Layouts completed Feb.- June 2007.

Journaling: For her birthday, Tabitha was given a trip to American Girl Place in Los Angeles from her Memere. The three of us went together in February 2007- maybe I should say four of since Lindsay, Tabitha's American Girl doll accompianied us dressed the same as Tabitha. First stop was the "Doll Hair Salon" so Lindsay could get her hair styled. Next was a photo session for Tabitha and Lindsay. Of course we had to do some shopping. Tabitha chose several new outfits for Lindsay and some matching ones for herself, as well as two stuffed animals and a new book. Lunch was served in the Cafe and what a sight it was! Loads of hot pink, black and white were the decor of choice. Lindsay was given her own seat at the table as well as her own place setting. The entrees were delicious and the desserts were too cute to eat (though we all did!). After lunch we watched "American Girl Revue" which was a musical stage show. All in all we had a wonderful time and many special memories were created.
Journaling: We had a lovely party for Valentine's Day with our park friends this year. First the kids decorated paper bags, then they passed out the Velentines into each bag, then we enjoyed goodies while reading the Valentines. Such a good day. Journaling: My baby turns 2! Such an amzing girl. Her second year of life really let us see Daisy for who she is. Her antics continually amused us and her accomplishments wowed us. Daisy is very emotionally charged; when she laughs, the room laughs with her; when she's sad, you feel as if your heart will break along with hers; but when she runs at you and smothers you in hugs and kisses saying "I love you," well, there's not greater feeling in the world. 2-4-07
Journaling:The Stage Was Set Tabitha's 8th Birthday Party was to be a movie party and Chris and I loved the theme. We started the party by playing papparazzi. Each guest entered "ANC Theatre" via the red carpet where Chris took their picture. Then they gave a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to vote on which movie would be shown. Next was a visit to our concession stand for popcorn, beverage and candy. While waiting for all the guests to arrive, the kids watched a slideshow of movie posters in the theatre (AKA, livingroom). Soon it was time for the chosen movie- "Herbie the Lovbug" won hands down. The kids cheered and chanted during the whole movie- in between getting refills on popcorn. After the show, everyone gathered around so we could present Tabitha with her cookie cake. After everyone finished their cookie, it was time to watch Tabitha open presents before heading home. As a goody-bag we gave a package of microwave popcorn.
Journaling:We all had a wonderful day for Tabitha's 8th birthday at Disneyland. We started off with teh "Lilo and Stitch Aloha Breakfast" at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Tabitha had so much fun playing games with Stitch, Lilo, Minnie Mouse and Max that she hardly had time to eat. But she managed to eat something when her birthday cake arrived at the table.
Next we went inside Disneyland and headed to Princess Fantasy Faire where we spent most of our morning. First stop was the styling station where Tabihta was given a princess hairstyle. It came complete with ribbons and flowers which greatly appealed to our girly-girl. Within Princess Fatnasy Faire, Tabitha met several princesses, sat down for story time with Aurora, and participated in the Royal Coronation by learning how to dance like a princess.
After leaving the princess area, Tabitha took part in the Nestle Jr. Chef program and learned how to bake cookies. After enjoying fresh-baked cookies, Tabitha decided to ride a few rides and visit with Ariel before going to watch the Sword in the Stone ceremony with Merlin. Much to our surprise, Chris was chosen as the knight and Tabitha was chosen to pull the sword out of the stone which led to her being crowned "Temporary Ruler of Disneyland."
We went home for dinner and Tabitha got exactly what she asked for: cheese tortellini, an apple and an orange. I then quickly ran to Baskin Robbins and picked up a clown ice cream cone to bring home. I asked Tabitha to cover her eyes and placed the cone in front of her and when she opened her eyes, she was quite surprised. It was a lovely end to her birthday.
Journaling:This is what happens when you leave Chris and Tabitha alone for 15 minutes with a camera. All told they took fifteen photos. Neither could wait until we got home and I would unsuspectingly put the memory stick in the computer to look at the day's photos. Of course, I was in for a surprise; and a hearty laugh.
Journaling:For Daisy's first birthday, we started the day off with the traditional picture of the wearing of the family birthday hat. I had also bought her a little pink baseball hat which proclaimed, "It's Fun to be One!" We had a small party with Daisy's Memere, Pepere, Grandma and Aunt. Daisy was really into tearing the paper off each present and enjoyed inspecting every new toy to the fullest extent. She received many fun new toys including a "My first Disney Bear" from Tabitha and a slide and ride-on Radio Flyer from me and Chris.
Journaling: Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney's California Adventure has long been a favorite of Tabitha's. In March 2006 when Daisy was 13 months old, we introduced her to the fun of sliding, climbing & exploring.
Journaling: "Quick! Get the camera!" Those words were uttered often by Chris and I. Tabitha was always doing something that amused us. And she was such a ham she would always smile or make a funny face when she saw that camera coming her way.
Journaling: We try to do something different for each birthday trip to Disneyland. For Tabitha's 8th birthday we decided to spend most of our time at the newly opened Princess Fantasy Faire. Tabitha decided she wanted to wear a princess dress for the occasion so we bought her a new Aurora dress and cape to keep warm. We were quite pleased to be able to see Aurora at Princess Fantasy Faire and she took extra notice of Tabitha, who looked lovely. We enjoyed taking beautiful pictures of the Birthday Girl.
Journaling: January 30, 2007- otherwise known as Tabitha's 8th birthday. She started the day with the traditional picture with the birthday hat. Next she opened her presents. "She looks just like me!" Tabitha exclaimed as she unwrapped her very own American Girl doll (later christened Lindsay Josephina Anc). We had also bought Tabitha a matching outfit, hair styling guide and tiny violin for the doll. It was a great way to start off her birthday!
Journaling:After 10 months of violin lessons, it was time for the annual recital. Tabitha practiced her song over and over everyday during the week leading up to the performance. She confessed to being a little nervous but she played beautifully. We were all so proud of her and what she accomplished with her hard work.

My favorite part about this layout is the fact that you can actually hear Tabitha playing her violin. I ordered a new product called 'Scrapbook Alive!' by Imagination Project and recorded 10 seconds of Tabitha playing. So when you push the button marked "Push to hear Tabitha play" it is her recital piece. I love technology!
Journaling in each box:
"What's this?" "Looks intersting." "Maybe just a little taste." "How much can I fit in?" "Mmm (chomp). It's good (munch)." "What are you looking at?"
Journal:One day we were feeling silly in Mickey's House.Tabitha had brought a stuffed Pluto so we set him in all the appropriate spots and took fun pictures. Journal:Chris's brother, S, has always been a doting uncle. He was thrilled to have another niece and couldn't wait to hold our sweet Daisy for the first time. S is an avid fan of Kings Hockey and arrived wearing one of his many jerseys. Being a fan himself, Chris couldn't resist the close-up with the Kings logo.