Weekend Trip- May 2009

Saw a whole lot of this.
Lots of bugs too.
And then more this.
Pea Soup Anderson's was mildly interesting to look at as we drove by.
Eventually this caught our eye and figured it was a great place for "lunch."
These windmills were the only thing of interest for the next leg of our journey.
We amused ourselves with singing children's songs to the children. One of the sample lines of this particular diddy is "What would you do with a drunken sailor?" The answer is, of course, "Put him in a longboat 'til he's sober." Ah, good times.
A little after noon we hit our destination: Daisy's Mecca.
We took a lot of pictures outside and then headed in for a tour. Afterwards we hit the store to stock up on Belly Flops and more Jelly Belly merchandise than we know what to do with.
After the factory, we were headed to a nearby olive oil tasting when we saw a turkey walking around.
That's right, I said a turkey. It even gobbled when Chris gobbled at it to get it's attention.
After a great time at Sepay Grove (where we picked up EVOO w/Hot Harissa and Red Apple Balsamic) we continued on to Sacramento.
Our hotel was lovely. The girls got their own bedroom and own beds and were ecstatic.
We loved having a living room and our own bedroom too. We settled in with dinner, which I had brought, then Chris went out to get a haircut while the girls and I watched a History Channel show on the the exact part of Greek history Tabitha and I have been studying. Then we went swimming for awhile before relaxing with popcorn and then putting the kids to bed. Chris and I got everything ready for us to leave the next morning before heading to bed ourselves.
After breakfast at the hotel, we took a different route to get home on our way to Fresno. There was nothing of note for a picture. We pulled up to this attraction just before noon.
After the Underground Gardens, we continued down the 99 and saw a sign for Kingsburg, a Swedish town.
They should have called it a ghost town because every single storefront was closed, save for ice cream, pizza and Chinese food.
But they did have a kettle-shaped water tower.
And a giant Dala horse, so all was not lost.
Back on the road and through the grapevine.....
....past Pyramid Lake....
....and finally coming to a stop at our last destination.
Farrell's is a special place from my and Chris's childhoods. I fondly remember losing a tooth at my 6th birthday party at Farrell's. They have all vanished, but recently a group is helping Farrell's make a comeback. We were thrilled and couldn't wait to stop in for some ice cream.
Another hour (and DVD) and we were home to our favorite place- LA :) It was a great trip! Thanks for reading.