June 11, 2002

I am not doing well today. First of all, I couldn't sleep last night and about 15 minutes after I fell asleep, Tabitha woke up. Then she woke up at 4:45 this morning and didn't go back to sleep! Well, she did, but only for 15 or 20 minutes. So I have been up since then and as I was doing my housework this morning my stomach started hurting and I felt really, really tired. So I have a knotted stomach and no sleep and my kid was rarin' to go (of course). Did I mention we had a playdate for today? *sigh I didn't want to cancel and they were coming here and I haven't seen my friend in a while so I decided to grin and bear it. I actually felt okay while they were here as I just sat the whole time. But her kids somehow bring out the worst in my child. It's not that her kids are bad, it's just Tabitha cannot seem to play as nicely with them as she can all her other friends. I don't know what it is. I mean, Tabitha actually threw something at one of the girls. Can you believe it?! That's just not like her. I don't know why she acts out so much with these friends and she's a model of behavior for other friends. I mean, an actual conversation between her and another 3 year old:
V: May I sit and have tea with you?
Tabitha: Of course you may. Here is your cup.
And today she's throwing toys. I don't get it. The joys of the complexities of a 3 year old.


June 12, 2002

Today was "graduation" at Mommy and Me. It was absolutely adorable! The kids wore little gowns and the moms made them caps. And they got a "diploma". I did take pics, but my digital camera no longer works so I have to wait for film to be developed before I share. I need a new camera desperately, whether digital or 35mm, I just need one good camera. I finally heard back from the Natural History Museum regarding their summer program. I was curious if they expected me to drop off my 3 year old for two hours. Thankfully, they do not. The program is designed for parents and children, so we'll be learning about tidepools this summer.
I was going to write more, but I'm suddenly very tired, I don't even remember what I was going to write about. Another exciting day in the life of me :)


Now I remember what I was going to write about. This look Tabitha gets on her face when I'm singing her bedtime songs. She closes her eyes and smiles and just looks like one of the stereotypical beatnik hippie people with the black beret, goatee, sitting in a coffee house listening to spoken word. It's like total zen. I do a mean "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" I guess. I just love watching her.


June 16, 2002

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Chris :) I went to buy his card the other day and there were so many that said exactly what I feel. I got my favorite (it professes my love) and wrote some words from another card that I really liked. I could have bought 5 Father's Day cards for him. He is an amazing Dad, to see him with Tabitha brings smiles to my lips and tears to my eyes. She is truly Daddy's Little Girl. I really don't know what we're doing today. We talked about going to ESPN sportszone for lunch but I don't know if we really will. He says it doesn't matter what we do as long as we're all together, but I'd like to do something special without over-scheduling. Sadly, he does have to mow the lawn today.
Yesterday we went to The Living Desert out in Palm Desert after Tabitha's dance class. It was really a neat place and we want to go back sometime when it's not 103 degrees. They have animal interactions and we missed everyone of them just because our timing was off. We did see a mountain lion lying in the sun about 3 feet from us. It was just huge and laying there on it's back and Tabitha says "Look, it's a cat!" The whole place was just so interesting, I'm really glad we made the drive out there. Afterwards we went to a condo where my in-laws stay sometimes for mini-vacations. We had never been there before. They took Tabitha swimming and Chris and I drove all over the place in the golf cart. Better than any ride at Disneyland. It was so hot that the golfers were all gone, good thing since we drove a long time on the course before realizing we were going to wrong way on the cart road. We all had dinner at the Country Club, they were not vegetarian ready. My mother in-law had called ahead of time to be sure they'd have something we could eat, and they assured her the chef could make anything and we could have one of the pastas without meat. But the waitress couldn't understand why Chris didn't want prawns on his meal and kept double checking my order (I just ordered a salad, baked potato and the vegetable, which was asparagus). She was like "Are you sure you don't want an entree?" You can imagine how child friendly they weren't. Tabitha fell asleep on the way home, which was the plan. A wonderful day it was :)


June 21, 2002

It's been a very nice week. It started off with a huge scare though. On Monday, somehow my dog either choked herself or hit her head really hard. I'm not sure which. She couldn't walk, she was staggering around and really thick saliva was coming out of her mouth. I called Chris to come home immediately to take her to the emergency room. After 10 minutes she was completely normal. I kept a really close watch on her and we decided that she didn't need to go after all. Very scary to watch her staggering.
Tuesday was a lovely playdate. Tabitha was much better behaved than last week, certainly no throwing things! The girls were able to play in the backyard and we had pizza for lunch. Tabitha is really enjoying the new toys in the backyard. We got rid of 3 of her smaller toys and bought a large slide and a roller coaster from Step 2. We tried to find a large structure that she could climb with a slide, but we just couldn't find exactly what we wanted so we settled for just a slide.
Wednesday was a wonderful Mommy and Me class. Chris came too, as did a friend's fiance. Then a large group of us went to lunch at Fridays. The kids were a little rambunctios but all relatively well behaved. No one screamed, no one tried to escape. Not bad for 4 kids 3 and under :) When we got home, the 3 of us relaxed for awhile. Then we packed Tabitha's suitcase and took her to my in-laws'. They kept her over night so they could take her to Sea World on Thursday. Boy did Tabitha love it there! She's only been once before and she was just a baby so it was all new to her. Sadly, my mother in-law didn't put sunblock on Tabitha's face because it was cloudy. Of course, that's when you get the worst burns so her face is all pink. And of course, my spoiled child came home with 4 stuffed animals, one of which is 2 feet tall. I told them before they left that if they bought her anything bigger than her, it was staying at their house.
Wednesday, after we dropped off Tabitha, we went to a Dodger game. We had extra tickets that we gave to friends. The four of us had a lot of fun. They aren't into baseball at all, but they did want to go and seemed to enjoy the game. Hopefully we can do it again soon.
Thursday, Chris and I had the whole day to ourselves. First we had to take our car to the mechanic because it failed the smog test (lovely) so we have a rental right now, a Dodge Neon. After we picked up the rental, we did some shopping, went to lunch (at a very slow restaurant) then went to the mall for more shopping. I made out like a bandit at Old Navy. Three pairs of pants and a skirt for $40. While trying on the skirt I discovered something, I have cellulite. Why the word "lite" is in cellulite I'll never know, because my legs are looking hefty. I guess I haven't examined my legs closely in a while. Then I was glancing over my receipt after we left the store, and the skirt was listed as "chunky blue skirt". I know what size I bought, do I need them to tell me I'm chunky? I was feeling so good because I tried on 10 pieces of clothing and all of them fit nicely and then they popped my balloon of happiness. Of course I have my wonderful Chris who said he looks at my legs all the time and he likes them :) After shopping we went to see "Undercover Brother". Man was that hilarious. I don't think I stopped laughing through the whole movie. Then we came home and played around for awhile before Tabitha came home. Today is another gloomy looking day, hopefully the sun will come out soon. We're not really doing anything, Chris is at a meeting right now but will be home in a couple hours. I do have dance class tonight which should be fun.


June 26, 2002

Chris bought me a new digital camera today!! I'm very excited :) It feels so good to be able to see my pics as soon as I take them again. I was going through withdrawals for the last couple weeks. Plus, I'm tired of waiting for film to be developed.
Tabitha's Place has been updated. Lots of cute pics. Of course :)
We've started a new routine. In the afternoon, I'm now serving appetizers outside around 4:00pm. Chris and I sit and relax and talk about our day while Tabitha plays. I'm trying to serve meals that can be prepped in the day so all I'm doing in the evening is making the salads. We've been sitting down to dinner around 7:00pm so Tabitha has been going to bed later. I think it will make for a nice summer tradition. I'm off to play with my camera some more!


June 27, 2002

We are going to see Blue's Clues
We are going to see Blue's Clues
We are going to see Blue's Clues
Our tickets are for tonight!

Tonight's the night. We have tickets to see Blue's Big Birthday Party at the Kodak Theatre. We bought the cheap seats, but I got them on pre-sale so we're in the front row of our section so hopefully they'll be good seats. I'm not sure who's more excited, Tabitha, or me :) I just hink she's going to love it so much, I'm happy to be able to take her. We're going to eat "dinner" at 3:30pm (we didn't have lunch) because we need to leave around 5:00. I'm sure the drive to Hollywood will be loads of fun. Hope they have good souvenirs!


July 1, 2002

The Blue's Clues Live show was wonderful! Tabitha was dancing around and responding to the whole show. She absolutely loved every minute of it. She did ask me once why Steve didn't sound like Steve talks (I told her it's because it wasn't a TV but a show) and she wanted to know why Slippery's mouth didn't move, but then turned around before I had to answer. I had a few mild problems with it, mainly the voices were way over the top and they all sounded like a stereotypical gay guy speaking shrill and sing-song like. There was also one scene where you could totally see a stage hand behind the kitchen table and see everything he was doing. But overall I think it was a great show and we'll probably go again next year, assuming Tabitha wants to go. For her souvenirs we got a glow necklace of blue, a light wand with a pawprint, and all the stuffed characters they had.
Today, Tabitha and I went to the Butterfly Pavillion at the Natural History Museum. It was amazing how many butterflies were in there.

Afterwards we explored the Discovery Room which is a huge hands on area for kids. Tabitha loved it. She kept racing from one thing to the next and loved touching everything. Though I'm getting tired of all the dead animal parts that seem to permeate these touching exhibits. Then we had lunch and then went back into the museum to look around. Tabs really liked the dinosaur bones and the North American Mammals and Desert Animals exhibits. She also enjoyed the Native American exhibit but kept asking what each and every piece of pottery was used for. We left fairly early to beat the traffic and are relaxing in the air conditioning right now. We'll have to pick Chris up from work when he's ready.


July 3, 2002

I have a lot to say about my day today at the water party at Mommy and Me but I'm tired. So here's a quick link to my dancing Country Bear. Really silly, but that's what made it fun. Check it out. I'm off to bed, I'll tell about the water party tomorrow sometime.


July 4, 2002

So our Mommy and Me class had a water party yesterday. The teacher brought a kid pool and we brought our crazy daisy. You hook a hose up to the daisy and it kind of moves all over and squirts water all around. First of all, since it's summer, all the parents bring their older kids who are normally in school. I understand this, but what I don't understand is how a bunch of 7-12 year olds can be such insufferable brats and worse behaved than the little kids. None of them had any regard for the little kids and were jumping into the kids' pool, thereby splashing the little ones (which are as young as 11 months) from head to toe. Then they would grab the crazy daisy and intentionally squirt the kids with it instead of letting it be used in the right way and as a result, it broke. There's supposed to be another water party in a few weeks, but we've decided not to go. Instead we're going to try to buy tickets for a road trip to San Diego to see the Dodgers play the Padres. It's going to be a 28 bus caravan. Should be interesting with a 3 year old.

July 7, 2002

You'll notice a few new things on my site. I'm going to post a pic everyday even if my journal doesn't get updated. Right now I do not plan to archive my pics, but that may change in the future. I also added "Quotable Tabitha" above. She says many things that I think are pretty funny (I am her mom afterall) and choose to share them here.
So we went to a wedding yesterday. At my wedding I was crying because I was so overwhelmed with emotions. The bride yesterday looked like she'd rather have been anywhere except there. She did loosen up at the reception and seemed to be enjoying herself so maybe she was just nervous. The reception was nice, we spent the whole time talking with my in-laws. I'm feeling very "blah" right now so my post isn't exactly riveting, I know. I also haven't been very good about updating my journal. I want to update everyday because I know that I don't like going to journal sites and seeing the same post a few days in a row.
Have I mentioned my new ebay quests? I'm buying lots of Mr. Potato Head things. We have 4 potato heads so I don't need more of them, but I'm trying to find accessories that we don't have. So far I've only bought one thing, it's a patriotic Potato Head. I also have my eye on a complete set of Return to Neverland toys from McD's in the UK. That ends very soon, wish me luck!


July 8, 2002

I didn't win a single auction yesterday! I lost one and the other two I wasn't home to bid on them. I'm bummed but trust that these items will come up again. It's not like we need more toys, though they are so fun to buy :) Today is Chris's long day at work, which always sucks. And then he closes on Tuesday so Tabitha doesn't see him from 9:00am today until he gets home around 4:00pm tomorrow. At least I can see him when he comes home tonight.
So we turned our satellite back on because Chris was mentioning all these shows that he wanted to watch. One of them was apparantly a special that isn't on regularly, and another is showing episodes we've already seen. But I can watch the re-runs of Cosby Show again so I guess it's worth it.
I heard from a friend the other day who surfed the web and found my site so she emailed me. I'm glad she did because I've been sad the last few years that we lost touch. Hopefully she can come for a visit pretty soon since we live so close to each other.
I blew bubbles again this morning, it's still relaxing. Blowing bubbles and watching the birds devour the food, these are things summer days are made of :)


July 09, 2002

Found one of the items I didn't bid on up for auction again by someone else with a buy it now price $10 lower than the other one went for. So we'll be getting an old Mr. Potato Head game in a few days. The shipping was atrocious though because of the increase at the Post Office. I mean, yay for them to make money since they don't receive gov't dollars, but I don't appreciate the increase. I'm still waiting on the Patriotic Potato Head I won last week, I might email the seller since I paid for priority shipping. I'm also waiting on some Sesame Street books from a book club and some scrapbooking paper from another club I'm in. And all I got in today's mail was an overdrawn notice from the bank! Mind you, I wasn't actually overdrawn. They decided not to credit a deposit for 4 days! We called last week and they reversed the fees, so it's no big deal, but I still don't like getting the notice in my mail.
Chris ended up closing today instead of opening so it was nice to spend the morning with him. Of course, I'll be alone tonight until he gets home, but at least he's off the next two days. I really wish we could win the lottery so he'd always be home. We spend an obscene amount of time together, and it never feels like enough. Tabitha and I have been playing silly games this afternoon and we're about to go on Nick Jr for awhile. I would like to scrapbook later so I'll see if she wants to play computer games. Her computer is next to my scrapping table so it's an ideal setup so we can still be together even though we do our own thing.


July 11, 2002

Our Homeschool page has been updated. 7/09/02

It was 100 here yesterday but cloudy so the humidity is just miserable. Supposed to be the same today but with a little lower temp. Not conducive to doing anything! We went to California Adventure last night and I saw a friend that I used to work with who just moved back here. So that's always nice. Tabitha got to have a lot of fun and then pitched a fit when it was time to go home. It was 10:00 and the park was closed but she just wanted to go inside Disneyland. You know, I really thought we were past the "throw a fit everytime we leave somewhere" stage but I guess I was wrong. At least it only happens once in a while as opposed to every single time but I still don't like it. I really don't think we're doing anything today, just lunch with my MIL and then dinner with her, my FIL and BIL. Today is FIL's birthday, plus we celebrate BIL's birthday and our anniversary because they are leaving for Maine on Saturday for 3 weeks. It's always a pleasent time.


July 12, 2002

My daughter just came out of her room to show me she put her shorts on, only to remember she forgot underwear. Should be an interesting outfit when she's done. She and I are in clean mode today. Tabitha wants to clean her room and I want the playroom cleaned up. I also really want to finish the scrapbook layout I've been working on. I like the layout, but it requires to journal boxes and I'm just not sure that I have that much to say about these pictures :)
Dinner last night was good, the waiter stunk, but the company was wonderful. Tabitha kept us entertained, as did my FIL. My MIL took today off work so she could pack for their trip (they leave tomorrow) and she's going to come by after lunch and take Tabitha for a couple hours. Gee, what will I do with myself while she's gone?
The outfit's done, not bad at all, and her underwear isn't even on backwards. She's wearing two different blue's but I think they look okay together. So, cleaning and then a few hours of relaxation are on the agenda for today. Should be a good one!


July 15, 2002

My dad is in town for 4 days. I haven't seen him in 2.5 years. The last time he was here was about a week before Tabitha's first birthday. He is just amazed at the difference. Of course, Tabs is a little show-off and she wasted no time in singing, reading, pointing out states, telling jokes and just generally performing for him as best she could. I saw him Saturday and Sunday, probably won't see him today, will see him a little tomorrow and then he's gone. Back to O' Canada. That's okay, my dad and I are so similar that sometimes I think these smaller doses of each other are for the best :)
Today, Tabitha and I start a class on tidepools at the Natural History Museum. I'm very excited for her and hope she enjoys it. I don't know if parents are involved or if we're just there, but I was assured this is not a "drop off your kid" program. The problem will be coming home, we'll be leaving LA about 3:00pm, not my idea of fun. I'm anticipating an hour and a half drive, mind you, we only live about 22 miles away. In any case it's just for this week.


July 16, 2002

Our tidepool class is really cool. Yesterday we started a diorama of a tidepool with "rocks" and "seaweed" and each day we add an animal that lives in tidepools. Today we added 2 limpits and and tomorrow we'll do a sea urchin and a sea star (no longer starfish like when I was a kid). At the end of the week we'll bring it home. Tomorrow morning we're going with our Mommy and Me class to see some real tidepools in Cabrillo. The drive home from LA yesterday was really good, but today it took me 25 minutes more than yesterday and I had a raging headache the whole way. It's subsiding now, but I'm still not 100%. Tabitha is being an absolute doll though and playing nicely and quietly by herself. I'm going to sign off now, maybe I'll post more later tonight.


July 17, 2002

Today was absolutely fabulous! We went to the tide pools at San Pedro. I have never been to tide pools before and it was really neat to see the things Tabitha and I have been learning about in our tide pool class. We saw beatiful sea-urchins

and when we were in class, Tabitha made a sea-urchin

for her tide pool diorama. Tabitha also made a sea star for the diorama and we made a puppet of an otter with a clam. It was a long day, but when we got home we had two boxes waiting for us. Our Mr. Potato Head Pals game that we've been waiting for, and also a mini-golf set from Discovery Toys that I was very excited about. She loved putting around the house and actually did a fairly good job when she paid attention to what she was doing. All in all, it was such a good day. Chris's friend is going to come over for an hour tonight so they can work on some stuff and I'll probably scrapbook since I fully expect Tabitha to be fast asleep before I shut the door.


July 22, 2002

Our tidepool class ended on Friday. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over, it's a bit much to drive to it everyday. We couldn't do anything else because we had to leave the house at noon and came home around 4:00pm. So our whole day would be shot. But Tabitha made a great tidepool diorama and we both learned a lot. I think we'll do another class next year.
Last night we had friends over for a casual outside dinner. The girls (only 4 days apart) always play together so nicely, I love talking to my friend and the husbands seem to enjoy talking to each other as well. By the end of the evening the girls were conspiring to sleep over together. Very cute :)
Today, Tabs and I are doing nothing. I think we'll do some lessons, but we're not going anywhere, we've had too much on the go. Lazy Days of summer my foot.
We had also gone to a birthday party yesterday. I'm just curious why some parents think it's okay for their kid to get right next to the birthday kid while she opening her presents essentially blocking everyone from getting a decent picture. There was this one child who kept doing that and her parents did nothing! I did have to remind Tabitha several times to sit down, but this kid was sitting on the same chair as the birthday girl. So now the grandmas and aunts and have this unknown kid in all their pictures. Very annoying and it's happened at Tabitha's parties too.
I got my new Close to My Heart catalog yesterday. Oh the money I could spend there! I made my wish list, and not including paper, ink pads and markers, it came to $400. Not too bad, but Chris's eyes got pretty big when I showed him the total :) I better cut back on restaurants if I want to get all that this year. I'm trying to scrap more and I think I've finally broken through my 2 month creative block. I really had visions of being at December 2001 at the end of this year, meaning only a year behind. But at the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to be at Dec. 1999. I'm currently in summer '99, so exactly 3 years. I really need to speed it up, especially since I want to do a Disney Character's album for Tabitha as well. Maybe I can get some done today.


July 24, 2002

I am just exhausted. I finally went to bed around 3:30 and was up at 7:45. Chris would have gotten up and let me sleep, but I decided that as long as I woke up I might as well get up. I can always take a nap later.
Tonight Chris is going to take Tabitha to a movie in the park showing of Peter Pan. I'll be at a Creative Memories (scrapbooking) demonstration. I'd rather go to the movie but I felt I couldn't say no. There's just nothing from them I really want to buy and I'm rather cheesed off that it costs money just to attend which is utterly ridiculous. I have to pay money for the opportunity to spend money. They have Disney stickers now which I'll probably buy and hopefully can use. Other than that, I don't think I'll get much out of the demo, but the company will be good.


July 25, 2002

Well, I spent more last night at the Creative Memories demo than I'd planned. They have some good accesories items that will come in handy. Didn't get a page done as we all just sat around and talked.
Not sure what we'll be doing today, mostly hanging around I think. It's going to be pretty hot, I'm sure. We might head out to a park for Tabitha to play, but we'll see.