Here's my collection. It's been growing strong since 1984. My collection isn't as large as some people's because I'm focusing on completing the different sets, like all the Circus Clowns, World Travelers and Baseball Kids. And I only buy the ones with their birth certificates so it makes for slow collecting. But I enjoy my hunt on ebay and when I win a new 'Kid I check the window everyday hoping I'll see the UPS truck so I can welcome another 'Kid to my collection.

My entire collection resides in the dining room
Coleco Kids
Laney Joanie (1985)
Manfred Yvan (1987)
Coleco Young Astronaut
Todd Cyrus (1986)
Coleco All Star Kid
Mike Cyrus (1986)
Coleco Toddler
Faith Glenice (1988)
Coleco Preemie
Zara Hope (1987)
Coleco Baby
Violetta Danielle (1987)
Coleco Circus Kids and Ringmaster
Colleen Faye (1986), Nelson Eddy (1986)
Joanna Lynn (1986)
Coleco World Travelers
Garcia Fabien (1985)/ Jane Quincy (1985)/ Ainsley Kim (1985)/ Bud Len (1985)
Coleco Cornsilk Kid
Colleen Bonnie (1987)
Coleco Kid
Katarina Winny (1985)
Coleco Kid
Joahanna Audrea (1985)
Lucifer the Show Pony
Peaches and Keesa the Koosas (1986)
Hasbro Animals
Kate the Cow (1993)
Hasbro My Own Baby
Stacey Lorna (blue sig)
Hasbro Designer Kid
Cornelia Tanya (red/orange sig)
Can you help with the year on these two?
Avon Valentine Cherise Afton
Avon Holiday Allison Polly
Avon Springtime Wilhemina Maeve
Mount Yonah Edition
Donna Zandra
1997 Christmas Edition
New 'Ears Edition
Salvador Cleve (1981)
Mattel 10th Anniversary
Zora Mae(1993)
Mattel 15th Anniversary
Clare Ivana (1998)
Coleco Kids
Lucille Desiree (1986)
Jonathan Adam (1986)
Quartz Valentine Edition
Violet Yvonne (1990)
My cousin and I with all our kids in
her bedroom about 13 years ago
Me with my kids and animals circa 1986