Aug. 29, 2002

I've got a toy problem. I CAN'T STOP BUYING THEM! We went to Disneyland last night where we found Disney Mr. Potato Heads. So now we have another potato (that makes 7!) with 25 parts that are too cute! There's a tea cup to sit in, Mickey Mouse ears hat, a Mickey balloon to hold and tons of fun stuff. Then I saw too accessories packs, one is Pirates of the Caribbean and the other is Frontierland. And I swear these are for Tabitha not me, but I just love buying her toys. The amount we have in our house is astounding, especially considering we only have one child and the fact that I do give toys away twice a year. And yet, I want to buy her more. I've already started my Christmas gift stash and it's only August. *sigh I need help.


Aug. 30, 2002

There have been two seizures of large amounts of dogs in the last couple weeks. 25 puppies were taken from one place and 86 dogs were taken from another home. That guy claimed he was a "collector". Of what? Dog poop? Anyway, their shelters desperately need these dogs to be adopted and one has reduced their fee down to $15 including spay and neuter. We were going to go out to Burbank today to find one to bring home, but then I realized how irresponsible that would be. We can't afford to take a dog to the vet or obedience training. As much as I don't want these dogs put down, I don't think it would be right for me to bring one here, that very likely is sick and may get my dog and cat sick. I'm very sad about it, but I know it's the right decision. For once, I need to think with my head and not just my heart.
There is good news for today, Chris is home! Finally. The third supervisor is home from vacation and after Chris has today and tomorrow off, his week gets back to normal and he'll have next Wed/Thurs. off work. Today we'll be off on the great ice cream search. Apparantly they make Blue's Clues ice cream. It's made by a company I have never heard of but their website tells you where you can buy their products so off we go! The store is not exactly far, but not easy to get to, plus there's no guarantee that they'll have the Blue's Clues ice cream but we're hoping. Also we need to recycle and run by the pet store and fabric store and scrapbooking store and lunch with my mother-in-law. Busy day and it's already 9:00! Oh well, we're not doing anything after dinner so hopefully we can relax in the back yard this evening. I had more to say but I have got to get a move on and get dressed.


Wow! Two posts in one day, lol. Well, I probably won't have time to post tomorrow morning anyway so it balances out. The Blue's Clues ice cream was a no go. The store where it was supposed to be did not exist. Well, for that matter, the address it was supposed to be at didn't exist either. Today was the Karmic retribution day. We saw someone who's car died in a driveway. Chris said that if we weren't in the left turn lane he would have got out to help. Guess who's car wouldn't start when we came out of Target? Just a dead battery but still, very inconvenient, and I had just spent an exorbient amount of money at Target and now I'm debating if I should return some things since we had to buy a new battery. And the guy who jumped our car said we had a bad valve, turns out it's actually only $50 more to get a new engine than to get a valve replaced, not including labor, of course. The car is 11 years old, but we've already replaced the engine once, not to mention the alternator, transmission and host of other things. I think we're really going to work on saving the money for a scooter for Chris. We can get one for under $2000. It wouldn't be legal for the freeway, but he takes surface to and from work most days anyway and then it will really save some wear and tear on the car. I really don't want to finance that little amount but it won't be easy to have the discipline to save it. Oh, I wanted to share a pic I took yesterday of Tabitha with all her potatoes:


September 1, 2002

Goodness, it's hot today. I went outside at 9:30am to start laundry and it was already hot. I've managed to keep the inside pretty cool so far without turning on the a/c, but Tabitha is playing in the back yard right now so the door is open and letting in all the hot air.
Yesterday we went to a birthday party at Adventure City. It was pretty fun except for the second worse puppet show we've ever seen. We actually left in the middle of it and went to the petting zoo instead. I realized something yesterday. Tabitha is very timid about fast rides and sensitive to "scary" scenes in movies. This I know. But I noticed that other kids who love fast rides and nothing scares them movie-wise are scared of people. The birthday girl refused to be pushed by the party hostess in the birthday taxi and she would not go on the stage at the puppet show to get her t-shirt. Tabitha, on the other hand, really wanted to jump in the birthday taxi and was disappointed that she couldn't go up on the stage. And I realized that I know other kids like this too. Sometimes I feel bad because movies scare her or because she really hates a lot of rides, unlike most of her friends. But, she is a very outgoing child who has no problems in public or being in a spotlight, and without her parents. So, I guess we've done our job in making her feel secure in unfamiliar situations, and I think that's more important than whether or not she likes to watch "Sleeping Beauty".


September 2, 2002

Sadly, it's fire season. They are raging everywhere. The latest one is not too far from here. This one is presumed started by a bolt of lightning so at least it's just part of the cycle of nature. Campgrounds had to be evacuated but no homes were threatened and as of the printing of the paper, no injuries or deaths. It smells like smoke something fierce and it's very hazy here when the smoke moves in front of the sun.
And on another not good front, one of our fan belts broke while Chris was on his way to work. I really hope the car is not starting it's cycle again. I simply cannot go through it again. I can't afford to replace every piece of the car, I sure as hell can't afford a new car and emotionally it just drains me. My first car was a 1977 Datsun, I got it in 1991. You can imagine how many times I was stranded on the freeway, at stores, at work or wherever. We bought this car in 1996, it was 5 years old at the time. I have never had a new car and won't for a very long time. Even if we could by a new car, Chris would get it, not me since he has to drive to work everyday. I know staying home with Tabitha means we sacrifice having some things, and I'm okay with that. We actually have quite a bit of material things in our life. We definitely have more than we need. But oh how I would love to buy a new car.


September 3, 2002

Had a nice earthquake last night. It rolled and then did a sharp jolt which made me move a little quicker to get Tabitha and get to a doorway. Of course, as usually happens, by the time you get to a doorway, the earthquake has stopped. It happened around midnight so there's nothing in the paper about the magnitude or the epi-center. I'll go searching online for info. The fire that's near here is now suspected as being started by humans, they just aren't sure if it was an accident or arson.
Chris closes today so we'll probably grab a quick lunch before he goes off to work. I promised Tabitha she could play in her Blue's Clues sprinkler today, I've been saying no because the door has to be open when she's outside and I haven't wanted to let all the out air in the house. Today I'll probably keep the door shut and go out with her to read. I can turn on the mist to help keep me cool. We borrowed a lot of movies from my brother-in-law last night. Chris and I watched "Shallow Hal" which we never saw. I enjoyed it, although there were certain parts that just screamed "Farrelly Brothers" which weren't necessary. But overall it was a fun movie. Tonight I'll either watch "Father of the Bride 2" or "Romeo and Juliet" with Leo Decaprio which I've never seen.


September 5-6, 2002

We went to the La Brea Tar Pits today (Thursday). Basically, before this was good old Los Angeles, we actually had large mammals living here. In the Ice Age, in what is now Rancho La Brea, tar bubbled up to the surface at major watering areas, trapping birds and mammals who then became bait for carnivores such as saber tooth cats and then they got trapped as well. Now it's a museum and excavation site for fossils. I've been several times throughout the years with school but Chris had never gone and Tabitha has expressed an interest in dinosaurs lately. Although there are no dinosaurs at the tar pits, Tabitha still enjoyed the bones and fossils and watching the Pit 91 excavation crew. When we got home, our new phones were here waiting. We were with WorldCom (what a joke of a company, it's no wonder they went out of business) and obviously our service with them is ending so we've been shopping for a new company. This time we went with a family plan and now we both have our cell phones as opposed to one cell phone that went with whomever had the car (usually Chris). We went with T-Mobile, and even though we had to call customer service 3 times during our setup today, every time it was a minimal wait time and they were both friendly and actually helpful, something we never had with WorldCom. Now we're like the cool kids, lol, and have Nokia phones. So, geeks that we enjoy being together, spent the rest of the evening setting up rings and stuff. We couldn't find any downloads for Disney songs on American sites, so we transposed our sheet music of Disney songs in the composer program of our phones and now I have "Once Upon a Dream" when Chris calls me, and "Cruella DeVille" and "Yo Ho, a Pirates Life for Me" as rings. Chris has "Bare Necessities" as his regular ring and "I'm Late" when a certain friend who has yet to show up anywhere even remotely on time calles. I downloaded the theme from "Bewitched" as my regular ring and Chris downloaded "Fade to Black" to use as well. I'd also like to get a Disney faceplate. It's amazing how not working for them for 3 years (last month!) has mellowed my opinion on them considerably. Going to Disneyland with my child has really brought back the magic for me and that makes me happy as I did originally decide to work at D-land because I enjoyed what Disney had to offer. And now that it's midnight, I think we're off to bed. I might write more tomorrow (Friday) since Chris is closing. Oh, I did want to mention scooter shopping. We checked some out on Wednesday. The 2 seaters just aren't that comfortable for the both of us and the storage is kind of small. Plus the one seaters just have a much cooler styling to them. Insurance wise, the extra monthly amount won't be a problem. And if we finance, the monthly payment won't be that bad, but we don't have a lot of extra per month as it is, especially since we added a new cell phone bill. But, I'm pretty sure that at the end of this month you'll be reading a post on our new scooter, it just seems the right thing to do right now.


September 6, 2002

Turns out, I still have a thing for Axl Rose :) I finally watched the Guns N' Roses performance from the Video Music Awards. I loved it and I can't wait to see them in concert again. I thought I wouldn't care for it for a couple reasons. First, I firmly believe not only that the '80s are beyond over, but you really can't go home again, as the saying goes. I don't really like listening to music from the '80s that I used to be so in to. Also, the only original member is Axl himself, it's not like it's the Guns N' Roses I remember from 9th grade. But none of that mattered. They opened with the one song I like the least ("Welcome to the Jungle") and it sounded great. Then into "Madagascar" which I love, I have a live version from Napster. Then they closed with "Paradise City" which is the song that caught my attention in the first place. Axl looks great. He has braids, which I don't normally like on white guys, but I think they looked good on him. And he's not as skinny any more, hopefully that means he's laid off the drugs and is healthy. Anyway, I saved the recording because Chris wants to see it as well.
We went out shopping today and each of us got a new face plate so we know who's phone is whos. I really wanted a Disney one, but I couldn't find one I liked and we found a place that had a buy one get one half price deal so I really wanted to take advantage of that. I went with a cow print and Chris got a clear case with blue flames. Now I've been searching the net for a Disney carrying case and found one on ebay but not sure if I want to bid on it or not.
After Chris went to work, I did a little scrapbooking while Tabitha played computer games. Then we did a reading lesson and then played hide and seek for while. Tabitha was really into playing "house" tonight. She would use one her toys phones and call me on another toy phone and invite me to her house for a visit. It was fun to have her play hostess while I was her guest. And she kept calling me Zandra instead of mom. Very cute kid I got :)


September 7, 2002

We're going out with friends tonight, this is like an amazing thing, lol. Chris and I go out alone or the 3 of us as a family all the time, but we rarely go out with friends, and even more rare without the kids. But this couple doesn't have kids. Well, they're not even married for that matter. I went to Highschool with J and though we've had each other's email address and phone numbers, we've only seen each other 3 or 4 times since graduation. So, at our renunion a couple weeks ago we actually decided we needed to get together. And he has a girlfriend who seemed real nice so I'm looking forward to a pleasant evening. We're going to an "entertainment complex" (it's an outdoor mall) so hopefully I'll get a little shopping in as well. Today, Tabitha and I aren't really doing anything. She has a Minnie Mouse hat on and she's also wearing a tuto. She says she's going to keep them on to show my mil when she goes ever there tonight. But she's slowly stripped off parts of her dress-up outfit, so we'll see if these last two items last. Tabitha is drawing a lot of pictures, and I'm debating whether I want to scrap a little or just sit back with my new Creating Keepsakes that came yesterday. The Dodgers are on in an hour and I really want to watch that so I doubt I'll scrap. It takes me an hour to stare at the pictures and try to come up with a plan! It's actually a bearable temp so I don't even have the a/c on, though I do have every window in the house open. And I love sitting in my big chair by the open window with a breeze coming in, reading a book or magazine, listening to the neighborhood sounds, and watching Tabitha play. A great way to spend a Saturday.


September 8, 2002

We had so much fun last night. It started off rocky because our friends were 45 minutes late. We ate at Dave and Buster's, and sarcastic-boy was our waiter. I didn't appreciate it but the food was good and his service was good, he was just a "let's joke around with the customers" kind of guy and the really doesn't go over well with me. Afterwards, we all walked around The Block and leisurely shopped and talked a bit. We all hit it off really well and I'm hoping we'll go out again. We're thinking of seeing if they want to go to the Indians' show at the end of the month. Our last stop was Borders and we bought the White Stripes cd. Man, every track is fabulous! Just wonderful music and hard to believe it's only 2 people. We went through the drive-thru of Krispy Kreme before heading to my in-laws' to pick up Tabitha. We got to bed around 1:00am so we're both very tired today. We'll probably go to bed around 9ish. Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. We might go down to the YWCA after dinner to see about signing Tabitha up for gymnastics. Basketball starts next month and Tabitha said she'd rather do that than dance (they're both on Saturday mornings) so I guess we'll sign up for that. We'll put her back in dance next semester, hopefully her shoes will still fit but I'm not holding my breath.


September 9, 2002

The box of Nick Jr. toys we ordered with our gift certificates arrived today. After Tabitha goes to be, we'll go through it to make sure everything is there. I know one video hasn't shipped yet, but everything else should be there. I sent in my PhotoWorks order of all my Disney pictures. I'm very excited to get started on this album. I just know Tabitha will love it! There's still more characters we need to take her picture with, but I'm going to do each layout in such a way that more pictures can be added later. I received a My Twinn catalog today. It's a doll that they make as a replica of your child. We're seriously considering getting it for Tabitha's birthday. Since her birthday is a month after Christmas, we usually get her just a couple big things, plus her party, going out to dinner, and Disneyland. So we'll probably get the doll, I'll be giving her the scrapbook and Chris is going to get her a Playstation game that they can play together. I think they have a Neverland game which will be a big hit. I know her birthday is a ways off, but I get so excited planning for it :)


September 10, 2002

We went to Target this morning and they have the Kelly dolls for Halloween out. I had just told Tabitha two days ago that we'd look for a Halloween Kelly to go with her Easter one. Anyway, I gave her the choice of which she wanted and she chose Deidre who happens to be African-American. The reason she chose her was because she had different skin than her Kelly doll. I like that she intentionally chose her because she's different and doesn't want all her dolls to look the same. Oh, and if you ask Tabitha what color she is, she'll tell you she's pink. Tomorrow we go back to Mommy and Me. I've enjoyed not having that routine this summer, but I know Tabitha misses her friends and I miss my friends and I definitely miss the field trips. Chris will go with us tomorrow because the first day is always chaotic with registration. After class, we'll grab lunch and then we'll all head to Ikea to look at loft beds for Tabitha. We keep going back and forth about what kind of bed to get Tabitha and she keeps growing. She's about 40" now and she's going to outgrow her bed soon. It's a toddler bed that was converted from her crib and can be converted to a full size bed, but her room is just too small for that size bed.
Chris just left for work and right now, Princess Tabitha is commenting on her beauty while I check email and then we're going to play a couple games, do a reading lesson, states review, and counting. And then I'll think we'll kick on the a/c and she'll play some computer games while I scrap a bit. I have Thanksgiving pictures that aren't in the least bit interesting other than how cute Tabitha looks :)


September 12, 2002

Mommy and Me was very crowded yesterday. The first day always is. Too many young ones that didn't know what was going on and they were with parents who were determined the kids were going to have fun, even they were crying the entire time. How do you not take your child home after he's been crying for a good hour? This one refused to do anything and clearly didn't want to be there. The dad should have saved his money and took the kid home. We did a flag tribute to 9/11 but it's not like there was any meaning in it for the kids and we didn't have a moment of silence or anything so not sure what the point was. I know this is all negative but I had rough day yesterday. We went to Disneyland after lunch like I planned and on the surface it was great. I got some good shots of her with a few characters that I needed for the scrapbook, Tabitha did a little craft in Fantasyland, and best of all, she got chosen as Temporary Ruler of All the Land in the Sword in the Stone ceremony! It was too cute to see her pull that sword up and then get crowned. I've been hoping she'd get picked but didn't think it would happen because she's so young. And we found out that Disney is finally serving Boca burgers! Took them long enough. I don't know that we'll make it a habit to eat there but it's nice to know the option is there. Anyway, I'm really feeling like a failure right now with Tabitha. She is amazingly well behaved, except with the way she speaks to me. She's just rude, greedy and selfish. And I know part of it is the fact that she's only 3, but it's like she's regressed to the way she was back in March when we had to take away all her videos, movies and computer games and she had to earn Blue Dollars to buy them back from us. She is unbelievably self-centered when it comes to me. She does not care what her actions or words do to me. I'm sure my mom could say the same thing and probably a lot of moms everywhere. I'm just operating on lack on sleep and feeling kind of out of control with my kid and oh-poor-me. I'm going to just let Chris handle her for the next two days. Did I mention he's taking 3 days off for the next 3 weeks? It's a nice stress break from work for him and it'll be nice to have him home an extra day. Oh, and tonight we're off to see Beauty and the Beast! Chris and I saw it years ago but tonight, Tabitha gets to see it. She's going to just love it. We're going to dinner with my mother-in-law and then to the theatre where we'll meet with my brother-in-law and his psuedo-girlfriend. Should be a wonderful evening.


September 13, 2002

The play last night was wonderful! Chris and I have seen Beauty and the Beast before, but it's been about 5 years. There was so much that I don't remember from last time. We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which was very vegetarian friendly. Tabitha was fine right up until she finished eating and then turned into that child I don't care for again. Within the first 5 minutes of the show she was asking to leave. I didn't take her out though because she wasn't crying or being loud enough to disturb anyone. Chris and I worked together to reassure her. She loved the "Belle" scene and enjoyed the show until it got to Maurice getting lost in the woods. She asked if the wolves were real or people and was happy they were people. Then the Beast showed himself and she says "I'm scared of the movie, but I'm not scared of this play" and she was fine for the rest of the play and loved it all. I guess the scene in the movie is too intense and it was different in the play and therefore she was able to relax and enjoy herself. She loved that we clapped after every song and she got some nice cheers in. At intermission she did say she was done and ready to go home. It was 9:30 by then and she was rather tired. We had Tabitha take a nap knowing that she'd be up late but she only slept about 45 minutes. After the play, Chris picked her up and she practically fell asleep on the walk to the car. I'm so glad she enjoyed it. I was really excited to take her to a real play. Today we went to a mall for awhile and then to Whole Foods for gelatin-free yogurt for Tabitha. I also bought a vegan pepperoni to try by Vegi-Deli and we loved it in our pasta salad this evening. Tabitha did some reading lessons with Chris while I cooked and is currently playing a computer game while Chris and I watch the Dodger game. Oh, and Tabitha was back to normal today. I was really dispairing after 3 days of rudeness and general misbehavior. I hope it was a short lived phase and not 3 months long like earlier this year. I think we'll add a few more "life lessons" to our lesson plans for a couple weeks.


September 14, 2002

I'm just not interested in updating right now. But I really hate going to someone's site and the journal isn't updated, so, here I am. We didn't do anything today really. Played around and watched TV together this morning. After Chris went to work, Tabitha played with her Play-Doh while I scrapbooked, but after a while I just wasn't interested. I also have a bit of a headache. Saturdays just aren't good for me. Chris is here in the morning and then after he leaves, I just want to sit around. Loads of fun for Tabitha as I'm sure you can guess. I did have her do some reading and then I made popcorn and she watched Robin Hood. I pretty much sat here at the computer. We had a very simple dinner and then we went in the back yard for awhile, but even that wasn't soothing to me. I hate to say it, but I'm kind of just waiting for Tabitha to go to bed so I can be a sloth and not feel guilty, lol. We got out one of the hidden Christmas gifts and gave it to Tabitha today! She was so into playing with her Little People and just going on and on about how much she loved them and her favorite is the farm (yesterday it was the zoo) and so we got out a farm set from it's hiding place. She loved it! She was very happy to get it and so it was worth it :)


September 15, 2002

I am in so much pain. This will be really quick, I just wanted to get today's photo up. I slept fine, woke up about 5:45 to use the restroom and noticed my lower back was killing me. It got progressively worse. I was in and out of sleep for the next 3 hours (I should have just got up at six, as I never sleep well in the mornings if I've already woken up once) and now I'm just in pain. I can't sit on the floor, couch, or any chairs, only a soft fold out chair in the living room. I can't bend over, so it's a good thing I have Tabitha to help me today. She's been picking things up off the floor and handing them to me. I can't do a lot of housework, but I can't exactly sit to relax either. Loads of fun, let me tell you. I can't wait for Chris to get home so he can massage it. Hopefully that will help.