Thursday, November 07, 2002

We had a great playdate this morning. It's the second time we've met with these friends and it went very well. The mom is really nice and I have a great time talking to her. Both of her girls are well behaved and they seem to like Tabitha and Tabs really enjoyed playing with them. Hopefully we can start getting together more often. Chris set up a clothing rod in the corner of Tabitha's closet (see pic above). I hung her nice dress up clothes on it and am going to put the basket of generic dress up under it. We are also going to get a full length mirror for her. Chris is talking about building a shelf to go above it for her hats. I think it's so cute and am going to consider getting her a vanity as well. I tried to get more Disney costumes today. We went on our twice monthly trip to Whole Foods and it's very near a mall that has a Disney store. But they didn't have any of the costumes I'm interested in. So, tomorrow we'll be near another mall and we'll check there. But if they don't have any, then I'll just be content with what we have. One store told me they were going to bring the dresses back out for an after Christmas sale so I can always get them then and give them to Tabitha for her birthday instead of Christmas. Oh, when I recapped our week yesterday, I forgot to mention that we voted on Tuesday. We have a new superintendent of education. Not who we voted for, sadly. We're going through a bit of a controversy in our state over parents who educate their children at home and I don't feel he will be good for us, but I have 3 years before Tabitha has to be enrolled in school, so a lot can happen. Tomorrow we have a great field trip planned with our Mommy and Me class, but it's outside and it's supposed to rain. We really need rain but I hope it holds off until the afternoon! I'll let you all know how it goes.


Friday, November 08, 2002

Well, it was raining hard this morning so we didn't get to go to the Thanksgiving festival. But we did go to this fantastic book/toy store for a fun storytime. I got 2 Thanksgiving books for Tabitha, a few stocking stuffers, a set of books for Christmas, a Christmas gift for someone else and a compass for Tabitha. She always wants to know what direction we're going so now she's learning how to use the compass. After the store and lunch we went to the mall and the Disney Store did not have any costumes that we needed, so I guess we'll be waiting until the after Christmas sale. I picked up a Dora the Explorer colorforms set though for Christmas. After the mall we went to a Teacher's supply store that carries the line of holiday books for which I was looking. I found both the one I wanted and also a book about a child who doesn't want to do a turkey craft in school because he's vegetarian! I can't wait to read that one to Tabitha. Instead he does a craft with a potato so I'm sure we'll be doing something similar. I also got a rubber stamp of a clock without the hands drawn on it. We started learning how to tell time this week so it will come in handy. I think I'll be making a chart showing what time we do things and I'm glad I won't have to draw a clock over and over again. After I'm off the computer I'll be piecing together a large tree and everyday until Thankgiving, Tabitha will be adding a leaf to it with something she's thankful for written on the leaf. Should look really nice when it's done. I'll share a picture closer to Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Sunday we went to see our friends' band, The Friendly Indians, play outside The Pond before the Ducks game. It was a lot of fun and Tabitha had a blast running around dancing. We had been considering going to Disneyland afterwards since it's just down the street, but then we remembered it's a 3 day weekend and it would be crowded. So home it was. Yesterday, Tabitha and I went with our friends from class to Disneyland. We were hoping Tabitha's friend could convince her to go on rides that Tabitha thinks she doesn't like, but it didn't work. I guess I'll just be happy that she doesn't cave in to peer pressure, lol. I got a lot of cute pictures of the girls together and the holiday decorations are just beautiful. Especially at night. Of course, it was 83 yesterday and we hardly felt festive. I want to go back when it's cooler and have Tabitha wear a nice sweater so I can get great pictures of her with the decorations and also the characters who dress in holiday clothes. Today, we have class and then quickly home for me to make a cheesecake for my Mom's birthday tonight. I'm considering going apple picking tomorrow, the weather is still going to be beautiful. It should be a nice fall activity.


Wednesday, November 13, 2002 con't

I made a slide show of some silly pics I took of Tabitha this evening. There are 11 pictures and they stay on for about 8 seconds. You just click the link and sit back, no need to navigate. It will open in a new window which you can close to get back here.
Up Close with Tabitha


Friday, November 15, 2002

Don't know how many of you had trouble accessing my site yesterday. It was down for a few hours do to an unexpected service interruption of my host. At least it's up now. The day is just lovely. Wonderfully warm weather, nice Santa Ana winds, clear skies. We went to an outdoor shopping center today just so we could walk outside. After lunch at home, we worked on our front yard a bit. I did a much better job mowing than last time. Tonight we have Chris's hockey game. Not an exciting day, but at least we are all together :)


Saturday, November 16, 2002

Warning! One big bitch-fest of a post.
We started our morning by going to the mall for this month's Kid Club activity. It was breakfast with Santa. The kids were supposed to be eating and then Santa was going to make this grand appearance, as a surprise. We hadn't even told Tabs he was going to be there. Check-in was at 8:30am and Santa was supposed to arrive at 9:00am. At 8:40, while we were still in line, Santa walks up waving. Nothing spectacular at all. He just walked over to the area. So, we get Tabitha checked in and quickly take her picture with Santa and then get in line to get her donut, juice and toy. Then we sit down and things were going well. My alma mater's marching band came to play and I saw my old band director (I was in colorguard for 4 years and also did drum line for my senior year) but I didn't go over to talk to him, maybe I should have. Anyway, we enjoyed listening to their Christmas song medley and then someone came on stage to talk and we could not hear a single word. She started to call the raffle numbers so I went closer to hear and then told one of the volunteers running it that no one past the 4th row could hear anything. Did they turn up the mic or the speakers? Nope, they told her to speak louder. It didn't help much. We didn't win a door prize, no biggie. After that was supposed to be the choir from the high school to lead all the kids in songs, but I guess they cancelled or something because they said that was it and you could take your pic with Santa if you wanted. That started a large group of parents descending on Santa's chair and he was behind the stage making no effort to go to his chair. No organization at all. It was a good 10 minutes before a security guard, not even one of the event runners, tried to get parents to move back into a line. No one listened, of course. At least I've got my nice big husband to hold Tabitha out of the way. We just kind of waited at the back of the pack and a line did form behind us. The group ahead of us had around 8 kids, but one mom was really trying to get them in and out quickly. She was trying so hard not to inconvenience those behind her, I almost wanted to tell her to take her time. Tabitha did have fun, but she doesn't know what didn't happen. I mean, they could have had Santa read a story, or led the kids in songs even without the choir. Some organization would have been appreciated.
Rant: part 2
We also had a birthday party to attend. There was the ever popular bounce house (I'm so tired of bounce houses) but there were two age groups present. The 2-3 year olds (the birthday girl is turning 3) and then big kids, in the 10-12 range. Way too big to be in the bounce house at the same time as the little ones. But the hostess just said the company told her their could be 25 kids at a time in their. Maybe 25 kids could fit, but obviously that wouldn't be safe. Thankfully, I have a sturdy child who isn't timid and she loves older children so she actually had a great time. But one child wouldn't even go in because it was too loud and rambunctious, and the birthday girl and another child spent most of the time in there sitting in the corner window so no one would step on them. After a while, the hostess called them out to play "pin the smile on the cheshire cat". The little kids weren't blindfolded, they weren't told how to play, just to put the smile on, and non of the big kids wanted to play at all. There was no point to it. After more time of milling about passed (did I mention there were no chairs? Just a cold wall) they decided it was pinata time. This was after the frantic search for something to hit it with since the hostess forgot they didn't have anything. The birthday girl at this point was just crying up a storm, she did not want to play at all. The pinata refused to break and had to be helped along. Finally they got a few peices of candy. After all this, 2 hours has gone by with no food and only warm drinks. I kid you not. They didn't order the pizza until 2 hours after the party started. This is a 3 year old's party. We were told there would be pizza, the party started at 1:00, I didn't feed Tabitha lunch. Who waits 2 hours to even think of serving food? 2 hours is how long the party should last. So she finally served the cake and then it was present time and then we left. The pizza showed up as we were leaving. So we came home and immediately ate some quick food because we were so hungry. There was another mom who felt the same way I did about the lack of progression for the party. We just sat around and waited and tried to keep our kids out of the mud. Don't even get me started on the fact that there was a wasp nest the size of a tennis ball covered, and I do mean covered, with wasps under the edge of the roof. I really like the hostess, I enjoy her company, but it will be a cold day in Hades before I ever go to one of her parties again.


Sunday, November 17, 2002

Sundays are our work day. We get all the laundry done, plus scrub bathrooms and the kitchen. I do some dusting as well, about as much as I can stand. Thankfully, Tabitha loves to help, so I have her separate her own laundry and she cleaned up her room and took care of her books in the living room and also anything that is hers in the dining room. She's so cute asking me what her next assignment is :) My work, sadly, takes a bit longer than hers. Of course, you have to allow for computer breaks, lol. Right now she's drawing with chalk in the backyard and I'm ignoring my kitchen. We usually bake on Sundays too, but my mixer and both of my 9x13 pans are dirty. Chris takes care of the hand washing so he'll probably do that tonight and then Tabitha and I can bake tomorrow. This week we're making toffee squares, mmmm. Tabitha had misplaced a certain Peter Pan figure, so we went through all the toy bins to find him. As long as I had her doing that, I made her get rid of some junk toys, like fast food toys, broken items and things she no longer plays with. I had to do some convincing on some items that she insisted she plays with, but I know she really doesn't. Most of the things we got rid of today went in the trash, but soon we need to make our donation pile. I've decided that the problem isn't so much that Tabitha has a lot of toys, which she does, but that she has BIG toys that take up so much room. Don't get me wrong, we accept the responsibility of buying them for her, but we also know that more big toys are coming for Christmas and her birthday.


Monday, November 18, 2002

My days are all mixed up. I just noticed I had "Thursday" up for the menu yesterday, and right now I typed in Tuesday for the day. I should really pay attention when Tabitha does her calendar, I guess. Tonight is supposed to be a wonderful meteor shower. I don't think we'll watch it from home, maybe we'll go up into some close hills and get a good view. It'll be cold, but hopefully well worth it.


Tuesday, November 19, 2002

We didn't get to see any meteors. The full moon was way too bright and our city lights just obscure the sky. Between those two factors, it was impossible.
Yesterday day was nice though. Tabitha and I took the dog for a walk, then we baked toffee squares (very good) and then we went on a really long walk to the mall. It's about 3.5 miles, Tabitha was in her stroller, obviously, and it was rough going at some parts since it's kind of hot here, but I felt good afterwards. I timed it so Chris could pick us up on his way home from work and he's off early enough that there was plenty of time to cook dinner. Today is another beautiful day but we've been bums. Tabitha slept until 8:30 which is unheard of, then didn't get dressed until 10:30. Well, that was partly my fault. I was on the phone for an hour this morning and she wanted me to dress her. We had an early lunch and took Gwen for a walk. Not a long one though because it's rather hot out and we were all real thirsty. So, Tabitha is playing computer games right now while I do this. Then I have a little bit of work to do while Tabitha does her Thanksgiving activity for the day. I've been feeling the need to play Sims so I might do that for a little while before starting dinner. Tonight, Chris and I have to empty all our drawers in the kitchen because we're getting new drawers tomorrow. Woo-hoo!


Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Today we woke up at 8:18am. Normally a good a thing. But we have to leave for class at 8:40am, so we were scrambling! We got there just in time, I didn't even get to put my purse down before saying The Pledge. We had a good time and my child got very hot and very dirty playing outside. She was playing a lot of running games. When I got home, my drawers were done! Yay! All our drawers in our kitchen were completely rebuilt, they just use the same drawer front. They are so smooth and open so nicely and aren't falling apart, which is just wonderful :) Tabitha and I spent a little time on the Chevron Cars website. We registered her Autopia car that her uncle gave her and then played some games. She's outside right now and I'm kind of bored. Thank goodness Chris is off the next two days because I've been bored for the last 3. Not that we have anything exciting planned, but at least I'll have someone to commiserate with.


Wednesday, November 20, 2002 con't

Tonight was a night for experiment. We've switched milk to Dairy Ease because it's lactose free. I've been avoiding milk because after I drink just one glass, I'll be nauseous for hours. Tabitha hasn't really noticed a difference in the milk at all, to me it was thicker and even a little sweeter. May take a little getting used to. For dinner, we bought veggie "chik" nuggets. Tabitha saw a friend eat chicken nuggets last week and expressed and interest in trying them. So we bought veggie nuggets. They were far too real tasting in my opinion and Tabitha, who has never had meat, even made me take the box out of the trash and prove to her that they weren't meat. So, I don't think we'll be buying those again.


Saturday, November 23, 2002

I sat down last night to update, and our phone was dead. Something was wrong with the "box down the street" whatever that means. They came early at 8:00 this morning so we were only without the house phone for 12 hours. Tabitha's basketball team had their closing ceremonies this morning. I actually missed them because I was trying to quickly hit a scrapbooking sale, but it turns out, I can't shop quickly. I don't mind too much, because I wanted the basketball thing to be more of a Tabi/Daddy thing. He took pictures for me and Tabitha told me all about it. All the kids were given a medal, and Tabitha is still wearing hers around the house. We also got our team photos we ordered. The team shot is cute if you discount the crying child, but the individual of Tabitha is just as I feared, a very funny look because the sun was in her face. Oh well, still cute to me :) Right now we're just hanging out waiting for our friends to come over for a playdate. It's with the little girl that Tabitha gets along with better than anyone else so it should be a very pleasant afternoon.


Saturday, November 23, 2002 con't

What a lovely playdate :) I love when we get together with this friend and her daughter. I thoroughly enjoy talking with my friend while the girls play and Tabitha and G play so nicely. Today they did a lot of dress-up (major favorite with 3-year old girls) and quite a bit of playing outside. The downside of little girls is the high-pitched screams which seem to accompany every activity. It's amazing how much noisier two children are compared to one, and Tabitha isn't exactly a quiet child in general. Of course, there was the drama when it's time to say good-bye. Tabitha has never enjoyed leaving a place or others leaving here, but at least she doesn't cry and scream anymore, now it's just a bit of....let's say fiestiness. I had Tabitha watch a Sing-Along video to help her calm down a bit. Right now she's doing her Thanksgiving pages, I think I may get out a coloring book and color with her for a while. Then it's dinner, bath, bed and scrapbooking for me. Or maybe I'll take a nice hot bath, the weather is very cool today and a steaming bath sounds so appealing. Then maybe some TV or computer with a hot cup of green tea. The only reason to like winter, imo.


Monday, November 25, 2002

There's a weblog I read entitled Perpetual Snit. Boy do I feel like that today. It actually started last night. We went to see The Friendly Indians play at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. We dropped Tabitha off early so we could quickly go into the park and ride A Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion. They changed it a bit from last year and we can't take Tabs on the ride so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity. We get there and from where we parked we could tell it was just packed. When we get to the gate to go in, our passes won't scan. They expire next month and the renewals have been sent by mail. So when Disneyland receives the renewal form, they cancel your current pass. How stupid is that? So, until we get them in the mail, our passes won't scan at the gate and we have to step aside, blocking lots of other people and being hit by strollers in the process, to wait for a lead to come out and tell the ticket taker to override it. I mean, our passes clearly state "Expires 12/14/02". When I receive a new ATM card, you have to activate it, same with credit cards, so really, it should be the same thing. It has a bar code, how hard can it be? Anyway, after all that, we get inside and it really is beyond packed. There is no way we're going to be able to do anything. The line at Mansion was well over an hour, which I will not wait in because if I come on a Tuesday, we could walk in in 5 minutes. We did get a fast pass, but our return time wasn't until after the show we were attending. So, basically, we got out of there and went to Downtown Disney and shared a pretzel and waited to go to the show. Now the rest of the evening was very good. The band played a great set, we had good conversation with the guys afterwards, we got to see my bil and his friend for a while, all in all very nice. Then Chris and I went to El Torito for some guacomole and salads.
Which brings us to today, which has not been going well (and it's only 10!). First, Tabitha wakes me up at 5:45 to tell me her monitor wasn't on. As if it matters when I'm asleep. Then, I just get back to sleep, and my cat wakes me up playing with a toy right outside our bedroom. Chris is getting ready for work at this point, so now I'm listening to him. He doesn't wake me up, but if something else does, then he just seems loud. So he leaves, and immediately comes back in to tell me that as soon as he opened the door to the garage to let the dog out, she jumped both our gates and left. I don't care how bad of a person this makes me sound, but I cannot stand that dog. She is not what I had in mind when we got her. She can be very sweet, but she's dumb and she can jump to the top of 6 foot walls and gates and just leaves. So we have to keep her on a tether when she's in the backyard. We're guessing this ability is how she ended up at the Humane Society in the first place. I know it's sad to keep her tethered, but we don't know what else to do. How do we keep her in the yard? A taller gate wouldn't work, because she can jump to the top of the wall and just walk along it and jump down into the front yard. Short of rebuilding the entire wall in our backyard (which is just not possible) what can we do? I bring her in for a time during the day and we always bring her in for a few hours at night and if I'm in the backyard I can take her off her tether so it's not like she's all alone all day, but I still have guilt about her being tethered. There's got to be an answer. She can't possibly be the only dog on the planet who can escape, we need to figure something out. Oh, and I forgot to mention that once she's out, she will not come to us. She thinks it's one great game and just runs. So she camps out in the front yard, barks at everyone who comes by and then roams around for a while. We have our ways and eventually get her back, but it's not easy. So this morning, I'm doing my hair and make-up and she's barking and I realize, it's not a normal "hey, don't walk in front of my house" kind of bark. Somethings wrong. So I look out my bedroom window and she's in our front planter just barking and barking. I figure a cat is in there since there is one cat who really likes to be in front of our house. But she's just barking way too much. I went outside, thinking maybe she wouldn't run away since she obviously wanted to show me something. As I get to the plantar, she goes completely inside where I can't see her and an animal fight ensues. But I can only hear my dog, so I don't know what else is in there. It's a huge vining bush and therefore impossible to see inside. I call Gwen and she comes out but immediately runs away. I don't hear a thing in the bush and you can bet I'm not putting my hand in there. I go back inside and 3 minutes later Gwen is back at the bush. She's dug a hole in the grass and has dragged 3 plastic bags out of the bush and is just really trying to get at whatever is in there. Tabitha and I go outside together and we can hear our dog just yelping. She actually came right to us so I was able to get her back to the back yard but she was filthy and hyper. She doesn't have a scratch on her, thankfully. But I still haven't a clue what is in our front bush. I'm waiting for my manly husband to get home and go in there.


Monday, November 25, 2002 con't

Wind: 1
Me and the kite: 0
It is windy as all get out right now, so Tabitha and I put together our kite and tried to fly. Turns out, I don't remember how to fly a kite since it's been so long. I think the wind is just not steady enough. It's blowing trees down one minute and not a whisper of a breeze the next. Oh well, Tabitha is having more fun wearing a cape and a mask and pretending to be Zorro anyway. I'm going to go back to my scrapbook page.


Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Boy the Santa Ana's are really blowing! They are getting as strong as 70mph in the canyons. Because of all the fires we had a while ago, the winds are blowing ash and dirt from the mountains down on us. Everything is just coated in ash. Tabitha and I walked to the park and all the stuff was black. I told her not to worry about the dirt and just play. By the time we walked home, we were disgustingly dirty so we hopped into the shower. Now we're both squeaky clean :) She was too funny running around in her robe. It's a bit big for her and her hands are just hidden inside the sleeves. So she holds up her arms and does this little dance singing "Look at me! I'm Dopey!" lol Now she's wearing her shirt with bugs on it and she told me "Now I look buggish." She has a way with words, that one :)
I'm going out with a friend tonight. I've known her for 16 years now but we rarely see eachother. So we made a date for just the two of us. Considering we live in the same city and she works about 4 miles from me, we have no excuse other than laziness for not getting together more often. I'm hoping to make this into a once a month thing. Or at least once every other month. After I get home, I have to steam some carrots for friendship soup at class tomorrow and make 40 jelly rolls. Fun, fun!


Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I finally took pics of all the Disney Character scrapbook layouts I've completed. They're listed in the left sidebar if you're interested in seeing them. The pictures are decent, but not as good as if I scanned the layouts into the computer. I've completed 14 out of 35 layouts, so I'm going at a good pace. Tabitha's birthday is still two months away. I bought her album and will be getting it next Tuesday so I can get it engraved.
I had a great time at dinner last night with my friend. Time just flies when the two of us get together, mainly because we talk so much! We probably won't go out next month, but we're hoping we can at least get together to talk at her place.
I've been doing searches on the web for information on collecting pressed coins. Or "elongated" coins as they are correctly termed. There are actual clubs out there for collectors. I'm going to get Tabs a junior membership to one of them. We only started her collection in earnest about a month ago. She has completely filled one book with 36 pennies, 3 nickels and 3 quarters from Disneyland. I think Santa will be bringing another book for her stocking. I read it's best to use 1981 pennies and earlier so I spent a good 45 minutes sorting all her pennies looking for the older ones and now I still have to clean them all. I know it sounds crazy, but she gets so happy getting a new coin and she loves crossing them off her list. It's such an inexpensive souvenior, unless you try to get all the ones from Disneyland. But most places only have 2 or 3 so that's not too bad at all.
Well, I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow. We're having my mom and sister here and I'll be cooking with my mom bringing the relish tray and dessert. We'll also be going to my in-laws' in the evening to see everyone there. Be thankful.


Friday, November 29, 2002

Yesterday was very nice. My mom brought a relish tray that we all ate so much of that we were full for dinner! I cooked Spinach Enchilada Casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, shredded cabbage salad, steamed broccoli, peas and carrots, and asparagus roll ups. My mom also brought a sweet bread for dinner and she brought pumpkin pie and Oreo Pie for dessert. Everything was too good and we all ate quite a bit. There's still loads of leftovers, but now I don't have to cook today :) Tabitha and my sister watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the other show on the DVD about the Mayflower while my mom, Chris and I talked and cooked. Late in the afternoon Tabitha had her annual Thanksgiving fit. Every year since her first Thanksgiving, when she was only 9.5 months old, she has thrown a fit on Thanksgiving. It's nice to see that just because she's almost four that she sees no need to discontinue the tradition @@ In the evening we went to my in-laws' for visiting and more dessert. We got to meet the fiance of one of our friends. Tabitha played with the little boy that she has had a crush on since her first Thanksgiving. He's 6 and she just adores him. It's too bad she only sees him 3 or 4 times a year. But she's always hugging him and trying to hold his hand. He kept telling her to stop, but one of his brothers said he let her do it all she wanted until one of the adults was looking and then he'd tell her to stop. Way too cute! Today, we're being bums. Chris is still sleeping (he actually wasn't feeling well last night) and Tabs and I are still in our pj's which is unheard of for us at 9 in the morning. I think she and I are going to go to my mom's for a bit. I need to look at my Christmas gift from Chris. I know that sounds strange, but I'll share more later. If Chris is feeling better later, I think I'll leave him and Tabitha together and go into the playroom to do some more scrapping.


Saturday, November 30, 2002

Happy Birthday to my darling husband! You finally caught up with me :)
Tabitha and I had fun decorating for Chris today. We put up a banner and made a sign. I wrapped Tabitha's gift to Chris (lounging pants) in brown paper and let her decorate it with crayons and stickers. We both made him a card. She uses a Winnie the Pooh computer program. I made him his favorite meal that he gets twice a year, his birthday and father's day. We're going to have cake in a few minutes. He loved his new shower head. He's been wanting one of these cascading kind for a while, but it's not something that was ever going to get bought. So I bought it for him and installed it today. When he got home, I told him to take a shower and relax and then he saw it. He said it didn't leak at all and now I'm in charge of plumbing, lol. I wasn't able to get him much, but I think he enjoyed what he got. Tabitha did the Blue's Clues birthday dance and we got it on video. Time to sing!


Monday, December 02, 2002

Today started off at 6:30am as most days seem to now. A few weeks ago, I had her sleeping until at least 8:00 and now we're back to early. *sigh Oh well, I get a jumpstart on my housework, I guess. After our walk, Tabitha and I played her new Blue's Clues game. It's 123 Activities. I really like the skills it re-enforces and gave me some ideas for lessons. Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch in the living room. It was so nice outside, though, I almost moved our picnic to the backyard, but I thought it was more of a novelty to have an indoor one. I also was able to do more work on my Holiday cards. I got all the address labels printed as well as worked on the cards themselves. They'll probably go out next Monday. We went to dinner with Chris's family to celebrate his birthday with them. He got an electric shaver that he asked for, and also a faux-leather jacket which I don't really care for but he loved (I knew he would). Then we came home and trimmed the tree :) I don't think I mentioned, but in addition to Tabitha's regular advent calendar, I made a paper chain and each morning she takes off one link and inside is written the day's activity. I've had Christmas music playing all day and it's really feeling Christmasy around here. My shopping is almost done, all I have to buy is stocking stuffers and two gift exchange gifts and that's it! Woo-Hoo!


Tuesday, December 03, 2002

We decorated the house today! I just love the way our house looks at Christmas. We only did the inside since Chris had to go to work, but I'm so pleased with how it looks! Tabitha didn't get to help quite as much as she would have liked, but she enjoyed what she did get to do. The living room looks so pretty. Though I'm noticing blank spots on the wall that I need to fill. I'm going to The Harvest Festival with my mom Sunday, so I'll be on the look out for wall decorations. I have quite a bit of new gingerbread decorations, thanks to my mother-in-law. I don't do a theme per se, but I am focusing more on buying just gingerbread items for new stuff. I did math lessons based on the Blue's Clues 123 Activities computer game. Basically it was the introduction of a number line to help with addition. We used my calendar tiles and a Duplo forest friend for that. Then we played a card game that is very similar to Crazy 8s, but we only used numbers 1-6 in each suit, and there was no wild card. She named the game "Bowling" for whatever reason. For her songs this evening, I sang Christmas songs, but they riled her up more than calmed her for sleeping. She was tired though, so I think she was asleep within 5 minutes of me shutting her door. She had a mini emotional breakdown earlier because she realized she will never be a magic fairy. I had to do some serious consoling on that one. It was just tears, not like a tantrum or anything, but she was so sad it broke my heart :( She's rather sensitive, but that really contributes to her being able to feel empathy for others and she is so loving and expressive with her emotions. Tonight I'm working on my Holiday cards, but tomorrow I need to focus on updating Tabitha's website. So look for that link in a few days.


Monday, December 09, 2002

Ack! I feel guilty for my lack of updates, but I'm not apologizing because we've been having loads of fun, lol. Last week we saw a great holiday show called "Christmas Is..." at a local college. It was geared towards young kids but it was still pretty entertaining. That night, we went to a nearby community center where they had helicoptered in 30 tons of snow to play in. All of you up to your armpits in snow may think we're crazy, but we waited 30 minutes to play for 7 minutes in real snow. Then waited another hour or so for Tabitha to go down a sled run. It was totally cool! Tabitha thought the sled run was very scary but she was so exhilirated from it and screamed and laughed the whole way down. She has been begging to go to the snow, but the mountains really won't be covered until February so I'm glad I saw this in the paper. We've also been to a Christmas party where St. Nick visited and read the kids a story. We've had Christmas music playing non-stop and I love how the house looks and smells right now :) I went with my mom to The Harvest Festival yesterday. It's a huge arts and crafts show and I got a few more gingerbread decorations. Tomorrow we're headed to Disneyland to do all the holiday activities, like cookie decorating, seeing Santa, watching the Christmas parade and the fireworks. It should be a great day. I'm so in the holiday spirit this year and it's wonderful watching Tabitha be excited and enjoy everything. I started work on her website, but haven't been at the computer since last Wednesday so it's not finished yet. Hopefully I'll finish it in a couple days. I hope everyone else is enjoying this time of year as well!