Tabitha's 10th Birthday, January 2009

Tabitha's party this year was a Webkinz theme
Our welcome sign and the list of Today's Activities
Part of our W Shop and our Kinz Post where we had the guests put the gifts

Jellybean Challenge

Wheel of Wow

Cake with candles in the shape of a 10
Tabitha hitting the chili pepper pinata for our version of Candy Bash 2
and Tabitha wearing her Webkinz shirt

Decorated table waiting for Tabitha in the morning. The notebook in the center was a countdown she made for herself.
We're at Disneyland!

Riding the tire swing at California Adventure.

Posing pretty at California Adventure
Nice shot of the shirt I made for Tabitha. Next, Tabi being herself at the hotel.

Tabitha as a Jedi Princess with her Jedi robe and light saber

Ready to open her gifts

Sisterly love

Tucked in after a fun day