Disney World '08- Day 5- Future World in Epcot and Miniature Golf at Fantasia Gardens

Trip report can be found here

Tabitha and Daisy giving Figment a hug. Our last trip had Daisy obsessed with Figment, this trip she really didn't care, lol. Tabitha watching fish inside Living Seas
"First just a little taste"
"Maybe I should try it this way." "Mmmm. Tasty."
The Land building which seems all retro-y and I just love it. Actually, I love all the architecture in Epcot.
The girls with The Land in the background. Tabitha has her Kidcot badges around her neck. I thought these little flowers looked like they had Mickey ears on their head :)
This is Mission Space, not something we rode, but I thought the building was really pretty at night.
Daisy with Spaceship Earth lit up behind her. Tabitha found her perfect lollipop.
Mini-golf time!
Fantasia Mickey and the last hole was Yensid