These layouts were all completed in 2006. Many are of the first few weeks after my youngest daughter was born. Others are a mixture of old and new of my older daughter. Some were current to 2006 when I scrapped them.

Journaling:For Christmas we had asked only for gift certificates so we could purchase a digital camera. We were so happy to finally own one, even if it wasn't the top of the line. Tabitha, of course, was to be our subject.
Journaling: My mom saw this outfit in a Personalized Creations catalg and immediately ordered it since it is so hard to get Tabitha's name on anything. The romper was an 18 month size, but it's seen here when Tabi was 14 months. These pics were taken in her room, one of my favorite backdrops.
Journaling:I really think it's the random pictures in life that display Tabitha as who she is. Some of them are posed, as in, Tabitha begs me to take her pictures. Some of them are posed because I asked her. Other times she is so intent on what she's doing she is unaware of me zooming in on her. No matter how the pics come about, they are always uniquely Tabitha.
Journaling:We don't get snow at our house, much to Tabitha's dismay. But once or twice a year Tabitha gets what she considers the next best thing: hail. She pretends it's snow and gathers as much of the little balls of ice as possible hoping she can play before they melt away. The air and rain were very cold on this day, but neither were enough to prevent Tabitha from dancing in the rain singing her heart out, "It's hailing! It's hailing!"
Journaling:Our baby's name is very special to Chris and me because she is named after two very special people. Her first name comes from my great-grandmother on my father's side, Daisy Fullerton. I was very close to her while growing up until her death in 1984 when I was 10 years old. Her middle name is from Chris's maternal grandmother, Georgette Dutil. Sadly, she passed on before her little namesake was born and did not get to meet her. We are so pleased she knew our baby was to carry her name. These two grandmothers gave us such great memories that we were happy to honor them with our Daisy Georgette. Journaling:Since Daisy made her appearance at night, we did not have visitors until the next day. Her Grandmas and her Memere and Pepere were as entranced with her as we were. Lots of hugs were given and lots of pictures were taken.
Journaling: At 5:00pm on Feb. fourth, I knew we were in our last hours as a family of three. After 6 years and 5 days of just being Mom, Dad and Tabitha, Daisy Georgette completed our family with her birth at 8:10pm. Loved and adored instantly, none of us know how we lived so long without her.
Journaling: From the moment I told Tabitha she was to be a big sister, she was constantly filled with joy. She had tears of happiness upon first finding out and that happiness only grew larger, as large as my belly! The baby was all Tabitha could talk about and she often felt she would burst if the baby didn't come that minute. Once Tabihta laid eyes on her baby sister, I knew there was a current of love between them. Tabitha has made being the best big sister possible to Daisy a priority in her life. I know Daisy will grow to appreciate it. Journaling:In March 2005, my dad came down for a visit so he could meet his newest grand-daughter. Daisy did quite a bit of sleeping while my dad was here, but was more than willing to be held while she slept. When my day met Tabitha as a baby, my camera malfunctioned and I didn't have a single decent picture. This time I made sure everything was set and ready and was quite pleased to capture my dad and Daisy in this beautiful pose.
Journaling: Less than a week old and it was time to introduce Daisy to my fondness for home photo shoots. My vision was beautiful black and white shots of my gorgeous girls, they did not disappoint. Tabi knew just how to pose and Daisy was quite content to stay snuggled in her sister's arms. First photo shoot was deemed a sucess!
Journaling: Using a baby bath just didn't work for us, so I had the idea of just taking Daisy into the bathtub with me. I decided to drape my lap in a towel so there would be some traction for what was sure to be a slippery baby. Daisy seemed mostly perplexed, but at least she was clean and didn't scream.
Journaling: If there was one thing Miss Daisy liked to do, it was sleep. For her multiple naps, she didn't much care where she slept. However, somehow she knew when it was night because she would only sleep in her bed. We couldn't leave the house in the evening because come 7:00pm she would scream until she was put into bed. The car, our arms, the stroller- all were unacceptable at night. But once she was in bed she reverted back to that sweet slumbering baby.
Journaling: Big Sister Tabitha came to visit the day after little Daisy was born. She immediately wanted to hold her, which was obliged and that's where it started. From then on, Tabitha was always asking to hold Daisy in her arms. For the most part, Daisy was quite happy to be there and Tabitha loved it as she simply stared at the baby with adoration in her eyes. Eventually Daisy got a bit too wriggly for Tabitha to hold safely, but the memories will be looked back on fondly.
Journaling: When Daisy was 3 weeks old we felt that familiar pull to Disneyland. So we bundled up Daisy & went to our favorite magical place. Daisy was so impressed she slept the entire 4 hours we were there. Though she obviously could not have cared less about her surroundings, I couldn't resist taking pictures of her first trip to Disneyland.
Journaling: From the moment Daisy was born with her perfectly round head and little bow lips, I've looked upon her thinking "She's so beautiful." Though it is hard to get Daisy to pose, when caught in a candid shot her beauty radiates from within. On the rare occasion where Daisy looks at the camera and smiles, her entire face lights up and I think to myself "She's so beautiful."
Journaling: Daisy isn't too keen on sitting still for my in-home photo shoots; but I did manage to get a couple good posed pics. I must say, I think I prefer the candid, action shots.