same underwear they had at Target. They are the same company, it's ridiculous that Mervyn's charges 3 dollars more. I know it's not a lot of money, but it still ticked me off. At least Mervyn's sells jeans in April.


May 1, 2002

Updated my real me page. Still want to do new graphics, but am not in an artsy mood.
Today we went to a local Children's Museum. The pic is Tabitha with a taxidermied bear (you can imagine how thrilled I was to be surrounded by dead animals that you were encouraged to touch).

It was pretty fun, but they really catered to school groups and by the way they treated the individual families, they obviously don't care if we come back. I was considering buying their family year pass, but I don't think I will.
We went to lunch at Chili's today and it was just a horrible experience so the manager ended up giving us our meal free! They had no crayons for the kid's menu, no lids for the kid's cups, our waitress acted like we were putting her out when we asked for a refill on the chips and salsa, and then she only brought us salsa when we only had maybe 10 chips left. Then Chris's burger didn't have bleu cheese on it and my salad didn't have bleu cheese or eggs because they were out of both! I didn't expect the meal to be free, I thought we'd at least pay for Tabitha's meal and all the drinks but we didn't.
Right now we're getting ready to sit down and watch Cinderella II with some popcorn. Getting lots of family evenings this week, it's really nice :) After that we'll put Tabitha to bed and Chris and I will watch Amazing Race 2 and The Osbournes! I think we may watch That '70s Show as well.


May 3, 2002

Did the graphics for my real me page. I just altered the ones that were already there.
Today was the KodakPicture Maker saga. We went to Wal-Mart 3 times and Target once and tried to go to a Sav-On that doesn't exist anymore to get 3 lousy pictures made. FINALLY got it to work after trying all day. Normally I would have given up and gone another day but tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day and I'm going to an all day crop and really wanted these pictures to work with. I just put Tabitha to bed and Chris will be leaving for hockey in a minute. I'm going to make my food for tomorrow and hop in the shower and give myself a pedicure. The house the crop is at is a "no shoes" house so I must have pretty feet :) Even bought little rhinestones to decorate with.


May 13, 2002

Tabitha woke up with a cold this morning. Her disposition is fine, as usual, but she's having trouble sleeping. Gave her meds and they haven't done a darn thing, which stinks. Mother's Day yesterday was nice. Chris had to work in the morning, but he made me dinner, cheese ravioli with red pepper sauce, sourdough bread and a salad. After dinner we went to my mom's for a short visit. I wanted to give her the card that I made her plus Tabitha made her a card as well. Mom mailed my card and wrote some wonderful stuff about her being proud of me as a mother. Then she sent me a Vermont Teddy Bear with a cow print. I love my mommy :)
Yesterday and today it's been in the '90s. I had to turn the a/c on today because Tabs was just miserable during her nap. I was able to turn it off around 4:30 though.
Now I'm off to put Tabitha to bed. Hopefully she'll be able to sleep and feel a little better in the morning. Not an exciting post I'm afraid.


May 14, 2002

Eight years ago today, Chris and I met in line for concert tickets. Eight years since I layed eyes on him and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since. I love you, Christopher!
Today was fabulous! Great weather, very warm, but not stifling hot. I didn't need the a/c, just opened all the doors and windows and enjoyed the cross breeze. We got the playhouse cleaned up this morning. We made a run to Toys R Us for another set of alphabet foam puzzles, but they were ten dollars more than Imaginarium which we'll be at this week anyway, so we didn't get anything. After Chris went to work Tabitha played out side a lot and I just kind of stayed on the computer, or read my book, and I also went out to blow bubbles. Oh yes, I also got to play mailman. Tabitha's playhouse has a mailbox and she wanted mail. I have left over Valentine's cards so I delivered those to her. After dinner I read to her and then dumped her in a bath full of vapor bubbles to help her cold. She woke up 3 times between 8:30 and 10:30 last night but then slept until 7:00 this morning. She has Vicks on her chest as well as a "vaporizer" in a bottle which is really cool. Thankfully the house is open all day or the vicks smells would overwhelm us all. No Mommy and Me tomorrow, she's running a low grade fever and I talked to a nurse that said colds are contagious when a fever is present. Plus Miss Tabitha struck a little bit of rudeness twice today and I told her she can't go to class if she's rude. So we'll be home which is fine.
Thinking I'm ready to start scrapbooking again. I haven't been in the mood in ages, but I really am feeling the desire.
We took Tabitha for her first haircut last week. She has odd hair that is half curly and half straight and it always looked messy. We had it shortened and it looks much smoother now even though it's still very curly underneath. Below is the before and after pic.


May 17, 2002

Man, this cold really has me down. I didn't sleep very well at all last night and I'm just so tired. Didn't get much done at all today, had Chris do most of it when he got home. He's off at hockey now, Tabitha and I haven't been able to go watch in 3 weeks! She's doing better, and Chris only has a sore throat, so it's just me suffering. I'm feeling energized after my shower and really think I'll have a much better day tomorrow. Tabitha has a playdate here tomorrow afternoon which she's looking forward to. We did manage to get the whole back yard nice and clean. We got a very cute fence for Tabitha's playhouse. We still want to get some fake flowers at Ikea to plant around the edge. I'll take a picture after we do that this week. The pool still isn't open, we have mustard algae. But Chris is working on it and it should be open for the summer soon. Then we can have a party.


May 18, 2002

I feel so much better today. Just a little stuffy but not bed-ridden miserable like yesterday. This morning Tabitha and I made chocolate chip cookies that are nice and buttery, mmmm. Then, this afternoon after Chris went to work, Tabitha had a playdate that was fabulous! I've never seen two little kids play better together. No arguments at all. They played outside mostly, which is what I figured they'd want to do, but they also played dress-up/Cinderella inside and made "music" for a while. I'm very happy it went so well and we'll probably go out to their house next month. Now I'm off to finish that scrapbook page!


May 20, 2002

Chris called me to vent today. One of the supervisors might have a broken ankle and can't drive so he can't work his shift tomorrow. So Chris calls the other supervisor to ask him to come in and he said No! Can you believe that crap? So Chris has to work from 7:30 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night tomorrow after working his long 12 hour shift today. We're so pissed at this other guy. I told Chris to schedule a meeting with the manager (who is away on business which is why he won't be there to work instead), because this other supervisor got a second job and is totally letting it interfere with the his main job that he had first, pays him a salary, vacation time, and medical benefits. So, Chris is majorly bummed because he only saw Tabitha a couple hours this morning and won't see her at all tomorrow most likely.
Tabitha and I had a good day together at least. She wanted to teach me something so she taught me how to clean the playroom. I gave her a spelling test and a writing test this morning, she did very well on both. I gave them to her to see where she needs more work, not to give her a "grade". She thought it was great fun, because we used the computer for her spelling test and the Magna Doodle for the writing test. We played on Nick Jr. Com after lunch. She colored a page that we mailed to Magenta. We tried to play on Playhouse Disney but we couldn't get anything to load. She played Blue's Treasure Hunt while I scrapbooked this afternoon. I let her go outside for a bit while I was making dinner, but it was really cold and windy so she came in a few minutes later. After dinner, her bath and game, we watched The Cosby Show together on my bed. I'm really enjoying the show and may season pass it on Tivo. For bedtime she picked out a stuffed animal for me to sleep with tonight and after I sang songs to her, she sang me bedtime songs. Way too cute. Enough to bring a tear to my eye with how sweet she is :)


May 24, 2002

We had a fabulous day yesterday! We went to a farm with our Mommy and Me class. Chris was able to come too. There were so many animals! Tabitha got to milk a cow, pet chickens, camels, goats, sheep, feed goats and sheep, ride a pony, go on a hayride, and I don't even remember what else. She had so much fun :) Our digital camera isn't working correctly right now so I can't share pics until my film comes back. Afterwards we went to Disneyland because a friend of ours who works in characters called us to come down to see him work. We only stayed a few hours total. Then went to the mall so we could pick up some necessities at The Body Shop and had a quick dinner at the food court. After Tabs went to bed, Chris and I showered and gave each other facials. It was a good night. But we stayed up rather late and Tabitha came bouncing in at 6:15 this morning! She was up at 6:20 yesterday. So two days in a row of not enough sleep led to a slight meltdown after dinner. I put a dark blanket over her window to keep out the light and put her to bed at 7:00. Hopefully she'll get a good night's sleep and be back to normal tomorrow.
I'm looking to change my host for my website. I'm hoping to avoid my site being offline, but I would have to re-upload every one of my pages and graphics and that would just take forever. I'm not looking forward to the work
We canceled our satellite and Tivo service for the summer. I'm just tired of paying almost $70 for TV and since it's only re-runs in the summer anyway we'll hardly be watching TV. We plan to watch some of those movies we keep meaning to get to.


May 25, 2002

I have such a headache right now. I really need to go to an optomitrist, I'm pretty sure I need glasses for at least some of the time. Both my parents wear glasses, and they got them in their early 20s. Here I am 6 days away from 28, I'm really overdue for that appt.
Went to Target today to return a skirt I bought yesterday. I changed my mind and just felt I should return it. I guess it was some sixth, shopping sense telling me to take it back. Turns out they never charged me for the skirt in the first place! It was not on the receipt. So, I'm glad I took it back since I never even paid for it.
Chris has to work 6 days this week but at least his one day off is my birthday. Not that I think we're going to do much. My mom mentioned she might take it off, depends on her work load. So we'll see if we all get together or what. At the very least I know we'll go out to dinner.
Was surfing around last night and came across something interesting. .


May 31, 2002

Happy Birthday to me! 28 years old now. I'm okay with the age, I don't necessarily need to advertise it, but I'm not feeling that old. Turning 25 was hard, that felt old to me. But 28 is okay. Came into the dining room this morning and it was nicely decorated courtesy of Chris and Tabitha. Lots of Tabitha's art work and Chris hung up streamers for me. They also made me a nice omelet for breakfast. I told Chris no gifts, and he listened to me. Other than he got me a new Venus shaver since I love the men's Mach 3 so much. Silly, yes, but I love practical gifts :) Last night Chris took me out to a movie. We decided on Star Wars II. I absolutely loved it! I know some people don't care about the storyline between Amidala and Anakin, but I adored it. Knowing all the back story of how Anakin becomes Darth is really fascinating to me.
We're going to go to lunch with my mom and then I'm not sure what we'll do later. I don't think Chris has anything planned. He's taking a night off from hockey tonight so we might hit Disney. So far it's a very good day :)


June 4, 2002

We went to the zoo yesterday. We finally bought a year pass, I've been meaning to buy one for almost a year now. We were there about 3 hours, saw lots of animals. I wasn't as impressed with the children's area as I thought I would be. After dinner we all went in the backyard, I'm trying to get us back there more rather than sitting in the house doing nothing. If we're going to do nothing, we might as well do it in the fresh air. Bought more pool chemicals to help clear away the mustard algae, I could have hired someone to do it for us for the amount I've spent on chemicals in the last month. We finally got the fake flowers for Tabitha's playhouse. The whole area is so cute now!


June 7, 2002

Just got back in the house from blowing bubbles. Man is that a nice stress reducing activity :) Chris is completely overworked right now and just pissed off and tired. At least he doesn't take it out on us. But it's so upsetting with the amount of hours he's working and since he's salaried, it's not like we can console ourselves with over-time pay. It will all be over soon, but that doesn't help right now. Our home schedule is so screwed up and it's affecting Tabitha. She and I are getting a little tired of each other to say the least. But enough whining from me.
We worked on her dancing a little. She's really understanding the ballet moves but doesn't get the tap stuff at all. I'm going to listen to her teacher tomorrow and hear what words she uses and maybe that will help. My main goal isn't really to teach Tabitha how to dance, I just want her familiar with the terms so she'll know what her teacher is talking about. My class was supposed to start tonight but got postponed until next week.
Decided I want to have a garden of black plants and flowers. When Chris and I went for a walk around his parents' neighborhood last week, we saw the coolest black plant. I think we identified it last night at the Target garden center as "zwartkop". In any case, I need to look into it. Though my gardening efforts thus far have been less than stellar. At least I have beautiful green grass.
Did a small update on my real me page. Added a few items about me that were missing.


June 10, 2002

We went to Disneyland last night because Fantasmic is back for the summer and we wanted Tabitha to see it. Apparantly half the world had the same idea, the place was completely packed. We don't mind waiting an hour for a parade or show in order to get a spot where Tabitha can see, but we would have had to wait over 2 hours to see the show. So we did somegthing slightly stupid. We paid for seats. Disneyland has this area roped off with chairs and you can pay to sit there. Oh sure, they give you dessert and drinks, but it's still a lot of money. But, we did it anyway. Totally worth it. Tabitha loved the show so much! And her dessert was an ice cream sundae in a Mickey Mouse mug which she enjoyed. Chris and I got a beautiful box of pastries. Obviously we won't be doing this again, not for a long time at least, but it was worth it to see her face when Peter Pan came by and the end when Mickey won against the dragon.