October 05, 2002

First off, Tabitha's Place is updated! Please check it out if you get a chance. While you're there, you can sign up on the notify list so you get an email when it's updated which is once every 2-3 months.
Tabitha started basketball this morning! It was unbelievably too cute to see all these tiny 3 year olds shooting baskets. The hoop is at 6 feet and some of these little ones actually made the basket. Not Tabitha as she wasn't holding the ball correctly. We went to Toys 'R Us afterwards to buy a basketball so she can practice with Chris at home. They did a little practice after lunch today. She can dribble pretty well, which impressed me since it's not like she's ever done it before today. Anyway, she had fun and I think she'll enjoy it for the next few weeks.
After Chris went to work, I spent time on the internet finding Halloween dot-to-dots, mazes, and coloring pages. My printer is out of black ink though so Chris is printing them off at work and Tabitha will do some tomorrow. After I found all I wanted to find, we played together on the internet. We did some Halloween puzzles, downloaded a dress up pumpkin game, and played Halloween memory. All these games can be found at DLTK-Kids. The printouts were found all over the internet, you can email me and I'll send you a zip folder of all the pages. The zip size is under 200kb. We had a lot of fun, I really liked the puzzles and may go back and try them on a harder level. They can be as little as 6 pieces or as much as 240.
Sadly, I think I'm coming down with a cold. Chris mentioned he may be carrying germs from someone at work and today my nose is kind of stuffy, my eyes hurt, my throat tickles and I'm very tired. I should go to bed, but I probably won't. Hopefully it will be really mild like Tabitha's was a few weeks ago. We're supposed to go out to dinner tomorrow, but maybe I'll just have Chris pick up food instead so I can rest a bit. I think I'll try and get Tabitha to nap with me as well.


October 06, 2002

Our colds are here :( I'm not too bad off yet, Tabitha just has a runny nose and the sneezes and Chris feels miserable but doesn't have too many symptoms. Hopefully it won't progress for any of us. I had a nice visit with my mom and sister today and then Chris came home early. So we headed out to Whole Foods to stock up on soy meats for the next two weeks. After dinner we all played Disney Trivia, Tabitha won, again. Then we decided to take some pics of Tabs just for the heck of it. Lots of great shots that would be neat to put in one frame. She and I just finished playing follow the leader with the dog, and now she's letting the dog lead her. That's all for now.


October 07, 2002

Chris is home early. He's been hit the hardest with this cold. Tabitha and I just have to blow our noses all day but he has body aches and just feels miserable. He's sleeping now and hopefully he'll start to feel better soon. He still has to go to work tomorrow.
Tabitha is taking a bath with vapor bubbles and then I'm going to read to her and she's going to have some quiet time while I scrapbook. I did a layout the other day that I just don't like at all, that's why I didn't scan it to share. I hope I can be more creative today. I'll be doing Peter Pan pictures and I know how much they mean to her so I want to do them justice.
It's hot again, upper '90s today. Geesh! I can deal with hot or I can deal with cold (well, cold for here anyway) but I don't like 3 days of cold and then 3 days of hot and then back to cold. I want one or the other.
We're off to my in-laws' tonight. My mil will be giving Tabitha her costume tonight, I can't wait to see it on her!


October 08, 2002

I just got Tabitha down for a nap and I'm off to finish a scrapbook layout I started yesterday. I'll post more later hopefully.


October 08, 2002 again

Tabitha took a very good nap, but I didn't really feel like scrapping. I did finish half the layout, but still need to do the other half. I also didn't feel like cooking, so we just went to the mall early and ate there before the kids club started. The kids made really cute masks. I took a pic of Tabitha making hers, but we need to wait for the glue to dry before she wears it. That will probably be the pic of the day tomorrow. Chris's schedule is off this week (what else is new) so he's working tomorrow. It stinks because Tabitha and I have Mommy and Me in the morning, then we'll come home and have lunch with Chris and then he'll leave for work. At least he'll be off Thursday and Friday. At the mall I stopped at the bookstore and got another set of the "Brand New Readers" books. Tabitha just loves them, which makes me happy. I want her to not only be able to read, but I want her to enjoy it, hopefully as much as I do. After the mall we stopped at the store because I forgot something earlier. It's our turn to bring snack tomorrow so I'm bringing cheese lollipops. I'm using those candy molds made by Wilton's but I'm melting cheese instead of chocolate for them. Well, it's Velveeta, which turns my stomach, but regular cheese just doesn't melt and reharden very well. It's a kind of treason to my food-snob self to even think of buying the stuff, let alone serving it, but I'm sure the kids will love it {shudder}.


October 08, 2002 yet again

I have the most wonderful husband. As I'm trying desperately to melt this horror they call "Velveeta", I realize there is now way I have enough to make 80 lollipops. So Chris went to the store for me to get more. While he's at the store, I remembered a couple items I'd like for our picnic on Thursday so I called him. He was already paying but went back and got back in line for the extra stuff. Well, these cheese lollipop things just aren't working. It is a complete disaster. So, I had to ask him to go back to the store for my back-up plan (mini-muffins). And he does this willingly without complaint. He's such a sweetie.


October 09, 2002

Well, after all the problems with snack, we ended up not going to Mommy and Me today. I took a turn for the worse last night with this stupid cold and Tabitha has been acting weird. Almost hyper. Chris thinks she doesn't feel well, and is overcompensating by acting extra active. I guess. In any case, she was driving me nuts. She seems to have finally calmed down a bit. I mean, excitement over life is one thing, sleeping only 7 hours and doing loop-de-loops at 6:30 in the morning is quite another. And she's not taking medicine so it's not reaction. Anyway, Chris is gone to work and Tabitha is working in some workbooks she likes while I read email and play online. I'm also going to look for more online activites for Tabitha and I since we didn't go to class this morning. I added a new feature to my site. I'm doing a Puzzle of the Week now. Every week, and the day will vary, I'll turn one of my photos into a puzzle. The link will be on the left side bar plus I'll make mention of it in my post.


October 09, 2002 con't

Like the new look? I was feeling the need to do something that stated a little more strongly me, and since I love the idea of being a television housewife from the '50s (wish I had those Lucy dresses) I went looking for some retro graphics and found a few plus I used a font I alread had. Not sure if this will stay but I think I like it for now. We'll see. I update my About Me page. Added a few more factoids that I'm sure all of you who read this are dying to know, lol. It also has new graphics.
Oh, I wanted to mention that if I post at all tomorrow, it won't be until the evening. We're going to a cheese factory, then to my grandparents house and then to a children's museum. We're going to have a lovely picnic lunch (which reminds me, I need to start cooking now) but not sure what we're doing for dinner. So, I might be gone from the computer until Friday, we'll see.


October 10, 2002

Howdy! What am I doing here at 10 in the morning you ask? Shouldn't I be on the road? Why yes, I should. Sadly, someone forgot to tell our car. Yep, our wonderful Tercel didn't want to start this morning. So, while we were calling around to take care of it Chris decided to start it again and it worked, so he just drove it to the mechanic. We knew it needed work and were just waiting until we didn't have anything planned to take it in. I guess it decided it didn't want to drive so far away. So, Chris is waiting at the mechanic for his brother to pick him up and then we'll either stay home all day or go to my mil's work and borrow her car so we can go somewhere. No where exciting, just the mall. It's bonus days for Clinique and Tabitha likes shopping anyway. I'm so angry and sad and this is just pretty much going to put me in a bad mood all day. Which is great for the family.


October 12, 2002

Time to play catch-up! Thursday we took our car in and borrowed my mil's car, like I said. We shopped, had lunch, and shopped some more. We went to pick up my mil from work and went to her house to await word on our car. It was ready before dinner time and then we said at my in-laws' and had pizza with them. So, even though our plans got cancelled, we actually still had a pretty good day. Friday, we went to the zoo in the morning. We hadn't been in a couple months and Tabitha had been asking to go. After the zoo we went to Joann's Fabric store and I got some fabric to make Tabitha a cape to go over her Jasmine costume in case it's cold on Halloween night. They had material specifically for Disney costumes so it's a beautiful shimmery blue that matches her costume perfectly. I also got white fleece for the inside lining. Chris had his first hockey game of the season last night. Not only did they win, but Chris didn't allow any goals! Great way to start the season! This morning, Tabitha had basketball but I didn't go. I dropped off Chris and Tabitha and went shopping at Target instead. I only had an hour so I didn't do too much damage :) I got two more things for Christmas for Tabitha. Another Little People set and a Dora the Explorer felt set. I also got a Sesame Street Halloween DVD but we haven't watched it yet. After Chris went to work I got started on the cape. I can't read patterns so I made the whole thing from the image in my head. There was a minor problem of the shimmery material getting stuck in my machine. It took me the better part of an hour to figure out how to get it out and then try to figure out how to put my machine back together again and also prevent it from happening again. Very frustrating. My machine was my great-grandmothers, a very old Kenmore, but it still works and I just don't sew often enough to justify a new machine. I'm thinking I really want to learn to read patterns though. There's got to be a Sewing for Dummies book, I'm sure. I'd love to make dresses for Tabitha like my mom used to make me. I'll never be as good as my mom, of course. I mean, she sewed my wedding dress for goodness sakes. I'd just like to be able to make some sun dresses. Anyway, it may have been frustrating, but I'm very pleased with how the cape came out and Tabitha liked it as well. After dinner we made Halloween cookies. I just picked up the break apart squares kind at the store. We'll make real cookies a little closer to Halloween. Tomorrow Tabitha and I are going with my mom to my grandparents' house since we didn't get to see them Thursday.


October 14, 2002

I was doing so well keeping up with my posting for awhile. One difference is I'm no longer turning the computer on the minute I wake up. I'm waiting until later in the day when I wish to sit and relax for awhile. Yesterday we had a very nice visit with my grandparents. Tabitha really loves visiting them. We'll get to see them again soon since we all still want to go to that cheese factory that is near them. On the way home, Tabitha talked about wanted to go to Disney so I had her call Chris and see if he wanted to go. I was pretty sure he would agree to go. Well, the night was pretty much a disaster from the moment we got there. We had a minor run-in with a very rude parking lot person when we arrived. Rude enough that we actually made a complaint, something I don't like to do since I know it's not easy working in a customer service position. Then we get in the park and it's just packed. I guess today being Columbus Day is a bigger deal than I thought. We were in California Adventure and it had lines everywhere. This is a park that never has lines on the attractions we visit at all. So to wait half and hour for the ferris wheel was a bit much. We ended up leaving pretty early and going to Denny's for an evening snack. This morning I just kind of lazed about and we didn't get out of the house until after 10. I wish I had got a move on earlier because I don't like rushing about, coming home and then Chris leaves immediately for work.
I've decided that 2003 is going to be the year of new furniture. We got our new couch last December and our dining room table and chairs in January, but there is so much more that needs to be done. Here's the list (in order of how I plan to redecorate):
  • Playroom: take up carpet, lay down new floor (probably vinyl flooring)
  • Tabitha's Room: Twin Bed, mattress, bedding, table and chairs
  • Living Room: Comfy chair and ottoman to match our couch, new carpet, take down paneling, repaint walls, new mantle
  • Dining Room: more chairs like we already have, real computer desk for Tabitha's computer
  • Master Bedroom: Armoire/TV cabinet, 2 dressers
That doesn't even include appliances I want and doors. I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket, lol.


October 15, 2002

We took Tabs to The Picture People today. Her pics came out really cute. They stood her in a big pumpkin and she turned round and round trying to make herself dizzy and the photographer said she'd smile as soon as she stopped. Well, she had no intention of stopping so I called her name and she stopped, posed, and gave the best smile. After the flash she went right back to spinning around, lol. There's been a lot of discussion of The Sims lately on one of my email loops so I got my game out yesterday, I haven't stopped playing since. I get so addicted to it. Tonight, Tabitha sat on my lap and helped me build one of the houses. She just loves sitting and watching what they're all doing. She was disappointed to learn I never play with kids though, so I think I may dedicate one of my neighborhoods to lots of kids just for her. Of course, with all my time playing Sims, Chris is getting a lot of Madden 2003 time in, not that that's a problem with him, of course :) I've been keeping Tabitha up until 8:30pm so she'll start sleeping a little later so that when the time changes she won't be waking up at 6:00am. It's working, but we have class tomorrow morning and she probably won't wake up until 20 minutes before we have to leave. So I laid her clothes out and told her that as soon as she wakes up, she's to get dressed. I told her to make sure it was day time though, she crawled into bed with me at 4:30 this morning. I don't need her fully dressed and ready to go at that time tomorrow!


October 16, 2002

You know, sometimes something really sounds like a good idea, it may even seem like a good idea when you start, but then it all goes to hell. My front yard looks very messy, in essence, we're lazy people who would rather go out and play than do work. I mean, who wouldn't? Well, today I got tired of looking at all the leaves that have fallen. We don't have a true Fall in SoCal, meaning the leaves don't really turn pretty colors, but they do dry up, turn brown and fall off the tree. So I decided to rake the yard. I've got my little helper who was very happy to pick up pinecones (not really pinecones but I don't know what else to call them) while I raked. After a while, I got tired of lifting my ancient, heavy rake and getting splinters in my hand and arm. Chris happens to own an electric leaf vacuum, so I thought maybe I could give it a try. He's always complaining that it doesn't do the best job so I was prepared for it not to work well. It didn't. I got lots of fallen blossoms off our front bush and a few leaves, but really, it was just blowing dust up my nose. So, back to the raking. After a while I was once again very sore. Now I'm looking at my lawn and I think to myself "You know, it's not that bad and probably wouldn't take too long to mow at all." Right there I should have stopped listening to that little voice and gone inside for a Diet Coke. But no, I actually got out the lawn mower. It has a sticker on it that says "One pull start". What it should say is "One pull start if you haven't been raking for an hour and actually have strength left in your arms." After 6 very futile pulls, I noticed another little sticker that tells me to push a button 5 times for a cold start. Oh. Well why didn't it say so next to the first darn sticker? So I push it 5 times, give one last pull and darned if the sucker didn't start right up. So I push and watch it cut grass, then I pull backwards like I've seen Chris do (as opposed to turning around) and watch it eat the pull cord. It used to have a nice little handle that apparantly you should get out of the way when you actually mow. Now it has a cord with a lot of electical tape at the end so you can still hold something when you pull (note to husband: Sorry). Anyway, except for a few kind of glaring omissions, the grass did, in fact, get mowed. But now I have to use the vacuum, again for all the grass clippings. I decided to blow them into a pile to make it easier to vacuum. So I switch the dial to the second position. Did it start blowing? Nope, it started sucking stuff up at a higher power. All that energy wasted raking and I just needed to turn the dial one more click to the left. Tabitha kept saying we were on an adventure. That's a much nicer word that I would use.


October 17, 2002

Today we went to Pumpkin City. I love that place. They had more rides than last year, it seemed. It was at a different mall this year, the mall down the street from where we used to live. It was fun to see the old neighborhood. It's changed a lot in the last 3 years. I always get nostalgic when we're in the area. At least until we get back on the freeway and encounter the horrible traffic. Then we remember why we moved. Anyway, Tabitha had tons of fun with a friend at Pumpkin City. They went on all but one ride and we took about 30 pictures. We went to a new Target because it looked much nicer than the old one so we wanted to see. Boy was it big. So we shopped for Tabitha because at class yesterday when she was sitting on the floor I noticed her shirts were really riding up. And since she wears her pants so low she had little baby bum crack showing. So we bought all new shirts in size 4 as opposed to 3T or 4T. We also got a pair of size 4 pants which are a touch long for my petite girl but with shoes they should be just right. Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except Chris's hockey game in the evening.


October 19, 2002

Looks like Tabitha is getting sick again. We all just got over colds and I think her's is back :( She's running a slight fever and has a runny nose. She may just be exhausted. She woke up kind of early yesterday and then was up until 11:45pm because Chris had 2 hockey games. She did sleep for about an hour on the way there at least. But she woke up a little early again today. I can't get any food into her, but at least she's drinking her water and I already gave her a vapor bath. She's resting on my bed watching videos right now and I think I'll put her to bed around 6:30, assuming she doesn't fall asleep while watching the video. If she does, I'll just leave her there until Chris and I go to bed. If she wakes up early again tomorrow, I'll definitely get her down for a nap. The problem with naps for her is then it's kind of hard to get her to sleep at night.
Chris's games went rather well last night. For his first game, there was another little girl about Tabitha's age so Tabs had someone to play with which is always nice. The second game, Chris's friend showed up and Tabitha played with him and also by herself with her toys. She didn't really watch the games last night. The team played well, both games were a 1-1 tie. This morning Tabitha said she didn't want to go to basketball. I had a feeling she'd be too tired so that was okay. We ran a few errands and then went to Toys R Us to look around for awhile. They had Blue's Big Musical game for the Playstation for only $9.99 so I picked that up for Christmas. By the time Christmas comes, I'm not going to know what to tell people to get her since I'll have already bought it all!
I got a class lineup for the winter session at the Natural History Museum. There are only 3 classes and they're one day each. So we'll learn about different sizes in nature, different kind of forests and Christmas in Australia. I'm going to be sad when she's old enough to go without me because I learn so much too! But that's not for a few years :) Our zoo offers lots of one day programs as well and I always want to sign us all up, and then never do. I just love taking Tabitha places and want to do everything! I'm just a little lazy sometimes to do the paperwork. Sad, I know.