March 20, 2010, First Day of Spring

Tabitha always begs to go to the snow, but we're not so good about taking her. As it was now Spring we decided it was now or wait until next year.
The day was a lovely 66 in the mountains (81 at home) I didn't even need to brave the cold, which is just how I like it.

First steps onto snow

Painting the snow with spray bottles of water and food coloring

I painted a Z and then Chris turned it into C + Z and a heart :)
Next up, snowball making! We used popcorn ball molds and they made the most perfectly round snowballs.

We joked that if he actually threw this, it would be called,
"Just before the divorce"

Tabitha ducking from her own snowball
Makeshift sled time!

Fred's No Man. Sadly stuck in the snow up to his neck.

"Watch out, Daddy!

"We'll pull you out, Fred!"

"Oh no!"

And he lived happily, ever after.