July 26, 2002

Yesterday we decided to go to the LA Zoo. We saw some fairly active animals as we seemed to be there right at feeding time. The sea lions were also in the middle of a training session so they were especially interesting. Tabitha kept asking us to tell her what the animals eat so we had to look for the information on all the plagues, not sure where that fascination came from. We stayed a couple hours which was plenty in this heat. After Tabitha played on the playground there she told me her body really needed water and boy if she wasn't rather red from running around! When we got home we picked up our dog from the groomers, she was very overdue for a trim and bath. Tabitha played a bit outside with the dog while Chris and I relaxed with some reading, then I cooked a quick stir-fry for dinner. Then we all went outside again and played with a wooden airplane for awhile then came in the house and played "monster". That mainly consists of someone chasing and growling and the other two running and screaming. Not very cerebral but it always ends in laughs :)


July 27, 2002

Happy Anniversary to us! 6 years ago today, Chris and I said our Wedding vows. We were married at the Disneyland Hotel. I walked down the aisle to "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. When the music started, I started crying and could not stop. My friends attacked me with tissues begging me not to mess up my make-up. However, I couldn't stop crying and all pictures of me walking down the aisle show me wiping the tears away with my hand. I was just so overcome by emotion. I managed to stop the waterworks though when I got to the gazebo where Chris awaited me and I turned to him. He smiled at me and said "You like my hair?".
They fun hasn't stopped since and I love him more every single day.


July 28, 2002

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday, my mom took Tabitha to my grandparents' house so Chris and I could have the day to ourselves. We went to the Home Show in Pasadena first. Then we went over to this chi-chi supermarket and had pastries in their cafe. Then a quick stop at home, before doing some shopping at Robinson's-May with the gift certificate my mom gave us. We got a new mattress pad and a shirt for Chris. I didn't really see anything I really wanted so we're saving the rest of the gift certificate for now. We went to Outback for an onion blossom and jacket potatoes. At home, Chris made us bloddy marys (which we decided neither of us liked) and we had fondue, chips and salsa and cheese before retiring. We picked Tabitha up rather early Sunday morning from my mother's and we went to Disneyland. I had been wanting to go on a weekend to see if their were more characters to take Tabitha's picture with for her Disney Character scrapbook. We were in luck when we first walked in the gate we saw Timon and Rafiki. But we were really lucky in that Prince Phillip was there with Sleeping Beauty, we've never seen him before at all. When we went to California Adventure we got Tabitha's picture with Chip and Dale together (we've only gotten a pic apart before) and Farmer Mickey. We stayed all day, mainly only went on rides at California Adventure since Disneyland is so crowded in the summer, and had a great day together.


July 30, 2002

Took some wonderful pics of Tabitha playing outside today. She's now officially 3 years and 6 months. And she's celebrating in style by throwing a wonderful tantrum right now, *sigh. I haven't a clue what we're going to do about dinner as I'm feeling most sluggish and uninspired, but I think we're going to pop popcorn and snuggle in my bed and watch a movie later. Maybe Disney's "Fun and Fancy Free" since we've never seen it. Time to see if Miss Tabitha wants me to help her calm down yet.


July 31, 2002

See pics of Tabitha playing outside.

My mother-in-law is back in town and she couldn't wait to see Tabs. So we all went out to lunch together, then over to Target so she could pick up one thing. She told me "Go pick out a shirt since I never get to buy you anything." She didn't have to tell me twice. I got 2 shirts, Chris got 2 pairs of shorts, Tabitha got many outfits (plush my mil brought tons of clothes back from Maine), and Tabitha got 4 toys. I love Target anyway, but if someone else is paying, I'm estatic. Then, she told us to go home and she's keeping Tabitha for a few hours! So Chris and I are home alone right now, but we're not doing anything exciting. He's going to finish vacuuming the pool and I'm going to play with, I mean, put away, Tabitha's new toys and then I think I'll scrapbook a little.


Aug. 2, 2002

I took this pic while Tabitha was watching Sesame Street this morning. She just struck me as so beautiful in this pose.
I tested Tabitha on the Dolch words this morning (sight words most often found in books children read), and out of 220 words she knew 110. I'm very proud of her. I wanted to work on numbers with her as well, but it took a lot out of her to read all that, so she just quickly went through her states and now she's playing computer games. I'm feeling like I didn't get enough sleep, so I'm doing my cleaning, but taking my time and relaxing at the computer or watching The Cosby Show in between each job.


Aug. 4, 2002

We decided to stop the Blue Dollar reward system with Tabitha as her behaviour no longer warrants it. We went through a horrible two month period from March through May, but she is finally back to normal. So, she now owns all her videos, movies, and computer games again and no longer has to buy them from me.
I'm feeling the scrappin' bug so I'll pretty much just do lessons with Tabs tomorrow and then try and get a few pages done. My house can wait :)
We went to California Adventure tonight because I really just wanted to get out of the house. We had a great time watching the Electric Parade. One of the floats is a little firefly and it came right up to Tabitha and they were "dancing" together. Tabitha would jump up and down and the the fire-fly would bounce up and down too, it was too cute.

Aug. 7, 2002

Today we went to an indoor play place called Under the Sea. It had a bounce house, ball pit, fun house, log cabin, tons of slides, ride-on cars, huge balls to jump on, and lots more. The slides were so cool because it was almost as if they had been greased the kids went hurtling down them. I didn't take any pictures this time because I wanted Tabitha to just be able to explore without worrying about me getting just the right picture. I'll take the camera next time as we will definitely be going back.
I'm making a commitment to my health. No more chips and ice cream at home, and I want to do at least 10 minutes of Tae Bo daily. I can go 20 minutes, but then I'll only do it every 3 days or so. If I commit to just 10 minutes I'm much more likely to stick with it. I'm not obese, but I'm not exactly healthy. I have all my fat in my middle, which they say is the most deadly in regards to your heart. But I'm vegetarian for my health, I wear sun screen for my health, I walk almost daily for my health, and yet, I eat high fat foods as snacks and laze about the house everyday. Well, not exactly laze about, but playing with Tabitha and taking care of the house is not really the most strenuous of activities. So now, I need to exercise more for my health.


Aug. 8, 2002

Today we went to the El Capitan Theatre to see The Country Bears movie. I must say it was much better than you would expect from the previews. It was very funny and we all enjoyed it. We went with my mother-in-law. After the movie, the Country Bears came out and gave a mini-concert. The problem with going to the El Capitan is the traffic. We hit it on the way there and were stuck in rush hour on the way home. We decided to go to Friday's for dinner where we had this waiter who was unbelievable. He could write a book on customer service. Made me wish I was paying just so I could leave him a good tip. After my mother-in-law dropped us off, the three of us spent a lovely evening in the back yard. Tabitha played with the dog and bunny, and also danced with her two shadows which was highly entertaining, I read a magazine and Chris kept track of the Dodger game on his Palm. It was very peaceful. Have I mentioned how much I love my back yard? No matter what my feelings may be with my house, and they range from bliss to despair depending on the situation, I love sitting in my back yard. It just feels so "right". As if this is the life I was meant to have, sitting with my family, just relaxing and doing nothing in particular. I can never answer the question "So, what have you been up to?" or "What's new?" because my answer is always "Just living life." That's all I want to do, just enjoy life with those that I love and cherish. So far, so good.
When I finally made Tabitha come in to go to bed, she said she wanted to skip stories and songs and go right to bed. You know a kid is exhausted if they admit they're tired.


Aug. 9, 2002

I love good news. And I especially love good news of the monetary kind. Apparantly when we moved in here a few years ago, we must have had to give a deposit to the electric company. Now I don't remember doing it, and I can't imagine why we would have needed to since it was the same company we were with in our apartment but in any case, we gave them a deposit. Today I received a bill, they have applied our original deposit, plus interest, to our account and not only do I owe nothing for this month, I won't owe anything next month, at least not more than $5.00! Isn't that wonderful? And today, Tabitha and I finally, FINALLY!, went swimming in our pool :) We've been battling mustard algae for a few months and Chris and I got rid of it and our pool is swim-able again. So Tabitha and I took a nice swim which felt great since it's in the 90s today. And my darling daughter is still improving with her reading and her math, which makes me so proud. And for my sweet mommy moment, she wants us to have another "girls day out". What a sweetie.


Aug. 10, 2002

Today we all went swimming together. Or rather, Chris and Tabitha swam, I kind of sat on the edge of the pool and let my feet dangle in the very cold water. Yesterday it felt good, today I couldn't take it. Last night we went to buy an anniversary gift for my in-laws. We wanted to get them a lazy susan for their outside table, the kind with a hole for the table umbrella. We had seen one at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago. Last night they were out. We came home and called 7 Wal-Marts and I searched the internet for almost an hour- nothing. We cannot find one anymore. Today we went to Leslie's Pool Supplies to buy a pirate boat I've been wanting for the pool. They were out, as were the 5 other Leslie's we called. Unbelievable. At least I can order the pirate boat online, I haven't a clue what we're going to give my in-laws for their anniversary.


Aug. 11, 2002

Went to see the Dodgers tonight. Sadly, the lost. We were a typical LA fan and left early. We don't usually, but Tabitha had pretty much had enough by the 8th inning and I haven't felt well all day so we came home. Now I'm fixing myself some curry rice and I'm going to ask Chris for a nice neck rub while we watch Trading Spaces.


Aug. 12, 2002

We had a very pleasant dinner with my inlaws and some friends of the family. Tabitha was in her element as the center of attention. The friends kept complimenting us on Tabitha's behavior, gotta love it :) I made some meatless balls and homemade barbeque sauce which was well received. Tomorrow is our "girls day out" at Disney, but Miss Tabitha is rather wound up right now and still not asleep. Hopefully she'll sleep on the way there tomorrow since we're not going until after lunch. I did not do my Tae Bo yesterday, sadly. I tried but felt very nauseus. I did my weights yesterday though, so that's something at least. At some point I feel that all this exercise and cutting out junk will start to pay off, right?


Aug. 14, 2002

I don't think I mentioned it, but we were one of the grand prize winners for the Nick Jr. Summer Sweepstakes! Tabitha will receive her own thinking chair, $250 prize basket of toys and a $250 gift certificate to the Nick Jr. online store. Well, yesterday the thinking chair came!

It looks so cool in our living room, I can't wait until her prize basket comes. Yesterday Tabitha and I had a "girls day out" at Disneyland and California Adventure. It was a lot of fun, but I'm very tired and Tabitha is too as she is just starting to wake up and it's 8:45. She's usually up by 7:15. Now, I have to rouse Chris as well and pack lunch, we're off to the beach.


Aug. 15, 2002

I am so burned. And yes, I used sunscreen. Though I have lovely racoon eyes, so the sunscreen worked in one area. Tabitha got minimally burned, right around her swimsuit strap, so I guess I didn't do a good enough job applying the sunscreen. Chris's face got burned too, but he didn't use sunblock in time. I'm going to have to liberally apply the make-up today. After the beach yesterday, we dropped Tabitha off with my sister for a little while and Chris and I went shopping. I still needed to find an outfit for my reunion. Well, I found a great outfit plus another shirt that I loved. I'm very happy with our finds. We looked at Hot Topic and found a couple shirts for Chris as well, we just have to decide on one. We finally watched the first two episodes of the Anna Nicole Show. Aside from her sounding drugged most of the time, it provided some entertainment, I'm sure we'll keep watching. We're also watching 1Hit Wonder and The Rerun Show on VH-1. They're fun shows, but I can't wait for the new seasons of CSI, Amazing Race, and The Osbournes.


Aug. 18, 2002

I've been so lazy these last few days. My kitchen is a disaster, I have no food to cook, I haven't done Tae-Bo in a week, and my website hasn't been updated in quite a few days. Chris's schedule is different right now for various reasons and that has something to do with it. Friday, Chris was off, we had lunch with his mom and then went to California Adventure for a few hours. Tabitha is tall enough for Soarin' Over California and she really wanted to go on it. I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not but she loved it! She got the "freaked out" face for the first 20 seconds and then she was fine. We also saw a Character show that we hadn't seen before. It was really cute and I got some pics of Tabitha with Goofy, Donald, Mickey, and Max dressed in different outfits. I've decided to make the scrapbook of Disney characters for Tabitha. She loves looking at my scrapbooks and I know she'll appreciate it. I have almost all the pictures I need for it, though there are a couple characters where I don't have a clear shot so we'll go in the next week or two and try to get a good posed picture. I also have plenty of candids. I'm going to give it to her for her birthday, I'll just have to work on it after she goes to bed so she doesn't see the layouts. After Adventure, we came home and had dinner then went to the mall with my mom and sister. Chris and I both have all the pieces to our outfit for the reunion next week. I'm very excited! There are a few people I'm looking forward to seeing again. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do my hair. I think it will look too casual if I wear it straight, but I want to look like me so I don't really want to curl it. We'll see.


Aug. 19, 2002

Tabitha is 3 and a half and has been fully potty trained for over a year. In the last week she has had 2 accidents. I don't get it. If she has another one this week, I'm going to call the dr. and see if she thinks I should bring her in. I don't think anything's wrong, it's just odd.


Aug. 20, 2002

Today was a pretty good day. Didn't wake up until 9:00am. Of course, I wonder how long poor Tabitha was awake and waiting for us. We had a nice lunch with my mil, then a very quick trip to the mall to pick up "Return to Neverland". Home, where Chris played Madden 2002, I scrapbooked and Tabitha built a block city and played with her potato heads. Dinner was good, we tried a new brand of soy meat, and it was easy to use and very tasty with a great texture. Now we're relaxing a bit and then we'll pop some popcorn and all watch "Return to Neverland" together before Tabitha is off to bed.


Aug. 21, 2002

For the first time ever in my life, I'm enjoying this overcast weather. I can't explain it but I usually hate this kind of weather, especially if it's still summer. We had such a mild summer that I'm wondering if it's going to be a harsh winter. We need the rain here something fierce so it would be a good thing. I think I'm just thinking of the holidays too much. I know, I know, it's only August. But I've been thinking of Tabitha's Christmas and then her birthday in January. It's not that I want her to grow up more quickly, I just really, really love buying her toys and giving her a huge birthday party. I'd kind of like to do a treasure hunt, but I think that may wait until her fifth birthday. The other day she said she wanted a Buzz Lightyear birthday, but who know's what she'll choose in a couple months. In any case, she'll have to decide as soon as Christmas is done so we can start working on it. I've also been thinking of Halloween. I don't think my mom is making a costume this year as Tabitha seems to be leaning towards a Disney costume. I really don't want her looking like every other little kid out there, but I'm sure she'll be adorable no matter what she chooses. We got a list of the toys that should be coming from the Nick Jr. contest. I have to be honest and say it's a little disappointing. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that, but I guess I expected better than silverware, coloring book, towel, visor and such. There is also one or two Blue's Clues computer games, I really hope they're the new ones as we have all the old ones. If it's the old ones though, I have some online friends that will like them, I'm sure. I know Tabitha will love everthing that comes. Especially since she doesn't even know it's coming! As soon as the box gets here we'll use our gift certificate at the online store. Those toys will be put away for Christmas (see, I'm still thinking of holidays!) Tonight Tabitha goes to my in-laws and Chris and I are off to see the Dodgers play. Chris has been wanting a Gagne shirt, I think we may get it for him tonight. And because of the yucky weather, I'll be able to wear my cool Dodger sweatshirt that I love so much :)


Aug. 22, 2002

Had a really nice playdate this morning. Well, actually, Tabitha kind of played by herself while her friend played by herself, but there were no arguments and Tabitha was overly polite, such as, "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't want to play with the potato heads right now. I'm going to play with my Leap Pad if that's okay." They know each other from our Mommy and Me class but this was the first playdate. Also, Tabitha sat down with her friend in our big chair and was reading to her from one of her lesson books. Too Cute! After they left and after lunch, I watched Tabitha play in her sprinkler for awhile. She had a lot of fun jumping and dancing around. I was looking for some online math resources and came across some printables and also a really cool experiment to show the mixing of the primary colors. We'll have to do it tomorrow for our science lesson. And now she's watching Blue's Treasure Hunt while I goof off and desperately try not to fall asleep before Tabitha's bedtime.


Aug. 23, 2002

We got our prize box from Nick Jr.!!!! You can see pics of Tabitha with all the stuff she got. And remember how I said the list of prizes didn't seem like $250 worth of stuff? Well, it wasn't. So they sent us another $100 gift certificate to the online store. So that's $350 to spend there! Isn't that incredible? All the stuff they sent is really cool and she kept saying "That's a lot of Nick Jr. stuff". I've started buying warmer pajamas for Tabs since the weather will eventually cool down at night and she wore the Blue's Clues ones to be even though they're a little warm right now. Plus, she has to hitch up the pants when she walks which is kind of funny. A couple nights ago I made a number chart 10-100 to help Tabitha learn to count by 10s. So today I asked her to count by 10s. The little bugger did it perfectly without even thinking about it, lol. Guess I didn't need to make the number chart after all. We did a science experiment I read about tonight. It failed miserably. Thankfully it was only going over the mixing of primary colors which she already knows. So it wasn't going to teach her anything new, I just thought it would be fun.
Tomorrow is my reunion!!


Aug. 23, 2002

We got our prize box from Nick Jr.!!!! You can see pics of Tabitha with all the stuff she got. And remember how I said the list of prizes didn't seem like $250 worth of stuff? Well, it wasn't. So they sent us another $100 gift certificate to the online store. So that's $350 to spend there! Isn't that incredible? All the stuff they sent is really cool and she kept saying "That's a lot of Nick Jr. stuff". I've started buying warmer pajamas for Tabs since the weather will eventually cool down at night and she wore the Blue's Clues ones to be even though they're a little warm right now. Plus, she has to hitch up the pants when she walks which is kind of funny. A couple nights ago I made a number chart 10-100 to help Tabitha learn to count by 10s. So today I asked her to count by 10s. The little bugger did it perfectly without even thinking about it, lol. Guess I didn't need to make the number chart after all. We did a science experiment I read about tonight. It failed miserably. Thankfully it was only going over the mixing of primary colors which she already knows. So it wasn't going to teach her anything new, I just thought it would be fun.
Tomorrow is my reunion!!


Aug. 24, 2002

It's very late but I wanted to get the pic up and do a quick update. Tonight was my 10 year reunion. Right now I'm not sure what I'm feeling; happy, sad, disappointed or glad. I know I'm happy to have seen and talked to a few people. But all the people I enjoyed talking to, I had their email addresses and could have talked to them at any time. But I guess going tonight forced me to actually do it, as opposed to "I could do it". It's amazing how easy it was to recognize everyone, not that I think I look that different so I don't know why I expected everyone else to. But, I think it was fun, lol. I'm tired. But writing this, you know what? I'm glad I went :)


Aug. 26, 2002

You can see more pics of Chris and I before the reunion here.

"Kate and Leopold" was a very enjoyable movie. I enjoyed it and may buy the DVD so I can rewatch it. Every now and then when I'm alone I like to curl up with a good (okay, I'll say it) chick-flick. Today Tabitha and I are baking a cake. She loves cooking and baking, but I get tired of making cookies. Someone on one of my lists did some baking with her son the other day and it inspired me. So we're making a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (I cheated and bought ready-made frosting) with sprinkles. It's all about the sprinkles, lol. She wanted fish shaped sprinkles but they didn't have any. So I promised her I'd draw the shape of a fish on top. Should be interesting, I'll probably post a picture later. So, Chris works a long day today. I debated about taking him and then I could have the car. But if we went to Disney or the zoo or mall, I was just going to spend money so I didn't drive him to work. So what do I do? Walk to the store like always, but instead of just buying 3 things for dinner, I bought the world's most expensive light bulb for my dryer, frosting, sprinkles and lets not forget the sparkly headbands Tabitha just HAD to have. I think I would have spent less if we had gone out today. But at least this way I get cake :)


Aug. 27, 2002

Happy Birthday to my sister. She's sweet 16 today. Gad, I remember so well when she was a baby. We didn't always get along thanks to our age difference, but she was and still is a very beautiful girl inside and out.
We went shopping for her gift at the mall this morning (didn't find it, have to order it online, I guess) and then lunch at Chili's which was nice. Tabitha was in a silly mood and kept us entertained. After Chris went to work she and I played a game and then I finally broke out my Clue into Safety materials. We went through the magazine and then played online for a long time. The site is really neat and she loved playing the games, but at the end of each game you get to print your prize. No problem except they were all 3 pages long and two of them were 6 pages long! I barely had any black ink to begin with and now it's down to a critical level. Because of all the printing we were on the site for well over an hour at which point I was just tired of it all. I tied a long red scarf around her neck for her "Safety Tabitha" cape. Too cute! Right now she's playing in her sand box and I'm going to go out and join her and then it's movie night for us tonight. We're going to watch "Toy Story" which I thought we had on dvd but it's just the video. Speaking of dvds. School House Rock came out today and I called around and none of the stores I can walk to have it in. Bummer! I was really looking forward to watching it tonight! But I do have a short video that has 10 songs on it so Tabitha and I watched that. Not sure what she thought about it but I had my School House Rocks Official Guide Book so I could have all the words in front of me. I know, geeky- but fun!


Aug. 28, 2002

Toy Story was a big hit with Tabitha last night. Although the dog kind of scared her a bit. Now, hopefully, we can get her picture with Woody at Disneyland. Last time we tried she told Chris that she didn't like cowboys.
My Scrapbooking site is finally redone. You can now see layouts I've done of Tabitha, our Relationship Album, and also a Disney gift album I've done. It took me forever last night to put it all together, but it's done. Well, actually, it will always be added to as I finish more layouts for Tabitha.
We went to the store this morning, as always, and it was yet another example of how this store is not really for my family. We go to it because it's within walking distance and it's a great way for me to get quick exercise. Tabitha always likes to ride in her stroller, so I can walk pretty fast and really get my heart pumping. Anyway, it's a small store and it totally caters to the old folks in my neighborhood. So I go to buy roasted garlic, parmesan, Alfredo sauce. They had 25 varities of tomato sauce and 4, count them, 4! kinds of Alfredo sauce. And none of them had garlic. I have yet to find a good recipe of Alfredo sauce so I buy the jarred kind, but I think I need to put more effort into finding a good recipe. Anyone have one they care to Email Me?