October 22, 2002

Sorry I've been so scarce. Sunday was just a really long day. It's the day I do my laundry and deep housecleaning, but Tabitha wasn't feeling well so that took up what little extra time I had. Then yesterday, I woke up very sick. 24 hour stomach flu I guess, because I feel fine today. This happened to me a few years ago, I was sick for like 3 months with one virus or another. I really hope I don't get Tabitha's cold again. I'm a relatively healthy person most of the year, but when I do get sick it just lasts for so long. Tabitha was just a doll yesterday playing by herself and bringing me things I needed. The house was a shambles, of course, but Chris took care of all that when he got home.
So, it's the last week before Halloween :) We have a party to attend this week, a party next week, and two events on Halloween night. I'm really looking forward to all of them. I got myself a witch shirt from Old Navy, so I'm set. I think we'll run to Target tonight to get one for Tabitha to wear to Thursday's party. The kids run around a lot and do crafts so I don't think she'd be very comfortable in her costume. Target also has Halloween head scarfs that are really cute. Although I'm getting tired of Target, I feel like we're there every other day. But the Wal-Marts around here are just horrible and we can't put up with them anymore.
Well, I'm kind of rambling as I don't have much to say, I guess. Now to check two days worth of email, ugh.


October 23, 2002

I don't think we've ever had a more boring day. We went to Mommy and Me this morning which was okay but nothing spectacular. We talked about potty training in discussion and one woman asked about diapers or underwear for her kid since he uses the potty but never tells her he needs to go. So I suggested she give him the choice as long as he realizes that underwear means useing the potty. She acted offended and very snotily informed me her child was no where near mature enough to make that decision. Well then maybe he's no where near mature enough to use the potty! Sheesh! If you ask for suggestions, don't get offended if the answer isn't what you want to hear. If you're going to do what you want anyway, then don't ask for suggestions! I'm so sick of people asking for advice and then treating your suggestion as pure rubbish. Even if it's not the best advice in the world, or if you've already tried it and it didn't work, there's no need to be rude about it. (Sorry, I'm feeling testy) Anyway, once we got home and Chris left for work, I was just dead tired so I tried to convince Miss Tabitha to nap with me. She woke me after an hour and I don't think she ever actually went to sleep. I told her to try and turned over but she woke me after another half hour. So we got up. She kind of bummed around in the playroom while I read for awhile. Then she wanted to play computer games so I played on the computer. Then she had dinner before we did a few lessons. She watched a video and hopped in the bath. She still has a light cough which I hope clears up soon. We're going to a Halloween party tomorrow and I'd like her to be 100%. I'm about ready to put her down for the night in a few more minutes. You know, I mentioned I've been putting her down an hour later so her wake up time will adjust since the time is changing. Well, she's getting up even earlier! So now, she's operating on less sleep than usual, which is probably why she's sick twice in 3 weeks, and the time changes this Saturday. I really hope her internal clock adjusts immediately.


October 26, 2002

Wow, what a busy couple of days! Thursday, we decided to go to Disneyland for a few hours in the morning. I'm glad we did! They finally brought out many of the Villains characters! We saw Stromboli, Big Bad Wolf, witch from Snow White (not Queen), Judge Frollo and Radcliffe, these are characters that you never see. They're probably brand new costumes. Anyway, they pics will make such a wonderful addition to Tabitha's scrapbook! We also got Tabitha a book that holds pressed pennies. We only got 2 pennies and a pressed quarter but we had about 6 pressed pennies at home. Also, City Hall gave us a list of all the penny machines in the parks and a listing of what designs they have. Turns out, there are tons of machines, so her collection is going to take awhile. After we left Disney (and grabbed a quick lunch) we headed to a Halloween party that a friend of mine has every year for her kids. Tabitha had a good time, though it was too cold to send them outside like usual, so it was pretty loud in the house. There were some cute crafts from the Oriental Trading Company which is where I'm getting our Holiday party crafts from. It was nice to see the quality of thier products beforehand since I've never bought from them. After the party, we sat in traffic and then we all watched a little tv before Tabitha went to bed. Friday was just tons of stuff. Frist we went to the playplace since we hadn't been awhile. Then to the petstore to buy my mil a new Betta. Then lunch with my mil. Then, believe it or not, back to Disneyland. We had been debating about going back because we heard there were going to be different Villains and then Tabitha asked if we could go back because she wanted to get more pressed pennies. So we decided to go. Tabitha had her purse full of pennies and quarters and her list of the machines, plus her book. And, sure enough, we saw different Villains. Today we saw Cruella, the Queen from Snow White and Jafar. I also took a pic of Chris and Jafar since they both have such long beards. I don't even know how many pennies we got today, but Tabitha's total is now up to 19. From now on we'll limit her to just 2 or 3 per visit, but she was so excited to get the book so we let her go a little wild at first :) Oh, and Chris and Tabitha went on the tea cups and Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum decided to ride and Tabitha got to ride with Alice. They had a pretend tea party while going around in circles. It did start to rain on us, so we left and went to the mall. I took my memory stick to Ritz photo and got my pics developed while we ate dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. Then I wanted to walk by the Disney Store to read a sign out front and got sucked inside by the lure of the 50% off signs. So, I picked up an Alice in Wonderland dress for Tabs for half-price! I was very excited. I'm going to go back next week and the week after to see if they've marked more of the costumes down. I'd like to get Tinkerbell and also Mulan if I can. Those will probably be put away for Christmas though. After the mall we went to watch Chris play hockey and then finally, HOME! But today, we have basketball with team photos and then Tabitha and I are off to a playdate. Then Sunday it's Boo at the Zoo. Monday I'll think we'll collapse and be hermits all week. So forgive me if my posts are even more sporadic right now.


Saturday, October 26, 2002 con't

So, Tabitha's basketball team had team photos today. Keep in mind this is a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. 2 of the kids on Tabitha's team were just bawling and flat out refusing to have their picture taken. The moms were begging, berating and bribing and I really don't think either one of them ever did stand there. Then we moved on to the team photo. Now a different kid wasn't too happy about it, but he was standing there. Then his dad said "smile!" and he covered his eyes and started crying. And that's how he stayed for the picture. Then one of the original screamers was not about to sit there with the team for the picture. His mom basically held him up with one arm and when the photographer said "now!" she ran out of the pic. But the kid was still screaming the whole time. Such fun. Tabitha didn't mind the photos, of course, but the sun was in her eyes so I'm pretty sure she had a really weird expression on her face for the individual photo. She had a nice smile for the team pic though. Then they played a game against a team where the kids actually understood the rules. Tabitha can pass and she can dribble. Sadly, no one dribbles, they all just run as fast as they can towards any basket. And Tabitha passes to anyone standing in front of her, no matter which team they're on, lol. She did get to make one shot though and it's the closest I've ever seen her come to making a basket, so that made me proud. One father actually yelled to his kid "Come on, get serious!" For gosh sakes, they're 3! It was a riot to watch, that's for sure. Tabitha has fun, which I'm glad. In the afternoon, Tabitha had a playdate with G. She's the little girl that Tabitha plays with so nicely. I like to keep playdates to about 2 hours so they don't get tired of each other, but today they were doing so well that I stayed almost 3 hours. I had a lovely chat with my friend the whole time too. Tabitha and G both have such lively imaginations and are into princesses so they had a whole play acting of saving the princess at the castle. They had a map to tell them how to get there and everything. Though my ears are still ringing from listening to the mostly piercing screams of the two of them trying to wake up the princess :) Tabitha kept correcting G though. Like, when G stood on her little chair to flatten the play doh, Tabitha says "We don't stand on chairs." And when G said something twice, Tabitha says "Remember, it's funny the first time, not the second, and annoying the third" which is what we tell Tabitha when she repeats herself too much, lol. So I need to school her a bit in some social graces. After we left, we took dinner to Chris and stayed with him to eat our dinner as well. I'll be getting Tabitha off to bed in an hour and then I need to do some work in my neglected house since I won't be home until the afternoon tomorrow.


Sunday, October 27, 2002

The zoo was really fun. They had a whole area set up where the kids got treat bags and then went from person to person and basically trick or treated :) It wasn't just candy either, because it was sponsers. So she got mini-boxes of cereal, ICEE cookies, Entennman's (sp?) donut holes, and others. After trick or treating, she went to the craft stations and made a jack o' lantern out of a SEE's candy on a stick and a mask. Then we went down to Zoo Meadow where they had creepy crawly bugs set up and Radio Disney was there doing some games and giving away candy. We also saw Siamung monkeys that were chattering on high speed. It was so neat to hear their voices echo throughout the whole area. We visited a few animals, but mainly were there for the special activities. Then we had lunch at the Elephant Bar, which was very good, but their children's menu had 10 items and 8 of them had chicken. So Tabitha's choices were spaghetti or a quesadilla, hold the chicken. She wasn't pleased. I was so surprised to not see grilled cheese on the menu, every restaurant serves grilled cheese on the kids' menu. I'm thinking of dropping a comment via their website on that one. But we will definitely go back as that is such a minor thing and their adult menu was very vegetarian friendly. After lunch, we dropped Chris off at work and then went to visit my mom and sister for awhile. Right now we're just kind of hanging out, we're going to make cookies in a little while and then we'll go pick up Chris. It will probably be kind of late because Chris organized a Madden 2003 tournament at his work tonight. He's been really looking forward to it and hopes everyone has fun and they might turn it into a monthly thing varying the games and the systems.


Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Yesterday, time just seem to stand still. It got dark, and then everytime I looked at the clock, only 15 minutes had passed. Tabitha and I got some cookies made that we didn't do the night before. We also read from our Winnie the Pooh special days book. First you read a story relating to the upcoming holiday, and then it has directions for a craft. We didn't finish the craft since we had to wait for paint to dry so we'll finish it today. We also cleaned out the inside of our pumpkins last night. The smell makes Chris physically ill, so we do them when he's not home. Once they're cleaned though, he has no problem carving which is what we're doing today. We bought a kit for Tabitha. It has colored pegs that she pounds into the pumpkin. Kind of like Lite Brites. We also have someone coming to look at my kitchen cabinets. We're getting new drawers and possible pull out shelves. Sadly, the face of our cabinets will all be the same, but hey, an improvement is an improvement and I'm pretty happy. Today is just the estimate, but hopefully we'll have the work done in the next 2 weeks :)


Tuesday, October 29, 2002 con't

It's a good thing Tabitha has a birthday in January. At the rate I'm buying toys, I think I have next Christmas covered as well. And what comes in the mail today? A Zany Brainy catalog. I found 2 more things I want to get her. One is an electronic puzzle map of the US. As you put each state in, it tells you the name of the state, the capital and the state's nickname. Way too cool. Plus it says the Pledge of Allegience, which she already knows, and sings America the Beautiful, which she doesn't know. The second item is a bowling set. We have this long hallway that is perfect for bowling, but I don't want a cheap set. This one looks really nice. They problem is I have a coupon that's only good online, but the map isn't sold online. But if I have to drive to the store anyway, why order something online and have to pay shipping? But if I go to the store, I really risk seeing more toys, which will cost me more anyway, lol.


Tuesday, October 29, 2002 con't some more

I am never baking cookies again. I baked 6 dozen cookies tonight. Jack o' lanterns, ghosts and pumpkins. I'm beat. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a bag of Oreos just to eat a cookie that I didn't make. Even Tabitha got tired of rolling and cutting and left me. She calls herself a cookie helper and it was too much for her. But they are done. Tomorrow at class, we have a potluck (hence the cookie making) and also the kids will go from class to class of the adult ed. classes and trick or treat. I better make sure my camera is charged and ready! I'm concerned about her wig staying on though. I'm really not sure what to do other than keep my fingers crossed. Tonight, I blew up a bag of Halloween ballons and filled the living room with them while Tabitha was in another room. Tabitha loved it! She had so much fun tossing the balloons around and yelling "balloon party!". Such a simple thing and it brought her so much pleasure. My lips are still tingling from where two balloons popped in my face while I was blowing them up, though.


Thursday, October 31, 2002

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We went to our Mommy and Me class and all the kids looked so cute in their costumes! One of Tabitha's friends was also in Jasmine so I got a great pic of them together. For craft, the kids made trick or treat bags and then went around to the adult ed. classrooms for trick or treating. After that, they played games for the rest of the candy. Tabitha loved it all, other than I wouldn't let her play outside in her costume. After today, she can do whatever in it, but until then, she WILL be careful, lol. While we were doing table time yesterday, Tabitha was reading the directions on the little worksheet and another mom says "She can read?!" rather loud. At class, I don't go around advertising that my kid can read, she's already different because she's vegetarian and some people know we school at home, I just kind of let it go at that. So this ensues the 'how old is she' and 'how did you teach her to read' questions. I wouldn't care if they didn't ask in such a way that makes Tabitha sound like a freak. We always get that. People ask how old she is in the same tone of voice as you'd say 'he stuffed how many peas up his nose before they got stuck?' But anyway, I'm proud of her and I know she's not the only 3 year old on the planet who can read, so at least I know she's not an oddity. On a related note, she read Chris bedtime stories last night instead of having him read to her, lol. I hope everyone has a happy halloween in whatever way you celebrate!


Friday, November 01, 2002

We had a very long day yesterday. We went to Disneyland in the morning and everyone loved Tabitha in her costume. There were many other princesses, of course, but none of them had to shoes and the wig which really made a difference. Plus, we only saw one other Jasmine. I doubt she would have gotten the same attention if she had been Cinderella. We did get her picture with Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, dressed as Prince Ali, and the Genie plus one of just her and Jasmine. Then we saw Jafar and he set up a really cute pose as if he was using his magic staff against Tabitha/Jasmine. Totally cute. We also saw Maleficent, who was phenomenal, Shan-Yu, very scary looking, and Hades, who was just huge! We got some great pictures. We also were able to see two princess storytellings at the toy shop. We saw Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. They were very good and while talking to another mom we learned about a new Halloween activity we didn't know about that we'll go to next year. It's just trick or treating at one of the local antique districts, but still, it's one more thing to do :) While waiting in line for the villains, Tabitha befriended the girl in front of her. I'd say she was maybe 6 months older than Tabitha, perhaps less. They had a ball in what was a rather long line. Chris and I are convinced her dad is Tarzan in the parade, but he denied working there. We think he either just quit or maybe didn't want to say anything in front of his kid or the other kids. But he knew all the people who help out with the characters as well as recognizing who was being Maleficent and he was given special treatment by everyone who worked there. They caught up with Chris and Tabitha again later in the line for Ariel and once again, the girls had fun in line. We even got a picture of both of them with Ariel. It's a shame we'll most likely never see them again, the girls really hit it off. After Disney, we went to the mall for trick-or-treating. Tabitha got quite the haul of candy. Her bag was so heavy for her and she was so tired of walking that we ended up taking turns carrying her and Chris finally put her up on his shoulders. She insisted she didn't want to stop though. It took us about an hour and it was just starting to really get too crowded when we left. We decided to skip our city's party. It was just a little too cold for Tabitha, even with her cape. Afterwards, we visited my mom and then went to see Chris's parents. Tonight is hockey night and tomorrow is basketball and I'm going scrapbooking as well. We'll decorate the house on Sunday, most likely, and at some point I need to gather our activities for the month.


Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Ack! I can't believe I haven't posted since Friday! Sorry to have disappeared. We haven't even really been busy, I just haven't been in a computer mood I guess. Here's the quick rundown:
Saturday: went to my scrapbook club meeting, only got 2 layouts done
Sunday: I can't even remember other than we went to California Adventure in the evening because Tabitha wanted to go
Monday: Tabitha was coughing a lot so we stayed home, though we did take a walk in the cold air to help relieve her chest congestion.
Tuesday: Chris took an extra day off work because he wasn't feeling well and Tabitha was still coughing up a storm
Which brings us to today. Tabitha's cough is much better. We gave her some cough syrup this morning, but I haven't had to give her a second dose at all. I will definitely give her some before bed though. We didn't go to class even though her coughing is better because she would run around and play rough outside and then she'd just cough all the more. I got my Christmas Club money yesterday and did some shopping. I'm almost done. For everyone I haven't bought yet, I do know what I'm getting them and where to get it so it's just a matter of doing it now. I got Tabitha a Mulan costume for dirt cheap at the Disney Store. We're heading out to a different one tomorrow and that will be the last one. Whatever costumes they have, I'm buying and if they don't have any, well that's fine too. She has Peter Pan (we've had that for a year), Jasmine, Ariel, and Alice in Wonderland, plus the Mulan costume that will be a Christmas gift so she has a pretty nice set of dress up clothes. That doesn't even include generic dress up items. We're making a corner of her closet into a little dress up play area. We'll have another clothes bar, a basket of items, and a full length mirror. It should look pretty good. We went to Toys R Us this morning to register Tabitha for Christmas and Birthday gifts. I just think it makes it so much easier when people ask what she wants for a gift if we can just tell them she's registered at Toys R Us. I only wish the registry was accesible online, but only baby shower registries which I don't understand. Oh, and they had the electronic USA puzzle I was going to get at Zany Brainy for less, so we just put it on her registry and hopefully she'll get it. I had a coupon for a Sit N Spin and it was on sale so I picked that up. I'm thinking that will be her Santa gift but I'm not sure. Honestly, I didn't really have Tabitha pick any of the stuff out because she picks the oddest things that she has no idea what they are but likes the packaging. She never sees commercials so she just picks toys at random at the store. So Chris and I took care of her choices for her. Once we got home I gave her the Birthday Express catalog so she could look through it and decide on a theme for her birthday. Guess what she picked? BATMAN! The child has never seen a Batman movie or cartoon, for obvious reasons, and she wants Batman for her birthday party. She is a strange one. So, we're going to Tivo some of the old Adam West Batman shows and watch them with her to see if that's what she really wants. She knows he's a superhero and he takes villains to the police so they aren't mean anymore (this is what she told me), but I'm not really sure why she knows that.
Chris is off the next two days, but I've got to get back in the posting groove so expect to hear from me at some point. I should probably set up a notify list of some sorts so you all don't have to radomly check back throughout the day. Well see, I've got other computer things I need to take care of first. Scanning my recent layouts for one. I think I'll just take a picture of them because I really hate scanning layouts. Second, I've found some Fall/Thanksgiving printouts online, but not as much as I'd like. As soon as I have as many as I'm going to find, I'll offer the zip file to whomever wants it. Talk to you all soon :)